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Kageyama can hear the sound of rain hitting the windows of his apartment as he cooks. It’s been raining all day, all week. But it’s March, so it’s probably good for the cherry blossoms.

The doorbell rings, even though Yachi has the spare key. Kageyama turns down the burners, wipes his hands on his jeans and opens the door. Hinata is front and centre. Taller, older, a bit of a sunburn on his nose. In the flesh, for the first time in years.

“We found this weird guy pacing in the lobby,” Tsukishima says before pushing into the apartment past Hinata and Kageyama.

“I didn’t know what elevator to take! This place is so fancy.”

“And that’s why dinner’s on him,” Yamaguchi says, following Tsukishima in, Yachi on his tail.

Hinata doesn’t move from his spot in front of Kageyama’s door.



Hinata steps forward and pulls Kageyama into a warm hug. He smells like sunscreen, but that can’t be right. Kageyama hugs him back and thinks about when they last hugged, right before Hinata left.

Dinner is loud, but Kageyama thinks everyone is just so happy to have Hinata back that they let him yell and carry on while he’s telling stories about Rio. It’s a happy loud. Tsukishima even smiles once, when Hinata talks about getting chased by a dog while he was on a delivery.

Yachi starts to yawn after dessert and Yamaguchi has an 8 a.m. class, so they get ready to leave.

“Are you taking the subway, Hinata?”

“Yeah,” he says from the kitchen, “but go on without me.”

Yamaguchi looks at each of them, nods and follows the other two out of the apartment.


Hinata walks toward him with a huge grin. Kageyama backs into the kitchen counter, not scared of Hinata, but wholly unprepared for whatever he has planned with that look on his face. Hinata pins him to the counter with his arms, but leaves some space between them.

“Kiss me.”

“Hah?” Kageyama asks with a laugh that sounds like a hiccup.

“Kiss me, please.” Hinata is still smiling, looking right into Kageyama’s eyes. Not a fear in the world. “I had my first kiss in Brazil, but I want to know if it’s better if I do it with you.”

Kageyama has never kissed anyone. But, of course, Hinata has. People are drawn to him. He lights up an entire room. He’s great at making friends. And now he’s taller and stronger and speaks three languages. Of course Hinata has kissed people.

“OK, I’ll kiss you,” Kageyama says.

Hinata pulls Kageyama down by his shirt and kisses him instead. He tastes like daifuku and still smells like sunscreen and his lips are surpringly soft. They keep kissing, Hinata’s hands finding his, and Kageyama listens to the sound of rain hitting the windows of his apartment.