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Following The Woman I Love To Ukraine

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Chapter 13

Serena stood at the window and narrowed her eyes, looking through the glass. Only the thin pane separated her from the cold dark night.

She turned away from the window and slowly wandered around the bedroom her hand coming to her mouth, as she stifled a yawn. It was late. It had been a long day. It was well after dark when Bernie returned from visiting Chalotte.

Serena tied with the end of her dressing gown as she crossed the room and pulled open the door. With a sigh, she gripped the banister as she walked down the stairs. The house was still, the cold taking on a life of its own.

She pushed open the door to the living room open, ignoring the creak which rippled through the silence. The fireplace crackled, flickering flames casting light on the walls and the sleeping form of her partner. She tilted her head as she neared her, the hem of her nightgown dancing around her slippers. She was slumped over, wedged in the corner as her head fell back into the plump cushion. With a silent carefulness, she fell to her knees. Her hand hovered for a moment before she gently pried the glass from her. She startled and her head jerked, blinking sleepy eyes at her. "What time is it?" She mumbled

"Late," she whispered, pushing the glass beneath the sofa as she slipped her hand into her's. Her fingers tightened around hers as she nodded, Bernie's eyes heavy. "Come to bed, darling." She tugged her hand and began to stand when she squeezed her hand.

"No." She looked up, the firelight catching on her glazed eyes. "Sit with me."

She shook her head and touched Bernie's knee. Her stubbornness always became more unbearable when she was tired. "Bern-"


With a sigh, she stood slowly. It was freezing. She was sleepy. She moved her legs, making room for her next to her. As she sat, her arm came up around her frame. She leaned against her, settled in the crook of her shoulder as her heavy arm draped around her. A moment later, as her head rested against Bernie's shoulder, she felt her chin rest atop her head.

Bernie's hand rubbed a path on her arm as their eyes met.

"Be happy with me," she murmured and she nodded. Bernie drew her back in with a contented sigh.