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Welcome to The House of Fools

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Dandelion created the group ‘House of Fools’.


Dandelion added TheBlazingDragon, LochNessaMonster, ChoccyMilk and nine others to the group.


TheBlazingDragon: Yooo!


Rose: Leon I politely must ask. Why the choice of group name?


Dandelion: Sorry Mr Rose! I lost a bet with Raihan so it’s come to this.


Rose: Ah. Reckless as always Raihan?


TheBlazingDragon: But daaad Leo started it!


LochNessaMonster: No that was you Rai. 


ChoccyMilk: Golly I gotta agree! Every bet comes from Raihan!


TheBlazingDragon: Pffft! Not every bet! 


Dandelion: Actually they’re right bud. Sorry.


TheBlazingDragon: LIES


Rose: … I need to be off for community service now. You kids have fun :) 


Rose left the chat.


JackBlack: Finally a chathouse! 


ChoccyMilk: Welcome to the House!


TheBlazingDragon: Of Fools!


Dandelion: Heheh.


LochNessaMonster: Hold up. Milo why is your name ChoccyMilk? I thought you hated it


JackBlack: Milo hates chocolate milk? 


TheBlazingDragon: Wha?


Dandelion: ???


ChoccyMilk: Hey now where did that come from? I love chocolate milk! Nessa you should know that!


LochNessaMonster: But one time I saw you drink a glass and then spit it out?? 


Dandelion: Oh I remember seeing that! 


ChoccyMilk: Right y’all one at a time!


ChoccyMilk: First, my username is an idea from Lil Mattie. He showed me this ‘Milo’ chocolate drink and boy it tasted good!


JackBlack: Oh that Milo! I think I’ve seen it somewhere! It’s all green right? With the white logo?


ChoccyMilk: You got it! 


ChoccyMilk: So that’s how I got my username.


ChoccyMilk: And as for the misunderstanding, I 100% love chocolate milk!


ChoccyMilk: That one time is only because the stuff I drank’s gone spoiled.


LochNessaMonster: Ouch. So that explains it.


JackBlack: Ugh. Spoilt milk is the worst.


ChoccyMilk: Tell me about it :/ 


TheBlazingDragon: Aw man Milo how come you get your own chocolate milk brand? And here I got sappy over Leon having his own balls


Dandelion: Rai why you gotta bring that up? ;_;


TheBlazingDragon: Oof. Sorry Babe :(


JackBlack: Lol somebody’s still sore over Leon Balls


LochNessaMonster: Aren’t those things already taken down by now? I mean, you are new Chairman now Leon.


Dandelion: Oh they’re pulled off now


TheBlazingDragon: But not from hidden retailers. Or the hands of the previous customers.


JackBlack: Lol


Dandelion: … The balls are the most cursed thing out there. Please don’t get them.


LochNessaMonster: Meh, got that message a long time ago.


JackBlack: Um. I may have given a Leon ball to my little brothers.


TheBlazingDragon: Gordie u monster! 


JackBlack: Hey it’s not my fault! They’re the ones who wanted it not me! I mean come on, they were doing so good I had to reward them somehow!


Dandelion: As a fellow big brother I’ll let this pass. I know I’ve been there with my Hopsy. 


TheBlazingDragon: Right. Anyone else wanna fess up?


ChoccyMilk: I don’t own a Leon ball, trust me. Even Mattie’s afraid of them.


LochNessaMonster: So we’re cleared out. But I dunno about the rest. They aren’t online so we can’t find out.


Dandelion: Well that’s fine ^^ I trust them.


JackBlack: Woop! Righty then.