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Following The Woman I Love To Ukraine

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Chapter 3

Once in Bernie's flat she closes and locks the door,pushes Serena up against it and kisses her,her lips were soft against hers she pressed her tongue along Serena's lips and waited until the parted to slip her tongue inside of her mouth. Serena's tongue sneaked to meet Bernie's and the dweling began. Serena moved her hand to cup Bernie's cheek as Bernie smoothed her hands down Serena's back.

Bernie slid her hands down to squeeze Serena's rear and Serena bucked forward at the contact grinding her hips in to Bernie's Serena moaned in to her mouth "Bernie"Serena gasped between kisses. Bernie moved one of her hands from Serena's ass and along her thighs to cup her through her pants. Serena gasped at the sensation of her hand rubbing against her core and she tore her lips from Bernie's to let out a groan. Bernie made quick work of unzipping Serena's trousers and slipping her hand inside. Serena's eyes fluttered open and she locked eyes with Bernie as Bernie pushed her knickers to one side and traced her soaked outer folds.

Serena's mouth was open and slack her eyes hazy with lust and pleasure,Bernie could have cum right then and there at the look of sheer pleasure gracing her face. Without warning Bernie slipped 2 fingers in to her pulsating core Serena said "More"so Bernie added a third finger and twisted the digits inside of her as she picked up the pace. Serena gripped Bernie's shoulders and her hips undulating against Bernie's fingers,Bernie felt her walls begin to constrict and her hips moved almost frantically,her moans growing louder and higher and pitcher "oh fuck" she growled "I'm Cumming shit I'm Cumming".

Bernie continued to pump her fingers roughly and Serena archedvher back right as the dam burst,her body was tense and she began to spasm while she chanted "yes yes oh fuck yes!" over and over again. Bernie kept her hand going to let her ride out her orgasm Serena reached down and moved Bernie's hand when she couldn't take any more. Serena looked at Bernie and said"holy shit that really was amazing". Bernie said"yes you were amazing". Serena wrapped her arms around Bernie's neck and says"now it is my turn to show you how much I love you and how much I'm in love with you and that your mine just like I'm yours". She pulls Bernie with her and leads them to the bedroom.

To Be Continued