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god this is so bad im so sorry

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[pidge] what if pigeons secretly have this like,,, human like society and are also really smart and they just keep it hidden because they dont want anyone to know

[pidge] also what if they're planning on going to war with the humans and we lose because we were so unprepared

[Hunk!] w

[Hunk!] what

[pidge] ajlsfhsajlfh

[pidge] whta are you doing up

[Hunk!] What are you doing up

[pidge] i asked you first

[Hunk!] I asked you second

[pidge] fair enough

[pidge] but as we all know, i never sleep

[pidge] why are you awake

[Hunk!] Can't sleep

[pidge] ah

[pidge] want to hang out for a while

[Hunk!] Yes please

[pidge] im climbing through the vents rn