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Kageyama has to leave the country for some exhibition games the week of Hinata’s 29th birthday. He’s upset he won’t be around and wants to do something special for Hinata.

He bought a present, but Kageyama wants more. They’ll miss each other by a day, so he shouldn’t bake a cake or leave food (He’s also horrible at baking).

Kageyama is about to ask Yachi for help when the photo on her contact information on his phone makes him pause.

Before his next game, Kageyama goes to the store and gets almost three dozen photos printed. He spends a good hour placing them around their shared apartment.

29 photos, each with a sentence or two on the back. Ones like the group photo from third year he used as his phone background for a while. The first time his photo was on the cover of a newspaper. And the third time. One of the first selfies he sent from Rio.

Some photos don’t have Hinata in them at all, like a shot of Hinata’s shoes at the front door of Kageyama’s old apartment (Before you moved in, seeing your shoes at the door made me happy. You made my apartment feel like a real home.)

Or he’s very tiny, like a picture of a Natsu-thrown snowball mere inches away from the back of Hinata’s head when it snowed on Christmas two years ago. (I love your family. You made me enjoy the holidays again. Thank you.)

He included the bad mirror selfie Hinata sent him last year when he was on the road and feeling homesick. He’s wearing one of Kageyama’s old jerseys and his hair is sticking up in every direction. (I love when you wear my name on your back, even if you don’t brush your hair.)

Others are more obvious, like the team photo from the first time they went to nationals. The photo they asked a stranger to take when they took their first vacation together. Kageyama sneaks in one of Hinata sleeping on the train home from the World Cup, drooling everywhere.

If Kageyama couldn’t decide what to write on the back of the photo, he writes “I love you” and hopes it’ll be enough.

Kageyama ensures all the photos are set before he leaves for his flight to Europe. When he’s satisfied, he messages Hinata: “Happy birthday, Shouyou. I left you a surprise at home. Let me know when you find all 29. Talk to you in a couple hours when I land.”

When Kageyama wakes up for practice the next day, still jet lagged and grumpy, he sees a message from Hinata.

“Baka!! I can’t believe you did this!!! I’ve been crying for an hour!”

It’s followed by another message: “Come home soon, Tobio. I love you and want to kiss you!”