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late nights

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Zach loved the nights John would come home extremely late. First he would call someone over. Then John would come over, and they’d fuck right after.

Tonight, Zach was feeling frisky.

He’d called over one of his girlfriends, Clem Creevy, and Kyle.

Now wasn’t this gonna be fun.

While the boys waited for Clem to come, they sat on the bed, making out. Kyle was anyways deeply in love with Zach. He had been for the past 12 or so years. Zach had to admit that now that he was older, he was way cuter.

The younger man broke away and leaned against the older one, panting. “What.. do we do.. If Clem.. doesn’t come?”

Zach smirked, petting the littler one’s gray hair. “Then your pretty body is all mine, baby boo.”

Kyle moaned softly and buried his face in Zach’s chest in embarrassment. Like John, he had a weird domination fetish, and it was mainly targeted to Zach. Eric had no idea Kyle fucked Zach on the weekends and when John wasn’t home sometimes.

It was kinda sexy.

Zach rubbed the younger one’s bulge, kissing and nibbling his ear. Kyle was hyperventilating. He moaned softly in Zach’s ear again, feeling him over. Both men needed it now.

“Oops. I guess our dicks got the best of us,” Zach teased, ruffling the man’s hair. Kyle smiled weakly and blushed, watching as Zach undressed.

“You’re so hot when you’re naked like that. All roundness and chubbiness. But in a cute way. I.. like chubby men,” Kyle admitted, blushing even harder. Zach moaned and fondled his package again, pulling Kyle even closer.

“Let’s fuck real quickly. On days like this, John would be home in about 15.” Zach’s words were a beg for release in Kyle’s ear. Kyle nodded and laid down, removing his shirt. Zach kissed him all over, tenderly smooching his tattoos and softly licking his nipples. Kyle moaned into his arm, trying to be as quiet as possible.

“God fucking damn, you are hot. I wanna fuck you and make you feel delicious.” Zach pulled down his pants and underwear in one sitting, cautiously mouthfucking Kyle. Kyle moaned as he was fucked, taking what wouldn’t fit in his mouth with his hands. Zach moaned softly, grunting as he fucked him.

“Oh… Kyle…” Zach muttered, staring into the bright blue eyes. “Kyyllee…”

Kyle moaned in response, his eyes never leaving Zach’s. Zach pulled out before he came, undressing Kyle completely.

“If I’m hurting you, scream.”

Kyle nodded, and groaned as Zach entered him. Zach moaned loudly, thrown into a state of ecstasy. Kyle nodded again and grabbed onto Zach’s hips as Zach thrusted. Both men were moaning loudly, their bodies rocking with each other’s rhythms. Zach hissed out a “Shit..” as he felt the pressure building up.

“Fuck, Kyle. I’m gonna..” Zach moaned as he came into the younger man, making them both scream in ecstasy. Kyle flopped back onto the bed, squirting his orgasm. Zach laid on top of him, covering them both with the blanket.

“We don’t need Clem or John, do we, Ky?” Zach muttered. “We got each other. S’all we need.”

Kyle nodded, cuddling into the older man. Zach chuckled and held him close, kissing the top of his head as they fell asleep.