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Following The Woman I Love To Ukraine

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Chapter 12

Bernie says" God your perfect. You're sweet, you're smart. You're the best lover I've ever had…" she shook her head and smiled at Serena.

"Best lover you've ever had, hm?" She asked as she kissed her lips and kissed down to her neck, moving to her ear, smirking when she heard her moan. "Tell me more about that."

Her back arched and her breath shuddered. "Serena," she whispered, groaning as she moved away from her neck. "Please," she begged.

"Tell me." Serena ran her fingers over Bernie's skin. "Tell me what you want," she moved down her body, leaving a trail of kisses down her body.

"Lower," was all she could manage. Serena obliged and as she got to the apex of her thighs, her throbbing core, she gripped Serena's hair and held her there, grinding her hips against her face.

Serena grinned against her as her tongue ran up her slit and her lips wrapped around her clit, sucking, grazing it with her teeth and tongue every few moments, two fingers pushing inside of her. Her back arched off the bed and she seethed, whimpering. "Oh, so good," she whispered and looked up at her.

Bernie arched her back clear off the bed and let out a high pitched moan. "Fuck baby," she groaned and pulled Serena closer. "I'm coming," she whined as she felt her body start to shake.

"That's it sexy, come for me, let me taste it."

That was it, she came undone that very second, her juices coming in torrents out of her pussy, running down Serena's wrist, dripping from her chin, and she licked up every drop. She brought her down and she pulled her up, kissing her juices from her chin and neck, pulling her wrist up and sucking Serena's fingers clean, looking into her eyes as she did, before pulling her on top of her and kissing her passionately, letting their tongues mingle, moaning softly. "Fuck, you're good," she whispered against her lips.

Serena grinned and kissed her neck and she grinned and closed her eyes.