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Broken hearts lead to dangerous things

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He remembered when the four of them announced they were dating, not each other at the same time but that they were dating. 

Bakugou and Kirishima...

Shinsou and Midoriya...

Three out of the four were his crushes, fist Bakugou. Then Kirishima...lastly Shinsou. 

They told the class after Ashido made a joke about how perfect each couple would be if they did go out, the day Kaminari was going to try his luck but nope. They were together.

Of course, Kaminari had thought as he congratulated them and teased him just a bit while Jiro made a jab at how single he was.

The blond had been avoiding them because every time the squad invited him out it felt like he wasn't really wanted. He felt ignored, then when Bakugou and Kirishima would invite him out he would be the third wheel. The bad part was, it was like no one saw how he distanced himself more and more. How he had just stopped talking and how hurt he looked whenever the couple would drag him out for a date. 

It was almost like as soon as Bakugou and Kirishima started going out the others were bowing at their feet. 

It hurt. It hurt like hell.

Like they were stepping in his already crumbling heart, slowly gridding it into dust. 

In order to keep himself sane and not explode and cry he locked himself away, his grades were steadily getting lower than before. He was refusing to eat and actually do shit but no one seemed to notice.

It was raining as he walked away from the train station, Kaminari just visited his sister. She all but threatened to kidnap him from U.A to come to see her. 

While he may have given up on life, his sister didn't.

The rain was becoming hard to see through, it was as if the sky itself was crying. He liked to imagine it was, that the sky had an argument with the sun or moon and cried. It helped him feel less alone in his situation, not much but it was enough.

While walking he let his mind wander and drift until he heard thunder. Looking up he saw the shy briefly light up, lightning was coming.

Just great. The lightning might cause him to get hit with it...fuck.

Picking up his pace he started going down an alleyway where there weren't many people. If he did get hit he wanted to be alone instead of endangering others, he did that enough at school since he couldn't really control his quirk.

A wave of anger and self-pity washed over him, he was 16 goddamn years old. He had his quirk long enough to figure out how to use it. But he didn't.

Stupid, flirtatious Kaminari Denki couldn't even control his quirk. What a fine piece of hero-making material he was.

"Hey, bestie!"

The voice interrupted his thoughts and he twirled around to see two girls running up to him while a guy in a hood turned around and walked back out the alley. The two girls shifted underneath their umbrella in order to make room for him.

One had short brown hair, creamy white skin and red eyes that might be apart of her quirk. She had a round face and was lean, the other had brown skin. Her hair was jet black and pulled into a high bun with some curls sticking out of it, her eyes were dark brown as well. She had a tail, however.

The chick with pink eyes leaned close to him "that guy was following you. Where are you headed? It isn't safe to walk alone in an alley and in this weather."

"Let's keep moving, we don't know if someone else is tailing us."

"Makoto...did you just make a tail pun?"

The girl, Makoto just sighed and gently pushed Kaminari forward to signal it was time for them to leave the alley.

"Oh, we haven't introduced ourselves!" The girl with pink eyes said with a smile as they exited the alley and headed down the street.

"My name is Sato Botan and that is Suzuki Makoto."

Kaminari nodded "I'm Kaminari Denki."

Sato's eyes widened slightly "you're the kid who went stupid at the Sports Festival right?"

A dark flush appeared on his face before a rattling sound was heard, he looked down to see Suzuki's tail trembling a bit.

"Sorry, I just remember you by that."

"It's okay you didn't know." 

A moment of silence happened before Suzuki broke it, "so you wanna go back to U.A or what?"

Kaminari was taken back by the question, "what are you-"

"It's your aura." Sato interrupted, her cheerful expression and air turned sour.

"What do you-"

"My quirk allows me to see other people's emotions," she interrupted again with a small sad smile.

"You're a deep shade of blue with purple mixed in, it just got darker when Makoto mentioned your school."

"Oh." That's all he could say as they walked down the street.

"We're going to take you back to U.A so no one gets worried about you, you should also take a shower." 

Kaminari nodded, Sato grabbed his hand before pulling him into a hug.

Then he broke.

Whatever pent up and forgotten emotion he had spilled out in the form of sobs and hiccups. Thankfully Sato didn't care that he was wet.

"Kaminari what-"

"I don't want to go back there, I just...I just-"

A hand went on his shoulder, he turned to see Suzuki looking at him with understanding eyes. 

"Let's talk while we take you back, maybe that'll help."

So he talked.

He went into every detail he could think of and once he was finished they had arrived at the gates for U.A High school, Sato and Suzuki both gave him soft smiles and Sato even gave him her number.

"Take this, I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot from each other."

After giving her a quick hug he walked through the gates after flashing security his I.D.

It was strange, he felt closer to two total strangers than he had his friends...

Over the next week the three of them talked, Kaminari learned that Sato was the oldest being 18 almost 19. Suzuki was the second oldest she was 17, the two were childhood best friends. Practically sisters. 

Kaminari also figured out that Suzuki had a mutation quirk. Her mom and an animal quirk while her dad had a Python transformation based quirk, she ended up with a Rattle Snake mutation which is why she has that tail.

After doing some research on Rattle Snakes he understood why Sato had apologized to him that day, it was a warning.

He made a mental note to never get on her bad side.

They welcomed him with open arms, one night on a group call Kaminari had asked why they were so friendly when they had been strangers less than a month ago.

"Sometimes...strangers are better than familiars." Suzuki had told him one night with a heavy sigh.

Afterward, they just talked about anything and everything, it was like he had known them his entire life.

"The amount of homework I have to do makes me wanna take a nap." Kaminari whined on the phone with the girls, they were face timing each other and having the best/worst study session ever.

"I don't even do homework."

"That is going to change because I cannot be friends with a dumbass," Suzuki smirked into the camera, the girl was working on a project for her AP Chemistry class.

"I don't know how to do half of this shit!"

"What do you need help with?" Sato asked while chewing on her pen in thought.

"Math and science, history I can do because it's mainly reading ." 

"Math?" Suzuki froze and stared at the intensity that Denki moved back some.

"I love math! What are you doing? Is it Algebra 1 or 2? Pre-Calc?"

While Suzuki was asking numerous questions as once he could hear Sato chuckling in the background.

"I'm doing Algebra 1," Kaminari noticed his voice went a few notches up.

The girl was smiling like a maniac okay. She looked terrifying.

Just as she was about to ask him for the problem there was a knock at his door, telling the girls to wait a minute he walked over. Kaminari was slightly surprised to see Seo and Ashido standing there with wide smiles.

"Hey man, we're about to watch a movie. It's Kirishima's turn to pick it out, wanna come with?" 

There was a tone of expectancy to Sero's tone like he knew Kaminari would already say yes. Imagine his surprise when the electric boy shook his head.

"Sorry guys but I have homework so...rain check?"

He didn't even let either of them finish before he was shutting the door into their faces.

"Him...doing homework?" Ashido asked as she started turning away from her friend's door.

"I'm more worried about the other person in his room."

"Who cares," Ashido's puzzled face was replaced with a smirk, "it's not like he's fucking or anything. He isn't smooth at all!"

Sero laughed at Ashido's little jab, she was right. That boy may be good looking but he doesn't have the blessing gift of a silver tongue.

Little did they know that Kaminari had heard everything they said behind the door.

Little did they know that Kaminari had tears flowing down his face silently.















After the three friends hung up for the night, Sato and Suzuki called each other with smiles painted on their faces.

"I knew that he wasn't lying but damn this makes it so easy. And he's already naive? Score." Sato said with a sweet but chilling tone that Suzuki only laughed at.

"Don't be too hasty there, we still need to do a bit more."

"I wonder why Riku wanted him anyways," Sato mused with a small smile as she thought of their leader.

"I don't know, all I know is that he has plans and it involves him."






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“Then he decided to yell at me, like listen, little boy, I’m not your bitch!” Sato growled as she ate her ice cream.

Kaminari hummed, “you ain’t nobody’s bitch.”

”Exactly what I’m saying!” Sato shouted, a couple of people around stared at her.

Today was a good day, it was Friday and somehow Makoto and Sato convinced him to skip classes. They had gone to the movie, an arcade, now they were having lunch. Makoto paid for this one, Kaminari would get the next one.

Kaminari doesn’t usually skip class but...he was having fun. Besides, it was one day.

“We should go shopping,” Makoto cut in from his left.

”Yes! “

”Maybe I should get back to school-“ Kaminari started but Sato shushed him.

”We helped you do your homework and your grades are rising slowly. Skipping school today was a gift for your hard work.”

For some reason the praise made his chest swell up in pride. Usually, he was called a dunce, which he admits he is, the praise made him happy.

Aizawa-Sensei even praised him, not verbally or anything but sent him a look that said that all faith in him wasn't lost.

So the trio went shopping, Sato got some oversized sweaters and bright colored shoes while Makoto got leather combat boots and the like. Denki got a few chockers only, some were funky colors like orange but most were either black or yellow.

Once their day at the mall had come to a close it was the exact time school would be out of session, the two older teens said their good-byes once Kainari said he had to leave.

"I'll call!"

Was the last thing he had said before leaving them at the mall on his way back to the dorms.

"Well?" A boy with shoulder-length black hair sighed as he looked at his second- in- command and Analyst.

"Sir, it's a slow-going process. We can't just force him to completely switch, it took us about 2 months to get him to skip class. He's not-"

"Do not tell me how slow the progress is Makoto." His tone was chilling as he finally turned to face the girls standing in his office, his purple eyes narrowed dangerously, "just tell me the progress."

Sato and Suzuki had walked back to base after they were positive Kaminari had left, the building was on the outskirts of Musutafu city. It was a large compound with over 20 gyms, 40 offices and 200 bedrooms for the recruits. It was filled with state-of-the-art equipment and was well hidden from anyone who would, for some odd reason, be lurking around the area.

Suzuki shivered and cleared her throat to begin speaking, "it's going well. He has stopped hanging out with his friends almost completely and he trusts us fully with his personal life, he hasn't said anything about any of the heroes of U.A or other students but he does mention his friends and what they do or say around him."

Sato gave a smirk "he's being insulted at almost every chance. The teasing has turned into hate in his mind and he's starting to slip."

"Perfect. This is exactly what we need." 

The girls looked at each other before Sato took a bold step forward, "Commander Riku may I ask something?"

The purple-eyed man, Riku, motioned for her to continue.

"What is your plan with Kaminari Denki? Why is he so important?"

A glint of annoyance flashed through the man's eyes but he was quick to dismiss it, they were his two most trusted officers. He would have to tell them at some point.

"From the information you both have gathered he seems to be an essential piece of the next generation of heroes but none of them realize it. He doesn't even realize it himself." Riku answered as he slowly stood up with a smile on his face.

"Think of him as the heart of class 1-A, yes that Kirishima kid is great and all but he's more like the soul of the class."

Sato looked confused, "but that Kirishima boy is super nice from what he says, so why wouldn't he be the heart?"

"Botan. Kaminiri is naive, confused about his friends and always trying to fit in. The heart changes itself because of how it feels in different situations figuratively speaking, the heart is something people never want to listen to because it isn't on the right side. I need you both to speed this up."

She nods her head and held her tongue, Riku sat back down with a soft smile full of malice intent.

"Besides...what's a soul without a heart?" 

"Where were you today?" Iida asked, more like demanded, just as soon as Kaminari entered the common room.

The electric quirk user had felt a pang of annoyance at the fact that no one had greeted him but he shoved it down.

"I was out."

"You skipped class, we were worried about you man. No text or anything." Ashido added in unhelpfully.

Kaminari watched as his classmates nodded but shrugged in response and walked out the room to his humble safe place.

Even though he left he could hear Iida ranting about how irresponsible he was being for missing class, the words stung a bit but he quickly remembered how proud Sato and Suzuki were.

His words stung a bit less.

Once he arrived at his room he started cleaning any trash, Sato said that while looking good was nice, being clean in general would be greatly appreciated. Besides, he didn't want them to see his dirty clothes whenever they face-timed him.

After cleaning his room he texted the Bakusquad group chat for the work he missed, Kirishima sent him a text saying he would bring it over while Bakugou called him an idiot for skipping. The sigh that escaped was full exasperation, he just got called out by Iida in front of everyone. While he was somewhat glad Bakugou did it in text, it felt like rubbing salt on a wound.

Muting his phone he waited for Kirishima to arrive with the work, but after an hour or so he decided that he would just get out tomorrow. Kaminari picked up his phone again and dialed Sato and Suzuki's numbers, as soon as they picked up he started ranting about what happened as soon as he got back.

"I understand it was my choice to skip but goddamn, no one texted me while we were out yet they all get on my ass about it?"

"To be fair," Suzuki commented with a playful smile, "you do have a nice ass."

Kaminari blushed heavily, "I think you're missing the point here Su."

"Is that why it took so long for you to skip?" Sato asked with a slight frown on her face.

"Part of it, the other part is that I don't think I can afford to miss class. I'm stupid too remember?"

Both girls suddenly went quiet, all background noise ceased to exist for a moment.

"Excuse me?" Sato practically growled into the speaker.

"You are not stupid, you're smart and kind and lovely! You are literally a god among men, no one is as nice as you."

"Sato," Kaminari groaned "Kirishima is the literal embodiment of sunshine and rainbows. He is-"

"But you aren't Kirishima." Suzuki cut in with an angered voice.

"Who let you think like this?" 

Kaminari felt guilty at the sudden change in the topic now... if he had just kept his mouth shut then neither of them would be upset.

"Stop it Kaminari, I can hear every thought in your head." Suzuki cut through his internal crisis.

"All the taunts and jabs your friends make at you are getting to you aren't they." It wasn't a question, it was a statement...a fact.

"Yeah...I guess they are." His voice sounded small even to him so he could only imagine how he must've sounded to the others.

The line went silent again before Suzuki sighed heavily, "Kaminari. We have something that we wanted to tell you for a minute but didn't think it was our place."

"You need new friends Kaminari," Sato commented quietly. "Your whole 'Bakusquad' isn't helping. It actually sounds like they're making it worse. They're making you worse."

"So," Kaminari took a breath "you want me to cut them off? But they helped-"

"They may have helped then but they aren't helping now. Dude, you were gone for an entire school day and no one, not once texted or called you."

"Makoto is right, you even checked every time you had second doubts about skipping! Nothing was there."

"You have to get rid of them, they're toxic."

Kaminari was silent, as the words seeped in his mind started bringing up images and memories that had him as the sore thumb. The one being laughed at and doubted, being insulted...the biggest one was the last time he had asked Momo for some homework help. Bakugou was out with Kirishima. The girl had made a joke about how everything would be easy if he just paid attention instead of wandering off.

It was funny, he was so used to words like that being spoken he thought it was funny.

He wasn't laughing anymore.

"Kaminari? We're sorry-"

"You're right." His voice was emotionless as he continued, "I...I don't think it's a good idea if I stay."

The line was silent for a moment before Sato broke it, "good. That's good."










If only he knew the real meaning behind those words.



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Cutting off his friends that he had felt a close bond with was not easy.

As if sensing he was pulling away from them every one in his used-to-be-friend group went out of their way to talk to him and hang out with him.

Jiro stopped making jabs at him, Kirishima and Bakugou started hanging out with him one on one. Ashido and Sero would try to convince him to play video games. 

Hell, even Momo offered to help study with him instead of him going to ask her.

It made him angry...more than angry, it made him not know what to do.

A part of him was happy, they pay attention. They want him to stay and be around them, they're taking what he has to say to heart. It's everything he had before...what he had been longing to have back for months.

On the flip side, however, it made him angry and sad. He felt like his world was becoming disoriented, confusing like a maze. Why did it take them so long just to listen? To notice what was going on with him? 

Finally, he cracked.

It was nothing major at first, Jiro was talking to him about this new song she had heard when he noticed it.

She was being careful.

Every word she said had a purpose, that purpose was not to set him off in any way that could make him want to dip out of the conversation. 

Kaminari's face scrunched up a little at that but didn't say anything, then Mineta had to open his mouth.

Honestly, Kaminari only talked to the guy for pranks but started slowing down when his normal pranks went too far up the sexual assault ladder. He stopped completely when he subtly shocked him when the idiot made a lustful joke towards Jiro.

"Dude, what has been going on with you recently?" The grape looking boy asked, interrupting Jiro.

"What do you mean Mineta? Make it quick we're talking here." Kaminari snapped at the shorter boy.

That's another thing, he was becoming ruder by the second, constantly snapping at people like Bakugou would.

"Are you just pissed that you're lonely?"

Kaminari's world froze at the question, Mineta had that face that just screamed "I know something you don't" and he hated it.

"Care to explain?"

Mineta rolled his eyes, "you've been avoiding everyone until recently. It must be because you finally realized you won't get anyone right? Oh wait, I forgot."

The purple-haired boy gave him a smirk, "what about those girls you're always on the phone with? Maybe they're your girlfriends but that doesn't make sense, I saw a picture of one of them on your phone. She's way too hot for someone like you-"

Kaminari lost it, he knew Mineta was trying to rile him up and it worked, he knew that he was about to say something inappropriate about his friends.

His real friends.

Denki was not gonna let that slide.

His hands were slammed against the desk, effectively gaining everyone's attention. Including Aizawa-sensei. 

Faintly, Kaminari could feel electricity dancing across his skin though he couldn't care. He was drinking up the face of pure terror that was Mineta.

"You wanna try that again?" Kaminari's voice was sharp and sickeningly sweet.

Once Mineta shook his head no the blond sat down and took a breath to calm himself in order to stop using his quirk. Everything was silent until-

"Kaminari, you should not use your quirk against your other classmates. While I understand-"

"Do you?" Denki cut off Iida with a harsh glare.

"Do you really understand Iida? You weren't paying attention to what he was saying so don't give me that shit. Besides, I didn't even shock him so he's fine."

Iida, however, didn't let up and continued to lecture him, every word the rule loving boy said made Kaminari's blood boil bit by bit. As soon as he realized that Mineta wouldn't get lectured for insulting a fellow classmate Denki let out an electric wave towards him. The action forced him to stop at his nerves were also got Midoriya involved.

"Kaminari, that was mean. I get your upset but-"

"Oh shut the hell up, I don't need you to start lecturing me too."

Midoriya squeaked, not being used to seeing Kaminari in a bad mood or being the target of it. But since Midoriya's group is so overprotective of him they all joined in and started yelling at him, saying words like "he didn't even do anything", "bro chill out" and the like.

Even Jiro was adding in.

This was hilarious really...everyone suddenly liked Mineta as soon as he did something wrong?

That hurt more than he’ll ever admit.

In a moment of pure anger, Kaminari sucked all the electricity out of the room then shot it back out, "ENOUGH!"

The class went quiet, Iida finally recovered from his less than pleasant shock went to say something but Aizawa beat him to it.

"Kaminari, hallway. Now."

The air in the room tensed as Denki walked out the room glaring at everyone all the while, when Aizawa stepped out and closed the door he looked a bit worried but overall annoyed.

"So, you mind explaining the light show and why you were so close to harming Mineta?"

A huff escaped Kaminari's lips while he crossed his arms looking away from his teacher before sighing and unfolding his arms.

"I...he insulted me and some new friends I made. I'm already not feeling well and he-"

"He made it worse, I got that. Why aren't you feeling good already?"

Kaminari sighed before looking straight into Aizawa's eyes. 

The man wouldn't tell the Bakusquad. Aizawa wasn't the type of start drama, hell, the man avoided it like a plague.

So Kaminari told him everything, from feeling left out to making new friends and the reason why he wasn't at school that one day. The entire time Aizawa listened and didn't interrupt, sure he would raise a brow when he said something questionable but that was it. By the end of his rant, there were about 5 minutes until it was time for his next class to start.

"See after school, we're going to be talking to Hound Dog about all of this."

Kaminari nodded and went back into the classroom, or at least he tried. 

Uraraka, Jiro, Ashido, Sero, and Kirishima were pressed against the door trying to listen. They all quickly stood back up once Kaminari opened the door. Uraraka and Jiro looked somewhat guilty but Sero, Ashido and Kirishima looked somewhere between upset and confused.

"Kami, dude what-"

"You were listening?" The words left him in a whisper, his eyes were wide and he took a step back from them.

Kirishima tried to say something but Kaminari just turned around, shoved Aizawa out of the way and ran out the room with tears stinging his eyes.

As he ran he tried to figure out why he was crying or at least wanted to, just moments after talking to his teacher he felt calm and almost light. As if a burden had been taken off of him but now?

Now he felt like a wreck.

If Ashido, Sero and Kirishima had listened to that conversation then what else had they listened in on? Did they listen in on his conversations of Sato and Suzuki, sure sometimes they were loud but did they decide to listen outside the door as well? And what about Jiro? All she would have to do is plug her ear jacks into the floor and she could hear everything.

He didn't realize that he had run off of U.A grounds until he found himself in a nearby park and since it was the middle of the day no one was really there.

Finding a bench to sit on Kaminari let the tears fall, soon enough loud sobs started to escape his throat.

After a couple of moments, he blacked out, slumping down on the bench, exhaustion hitting him like a truck.

"Wake up sleeping beauty," someone said as they shook Kaminari's shoulder.

The blond cracked his eyes open only to see Sato standing in front of him, as he slowly regained awareness he could feel something soft underneath him. And he could feel a lot more air than he could in his uniform.

"S...Sato? What are you-"

"Remeber, we were supposed to hang out today, Makoto couldn't come because she had to work. When I arrived you weren't there so I went to the cafe to see if you had already left. Then I went to the mall to try and find you."

The girl sat down next to him, "after that I called and texted but you never responded so I used that find my phone app thing and tracked you to a park. You were out cold so I called a friend to help me get you back to my place."

Kaminari sat up and scanned his body, now he understood why he felt a lot more breezy than before. He was dressed in Sato's clothes for whatever reason, a yellow crop top and loose silky shorts that didn't even reach his knees.

Denki looked up at her and smiled, "thanks. But umm, quick question."

Sato nodded for him to go ahead, "why did you change my clothes and not just assume I was sick?"

"Kaminari, if you were sick you would have sent over 100 texts to the group chat complaining about it," the pink-eyed teen/practically adult pointed out.

"Also, you were in the park. Unconscious in a U.A uniform. Villians or something would have tried something, besides that bench is not sanitary so I had my friend change you."

That...that made so much sense.

The electric blond shuddered at the thoughts of villains getting a hold of him. Memories of the USJ came back forced and he struggled to suppress another shudder.

So he found a distraction-

"So who's this friend of yours I'm hearing about?" Kaminari asked.

Okay, so curiosity killed the cat but whatever. He was curious.

You couldn't blame him either, someone had seen him practically naked. He needed to know who it was.

"That would be me."

The two friends turned towards the door and Kaminari let out a low squeak. The person at the door was tall and built, not bulky but he had a Midoriya type of body. He had black hair tied into a ponytail and stunning purple eyes. They weren't as purple as Shinsou's but they were close and that smirk he was wearing...his eyes started traveling lower.

Kaminari's mind stopped working...

He had another crush.

Forgetting his surroundings for a moment, Kaminari grabbed one of the pillows on the bed and slammed it into his face and let out a muffled scream.

While screaming he thanked whatever gods existed that Sato was sitting in front of his...little problem.

Sato, having a feeling that she knew what this about gave, her friend a look.

"Give me a minute with him okay Riku?"

Riku nodded and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Once he did a smirk appeared on his face, he had known the 16-year-old was cute but seeing him in person made him even better.

And just from listening to his conversation with Sati he could tell he was close.

The black-haired man walked away from the door.

The victory wasn’t very far away anymore.

Meanwhile, Sato was giggling over Kaminari's face.

"It's not funny! I have a crush on a stranger I just met because of his looks." Kaminari whine as he held the pillow over his face. 

Sato let out another laugh before smirking at the blond, "you know he's single right? And he's only 20-years-old."

"I'm 16, that's illegal." Kaminari pointed out with a sigh.

"He just turned 20, it's like a 3 and a half year difference. And if you give your consent for any extracurricular activities everything will be fine."

Kaminari squeaked again, "do not encourage this behavior!"

Sato started to laugh which caused Denki to giggle a bit before they fell into a comfortable silence.

"You know," Sato began "he has a big dick."

Kaminari gasped and literally jumped into her lap while shaking her shoulders. The pillow now laid forgotten on the floor.

"I know, when he walked in I started staring a little too hard!"

They both started laughing again until they fell into a peaceful silence. Which lasted up until Kaminari hit her with a pillow just for the fun of it. Sato didn't hit him back but she had a smirk on her face. It turned into a full grin as she shot up from the bed and ran over to the door.

"Riku, Kaminari-"

"What is wrong with you!?"

Kaminari jumped on her as she was running down the hallway towards the stairs, it was at this time they started to tumble towards Riku who just looked at them while grinning.

"So you're the famous Kaminari? I've heard a lot about you."

The youngest of the three scrambled to get off the floor and just smiled, "good things I hope."

The smile Riku wore was welcoming but it had an undertone of something...he just didn’t know what.

”The best. Like how friendly you are and your amazing quirk.”

Kaminari pusher Sato with his foot softly as she stood up, making her fall back down with a soft oof.

”My quirk isn’t all that amazing, it’s probably-“

”So having the power to control electricity isn’t amazing? You could probably create lightning!”

A blush appeared on the younger one’s face, he couldn’t remember being praised for his quirk. It was nice.

”Thanks, man! So what about you?”

The other looked taken back with the question is his raised brow and confused face indicated anything.

”Oh um, my quirk is called Levitate. Basically, it’s like a stronger version of telekinesis.”

A wide grin appeared on Denki’s face, “dude. That is so cool! You could literally use your quirk to do chores, it must be nice!”

The two young adults laughed at his words but it wasn’t the condescending type. It was warm, like all the times he laughed with the squad instead of being laughed at.

A small painful feeling tugged at his heartstrings at the thought of the others.

”You okay bro?” Sato’s voice broke through his gaze and he nodded to indicate he was fine.

He felt the girl’s arms wrap around him in a comforting embrace, he leaned into, who knows when she'll leave him to.

"I won't leave you Kaminari, neither will Makoto. We're your friends."


"I had said that out loud?"

Riku, bless this man, walked forward and ruffled his hair a bit. "Yeah you did, but Sato is right. Those two wouldn't leave you, hell, I can barely get them to leave me alone."

His joke, while appreciated, did little to help his mood rise.

"They didn't even leave though, I left. I pushed them away and-"

"Stop right there," Riku interrupted.

"I've only known you for at least 2 hours and I already know you aren't the type of person that pushes people away without a reason. They must've done something first."

Kaminari could feel Sato nodding behind him. When he didn't say anything Riku continued his speech, "you seem like a whole basket of, excuse my language, fucking rainbows. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend so don't fret over pushing people away if that's what happens to be healthier for you."

Kaminari zoned out a bit, okay a lot, but can you really blame him? Can you? He had just noticed that Riku had a tongue piercing...not only that but he was saying such nice things about him. He was being sincere too, no undertone of sarcasm or anything. It didn't feel like he was going to yell sike at the top of his lungs and leave him to fake his happiness and pretend those words didn't hurt him.

"...Makoto would- Kaminari? Wait you're crying, was it something I said?"

Without thinking Denki grabbed the man and pulled him into a hug, luckily Riku didn't seem to mind the tear stains on his shirt.

As Kmainari cried softly into Riku's shirt he missed the knowing and sinister gleam his eyes. He didn't see the grin Sato wore...







He didn't see the faint pink glow in Sato's eyes as she activated her quirk.

Chapter Text

The first thing he registered when he awoke once gain in Sato's bed was this feeling of unhinged anger, Kaminari hopped off the bed and punched the mirror on the far side of the room. Electricity crackling around his bloody knuckles, the mirror shattered and the teen then started to tear apart the whole room. 

Denki wasn't thinking at all, he only acted on whatever he felt. Was this how Bakugou felt all the time? Is that why he yelled so often?

Somehow the anger turned into fury at the thought of his ex-best friend, could he even call him that?

Why did he feel so fucking angry?

Just as he was about to blow a fuse a hand grabbed him, Riku's face filled his vision and, at the snap of his fingers, his rage was washed away only to be replaced by a calm feeling.

"Hey Kaminari, I'm glad you're awake now. We should head home."


Hang on, what does he mean by "we"? They don't really know each other all like-

Images flashed across his mind, memories of Riku, Sato, and Makoto appeared.

One where they were all at an ice-cream shop and he dropped his ice-cream on his shirt, another one where it was Sato and himself talking as they walked through the park. Memories of his time on the phone with the two girls and one time when he was with Riku.

None of those ever happened except the phone call memories with Makoto, Sato and himself.

The flow of memories didn't stop and Kaminari vaguely thought that his brain was going to implode.

"Hey...Hey, breathe for me. You just got out of a situation that-"

"What's going on? What are you-" Kaminari stepped back and pulled himself out of the older man's grip, sadly he walked into another person.

Whirling around he was greeted by Sato and her pink glowing eyes, when did she get in here and why were her eyes-?

A scream was torn from his throat as his head throbbed in pain, it felt like every single neuron was being flipped and rearranged inside and it burned

Kaminari woke up again, this time he felt a calmness wash over him instead of anger. As he sat up completely he realized that he was no longer in Sato's room, the blond winced slightly, he would have to apologize later.

The room he was now in was kind of plain looking, it was filled with brown and creamy colors, a bookshelf was in the corner and the bed he was on took up most of this side of the wall. After what was seemingly forever he got off the bed on slightly shaky legs and wobbled to the door.

As soon as he opened the door he was greeted with Riku standing there looking like he was about to open the door.

"Hey Kaminari, I'm glad you're awake. You almost killed us with worry there."

"Where am I?" Kaminari went to look around in the hallway but Riku turned his head and pushed him gently back into the room.

"I'm not surprised you don't remember anything, we took you home remember."

Home? This wasn't-

This is home.

The blond's eyes widened at the intruding thought, a sharp pain exploded in his head for a moment before his mind went blank. It was as if someone hit the reset button on his brain before it kicked back up again.

This is home.

A smile tugged at his lips, yes this was home. 

"Thanks, I appreciate it," Kmainari looked back at the door "where's Sato?"

Riku smiled, "she's with the others, come on. They want to meet you already after you took so long to wake up."




A part of Kmainar's brain started shouting that this wasn't right, nothing made sense. Home? They didn't live together, who were these other people and why did he keep waking up in strange places and-

Trust the family...

Always trust family...

The thoughts that weren't his own finally choked out the last piece of logic he had and made itself at home.

Chapter Text

Normally he was calm and collected yelling and ready to blow someone's head off, his friends knew he wouldn't ever really hurt them. It was just how he expressed emotions and stuff.

But now?

"Where is he?" Mina asked as she looked out the window in the common room where the rest of her friends sat.

Kaminari had been missing for a week and there was no news or sign that he had been kidnapped or something.

First, it was Kirishima that started freaking out, then Sero and Mina, now it's him. Their group had taken a heavy hit.

Yeah, the class was hit hard as well, it seemed dull and less lively. Even Aizawa, who was leading the investigation of his whereabouts seemed affected. During lessons, he would pause and look at the electric blond's desk as if expecting himself to see the teen with his phone out or struggling to keep up with the notes. Maybe even sleeping.

The 'Bakusquad' was worse off though.

Mina was, in all matter of speaking, dull. No random bursts of memes or gossip. Her once bright skin was pale and her hair was flattened in some places. She was forced by Jirou to take a shower every now and then when she completely shut down.

Kirishima was...angry. He shouted and almost fought that copy cat dude from class 1-B. It was as if he somehow took Bakugou's personality and it was a scary sight.

Sero was the most normal, sometimes he would start talking thinking Denki was there but then silence himself when he realized he wasn't. Whenever he thought no one was looking he would take out his phone and scroll through pictures and text messages seemingly trying to find a hint. A sign.


Bakugou was silent. His demeanor changed, it was like he was a ghost.

Jirou, who wasn't an official member but still was, seemed standoffish. It had gotten to the point where no one came too close to her just in case she randomly blew up.

"I don't know Mina...I just..." Sero answered as he started pulling the tape at his elbows.

They all sat in silence, none of them felt like it was their place to break it, That duty belonged to someone else entirely...someone who wasn't there.

Mina sighed and went to move from her spot until she heard footsteps quickly approaching. The others also seemed to have heard and their attention on landed on the door.

"You guys!" Sato yelled as soon as the door opened for him, another figure pushed past him.

Todoroki stood with some expression on his face that Bakugou didn't recognize, "they think they found him."

Though his face was hard to read, his tone was easy. It was a mixture of relief and hope.

Relief at the news.

Hope because he wanted it to be true.

It was a chain reaction, Kirishima and Sero both ran at full speed to the door following the now running Sato, next were Bakugou and Jirou who finally processed the words and followed their classmates. Mina was hesitant, however.

She didn't want it to be a false alarm.

Gathering her nerves and pushing away any and all self-doubt she had she pushed her legs to follow Todoroki was calmly walking back to where ever they came.

The entire time, she prayed she wasn't about to be told that it was a dead-end and they would have to start from square one.

Chapter Text

"This is Kaminari, everyone," Riku declared as he led Kmainari through two large double doors.

There were at least ten other people on the inside. Sato was there along with a girl with a shaved head, she had bright white eyes with dark green hair that reminded him of a pine tree's needles. Then there was a boy who looked to be in his late 30's with large muscles and one too many tattoos. The guy looked like he could be on Death Row and not give a single damn. Next came a woman in six-inch looking heels and a mini skirt with a shoulderless top.

"Now Kaminari, I may or may not have lied to you about my quirk," Riku said which effectively caught his attention from scoping out the room.

"My quirk isn't anything close to telekinesis, my quirk is actually called Mind Changer."

Kaminari gave him a cryptic look, "why did you lie to me about your quirk?"

Riku gave a shy smile yet the air around them changed, the other people around them seemingly disappeared. The atmosphere seemed to have gotten colder, that much was obvious by the shiver that went down the blond's spine. 

"You would hate me for it," Riku's smile turned into a smirk.

"Why would I hate you for something like that? I have-" Kaminari cut himself off for a moment before shaking his head.

It was like his brain was suddenly fogged over, for a moment, the electric quirk user thought he was going to throw up.

He was unaware of two people coming closer to him from behind him, he was too busy trying to focus.

Why was it getting so hard to focus?

"You would hate me because I can do things to human memory. For example, I can place thoughts into people's heads and change their memories."

Kaminari took a step back as Riku stepped forward, with lightning speed he reached out and grabbed Denki's face. 

"You're mad aren't you? Surely you know-"

Riku was cut off by Kaminari's smile that suddenly appeared after he shook his head to clear out the fog, "I had a friend whose quirk was brainwashing. If I wasn't scared of him then  why would I be scared of you?"

Riku smiled inwardly, they finally have him in so deep that he isn't even remotely concerned for himself. Hell, they could probably kill his mom in front of him and he would take any excuse they gave him.

Damn, they got a good one. Not only will the act of taking down the Leauge be easy because of his quirk but taking down U.A so it can't pump out any more heroes will be so damn simple.

It was so easy too.

The two people who snuck behind him nodded to each other and walked back to their previous spot, their job was to keep the kid from running.

Looks like they don't have to worry anytime soon.

"Really?" Riku placed a pleasant smile on his face this time.

"Well then I guess I should explain Sato's quirk too, her quirk has to do with controlling the chemicals in the brain we call emotions."

Denki looked over at his best friend.

"So when I got really angry that was you?"

Sato nodded before giving a shy smile, "sorry about that. Honestly, you were really sad and-"

"No, no, no. It's okay really. My quirk control is terrible so if someone makes a mistake I'm not mad."

The two of them hugged before Kmainari cleared his throat and looked towards the others in the room.

"So, I'm Kmainari Denki. Who might you all be?"




It was so fucking easy.

"We pulled footage from the mall when he skipped school and we ran a background check on those friends he mentioned to me when we were talking out in the hall." Aizawa said as he stared at them all intently.

The whole squad minus Denki was there listening and processing every single word.

Still hoping...

"Neither of those girls he hangs out with exists."

That caused them all to give various noises of surprise.

"But he talks with them all the time, I can hear him." Jirou protests and Sero sent her small glare though he stopped because he didn't know why he did it.

"There are no birth records that the police can find, no names of parents in the database. We're even calling in help from other cities. We have nothing about them which leads us to a couple of theories."

Each teen nodded seriously.

"Theory 1, is that he gave us fake names of his friends which seems unlikely. Theory 2, is that these people gave him fake names which seems really likely and lastly that this was all a cover story."

"What do you mean a cover story?" Kirishima almost growled out.

"We, the staff I mean," Aizawa started "have been looking into the idea that there is a traitor in our midst. With this happening as well-"

"Kami is not the traitor!" Sero yelled with so much disbelief that it was a wonder that he even had the energy to do such a thing.

"And I thought you guys found him, now all we're getting is accusations of him being something we all know he isn't!"


The black-haired teen shut up instantly at the sound of his name said with such calmness behind it.

How could he be so calm? This man's job could be on the line here!

"We aren't accusing him but we do have to consider all the options. And I never said that we found him, I just wanted to let you all know what was happening before you all decide to be reckless."

Aizawa rubbed the bridge of his nose, "that is all for now. Trust me when I say that we're doing everything we can."

Kirishima scoffed as he started walking towards the door but stopped before he opened it.

"How can I trust you now? I couldn't even trust you to keep my fucking friend safe."

The redhead slammed the door shut behind him, leaving all of them with one thought.

'This is an absolute nightmare.'

Chapter Text

"Kirishima you need to calm down!" Sero shouted as his redhead friend as he broke another punching bag.

"How? How do you expect me to calm down Sero?!" Kirishima roared as he pushed himself into Sero's face.

Sero stood taller and pushed him back, "because you're not the only one to blame here!"

"I'm not-"

"Yes, you are! We all are!" Sero screamed.

This wasn't like him. He didn't get overly emotional but after the meeting yesterday...everything was becoming too much.

Everything was too much.

"I know you are because I'm blaming myself, and so it Mina and Bakugou! The entire class and Aiawa are blaming themselves too!"

"I should have noticed it first!" Kirishima yelled again but deflated instantly and sat on his bed.

"I should have noticed it first Sero. I invited him to hang out with me and Bakugou all the time and he never said no, then when he did I just...I just didn't care enough to ask why."

Tears welled up in the redhead's eyes and Sero sat down next to him, "I understand you, man. I really do."

Sero sighed heavily, willing tears not to come to his eyes and down his face.

Kirishima didn't need that right now.

He didn't need that right now.

"When Kami started pulling away from us I just brushed it off and kept telling myself that he'll be back later. It wasn't until his outburst in class that I realized something was wrong and then he went missing..."

"Then we all just started yelling at him...he probably had a good reason to yell at Mineta and we didn't hear him out. We just attacked him." Kirishima muttered before laying back on his bed and covering his face with his hand.

"What have we done bro? That was all super unmanly and it's irritating."

Sero smiled a small smile. He hadn't heard 'manly' come out of Kirishima in a while, it was refreshing.

"I don't know but we'll figure it out."

The showers they had here were amazing. 

Do you know those showers that are just perfect?

This was it. This shower was it.

After meeting the few people that Riku introduced to him earlier that day he had asked if he could take a shower.

Kaminari sighed as he scrubbed himself clean, the soap smelled like strawberries and honey which shouldn't smell good together but it was perfect. 

As Kaminari got out the shower and pulled a tower on to his waist he remembered one important thing he had forgotten...clothes.

He sighed loudly and walked to the bathroom door, once he pulled it open however, there was clothing in the bottom of it.

Deciding not to ask any questions about it, he took the clothes and got changed.

A smirk came to his face as he checked himself out in the mirror.

'I look good.'

The blond then collected all of his stuff and walked out the bathroom, the room was currently placed in wasn't the same one he woke up in. 

This room had a sunrise theme, the walls were painted a light pastel orange while the colors light blue, pink and purple were sprinkled around in it. 

It was beautiful. So beautiful he missed the girl standing by the door.

"Do you like it Kami?"

Kaminari whipped around to see Makoto standing there with a smile, a large 1,000-watt smile crossed his face.

"When did you get here?"

"I just got here," she came off the wall and wrapped him in a hug.

"I heard about what happened," her tone quickly changed to one of concern.

"I'm okay, Riku and Sato apologized and explained everything to me. I'll be okay."

Makoto pushed him away gently, "you haven't seen the news?"

Kmainari shook his head no, a confused puppy dog expression came over him as he watched Makoto pull out her phone.

"This just in on breaking-news. The U.A student Kmainari Denki has disappeared. There have no villain attacks of any kind to make note of. Please contact the police if you have seen him at any point. "

As soon as his photo appeared on screen he took Makoto's phone and turned it off.

"Kaminari, are you okay? Maybe if we ask Riku we can-"

"I'm not going back. I just can't go back there."

Makoto pulled him back into a hug and they stayed there for a long while.


Chapter Text

"Can you hear me? Mina! Can you hear me?"

The voice was so familiar but it was laced with fear and pain.

"I hear you but...but who are you?" 

She was in a dark room surrounded by tables and chains with different torture devices. Each had blood on them, some of it was new and some were old and chipping off.

"Mina please help me...It hurts, it hurts so much." 

"Where are you?" Mina shouted as she whirled around trying to figure out who was speaking.

Once she turned around she saw him...

"Denki? Denki, oh my god you're here! I'll get you-"

"Mina...? Why won't you help me?" 

The blond's voice sounded so broken yet devoid of emotion.

"I'll help you! I swear just hang on!" 

Kaminari was strapped to a table with so much blood on it one would think it was painted red. Mina ran forward but was forced back by a spark of electricity.

"Kami, you can't use your quirk right now okay? Wait till-"

She didn't get the chance to finish before he started screaming.

Mina jumped back to avoid being shocked to death as she watched in horror.

She watched her friend scream his lungs out as his quirk went out of control, then he looked at her.

"Mina, please! Please make it stop!"

She could only stand there and stare...


Stare as her friend was tortured...


He was being forced to kill himself...


With his own quirk...


The pink-skinned girl awoke screaming while holding her head, arms suddenly wrapped around her while someone ran their fingers through her hair in a calming motion.

"Mina, it's okay. It was a nightmare, it was only a nightmare."

It was Momo's voice...

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Mina opened her mouth only to start sobbing uncontrollably.

"It's okay. Whatever it was, it's okay."

Mina couldn't hear her over the sound of her own sobs.