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Touch isn’t something Kageyama enjoyed.

For most of his childhood, touch meant fighting with other kids or grabbing someone by the shirt to get in their face. Even when he was in high school, touch meant pulling hair and playful punches.

Kageyama’s family isn’t around much, and his parents aren’t the hugging type. They’re more the serious and stoic type. Karasuno taught Kageyama that touch could be nice. High fives and pats on the back after a good serve and an arm around the shoulders in a huddle.

Years later, when Kageyama starts dating Hinata, touch is still a mostly foreign concept. Sure, it could feel nice, but you’re just supposed to ... hold each other? Can you move? Isn’t it sweaty? Every time Hinata moves, and he will, Kageyama will feel it. People sleep like this?

But this is Hinata, and he’s the most patient person in the world. They start small: holding hands. Sometimes Hinata pulls Kageyama’s hand into his lap and investigates it like it has all his volleyball answers. Exploring every curve and crease with his fingertips.

They worked their way up to cuddling, but Kageyama finds he can’t fall asleep with Hinata in his arms, or vice versa. Hinata’s always moving around and he’s hotter than the mid-afternoon sun. So, Kageyama will kiss him good night and shimmy to the edge of the bed.

It’s better in the morning, when Kageyama is sleep happy and comfortable. Hinata will curl into his side for a big hug. Sometimes he’ll gently rub Kageyama’s arms or run his fingers through Kageyama’s hair.

These are Kageyama’s favourite touches. He could do that for hours.

One night, Kageyama gets a headache at practice. Hinata can tell something isn’t right when Kageyama walks in the door and tells him to go right to bed.

Kageyama is curled up underneath the sheets when Hinata walks into the bedroom with a large tea for Kageyama and his tablet.

“Wanna watch last night’s game?”

They watch it with no sound, and Kageyama finishes his tea by the end of the first set. Kageyama is as comfortable as he can be, but Hinata pokes at the tablet to pause the video and Kageyama figures out what he’s missing.

Kageyama silently moves the tablet and shifts until he can put his head in Hinata’s lap.

“Can you please ... touch my hair?”

Hinata smiles down at him and he feels better already.

Kageyama falls asleep during the third set with Hinata’s fingers carding through his hair.