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Kageyama's hair hangs in his eyes, still damp from the shower and held in place by his ball cap. He catches Hinata's eyes from his spot on the wall and nods, because the thought of lifting up his arm to wave hurts. It was a tight five-set match. This time, Hinata won.

It wasn't the end of the season, but it felt like it. The end of a seven-year promise. The end of a high school dream. Hinata gave one final jump when the whistle blew and the Black Jackals were declared the winners. After that, his feet stay firmly on the ground.

Hinata texted him a week ago and asked if they could go to dinner after the game. Kageyama agreed, but now he's watching Hinata walk toward him and recognizes the sleepy stagger he memorized in school. They were both exhausted. Starving, but exhausted and sore.

"Kageyama-kun," Hinata whines as he pulls his beanie over his ears. Hinata hasn't called him that in years, so Kageyama looks down at his feet so he won't see his red cheeks. "I don't know if I can make it all the way to a restaurant, I'm so tirreedddd."

Kageyama sighs and digs his phone out of his pocket. "I can call and get something delivered to my house," he says and Hinata gives him a tired smile. "My place is not far away."

"Do you have a couch?"


"Can I sit on it?"

"Why else would I have a couch, dumbass?"

They stumble to the subway on heavy legs. Hinata leans his weight into Kageyama's side with every bump on the tracks, but it's warm. Hinata's surprisingly quick to his feet when they get to their stop, and he holds out a hand to pull Kageyama to his feet.

The delivery person is already in the lobby when the arrive. Kageyama pays, hands the food to Hinata to carry and pushes him in the direction of the elevator. It feel like Kageyama uses the last of his energy to unlock the door and take off his shoes.

"Nice view," Hinata whispers in the glass as he watches the street below. Kageyama should be angry about the fingerprints he's going to leave on the window, but his brain is too busy processing the fact that they played in the same volleyball game for the first time in ages.

They settle onto Kageyama's couch with their takeout containers and eat in silence. Kageyama turns on the TV just for some kind of noise, but turns it down as soon as Hinata starts talking.

"That was such a great game!"

"You finally beat me," Kageyama says, but it's not bitter. He's sad that this chapter of his life is now closed.

"The game was so close! Everyone was so amazing, even Ushiwaka!" Hinata puts his empty container on the table beside the couch and stares happily up at the ceiling. "Yeah, I beat you, but you're going to train harder and challenge me again, right?"

Kageyama looks up from his food to see excited brown eyes staring back at him. So enthusiastic, even after a long game.

"Challenge you again?"

"Yeah, that's what partners do!"

"Fine, but you have to make the national team so we can play together again," Kageyama says, poking his food with chopsticks until Hinata laughs.

"You've got it! Besides, what did you say? 'When I'm with you, I'm invincible?'"

"You remember that?"

"Of course, Tobio!"

Their game comes on TV, and they talk through the first set. They're snoring by the second set. Kageyama turns off the TV, puts a good pillow under Hinata's head and a blanket over his body before going to his bedroom.