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'Tweet' Do I Owe The Pleasure?

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            “Are you sure I can’t convince you to come out with us? We’ve been here all day!” Hoseok whined from where he and Jungkook stood, tucking their sweaty dance clothes into gym bags and sucking down water as they steadied their breathing. Jungkook looked exhausted but thrilled where he practically fell against the older dancers back, his hair still a little damp from his quick rinse off.

            Jimin’s smile was tired and he could vaguely hear his stomach growling in the background, but it was all white noise to him at this point. Stifling a yawn, he shook his head. “No, thanks. I really need to stay and polish my solo contemporary dance up. Tell Namjoon-hyung I said hi.”

            “Okay Jimin-ah. But if you aren’t home in an hour or two, I’ll drag you out of here by your hair myself!”

            Jimin smirked lightly, his eyes dancing with mirth as he ran a hand through soft, sweaty blonde locks with a wink. “Kinky.” Hoseok just made a face at him, rolling his eyes as he lifted his bag over his shoulder and dragged a sleepy Jungkook to the door.

            “You’re the worst. We’ll bring you home leftovers.”

            “Love you too, hyung!” Jimin grinned as the door shut behind them, standing from where he’d been laid across the cool wood floor. He wiped his brow as he walked across the studio to settle on a bench, taking a long swallow of water before pulling his ballet slippers from the confines of his bag. He pulled out his athletic tape and spent some time carefully taping his toes, making sure they were all properly wrapped before lifting his pointe shoes. Jimin gently stuffed them with extra lamb’s wool before sliding his feet into them, adjusting the platform and vamp before working on winding the ribbons around his ankles and lower calves, the material soft over his tights.

            Once he was sure they were on properly, he pushed to his feet, walking over to the speaker in the corner and connecting his phone, the soft strains of classical piano and violin filling the room. He stood for a long moment in the middle of the floor, eyes falling shut as he just breathed, focusing on finding his center before gracefully using the relevé method to rise En pointe. In moments he was moving through the variation, his body bending and curving gracefully, moving sous-sous. He moved from a plié into a series of rapid pirouettes, letting the music move through him and carry his body across the open floor. His was sweating, his breathing sharp as he came to the end of the variation, throwing his body up and into a double Tours en l'air, landing gently to his knee. His head thrown back as his arms came up, fluttering gracefully into the air above his head and holding it for a few moments before letting himself slump, his heart beat rapid in his chest.

            Jimin frowned, standing and moving to restart the music again.

            It was thirty five minutes later that he found himself leaning against the mirrors, chest heaving for air as he downed another bottle of water, wiping his brow tiredly with a towel. His stomach was growling audibly, and he winced at a particularly painful twinge in his abdomen. Regardless of the imminent starvation, the blonde refused to throw in the towel and give up for the night, the grand jete in the middle of the variation still giving him trouble. Resigning himself to another hour or two (or five) in the studio, Jimin shot a quick text off to Hoseok and Jungkook to let them know, sending a quick tweet before setting his phone to do not disturb.


Jimin_the_ballerino (@tinydancerchim95)

[Dance is killin’ me :( Sweaty, frustrated, & starving. 1st person to bring me dinner to practice room 3 @ SDA gets a kiss & my 4ever friendship. #holdingoutforahero #feedme]


            Standing up, the blonde stretched out his sore muscles, rolling his ankles slowly before plugging his phone back into the speakers and setting off again. The music was encapsulating, the gentle thrum and beat pulsing through him as he ran through the dance three more times with barely a pause in between, his heart galloping in his chest as he spun and leapt, traveling back and forth across the room with grace and elegance.


*                                  *                                  *


            His phone sat atop the speaker, the screen lighting up but notifications muted, Jimin not seeing the retweets and comments his last post just got.


VanTae the GAY (@visforvictoryKTH)

Retweet @tinydancerchim95

[*Hacker Voice* I’m in boys!!]


Suga (@Yoongles)

Retweet @visforvictoryKTH @tinydancerchim95

[I felt a disturbance in the force. I just KNOW Taehyung is doing something stupid and impulsive again.]

(tweet liked by @visforvictoryKTH ; @worldwidehandsomeSeok)


JINuine Heartthrob (@worldwidehansomeSeok)

Retweet @visforvictoryKTH @tinydancerchim95 @Yoongles

[They grow up so fast, so proud :’) ….. 50,000 won says he embarrasses himself trying to woo @tinydancerchim95 in the first ten minutes.]

(tweet liked by @Yoongles)

            @Yoongles commented: [100,000 won says the first five minutes.]

                       @worldwidehandsomeSeok replied: [You’re on.]

            @visforvictoryKTH commented: [You’re the worst Hyungs I know. Watch and learn!!]

                        @worldwidehandsomeSeok replied: [I’ve always wanted to learn how to crash and burn! ;) #sorrynotsorry]

                        (tweet liked by @Yoongles)


*                                  *                                  *


            Jimin nearly growled out in frustration as his foot got caught on the same sequence of steps as the last three run throughs, snatching his towel from the floor and viciously rubbing it over his head. He was tired, his feet hurt, he was absolutely starving, and one hundred percent regretting his decision not to join his Hyungs and Kookie for dinner. Tossing his towel back towards the bench, he lifted his water bottle and drained it, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he set it back on the floor. His muscles felt hot and tingly, that strange sensation he always got after pushing himself too hard. He could feel the delicate tremor all the way down his spine to his numb toes, his feet aching even with the added padding.

            Sighing softly, Jimin ran a hand through his hair and glanced up at his reflection in the floor to ceiling mirrors, shifting back to En pointe as the song reached the end and started over on its loop. One more time, he told himself, one more run through and he was done for the night. He’d go home, eat a shit ton of food not on his special diet, shower off, and take a long, hot bubble bath before falling into bed. He’d take the rest of the weekend off and rest, he promised himself. With that, he threw himself back into the movements, focusing hard as his eyes slipped shut, wanting to feel the music and let it guide him. The mirrors definitely helped perfect his technique, but sometimes they did more harm than good; Jimin was entirely too hypercritical by nature, especially when he danced. When the music faded out, he held his final position for a few more moments, trying not to huff as he caught his breath, a bead of sweat running from his jaw down the column of his neck slowly.

            The sudden clapping startled him, his head jerking up as his eyes flew wide open, gaze falling on the boy now standing in the open doorway in shock. The boy was tall, his shoulders broad under his loose jacket even as his chest tapered into a slim waist. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, his feet slipped into sandals (in November?), and a red baseball cap turned backwards, his brunet hair pulled back in it to reveal his forehead. Jimin noted the dark eyes and dramatic eyebrows, his sun kissed skin clear and smooth. He was smiling, big and rectangular, his cheeks pushing up in joy as he awkwardly clapped around the bags in his hands.

            He was stupidly attractive, Jimin realized.

            The stranger took another step into the room, the door swinging shut behind him, and distantly Jimin wondered if he should be worried that his only exit was now blocked (but in all honesty, the only thing he could really focus on was that smile). “Wow, that was incredible! You’re amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that.” Jimin felt a rush of stunned pleasure at the compliments delivered in a low, deep voice, the sound a tad bit husky like old cigarettes and whiskey lullabies. It slid along his shoulders and around his neck, curling its way down his spine to settle in his stomach. The stranger moved over to the benches, kneeling for a moment to set his bags down on the floor carefully, eyes finally tearing away from Jimin’s as he opened one. “I mean, I don’t know shit about ballet, but I’ve never seen something so graceful in my life; I swear your feet weren’t even touching the floor half the time! You looked like you had wings!” He was pulling out drinks, Jimin realized, a few sodas and waters, a small jug of strawberry juice. He set them on the bench as he opened another bag, the smell wafting through the air as it was opened, Jimin’s mouth watering at the tantalizing scent of meat and veggies. “It was like magic. I’m normally more of an R & B and jazz music kind of person, but the song was nice too. Really suited your style.” He lifted his head and shot Jimin another quick, bright smile as he started removing the take out containers from the bags. “Okay, so I didn’t know exactly what kind of food you liked, so I got some of the classics. Jajangmyeon, Bibimbap, Tteok-bokki, the good stuff. I also got rice and a couple side dishes, since you said you were starving. I probably bought more then enough but I can eat a small truck full of food on a normal day, and today has been particularly stressful, what with finals and shit coming up.”

            He finally sat back, legs crossed with the bench as a sort of table in front of him, smiling up at Jimin, who had yet to move from where he had frozen in the middle of the floor. An eyebrow arched as the boy stared back at him, head tilting to the side in consideration. “You’re hungry, right?”

            Jimin blinked owlishly at him, his mouth finally opening. “Who are you?”

            The stranger looked surprised for a second before he was throwing his head back on a vivacious laugh, his eyes squeezing shut from the force of it. Jimin couldn’t help the twitching of his lips and the soft giggle he let out, his hand coming up to cover his mouth as he straightened up to stand. The stranger’s laugh seemed to come from deep within him, the sound happy as it filled the room with his glee; Jimin was surprised at how a single laugh could melt the tension from his shoulders and relax him, bringing an ease he hadn’t felt all day. The boy wiped at his eyes as his chuckles died, gaze reconnecting with Jimin’s as he grinned that boxy smile. “Right. Duh. Taehyung.” He pointed to his chest with his thumb before letting the hand fall back into his lap.

            “Um, I’m Jimin.” The smaller boy replied with a hesitant smile, glancing over the food.

            “I know. Did you want to eat, or. . .?” Taehyung was smiling brightly again, his hand extending a set of chopsticks to the blonde. Jimin just stared at him for another long moment, before he was hesitantly crossing the floor to stand a few feet from the other boy, his hands pulling at his rings nervously. “I can’t eat all this food myself! Well, I can, but don’t force my hand.”

            “I don’t mean to sound rude, but what is happening right now? Who are you?” Jimin couldn’t wrap his mind around it; an extremely attractive, funny boy just randomly shows up to the dance studio with a ton of food and drinks to share with him, when they’ve never met before? He was tempted to look around for cameras, wondering if he was being punked (he was almost positive Jungkook was behind it, if so).

            The brunet looked perplexed, his brow furrowing (Jimin had the sudden urge to run his thumb between his eyes and ease the strain there). “I’m Taehyung?” He glanced at the food then back at Jimin. “And dinner. Dinner is happening.”

             The blonde was at a loss. “But why?”

            Taehyung’s eyes widened, his eyebrows lifting before he was laughing again, his hand coming up to block his boxy smile. “Oh my god, I’m sorry. I swear I’m not usually this socially inept. I saw your post on twitter, the one where you begged for someone to bring you food? I wasn’t doing anything, just playing Overwatch at home, so I decided to help you out!”

            “Are we. . . are we mutuals?” How did he not know this beautiful boy existed until this exact moment?

            “Nah, I follow you.” Taehyung replied, shrugging lightly and picking up a bottle of water, tossing it to Jimin. The blonde fumbled to catch the unexpected item, nearly dropping it before he got a good hold on it. “Here, drink something. Your face is super flushed, it’s important to hydrate.” Seeing Jimin’s suspicious look at the bottle, he sighed and stood, stepping closer to the blonde, the smaller boy holding his breath at the sudden proximity. Jimin noted his hands were big, much larger than his, as the brunet took the bottle back, his long fingers gently skimming Jimin’s overheated skin (nice hands, he decided, they looked gentle). He broke the seal and opened the bottle, lifting it to his lips and taking a long swallow from it without breaking eye contact. Jimin watched, fascinated, as a droplet ran down his chin, unconsciously licking his dry lips as Taehyung lowered the bottle, eyes twinkling mischievously as he wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve before offering the bottle to the blonde. “See? Not poisoned. It’s totally fine to drink.”

            Jimin flushed darker as he took the bottle back, Taehyung giving him another bright smile before he moved to sit in front of the food again. “Sorry. My Eomma always told me never to take drinks from strangers.”

            “Eomma didn’t raise no fool.” Taehyung nodded seriously, grinning at the look on Jimin’s face. “It’s cool. I get it. But I promise you don’t have to worry about me pulling something. It’s all over twitter that I brought you food, lots of eye witnesses and no alibi for me if I was stupid and tried to do something bad. And besides, I’m a good boy.” Taehyung’s wink was overexaggerated and silly, Jimin stifling giggles as he moved over to the speakers to turn the music off and unplug his phone. He scrolled through twitter for a few moments to corroborate the brunet’s story before nodding and walking back over to the other boy.

            He lifted his phone. “Say cheese.” Taehyung didn’t miss a beat, throwing up a V sign and giving a goofy face, making Jimin laugh out loud as he took the picture. He took another of the other boy smiling before shooting both off to Hoseok and Jungkook with an explanation. “There, now my friends have pictures of you in case I mysteriously disappear after tonight.”

            “Neat. Give them my twitter handle too, they can do some digging. But you can’t judge me for the amount of puppy pictures and otaku posts. High school was a dark time.” Taehyung looked serious, though his eyes couldn’t hide his amusement as he reached for the Jajangmyeon.

            “So, you’re not an otaku anymore?” Jimin teased lightly, finally sitting on the floor near the brunet, a foot of space between them. Taehyung pointed his chopsticks at him as the blonde took a sip of the water.

            “I didn’t say that. But I’m not admitting to anything under duress.”

            “That’s a shame, I love anime and manga.” Jimin sighed playfully, taking some chopsticks from the bag between then. “People might even call me an otaku too, though nerd was a more common label in high school.”

            “What a coincidence. I’m a nerd too.” Taehyung handed him a take out container, offering him a soda before going back to steadily eating. “So, the dance you were practicing. What’s the piece for?

            “The studio is putting on a showcase. I’m in a couple different pieces, though the one you walked in on was my solo contemporary stage. I’m in two group dances too, and my friends and I have a unit dance we’re working on, just the three of us. They left not too long ago actually, we’ve been here all day.” Jimin replied, eyes closing in bliss at the mouthful of food he’d just shoved in. He took a few moments to chew and swallowing, a soft moan leaving his lips at the taste. “Oh my god, this is so good. What restaurant did you go to?” He opened his eyes, his cheeks pinking at the look of surprise on Taehyung’s face, his eyes dark for a moment before they seemed to clear.

            “That one on third, between the coffee shop and the convenience store. My friends and I go there a lot.” Taehyung took a sip of coke. “It’s kind of our place. When studying gets too hard or one of us is having a bad day, we like to meet there. Sometimes good food can be the pick me up that gets you through the week.”

            “I know what you mean. My friends and I like this cute café not too far from here, they serve the prettiest cakes.” Jimin glanced at the other boy as they switched take out containers, taking a small bowl of rice as he studied the other boy. “So, you mentioned something about finals earlier. You’re in College?”

            “Yeah, I’m a junior.”

            Jimin smiled. “Me too.”

            “Yeah, your twitter said you’re a ninety-five liner too.” Taehyung smiled back at him, seeming a little shy suddenly. “When’s your birthday?”


            “Mine is in December.”

            “I’m older than you!” Jimin gasped, his smile growing even as the other boy rolled his eyes. “I’m your hyung!”

            “No way, that’s not even three months!” Taehyung immediately pouted.

            “Three months is three months, Taehyung-ssi.”

            “Just Taehyung, please. I’m not a fan of formal speech.” The brunet glanced away, pulling his hat off and running a hand through brunet locks, the honey highlights catching the light. He brushed the hair back and replaced the hat, glancing to Jimin out of the corner of his eye. He was struck again by how pretty the other boy was, his profile striking.

            The blonde thought for a moment, eyeing the other boy before he looked away with a small smile. “Okay. Then just call me Jimin.”

            “Thank you.” The shy smile was back, a muted version of the boxy smile he’d been offered earlier, and the blonde couldn’t help but squeal internally.

            “What are your finals for?” Jimin asked curiously, steering his mind to safer waters.

            “I have to finish my design portfolio for one class, and finish editing my photos for my photography class. That’s pretty much it.” The brunet snapped suddenly, shaking his finger absentmindedly. “Oh! And I have to finish a painting, but my muse is being a real bitch lately, so I haven’t even really started. It’s cool though, I work better under pressure anyways.”


            “Well, not really. But don’t call me out like that.” They both laughed.

            “So, you’re an artist?”

            Taehyung’s cheeks flushed suddenly, and he was glancing away, fidgeting with his food. “I don’t know if I’d say that. I like art. I’m kind of dabbling in a lot of different mediums right now to figure out what I like best, but my major is photography and digital editing.”

            “That’s really cool.” Jimin’s voice was soft, his smile sweet. “It must be so difficult.”

            Taehyung scoffed, meeting Jimin’s warm gaze. “Compared to majoring in dance? No way.”

            The blonde frowned, reaching over and punching the brunet in the shoulder, fighting a smile at the surprised squeal he let out. “Stop that, don’t discount your talents!”

            “Ouch, for such tiny fists you really pack a hell of a punch!” Taehyung complained, rubbing at his arm with a pout. “And how do you know I’m talented? I could be bad at it, barely skating my way through the classes.”

            “Then you’ll just have to show me some of your art sometime.” Jimin smirked lightly, reaching for the Bibimbap. “And we can settle it once and for all.”

            Taehyung studied him for a moment, his face impassive. “You’re a lot fierier than I thought you’d be.” His sudden smile was big and boxy, nearly blinding Jimin in its radiance. “I like it.”

            Jimin could feel his cheeks warming again, and he looked away with a small smile, heart racing in his chest. He took a steadying breath, turning to lean against the bench and stretch his legs out in front of him with a wince. He was sore, his legs feeling like cement even as thy trembled lightly. Lifting his legs a bit off the ground, he rolled his ankles slowly, extending his feet to point before pulling it back flat footed. He worked them for a few more moments, enjoying the surprisingly comfortable casual conversation as they polished off the last of the food. Jimin sighed softly, content and full, sleepiness beginning to drift over him like a haze.

            “Feel better?” The deep voice was soothing and Jimin couldn’t help but smile, opening eyes he didn’t realize he’d closed.

            “Yeah, much. Thank you, Taehyung. You really didn’t have to do all that.”

            The other boy fidgeted where he sat, though he seemed pleased. “No problem. It’s not a big deal.”

            “I mean, it kind of is. Not everyone would bring food to a random stranger out of the goodness of their heart.” Jimin couldn’t help but laugh as Taehyung covered his face with an embarrassed groan. “What?”

            “You make me sound so kind and innocent, like I don’t have an ulterior motive.”

            “Do you? Have an ulterior motive?” Jimin leaned in a bit closer, his smile playful. The brunet glanced at him after dropping his hands, huffing out a sigh.

            “Yeah, I do.”

            “And what is it?”

            Taehyung seemed to think for a moment, a small smile quirking his lips up. “It’s a secret for now. Maybe I’ll tell you later.”

            Jimin pouted but let it go, reaching down to pull at the ribbons of one of his slippers, carefully unwinding it and slipping the shoe from his foot with a hiss of pain. The tape on his foot was all messed up, the ends of his toes looking swollen and red, aching from being caged for so long. He wiggled them, wincing at the blood rushing through the appendages.

            “That looks painful.” Taehyung’s quiet voice had Jimin glancing over, his expression sympathetic as he winced. “Does it hurt?”

            “A little.” Jimin fibbed, shrugging his shoulders. “Casualty of war. I usually rub them after dancing then soak them when I get home.”

            “Okay, that I can do. Come here.”

            “What are you—” Jimin was cut off in shock as Taehyung slid over to sit in front of him, large hands grasping his ankle and pulling Jimin’s foot into his lap.

            “My friends say I have magic hands, I’m great with massages!” Taehyung caught Jimin’s ankle as the smaller boy tried to pull the limb back, his face flushing bright red.

            “No, wait Taehyung! I’ve been dancing all day, I’m sweaty and I stink—”

            Taehyung just laughed and shrugged lightly, keeping ahold of the struggling limb. “I really don’t mind. Seriously, let me help you. I want to.” His gaze was imploring, seeming to strike Jimin right in his core. The blonde fell silent, nodding helplessly after a few moments much to the brunet’s delight. “No need to be embarrassed with me, Jimin-ah. Do you have any lotion?” Nodding wordlessly and reaching into the bag near him, he rifled through its contents and handed a small bottle to Taehyung. He couldn’t look the other boy in the eye, cheeks burning and voice caught in his throat as the other boy hummed under his breath. “Can I take these off?” Jimin glanced down, Taehyung’s long fingers lightly stroking over the tape before he hung his head in embarrassment.

            “I’ll pull it off, one sec—”

            “No, I can do it. I just wanted to make sure it didn’t need to stay on. I got it.” Taehyung swatted at Jimin’s hands, laughing softly at the dismayed look on the smaller boy’s face. He gently peeled the tape off, working slow and methodically. “So, what else do you like to do other than dance?”

            “I assumed you’d know, considering you stalk me on twitter.” He kept his tone light and teasing, grinning at the other boy when he looked up with his lip jutting out indignantly.

            “I prefer the term ‘admire from afar’, but I guess stalk does the trick too.”

            Jimin couldn’t help but laugh, his body bending forward at the force of it. “Has anyone ever told you you’re shameless?”

            “Only everyone I’ve ever met at least twice.” His smile was cheeky, waggling his eyebrows playfully.

            “Figures.” Jimin hummed and thought for a moment, letting his head fall back against the bench seat. “I like to watch anime and read manga, like we established earlier. Um. . . I run and work out a lot—”

            “Muscle pig.” Taehyung muttered, smiling innocently when Jimin sent him a hard look.

            “—I like movies and books too. My friends and I like to go to clubs on the weekends and dance and drink.”

            Taehyung made a face. “I can’t handle alcohol.”

            “Why not?”

            “Taste. Smell. Lowered inhibitions bringing out my inner thot. The usual.” Taehyung laughed with Jimin; his smile infectious.

            “Well, I can hold my liquor. I’m a very good drinker.”

            “Should I be worried? Do you need me to get you some help?” He dodged the towel Jimin threw at him, snickering lightly.

            “I should kick you out. I don’t need this kind of disrespect you know, if you’re gonna tease me instead of massage my feet then I can just—” His words were cut off by a low groan, his eyes slamming shut as Taehyung’s thumb rubbed firmly into the ball of his foot, the brunet chuckling as he massaged the aching muscles. He hissed in both pain and relief as Taehyung pushed on the arch, his hands strong and steady as he held Jimin still, even as the blonde tried to flinch away by reflex. He kneaded his thumbs in circles away from each other, moving slowly down the foot until he reached the heel. Beginning gingerly, Taehyung used his thumb and first finger to rub at Jimin’s heel and Achilles tendon, the motion drawing a soft “ah, ah” noise from the blonde’s mouth, a mixture of pain and relief. Taehyung’s smile was small and secret as he moved back to the ball of Jimin’s foot, massaging into it firmly before gently rubbing each toe individually. The pain was more intense then, though Taehyung was gentle as he soothed the hurt, coating his hands in more lotion before threading his fingers between each toe and circling the foot, his other hand holding the foot up by cupping his ankle.

            Jimin was a near puddle when Taehyung’s hands gently rubbed the top of his foot, placing it between his knees and working his fingers up along tight calf muscles. Jimin bit his lip and shuddered out a sigh as he extended his legs a bit more, letting out a ragged sigh that sounded more like a whine then anything as Taehyung focused just below his knee. It was a few more moments before Taehyung was sitting back, a smile playing on his face as Jimin’s eyes slowly fluttered open. “There. That any better?”

            “Holy fuck, I think you dissolved my spine.” The words came out slurred and sleepy, Jimin forcing himself to sit up with a tired smile. “I’ve got no bones now.”

            Taehyung’s laughter was bright and earnest, his smile boxy as he took a sip of the remaining strawberry juice. “Oh yeah? It was that easy, huh?”

            “Mmm, you just have magic hands. Your friends are right.” Jimin sighed softly, rucking his hand through his now dry locks. Taehyung simply smiled and beckoned for the other foot. “Taehyung, you really don’t—”

            “You’ll be lopsided. Come on now, give up the feetsies.” Taehyung grinned at the disgusted looked the blonde threw him, but Jimin straightened his other leg out into Taehyung’s lap without another thought. Taehyung pulled on the ribbon slowly, unwinding it from Jimin’s calf. “It’s pretty.” He murmured under his breath, gently rubbing the silk between his fingers for a moment before letting it fall away. He was careful as he slid the shoe from Jimin’s foot, but the blonde couldn’t help the hiss of pain as his toes were released from the pressure. Taehyung frowned, nibbling on his bottom lip as he picked at the tape carefully. “Why did you leave them on while we ate?”

            “I was a little preoccupied by this random stranger suddenly appearing, offering me food and conversation.”

            “Sexy, sweet, and funny stranger, you say? Hmm.” Taehyung’s smile was cheeky, the corners turned up and his cheeks puffy.

            Jimin hummed thoughtfully with his eyes on the brunet, breath stuttering as Taehyung started the massaging process on the foot in his grip. “I do say. Though he’s a little odd.” There was amusement dancing in his eyes as he bit his lip to squash the smile at Taehyung’s shocked then pleased look. The younger boy ducked his head and hummed under his breath, a soothing tune that had Jimin’s eyes closing again, letting the sound wash over him. Taehyung’s voice was deep and raspy at times, he was discovering, the tone just low enough to send shivers down his spine. “Do you sing?”

            The other boy paused for a moment, and Jimin wiggled his toes impatiently until he continued. “I mean, yeah. Not like, professionally or anything. Just for fun.”

            “Your voice is beautiful.” Jimin nearly whispered, his cheeks warming. He could feel Taehyung’s eyes on him, burning holes in his face but he steadfastly ignored the look, keeping his eyes closed. “I bet you could make a career out of it if the whole artist thing doesn’t work out.”

            The chuckle was low, Jimin biting his lip again as Taehyung targeted the sore tendon in his calf. “Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.” They were quiet except for the brunet prompting Jimin to drink water as he massaged his legs, giving both feet a once over before retracting his hands. “There you go, all better?” He questioned lightly, Jimin finally forcing his eyes open with a sleepy smile.

            “Yeah, all better. Thank you.”

            “Any time. I’m at your beck and call if you need a masseuse.” Jimin giggled as the brunet shot him finger guns before climbing to his feet. When the blonde didn’t move, he laughed. “Time to get up, Jimin-ah.”

            “Can’t. No bones.” Jimin pouted playfully and the taller boy just snickered, moving to start gathering the trash. The blonde sighed and yanked himself to his feet, shooing the other boy off to go wash his hands and let him take care of the rest. He’d just started his cool down stretches, his ankle on the barre and his forehead at his ankle when Taehyung returned, the brunet whistling lowly under his breath.

            “Wow, flexible.” At Jimin’s raised eyebrow, he flushed. “I mean, of course flexible. You dance ballet. Duh. Just an observation. Making a note.”

            A sudden surge of confidence had Jimin smirking, winking at the other boy from where his head was resting on his shin. “I can put my feet behind my head, just so you know. Another. . . .’note’.” He made finger quotes with one hand as he switched legs to stretch out the other leg too, giggling behind his hand as Taehyung seemed to choke on his spit, turning to face away from the blonde as he coughed. “Give me a sec, I’ll walk out with you. I just need to finish stretching.”

            “No rush.” Taehyung called back, taking a seat on the bench and pulling out his phone, hiding his red face behind it as he slouched down. Jimin spent the next five minutes hurriedly stretching, sighing softly at the release of tension in the fatigued muscles before he was straightening up and yawning. He met Taehyung’s expectant gaze.

            “I’m ready, let me just grab my stuff.” Jimin picked his towel up off the floor, tossing it in his gym bag before carefully situating the Pointe shoes in another pocket. He withdrew a hoodie, pulling it over his tank top and slapping on a black, ringed hat. Taehyung was standing patiently by the door, finishing off a bottle of water when Jimin reached him, his smile kind as he gazed down at the blonde.


            “Yeah.” Jimin ushered Taehyung out, turning off the lights and locking the door behind them before leading the way down the stairs.

            “You have keys?”

            “I’m usually the first here and last to leave.” Jimin laughed softly under his breath, shrugging lightly as he held the door open for the brunet. Taehyung seemed thoughtful as he nodded his thanks, Jimin catching a glimpse of his ass as he moved past him and fighting the urge to bite his fist and cry.

            “You’re a very passionate person.” The taller boy stated, grinning when Jimin scoffed. “What? You clearly are.”

            “You’re just trying to butter me up. Don’t believe for a second that I forgot about your secret ulterior motive!” The blonde lightly punched his arm, a teasing smile on his face. “Feel like sharing yet?”

            “Well—” Taehyung cut himself off, coming to a stop just outside the doorway with a soft gasp. “It’s snowing!”

            Jimin tore his gaze from the other boy’s face to look around, eyes widening with delight. The air was cold and crisp, a wind biting at his face as white flakes fell around them. It was dark now, the only source of light a lone streetlamp and the near full moon above them. The ground was dusted white, the snowflakes coming down big and chunky, and the blonde couldn’t help but put out a hand and feel them dissolve against his warm skin. “It’s so pretty!”

            “Beautiful.” Taehyung’s voice was low and quiet, the single word seeming heavy in the still of the night. Jimin’s gaze roved over his face, noting the small, pretty moles scattered on his nose and jaw, a tiny one just above his lip that Jimin suddenly wanted to lick. The snow falling melted quickly against his warm cheeks as his gaze landed on Taehyung’s lips quirking up into a small smile.

            “I love the snow.” His tone was too breathless and he fought the urge to duck his head in embarrassment, shivering lightly in the cold. Taehyung’s response was a soft laugh and a nod.

            “Me too.” He looked regretful then, his hand coming up to rub the back of his neck. “Well, I should get going. You too. Don’t wanna catch pneumonia, or frostbite, or whatever.” He went to take a step back and panic flared in Jimin’s chest, his hand darting out to capture Taehyung’s wrist and hold him there. The brunet stared at him stunned, eyes wide as Jimin flushed redder.

            “Um, I wanted to say thank you. Again. For dinner, and the company. I had fun, and it was a really nice thing for you to do.” Jimin let his hand slide down Taehyung’s wrist to gently squeeze his hand. “It’s probably the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me.”

            “You’re welcome, I’m glad it wasn’t creepy.” They shared a laugh before Taehyung was looking off to the side, his cheeks pink. “It was nice getting to meet you, talk to you.”

            “Same. I’d like to talk again.”

            Taehyung scratched his nose with his free hand, licking his bottom lip. “Well, you’ll find me in your mentions. Message me sometime.”

            Jimin giggled lightly, stepping closer. “I was. . . actually thinking maybe I could get your number? Might take me some time to go through twitter to find you.” He brushed a strand of blonde hair from his eyes, his smile shy.

            Taehyung’s answering smile was bright and boxy as he dug his phone from his jeans pocket, handing it over. “I’d really like that.” A rush of joy filled him, his chest warmed as he let go of the big hand and took the phone, quickly typing in his number and making sure it was accurate. He texted himself before holding the phone out again; Taehyung took a step closer, reaching for the device, but he closed his hand around both the phone and Jimin’s hand. The grip was light, delicate almost, as if Taehyung wanted to touch but was scared to. “Jimin-ah.”

            The quickly adopted nickname sent another thrill through him, a bright smile pushing up his cheeks. “Yes, Taehyung-ah?”

            “Want to know what my ulterior motive was?” His eyes were dark and endless, a velvety cocoa that was almost as dark as the night sky. Jimin felt himself sway forwards lightly, eyes falling half-mast.

            “Tell me.”

            “I just wanted to see you smile at me.”

            Jimin’s heart skipped a beat at the confession, his free hand coming up to clasp their joined hands around the phone. “You. . . are something else, Taehyung-ah. I’ve never met anyone quite like you.”

            “I hope you’ll get used to me. Your post did promise your ‘forever friendship’.” He looked as if he wanted to continue on that train of thought but bit his lip, shaking his head lightly before taking a slow step back. He took the phone as Jimin’s hands dropped, smiling as he slipped it back in his pocket. “Goodnight Jimin-ah.” His voice was soft and his smile shy as he gave a small wave and turned to go. Jimin stared after him for a moment, his chest tight and his mind a mess of thoughts he couldn’t seem to make sense of.

            Shaking his head to dispel the tangle mess, he pulled out his phone and saved Taehyung’s contact information, opening twitter to follow him back.


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            Glancing up quickly, his heart beat frantic in his chest, Jimin spotted Taehyung not too far down the sidewalk, thumbs moving quickly across his phone screen. Without thinking, Jimin jogged after him, picking up into a run across the snowy ground until he reached the brunet. Taehyung had turned at the sound of his rapid footsteps, eyes wide with shock as Jimin skidded to a stop in front of him. “Jimin-ah?”

            “I forgot something.” Jimin panted out, taking a few deep breaths to calm his beating heart. Taehyung looked confused, sliding his phone in his pocket and raising an eyebrow, his hands stuffed in his jacket pockets.

            “What did you—” Taehyung’s eyes widened as he was cut off, Jimin grabbing ahold of his jacket collar and pulling him down, leaning in and pressing a firm kiss to slack lips. Jimin’s eyes slid shut as Taehyung exhaled sharply in shock, tilting his head to slot their lips together easier, his tongue lightly stroking the seam of Taehyung’s mouth. The brunet gasped, his hands finding purchase on Jimin’s hips and pulling him closer, opening his mouth to allow him entrance. Taehyung made a soft sound as Jimin’s tongue ran over his palate and against his tongue before retreating, the blonde humming at the taste of him before diving back in. Taehyung kissed him back this time, their lips moving together in a sensual dance as Jimin’s arms wound their way around Taehyung’s neck, pressing closer as Jimin’s hat fell to the ground. It was a few long minutes before he was pulling back to look at the brunet, Taehyung’s lips spit slick and puffy from kisses and bites, his cheeks painted the prettiest shade of red.

            “That. That’s what I forgot.” His voice was breathless and drenched in want, eyes on Taehyung’s lips as the taller boy unconsciously licked them. There were snowflakes resting on ridiculously long eyelashes and Jimin wanted to kiss them away. “I promised forever friendship and a kiss to whoever was my hero tonight. And that was you, Tae.”

            The brunet’s laugh was overwhelmed and pleased as he ducked his head. “Lucky me.” He glanced back up, meeting Jimin’s eyes with a questioning look on his face. “So. . .”

            Jimin just tightened his arms around the taller boy, a bright smile lighting up his face. “So.”

            “Does this mean. . . you’re interested?”

            Jimin threw back his head on a laugh, falling against the taller boy. “Yeah. Yes, yes I am. Go out with me. Tomorrow.”

            Taehyung nearly crowed with delight, lifting Jimin and spinning him around twice, the blonde giggling manically until he was set back on the ground. “Really? Great! Awesome! This is fantastic!” The brunet looked stricken for a moment, mortification clear on his face as he cleared his throat and glanced to the side. “Uh, I mean, cool. Yeah. That’s great.”

            Jimin couldn’t help but giggle, pulling the brunet down and whispering, “Nice try, nerd,” before kissing him again. Taehyung was smiling against his lips and he found himself already addict to the taste of his smile.


*                                  *                                  *


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