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The Christmas that almost wasn't

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The most used disclaimer:
The TV show "Starsky and Hutch", and the characters from it
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By Jacqueline(c)December 23, 2000


It was December 23rd. Just two more days before Christmas.

Thank God, Hutch thought to himself. He didn't know just how much more of Starsky's usual spreading of "Christmas Joy" he could take. After all, his ever-enthusiastic curly haired partner had sung his first Christmas carol back in late November!

"You have got to be kidding!" Hutch had growled back then.

"Whaddaya mean?" Starsky had asked innocently.

Hutch had scrutinized his partner's expression for any signs of feigned innocence but no such luck. Starsky really was a 5-year-old again, come each Christmas.
"Oh, let's just forget it shall we?" he'd sighed.

"Nah Hutch, somethin's obviously botherin' ya so spill it!"

"No it's nothing, just me."

"I ain't buyin' that Hutch. You're lookin' like a regular ray of sunlight again, so c'mon, tell me. What did ya mean?"

Hutch had given his partner a weary look and then he'd said,
"You are really seriously into this 'tis the season stuff aren't you? You're really loving this?"

"What season?" Starsky's face had gotten a blank expression.

"What do you mean what season! The Holiday season, Christmas for crying out loud!" Hutch had responded in an annoyed tone. Sometimes he thought his partner was purposely trying to get on his nerves.

"Why d'ya think that?" had been Starsky's next question, again in that seasonally young and innocent sounding voice.

Hutch had snapped his head back in Starsky's direction. He had begun to get angry with his partner's antics. Yet when his angry sky blue eyes had met the truly innocent violet blues of his partner, his anger had dissipated immediately.
"Do you even listen to yourself when you speak or sing for that matter?" he'd asked Starsky.

"Mmm, I dunno, why?"

Hutch inwardly had almost not been able to believe they were having a conversation at such a base level. He had sighed before answering in a weary, almost resigned voice,
"Because you were singing the Christmas song just now."

Starsky had looked at him rather sheepishly.
"I was? Ya mean, just now?"

"Yeah buddy. Need I remind you it's still a month away from Christmas? Certainly you're not going to bother me with your repertory until then are you? Because then I just might have to put in a request to have someone temporarily replace you as my partner."

"You wouldn't?" Starsky had asked incredulously.

"Well look at it this way Starsk. I wouldn't try my luck if I were you!" Hutch had replied while turning toward the Torino's passenger window, hoping his childlike partner would not see the hint of a barely contained smile which had just bubbled up on his face.

When Hutch had turned his face back a bit, moments later, to glance at his partner he could still see the traces of shock on Starsky's face. Hutch could tell his best buddy was concentrating and trying very hard to listen to every sound that left his mouth.