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I Take What Is Mine

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A woman with a suit and black heels hurried through the halls as fast as she could, a tablet and some papers clutched in her hands, close to her chest. If anything happened to these important documents or if she lost the tablet…


She shivered and swallowed the lump in her throat, unwilling to think about it. There has been already one person who had been burnt alive today. She didn't want to be the second. 


But she was already running late.


She reached the tall, oak wood doors, and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Her boss demanded perfection, not a hair on anyone's head was to be out of place. Her hand trembled as she knocked on the door. A loud grunt from the inside beckoned her to enter. She closed the door behind her and she breathed in deeply. 


"Sir…we found their location." 


"I see...well?"


She swallowed again and she walked up to the desk on the other side of the large room. In her head, she cursed out her boss for the unnecessary largeness of his office. There was barely anything in there in the first place. Just a large desk at the very end of the room, an equally large couch for important guests. Just the bare necessity of an office. 


She handed the papers to him wordlessly and opened the tablet. "They are located merely four hours from this location. I'm not sure if this was your former wife's idea or not-"


A flare of Alpha scent made her flinch and stop talking. Of course, his former wife would be a touchy subject. But it was unavoidable now. “There are a few people that are not our people, stalking your children.” The scent grew larger until it was almost suffocating. She was merely a beta but she was about to collapse in fear. Her legs wobbled as she spoke again, 


“It’s your eldest son.”


Her boss stood up suddenly, “Leave. Now.”


She nodded and rushed out of the room and hurried to close the door behind herself. She sighed and took a deep breath of fresh air before someone cleared their throat. Mismatched eyes stared back at her when she opened her eyes, with a scar covering the right side of his face. 


Of course, his son would be called about this. 


She gave him a forced smile, “Your father is a bit...tempered at the moment. Be careful.” The boy said nothing to her and merely gestured for her to move away from the door. She excused herself and simply hurried down the hallway into a bathroom with her phone in her hand. When she was sure that she was alone, her mouth curled into a smirk. 


Now, Todoroki Enji was aware of the plans. And she could finally stop going undercover and come back to base. Her phone vibrated, an indication of a text message. Her screen lit up with a text from an unknown number, but she knew who was texting her. 


<Is it finished?>


Her fingers flew over the keys, typing one three-letter word.






Todoroki Enji wasn't disturbed by much, he was the current head of the most powerful yakata families in Japan. The most powerful and most dangerous. He has seen things on the jobs, things that other families have done and things that he has done. He doesn't regret any of them. 


Even what he did to Rei... 


He needed an heir to his throne, and she was the daughter of one of his parents' oldest allies. Their marriage was in secret and so was her giving him children. 


Failures of children. 


Except, Shouto. 


Shouto was his prize, his prince. And by all means, the boy could hate him all he wanted to, he didn't care. He had someone to take over for him when he deemed himself too old or too tired to run the family. But he did keep tabs on his other children. 


Todoroki Fuyumi and Natsuo. 


But they had their mother's last name, not his. He didn't care for them. 


Rei got the children that she wanted, but it was a pity she never got to see Shouto. But that’s what happens when you try to kill his prince. He turned to walk by the window and stared down at the tablet. The faces of his children stared back at him. Natsuo's seemed to burn into his memory, the boy looks exactly like him when he was younger, but lack his blue eyes and fiery, red hair. Same, body built too. 


He looked strong. 


For a beta. 


Therefore he was weak. 


Two of his children, failures. Fuyumi, a weak-willed Alpha and Natsuo a Beta. Only Shouto was the success of being an Alpha. 


He doesn't speak about Touya, who was an alpha but was reckless. He was considered dead to him, regardless of the name change. 


Dabi, Touya- it didn't matter that much to him. 


However, he did keep a close eye on them. They didn't matter that much to him but he had to keep track of them, in case his enemies get the wrong idea. Everyone who knew his reputation knew it was not a good idea to attempt to go after, Shouto. His little prince. 


But the others. 


They were fair game. They barely know children of his and he would rather keep it that way. 




He turned, a wicked smile on his smile. "Ah, Shouto. Perfect timing. There are a few things worth…discussing."



Something was wrong with their mother. At much, Fuyumi could tell as she sat with her and her younger brother at the dinner table. Their mother was a meek woman with a soft smile for everyone she meets, but there are moments of… 


Well, Fuyumi didn't know how to describe them. Episodes? Lapses in judgment? 


She and Natsuo have been dealing with them their whole lives. Moments when their mother gets increasingly paranoid and locked every room in the house for the whole days. Depending on the situation, she would demand that Fuyumi and Natsuo not go to school for that week. It was a miracle that she and her brother even graduated on time, to begin with. 


There are...rumours. Rumours of their mother giving together with the wrong man during her early twenties, but even she wouldn't talk about it. Natsuo learned his lesson when he was younger, trying to pester their mother to learn about their father. 


Fuyumi shuddered as she sipped her tea quietly, memories of Natsuo crying, a red handprint visible on his face. And their mother standing there with shock and fear in her eyes. 


She looked back to Rei, who was staring at the television they kept. It was rather...expensive but she would never say where she got it so Fuyumi let it go. She looked to her brother, who was picking at his food again. 


That's the third time this week that he hasn't been eating. I wonder if it's an upcoming rut. 


She'll ask him later, not in front of their mother. Discussing anything about their second biology always put her on edge. Fuyumi gave her mother a brief smile as she turned towards her. 


" far along are your studies?" 


Her brother shrugged and shoved food into his mouth, "It's going...I'm considering get an internship but I haven't decided yet."


Rei nodded in understanding, "I see." The idea of money hung heavily in the air. Fuyumi works as a primary school teacher but even that's not enough to get Natsuo through even his first year of college. He had to rely on all the scholarships he gotten through his high school years as well as scholarships playing sports. They lived somewhat comfortable but the thought of money always damped the mood. Their mother rose from the table, "I will prepare more tea."




Rei barely made it out of the living room area without bursting into tears. She leaned up against the wall, her hand covering her mouth to prevent her children from hearing her sobs. Hot tears ran down her cheeks, as she leaned her head against the wall. 


She gotten out…and now? 


She liked to play a game with her sometimes when she was zoning out or alone. What would she give to be placed back into that marriage? To hold her other children she left behind? 


And every time the answer came to nothing. She would give nothing. She raised Fuyumi and Natsuo the best she could but she could admit that she scared them. Even now, walking around her like walking on eggshells. Not making a sound. 


If only she could tell them. 


No, that would put them in danger. She slowly dragged her feet to the kitchen. Even though she was no longer married, due to a situation, she still had contacts. People who were still loyal to her due to her family name. 


She knew her late husband was keeping tabs on her. It was foolish for her to relocate this close. Rei set the kettle on the stove, her hand reaching for a packet of the powder in her pocket. She receives a message this morning… 


Two messages. 


One was friendly. 


The other was not. 


She chose the friendlier one. 


She just hoped Fuyumi and Natsuo would forgive her.


Rei returned to the table with a kettle of tea and a smile on her face. 


As well as an empty packet of powder. 


She prayed that her children would forgive her. 




<Sir. Targets are on the move, it seems as if your mother is smarter than everyone thinks she is>


A man stood on a rooftop, overlooking the neighbourhood. It was small and quiet, it didn't take a genius to figure out the reason why his mother picked this spot. 


Parts of his body were covered in burnt flesh and piercings, he was dressed casually, white shirt, black slacks and shoes with a torn overcoat. His eyes were a piercing blue and his hair was black as night.


A long time ago, it had been red.


Or white.


He could no longer remember after the accident.


But he remembered his siblings, his mother. And his dead beat father.


And how he swore he would take everything away from him. He smiled cruelly as he watched mayhem appear below him, a woman's scream before gunshots. Then silence.


<It is done sir.>


May his mother finally rest in peace. Her poor heart.


He turned his back, "Good, take them away, leave the boy. I'll handle him."


Time for a family reunion.




His head was spinning when he opened his eyes. It...almost sounded like he was on a road. Natsuo swallowed the bile that threatened to spill over as his head hit the top of the crate. They must have hit a speed bump...




Crate? Speed bump?


Where the hell was he? And where was Fuyumi? He was laying on his side, his hands tied behind his back in what appeared to be zip ties. It didn't appear that Fuyumi was in the crate with him...


Fear gripped him and he began to panic. He didn't remember much, just that his mother refused to drink the tea.


Did she drug it?


No, she couldn't have...


Natsuo continued to ponder just as the vehicle slowed to a stop. There were shouts and gunfire, and all he could do was shut his eyes tight and pray that it would be over. Suddenly, the crate he was in was smashed open and he was dragged out and blindfolded before being forced on his knees. He could hear footsteps all around him and the sound of a woman begging.




His head was slammed towards the ground and he fought a wave of nausea. He was probably concussed at this point.


"Shut up!"


"Don't hurt him, that was the rules. Do you want to test Dabi's patience on the first day on the job!"




The crime boss?


What did he want with him? Or Fuyumi? She was beside him, he could feel her head in his shoulder, trembling. It was unclear she was blindfolded like he was but they were both silent.


And afraid.


The talking around him shushed immediately as footsteps echoed through the area.


Sounded like a warehouse.


Fingers touched his face as his head was jerked up by his hair. Fuyumi cried out in protest but was hit with something, making her whimper in pain. Natsuo trembled as foreign hands stroked his hair, the person muttering words to himself. Words that he couldn't make out except:




As well as the scent of an Alpha. Almost everyone here was an Alpha. Natsuo shrank away from the touch, very much aware of his scent. He was a Beta, but at first whiff of his scent, someone could easily mistake him for an Omega. Even looking at him at a first glance as well.




"I don't think so."




A gun cocked at the side of his head, Dabi growled annoyed. He has gotten what he wanted, Todoroki Natsuo in his grasp, but not he had to deal with him. 




He let his hand drop and turned, unnerved by the gun pointing at his face. "Todoroki Enji. What a surprise." He looked over to his right, "And you brought your precious prince." If the older man was disturbed, he didn't show it, he growled. 


"Give them to me."


"Or what?" he challenged. "You already threw them out of your life the first time. You have no use for them...well one of them anyway."


"Their mother-" 


"Todoroki Rei is dead. My mother is dead, killed by your henchmen, pursuing mine." He gestured to the two on the ground, "What do you want with them anyway? To protect them? A fine job at that."


His son stepped forward, hands in the surrender position but his head was held high, "My father wants what best-" 


Dabi let out a broken laugh, moving to the back of Natsuo, gripping the other's face. "The best? Is that what you think? Don't be so naive." He ripped the blindfold away, jerking Natsuo's head in the process. 


"I don't think you have been introduced properly. Todoroki Shouto, meet Natsuo. Your older brother" He jerked his head towards Fuyumi, who hadn't been blindfolded but silent with horror. 


"And your older sister. Though, I could be considered the eldest of them" 




He smiled down at the boy, "Hey little bro, I kept my promise didn't I?" He looked up smirking cruelly at his father and his son who looked ill. "I'll make a deal, I have no use for Fuyumi. Take her."


"And if we refuse?" 


Dabi casually gestured for his men to aim at the back of his siblings with their guns, "Then I kill them. Both of them." 


Enji's nose flared and he stepped forward, "If you-" 


"We accept those terms."


Dabi raised an eyebrow at his young brother, impressed. He seemed to understand that he couldn't win this fight. Enji could learn a thing or two from them. He waved a hand, letting two of his men drag Fuyumi from Natsuo's side. The girl kicked and screamed before being knocked out effortlessly and thrown at the feet of her father who looked aloof and stoic. He glared hard before turning on his heel and say nothing. 




Shouto simply picked up his sister and looked at Natsuo before turning away silently. Dabi wordless plunged a syringe at his little brother’s neck and watched as his eyes grew wide before drooping heavily. His body slumped against Dabi’s arms and he smiled softly.


“I got you, little bro.”




Natsuo woke up to his body on fire. He moaned in pain as he struggling to turn over but found that he couldn’t. He was strapped to something. A prick on his shoulder had him falling back into the world of sleep again. 


He was woken again by the sound of a clock chiming and he bolted upright before hissing in pain. His navel and everything below felt sore. Natsuo looked around, he appeared to be in some bedroom but gods it was luxurious. He slowly rose from the soft bed he was in, his feet on the heated floor as he explored his surroundings carefully. Someone had stripped him down naked and dressed him in a silk robe while he was unconscious. He touched his neck, hissing at the cold metal.


And attached a collar.


But there was no way his brother would do that to him right?




He couldn’t remember Touya that well now that he thought about it, but he remembered his older brother being kind. Smiling down at him even…


Not...this person who claimed to be his brother.


Natsuo generally spent the rest of the day exploring his prison, sure it didn’t look like a prison but it was. The doors and large windows had locks on them and he was damn sure that he was being watched with hidden cameras. There was a phone on a bedside table as well as his dinner, probably delivered to him when he was in the bathroom. He didn’t dare touch the phone, he might be naive but he wasn’t stupid. He didn’t even have time to mourn his mother...and Fuyumi. 


Against better judgement, he decided to eat the food provided to him. He wasn’t going to thin Dabi’s patience, he had heard the screams of henchmen outside the doors of his room. His eyes felt heavy and he laid on the bed, fast asleep almost instantly.


He woke up again to heat, his skin was hot and he was sweating. Heat racked his body and he moaned in pain, feeling wetness on his thighs. Natsuo’s eyes shot open and he sat up alarmed. Wetness? 


He wasn’t an Omega, he was a Beta! 


All Betas receive is a week’s worth of cramping and mood swings. 


What did Dabi do to him?


His hands shook as he spread his legs, his fingers trembling as he touched the wetness between his legs. Natsuo let out a small whine as he felt an opening that was never there before. A hand grabbed his hand and pulled it away from his body. He looked up startled seeing Dabi leering at him.




The other man smiled softly at him, and stroked his cheek with the other hand, “Natsuo, my pretty snowflake…” He looked over his body which was flushed red from head to toe, trembling with need. “I didn’t think the aphrodisiac would work that quickly.” 




Dabi crawled over his body and spread his legs out wider as he continued talking, Natsuo was frozen in fear and need. “For a longer time, I wanted to make you mine. But our father wouldn’t let me, told me that it was wrong.” He unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down, pulling Natsuo’s lower body toward his cock. 


“Didn’t stop him from taking you away from me, and throwing me out. He “accidentally” set the house on fire with me it in. Letting me die. But I swore I wouldn’t. I made a promise to you, I would have you.”


Natsuo shut his eyes tight, he didn’t know what to think. Now he knew that his father was a huge bag of dicks and his older brother gained those burns because of him. But a promise? He let out a cry as Dabi thurst into him without preparation. He didn’t wait for Natsuo’s body to adjust to the thick cock in him before he continued to move in and out. Natsuo whined and writhed under Dabi’s touch. 




Dabi purred into his neck, “I take what is mine Natsuo.”


“And that means you.”