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Following The Woman I Love To Ukraine

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Chapter 2

Bernie walks and walks around looking for Serena,she has been calling and texting but nothing at all from her she carries on walking for another hour when she stops outside an all night cafe where she sees Serena sitting at the back with 4 cups in front of her and she sees that Serena has been crying.

Bernie walks up sits in front of her as Serena looks up and says"so where is she still lying naked in your bed you didn't waste any time did you aleast I don't have to worry or care about you now because I know that you don't love me and I know now that you feel absolutely nothing for me or towards me and you never did". She goes to get up but Bernie pulls her back down as Bernie says"I love you Serena I have done from the first moment we met in the car park and I left because I wanted you to be really really sure about how you feel about me I wasn't trying to hurt you and I left Alex in the pub last night and I went home alone and went to bed alone the first I knew about her being there was when you turned up and after you left I found out that when I was in theatre operating she took my keys and made a copy of them for herself,she let herself in got naked climbed in with me where she took pictures and was going to send them to you and my kids so she could turn you all against me so then I wouldn't have a reason to go home at all".

Serena looks in to Bernie's eyes and knows she's telling her the truth she then kisses Bernie's hands and says"just so you know I am staying here with you until your secondment finishes so then we can go home together". Bernie stands pulls Serena to her says"fine by me"she helps Serena with her luggage and as their leaving the cafe Bernie nibbles her ear and whispers"wait till I get you to the flat I'm going to show you how much I love you and how much I've missed you". A shiver runs threw Serena as she says"I've missed you too and I can't wait till we are home at your flat.

To Be Continued