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Following The Woman I Love To Ukraine

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Chapter 11

Bernie took Serena up to their room and pushed her up against the door after closing it Serena lifts her head at the same time and they found themselves nose to nose. A rush of heat suddenly coursed through their bodies at the close encounters of which they found themselves. They stared into each other's eyes

"Bernie," she whispered, her lips barely a centimeter apart from her's.

Bernie did the only thing she could think to do at that moment. Her lips were soft against her's. She pressed her tongue along her lips and waited until they parted to slip inside the warm caverns of her mouth. Serena's tongue sneaked out to greet her's and the dueling began. Her hand that wasn't trapped between their bodies moved to cup her cheek as Bernie's hands smoothed over the expanse of her back.

She pushed Bernie back slightly so she sat in the chair by the door and swung her left leg around the other side of her body with her knees on either side of her hips, resulting in her straddling her thighs. Almost immediately, she captured her lips again and they continued their tongue war, each one fighting to control the other. Bernir slid her hands down to squeeze her rear end and Serena bucked forward at the contact, grinding her hips into her. Bernie moaned into her mouth.

"Bernie," Serena rasped between kisses. "What are we doing we have guests downstairs?"

Sh moved her mouth from hers and kissed her way down to her neck, biting and then suckling the skin she found there. "I think you should know by now what we're doing."

She ran her fingers through her hair and then yanked her head backwards in a vice-like grip. "Smart ass," she mumbled before kissing her again. Bernie moved one of her hands from her ass and along her thigh to cup her through her pants. Serena gasped at the sensation of her strong hand rubbing against her core and tore her lips from her to let out a groan. She made quick work of unzipping her trousers and slipping her hand inside. Serena's eye lids fluttered open and she locked eyes with Bernie as she pushed her panties to the side and traced her soaked outer folds.

Serena's mouth was open and slack, her eyes hazy with lust and pleasure. Bernie could have cum right then and there at the look of sheer pleasure gracing her face. Without warning, Bernie slipped her two front fingers into her pulsating core. Serena shivered at the feel of her cold fingers sliding in and out of her and bit her lip as small sounds of satisfaction escaped her throat.

"M-more," she stuttered, though the impediment was no longer from the lack of heat.

She added a third finger and twisted the digits inside of her as she picked up the pace. She couldn't believe how wet she was, her juices already trickling down into her palm and the back of her hand. She watched her as she knit her eyebrows together in concentration, her hands squeezing her shoulders and her hips undulating against her fingers. Bernie felt her walls begin to constrict and her hips moved almost frantically, her moans growing louder and higher and pitch.

"Oh fuck," she growled. "I'm cumming... Shit! I'm cumming!"

Bernie continued to pump her hand roughly and Serena arched her back right as the dam burst, quite literally, her juices pouring out of her. Her body was tense and she began to spasm while she chanted, "yes, yes, oh fuck, YES!" over and over again. Bernie kept her hand going to let her ride out her orgasm. Serena could no longer take the pleasure and reached down to yank her hand away, one final gush spilling out of her and onto Bernie's pants.

"Holy shit, Serena that was amazing your amazing I fucking love you" she rasped.


To Be Continued