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Following The Woman I Love To Ukraine

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Chapter 7


On Saturday morning everyone is awake early so they can clean the house from top to bottom then go shopping for the party food and Alcohol that they need for later. When they leave the house Bernie's phone rings she answers it to Cam who tells her that his dad has heard that she is back and that she is having a house warming party and her and Serena's house and he wants to know why he wasn't invited when both me and Lottie". Bernie says because he is my ex he may be the father to my 2 children but that is all we have in common this party is mine and Serena's it is to celebrate me moving in with her and the only people he will know is you and your sister so no he isn't invited I'm sorry if you and your sister are not happy but that is how it is".


After speaking to Cam some more Bernie joins Serena in the car and tell" her about the conversation just but she tells Serena that he won't be coming I told Cam that he wasn't invited and I'm sorry if you and your sister don't like it". Serena looks at her squeezes her hand before starting the car and driving to the supermarket.



To Be Continued