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Following The Woman I Love To Ukraine

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Chapter 1

Serena has thought about this for the last 4 days and now she is on a plane on her way to Ukraine following after Bernie who she loves and is in love with and who she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Serena thinks back to when she told Ric and Hansen what she was doing they both told her that she needs to forget about Bernie and move on because obviously to Bernie your not important". When they said that to her she just told them"that it is her life and she is in love with Bernie and no matter what she will always choose her over them and the hospital".

2 hours later she's off the plane and once she's collected her suitcases she goes to where you get a taxi but none of them speak English as she is about to go back in to the airport someone shouts her to get her attention. She walks over to the car and the man tells her that he speaks English and he is a taxi driver and he will take her wherever she needs to go". Serena puts her bags in the boot gets in and tells hom"that she needs to go to the Ukraine hospital first". He waits outside while she runs in to sort out what she needs.

30 mins later she comes back out and gives him and address that she want him to drop her off at. He puts the address in the Sat nav then drives through the Ukraine city. Serena pays him and thanks him for all his help,she takes her suitcases and goes to the block where she is about to press the buzzer for Bernie's flat someone comes out so she slips through the door and heads in the lift up to the 6th floor. Serena steps out goes to Bernie's front door but before she can knock the door is already open so she goes in puts her stuff down and calls out for Bernie but no one answers she then sees a light on in another room she strides over pushes it open and gasps as she sees Bernie naked in bed with another woman. She stands there not knowing what to do but then she bangs the bedroom door which causes both women to jump awake. When Bernie does she sees Serena standing in her door way crying she then turns her head to the right and see Alex there holding the quilt to her chest because she's naked,Bernie turns back to Serena saying"no no this is not what you think Serena it's nothing". Serena shuts storms out of the room grabs her thinks and leaves as Bernie gets up gets dressed and throws Alex her clothes where she says"get the fuck out of my bed get dressed and go away why are you here and how did you get in my flat and why are you naked I don't want you I never did just because I'm in Ukraine does not mean you and I will pick up where we left off I have moved on I want to be with Serena I was always going back to her,my kids and holby me and you are nothing I know we never have been,so tell me why all this for". Alex says"I want you I always have I love you that thing took you from me she stole you from me so it was a good revenge even though I didn't know she was coming here". Bernie says"she never took me or stole me from you we were over along time ago it was just sex in a war zone simple so get over it and move on I have me and you will only ever ever be collegues her in Ukraine and that will only be for the next 7 weeks then I can get rid of you for ever,now answer my first question how did you get in". Alex stands up after getting dressed and says"when you were in theatre I took you keys and got a copy without you knowing". Bernie demands her keys and the copy or she'll ring the police but Alex hands them straight over then Bernie says"now get out and go the fuck away stay away from me at work and stay away from me and Serena". She grabs Alex's arm drags her to her door and throws her out then Bernie picks up her phone walks out her door where she tells" Alex that she is going to find Serena and you best not be here when we come home or so help me".

To Be Continued