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Hinata and Kageyama are 27 and 26. They’re facing each other in the finals of Japan’s top volleyball league. They’ve been dating for a while, living together for longer, so Hinata decides that if he wins the final, he’ll propose to Kageyama. Just like Heitor did with Nice.

Hinata buys a cool ring and a chain. Something dark and fancy that will match Kageyama’s sportsy endorsement-deal wardrobe. It’s sturdy, but Kageyama will probably wear it on a necklace because his hands/fingers are important/expensive.

Hinata tells one person: Natsu. He texts her every few days to freak out and she tells him to relax. “Everything will be fine.” She’ll be cheering him on from the stands, since the arena is close to her university. She’ll wear a Kageyama shirsey underneath a Hinata jersey.

Looking at Kageyama from the other side of the court is normal now, but his pre-game jitters remind him of his first year at Karasuno. Run-to-the-bathroom pre-game jitters. Pre-proposal jitters? Oh no.

But Hinata focuses on his team, and they play a brutal and intense five-set game. Kageyama’s serves are unstoppable. Hinata’s spikes are the best they’ve been all season.

In the end, Hinata’s team loses.

Hinata is sad. But his teammates are sad, too, and that comes first. He talks to every single person on his team, telling them what he thought their best play was and how they could improve in the off-season.

“Hey Hinata? Kageyama is here to see you.”

Most of their teammates only know they live together, but no one bats an eye when Kageyama pulls Hinata into a hug.

“You played really well tonight.”

“So did you,” Hinata says, and suddenly the ring in the gym bag strapped across his chest feels like it’s 100 pounds.

Kageyama says he’ll see Hinata at home and goes off the celebrate with his team. Hinata finds Natsu in the crowd (because he saw Kageyama wave to someone as he walked away) and brings her along to the team dinner. (He walks her home after because he’s a great brother.)

Hinata is on the couch eating his special cheat-day snacks when Kageyama gets home. It’s so nice to see Kageyama happy, but then he thinks about the ring in his bag. Hinata groans and shoves a pillow on his face so he can’t watch Kageyama.

“What are you doing, dumbass? You can’t hide from me forever, we live in the same apartment. How do you think I felt when you beat me two years ago?”

“I’m not hiding because I lost!”

When Hinata takes the pillow off his face, Kageyama is beside the couch, holding out a ring box.

Hinata swears (in Portuguese) and sits up to take the ring box from Kageyama. It doesn’t look like the ring Hinata bought Kageyama, it’s more shiny and bright. It’s pretty.

“Is this ... are you ... what?”

Kageyama says he always thought about Hinata’s story, about Heitor and Nice and how cool that would be. And it’s Hinata, so doing it after the finals? Awesome.

“Win or lose, I’ll always love you. Stay on the court with me.”

One month later, a huge trade brings Hinata to Kageyama’s team. After that, they win together.