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Following The Woman I Love To Ukraine

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Chapter 10

Serena sees Marcus smiling at them while watching so she kisses Bernie in front of everyone and everyone apart from Cam and Marcus clap at them both. Bernie then walks over to Cam and Marcus and his girlfriend and says" what are you doing here I told you this morning that they were not invited and that they are not welcome here Cam so why bring them here knowing they weren't welcome to mine and Serena's home".

Cam says" but he is our dad he is the father of your children why shouldn't he be here he belongs here and you belong with him for god sake you were married to him for over 15 years that should mean something to you". Bernie says" yes he is the father of my children but that is all he is I loved him as a friend I was not in love with him I didn't love him as anything more than that so I will ask again what gives you the right to be here when you knew it was mine and Serena's home and our party". Serena comes over with Charlotte and says" so did you find out why their here without being asked or invited Bernie". Bernie nods and says" yes because apparently he is the father of my children and because we were married so he has every right to be here". Serena laughs and stares at them all before saying" you all really think that then you are really stupid aren't you this is mine and Bernie's house it is one party you don't belong here Marcus and neither does your girlfriend so do one get out of here now and Cam you don't like it you can go as well and leave us here but I know Charlotte is staying here with us her family and friends".