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Hard Times And Tough Decisions

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Chapter 0

Being born an Omega wasn’t easy. Kyle begun to realise this relatively early in life. The number one thing every child is taught are the strict social roles alphas, betas, and omegas had to fulfil. Alphas are strong, dominant, and intelligent. They are the leaders and protectors and the ones to make the decisions. Betas are calm, collected, and neutral. They are sometimes called the peacemakers. Omegas are supposed to be submissive, gentle, and caring. They are often only referred to as breeders. The second thing he picked up on was the difference in social standing and biology. Social status is easy to understand. It went as followed: alphas – betas – nothing for a long time – omegas. Alphas are on top of the hierarchy followed closely by betas. Omegas are on the bottom. Biology; however, was a more difficult subject. There are exactly three genes: the α-, β-, and Ω-gene. The exact way they interacted was not yet fully explored, but it was known that every individual has all three genes, though only one would manifest during recombination after the fusion of the egg and sperm cell. The possibility of a specific genetic manifestation increased if a secondary sex occurred more frequently in the family. The scent of an alpha is potent, while betas only have a faint one. An omega’s scent is sweet and alluring in order to draw in alphas and betas as potential mate, though omegas usually preferred alphas over betas, and society strongly advocated alpha-omega relationships. At the beginning of puberty, the physical secondary-sex characteristics start to fully develop. The α-gene causes the production of more testosterone, which induces a major growth spurt and an alpha’s rut. They tend to be physically stronger and more athletic than betas and omegas. The α-gene; however, has a slightly different effect on females. Since the presence of oestrogen mitigates the effects of testosterone, they are often less aggressive and irritable during a rut and look more like a beta, though the physical superiority remains. A female alpha’s knot only grows during their rut, and therefore the impregnation of an omega is only possible when both the female alpha and the omega have their cycle. Due to this reason, it is relatively rare for females to be born an alpha. The β-gene doesn’t cause major changes in the primary sex development, so a beta doesn’t experience a rut or heat. The Ω-gene causes the production of more oestrogen. Therefore, an omega is averagely smaller than an alpha or a beta and has less muscle mass. Female omegas usually develop larger breasts and wider hips than female betas, and male omega’s bodies are petite and slim. The reproductive system of a male omega works a bit differently than that of female betas and omegas. A male omega’s vaginal channel is a separate channel within the rectum. Sexual arousal, sexual stimulation, or giving birth cause the vaginal channel to produce slick, swell and open. The swelling causes the outer wall of the vaginal channel to temporarily close off the rectum. If omegas go into heat, their scent becomes stronger, their bodies produce slick, and they feel excessively horny for about one week. The intensity and duration of a rut or heat; however, are individual to every alpha and omega, so not every alpha becomes moody and not every omega turns into a horny braindead sex-driven maniac.

Kyle thinks it is unfair that omegas are treated differently because of their biology. There are strict dress codes, which apparently only omegas must follow. They must wear clothes specifically made for omegas and sometimes even a collar, indicating that they had been claimed. The clothes mostly consisted of shorts, tight jeans or skirts that ended over the knee, and tops that don’t show skin. Omegas must always look presentable. Not so long ago, they were merely seen as possessions and barely had any rights. The situation improved slightly over the last decade because more and more omegas started to fight for their rights. That was how the omega rights movement was born, although the traditional views still remained a deeply rooted mindset.

Kyle Broflovski was a sixteen years old omega. His mother Sheila was a beta, his father Gerald and little brother Ike were both alphas. Today was the day, they would move from New Jersey to South Park, a small mountain town in Colorado. Kyle wasn’t sure whether he should celebrate this day or not. Ike did not seem to mind, and his parents seemed happy about their decision to move away. His father wanted to be self-employed and open his own law firm. Who was he to deny him that dream? All their belongings were already packed and put into the car. Kyle opened the back door and got in; looking out of the window at the house, he had called his home for the past 16 years, one last time. The white snow was covering the ground, and the sign that read “sold" was deeply buried into the earth below. Small icicles were hanging from the windows of his old room, and the snowman he and Ike built lost its nose and some of the stones that created its facial features. The Petersons, their door-to-door neighbours, watched them curiously and wished them farewell. There is one thing Kyle was sure of: he certainly would not miss the people here. Kyle was brought out of his thoughts by a jab to the side from Ike to which he let out an embarrassing shriek.

“Are you okay?” asked the 11-years old with a concerned look on his face.

“Everything is fine, Ike. Don’t worry. I am glad we’re moving. New Jersey is full of crazy people anyway.” Kyle answered; his expression sombre.

Ike had a small frown on his face. “Then why do you seem so sad?” he asked while pulling on his seatbelt before fastening it.

Did he look sad? He didn’t notice. Maybe he felt a little insecure about having to start all over again in the middle of the school year, when social groups have already formed. Being the new kid could be difficult.

“You are imagining things, Ike. I am fine.” Kyle answered hesitantly; an attempt to appease his brother, who at times could be overprotective.

Ike turned his body towards Kyle, taking both of his hands and giving them a soft squeeze. An oddly soft expression found its way onto his face. “Don’t worry you make new friends.”, assured Ike, and Kyles eyes widened.

Sometimes Ike’s mindreading skills were unnerving. He was about to respond, when the door of the car opened and then closed with a loud thud. Gerald excitedly started the engine.

“Are you ready?” he asked enthusiastically, tapping the wheel with his fingers as though he couldn’t wait to start a new chapter in his life.

“Let’s get going already.” Sheila exclaimed, after making sure that both of her sons and her husband had strapped their seat belts. Kyle sighed, leaning back and stretching his legs.

This was going to be a long drive. He couldn’t even listen to music, since he left his phone in his backpack, which was in the car boot. So, Kyle opted for staring out the window, watching the leafless snow-capped trees and bleak landscape pass him by while the music from the radio, and the soft engine noise of the car made his eyes heavy. He could smell the soothing pine-like scent of his little brother, who has fallen asleep next to him. His raven hair fell into his face, and the position his head laid in looked uncomfortable. His mother was singing along with the music, and his father was angrily yelling at a taxi driver who had cut him off. Kyle closed his eyes, a small smile graced his lips, and let the different noises of his surroundings lull him to sleep.


After they had arrived in South Park, unloaded their luggage and boxes, everyone had a different approach to try and settle in. Gerald was arranging his new office, and Ike went out to inspect the area. Kyle’s mom went to South Park High to get his and Ike's school uniforms and the red head decided to go to his room to get changed. The house had an olive-green colour and a detached garage. All in all, their new home looked cosy. Kyle's room had laminate flooring, a big green carpet in the centre and walls whitely painted walls. His neatly made bed was overloaded with different-sized pillows and located by the window, so the rays of the sun could gently wake him up from a deep slumber every morning. On the opposite side of the bed was a small wooden desk, and on it, was his laptop, his things for school and some scattered pencils, a big contrast to his otherwise spotlessly tidy room. He went to his closet at the other side of the room, searching for something to wear. Kyle decided to go with a plain white shirt, dark skinny jeans and an oversized cardigan. He heard a knock on the door, and his mom entered the room.

“Kyle, I got your school uniform,” she begun, handing the carefully folded clothes over to him. The beta reached out to her son and gently touched his face. Kyle relaxed into his mother’s warm, unconsciously releasing a satisfied purr. His mother chuckled, withdrawing her hand again, but not before kissing his forehead.

“It’s a nice uniform. I think you will like it.”, Sheila finished, leaving the room without bothering to hear whether the omega agreed or not.

He was looking at the clothes in his hands. The fabric was soft and felt comfortable. South Park High's omega school uniform consisted of a white shirt, marine blue knee-high socks, black shorts with an equally black flowery pattern and a marine blue jacket. All four items had the school's logo embroidered into the fabric. His mother was right. Kyle liked the uniform, even though, as an omega, he didn’t have the freedom to decide if he wanted to wear the omega uniform or rather wear the beta uniform. He suddenly felt nervous about starting school tomorrow as the new kid. What if he rubbed people the wrong way? He has been told that he could be quite eccentric, a trait his father claimed he undoubtedly got from his mother. In order to get his mind off school, he picked out a book written by his favourite author and plopped down on the pillows on his bed, making himself comfortable. She was his favourite author because she was able to create lively and interesting stories, while subtly criticising society. Her writing style was unique, and every word crafted a perfectly balanced picture of what she wanted to convey. By the time he finished reading, he had calmed down respectively and decided to play basketball in the driveway. Kyle loved basketball and wished he could play for the school’s team, but he was told that Jews didn’t play basketball and neither did omegas. He was both. The omega closed the door to his room and manoeuvred his way down the creaky stairs, almost tripping over his own feet. He heard Ike laugh at him and threw him a nasty glare. His mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner, and his father sat at the table, news paper in his hands. Kyle had his basketball, that had several signatures of his favourite team on it, tucked under his arm. His slowly sneaked towards the door, putting on a light black coat. He was about to put on his sneakers when he heard his father loudly clear his throat. Kyle turned towards his father, who looked at him disapprovingly with his arms crossed before his chest.

“Where do you think you are going at this time?” Gerald inquired.

Kyle lowered his head, trying to look innocent by putting his arms behind his back and rocking back and forth on his heels.

“I wanted to throw some baskets in the driveway.” he answered honestly, looking up to meet his father’s eyes.

Gerald sighed, unfolding his arms and letting them fall to the side.

“You know I don’t like it when you go outside alone. It’s dark, and we don’t know the area well. You can play tomorrow.” he said with a stern tone.

Kyle knew better than to start an exhausting argument with his father about his independence being restricted. So, he put his ball aside, dropped his shoes roughly to the ground and shoved his cloak back into the closet.

“You are not being fair!” he mumbled out dejectedly; glaring at the alpha.

“Don’t be difficult Kyle. You are an omega. I am just worried.” dismissively said Gerald, ignoring that his son was upset. He went back to his previous place at the table and continued reading, as though their conversation didn’t happen.

Kyle clicked his tongue and exasperatedly rolled his eyes. He balled his hands into fists, nails digging into the inner side of his palms causing them to leave angry red marks. The open fire of the carmine crackled loudly and overshadowed the silence of the living room. Kyle stomped upstairs and slammed his door shut, completely ignoring Ike who had just left his room and was on his way downstairs for dinner. The young alpha flinched when heard the door slam shut. ‘Just great. You outdid yourself yet again, Dad.’, Ike thought, rolling his eyes. He decided to talk with his brother and try to de-escalate the situation. He made his way to Kyle’s room, standing in front of the closed wooden door. He grabbed the door knob and stood there motionless, contemplating whether to knock and wait for Kyle to give him permission to enter or just enter his room without so much as an invitation. He chose a mix of both options. Ike gave the door a gentle knock, slowly twisting the knob so he could access the room. He pushed the door shut behind him and leaned against it, watching his brother lay on the bed with his face pressed down on the pillows. Kyle was silent, laying there like a doll.

“Dad is an idiot,” he started, struggling to find the right words. “but he means well.”

Ike wanted to add more; sound less like he was siding with their father, but Kyle beat him to it.

“Good intentions or not – that's beside the point. I just want more independence!” Kyle’s voice cracked and seemed to waver a little bit. It tore at Ike’s heart to see his brother so genuinely upset.

“Just because I am an omega doesn’t mean I can’t defend myself. I am not helpless!” Kyle spat angrily, turning his head to face his little brother.

His eyes were swollen and his nose runny. Ike didn’t comment on it, for he knew that if he pointed out the obvious fact that Kyle had been crying, he would be mad at him too. So, he ignored it and carefully moved towards his brother to sit down in front of the bed. Stretching out his legs, which cracked audibly at the sudden movement. He rested his head on the edge of the bed looking at his agitated older brother.

“I know your strong. But I somehow get why dad is so concerned. I don’t want some random alpha to approach you. I want them as far away from you as possible.” Ike admitted. His voice genuine. ‘God why did I say this?’ he thought to himself, realising that he might have made a serious mistake. Kyle hated to be patronised.

As predicted, Kyle didn’t take it well. He sat up, folding his arms over his chest, while tapping his elbow with his fingers. His harmonic features twisted into a scowl, and he rolled his eyes.

“I’ve never had any alpha friends. The two of you made sure of that. Not that that I care, but don’t you think you might be overreacting? Once dad tried to make me wear a chastity belt, and he would have gone through with it if mom hadn’t stopped him.” Kyle argued, waving his hands exasperatingly.

“Ah, yes. I remember that.” Ike answered, timidly touching his mouth with two fingers. “I am sorry. Don’t be angry anymore.” He looked his brother into the eye, grabbing his hand softly and releasing a comforting scent.

Kyle sighed, and his posture relaxed visibly. The omega gave his little brother a weak, but genuine smile, before suggesting going to eat dinner.

When they entered the living room, it was obvious that his father had already gotten an earful from their beta mother, although the alpha didn’t look the least bit sorry. He was convinced that his behaviour was justified.

Kyle gave his father the cold shoulder during dinner. So, Sheila tried to make conversation; a desperate attempt to break the tense atmosphere.

“Are you excited for school tomorrow?” the beta asked both Kyle and Ike.

“Yeees!”, exclaimed Ike excitedly, almost falling off the stool.

“I guess.” The omega mumbled, poking at the food with his fork. He didn’t feel that hungry.

The family idly chatted with each other, the focus being on Ike. The 11 years-old was, after all, a bright kid who skipped two grades and was on top of his class. They expected great things from him. Even though, his parents wanted them both to excel in the academic field, Kyle knew that his father was still kind of traditional. He hoped his mom will convince the alpha to let him go to university after graduating.

“I am done. I am going to bed now.” the omega announced robotically, getting up and taking his half-eaten dish to the sink, before going straight to his room. His mother wanted to say something, but Kyle was already out of sight.

In bed, Kyle was turning around, unable to fall asleep, even though he was dead tired. So, he took his phone from the nightstand and put his earphones on. The drowning sound of music always helped him fall asleep. He snuggled into his pillow, drawing the blanket close to his face as he closed his forest green eyes, blinking every now and again, before finally falling into a dreamless sleep. Somehow, he hoped tomorrow never came.

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Chapter 1


The next day, Kyle received a very rough wake-up call from his mother. He usually preferred waking up on his own accord or being woken by – dare he say it – father. His father would shake him softly, tell him that it was time to wake up, and leave the room in the assumption that he would stand up. His mother on the other hand, wasn’t so easily fooled. She would come in, her loud voice resonating through the room, and as cruel as someone could be, turn the light on. His beta mother was persistent with her wake-up calls, and a thousand times more effective than his father in making him and Ike get out from under the warm safe covers of the duvet blanket. She was a bulldozer in the morning. So, when his sleep-deprived-self managed to get out of bed, he went straight to the bathroom to take a quick shower and get ready for the day, and hopefully survive his first day at the new school. Kyle entered the shower stall and opened the water tap. He waited for the water to get warm; testing the temperature with the upper side of his hand, before stepping under the stream. The lukewarm water was hitting his face and running down his naked body; easing his sore muscles and washing the tiredness away. His mind wondered back to one of his earliest childhood memories. He was about three or four at the time, running around in the green garden at their holiday cottage. It was full of flowers such as daisies, clover, and dandelions. Kyle was dressed in white clothes, but they had already become dirty from the green grass, the colourful flowers and the earthy ground. A mild breeze was blowing through his red locks and cooled down his skin from the summer heat. His father and mother were sitting on a chequered picnic blanket, and the omega gave his parents a toothy smile. That was what freedom felt like. Freedom was dancing in the fading glow of the sinking sun without any thought running through your mind; to be blissfully unaware of what tomorrow might bring. If this was a real memory or just a fabrication of his mind, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t know how long he had been standing under the shower, but he was brought back to reality by a firm frantic knock on the door.

“Hurry up already! There are other people living in this household that need to use the bathroom too.” Ike was yelling, probably in dire need to empty his bladder.

The omega smiled to himself responding: “Almost done!” He was definitely going to take his sweet time.

After he had had enough of the whining from the other side of the door, he quickly changed into his uniform and exited the bathroom. Kyle had ditched the knee-high socks and chose to wear dark leggings beneath the shorts due to the cold weather. He didn’t want to freeze.

Barely had he stepped out the door when his little brother rushed passed him, nearly knocking him over in his hurry to get through. Still, the omega didn’t miss the mumbled out “you’re an asshole” being thrown his way.

Kyle slowly went downstairs, sliding his fingers over the wall and counting the small dents. Eight in total. Soon enough, his mother will cover these with pictures of the family. He put his black backpack that he had thrown over his left shoulder down next to Ike’s, heading for breakfast. His father has already started eating, and when his mother saw him sitting down at the table, she brought him a bowl of cereal. Kyle reached over the table for the milk. He filled his bowl and watched the milk drown and cover the cereal. The omega could hear his little brother coming out of the bathroom, practically running down the stairs as if he was on the run.

At the table, they all sat in silence, the air around Kyle and his father still a bit tense from their small quarrel the day before.

“Don’t you need to leave for work?” the red head asked his father who looked surprised that his son started a conversation with him. Most times he'd ignore him at least till late afternoon.

What Gerald didn’t know was the intention behind the innocent sounding question. Kyle wanted the older alpha to leave the house, before he and Ike had to leave for school. He wanted to avoid his father offering them to drop them off. If everything went right, he would be checking his watch, realise that he was running late, and hurry out the door without even finishing his food or so much as saying goodbye.

Gerald looked at his son, tapping his chin as if deep in thought, before answering: “Well, since I am self-self-employed now, I am more flexible. That means I can spend a little more time with the family in the morning if I wished to do so.” He announced proudly.

Wait. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. ‘Oh. Fuck my life.’ Kyle thought to himself, though his face remained stoic.

From the corner of his eyes he could see Ike desperately trying to suppress a snicker. Ike, of course, understood.

“Aww, that’s sweet of you Gerald.” Sheila cued, leaning over to her husband to gently caress his hand. ‘Mother...why are you encouraging him?!’ was all the omega’s mind could muster. Today didn’t work to his favour. Nothing ever did.

“So,” he heard Ike start. Kyle didn’t like where this was heading. His tone was an octave to high, which caused the omega to become suspicious.

“are you going to drive us to school?” finished the eleven years old. ‘You damn traitor. Don’t put ideas into his head.’ Kyle thought, throwing a dark glare in Ike’s direction. Ike; however, seemed unimpressed. He might have gotten immune to Kyle’s nasty glares.

“If you wan-“ the older alpha begun, though he was interrupted by Kyle who suddenly jump up from his seat, as if he got burned.

“Thanks for the offer, but you don’t have to drive us. We are actually taking the bus.” Blurted out Kyle frantically. ‘Your death will be gruesome, Ike.’

“This might be a good idea. So, you can get to know some of the kids you will be going to school with.” His mother explained. Bless her.

“But what if Kyle gets sexually harassed during the bus ride?!” the alpha said dramatically, grabbing his head, almost knocking over his coffee.

“Nonsense, it’s a school bus. It is full of students not sexual predators. Besides, Ike is there too.” Sheila reasoned with her husband, shaking her head slightly, sipping on her steaming cup of tea.

“If you say so...” Gerald responded, sounding unconvinced.

“I will protect you from unwanted advances, Kyle.” The younger alpha declared with confidence, patting his brother’s shoulder.

“You do know that I am actually the older one, right? Because sometimes you seem to forget that you are the younger brother, and that I am capable to take care of myself.” Kyle calmly replied, earning a cheeky grin from Ike.

“These are just numbers, Kyle. I am very mature for my age.” Ike said. ‘This might be actually true...’ Kyle recognised.

His father turned his attention back to Kyle, addressing him directly: “Kyle, remember that if anyone touches you inappropriately, your daddy is going to sue them. Do you understand?”

The omega blinked at his father. Not sure how to answer, so he chose to just ignore it. He released a heavy sigh, rolling his eyes and turning towards his brother; indicating Ike that they had to leave.

“We will leave now.” Kyle announced, abruptly getting up from his chair, virtually making a dive for his backpack. Putting on his shoes and jacket he went out the door. Ike seeing this, excused himself and hurried after his brother.

“Have a nice day, the both of you.” Their parents yelled simultaneously after them, Gerald adding a quick ‘Take care of your brother, Ike.’

‘God! Don’t instruct Ike to take care of me! He already sees it as his job, and he takes this job pretty seriously.’ Kyle thought to himself, sighing at least for the umpteenth time this day, and the day had only just begun. He didn’t need a babysitter.




At the time they reached the bus station, they had found that they missed the bus. This means they had to walk. They might be a little late. Kyle hated being late.

“Should have taken the offer." Ike mumbled during their walk through the thick sea of freshly fallen snow. Kyle responded with a simple ‘No way!’

It took them about 15 minutes to reach the school gate, so they were just on time. Students were still roaming around, forming little groups outside and inside the gate. It was snowing lightly, and the cold breeze of the wind made stomping through the piles of snow an Olympic discipline. Nonetheless, the white of the snow that was covering everything, gave the old school building and the scenery around it a peaceful and gentle glow. Kyle took a step forwards, not noticing the ice hidden by the snow, and fell face first to the ground. He heard his little brother, and some of the people around him break out into a fit of laughter. Some of the students were not so subtly pointing fingers at him while snickering and whispers behind his back. Especially the fat one with the red jacket and a blue hat, a few feet away, seemed to get off his misery. He was holding his stomach, pointing at him and wheezing out to his group of friends: “Did you see?! Did ha ha yo-ha see?! He he”. Come on. It wasn’t that funny. Ike who had previously laughed too glared dangerously at the group and reached out his hand to help his older brother up. Kyle swatted his hand away, got up gracefully and patted the snow off him, trying to keep as much dignity as someone who just became acquainted with the ground in front of everyone possibly could.

“Don’t mind them.” Ike tried to comfort him.

Kyle looked over to the group of boys; one beta and two alphas. Their uniform and built told him their secondary sex. The fat boy was still laughing, but his friends seemed unfaced looking at one another, as though they were communicating telepathically with each other. One of the alphas wore an orange parka; the hood covering almost his entire face. He had blond hair and was quite lanky, but still a few inches smaller than his friend. The other alpha didn’t even bother wearing a jacket, despite the cold temperatures. What was wrong with him?! He had ocean-blue eyes, broad muscular shoulders, and raven hair poking out from under his blue hat that had a red puffball on top. He was handsome.

“I don’t. They are just some immature idiots.” Kyle stated confidently.

“Do you want me to accompany you to class?” Ike’s voice was genuine. Kyle; however, made a face at the well-meant suggestion and walked off, not bothering to give the alpha a response. They had to part from there, since both schools, middle and high school, were two separated buildings.




Kyle got to class and watched the classroom fill with people. The teacher, a middle-aged beta woman with questionably large breasts that had - undoubtedly - already succumbed to gravity, was sitting at the teacher’s desk writing into the class book. He went up to her and cleared his throat to get her attention. The beta looked up, and Kyle almost cringed when he saw that her eyes didn’t look like their properly aligned.

“I am Kyle Broflovski. I am the new student.” The omega explained, trying not to stare at her squinting eyes.

“Ah. Yes, I am aware. I am Miss Choksondik.” She stated indifferently, while looking him up and down. She stood up from her seat and yelled at her students to be silent.

“Listen class. This is our new student: Kyle Broflovski. So, welcome your new classmate. Kyle, do you want to introduce yourself for a moment?” she asked.

Suddenly, someone started laughing like a maniac. Kyle had heard that unpleasant voice before. He glanced at the source, and as he thought, it was the fat kid from earlier. ‘Why does he have to be in the same class as that fat fuck?’ the omega asked himself.

“Ha he he. A ginger! Hehe haha!” the beta choked out, almost falling from his stool. What was the fatso’s problem? But he needed to stay calm. He didn’t want to cause a scene on his first day.

“Can I just sit down?” asked the omega, ignoring the boy who was cracking up, heaving like he was out of breath from laughing so hard. Kyle so wanted to punch him in the face.

“Leave him alone, Cartman!” yelled a black-haired girl. She was dressed in the same uniform as Kyle, the only difference was that she was wearing a skirt.

This Cartman-guy stopped laughing for a moment, turning towards the girl. “You shut up, stupid bitch.” he spat, scrunching up his nose; a clear sign that showed he looked down on her.

“You, calling me bitch is getting old Eric.” countered the girl. Her features turned into an angry scowl.

“You calling me bitch is getting old ne ne ne bla.” mimicked Cartman in a high-pitched nagging voice, rolling his eyes to emphasise the demeaning nature of his words.

“You seriously need to get laid.” He finally added.

“Shut your face, fatty!” the raven-haired alpha, who had stood with Cartman outside, shouted nonchalantly. Kyle’s eyes briefly met the alpha’s blue ones, before hastily looking away.

“I am not fat!” Cartman screeched “I am heavy-boned!”

Yes, of course. It’s the bones and the water weight.

“Ah actually nghn an individual’s skeleton ahg typically does not significantly deviate from ahh another one in terms of weight ngh. So, the characteristics of human bone can agh only explain up to three kilograms max. You are ngh way too big.” a small twitchy blond who was sitting in the front row, next to the omega girl, explained. All the students stared at him with wide eyes. Kyle liked the kid already. In the back row, the lips of a raven-haired alpha perked up for a moment. When he noticed that the red head was looking at him, his expression went stoic again, and he even dared flip Kyle of. Seriously? How rude. What was wrong with this chullo-hat-wearing guy?

“Oh, so the spazzing weirdo can talk.” Said Eric mockingly, comfortably laying on his desk and playing with a pen. Some students giggled at the insult.

“He was just stating a fact to not further feed your illusion, so shut your face you fat fuck!” Kyle couldn’t help himself. The words just spilled out of his mouth without him having any control over what he was saying.

The class went silent. Eric seemed to have recovered quickly and furrowed his eye brows. Kyle could even count the droplets of sweat that had formed on his forehead during his laughing fit. It was disgusting.

“Now, that’s not the proper way to talk for an omega. Or do you want your face to meet the ground again? You better watch your mouth.” The beta’s tone was overly sweet. It would have sounded innocent if he hadn’t added the obvious threat.

The class was breaking out into a wild discussion, and the air got heavier from the various scents that were mixing together. Some students supported Cartman, while others told him to shut his trap and die. Kyle glared at Eric angrily. The omega was still standing in front of the class.

“Don’t te-.“ he couldn’t finish his sentence because he was interrupted by Miss Choksondik, who intervened before the situation escalated.

“Silence!” she screamed. “Kyle, watch your tone. You should know better. Omegas should not talk like this. Now, you can sit next to Tweek” she pointed at the twitching blonde omega. When the blonde saw the teacher pointing at him, Kyle could have sworn the poor guy almost fainted. He was pulling his hair, mumbling about it being too much pressure on him.

“They were using bad language too. Why can’t I?” Kyle mumbled out inaudibly to himself. He did as he was told and sat down next to the fidgety omega, giving him a small smile, which Tweek nervously returned. He felt dejected already.

“Eric is an asshole,” The ginger heard the dark-haired girl from before comment, “I am Wendy, by the way.”

“Hey.” Kyle answered.

“Do you want to have lunch with Tweek and I? We could also compare our schedules to see if we share other courses.” The girl, Wendy, smiled.

“Okay, sure.” He smiled back.

The blond omega on his right, tapped him on the shoulder to get Kyles attention. He looked anxious and scared, but his scent didn’t indicate panic. He smelled of peaches and roses. His uniform was dishevelled, and he missed a button or two on his shirt. Tweek looked kind of adorable with his big green eyes, twitching hands and messy blond hair.

“Tha-nk you, ahg for ngh sticking ah up for me.” Tweek spoke in a calm voice. The smile on his face so bright it was blinding.

“Your welcome.” Kyle answered with a small chuckle, before turning his attention back to the teacher, who was writing several mathematical formulas on the board.




Lunch time rolled around and went by quickly. The three omegas were getting to know each other and discovered that they had quite a few things in common. All three of them loved to read and strived for more independence. Kyle told them that he and his family had just arrived yesterday and that he was happy that they left New Jersey. He’d never liked it there. They also found that they had a few classes together and that Tweek happened to be his door to door neighbour. Later, Wendy and Tweek told him about the people he should keep his distance from; one of them being Eric Cartman. The omega made a mental note to avoid him like the plague. He would have anyway after what had happened when he was introduced in class. When school ended, they left the building together, giving the heavy door a firm push. It even stopped snowing a while ago. At the front gate, Kyle could see Ike saying goodbye to some of his classmates. The moment Ike spotted him, he started waving happily and the omega waved back.

“Who is this kid you just waved at?” Wendy asked curiously, pointing in Ike’s direction.

“Oh, this is my little brother.” Kyle laughed, scratching the back of his head.

“Agh should we ngh get going then?” asked Tweek, his body shaking from the cold.

“I’ve got to go this way,” said Wendy, “I see you guys tomorrow. We can text each other later.”

“See you tomorrow.”

When Kyle turned around to catch up with his brother, he walked into something hard and firm. The omega almost fell over, but a warm large hand had reached out to him, saving him from yet another fall. Kyle slowly opened his eyes and looked up to see the alpha he’d briefly met eyes with in class. His name was Stan Marsh, Wendy had told him and apparently, the two of them were primary school sweethearts. He was the football team’s quarterback and friends with Eric Cartman.

“Thank you,” Kyle mumbled out, “you can let go of me now.” The alpha was staring at him, and it made him uncomfortable. The omega could feel his face heat up at the attention he was receiving, even though it was sort of unwanted.

The alpha, Stan, came back to his senses, quickly letting go of the omega’s hand, like a little kid that accidentally touched the hot stove. He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. Are you okay? I am Stan. We share some classes. You’re beautiful.” The alpha rambled out, seemingly embarrassed at his last sentence. His friend, the one with the orange parker, snickered loudly behind him. Stan only glared at him, a small blush forming on his cheeks.

“It’s fine?” Kyle said equally awkwardly. The guy was still a bit too close, so he took a step back. For some reason, Kyle didn’t want to risk breathing in the alpha’s scent. Did the guy just call him beautiful…? The comment made him blush harder.

“I need to go now.” The omega stated, looking at Tweek to indicate that they could leave now.

“Wait!” the alpha called out. He wanted to grab the omega by the arm, but he felt another hand grip his arms instead, successfully preventing him from stopping the omega.

“If you touch my brother without his consent, I am going to gauge out your eyeballs.” Ike growled lowly, as he suddenly appeared at the scene. He gave off a warning scent.

“Ehh…” Stan uttered perplexed. The alpha didn’t expect this kid to suddenly come out of nowhere and threaten him. Creepy.

Kyle saw what had happened, and the students around them were starting to stare at them. Before anything else could happen, Kyle took his little brother’s hand and pulled him away, leaving Stan standing there dumfounded. The omega was pissed. Ike knew because Kyle was walking in a fast pace, ignoring him and even his omega friend could barely keep up. Ike just couldn’t stop himself back there. When he saw the scene unfold in front of him, he just reacted without thinking.

“I am sorry.” Ike tried.

“Don’t talk to me,” Kyle growled, “I could have handled the situation myself. I am not weak!”

“I know. I just reacted. I don’t think you are weak. Don’t hate me.” Ike apologise again. The alpha knew that Kyle was sensitive when it came to these kinds of things.

“Ehm, ngh Kyle. I think he meant well. Ahg” Tweek suddenly spoke up. The twitchy omega felt the need to say this. He could understand why his new friend was agitated. First, their teacher told him that he wasn’t acting omega-like enough, and then his little brother caused a scene. It was reasonable reaction, he would have probably been angry too, but the alpha looked so sad, and it made him feel sorry for the kid. Tweek thought that Kyle was probably more frustrated about the day in general, not at his brother’s reaction.

Kyle stopped dead in his tracks. He sighed and turned around, looking at the blond omega and his little brother with a blank expression on his face. It had started snowing again. They stood there for a while, before Kyle decided to speak.

“I may have overreacted. Let’s forget about it.” Kyle gave a forced smile, and Ike felt guilty.

They walked the rest of the way in silence, neither of them knowing how to break the heavy atmosphere. When they arrived, Kyle and Ike wished Tweek farewell, waving at him, before they walked through the driveway passed the piles of snow and to the door. They entered the house, yelling that they were home. When their mom came from the kitchen to greet her sons, Kyle had already gone up to his room, not bothering to properly greet her. The omega plopped down on his bed and threw his backpack to the ground. The weight of the back caused a loud thud. A few minutes later, he heard a soft knock.

“No.” Kyle answered, but the door slowly creaked open anyway.

“Can I come in?” his mother asked tentatively.

“Well, you already are.” He said while sitting crossed-legged on the bed, playing some stupid game on his phone.

“Don’t get sassy with me. Ike told me why you are upset. Do you want to talk about it?” the beta pushed.

“Not really.” Kyle responded, not looking up from his phone.

Sheila closed the door behind her. She was wearing an apron that was covered in flower. The beta carefully stepped over her son’s backpack, sitting down next to him. She produced a quiet, but soothing purr, and her faint scent felt comforting.

“You know that you can tell me anything.” Sheila told him, stroking his hair affectionately.

“It is really nothing. I just…I don’t know. I don’t even know, why I am upset.” The omega confessed, confused by his own feelings. Kyle threw his phone on his pillow, watching it disappear into the softness of the fabric.

“I am better now” He assured her.

Kyle knew that his mother didn’t by it, but she didn’t comment on it either. The red-haired woman sighed and kissed the omega’s forehead, getting up from the bed and leaving the omega to himself. When Kyle thought that he would finally be left alone, his little brother entered the room. He was standing timidly at the door frame and looked like he was about to cry. Now, Kyle felt guilty for being so oversensitive. Ike had only tried to protect him. He was just like that. He’s always been.

“Come here.” The omega said in a warm tone, spreading out his arms to invite his little brother into a hug.

Ike didn’t need to be told twice. He practically tackled the omega down, burying his face into Kyle’s neck and breathing in his scent, while Kyle stroked his back in a comforting manner. The omega smelt somewhat like cherry blossoms.

“I am not mad at you, you know. You don’t have to feel guilty. I overreacted, and I am sorry. I was irritated and I directed my anger on you. I should be the one apologising.”

“How was your day?” the alpha asked, trying to change the topic as he hugged his older brother tighter.

“It was okay. I made friends. There are some assholes in my class, and the teacher told me that I should watch my mouth. Apparently, she still holds some obsolete views. She has a squint, and her boobs almost touch the ground. She looks hideous.” Kyle told, running his fingers through his little brother’s hair, a soft rumble coming from his chest.

Ike relaxed into the touch, and for the first time in a while, he looked like the little boy he still was.

“I hate your teacher already.” He answered sleepily, cuddling up to his brother.

The omega shifted on the bed and propped a pillow up on the wall, so he could cosily lean against it. Ike has fallen asleep with his head resting on Kyle’s lap with his legs spread out on the bed. He breathed evenly, and Kyle closed his eyes too, hoping he wouldn’t get a cramp in his legs. As he was reflecting on the day, he caught himself thinking about Stan, although he dismissed the thought immediately. The omega convinced himself that Stan was only occupying his mind right now because Kyle had never been called beautiful. Yeah, this must be the reason. He was sure of it.












Chapter Text

Chapter 3


Stan was woken up by the wind outside that was violently hitting against the blinds on the window of this bedroom. The alpha slowly opened his eyes and groaned, feeling disturbed by the loud noise. Today was going to be yet an ordinary day; the fact that they were having a new student wasn’t going to change anything. He put his uniform on – a white shirt, red tie, black slacks and a blue jacket – and went downstairs, where he was met by an odd sight.


His father Randy was in the living room, anxiously pacing up and down, mumbling inaudibly under his breath, probably creating wild conspiracy theories in his head. He was holding a wine glass, filled with grape juice, in his hand, constantly sipping on it. Everyone in the family knew Randy had had an alcohol problem, even he, himself, finally admitted that he had to cut the amount of alcohol he consumed.


The older alpha had been freaking out ever since Stan’s sister Shelly announced last week that she was dating someone. Seeing his father stressing over his omega daughter was nothing out of the ordinary. It was what their everyday life consisted of. His father would tell Shelly freaky stories about alphas raping omegas, or other crazy shit to which Shelly would aggressively respond with a ‘I hate you. Nobody understands me.’ His mother Sharon would always try to take the gunpowder out of the situation, but it never helped much. Randy’s and Shelly’s relationship had never been the best, but ever since they moved to the farm, and Randy started his new legal drug business, their relationship gradually worsened.


Stan ignored his father and sat down on the table to eat breakfast. His mother, who was an omega like his sister, was unsuccessfully trying to calm his father down – as always. When Shelly came down the stairs and saw Stan, she instantly made a disgusted face. Stan usually tried to avoid being too close to her because then he’d be at risk of being fatally wounded by one of her punches. The alpha might be exasperating a little, but Shelly always made sure that her punches hurt, and her jabs hit the mark. She somehow really seemed to dislike him, although Stan was sure that deep down - very deep down, in an unknown place that not even Shelly knew of– she cared about him. When Randy spotted Shelly, a wild discussion broke loose, and this was the cue for Stan to leave. He didn’t want to be pulled into their altercation, especially not so early in the morning.




Stan was standing outside the school gates with his friends Kenny McCormick and Eric Cartman. Kenny was a cool guy, and Cartman…well he was Cartman. He was an asshole. Kenny and Cartman were in the middle of a heated discussion about some omega, he forgot the name of, and Stan was only partly listening. He was too busy scrolling down some of the content on the school’s student social media platform, when suddenly Eric broke out laughing like a madman. Stan and Kenny were confused for a moment, when Cartman pointed a finger at someone, who apparently, had caused the beta’s laughing fit.


“Did you see?! Did ha ha yo-ha see?! He he”. He wheezed out, while bending over and holding his stomach.


He turned his head in the direction Cartman was pointing at. Someone had slipped and fallen face-first into the snow. He didn’t see it, so it wasn’t that funny. Besides, even if it had been funny, he wouldn't want to give the fatass any kind of confirmation that it had, indeed, been funny. He didn’t want to fuel Cartman’s superiority complex. He turned to Kenny, who just rolled his eyes. They made eye contact and nodded at each other. They were thinking the same thing: Eric was an asshole and completely overreacting.


“I am getting cold. Let’s get in.” Stan said, shivering slightly, although he tried not to show it.


“I wonder why?” Kenny answered sarcastically.


“Shut up. I had to take flight from my sister and father arguing. I didn’t have time to get my jacket. I don’t want Shelly’s bad mood directed at me.” Sighed Stan.


“Hey guys, didn’t you see? Ha ha he he. The omega who hah hah just kissed the ground heh heh?” Eric cackled, tears collecting in his eyes from laughing so hard.


“Shut up, fatass.” The two alphas shot simultaneously. Cartman; however, completely ignored it. Even during their walk into the building, he wouldn’t shut up about it.




The alpha sat in class with a bored expression on his face; numbly drabbling triangles and circles on a piece of paper. Only when his teacher, Miss Chocksondik, yelled through the classroom, demanding that they paid attention, did he look up and stop drawing.


“Listen class. This is our new student: Kyle Broflovski. So, welcome your new classmate. Kyle, do you want to introduce yourself for a moment?” she asked the omega.


Stan gaped at the omega. He had red hair, fair skin and a lean body. He was about 5 ft 3 inches tall, and his radiant green eyes were mesmerising. The alpha couldn’t help but stare at the way the uniform was hugging the omega’s body perfectly. He’d like to pin the ginger against the wall, kiss his plump rosy lips, run his fingers up the omega’s delicate-looking thighs and squeeze them, then…the alpha shook his head briskly to get the vivid imagery out of his head. ‘Wow this escalated fairly quickly. You should be ashamed of yourself for objectifying him like that, Stan. Get it together!’ He reprimanded himself, shocked by his fantasy about the new student.


And of course, Cartman started to lose it. The beta started laughing; he sounded like a pigeon choking on a bread crump. It was annoying.

“Ha he he. A ginger! Hehe haha!” the beta choked out, almost falling from his stool. ‘God damn it, Cartman.’ Stan thought. The omega seemed perplexed for a moment, but it seemed he recognised the voice.


“Can I just sit down?” asked the red head, sounding a tiny bit annoyed, yet ignoring the cackling beta.

“Leave him alone, Cartman!” Stan heard Wendy yell.

As expected, Cartman stopped laughing for a moment, turning his attention to Wendy.


“You shut up, stupid bitch.” he spat arrogantly. The way he scrunched up his nose and narrowed his eyes showed that he didn’t have the slightest respect for her.


“You, calling me bitch is getting old Eric.” countered the girl, scowling. The scowl on her face didn’t suit her, Stan thought.


“You calling me bitch is getting old ne ne ne bla.” mimicked Cartman in a high-pitched nagging voice, rolling his eyes for emphasis. Cartman was always like this, and it seriously pissed the alpha off.


“You seriously need to get laid.” The beta added as a final blow and the alpha couldn’t ignore it anymore.

“Shut your face, fatty!” Stan shouted.


That’s when his and Kyle’s eyes briefly met. He held his breath, unable to do anything. The alpha could feel his canines break through his gums. Usually, this only happened during a rut, but there were still other things that could randomly trigger the reaction. He should have paid attention during sex education classes. Stan felt his heart swell in his chest, and from the corner of his eyes, he could feel Kenny watching him, a lazy knowing smile grazing his lips. Stan knew Kenny would tease him later.


“I am not fat!” Cartman screeched, looking somewhat offended, “I am heavy-boned!” His weight was a sensible subject for the beta.


“Ah actually nghn an individual’s skeleton ahg typically does not significantly deviate from ahh another one in terms of weight ngh. So, the characteristics of human bone can agh only explain up to three kilograms max. You are ngh way too big.” Tweek who was sitting in the front row, next to Wendy, explained matter-of-factly.


‘Touché.‘ Stan smirked. He didn’t think the twitchy omega had it in him. The alpha looked behind him at Craig. The alpha with the blue chullo hat was smiling too, probably thinking no one noticed. Stan was surprised to see Craig actually show some kind of emotion for once. It was quite obvious to Stan, and probably everyone else, that Craig had the hots for the nerdy twitchy blond. It was also obvious that these feelings were mutual because he had caught the omega more than once watching Craig with that love-struck look on his face. These two were kind of clumsy around each other. There were times, Stan found their clumsiness adorable, but sometimes they were disgustingly cute together without even realising it. They didn’t talk much and, at times, they seemed to avoid each other, but the small interactions they had pretty much confirmed that they were pining for each other.

Stan watched Kyle’s face light up for a split second. He looked utterly beautiful, even just standing there doing nothing, but wait for the teacher to tell him where to sit down at. The alpha hoped Miss Chocksondik would place Kyle next to him. He was curious about how the omega would smell. Stan laid his head on the palm of his right hand, his eyes still focused on Kyle. He must look like a fool right now if Kenny’s face was any indicator.


“Oh, so the spazzing weirdo can talk.” Said Eric mockingly, comfortably laying on his desk and playing with a pen. Some students giggled at the insult.


“He was just stating a fact to not further feed your illusion, so shut your face, you fat fuck!” Kyle spat back. That was it. Stan was sure. He was in love. He was stunned, and so was the rest of the class. It was uncommon for an omega to talk in that manner in a public setting, or anywhere at all. Well, his sister spoke like that all the time, but otherwise all the omega’s he had known so far were well-behaved and often meek.


And Cartman, being the stupid son of a bitch - quite literally, since his mum was known to be a slut - he was, said, in a venom-laced tone: “Now, that’s not the proper way to talk for an omega. Or do you want your face to meet the ground again? You better watch your mouth.”


Was the fatass threatening his Kyle? Wait his Kyle? Kyle wasn’t his by any means. He was his own person. Yet, Stan would love to call Kyle his.


The class was breaking out into a wild discussion, and the air got heavier from the various scents that were mixing together. Some students supported Cartman, while others told him to shut his trap and die. Stan saw Kyle, who was still standing in front of the class next to the teacher, glare at Eric. Stan thought Kyle embodied perfection.


“Don’t te-.“ the omega couldn’t finish his sentence, although it was clear that he wanted to defend himself. He was interrupted by Miss Choksondik, who stopped the situation from escalating.


“Silence!” she screamed. “Kyle, watch your tone. You should know better. Omegas should not talk like this. Now, you can sit next to Tweek” she said. Stan was disappointed that she didn’t say his name and that the finger pointed at Tweek wasn’t pointing in his direction. It was to be expected that Miss Choksondik would rebuke the omega for his language, since she was very traditional. She believed omegas should stay home and not go to school. What kind of medieval thinking was that? Did she miss the omega’s rights movement decades ago? Stan presumed that if she had missed it, her squint was to blame for it. He always avoided direct eye contact – not that it was even possible to really make direct eye contact with her – because he'd break out laughing. Her overall appearance just looked ridiculous. She looked like a chameleon with her eyes shooting in every direction, and had she never heard of a bra? She was almost swiping the floor with these things.


Tweek looked like he might pass out. Kyle moved to his seat and looked somewhat dejected. Stan wanted to reach out to the omega and comfort him. He heard a faint murmur coming from Kyle. He couldn’t make out everything, but he was sure he heard him whisper: “They were using bad language too”. The world was unfair.




When the class was over, and it was time for lunch, Stan was looking through the classroom, trying to take the opportunity to talk to Kyle, and maybe ask him if he wanted to have lunch with him. He looked around. The bags were laying around messily, creating possible tripping hazards, and the jackets and coats were carelessly thrown over the backs of the chairs, instead of being on the hall stand, where they belonged. Not that he was any better. Unfortunately for him, the omega was already gone. Why are people always so fast when it comes to leaving the classroom?


“Are you coming or what?” the alpha heard Cartman ask.


“I am coming.” Stan said, pretending to store a book in his backpack.


At lunch, all he could do was watch Kyle chat with his new friends Tweek and Wendy. He was contemplating about going over there and talk to the omega, but he was snapped out of his thoughts when Cartman, that attention-whore, demanded everyone’s focus to be on him.


“Hey guys, guys. Listen for a moment. Did you hear?” He asked rhetorically. Of course, they didn’t.


“Spit it out already.” Stan said, rolling his eyes.


Eric leaned forward over the table, his elbows supporting the mass of his body, and whispered: “The new omega. Not only is he a ginger, but he’s also a Jew.”


“So what, asshole?” Kenny asked, taking a bite from his sandwich.


“Don’t you know? Well, apparently, you don’t, but I will be so kind as to shed some light on the matter.” He started; the mockery obvious in his voice.


“This might be especially important for you Stan,” he looked at the alpha with a serious expression on his face, “since you already seem to drool all over him. Jews are money-hogging demons. He has already put his manipulative spell on Stan.” The beta explained.


Stan blinked. Then, his face morphed into annoyance. “I don’t care if he's Jewish. You are making things up because 1. You are a prejudicial asshole and 2. Because he, an omega, stood up to you and called you fat, which you are, by the way.” The alpha said matter-of-factly.


“Well, if you don’t want to believe me, then that’s your thing, but I warned you. If we don’t do something right now, omegas are going to turn the tables around. They are already undermining us at a gradual pace. The next thing, we will have omegas join our sports teams or take a leading role in our school’s council. Then we are going to be fucked. They are planning to destroy us, and we must put a stop to it now. And I am not fat.” Cartman ranted, he sounded paranoid.


“What?” Clyde said from the other table, having heard some of their conversation, a shocked expression on his face. Clyde could be easily influenced by others sometimes.


“Don’t listen to him.” Said Token, totally done with Eric’s shit talk about omegas trying to undermine alphas and betas.


“I am just warning everyone to be careful around omegas. They are sly cunning creatures, using their body to manipulate us.” The beta said once again.


“God. I seriously hate you. Truth is, you are just jealous because omegas don’t let you have your way with them. That’s why you bad mouth omegas all the time.” Craig added, showing the beta his middle finger.


Kenny and Stan started laughing, and the beta looked seriously pissed off.


“Well, you know. I don’t need or want a filthy omega. Besides, they are inferior beings.” Eric said defiantly.


"I remember Wendy beating the shit out of you in 4th grade." added Token


"I let her win, dude. Letting her win was more humiliating because then she knew that I wasn't seeing her as an equal. I planned that." Cartman spat, rolling his eyes as if it was the simplest thing in the world to understand.


"No man," said Craig, "you didn't stand a chance."


Cartman decided to pout at that, and Stan and Kenny miserably tried to hold their laughter in.


"They kind of have a point here." Stan said in between laughter.


"For your information, shithead, I have a girlfriend. Yet another reason, why I don't want an omega." he angrily pointed out. However, the other table chose to ignore Cartman's existence.


“Poor girl. I still don’t get what Heidi sees in you.” Kenny murmured, sipping on his milk carton.


“Hey fatass, tell us the truth. Did you blackmail her into having a relationship with you?” Stan voiced out, a question everyone was probably curious about.


Cartman sighed exasperatingly, before answering: “No. I did not. We are, and I say it again so everyone of you imbeciles gets it, utterly in love with each other.”


“Right.” Both alphas said, still unconvinced.


Stan turned his attention back to Kyle. The omega was smiling and laughing, which also put a smile on his face. The alpha didn’t know how long he had been staring at the red haired, but a hand was being waved in front of his face, bringing him back to reality.


“Earth to Stan. Earth to Stan. Man, dude, I thought we lost you there. You know, I don’t know how to do CPR.” Kenny laughed.


“I told you dude, the omega has wrapped Stan around his finger, and they haven’t even talked to each other yet. He put a spell on him to rob him of his money, maybe even feed off his life energy. That is what an Omega Jew does. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he is a ginger and an omega, he is also a Jew, which makes him more dangerous.” Eric explained. He seemed to really believe the nonsense he was spouting.


“Dude, shut up and cut the bullshit already.” Stan almost yelled, glaring at the beta and suppressing the urge to launch over the table, grab Cartman and beat the shit out of him. His outburst earned them some of the student's attention. He ignored their stares. The alpha was sick of Cartman’s shit because there were people stupid enough to believe what the beta said about omegas.


Last year, Eric managed to convince the directorate to dismiss the proposal to drop the omega behavioural classes and let omegas wear trousers instead of shorts or skirts. Stan had to admit that he was somehow glad that the principal’s office decided to keep the dress code, since he was sure that it would have been a shame had he not been able to see the ginger wear these tiny shorts with the leggings under it. He would have advocated to ditch the behavioural classes, though. He had heard from Wendy that they were highly discriminatory.


“I just think he is beautiful.” Stan clarified, poking his food with his fork and stealing another glance at the omega. It wasn’t just the omega’s appearance that Stan felt himself attracted to - though his good looks were definitely a plus – but how the omega carried himself, and the way he talked. From what he had gathered so far, Kyle was smart and confident. Stan really liked that about him, and for that reason wanted to get to know him.


“Maybe you just want to fuck him.” The other alpha suggested, stealing one of his sandwiches. Stand didn’t even try to swat his hand away, for he was already used to Kenny stealing his food.


“Well, no. Yes, I guess so. I don’t know, man. He doesn’t look like someone who’d have sex with just anyone, and I actually want to pursue him romantically. Can we stop talking about me? How is your relationship with Butters going? I haven’t seen him today. You and Butters have been dating for quite some time now, and you only wanted to fuck him at the start. Who would have thought that Butters of all people would steal your heart? We all know you are a whore, Kenny.” Stan replied, his voice flat.


“Well, things have changed. I love him after all, and he has been in heat since last Friday, so he won’t be in school for the next two days either.” Kenny countered, a stupid grin on his face.


“Doesn’t change the fact that you are obviously sexually frustrated, dude. You haven’t had sex yet, even though it has been four months. Four months dude, and you are still being cock blocked. You used to work faster. He doesn’t even spend his heats with you. ” Eric spoke up again, licking the sauce of his creasy fingers. The crumbs from his heavy lunch – two double beef burgers and slice of pepperoni pizza - decorating his mouth.


Kenny let his head fall to the cold lunch table of the cafeteria; the loud thud drew the attention of other students towards them, again. Kenny sighed heavily, confirming what Cartman had just said. He was indeed sexually frustrated


“Well, Butters is kind of sheltered you know...” Stan tried to reason, but it didn’t seem to help his friend at all.




The encounter after school, seemed like a dream come true, and an opportunity to have a conversation with Kyle. However, what he didn’t expect was his sudden lack of flirting skills, and an overprotective little runt, who turned out to be Kyle’s little brother. The glint in the little alpha's eyes was disturbing. Stan was so perplexed by the unexpected intervention of a small raven-haired kid that he couldn’t do anything but stare wide-eyed at the leaving figures in front of him. They were slowly turning into tiny spots in the distance, and the snow that was coming down on them, and the blow of the wind further intensified the absurdity of the situation. The omega; however, didn’t seem too pleased with his little brother coming to ‘rescue' him from Stan.


“Dude, what was that?”, he heard Kenny laugh, “you have your way with words, man. You sounded like a 25-years-old virgin trying to woo their High School sweetheart. And that kid was scary. Did you piss yourself?” Kenny and his sarcasm.


“I didn’t know what to say. I had it all planned out in my had, and in my head I was having a fairly smooth conversation, but then I just panicked, and the kid didn’t help my cause either. Nobody would have recovered from that” Stan defended with a scowl on his handsome face.


“Pfff-“ Eric started.


“One word from you Cartman, and I am seriously going to hurt you.” Stan threatened the beta with a glare. The beta immediately shut his mouth at that, scowling.


Stan was frustrated, and he had to admit that kid was scary. Then he got an idea and fished for his phone, writing a message to Wendy.


-Stan- 3:47 pm

Could you do me a favour?


-Wendy- 3:48 pm

Why? What kind of favour?


-Stan- 3:48 pm

You are friends with Kyle, right? Could you switch seats with me?


Stan didn’t receive an answer immediately, but he could see that Wendy was typing something, then deleting it, and then typing something again.


-Wendy- 3:51 pm

Yes and No. I am not going to sit too close to that asshole Eric Cartman. However, we have chemistry tomorrow, and the teacher is assigning us new lab partners. Something about meddling with other people. I might be willing to advise him to partner up with you, but it comes with a price.


Of course, she wanted something out of it. Stan thought of something for a moment, before replying to the message.


-Stan- 3:56 pm

I could give you an embarrassing picture of a drunk Eric Cartman.


He hoped this would be enough to grant him her help. A dull sound indicated he had received an answer.


-Wendy- 3:58 pm

Good enough. I’ll arrange for you and Kyle to partner up. I am not going to question your motives right now, but if you try anything funny, you are dead.


Stan sure didn’t want to be at the receiving end of Wendy’s wrath. Eric had pushed her to far once and ended up with a black eye.


-Stan- 4:00 pm

Thanks, you’re the best. I won’t. I am not ready to kick the bucket yet.


The alpha was happy, and a stupid grin spread on his face. His friends gave him a confused look, not knowing why he suddenly turned from a totally dejected-looking sack of potatoes into a gleaming ray of sunshine. It might have looked odd from their perspective, but tomorrow he will get the opportunity to talk to Kyle, without someone interfering. Tomorrow, was going to be the best day ever.




After he had played video games with Kenny for at least 2 hours and his friend had left, the alpha went downstairs into the kitchen and towards the fridge in an unusually good mood. His mother hadn’t questioned him when he came home, but now she was curious as to why her son had been so chipper since he came back from school.


“Did something good happen at school? You seem uncharacteristically cheerful, Stan.” She said suspiciously.


The alpha rummaged through the fridge and got some milk; he was drinking directly out of the carton, while looking at his mother.


“Nothing. We just had a new student.” He answered vaguely, not looking at her.


“That’s nice. Who are they?” his mother pried further, wanting to know more.


“Yeah, his name is Kyle, and he is an omega.” Stan continued nonchalantly, coolly leaning against the kitchen counter sipping on the milk carton. He didn’t want his mom to notice something. If she noticed that he was interested in the omega, she would get overly excited, wanting to get to know him immediately.


“Oh really. Is that why you are practically gleaming?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk on her face. Was he too obvious?


“No, mom”, he lied, “Cartman just got what he deserved today.”


Stan chucked the now empty milk carton into the trash bin and left the kitchen, successfully putting an end to their one-sided conversation. He sat down on the floor in front of the couch to play on his console again, instead of dedicating his time to doing his homework. His mother stood at the door frame of the kitchen, shooting him a disapproving glare; her arms were folded in front of her chest, and she tapped her foot on the ground.


“Didn’t you play with Kenny about 20 minutes ago?” his mother frowned.


“So?” Stan raised an eyebrow.


“No more gaming today.” Sharon said with a stern voice.


Stan sighed loudly, supressing the urge to roll his eyes. His mother hated it when he rolled his eyes in front of her. He raised his arms dramatically over his head, while -at the same time- resting the back of his head on the cushion of the couch. He stretched his long legs and looked at the ceiling, wondering what Kyle might be doing right now. The main door opened, and his father, as a born enthusiast, yelled: “I am home! Did someone miss me?”


“Welcome home.” – “No.” Sharon and Stan greeted simultaneously.


It was a quarter past seven. His father wasn’t usually this late, unless he took a trip to the local bar to meet some of his mates. Stan watched the older alpha. He looked normal. He wore his signature straw hat – he bought that thing, when he got into farming – a blue check shirt and a brown jacket. He wasn’t staggering, so he didn’t drink, and he was not high for once. Maybe he actually took what Shelly said to heart. Nobody, but Randy and his business partner liked the farm. Sharon tried to talk with him about it, but trying to get it through Randy’s thick skull was pointless. So, they just had to accept their new farm life. At least, they didn’t have to smell the marihuana in the winter season. Although, Stan had to admit that he and his friends secretly smoked pot sometimes, so the farm could be of convenient at times.


Randy put his shoes and jacket off, totally oblivious to Stan’s comment, and went to his wife, giving her a sweet, yet brief kiss on the lips.


“You’re late.” Stated Sharon.


“Ah, yes” answered Randy “I was at the bar, you know. I met a guy, his name was Gerald, who has just moved here with his wife and two sons. His oldest is an omega, whom he’s is struggling to connect with. I could really relate to him.” He told her emotionally. Of course, he would get emotional whenever he met someone who ‘struggled to connect with their omega child’.


Stan, of course, made the connection. His father must have met Kyle’s father. Randy started rambling about how much they had in common, and at some point, Stan was only still physically present, since he had already spaced out two minutes into his father’s story. It was obvious that he wanted to be more present in Shelly’s life and for the two of them to have a better father-daughter relationship. Stan doubted that was going to happen anytime soon. Randy was the epitome of overprotective alpha father, and this personality trait didn’t go well with Shelly. It just pissed her off.


“Call me when dinner’s ready.” Stan told his mom, who gave him a nod.


He went upstairs, and the stairs creaked when he put his weight on them, and his knees cracked. The two noises mixed together sounded uncomfortable.




The next day, the alpha practically sprinted to school in order to be especially early. Him turning up about 15 minutes before class started got him some scrutinizing looks from his peers. He ignored them. The air in the chemistry laboratory was cold, even colder due to the cold temperatures outside, but not the coldest it had ever been. He took his seat in one of the middle rows, impatiently waiting for one specific person to show his face. Several minutes later, he heard his phone vibrate in his pocket, signalling him that he had gotten a text message. He put his hand in his pocket, taking his phone out. He unlocked the screen and saw that he got one message from Wendy, one from Kenny, one from Cartman, and a few from some other people he chose to ignore. He contemplated whether he should answer Cartman’s message or just ignore it; he decided to choose the latter, although sliding down the message bar with his finger, he was able to read it anyway.


From -Fatass- 7:50 am

‘hey asshole, where you? Busy getting your dick sucked?’.

That’s the most civilised Cartman could get. Stan didn’t expect anything else.


From -Kenny- 7:48 am

‘Don’t tell me you are early…o_O Did you hit your head?’

Wtf Kenny. He didn’t even consider the fact, that maybe, Stan just wanted to be a good student for once.


To -Kenny- 7:52 am

‘So what? My head’s fine.’


From -Fatass- 7:52 am

‘So, you answer the beggar’s message, but not mine#!’

The alpha rolled his eyes. He wanted to get to the real important message; the message Wendy sent him.


From -Wendy- 7:43 am

‘You owe me, and I see you are early.’

He looked up and saw Wendy, Tweek and Kyle walk into the laboratory.


Stan kept looking at his phone, pretending to not notice the omega who sat down beside him.


“Wendy said you and I were assigned to be lab partners. I am Kyle.” The ginger said, while he unpacked his chemistry book.


“Yeah. I am Stan.” The alpha simply said, giving the omega a bright smile. His hands were starting to get sweaty.


“I know. Wendy already told me, and you briefly introduced yourself yesterday.” Kyle told him, timidly smiling back. To Stan it was the prettiest smile in the world.


“Ah, yeah sorry about that. I didn’t mean to corner you or anything, and your little brother creeped me out a little bit", Stan shyly rubbed the back of his neck, “I hope Wendy only said good things about me.” He continued a bit louder, so Wendy was able to hear them.


Wendy was sitting in the back row, talking to Bebe. When she heard Stan's overly loud voice mention her name, she just shook her head, though she smiled over at the two boys.


Kyle laughed a little about the fact that Ike, who was at least one foot smaller and probably only half Stan's weight, had scared the tall alpha, who was captain of the football team. It sounded so abstruse.


“Don’t mind my little brother. And Wendy only told me general information, how you are the captain of the football team, and such.” Kyle responded.


“Are there bad things that I should be aware of?” the omega continued to ask innocently.


Shoot. He didn’t expect the omega to be so straightforward. Was he flirting with him? The complex workings of Stan's brain started to shut off.


“Eh, no?” he answered. Why was there a question mark? He sounded like a brain-dead junkie high on drugs.


He cleared his throat again, stretching out his legs under the table and putting his clammy hands into his pockets.


“Where are you from?” asked Stan. The alpha was pleased with how he handled the situation.


Kyle seemed hesitant at first but responded anyway: “New Jersey.”


“Oh, I am sorry.” Stan said. Noticing his mistake, he covered his mouth; his eyes wide. “No, I didn’t mean ‘I am sorry'-sorry, but you know. It was more like a ‘oh you had to move away' kind of sorry. New Jersey sounds cool.” He tried to safe it.


Kyle stared at him for a moment, before breaking out into a hearty laughter. It was adorable. Recovering from his giggling, the omega wiped the tears from his eyes. “Don’t worry. New Jersey is a shithole. I hated it there.”


“For a moment, I thought I had offended you.” The alpha said, relieve seeping into his voice.


“It’s okay, but thanks for your consideration.” Kyle said.


“Do you want to sit at lunch with me?" Stan blurted out “you don’t have to, but it would be nice, and I think you are cool.”


“Okay. I think you are cool too.”




For the first time in years, Stan had actually paid attention to what the chemistry teacher was saying during class. Kyle was a great lab partner, but the alpha didn’t expect anything less. Kenny had shot stupid kissing faces at him, and Cartman was sent to the principle’s office for playing with the chemicals. The lesson was pretty peaceful without Eric annoying the shit out of the others or antagonising omegas.


Stan and Kyle spent lunch together, away from their usual group. Kyle had told Tweek and Wendy that he would text them later, and Stan just didn’t show up at his usual table. He got several texts from Kenny that consisted of stupid memes, and Cartman send him a safety instruction guide when dealing with omegas…he didn’t bother to read it. It was something stupid, that fat fuck came up with again to randomly bother other people.


They were talking a lot, Kyle did most of the talking, but the more the alpha listened to the smooth and pleasant voice of the omega, the more he liked Kyle. They got along pretty well. Kyle even agreed to walking home together, since Ike was at the try-outs of the school’s ice hockey team, so Stan could feel safe while walking next to Kyle. They were casually standing at the red light, waiting for it to turn green, when a blue truck honked and stopped in front of them. The guy in the car rolled down the window; he ha a cannabis leaf in his mouth and leaned forward, putting his arm out the window.


“Hey Stan, who is your friend? Want a ride, son?” Randy asked, wagging his eyebrows. ‘God no.’ Stan thought. Of all people why did it have to be his dad. Randy had the odd talent to embarrass his children in public.


“Dad, just move on. This is my friend Kyle.” Stand said flatly, hoping his dad would, for once, not do what he'd always do.


“I am Kyle. A friend of Stan’s.” The omega said, waving at Randy.


“Wait. Kyle? I know your father. I am Randy. I am actually a friend of your father’s. Want me to drop you off?”


Kyle looked at Stan, unsure of how to answer. He knew who Stan's father was. Yesterday, his dad had told them at dinner about how they bonded over a few beers at the bar. Meanwhile, Stan was pinching the bridge of his nose, shutting his eyes tightly, while sighing exasperatingly.


“Dad. Just move on. We are fine with walking.” He told his father, secretly saving Kyle from possibly declining the offer.


Randy looked rejected. “So, you don’t to spend some quality time with your old man, and you don’t want me to meet your friends? I get it, son.” Randy tended to be dramatic. “When I was your age, I didn’t want my father to potentially embarrass me in front of my love interest.” If there was a award for most embarrassing dad in the world, his father would probably be it’s title defender.


“Will you just move already? You are disrupting the traffic" Stan referred to the many cars, that have jammed behind Randy and were now honking aggressively.


“Oh, yes. See you at home. Have a nice day.” The older alpha yelled unnecessarily loud, driving off.


Stan turned towards Kyle, as they crossed the traffic light and safely reached the other side of the road: “I am sorry about my dad. He is a bit extra, so just ignore what he has just said.”


“It’s okay. I have my dad and my little brother embarrass me 24/7, so I know what it feels like.” The omega said understandingly, “I have to go this way, so see you tomorrow.”


“See you tomorrow.” Stan nodded, watching the retreating figure of the omega walk down the street.




When Stan arrived home, he was met with his father’s stupidly grinning face. He frowned, not being in the mood to deal with his father right now.


“You know Stan, if you have any questions, you can ask your old man. I know a lot about omegas and one or two things about flirting. I don’t wanna brag, but I am a flirting exert. That’s how I won over your mother. I could give you some advice.” He explained, shortly after Stan had walked into the house. He was casually leaning against the staircase, one leg over the other and one hand stored into the pocket of his trousers.


“Mom agreed to a date because she felt sorry for you. Not because of your pick-up lines.” Stan pointed out, though his father never seemed to actually listen to what he said.


“You have to know that understanding how omegas think can be tricky. They wan-“ he started, but Stan decided to put an early stop to this. He didn’t want his father to chew his ear of about his ‘knowledge’ of omegas.


“Stan, where are you going?” he questioned


“I am going to my room, dad. I actually got shit to do. So, please don’t follow me.” Stan said. He took two steps at a time to get up the stairs faster. He closed the door of his room, throwing his backpack into the corner at his door, and sat down on his bed. He felt exhausted, so he laid down on his side fore a while. After some time, he felt his phone vibrate at the nightstand, and he saw that a unknown number had popped up on the screen.


-Unknown number- 4:35 pm

‘Hey this is Kyle. Wendy gave me your number. I hope this was okay.’


Stan sprung up from his current position on the bed. He had to calm himself down, und control himself to not giggle like a little girl. He answered the text immediately.


-Stan- 4:36 pm

‘no prob’. I would have asked you for your number anyway.’


-Beautiful- 4:37 pm

‘Good then :)


Stan smiled at the text and the two of them exchanged messages back and forth, until late into the evening. He had to tell Kenny and thank Wendy again later.

Chapter Text

Chapter 4


The school bell rang, and the wooden doors of the classrooms burst open, flooding the vast hall with students. Normally, Tweek Tweak would have waited for the turmoil to calm down before he left the room, but this time he wanted to be brave and catch up with Craig. The omega had been surprised when the alpha asked him last week if he wanted to be his new lab partner, but it was a way to spend time with him. He almost had a panic attack though.


The blonde had been in love with the alpha since forever. However, Tweek was self-conscious about how people perceived him and how he looked. His parents didn’t really help his self-esteem either, if anything, they made it worse. They told him - on more than one occasion - that the odds of him getting an alpha were low because of his twitching and nervous personality. His father Richard always talked in riddles and told long anecdotes that were never getting anywhere. It made the omega crazy. His mother Helen wasn’t any better. Tweek sometimes had the feeling that his parents, both betas, loved their coffee shop ‘Tweak bros’ more than him. He still loved his parents, despite their lack of parenting skills.


Tweek was peeking out of the classroom, glancing around the hall. Craig stood at his locker, talking to Token and Clyde. Well, Craig wasn’t the one doing the talking, but he was listening what his friends had to say, occasionally nodding along. Craig was a few inches taller than Clyde, but not even he could beat Token in terms of height. The guy was a damn tree.


The omega clinched to the thin doorframe, and from the outside it seemed as if he tried to melt into it. He just wanted to admire the alpha’s good looks for a moment. He wasn’t wearing his signature blue chullo hat with the yellow buff ball on top right now, so his messy jetlag black hair fell into his face. His eyes were blue like the ocean, and the omega could drown in them. Craig had a nice tan to his skin, a stark contrast to Tweek’s fair skin tone.


The omega really felt attracted to him, and the mysterious aura that always seemed to surround the alpha caused a shiver to run down the blonde’s spine. Craig came off as rude, stoic and aloof. He had very few facial expressions, and his tendency to frequently flip people off, even the teachers, made him your typical troublemaker. Tweek wasn’t the only omega who felt drawn to Craig. Yet, the blonde was convinced there was more to the alpha than met the eye. Craig had a very gentle side to him and was always nice to Tweek, even though their interactions were awkward most of the times; the omega thought that it was his fault not Craig’s.


One time, when some stupid kids thought it funny to randomly take Tweek’s new bike apart, Craig offered to take the anxious omega home. Tweek had freaked out when he saw that his bike was missing the saddle and wheels because he didn’t know how to explain it to his parents. The alpha calmed the omega down considerably somehow. His collected exterior and calming scent always did that to him; not even caffeine had this kind of effect on him. That was one of the many reasons why he fell for the raven. The alpha had told the blonde to sit on the handle bars, but the omega was reluctant at first. He didn’t want to die, after all, and sitting on the handle bars of a bike sounded dangerous. So, in order to ease his anxiety, Craig said that Tweek should face him during their ride and put his hands on the alpha’s shoulders. Tweek had agreed with a big blush on his face and enjoyed the short moment of intimacy. Later, Craig had helped Tweek repair his bike, so he didn’t have to tell his parents. The alpha was not as cold as people always said he was.


Tweek felt a tap on his shoulder, and he jumped up, facing the person who touched him. It was Kyle. He had a confused look on his face.


“Ehm, you have been standing here for quite some time. What are you doing?” the red-head asked.


“Ngh NOTHING arg!” Tweek shrieked, covering his mouth. He was embarrassed about his outburst.


“Okay. Just so you know, I am already aware of your big crush on Craig.” Kyle smirked, “You are not as discreet about your feelings as you probably think you are.”


Tweek’s mouth opened and closed again. He didn’t know what to say. The blonde really thought that his infatuation was subtle. What if Craig knew and found Tweek repulsive? What if he thought the omega was pathetic? What if he didn’t feel the same and made fun of him with his friends? He knew that Craig didn’t think that way, otherwise he wouldn’t be so kind to him, but the irrational part of Tweek’s brain couldn’t help it. The omega’s mind was about to explode, but Kyle gently touched Tweek’s arm, breaking the blonde’s toxic train of thoughts.


“Don’t worry.” The other omega assured him, easing Tweek’s anxiety a little.


“Th-thank ngh you, Kyle. We ngh should arg h-head to class. It's ngh your ngh f-favourite subject ngh.” Tweek teased. He knew that on Wednesdays, they still had the behavioural course for omegas after their regular classes.


“Oh, fuck you.” Kyle said, rolling his eyes. He hated the behavioural classes for omegas. They were utter bullshit.


Tweek laughed, and both walked down the hall, though they had to get their books from their lockers first. They playfully bumped into each other on their way, smiling and talking. It was Kyle’s second week at South Park High, but the omegas had bonded quickly and spent a lot of time together.


Tweek stood at his locker, trying to get the numbers right, so he could open the lock. His hands were shaking like crazy, and he could hear the whispers and giggles behind his back from the other students. He ignored them. He had gotten used to it over the years. Kyle, on the other hand, seemed really bothered by it. The ginger was about to give these people a piece of his mind, but Tweek just shook his head at him, telling him to let it slide. The blonde omega knew by now that Kyle was prone to holding speeches.


From the corner of his eyes, Tweek could see a tall figure approaching them, and he recognised that it was Craig. The alpha walked towards them, determination in his eyes. The omega turned away, trying – unsuccessfully – to disappear into thin air by closing his eyes tightly. He turned around, and suddenly felt two strong arms caging him against the lockers. His green eyes met the alpha’s blues ones, and his breath caught in his throat, eyes wide and body twitching violently. Craig was hovering over him, and the omega was starting to get a little panicky; shaking like a leaf in the wind.


At some point, Tweek thought he was imagining things and that his mind was playing tricks on him, since he daydreamed a lot about the alpha. He had to admit that these daydreams occurred quite frequently, though most of the time they consisted of Tweek making up the courage to go over to Craig and the alpha’s group of friends and demand the alpha’s undivided attention. The omega would touch the raven’s strong chest with his finger, grab him by his loose tie and pull him into a heated kiss. The dream always stopped there because he felt shy about it.


Tweek became anxious and found himself having trouble controlling his scent. Did Craig read his mind? Was he going to hurt him? Kill him? Call him a pervert? The omega pressed himself further into the lockers behind him, looking up at Craig. The alpha was gorgeous.


“Hey, ehm” Craig started, clearing his throat, though he couldn’t finish his sentence because Kyle shoved him away and took a protective stance in front of Tweek.


“What do you think your doing? What the fuck?” Kyle said angrily. Tweek looked at him with wide eyes, hiding behind his friend, while covering his beet-red face with his hands.


“None of your business,” Craig said; annoyance evident in his voice, “I am talking to Tweek.” The alpha casually put one of his hands in his pocket, his face as stoic as ever.


“You don’t trap people you want to have a conversation with, you single-celled brute.” Kyle said, and Craig sighed, becoming more and more irritated. Stan had called the omega adorable and cute, but he was just getting on the raven’s nerves. Craig did what most people would not do in this kind of situation: he showed the ginger his middle finger and roughly shoved him aside. He could already feel Stan, who had just walked into the hall, glare at him and Kenny seemed to have trouble holding the alpha back. That love-struck idiot was probably going to annoy him about having ‘mistreated” his Kyle later. Craig so didn’t want to deal with that.


“Hey. Wtf, so rude!” Kyle grunted.


Tweek saw the scene unfolding in front of him and spoke up: “It’s alright, Kyle. What ngh i-is it, Craig arg?” his voice wavered a bit. The omega was nervous, and his eyes were looking anywhere, but at Craig.




There was silence between them, and the alpha scratched the back of his neck, staring at the exposed skin under Tweek’s messily buttoned shirt, before tearing his eyes away. The omega covered himself a bit, suddenly feeling very self-conscious about the fact that you could almost see everything because he always missed a few buttons on his shirt.


“Well, Token is having a party this Friday. You wanna come?” he asked.


Tweek was stunned for a moment. He had heard about Token’s parties. They were famous, although Clyde would argue that they were not just famous but legendary. Everybody knew that Token only agreed to have the parties at his house because he lost a bet against Clyde. Tweek was also very much aware of the fact that they served alcohol at these parties. Rumour had it that even drugs were involved sometimes, although he didn’t know whether the rumour was true or not.


“Your friends can come too,” the alpha turned to Kyle “Stan would have asked you anyway.” The comment made Kyle huff, but Tweek could see that a small smile graced his lips at the mention of Stan. His omega friend had told him that Stan was his first alpha friend. The blonde knew that the alpha wanted more than friendship, but he also had the feeling that he might have already been friendzonded by Kyle. He wasn’t completely sure yet and decided to subtly bring the question up later. Tweek knew the ginger was smart, but he was also oblivious when it came to things like that. Not that he was any better.


“Will you be there arg?” Tweek asked Craig. He felt stupid for asking such an obvious question. ‘Of course, Craig will be there, otherwise he wouldn’t have personally invited you, you moron.’ Tweek rebuked himself.


“Of course.” Craig answered. He gave Tweek a soft smile and tugged a loose strand of the omega’s blonde hair, that had fallen into his face, behind his hear. The action was sweet, and the omega had to stop himself from purring and nuzzling into Craig’s hand. That would have been a highly inappropriate thing to do in public.


In the meantime, Tweek saw Kyle awkwardly standing on the side, watching the two of them. The red-haired omega must have felt like a delivery man that had been sent to the wrong address several times.


The blonde cleared his throat, and the alpha stepped back, suddenly conscious about his actions. Tweek heard Kenny’s whistles and the teasing snickers of the alpha’s other friends.


“I should-d ngh go!” Tweek said loudly, louder than he had intended to. He ducked away and hurriedly tucked at the hemp of Kyle’s jacket, dragging him down the hall. They had, after all, a class they needed to attend. In all the haze, Kyle still managed to glare at Craig.




“Where have you been?” they heard Wendy asked, the moment they entered the room and took their seats next to her and Butters.


“You are late, fellas.” Said Butters, a chipper in his voice. He was always so high-spirited, and perhaps the only one who took this class seriously. His parents were strict, and Tweek always thought that they were locking him away from the outside world, like you would a prisoner.


“We ngh were delayed.” Tweek, for once, didn’t stutter.


Wendy raised her perfectly trimmed eyebrows and gave Tweek that certain look, he knew all too well.


“Yeah, by Craig that rude asshole.” Huffed Kyle.


They couldn’t discuss the matter further because the teacher, Mrs Nelson, came in.


“Okay students, quiet down.” she greeted.


Tweek was somewhat glad that Mr Mackey wasn’t teaching these classes anymore. The alpha’s balloon-like head still gave the blonde nightmares. Mrs Nelson, a beta, was wearing a plain black skirt, a pastel pink cashmere pullover and black boots. Her black hair was always styled up into a bun.


The beta went to her desk, put her briefcase onto the table and prepared her teaching materials. Tweek really hated Wednesdays. Not as much as non-holiday Mondays, though. These classes were boring and bleak. They were taught the right posture, polite speech, how to act in a socially acceptable manner, and more. Tweek had always been singled out by Ms Nelson because of his anxious nature, but since last week Kyle was chosen to be her next victim. The teacher was constantly lecturing Kyle because of that allegedly angry frown on his face or his bad ‘attitude’, as Ms Nelson had called it.


In Kyle, Tweek had found someone who didn’t fit in either. Kyle didn’t behave like an omega should behave, and Tweek just couldn’t change who he was. He twitched, stuttered and tended think that people wanted to kidnap him, kill him in the woods, and then dispose of his body.


“Today we are talking about the three most important things when it comes to the correct etiquette. Who can name them?” she asked.


Tweek knew them, unfortunately. The three most important things were posture, facial expression and politeness. He’d would rather have forgotten them, but they were drilled into his head, and ever-present in the back of his mind.


Butters was raising his hand. Of course, he would. If his parents were told that he didn’t participate enough, they would ground him. Tweek always thought that he was pressured, but Butters was, maybe, the only one who truly knew what real pressure was. He was naïve and easily be taken advantage of. He was an angle, yet he seemed to be on edge all the time, suffering silently. Kenny was Butter’s alpha, and Tweek found that he had a good influence on the polite omega, even though Kenny had addictive and obsessive tendencies. Butters was happier and expressed himself more openly, which was a good thing. Tweek hoped Kenny’s intentions were genuine.


“Kyle, what about you?” she asked. Tweek felt sorry for him.


Kyle had a frown on his face and grumbled to himself.


“I didn’t hear you, Kyle. Speak louder and don’t slouch in your seat. It’s unsightly. Don’t make that face.” The teacher commented harshly.


“These courses are not fair! They discriminatory and teach us that we are inferior!” the omega yelled.


“Oh no, here he goes again…” Red said, rolling her eyes. Her comment earned her some snickers from the other omegas. Red really disliked Kyle, for some reason, but Kyle generally rubbed people the wrong way.


Tweek turned around. “Shut up.” He glared at her. She gapped at him like a fish, not having expected him to speak up. Tweek was surprised too, but what kind of friend would he be if he didn’t stand up for a friend.


“In your case, they seem quite necessary. That attitude of yours is a problem. It is even rubbing off on your friend. Now, answer my question or I send you to the principal’s office. Let’s see what your parents say if they learn about your rude behaviour. You are an omega, so behave as such. As an omega you have a certain role to fill in. And the next time you raise your voice, you will get detention.” Her voice was light, but the nice tone could not neutralise the threat that laid in the air and the crushing truth in the words that had been spoken.


An omega’s options were limited. They would have to have exceptionally good grades to get into university, and even if they had, an alpha or beta was often favoured. It was expected of an omega to stay at home and care for the children, and if an omega does have a job, then they would only work half-time. It was frowned upon if an omega wished to pursue a career or decided to stay unmated. Most of the time it wasn’t even possible for an omega to stay single because of the bad payment and the limited career opportunities.


“Politeness, postures and facial expression.” He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest.


“That’s correct. We are going to talk about posture again and slightly breach the topic of proper speech today.” She said, specifically looking at Tweek and Kyle.


Ms Nelson told them that they should always straighten their back and let their hands fall beside their bodies, when talking to a potential mate. The most important thing, she said, was to still be a virgin when entering marriage.


She reprimanded Tweek for putting his weight onto one leg after he had started to feel tired to stand straight for so long. She strongly disapproved of him because of his twitching and antsy behaviour. She called him a lost cause, which kind of hurt his feelings a little bit, since his parents saw him in the same light.


He always failed miserably to deliver, especially when they had to do it in front of everyone in order to illustrate possible mistakes. The pressure was just too much for him to handle.




Tweek came home to an empty house. His parents worked long hours, so the omega was alone most of the time. He didn’t really mind, although there was an incident once, when his parents had still not come home at half past 11. He called the police because he thought his parents had been murdered, but it turned out that they had just been at the local bar with friends. It earned him a lot of trouble that day.


The omega went straight to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. He desperately needed the caffeine to function properly. He silently watched the coffee brew; its strong smell helped relax his tense muscles and ease his anxious mind. When it was ready, he filled the dark liquid into a big blue mug and went to his room, holding the mug in both of his hands. He should probably eat something, instead of drowning his system with coffee, but Tweek was not feeling very hungry right now. The image of Craig was still fresh in his mind, and he felt giddy inside. Not even his stupid teacher Ms Nelson was able to ruin his mood because the only alpha he wanted to impress was Craig, who had invited him to Token’s party. Only the popular kids were usually invited, and Wendy and Kyle had assured him that Craig liked him back.


When he came to his room, it was a mess. It always was. Even if he tidied his room, it would look the same as it looked before the next day. Papers and pencils were sprawled out onto the floor, his bed was unmade, and his clothes were randomly thrown over a chair or on the bed, instead of neatly put into the closet. The shelves were messily filled with books and other things, there was no system whatsoever. Tweek understood why a clean-freak like Kyle would feel uneasy in his room. It always looked as if a bomb had exploded in there. That’s why they met at Kyle’s place most of the time because Tweek’s messy tendencies freaked the ginger out. It was funny to watch sometimes and didn’t bother him. Everyone had their quirks.


He felt bored and decided to face-time Wendy and Kyle.


The screen of his phone read calling. The omega waited a moment for his friends to pick up the phone. Seconds later, both Wendy and Kyle appeared on the screen.


“Hey” both Wendy and Kyle said.


“Hey” Tweek greeted back, giving them a small wave.


“What are you up to?” he asked.


“Well, I built a nest” started Kyle.


“Why? Are you close to your heat?” Wendy interrupted.


“No. Ike just likes them, so I built one. We played video games in it, but he fell asleep.” The ginger shifted his phone and pointed to the mass of pillows and blankets in front of his bed, where the small alpha was peacefully napping in.


“That’s ngh sw-eet arg. Ike ngh i-is cute.” Tweek responded.


He wished he had a little brother like Ike, but unfortunately, he was an only-child. The blonde omega liked Kyle’s family in general. Kyle’s mother Sheila was a bit eccentric, but a nice lady overall. She always treated him so motherly, something he wasn’t used to but appreciated.


The first time Tweek and Wendy came over, the beta-woman was so excited, she demanded to take a picture of the three omegas. Tweek thought it was endearing, Kyle on the other hand, had been embarrassed and apologised for his mother’s weird behaviour. The red head told them that back in New Jersey, he never brought friends home because he never really had people, he considered real friends.


Tweek had also met Kyle’s father. Now, the alpha was an odd one. One the one hand, he wanted his son to marry into a prestigious and influential family, but on the other hand, he couldn’t bear the thought of Kyle eventually losing his innocence.


“Awww!” Wendy cooed.


“Are you exited about Friday?” Kyle asked, and Tweek blinked at that.


“Mhmm yeah.” The omega nodded, pushing one of the pillows of his bed closer to his body in order to burry his red face in it.


“See? I told you he is totally into you.” Wendy commented encouragingly.


“So, you are going?” the ginger questioned him, looking behind him to check if his brother was still sleeping.


“Yeah, I ngh p-planned to. I arg th-thought you two were ngh going t-to a-a-accompany me ngh.” Tweek answered; his body shaking. He laid on his bed, knees close to his chest and tightly hugging his pillow.


“I am in. Bebe is going to.”


“I think, I am going too. I have to sneak out though. My parents will never let me go to a party.” Kyle said, rubbing his face.


“Are ngh y-you and arg B-ebe good arg? You still ngh h-haven’t m-made ngh your r-relationship public ngh.”


“I don’t know. She doesn’t want to. Sometimes, I wonder if she really likes me the way I like her, or if it is just a game to her. Recently, she has been flirting with Clyde a lot. It is like she is trying to proof to herself that she’s into alphas.” Wendy sighed. She looked conflicted.


“Ngh I-I am s-sorry ngh to h-hear that.” Tweek responded, not knowing what else to say.


“Relationships sound complicated.” Kyle added with a bored expression.


“How was your date with Stan?” Wendy suddenly asked suggestively, a smirk on her face.


Kyle’s eyes went wide like saucers and he answered: “It wasn’t a date. We studied at the library. We’re not like that.” The omega looked confused.


“S-so, you ngh d-don't li-ke ngh him?” Tweek asked. He wanted to know if Stan really got friendzoned. It would probably crush the alpha’s world.


“I have known him for a week, man. We are friends. He is my first alpha friend, and don’t talk so loudly. I don’t want my little brother to hear us talking about me possibly liking an alpha.” Kyle explained, a blush dusting his cheeks.


“So, you do like him, after all.” Wendy pressed further, sipping on her tea, and changing into a more comfortable position.


“What??!” Kyle almost yelled, covering his mouth and checking if his outburst had woken Ike.


“Y-you said ngh, I quote: ‘me ngh p-possibly liking ngh an alpha arg'.” Tweek said, snuggling into his pillow, and pulling a fluffy blanket over his head, so only his face was visible. Kyle looked so funny right now. His face and ears were as red as his hair and he was tugging on his curly locks.


“He is handsome and fun, so what. What does it matter? To me, it seems, that everyone expects of us omegas to eventually settle down with someone...That’s a boring life goal. Stan is cool and we get along. He is considerate and not put off by my use of ‘crude' language. We are only friends. Alphas and omegas can have a pure platonic relationship.” Kyle explains sternly as if trying to convince himself of his own words. He tightly hugged the stuffed polar bear on his lap, nuzzling into it.


“Calm down. We're just teasing you. By the way, why is your brother so overprotective of you?” Wendy asked, chuckling.


“H-he ngh is very arg protective o-of you ngh.” Tweek nodded. Even though, he found Ike cute, the young alpha was, indeed, quite overprotective. He threatened Stan without hesitation and that despite Stan's obvious greater strength. The blond admired Ike’s courage. If only he had the same courage when it came to Craig.


“Hmm, well he’s always been protective of me and my father had probably contributed a lot to that. He had told him from the very beginning that it was his job, as the alpha brother, to protect his omega brother. There had also been an incident at my old school, but I don’t want to talk about it right now, so yeah. Ever since then, he’s gotten even more protective.” Kyle told them; he looked uneasy.


“Okay. We won’t force you to tell us things you are not yet comfortable sharing with us.” Wendy assured.


“B-but ngh I h-hope y-you ngh are going t-to ngh t-tell us b-because ngh now I am c-curious arg!!” Tweek whined. He really, really, really wanted to know what that incident was all about. He hoped it wasn’t something that traumatised his red-haired friend. Tweek tugged a little at his hair, reaching for his mug that was standing on the night table next to his bed, and taking a big gulp from his coffee.


“I will in due time.” Kyle promised with a genuine smile on his face.




Today, Craig had planned to ask Tweek out on a date, but instead of asking him out, he asked him to attend the party instead. He blamed Tweek’s omega friend Kyle for it because the irritating ginger, Stan had the hots for, had interrupted him. He really liked the blonde. He had liked him for a long time because he was so different from everyone else. His friends had teased him about it and made fun of the omega for his twitching, but Craig found it rather endearing and cute. He loved how his big green eyes went wide, how his small hands tugged on the blond messy hair, and how he always missed a few buttons on his shirt. He was smart and so open about his emotions, whereas Craig had difficulties expressing his. They were like the sun and the moon. They made up for what the other lacked. They contemplated each other. The alpha loved Tweek more than the celestial objects in the sky. He would even choose him over his genuine pig Spike the 5th.


The alpha was headed towards Token’s place and when he reached the mansion, he rang the doorbell, patiently waiting for Token to open the door. The door opened, and he made his way in without so much as greeting the other first.


“Why is it that everyone seems to invite themselves into my home?” Token asked, following behind Craig, who went into the gaming room and sprawled out onto the couch.


“It’s the biggest place.” He responded.


He wasn’t the least bit surprised to see Clyde, Jimmy, Stan and Kenny there too. They were playing pool.


“Hello to you too, asshole.” Clyde greeted with a grin and Craig flipped him off.


“Saw you today. You were quite the flirt, but didn’t you say you wanted to ask him out?” Kenny snickered.


“Yeah, y-y-y-you looked i-i-i-i-n-ntense.” Jimmy added.


“Well, didn’t go as planned. His friend irritated me.” He answered.


“Don’t you dare mistreat him like that again.” Stan glared, angrily pointing a finger at him.


“I just shoved him aside. He shoved me first, by the way.” Said Craid, waving his hand dismissively.


“Well, you were, as Jimmy put it, quite intense. Kyle just wanted to protect Tweek, and you roughly shoved him to the side like this. You’re an asshole.” Countered Stan.


“Takes an asshole to know one. Besides, “your" Kyle needs to chill. He is so damn annoying.” Sighed Craig, rubbing the sides of his head with two fingers.


“Kyle has a lovely personality. He is not annoying. He is beautiful and smart and has a nice body and...” Stan started.


However, before he could go on, Kenny stopped him: “Okay, that’s enough. I can’t possibly take another hour of you daydreaming about Kyle, man. Give me a break, dude.”


“Craig, man. Took you long enough to finally ask him to hang out. I mean, I told you several times that inviting him would be a good idea, so the credit goes to the flirt master, namely me.” Clyde interjected, changing the flow of the conversation and handing the cue stick over to Stan, who pouted at Kenny.


“You always act so awkward in front of him though. And who named you flirt master, Clyde? You're so full of yourself. That’s why Bebe doesn’t want you.” Stan said, missing to get ball #12 in.


“Look who’s talking.” Pointed out Kenny, while giving the ball a gentle strike from the foot spot.


“At l-l-l-l-l-least he-e st-t-t-topped p-p-p-p-unking at the peopl-e he l-l-l-likes.” Jimmy commented.


“Yeah, that habit was disgusting.” Token yelled from the other side of the room, getting the beer cans and energy drinks out of the fridge.


“I had a sensitive stomach, god damn it. I’ll never hear the end of it, will I?” asked Stan rhetorically. He put the cue aside and sat onto the couch next to Craig, nudging at his legs to make some space. Craig reluctantly did so.


“Dude, Bebe totally wants me. She has been flirting with me non-stop. I tell you, she is falling for me.” The brunette alpha said smugly.


“Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Clyde. And you both suck at flirting.” Answered Craig. The alpha had watched Stan with Kyle and it was ridiculous. He didn’t even want to start with Clyde's retarded pick-up lines.


“Yeah, Stan’s definitely last place.” Kenny smirked, striking another ball into the bracket. “You lost by the way.”


They laughed at Stan, whose face turned red.


“I already told you. I panicked. And if Craig is any better.” The alpha said. His reaction confirmed what Craig had known all along. The guy was an idiot.


After a while, the boys were all gathered around the small glass table in front of the couch. Craig was still purposely taking up all the space.


“You think he will come?” he mumbled out.


“I-I am s-s-sure he will.” Jimmy answered.


“Dude, Tweek is into you.” Kenny assured, patting his leg.


Craig made a face at the action and draw his leg away, though Kenny’s assurance eased the nervousness inside him. At the party, he intends to confess to Tweek, and hopefully the omega felt the same.


The guys were watching him, as if they expected him to say more. He didn’t. Craig listened to the others talking and teasing each other, when suddenly the door bell rang again and interrupted their conversations.


Craig didn’t bother to look up, but he recognised the annoying voice that he could already hear from the hall entry: Cartman. The one guy, he just could not stand at all. Stan and Kenny were cool, he didn’t mind them. Kenny was an easy-going guy and Stan liked animals. The two alphas used to hate each other and used to constantly be on each other’s throat, but as they grew older the hatred vanished, and they became somewhat friends. They realised that their constant head bashing was to show dominance.


“Hello guys, nice that you have a get-together without me.” Cartman came in, complaining as always. He was always bitching about something.


“Shut up.” Craig commented, not in the mood to deal with the fat kid.


“So polite, Craig. Heard you invited the spaz to the party. Tell me, are you into freaks?” Eric asked mockingly.


Craig could feel his eye twitch, but he didn’t want to give Cartman the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of him. So, he just showed him his middle finger.


“Don’t call him that, you fat prick.” Craig added, his voice dark.


“Who invited you, fatass?” asked Stan, confused as to why he was even here to begin with.


“I invited myself, Jew bitch lover.” Stated the beta, and Token just shook his head, rubbing the sides of his forehead with his fingers. This guy was exhausting.


Craig calmly watched as Stan reacted to the insult. The alpha grabbed Cartman by the front of his shirt, about to punch him in the face, but Kenny and Clyde stopped him. Craig was a bit disappointed. It would have been sooo satisfying seeing the fatass get the shit beat out of him.


One day, he might actually pummel him into a bloody pulp, since he had put 'Beating the Shit out of Eric Cartman' onto his bucket list. He was so close to losing his composure, but the rational part of the alpha’s brain knew better than to play the beta’s games.


“N-n-n-no f-f-fighting guys.” Jimmy said with a stern voice.


“The fatass started it! Don’t call Kyle a bitch!” Stan yelled, trying to grab Eric again, who put his hands up in mock-defeat. Stan; however, couldn’t get a hold of Cartman, since Kenny and Clyde were still preventing him from doing so.


“You want to get kicked out?” Token asked Cartman.


“You’re no fun.” Eric huffed defeatedly, before sitting down on the ground.


“Especially you Tucker, damn fucking virgin.” The beta grunted out, reaching out for the bowl of crisps.


“I am not ashamed of being a virgin.” Craig stated plainly, scratching at his neck. That guy was a major headache, like a tumour that always grew back, no matter how often you got radiation treatment.


“Well, it’s uncommon for an alpha your age to still be a virgin.” Commented Clyde. The brunette alpha was known for his many one-night stands. Recently, the brunette had started to try get with Bebe because he liked her big boobs, and even though she flirted back, she didn’t seem that interested. Craig thought that it looked forced.


“As if I give two fucks about that. There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin, man.” He answered coolly.


“You never give a damn about anything, but Tweek, your guinea pig and space-related stuff.” Stan commented.


“You have a point, there.” Agreed Token.


“Pffff—. A virgin. Haha he. He is pfff- actually a Haha he virgin. I just said that hehe randomly hahaha. I didn’t think you pff actually were haha.” Cartman started laughing.


“Shut up. As if Heidi ever let you put it in.” Kenny shouted, questiongly looking at the beta.


“We do it all the time.” Eric had stopped laughing, shoving the salty crisps into his mouth with a serious expression on his face.


“Eww. Stop! Just imagining your fat ass with anyone is a total mindfuck.” Stan said, making gagging noises.


Laughter erupted in the room. Clyde almost fell off the pool table, and Kenny seemed to have lost it completely with how he was rolling around on the floor.


“I agree with Marsh. I almost had an aneurysm.” Craig agreed, shuddering slightly in disgust.


“Fuck you guys.” Cartman yelled, looking angry and pouting for almost the rest of the day, only starting to relax again when Kenny suggested for them to smoke some pot. Who would ever say no to that? Well, Craig did.




Craig came home late and sneaked into the house, hoping that his parents were already fast asleep. He tumbled a little bit when he tried to put of his shoes, since he was a little tipsy. They did have a few beers and smoked some weed after all, although Craig had declined the weed and smoked normal cigarettes instead. He had to ride home on his bike, and he didn’t want his parents to smell the weed on his clothes. The steps of the stairs creaked and the alpha winced. The house was dark, and he had to explore the way up to his room with his fingers. When Craig reached the last step, the light went on, and the alpha tensed upon hearing his father’s stern voice coming from downstairs. His father Thomas Tucker could be a real pain sometimes.


“Where have you been? Do you know what time it is?! You have school tomorrow.” the older alpha said, anger laced his tone.


Craig didn’t bother turning around and face his father. He just couldn’t deal with the old man right now. The raven let out a long exasperating sigh, the kind of sigh that pissed his dad off. His old man hated when Craig dismissed him like that.


“I was at Token's. We have a study group.” He lied. Well, it was only half a lie, since he had, indeed, been at Token's place.


“Now, I don’t believe you. Do you think I am that stupid?” Thomas asked rhetorically.


“You can ask Token if you don’t believe me. Are you done breathing down my neck? If you don’t mind, I am gonna go to bed now, since I am well aware of the fact, that I have school tomorrow.” Craig answered dismissively, heading to the bathroom without waiting for his father’s answer. The last thing he heard before the door fell shut was the older alpha yelling after him and calling him a rude brat.


Craig put off his jacket and stripped out of his hoodie and jeans, and neatly folded them before throwing them into the dirty laundry basket. The alpha knew that he wouldn’t have needed to fold his clothes, but it was out of habit. Craig brushed his teeth and got ready for bed. He was beat and tired.


The first thing he did, when he entered his room was checking on his genuine pig. Stripe was sitting in the small wooden shelter munching on a small piece of carrot. Craig opened the cage and petted the small animal’s head.


Craig’s room was neat, not a single thing was laying on the floor. It was clean and tidy. The only crooked piece in his room was the poster of the planetary system that was hanging on the wall beside the door. His bed stood on the wall next to the window, so he could look at the stars at night. On his desk was his computer and next to it a model spacecraft that he put together himself. Stripe's cage was right next to the desk, and the closet was in the corner of the room.


The alpha got under the covers of his bed and looked at the ceiling. When it was dark outside and the light was switched off, you could see the stars and planets he and sister had painted on the ceiling with fluorescent colour when Craig was about 10 years old. He couldn’t bring himself to remove it, so it stayed that way.


His mind started to wander to a certain blonde omega, who occupied his thoughts constantly. He thought about Tweek’s small frame and how good he would look writhing beneath Craig’s bigger body. The omega was small and delicate, and his scent was intoxicating.


The alpha slid his hand down his pyjama pants and grabbed the base of his cock and started to leisurely stroke it with the image of Tweek in his head.


He imagined the sounds and faces the omega would make when pleasured, and gripped his cock firmer, rubbing the head and getting lost in his fantasy.




Craig was standing close to Tweek and put the omega’s face into both of his hands, stroking the blonde's plump bottom lip with his thumb. They were both naked and Tweek’s big beautiful green eyes were slightly closed; he was looking directly into the alpha’s eyes, whimpering. The raven pushed Tweek’s lithe body closer to his, so they were flush together. The omega's head was resting on Craig's chest. The alpha’s hands went down to Tweek’s neck, slightly rubbing the scent glands, causing a throaty moan to tumble from the omega’s lips. The omega looked delicious with his flushed cheeks, his glassy eyes and his shaking hands that clinched onto Craig for dear life. Craig continued his quest and slid his hands past the omega’s shoulders, down his sides, until they rested on Tweek’s ass. He squeezed the omega’s perky butt roughly, and the omega squeaked and threw his hands over Craig’s broad muscular shoulders. They were both painfully hard. The alpha smiled smugly and lifted the omega up.


“Wrap your legs around my waist.” He whispered sultry into Tweek’s ear, making him shudder.


The omega did as he was told and wrapped his thin legs around the alpha’s waist, and that’s when Craig started kissing him. The kiss was soft at first, some pecks here and there. After testing he waters, he began licking into Tweek’s mouth. The omega moaned into the kiss, falling apart in Craig’s arms. The raven could feel the slick leaking from Tweek’s entrance, so he knew he was doing things right. The alpha moved to the bed and threw the blond onto the soft cushions. Craig admired how the strands of blonde hair sprawled out onto the pillow below. Tweek’s pupils were dilated, he was panting, his rosy nipples were hard, and the slick was pooling down his legs; his dick laid flush onto his stomach.


“Take me Craig.” Said the omega, reaching out for the alpha, spreading his legs apart. Craig stared at him, awe struck by how beautiful the omega looked.


Craig lost his composure and took Tweek’s leg, pulling the omega forward and hovering above him, wasting no time in entering the omega.


Craig panted, and quickened his pace, grabbing his dick harder, occasionally thrusting up to meet his hand midway.


“Tweek aah ahh mnh.” Craig groaned, imagining how tight the omega would be.


Craig was vigorously thrusting into Tweek’s tight slicked-up entrance. There was no rhythm to his movement, and Tweek was urging him to move faster and harder.


“Faster Craig. Fuck me like you mean it!” Tweek screamed, a moaning mess beneath Craig.


“Fuck babe”, he moaned, “your alpha is gonna take good care of you. I am gonna fuck you so good.”


The blond hair was already sticking to the omega’s forehead, and Craig kissed Tweek again, successfully silencing him with his mouth. He smelled and tasted divine. He kissed and sucked all over the omega’s body, leaving a trail of red marks and hickeys. He knew he was possessive. He wanted everyone to know that Tweek belonged to him. He wanted to be Tweek’s first and last.


With one hard thrust, a white streak of cum splattered over Craig’s hand, painting his pyjama pants white. His knot swelled, and the raven knew it was going to take a while for it to go down; the image of Tweek still too prominent in his mind.




By the time he had calmed down, the alpha started to clean up. He felt kind of bad for masturbating to the omega like that. It felt like he had violated Tweek somehow, though he knew that it was irrational of him to feel that way. Craig shook his head and rubbed his hands over his face, staring out of the window at the street that was illuminated by the dim light of the street lamps. The alpha was determined to make the omega his.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5 – The Party Part I


Kyle was sitting at his desk, studying for their physics test next week, trying to concentrate on the tasks. The sun had already disappeared, and the moon had taken its place, illuminating the dark pavement outside. It was still January, but the month would be ending in a couple of days. Kyle hated February, mainly February the 14th: Valentine’s day. People would stress over it and everything around him would suddenly be about love. Kyle didn’t want to think about love. He had never been in love and didn’t want to be either. He could do entirely without love.


The omega sat over the piece of paper, their physic teacher had given them as homework, and chewed on his pencil, not really registering the words he had been reading repeatedly. He couldn’t concentrate, his mind always wandered back to Stan. Why was he thinking so much about the alpha anyway? They were friends, and he hadn’t known the raven for too long. Only more than a week. Sure, Kyle really enjoyed hanging out with Stan; the alpha made him laugh and seemed to understand him, though his parents and especially Ike couldn’t know about him and Stan spending time alone together outside from school. But there was nothing more to it. Just friends having a good time. At least that was what he tried to convince himself of.


The party was this evening, starting around 9 o'clock. Suddenly, he heard his phone vibrate next to him; he had received a message. Before checking who had messaged him, the omega stretched his tired limbs, feeling relieved when he heard the usual cracking noises the action produced. Kyle got a warm fuzzy feeling inside, when he saw that Stan's name had popped up.


-Stan – 6:13 pm

Are you coming to the party?


Should he come? The omega wasn’t sure. He did want to go, but what if his parents found out he went to a party, where not only a lot of alphas were present but also alcohol was served. The omega sighed heavily. Well, he practically had to go, since he promised Tweek he would accompany him. He couldn’t leave his friend alone, after all. Besides, Bebe had already given him a bag with an outfit for the party. He hadn't peeked inside yet, too afraid of what she might have picked out for him.


-Kyle- 5:16 pm.

I am feeling internally conflicted. I am not allowed to go to parties...but I promised Tweek to go with him, and I really want to come, so...


Kyle put his phone down, anxiously waiting for an answer and receiving it a few seconds later. He tapped on Stan's name, chewing on his bottom lip, while reading the content.


-Stan- 6:16 pm.

You are 16. You have to live a little. Don’t let your parents dictate your life. Have fun! And I really want you to come!! Just tell them that you are staying over at Tweek’s or Wendy’s place.


The omega had thought about that option, but Tweek’s parents didn’t want their son to leave the house at late hours, which would put him into the same situation he had at home. Not the most suitable option. Wendy would be the alternative, but Kyle’s father always called in to check on him. The only option the omega had left was to secretly sneak out of the house, although the question of how remained a mystery. ‘Have fun’, Kyle thought. But the alpha was right. He should indeed live a little. What 16-years-old had never been to a party before? Fuck his parents and their stupid rules!


-Kyle- 6:18 pm.

I already thought about it, but my mom would suggest that they stayed over at my place... I could try to sneak out though.


Kyle tapped the table nervously with his fingers and rolled his pen around.


-Stan- 6:18 pm.

Want me to pick you up?


The omega blinked. He was surprised that the alpha offered to pick him up. Did he want to go to the party with Stan? He looked out the window and onto the dark streets; no new snow had fallen, and even though the snow gradually disappeared, it was still rather cold outside, especially at night. He would have immediately agreed, but Tweek told him Bebe would pick them up at the bus station.


-Kyle- 6:19 pm.

Bebe is giving me a ride, but the offer is appreciated! :* When will you be there?


Kyle pressed send and immediately regretted asking that question. He could already feel the blush forming on his face. He had been so confused about his feelings lately that he acted nervous around the alpha. Stan was overly affectionate, and the omega wasn’t used to being so close to an alpha that wasn’t family.


-Stan- 6:19 pm.

Around 9:30 pm. I am looking forward to it!!


-Kyle- 6:20 pm.

Okay. Me too <3


-Stan- 6:21 pm.

See you at the party!!


Kyle had a stupid smile on his face and tossed his phone on the bed, spinning around in his chair and covering his face. He stopped the spin, when his phone started ringing and jumped up to answer the call. It was an incoming call from Tweek.


- “Hello?” the omega asked.


- “Ahhh ahh!” Kyle could hear the screaming from the other end of the line and held his phone away from his ear, until it stopped.


- “Man, you’re bursting my eardrums. What’s wrong, Tweek?” The redhead asked confused, putting his legs on the desk.


- “I ngh can’t ngh d-do it arg. I am ngh n-not c-coming ngh. Too ngh m-much ngh p-p-pressure!” Tweek continued panicking, and Kyle sighed. The omega needed his friend there. Besides, he wanted the blonde to confess to Craig. He was 250 % sure that Craig reciprocated Tweek’s feelings.


- “But you were so excited to go and spend time with Craig. What happened to ‘I am going to confess to him tonight’?” Kyle stated plainly, waiting for his friend to answer.


- “B-but ngh what ngh if C-Craig r-rejects me arg? Wh-what ngh if he ngh is j-just a gen-uingly ni-ce p-person arg?” Kyle could hear how shaky Tweek’s voice had become.


- “He won’t reject you.” The omega assured Tweek. These two were somewhat constantly eye-fucking each other without realising it. It was getting on his nerves. And Craig being a genuinely nice person? Only to Tweek. The guy was an asshole to everyone else.


- “Uh-huh ngh h-how can y-you ngh be so ngh s-sure?” The blonde asked sceptically, and Kyle was sure that Tweek was pulling his hair or biting his fingernails right now. The redhead already knew that the blonde felt very insecure about himself.


- “I just know. Trust me. So, you gonna come? Have you already looked into the bag that Bebe gave you at school?” He asked his friend.


- “Mhh yeah I am ngh c-coming. I ngh told my p-parents that ngh I am s-spending the ngh n-n-night at Wendy’s arg. W-wendy said ngh s-she and B-bebe ngh are g-going ngh to pick ngh u-us up at 9:30. I arg d-did l-l-look into it arg. W-what ngh about you arg?” Tweek asked the redhead, whispering the last part.


- “That's settled then. What did she pick out for you? I haven't had the guts to look into the bag.” Kyle admitted, eying the paper bag next to him. He heard rustling from Tweek.


- “Ngh it's very lit-arg-tle c-clothing. Like ngh v-very l-little arg. I am ngh s-so ngh ner-vous!” Tweek almost screamed through the phone.


- “That bad? Now, I don't want to know what she chose.” Kyle sighed, rubbing his temples.


- “W-what ngh did y-you ngh tel-l your arg par-ents?” The anxious blonde asked him.


- “I didn't tell them anything. I am going to sneak out, and hopefully they won't notice that I am gone. I am feeling rebellious tonight! Let's meet outside at 9:25.” Kyle told Tweek. He was so going to die if his parents found out that he went to a party.


-“Ngh o-okay. T-hank ngh you arg!! I ngh am fe-eling r-ebellious ngh too!!” Tweek said; his voice sounded less anxious now.


- “No problem! See you later then.” The red head answered with a small smile on his lips.


- “SEE arg Y-YOU ngh LA-TER KY-LE ngh!!!” The blonde omega screamed into the phone, before he hung up. Kyle rubbed his ear. Ouch.


Kyle pushed himself up and changed into a sitting position. He took the bag in his hands and emptied it on his lap. He stared blankly at the clothes that had fallen out. Tweek was not exaggerating, when he told him there was very little clothing. Bebe had chosen tiny dark green shorts with tartan print, a white crop top with dark green laces on both sides and dark green sneakers. The omega scrunched his nose, accessing his outfit. Sometimes, he wondered if Bebe was aware of the temperatures outside. He let out a long sigh. When he told her that he just wanted to wear a plain hoodie and some skinny jeans, she had let out an exasperatingly loud and long gasp, dramatically waving her hands at him. She ultimately decided that she was in charge of his and Tweek's outfits. He wondered what Bebe had gotten Tweek.


The omega heard a soft knock and the door opened slowly. He turned his head towards the creaking noise, hastily putting the clothes back into the bag. He had the witty idea to just sit on it in order to hide it. That wasn’t one of his brightest moments.


“Why is it that even though you knock, you are doing it simultaneously with opening the door and entering my room!?” Kyle asked his little brother, trying to draw Ike’s attention away from the paper bag the omega was currently sitting on.


Ike, of course, noticed that his older brother hastily tried to hide something. Ike narrowed his eyes at him.


“What’s in the bag?” Ike asked straightforwardly.


“N-nothing! It’s private.” said Kyle, his eyes wandering through the room.


“You are not, you know, trying out sex toys…” the alpha asked him warily, looking directly at him.


Kyle stared at Ike in disbelieve, and his face immediately turned red, when he registered what his little brother had just said.


“IKE! What the fuck, no! What are you talking about? Jesus, no!” the omega spluttered out, covering his red face with his hands and rolling around on his bed.


“First of all, it is in a paper bag. Secondly, you are hiding it. And lastly, you said it was private.” Ike justified himself. Kyle took a pillow from his bed and threw it at the alpha who ducked the fluffy projectile successfully.


“And that’s why you assume that I must hide some sex toy. What’s wrong with you?! And what does a paper bag have to do with anything?” Kyle asked through slightly gritted teeth, still not having recovered from Ike’s assumption.


“Whatever. You are not gonna tell me what’s in there, are you?” he pointed at the paper bag that was now laying behind Kyle.


“No.” stated the omega curtly.


“Mom sent me to ask you what you wanted for dinner.” Ike changed the subject, though still curious about that ominous bag, Kyle failed to hide.


“Anything is fine.” Said Kyle.




After dinner, Kyle had excused himself and hurriedly ran up the stairs, even taking two steps at a time. Ike curiously watched his brother leave, not buying the cheap excuse Kyle had presented. His parents might really believe that the omega was tired and just wanted to go to bed early, but Ike knew that his brother was a shitty liar. He waited a little before he decided to investigate Kyle’s questionable behaviour.


“I have finished, so I am heading upstairs.” He told his parents.


“Of course, dear but put the dishes into the dishwasher.” His mother said, while his father only hummed, probably not even listening.


After the raven-haired boy cleared his plate, he went upstairs and sat in front of his room, waiting for Kyle who was shuffling around in the bathroom. After about 5 minutes, he saw Kyle leaving and kneeling on the stairs; he was on the look-out for their parents. It hadn’t surprised him at all that his brother was up to something, but what did surprise him was the skimpy clothes he was wearing. Ike was a little bit shocked to say the least. The alpha made his way towards his brother, sitting down besides him on the stairs, staring at him. The omega turned his head towards Ike, and his eyes went wide with shock and panic. He sprang up and covered his mouth to silence the muffled shriek that passed his lips. The omega wanted to say something but closed his mouth again. His left hand rubbed at his forehead, and he was fidgeting nervously. Ike just stared at the omega, saying nothing. Kyle had a pleading look on his face and grabbed Ike’s arm, dragging him to his room.


“Please, Ike. Don’t tell mom and dad.” Kyle pleaded with panic in his voice and tears collecting in his eyes. “It’s not what you think. I just...I just wanted to do what other people my age do. I...fuck.” the omega continued, pacing the room up and down.


“Don’t worry. I am not going to rat you out, and I am not going to stop you either. I mean you are 16. I just don’t approve of the outfit.” Ike sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. The thing that probably bothered him most was that Kyle was likely going to see Stan Marsh. It was obvious by the way the alpha gawked at his brother that he wanted him. Ike is not going to let the guy break his big brother’s heart. Otherwise, he will have his head.


Kyle let out a shaky breath of relief. Of course, Ike would never do anything that would put him into a difficult situation.


“I am going to a party, Ike. It’s just clothes.” Kyle said. “Could you, you know, help me sneak out?”


“At least put on a hoodie. I don’t like the idea of people seeing everything through your clothes. If you could call these small pieces of almost non-existent fabric that.” Ike stated nonchalantly, and walked over to the omega’s closet, rummaging through it until he found what he had been looking for. He threw the pullover into his older brother’s face. Kyle went with it and pulled the hoodie over his head. He was grateful.


“Satisfied? The omega asked, looking at his little brother expectantly.


“Not really, no. But I don’t want to see you unhappy, so I’ll distract mom and dad for a bit. At least, promise me that nothing is going to happen to you. You have to promise!” he brought the omega into a tight hug, rubbing his face into his chest.


“Thank you, Ike. I promise you that I will be save. I have Tweek, Wendy and Bebe with me.” The red-head promised, returning the hearty embrace.




Kyle was relieved and happy and now felt a little jittery inside at the prospect of being able to join the party. He stood at the stairs and watched Ike wander into the kitchen, where their mother was. His father was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching TV. Seconds later, the omega heard a loud scream from his mother, and their father sprang up from the couch to see what had caused the ruckus. Apparently, Ike had placed a plastic spider close to their mom, and since she hated spiders, their father was the one who now had to deal with Sheila and her frenzy. He almost felt sorry for his father. He heard Ike’s laughter and took it as his cue to run down the stairs, grab the thickest jacket that he could find in the small amount of time and put one his boots, silently closing the door behind him, as to not get caught.


Outside, the cold air hit his bare knees, and he shivered. It was cold. He saw Tweek, waiting for him on the pavement, wearing a large parka that looked like it had eaten him whole. The blonde waved at him, and Kyle sprinted towards the other omega. Tweek gave Kyle a long hug, shivering slightly.


“W-w-where ngh ha-ave you ngh b-b-bee-n arg? I h-have ngh been freez-ing m-my ass ngh off, her-e arg!” he accused, taking Kyle’s hand in his and dragging him down the road in a fast pace. The redhead didn’t know Tweek could walk so fast, considering his short legs.


“Sorry. But I am here now.” He answered weakly, letting himself be dragged along.


They walked past the dimly shining street laps and at the end of the of the narrow road there was a black truck. They hurriedly ran to it, still holding onto each other’s hands. The snow had been trampled down by the many passers-by over the day and was now a muddy pool of mostly water and dirt. The window of the car scrolled down, and the omegas were greeted by Bebe's and Clyde’s smiling faces. Bebe was wearing a red leather skirt with net suspenders tights, a black long-sleeved sheer top and red purse. Her makeup was stunning. Clyde wore a white button-up shirt, which sleeves he had rolled up, and dark jeans. Pretty simple.


“Hop in you two. I am gonna be your taxi tonight, though I won't be sober enough to bring you back home!” Clyde exclaimed loudly, his voice echoing through the empty night.


Kyle let out an annoyed sigh. Clyde was one of the most annoying people Kyle had ever had the displeasure of meeting. The alpha was obnoxious and loud, and simply put a pain in the ass.


“Heeeeyyy!! I hope you are wearing the clothes I got you!” Bebe yelled, clinching onto Clyde while greeting them.


The back door swung open, causing Tweek to scream and clasp Kyle’s hand so tightly that he thought, the blonde might have cut off all the blood supply to his hand. Wendy greeted them with a small wave, but Kyle could see on her face that she wasn’t happy at all. She was wearing a glitter skirt, a white V-neck chiffon top and a leather jacket.


Both omegas got into the car and fastened their seatbelts. Tweek pushed himself into the seat, holding onto the seatbelt, as if his life depended on it; he looked close to a panic attack. Wendy seemed to have sensed Tweek’s discomfort and put the blond’s hand into hers, while looking out of the window, her face propped up into her other hand. Kyle did the same and took Tweek’s other hand. The action made the anxious omega relax.


The truck, even though it was Clyde’s looked decently clean, as clean as someone like Clyde could be. The back windows were tinted, so you couldn't see inside. At least, that way he didn’t run the risk of being seen by someone who knew him and his parents. Clyde started the engine, and after a few minutes of driving Bebe turned around and interrupted the tense silence in the car.


“So?” she asked expectantly.


“So?” Kyle returned the question, raising an eyebrow at her.


“The clothes? Are you wearing them?” she questioned excitedly, holding Clyde’s hand.


“Mnh. y-yes...” Tweek answered shyly, fiddling with his fingers and avoiding eye contact.


“Yeah.” Kyle said simply, staring at the connection of Clyde’s and Bebe’s hands. The redhead turned towards Wendy, who was frowning.


“Great! I am so proud of myself!” Bebe exclaimed, ignoring the nasty stares Wendy had been giving her.


“You’re always great.” Clyde said, his hand wandering up her tight short skirt, and Bebe threw him a flirtatious look, batting her eyelashes at him and biting her lip.


Wendy only clicked her tongue, rolling her eyes and continued to stare solemnly out the window. Kyle could understand why Wendy was making a face. Clyde was touching her girl, and Bebe was shamefully flirty too. They drove past the convenient store and into the more isolated part of the town, until they turned into the corner of Token’s mansion. During the ride, Tweek wanted to jump out of Clyde’s car several times to walk, instead of risking death due to Clyde wild manoeuvres. Kyle wanted to jump out of the window too, but more so because of Bebe’s and Clyde’s awful and ear-damaging singing. A few minutes later, Clyde drove into the stone-paved driveway that was about the size of the school’s car park and halted his truck, parking next to several other cars. The mansion was enormous. There was a well right in front of the villa and you wouldn’t even see the end of the garden, even in the broad daylight. Kyle looked at the house in awe, and so did Tweek. The music was already blaring, and noises of laughter and happy chattering could be heard. Outside, there were several students from their school, most of whom Kyle only knew the faces of.


“We are here!” said Clyde.


“Well, obviously. “ Kyle rolled his eyes.


“So mean!” Clyde whined, “Stan thinks your cute, but your really not cute at all.” Kyle blushed a little at that.


“Don’t be a meanie, Kyle. We have Wendy who is already ruining the mood, we don’t need you joining her.” Bebe frowned.


“So, I am ruining the mood huh? I am in a great mood. Everything is peachy! Can’t you see that I am having the time of my life?!” the raven-haired omega exclaimed sarcastically, getting out of the car, slamming the door shut in the process.


“Wendy!” Bebe yelled. She jumped out of her seat and ran after Wendy, trying to catch up with her fast pace.


“What’s her deal?” the alpha question, furrowing his eyebrows. The action earned him a disapproving glare from Kyle, though the alpha seemed oblivious to it.


“L-let's ngh g-get out ngh t-then s-s-shall ngh we arg?” Tweek looked at Kyle, expecting him to follow suit, as he got out of the truck.


“Sure.” Kyle smiled, trying to forget Clyde’s earlier statement.




The music was deafening, and it smelled of booze and food. Kyle had to cover his ears at first and slowly get used to having his senses bombarded by all the noises that surrounded him at once. There were people dancing and talking and some where doing things that weren’t considered decent in public, but at a party it was probably a normal occurrence to see people lewdly grinding onto each other, or humping each other, or swallow each other’s faces. Tweek was holding onto him, as Clyde lead them through the crowd of people. They went into another room, where they could put their jackets in. The room was unexpectedly vast, even though it didn’t look like it from the outside. They walked out of the closet, but not before making sure they would find their belongings again. Tweek looked uncomfortable in the clothes Bebe had gotten him and; therefore, tried to hide behind Kyle. The blonde wore dark-blue shorts, similar to Kyle’s, that barely covered his ass and a light-blue crop top with a small breast pocket. The breast pocket had a small planetary print on it. It suited Tweek, and the redhead was sure Bebe put some thoughts into it. The blonde next to him was fidgeting, pulling and picking on his shorts; an attempt to cover himself. The two omegas stood there, in the middle of the hall, awkwardly trying to figure out what to do.


“S-s-should ngh w-we da-ance arg?” asked Tweek, shifting back and forth on the balls of his feet.


Kyle turned to face him, looking just as lost as Tweek right now: “I don’t know. I have never been to a party…”


“M-ME NE-E-IGHTER ARG!” Tweek screamed, grabbing the redhead on his arms and shaking him like a ragdoll. Before he could say anything though, Kyle heard whistling from behind and saw Kenny, Clyde and Token walking towards them with drinks in their hands.


“Man, Tweekie. Now, I know why Craig is so obsessed with you. You look hot as fuck!” Clyde said, looking the blonde up and down with a grin on his face, like he was a piece of juicy meat.


Tweek flinched at that and looked visibly uncomfortable, not that he didn't look uncomfortable before.


“Nice butt, Kyle.” Kenny said, putting an arm around the omega and being a little too close for his comfort. Kyle pushed him away, frowning.


“Have you never heard of personal space?!” the omega asked rhetorically to which Kenny just answered with a cheeky grin. He did remove his arm though.


“Guys, behave! Clyde, your lucky Craig hasn’t heard that because that would not have ended well for you.” Token spoke up, putting himself between Kyle and Kenny.


Kenny was always flirty with everyone, even though he was in a committed relationship. To Kyle it didn’t look like he was that serious about his relationship with Butters. Butters didn’t seem bothered by Kenny’s flirtatious nature, and if he was, then he hid it well with his sweet smiles and polite behaviour. Kyle had to admit that he’d probably be the jealous type. He hoped Stan wasn’t like that. Wait…what? Kyle shook his head rapidly, trying to shoo the thought away.


“Didn’t hear what?” asked a nasally voice behind them. Tweek screamed at Craig’s sudden appearance.


“Nothing!” Clyde yelled, sprinting down the hallway and into another room, grabbing an omega by the arm; a call for them to dance with him.


“Not even a simple ‘hello’, how typical. You hurt my maiden heart.” Kenny said, clutching at his chest and feigning to swipe a tear away.


“I wouldn’t consider you very maiden-like.” Craig deadpanned, turning his attention towards Tweek. Tweek was the reason he was here, after all and he looked as cute as always.


“Hey, Tweek.” He said simply, looking him up and down, but not the same way Clyde did only moments ago. It was a look of pure admiration for the blonde omega.


“Hi…arg.” Tweek stuttered, looking at the ground.


“Kyle!!”, another voice came up from behind the two omegas.


It was undoubtedly Stan’s voice. Kyle would recognize his deep and throaty voice everywhere. He turned around to greet him, when he felt two muscular arms bring him into a bone-crushing hug. He tensed up at first but soon relaxed and melted into the alpha’s warmth. He smelled really good, like freshly fallen rain.


“Hey, Stan.” The omega smiled at the alpha who returned the warm smile. The alpha turned towards Craig, who was trying to ease Tweek’s anxiety, still not letting go of Kyle.


“Dude, you just disappeared?!” he said.


“Fuck off!” countered Craig with a stoic expression.


“Guys, guys. Please.” Token said, his friends were already causing him a major headache, and the party barely started. Why was he friends with those migraine-inducing idiots again?


“Sorry, I was later then expected because of a certain somebody.” Stan told Kyle, suggestively glaring at Craig.


“You could have come with someone else.” Craig stated, not paying the other alpha any mind, too engrossed in calming the twitchy omega in front of him. They seemed to have drifted off into their own little world.


“You drive like a grandpa, man.” Stan countered to which Craig responded in his usual Craig-like manner.


Craig asked Tweek for a dance, taking his hand and leading him into another room. Kyle and Stan were left awkwardly standing in front each other surrounded by drunkenly dancing people. Kenny and Token had disappeared somewhere into the crowd moments after Tweek and Craig had left.


“You look nice.” The alpha stated, slightly covering his mouth with his hand, looking past Kyle. He didn’t want to ogle at the read-haired beauty too much, since just looking at the clothes that accentuated every curve of the omega’s body so perfectly made his mouth salivate. He looked gorgeous. He always did. He could wear ugly torn rags and still look beautiful. A red lock had fallen into Kyle’s face, and Stan so badly wanted to brush it away but refrained from doing so. He cleared his throat not sure what to do with himself.


“Th-hank you. Eh-h you look good too.” Kyle said, a blush adorning his cheeks.


Stan wore beige chinos, a navy-blue sweater, a light blue denim shirt and white sneakers, and the omega thought it suited him; made him look so much more mature. The alpha had his sleeves rolled up, so Kyle got a good look at his biceps. They were standing too close to each other due to dancing crowd and those who forced their way through it. Another swarm of people made their way through the narrow doorway, and the omega found himself pressed against the alpha’s muscular frame. Kyle held onto Stan, secretly enjoying how the warmth radiating from his body embraced him. He liked the feeling of their chests pressed together and listening to the alpha’s quickened heartbeat.


Stan’s hand had travelled down to the small of Kyle’s back, while his other hand laid on his hip. The touch was light like a feather and barely even there. Stan was trying hard not to pop a boner right then and there, keeping the touches to the minimum. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the closeness their shared or the softness of the omega's pale skin. Honestly, he so desperately wanted to press his face into the omega’s neck and breath in his delicious scent. He wanted to tenderly kiss Kyle’s scent glands and leave a trail of big red hickeys on his neck and his collar bones, so everyone knew that the omega was his. He wanted to trace his fingers up and down those supple thighs and explore every inch of the redhead’s body with his tongue. These were dangerous thoughts, and Stan had trouble keeping his composure. Stan had to change his mental image for a moment. He looked at the omega, counting his long dark lashes and drowning in his forest green eyes. They pulled him in like quicksand. They looked so clear and beautiful, even under the dim light. When their eyes met, both their breaths hitched, and Kyle closed his eyes maybe expecting something, or maybe not. Their bubble was broken by a screeching voice, and Kyle pushed away from the alpha, suddenly fully aware of his actions.


“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Jew boy dressed as a cheap street whore. Maybe I should warn Token about your grabby hands. Oh, where is your twitchy friend? Busy getting his slutty ass fucked by Tucker?” Cartman asked condescendingly, making gestures with his hands while speaking.


“Shut your mouth asshole, or I am going to kick your ass!” Kyle yelled, stopping Stan from stepping up for him.


“You?! Don’t make me laugh.” Cartman laughed out, throwing his head back.


“Fatass if you don’t shut up, I am going to bash your teeth in.” Stan warned, putting his hand protectively on Kyle’s shoulder. Kyle; however, swatted it away taking a few steps forward, so he stood right in front of Eric.


“What the fuck is your problem?! Just fuck off, you fat piece of trash!” the omega hissed, glaring up at the beta who scowled in return.


Every fibre of Kyle’s body hated the beta with such great passion, he would like to just throw him in front of a bus. He probably wouldn’t even feel bad about it, figuring that he would do every other human being - and society in general - a favour. They had had their fair share of run-ins already, and it seemed Cartman purposely sought Kyle out just to piss him off. He bad-mouthed his friends in front of him, insulted him personally and made abusive remarks about omegas.


“Wow. Aren’t you brave? Actually, if you ask me so directly, I shall answer your question. You omegas are my problem. All you do is whore around and flaunt your asses because that’s all you can do. You piss me off the most because you just can’t accept the fact that you are inferior, and inferior beings should not be allowed to run their mouths.” Cartman said, glowering at the omega.


That was the final straw Kyle needed to attack. He jumped at Cartman and tried to get a hold on his throat, so he could choke him. The music had stopped sometime in the middle, and Cartman fell to the floor, arms covering his face. The beta didn’t expect the omega to actually launch at him. Kyle was on top of Cartman, putting all his weight onto the beta ready to deliver another final blow to the brunette’s face, but was stopped by two arms grabbing him from behind and pulling him off the yelling and cursing beta. The omega tried to struggle his way free; he kicked and screamed, but Stan had him immobilised.


“I am going to fucking murder you!” Kyle screamed angrily, his breathing came out in slow puffs.


“You damn bitch!” Cartman yelled back, holding his right cheek, where Kyle managed to strike him.


A crowd had formed around them, curiously observing the commotion they had caused. The people around them spurted them on, some cheering for the omega, while other’s wanted Eric to put Kyle into his place.


“Beat his ass, Kyle!” cheered Nicole, a beta from his class and Token’s girlfriend.


“Teach the omega a lesson, Cartman. Don’t let an omega talk to you like that!” yelled Kevin Stolley, an alpha.


“Okay. Guys. Guys! Stop it already. Kyle, stop threatening Cartman, and fatass stop being an asshole!” Stan yelled, successfully silencing the crowd and Cartman with the authority that was seeping through his voice, though Kyle wasn’t having any of it.


“He started it. Let go of me, Stan.” The omega struggled against the strong hold, but to no avail; the alpha just wouldn’t budge.


“Bring it on, you leg-spreading whore.” The beta stood up, puffing out his chest, though he immediately backed off, when Stan glowered at him dangerously, releasing his scent.


When the alpha’s scent entered Kyle’s nostrils, he tensed up, feeling the urge to submit and bare his neck. He had stopped fighting the alpha’s grip on him and dared peeking up. Stan looked so feral in that moment. Something akin to fear, but also excitement, started to pool in the pit of Kyle’s stomach at the mere sight of the alpha. The blue in the raven-haired boy’s eyes was more prominent, and there was a certain yellowish glow to it. Kyle could feel the slick running out of his hole. He was disgusted with himself, for suddenly feeling aroused at the display of power; disgusted for being so weak; weak like an omega. The omega hated that feeling; the feeling of powerlessness. He hated being reminded of the alleged superiority of alphas.


After that, the room slowly dispersed, and Kyle and Stan were left alone in the hallway. The omega looked down at his feet, having gone lax against the alpha’s broad chest, staring at the ceiling.


“I am sorry.” The alpha abruptly said, feeling guilty.


There was a small pause, before Kyle responded in a raspy voice: “You can let go of me now.”


Stan removed his arms around the omega as fast as lighting and put some distance between them. The expression on the omega’s face so empty, it made the alpha’s stomach churn. The music had started again, though it wasn’t as deafening as before. Kyle moved to the papered wall beside the wooden stairs, that lead to the second floor, and leaned against it, gripping the wallpaper behind him. He covered his face with his hands and glided down the wall, taking in deep breaths of air. His knees were drawn to his chest, and his head was bent upwards, his fingers rubbing his tired eyelids. He didn’t know what to feel right now. Cartman made him so mad, but so did all these other pricks that were siding with the beta. He felt so vulnerable. He sensed Stan’s eyes watching him; the alpha was standing there, in the hallway, like a lost puppy. The raven-haired boy moved over to the omega, sliding down the wall next to him, just sitting there without any words of comfort, which was what Kyle actually preferred right now, though he needed time for himself to think.


“Stan”, the omega started, observing the alpha’s handsome face lighten up at the call of his name, “could you…could you give me some alone-time? I…I…”


“It’s okay.” The alpha said, stopping Kyle from continuing by taking the omega’s face in his hands and putting his thumb over his lips. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked tentatively.


“…no…” the omega answered plainly, while drawing patterns over his left knee.


“I’ll see you later, right? You’re not leaving, are you?” the alpha asked with a troubled expression that didn’t suit his gorgeous features.


“I am not leaving.” The redhead said, offering a weak smile, and Stan gave him a curt nod.


The alpha then stood up, and Kyle watched him walk into the other room, where the party has moved to. The dejected fall of Stan’s shoulders made him feel bad, and he cursed himself under his breath for being such an over-sensible cry-baby.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6 – The party part II


Craig sighed as he handed out yet another hot dog for another hungry customer. The queue of people waiting for their food to be served seemed endless, even though there weren’t as many people as before. The alpha hated this. He didn’t even know how he ended up selling food at one of Tricia's volleyball games. Well, he technically knew how. It was because of his little sister that manipulative little fuck. She asked him, or more like coerced him into helping. She would have told their parents about him smoking pot if he hadn’t agreed. His parents would have forbidden him to go to the party tonight, which wouldn’t have made any difference because he would have gone anyway with or without their permission, but he could not stand his mother’s scolding. He needed to see Tweek. He wanted the omega to be his. At least, the tournament was going to be over soon, and they were running out of food anyway. The gym had been surprisingly full of people, considering that they were at a kid's volleyball game. These games were boring and uneventful as hell.

He looked at his wrist watch to see that it was already half past 7. Only about 15 minutes had passed, since the last time he checked his watch. He had still another 30 minutes to go plus the time they needed to clean up the place. He groaned, rubbing his forehead tiredly. The alpha leaned his elbow on the counter, taking another order with a disinterested look on his face. At least, the amount of people demanding food had decreased considerably.

The only one left now was a beta lady who had a dissatisfied frown on her overly-painted face. She had one hand on her hip and her foot was tapping the floor impatiently. It was annoying and Craig so desperately wanted to flip her off, but he refrained from doing so. He wasn’t keen on receiving his “boss’s” wrath again for being impolite. Ms Daniels, Nicole’s mum, was a scary lady when angered, so he kept his expression as neutral as always; not that this was difficult for him to manage. His facial expressions were limited, and Clyde had called it a ‘resting bitch-face'. Whatever he meant by that.

“My food is cold.” The beta stated, looking at the alpha expectantly.

“I am sorry, I will let the kitchen know.” He answered dryly, not sounding apologetic at all. He turned around towards the kitchen and yelled: “The food was cold.”

“But there is nobody in the kitchen.” The woman pointed out confused.

“I know.” Craig responded nonchalantly.

The beta gaped at him; her mouth opened but closed again. She had an exasperated expression, as if he had deeply offended her. She seemed to get out of her stupor and stomped her foot on the ground, before turning away, but not without dramatically flipping her long blonde hair behind her shoulder. Craig had a small, barely visible grin on his lips. Pissing her off made his dull day a little bit brighter, but not as bright as the prospect of seeing Tweek.




He came home around 8:45 and went straight up to his room to get ready, avoiding being seen by his father. They didn’t have the best relationship, and there were times when they wouldn’t exchange a word for weeks. Craig didn’t really care that much. He had never been the most talk-active person anyway.

He went to Stripe's cage and got the guinea pig out of it in order to put him into the bigger enclosure downstairs. The alpha didn’t want Stripe to get bored spending the day mostly in the small cage in his room. He petted his soft fur, leisurely stroking it from the animal’s head to his back. He had been thinking about getting his genuine pig a companion and friend, so Stripe doesn’t feel lonely. He read that guinea pigs are quite social, and it was recommended that people hold them at least in pairs. Maybe, he should ask Tweek to accompany him to the pet store. It would be something they could do after Craig had taken the omega on their first date. He must have had a pretty stupid look on his face because his sister was staring at him like he had just grown a second head.

“What’s with that face? You look even uglier than you usually do, and that is pretty hard to achieve.” She said, lazily laying on the couch, one leg bent over the other. She was reading one of her volleyball magazines. So boring.

“You always seem to top it, though.” He answered calmly, putting Stripe into the confinement.

The small animal immediately started crawling around, heading towards the food. Of fucking course. He was a glutton. Craig had to make sure he wouldn’t become overweight. He wouldn’t want his precious Stripe to rival Cartman’s obesity.

Tricia looked up from her magazine, her expression neutral. The only thing he got from her as an answer was her middle finger; that kind of habit ran within the family. He wasn’t impressed at all though and mimicked her behaviour.

“Weren’t you about to head out to that party? If I remember correctly, you wanted to woo that blonde omega. You know. The one you are constantly jerking off to.” She stated matter-of-factly.

‘Where would she know that from?’ the alpha questioned, and his eyes widened for a brief moment. His little sister must have noticed it because she added: “I was joking, but now I know that you actually do jerk off to the thought of him.”

“Tzz. I am not going to justify myself for something that is completely natural.” The alpha said.

With that he ended their short conversation and left the living room, heading upstairs. He had to get ready, since he was already running late. He usually wouldn’t give two fucks about being late, but tonight was special, since Tweek would be there. Most of the times, he would be the last one to arrive at a party, and one of the first people to leave. He could only tolerate Cartman for so long.

He was about to get dressed when, suddenly, his door burst open. There was Stan, standing in all his not-so-much glory, barging into his room, as if it was the most natural thing to do. The alpha plopped down onto Craig’s bed, and the Craig could feel the annoyance creeping up on him.

“What the fuck, Marsh. What are you doing here?” he asked with irritation in his voice, pulling his shirt over his head and putting both of his arm into each sleeve.

“I need a ride.” Stan simply stated, yawning.

“So what? What on earth made you think, I of all people, would give you one?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

“Well, you have a car. I was close to you house, and I figured that your kind heart wouldn’t possibly reject me, and I don’t want to ride with Cartman.” He counted with his fingers.

Craig stared at the alpha. He sounded as stupid as Clyde, and he was used to Clyde spouting nonsense 24/7.

“You were wrong. I don’t pick up strays.” He stated, turning away.

“Do you want to know what Tweek really likes?” Stan asked, already knowing that he had Craig on the hook only by mentioning Tweek’s name in a sentence.

Craig didn’t want to admit it, but he was dying to get to know every single detail about Tweek. He refused to call his behaviour stalker-like. He preferred to call it observing from a distance. What could he say? Tweek was his weakness.

“How would you know what Tweek likes?” Craig asked, narrowing his eyes at the other alpha.

“Kyle told me. He likes talking about his friends, and I enjoy listening to him talk. He always makes these cute noises when he thinks he talked to much or when he sneezes. When he laughs his big green beautiful eyes become really small because he clenches them shut involuntarily. He looks ado...” the boy started rambling.

“Dude, I don’t want to hear your rambling about that passive-aggressive ginger. Give me the information I want.” Craig said while pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I have you know that Kyle’s ‘passive-aggressiveness’, as you called it, is really sexy. Oh yeah, Tweek likes squeeze hugs.” Stan said.

“Squeeze hugs?” Craig questioned.

“Hugs in which you squeeze a person tightly when you hug them. Kyle likes that sort of hug too. So maybe, it’s an omega thing. I really want to give him a squeeze hug, though I probably wouldn’t mind squeezing more things on his body.” He continued with a dreamy look on his face. Craig knew that just by looking at the expression on the other alpha’s face - the kind of expression, where he would mindlessly stare at nothing in particular- that he had lost the guy.

“Fucking pervert. I could have lived without ever knowing that.” Craig mumbled under his breath. He doesn’t want to know about the guy’s secret or not-so-secret perversions.

The alpha was fully dressed now, and snipped his fingers in front of his friend, attempting to get him out of his dream world.

“Get going, dimwit.” He said, leaving his room.

“Fuck off, asshole.” Stan responded, following Craig downstairs.




The car ride was annoying to say the least. Stan was a horrible front-passenger, not as horrible as having Clyde in the front, but he was close.

“Why are you driving so slowly?” Stan asked impatiently, fidgeting in his seat way too much, for it to be a calm ride.

“I can’t go faster than 30 km/h here, you prick.” He sighed in response.

“How old are you, man? 90?” The other alpha asked sarcastically. Craig did not appreciate the tone in his voice. Stan was such a whiny bitch when the ginger was involved.

“It’s dark, and the streets are slippery from the frost. Calm your tits, Marsh. You are going to see the omega of your dreams soon enough. God damn. I hate you.” He said, raising his voice slightly and tightening the grip on the wheel.

“But what if someone else snatches him away from me? I saw him talking to that asshat Gregory at his locker the other day. If the guy dares touch him, I am so going to kick his ass. Hitting on someone else’s omega is such a cheap move and totally not cool. I can already hear him say ‘I maintained a 4.0 grade point average’ blah blah blah.” The alpha ranted, mimicking Gregory’s voice and accent.

They passed by the drug store, and the streets looked hauntedly empty. The sky was clear of all clouds, and Craig wished he could be stargazing with Tweek, instead of being trapped with Stan in a car that seemed to small right now. The alpha wanted to show the omega all the constellation that could be seen at this time of the year and tell him everything he knew and learned about space. He wanted to hold his hand, kiss his plumb lips and wake up next to the blonde’s beautiful face every day.

“He is not yours.” Craig stated plainly looking at the road.

“I know that.” Stan said, rolling his eyes.

“And frankly, I don’t think that Kyle is the kind of person that appreciates being referred to as possession. He is kind of similar to Wendy in that matter. Besides, if he likes you, then he likes you. Stop being so damn insecure because I don’t want to be the one listening to your bullshit. I am not your personal suggestion box.” Although, he had to admit that Gregory was a self-centred and self-absorbed bastard.

“I don’t see him as a mere possession, and I know that he hates it when ‘alphas go all alpha on him’.” Stan stated, making quotation marks with his fingers, before he continued: “It just agitates me when I see him talking and laughing with somebody else. I can’t just switch these ugly feelings off. God, sometimes I get the feeling that he just sees me as a friend.”

“So much for not being a suggestion box.” Craig muttered, but he answered his friend seriously anyway. “I get it, man. Listen, just tell him that you see him as more than a friend. Make sure that he knows your intentions; otherwise you might really be stuck in the friendzone forever.”

Stan turned his head to look at his alpha friend with a serious expression on his face. He put his foot on the dashboard - the action irritated Craig a tiny bit, though he chose to ignore it – leaning his arm on his propped-up knee.

He opened his mouth and said: “By the way, why are he berating me when you aren’t any better when it comes to Tweek. You are overly possessive yourself, dude. Do you remember that one time when Kevin was hitting on Tweek? You had been staring daggers at him for days, and if Token and Clyde hadn’t helt you back, you would have probably gone after him. In the end, you decided to do the most mature thing you could possibly think of; putting a stink bomb into the teacher’s desk and blaming Kevin. He got two weeks detention for that.”

“Just because I say reasonable things doesn’t mean I act reasonably all the time. Besides, nobody touches what’s rightfully mine.” Craig answered truthfully and with a certain calmness in his voice.

He knew that he sounded like a hypocrite, but at least he was aware of his own behaviour. The alpha loosened his grip on the steering wheel a bit and let his other hand rest on the gear stick, casually thumbing over it.

“Wow, dude. So intense.” Stan answered with a small laugh, “You went all Cartman on poor Kevin.”

“No, I didn’t. If I pulled a ‘Cartman’ on him, then I would have framed him for illegal drug possession by putting 2 kg of cocaine into his locker and calling the cops.”

“And you call me possessive.” The other boy murmured, shaking his head a little, opting to look out of the window. The rest of the drive they spent in a comfortable silence.

They had finally arrived at Token’s, and they weren’t even that late. Craig knows that Stan blamed his slow driving for it, but the alpha knew better. It was definitely Tricia’s fault. If you don’t know whose is to blame, then blame her. It is as easy as that. He felt upset that he hadn’t been the first to see Tweek in those kinds of clothes, although he preferred it when Tweek was himself. Just by looking at the sweet omega, he knew that Bebe had probably had her hands in it. That girl was really obsessed with fashion, especially shoes. Tweek; however, looked uncomfortable in the tiny shorts, and the crop top, even though Craig really liked the small print on the breast pocket, and the fact that he could admire the omega’s smooth skin. The one thing the alpha didn’t like was that everyone else could admire Tweek’s body too.




Tweek enjoyed the closeness he shared with Craig. In fact, the alpha was so close that if Tweek stood on his tip-toes and Craig leaned down a little bit, he would be able to kiss the alpha’s lips. The music was loud, and he didn’t know what to do. He was as clueless, if not more, as he had been when he was with Kyle. He looked up again, meeting Craig’s gaze. His blue eyes were looking at him, watching him and the intensity of the alpha's gaze on him was nerve wrecking, but not in a bad way. Craig looked as stunning as always in his blue ripped jeans and the dark red hoodie. His clothes were simple and minimalistic, and it really suited him. Tweek on the other hand, looked like a cheap hooker. He should not have let Bebe choose his clothes. Craig and he were swaying along to the music in a slow-paced rhythm, and the omega could hear the people whispering behind him again. He wasn’t sure if he imagined it or if they really did talk about him; nonetheless, he felt self-conscious again. He turned his gaze away from Craig and looked at his feet. He wanted to talk to the alpha, but he couldn’t get the words that formed in his head to pass his lips; too afraid to say something wrong.

“Are you feeling uneasy?” the alpha asked, ripping the blonde out of his thoughts.

“Arg...” Was all he could muster, so instead he shook his head as a no.

Craig touched Tweek’s lips with his thumb and gently lifted the omega’s head up.

“Don’t be nervous.” He said soothingly with a soft smile on his face. The alpha looked so gentle when he smiled, and he barely ever smiled.

Tweek's eyes lingered on Craig’s lips, and he leaned up, closing his eyes for a brief moment, slightly opening his mouth. He could feel his pulse speed up and feel his heart pound loudly in his ears, he even felt it in his fingertips. He wanted the alpha to kiss him, but he wasn’t sure how to indicate it. The omega couldn’t just initiate the kiss himself, since omegas weren’t supposed to do that in public. It was considered improper for omegas to act too invitingly or ‘provocatively’. It could be interpreted as being to promiscuous; a trait that an omega should not have. He waited for Craig to press his lips against his, yet nothing happened. He opened his eyes again and saw the alpha’s confused look. The raven-haired boy was staring at him, and the omega turned away shyly, biting his lips. He was embarrassed by his own behaviour. Did Craig not want to kiss him? Did Tweek offend him? The omega could feel his anxiety rise and he pulled away from Craig, hastily fleeing the room and ignoring the alpha’s calls and the snickers of a group of omegas that had watched the scene.

Tweek pressed his way through a crowd of people playing beer pong, earning himself disapproving grunts. Some insults were also thrown his way, but he couldn’t hear them, too lost in his own raging mind, he felt he had lost control of.

He didn’t know how big Token’s mansion actually was, but by the looks of it, it was enormous. The omega went down some big ass stairs and opened the first door on the left, entering the room and sinking down at the wall beside the door, through which he had entered the basement. He took deep breaths: in and out to ease his anxiety. His breathing was ragged and came out in short puffs. He really needed some coffee. The caffeine would surely calm him down. Tweek looked through the dark room, and the small window above him served him as light, so the omega could at least determine where he was. From the outside, he could hear voices and laughter, but he couldn’t tell whom these voices belonged to. It looked like he went right into the wine cellar. He could barely see, but he recognised huge wooden barrels and several self-crafted shelves that were filled with bottles of alcohol. The blonde nervously sat up and crawled towards the small wooden table that was located in the middle of the room and right in front of the barrels. He was curious, and he needed something to calm his nerves. If he couldn’t have his coffee, then he would just drink some of the wine, even though he’d never had a drop of alcohol before. He looked under the table and could make out the shapes of wine glasses, so he felt his way through them and chose one. His eyes had already adapted to the dark, so it wasn’t much of a problem to fill the glass with the liquid in the bottle that stood on the table. It had already been opened anyway. The omega filled the glass to the brim and gulped it down. The fast swallows caused him to cough, but it didn’t deter him from filling the glass again and drinking it in one go. He drank it so fast, he could barely taste the flavour of the drink. He sank down and let the warm fuzzy feeling engulf him. The blonde let his thoughts wander a bit, until they strayed back to his current situation. His mind felt foggy, though he was still somewhat coherent. Tweek wondered if Craig was looking for him, so he forced himself to get up from the rather comfortable position on the floor and wobbled towards the door. He tumbled over his feet and fell forward; his bare knees hitting the cold hard floor. It hurt, though he ignored the throbbing of his knee caps. The blonde reached for the door knob and pulled himself up, opening the door. The light blinded his eyes. The omega rubbed them viciously with the balls of his hands, to get his head straight. He had to climb the stairs after all. Tweek look at the stairs and set his foot on the first step. It was rather difficult, considering that his vision was a bit blurry. At the end, Tweek chose to crawl up the stairs, since he feared he would stumble again and fall down, and eventually break his neck. So, it was better to do it safely. Tweek didn’t want to risk an early death due to his current incompetence of walking without quavering. It took him awhile, but he somehow managed to do it. He clawed at the floor and cautiously pulled his body forward to lean against the wall and rest. He couldn’t close his eyes because the voice that appeared in front of him suddenly had him awake.

“Tweek. Where have you been? I have been looking for you. Why did you run away?” Craig’s nasally voice filled his ears.

“Craaiig…” he hiccupped, reaching for him with his arms. The omega wanted to cuddle up to him.

“Are you drunk? What happened to your knees?” the alpha asked with a raised eye brow. He crouched down, regarding the omega’s overall state.

“No? I j-just feel dro-wsy, and I fell onto the floor.” Tweek said, clawing at the alpha’s shirt.

“Are you hurt?” the alpha asked with a concerned voice. Tweek sported two big bruises right onto his knee caps.

“No.” the omega shook his head.

“Why did you run?” Craig asked, helping the omega up and enjoying the way, the omega clinched to him.

“You *sniff* w-wouldn’t kiss m-me…” the omega said in a small voice, tears collecting in his eyes. He buried his face in the alpha’s warmth, inhaling his relaxing scent.

“Wha-.” Craig stopped himself, squeezing the omega tightly. “I didn’t know, you wanted me to kiss you.” He finished, feeling his stomach fill with these intense and concentrated emotions of pure joy that he always felt when he was with Tweek.

“I r-really like you.” Tweek said, rubbing his face into Craig’s chest.

Craig stood there, completely flabbergasted. The alpha felt heat rise to his cheeks, and he covered his mouth with his hand. He felt sooo happy right now. He slid down the wall and took Tweek with him; the omega now in his lap, staring up at him with expectant eyes. The omega’s lips looked so kissable, so Craig did just that; he kissed the blonde on the lips. It was brief, and Craig’s lips lingered close to Tweek’s for a moment, feeling the omega’s breath against his mouth. It felt magical. They both made eye contact, and the blonde pressed their lips together once more, though with more force. He was so eager, he almost bumped his face into the alpha’s. Craig smiled as their mouths collided a second time. He grabbed the omega’s neck, pulling him in. The alpha slung his arm around Tweek’s waist, pressing him closer to his body. Tweek’s nimble fingers clasped onto the front of the alpha’s hoodie, and he felt a surge of desire hit him. The blonde licked the raven-haired boy’s lips, demanding him to open his mouth. Craig was surprised, when he felt the omega’s wet tongue on his lips, since he didn’t expect Tweek to be so bold. He had thought that he might be shy and feeble but apparently, he was wrong. The alpha opened his mouth a little, and their tentative first kiss developed into a heated and sloppy make-out session, where they both licked all over each other’s mouth - inside and out - without knowing what to do. The alpha decided to break the kiss when he felt the heat go south; a string of saliva still connecting them. They both started giggling, feeling high on the jolt of excitement and the butterflies they felt in their stomachs. The omega rubbed his face into the crook of the alpha’s neck, purring and releasing a content scent. He always felt save and secure when he was with Craig. He was overwhelmingly happy right now, and Craig felt it too. The raven-haired alpha was also proud that the omega felt so relaxed with him that he had even started purring. Omegas seldomly purred in front of their alpha. This behaviour was normally solely reserved for their babies or other omegas. Craig nuzzled into Tweek’s neck, rubbing his scent all over him, so everyone knew whom the omega belonged to.




They went back to the living room, holding hands. Tweek was walking close behind him with a faint blush covering his cheeks, and still a little bit tipsy. Plastic cups littered the floor, it reeked of alcohol, and obnoxious laughter from various students filled the room.


“Hey, Craig over here.” Clyde yelled, dramatically waving at him with both of is arms. Craig rolled his eyes but pulled Tweek along with him towards his friend who was sitting in a small circle with Kenny, Cartman, Token, Bebe and Kevin.

“Craaaaiiiig, my bestie. Let’s play ‘Never Have I Ever’” the brunette said, trying to give the other alpha a suffocating hug.

“Back off, man.” Craig laughed, pushing his friend’s face away.

“Soo cold.” The brunette alpha cried, sitting down again and laying his head onto Bebe’s lap, pretending to sob.

“Hey Craigy, I see it worked out with how much our Tweekie bird reeks of you.” Kenny smirked, and Tweek buried his face into Craig’s shoulder. The raven on the other hand, just flipped the blonde alpha off.

“Let’s play!” the rest of the group cheered.

“You know I can’t drink. I have to drive.” Craig stated, watching his best friends face fall.

“Boooh, boring.” Cartman sneered.

“Doesn’t matter. Just put your fingers down, or maybe we should spice it up and strip.” Kenny said, he was clearly tipsy at this point, and so was the rest of the group.

“Wooohoo! Stripping, stripping, stripping!” Bebe, Clyde and Cartman chanted simultaneously.

“Fucking idiots.” Craig muttered, sitting down and pulling Tweek as close as he could. The omega was shaking a bit at idea of having to remove his clothes. Although, Craig suspected that the odds of that to happen were slim, considering the omega’s personality.

“Let me go first. Let me go first.” Clyde whined excitedly.

“You are such a child.” Token said exasperatingly, rolling his eyes.

“Let the spaz start.” Cartman said, and Tweek squeaked. The statement got the beta a dangerous look from Craig.

“Fuck off, fatass.” Craig warned, but Tweek stopped him.

“It’s okay.” The blonde assured. “Never have I ever skipped class.” He said.

“So innocent.” Said Kenny, mockingly clutching at his chest. He downed the shot and removed his sweatshirt.

“My baby is so pure, even though you mostly smell of Craig now.” Bebe said, removing her tights and taking the next shot.

Everyone, but Tweek and Token had to remove one garment. Tweek watched as Craig got rid of his hoodie and gave it to the omega. The omega blushed at the gesture but pulled the hoodie over his head anyway, feeling warm and happy inside. He didn’t feel so exposed and self-conscious anymore, since the pullover went down to his bruised knees.

“Since when do the rules say, you get to put on clo-, ouch.” Clyde cried, having received a hit over the head from Token. “What was that for?”

“Shut up. It is your turn by the way.” Token answered.

“Yes mom.” Clyde said obediently. “Never have I ever taken a shower selfie and sent it to someone.”

The group stared at the brunette, but then Kenny, Bebe and Kevin took a shot and lost another piece of clothing.

“It’s my turn,” Bebe announced, “Never have I ever had a threesome.”

Clyde, Kenny and Cartman drank, removing one garment.

“You? Seriously? Who would do you?” Craig questioned Cartman with a disgusted face, raising an eyebrow at him. Token had the same look of disbelief on his face.

“Shut up, virgin. I do get laid. I am rather popular.” Eric said pridefully.

“Of course.” Bebe muttered sarcastically, while Clyde and Kenny cracked up.

“Never have I ever woken up drunk the next day in some back alley.” Kevin said, and unsurprisingly, the blonde omega had been the only one who hadn’t had that kind of experience yet.

“Never have I ever gotten a bad grade.” Token said with a grin.

“Boriiiing.” Clyde said.

“Never have I ever framed someone for something I did.” Kenny said. Craig pulled his shirt over his head, and Tweek had difficulties not ogling at the alpha’s six pack and his lean muscles. Cartman – who would have thought – took a shot and removed his shirt.

“Huh Craig!” Clyde put his hands over his mouth, producing a theatrical noise, and Craig shrugged.

“Never have I ever driven drunk.” Said Craig, putting his arm over his omega’s shoulder.

“You should have said ‘Never have I ever gotten laid’.” Cartman remarked scornfully.

“Shut your face, ugly.” the alpha answered calmly, and Tweek was surprised at this newly found information. The blonde would have never thought that Craig was a virgin, since he is very popular and good-looking. However, it somehow made him happy that, just like Tweek, Craig hadn’t slept with anyone yet. The blonde omega had always been jealous of whoever might have been the alpha’s first.




Stan knew he shouldn’t have hard feelings, but he felt as if Kyle had rejected him somehow. The thought itself was ridiculous because the alpha was sure that there was something between them. Kyle just needed some time for himself. That’s what the omega had said. However, having Kyle push him away like that hurt. When he closed the door behind him, the party was in full swing, though he hadn’t joined them for a while and decided to just sit there and wait for Kyle to enter the room. At some point, someone had turned down the music, so people were able to actually have a proper conversation without yelling at each other. The alpha's eyes were skimming the room, feeling the frustration starting to boil in the pit of his stomach. Clyde who had been playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ with the others was now sitting on the couch heavily making out with Bebe who was sitting in the alpha’s lap; Wendy nowhere in sight. Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t seen her since they arrived. Kenny, Cartman, Heidi, Token, Nicole and three other people, Stan didn’t bother to remember the names of, were half naked and cheerily sitting in a circle playing ‘Truth or Dare’. The alpha’s day would have been considerably better if Cartman wore clothes and if the beta had gone a day without triggering a reaction from Kyle.

‘I need a drink', the alpha thought, making his way into the open kitchen to get himself a beer. He was done moping around and waiting for Kyle. Stan had promised himself that today, he would not drink, but the alpha was frustrated and when he was frustrated, drinking always helped him drown his feelings. He would probably regret it afterwards, but who gives a damn.

He opened the can and gulped down the content. Wendy was always nagging him about his alleged ‘drinking problem’, but he could hold his liquor; he just chose not to. Then he poured himself another drink, but in the end, he went to just down the whole bottle. After a good amount of alcohol, he could feel all the tense muscles in his body relax. He joined some people on a drinking game, and as time went, he found himself drinking beer from a tube. He felt dizzy and went to the kitchen counter again, thinking that more alcohol would resolve the dizziness and the headache. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Henrietta, an omega he had a brief fling with during the summer, approach him.

“Hey, Stanly.” She greeted, biting her lips that were covered in black lip stick. Stan wasn’t sure if she tried to be seductive, but if she did, it wasn’t working in the slightest.

“Heeeyyy.” The alpha slurred back, lifting the flask without much coordination. He was totally wasted. He leaned his body weight onto the kitchen counter and set the bottle down, clumsily reaching for another beer can. He had difficulties opening it, but he managed it somehow.

“Are you and the ginger a thing?” the black-haired omega asked, batting her long eyelashes and leaning over, so the alpha could get a good look at her cleavage. He was so totally not looking at her boobs.

Stan pulled his eyes away and cleared his throat, a sarcastic laugh escaping his lips. “I wished,” he said, scratching his neck with his hand.

“Want me to help you forget?” she asked flirtatiously, leaning towards Stan and playing with his shirt. Stan looked at her for a long time, contemplating. Should he take her offer? ‘Kyle and I aren’t in a relationship, so it wouldn’t be an issue if I agreed’ the horny and emotional part of the alpha’s brain concluded, though the rational part of his brain felt committed to the red-haired omega. The issue was that he always got so incredibly horny when he was drunk, and he could never really control his impulses when he got wasted.

“Nah.” He answered, but he didn’t sound convincing.

“You sure? I could just suck you off. How long has it been?” she asked in a husky voice, trailing her fingers down his torso and sliding her hands into his jeans, boldly grabbing his chunk. The alpha groaned at the action, feeling his arousal grow. His intoxicated brain couldn’t really grasp the situation, but his hand moved on his own, grabbing Henrietta’s behind and harshly pulling her closer. He gave her a weak, but sly grin as he started to kiss down her neck.

“Stan?” the alpha heard a far too familiar voice. A voice he would have loved to hear in every kind of situation, but the situation right now. Why did Kyle have such a bad timing.

“Am I interrupting something?” the red-haired omega asked with a flat and cold voice, though his face betrayed the lack of emotions he tried to convey.

The alpha pulled away, harshly pushing Henrietta of him; suddenly fully aware of his actions. Kyle threw Henrietta a scornful look. He crossed he arms in front of his chest; his face turned away to the side. Stan only stared at the beautiful omega in front of him and felt incredibly guilty at the moment. The omega huffed and was about to leave, but before he could do tso, Stan grabbed him by the arm and forcefully pulled him back.

“It wasn’t what it looked like.” The alpha slurred, trying to explain himself.

“Let go of me.” Kyle spat, sadness seeping involuntarily into his voice.

“Let me explain!” Stan tried, not letting go of the omega’s wrist.

“You don’t need to. I don’t care what you do.” Kyle yelled, “Let go now! You are hurting me.”

The statement hurt, but he was right. They weren’t a thing, so he didn’t need to explain anything to the omega. He wasn’t obligated to justify his behaviour. Stan let go of the redhead’s wrist and watched him storm off.

“Kyle! Wait! Kyle!” he yelled, going after the omega and pushing the people in front of him away. The high level of alcohol in his system made it difficult to manoeuvre through the crowd and keep up with Kyle.

Kyle was angry, even though he knew that it was foolish. Stan wasn’t committed to him, so it shouldn’t be a big deal if he fooled around with another omega. Tears collected in his eyes as he got into the main hall, desperately trying to hold them back. The omega could feel the jealousy raging in his bones. What’s with all the time Stan had been flirty with him? Had Kyle been delusional? And what’s with that stupid bitch that had been all over the alpha? How dare she take advantage of the vulnerable state Stan was in? Now, he was even looking for things that could excuse the raven-haired boy’s actions. He hates the feeling of jealousy. It was one of the ugliest emotions a person could feel because it was one of the emotions that made him feel even more inferior than usually. Stan wasn’t supposed to be spending time with that ugly whore. He was supposed to only look at Kyle, and nobody else. Stan was the one that wanted him to come. Kyle even sneaked out and broke the rules of his parents. Kyle stomped through the mostly empty hall, trying to find the room, in which he had left his jacket. All of a sudden, he was grabbed by the arm again and yanked backwards. He didn’t want to turn around though, and he struggled to get out of Stan’s vice grip.

“Let’s talk, please.” The alpha pleaded.

“Leave me alone!!” Kyle yelled with a cracked voice.

The alpha just wanted to clear up the misunderstanding. He was an idiot. Getting drunk over his hurt pride and then getting fondled by an omega, he didn’t even like. The one he wanted was Kyle, and now he feared if they didn’t talk things through, his chances of getting with the redhead were ruined.


Chapter Text

Chapter 7


“Let’s just…t-talk this through.” Stan said, struggling to get the words out properly, since his mind was still processing things too slowly.


“We don’t have to talk anything through.” Kyle spat. He was upset and just wanted to leave already. It was late, and the omega wanted some peace. He needed to get his thoughts straight and back on track. The alpha was confusing him and elicited feelings, he didn’t want to have.


“I don’t…I don’t want things t-to be awkward between us!” the alpha said firmly, tightening this grip on Kyle’s wrist to the point of hurting.


They were in the hall, and Kyle’s small outburst had drawn the attention of some of the other students to them, which irritated the raven-haired boy. He wanted to have a private conversation with the ginger. He wanted to be alone with him.


Kyle on the other hand, wanted to be as far away from Stan as possible right now. He didn’t feel like talking at all. He was still embarrassed by his own behaviour. He didn’t want to admit that he might have feelings for the alpha, although he was at least willing to accept that he felt attracted to Stan’s good looks, his well-built body, and his deep throaty voice.


“Let go! I don’t want to talk!” Kyle yelled; his eyes watery. The omega felt trapped and helpless. Why was Stan so pushy?! There was no need for them to have a conversation.


Stan was about to answer, but he felt someone grab his arm, forcing him to release Kyle’s wrist. He looked at the person who interfered with him and frowned.


“He said that he didn’t want to talk. Are you deaf, Marsh?” Gregory, that dick, asked; his voice laced with arrogance.


Kyle was surprised to see the blonde alpha. They had recess together and shared some classes, but he didn’t expect him to be at the party. He rubbed his wrist and looked at Stan. The dark-haired alpha was as surprised as he was, but there was something else in his eyes, though the omega couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly. The alpha’s eyebrow twitched and his former pleading, but soft, face morphed into an angry scowl.


“That’s none of your business, asshole. Stay out of it!” Stan warned with a low voice and a clenched jaw.


The smug look on Gregory’s face made it obvious that he was unfaced by the clear threat in the other alpha’s tone. The blonde took a protective stance in front of Kyle, but unlike any other omega, Kyle took offence in the action. The blonde alpha was polite, respectful and considerate, but there was something uncanny about the courteous gestures and the kind smiles. Tweek had called it ‘the serial killer vibe'. Sometimes, during recess, the alpha would stand too close for Kyle’s comfort, and on other occasions he would touch Kyle’s face or hair by ‘accident’. Kyle had brushed it off, but Gregory still freaked him out. The omega wasn’t sure if Gregory was just a naturally kind, but weird, person or if there was a hidden agenda behind his actions. Regardless of what it was, Kyle could take care of himself. He didn’t need an alpha to step up for him. Stan wasn’t a threat to him.


“Well, it was clear to me that you didn’t seem to get the message.” Gregory said mockingly.


“I said. Out. Of. My. Way!” Stan growled, closing the gap between them, glaring down at the other alpha. The raven-haired boy tried to use his the slightly taller frame to intimidate the blonde.


“No.” Gregory stated confidently, meeting Stan’s gaze.


Normally, Stan didn’t react when he was being provoked, but Gregory was an exception. He hated the guy for some reason. He didn’t want to admit that he saw the blonde as a threat, even more so since he had also taken interest in Kyle. The alcohol also lowered his impulse control, so he lashed out more easily.


“Fuck off! I want to talk to Kyle!” he spat angrily, gripping Gregory by the front of his shirt and pushing him against the wall.


“Why so hostile? He isn’t yours. He is still on the market.” the blonde laughed in a condescending whisper, so only Stan could hear the last part. Gregory clasped onto the raven’s balled fist in return. The impact on the wall had been surprisingly painful.


“Don’t you dare refer to him as some kind of commodity.” the raven-haired teen seethed through gritted teeth, only the blonde could hear his words. Stan was seriously close to beating the shit out of that smug idiot.


“Stan, calm down!” Kenny yelled from within the crowd; however, he didn’t do anything to stop his friend and neither did the rest with most of them probably to eager to see another fight.


Kyle watched the scene in front of him and wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. They were talking, but it was not loud enough for the omega to hear what kind of words had been exchanged. Stan looked so mad and angry and even started to release an agitated scent. He had the blonde pinned against the wall; his elbow pushed against his throat. It was like he was a completely different person. Kyle preferred the sober version of Stan. The omega gripped his own arm and bit his lip, slowly moving towards the two fighting alphas. Kyle was sure if he didn’t intervene now, fists were going to fly.


“Stan. Stan, STOP IT!” Kyle yelled, softly touching the alpha’s back. The action made the alpha loosen his grip on Gregory, but his scent was still threatening. The omega felt slightly overwhelmed by the potency of the alpha’s smell, so he breathed through his mouth. He wanted to avoid barring his neck. Such a clear sign of submission in front of everyone would be humiliating.


Stan glared at the blonde alpha who was calmly straightening his clothes, but then turned towards the bystanders who were watching the commotion with interest.


“What are you looking at? Mind your own god damn business!” he growled.


At that, the people dispersed and left, leaving the three of them alone in the hallway. Stan took Kyle by the wrist again and dragged him towards an empty room in the back. The alpha forcefully pushed the omega inside the room and closed it, pinning the redhead against the now closed wooden door. The room was as spacy as all the other rooms in the mansion. The light of the nightstand was on, so the room was covered in a yellowish and soft glow. It could have been romantic if the situation would have been different and the atmosphere wouldn’t have been so tense.


“Now, let’s talk.” The alpha said lowly, swirling one of Kyle’s locks between his fingers. The omega huffed and turned away, crossing his arms over his chest; a frown on his face.


“I am sorry. Don’t hate me.” Stan whispered suddenly, leaning his head onto the omega’s shoulder, closing the distance between the two of them.


Kyle was taken aback by how vulnerable the alpha looked. He had to admit that Stan had scared him, but the alpha’s possessiveness also evoked something akin to pride in him. It had excited him, and the omega felt happy that Stan was so protective over him. He enjoyed the alpha’s attention, although Kyle still had mixed feeling about it. Was there something wrong with him?


The redhead stroked over the alpha’s soft hair and pushed a loose strand behind his ear.


“I don’t hate you. Let’s just forget about it. We’re still friends.” He said softly, though the word ‘friends’ sounded foreign and wrong. For some reason the word burned his tongue, leaving a foul taste in his mouth.


“No…I don’t want to be friends.” Stan answered, burring his face into the crook of the omega’s slender neck. “I…I want us to be more than friends. I want you.” The alpha murmured huskily against Kyle’s skin.


Kyle was speechless. He had no answer, and Stan’s warm breath tickling his neck did nothing to help his current predicament. Why did he have to be so straight-forward? Kyle wanted to ignore the burning feelings that he had developed for the alpha in such a short amount of time. At first, the omega thought that these feelings would just go away if he told himself that they were nothing more than simple and ordinary friends. He wanted it to be a temporary crush, though Stan’s sudden confession made the situation so much more difficult for Kyle. Having an alpha meant that he would lose the last bit of his already heavily limited independence. Kyle had planned to never ever fall in love and to stay away from alphas, though he had already broken the latter rule and the first too. What a failure. However, the thought of Stan being with someone else was sickening. He didn’t want that.


“Eh…” Kyle muttered with a blank mind, yet his thoughts were racing.


“I really want you. I think I love you.” Stan blurted out.


The alpha brushed his thumb tenderly over the omega’s soft plumb lips, lifting the ginger’s chin to make eye contact. Stan’s ocean-blue eyes were expectant, and he was looking at Kyle with a soft expression. The omega had to avert his eyes because he could feel the butterflies in his stomach by just looking into his eyes. The alpha was waiting for Kyle to answer, but the omega remained silent. Stan had said that he loved him, which was freaking the ginger out. What was he supposed to say? The omega was paralysed and dumbstruck. Then, all of a sudden, the alpha leaned forward and kissed his lips. Electricity was coursing through Kyle’s body, and he was confused by the physical reaction he was experiencing right now. The omega had heard that various sorts of reactions were possible in case an alpha and omega were very compatible. This would also explain Kyle’s prior reaction when he first smelled Stan’s alpha scent, and the fact that the omega so desperately wanted to please the alpha. Kyle pushed against the alpha’s chest, trying to break the kiss. Stan; however, gave the omega’s ass a firm squeeze, which made the ginger gasp out loudly, followed by a low moan. The alpha took that as an invitation and explored the omega’s mouth with his tongue. Stan was a good kisser, Kyle noted, and he was about to get lost in the sensation and the feeling of Stan’s lips and wet tongue.


“Mhm Sta-mhm. St-stop.” Kyle said, feeling his pulse quicken and fear rise in the pit of his stomach, travelling up and plugging his throat. The omega snapped out of the euphoric state and pushed at the large muscular frame of the alpha’s body.


“I wanted you the moment I saw you.” The alpha whispered against the omega’s throat, kissing and nibbling at the soft skin, leaving marks. His arousal was building up, and he could smell it on the omega too.


“W-wait! Stan…you’re moving too fast.” The omega breathed out, starting to panic, though his body betrayed him. Stan was tearing at the fabric of his clothes, and Kyle didn’t have the strength to stop him. His body felt hot and his breathing became raged. The omega was torn between letting his instincts take over and cloud his judgment or staying reasonable.


Kyle looked straight ahead, his eyes roaming through the room, struggling to get his omega instincts under control. The curtains on the big window were wide open, so he was able to look at the glimmering light of the moon. Kyle gripped that alpha’s neck and pressed them closer together. He wanted to feel more of the alpha, and he liked the way Stan’s hands felt on his body, although he didn’t like the strong smell of alcohol in the alpha’s breath. His touches were so different from how they were before. When Kyle had arrived at the party, he had enjoyed the alpha’s shy closeness and his feather-light touches, but now Stan’s touches were rough and demanding. The omega wanted to submit, but at the same time, he hated the thought of submitting. The alpha sucked at the omega’s scent gland, and Kyle let out a long hoarse moan at the sensation. The omega felt ashamed. He felt dirty for feeling aroused by doing something forbidden.


“Wa-it ah.” Kyle said weakly.


“I gonna make you feel real good.” Stan said, as they were wantonly rutting against each other.


The alpha tried to shove the omega’s pants down, though he stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the ginger’s silent sobs and saw fat tears roll down his cheeks. He put some distance between them. ‘What am I doing? Was I just about to force myself onto Kyle?’ the alpha thought, disgusted with himself.


“I am s-“ the alpha started, but he was interrupted by Kyle.


“I said you were moving too fast!” the omega cried, angrily looking at the alpha and sinking down onto the ground. He wasn’t angry at Stan per se. The omega was angrier with himself because he let his instincts get the best of him. He lost control, and Kyle hated losing control.


“I am sorry. I…I didn’t mean to…” the alpha struggled to find the right words. If there even where rights words to begin with.


“You didn’t mean WHAT?!” asked Kyle, giving Stan the same look, he only ever gave Cartman. Stan felt a lump form in his throat, and he felt sick to his stomach. He deserved the hatred in the omega’s eyes.


“Shit,” the alpha said, running his hand through his hair, “I am sorry. I’ll understand if you never want to see me again. I…”


“Please don’t hate me. I’ll do anything for you to forgive me. I love you; I truly do! I don’t know what got into me. Fuck.” Stan continued, crouching down in front of the pissed off omega. Stan tried to reach out for him and touch his hand, but Kyle pulled away and pressed himself further against the door. He was hugging his knees to his chest, and his eyes were red form the tears.


“Don’t touch me!” Kyle screeched; fear evident in his voice, posture and face. Stan made him feel, want and do things that he had never thought of before.


“Kyle, I am sorry. I am sorry for hurting you!” Stan sobbed, not able to hold back his emotions and tears.


The omega was shocked as the alpha started crying in front of him. He was sobbing uncontrollably and rubbing his face with his hands, soaking his sleeves with the salty water and snot. Kyle suddenly felt guilty when he saw Stan break down into tears. Why was the alpha sobbing like a small child? Seeing Stan so defenceless gnawed at him, and he cautiously reached out to the bawling alpha. The raven-haired boy was kneeling on the floor, gripping his hair tightly and repeatedly mumbling out ‘I am sorry’ like a mantra. Kyle crawled towards him, took the alpha’s hands and pried them away from his hair. The omega didn’t expect this kind of reaction from the alpha. He didn’t mean to guilt-trip the alpha. He cradled the raven-haired boy’s head like a mother would do with her child and started humming softly while stroking the black locks.


“Shhh…it’s okay.” Kyle whispered; his voice soft and small.


“I *sniff* hu-urt *sniff* you. I’ll n-never arg forgive *sniff* myself!” The alpha cried, rubbing his face into the omega’s embrace.


“I am sorry. You didn’t force me. I was confused. Everything is just going too fast. I…I need more time.” Kyle explained, comforting Stan. After a while the alpha calmed down.


“I am sorry.” Stan said in an apologetic way.


“Don’t worry about it. You have been forgiven.” Kyle said.


“I mean about today in general. I treated you disrespectfully, and I am sorry about that. I was jealous and I thought you had rejected me...” the alpha said, looking at Kyle. He wanted to pull the omega into a tight hug, but he refrained from doing it. He didn’t want to scare the omega. He overstepped boundaries, and he had already made Kyle cry more than once within the time span of a few hours. One time was already one time too often.





Stan left the mansion, breathing in the cold fresh air of the night. The sky was clear of any clouds and the night sky looked beautiful. The alpha understood why Craig was so fascinated by it. The stars had their own unique beauty; a beauty so different from everything else. He recalled the events that happened prior to that moment and pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing loudly. He had been too pushy with Kyle, and now he feared that things would going to be awkward. The alpha’s biggest fear; however, was Kyle rejecting him. What if he ruined everything by confessing to Kyle to early? Stan closed his eyes, the soft blow of the wind hit his face. He remembered how soft the omega’s lips were – softer than he had thought possible – and how intoxicating his mouth tasted. The omega smelled heavenly, and Stan wished he would have savoured the moment longer. He also wished that he hadn’t been intoxicated. Even though he had sobered up pretty fast, Stan had lost control and shown Kyle a side of him, he had not wanted the omega to ever witness. He got the pack of cigarettes out of his pockets and fumbled with the zipper in his hands. While lighting the cigarette he made his way towards the front gate. The alpha walked past the playground on his way home, and saw a small figure sitting on the swing; a figure he would recognise everywhere: Wendy. He hadn’t seen her all night. The only thing she had sent him was a text message reading: “Don’t drink too much!!!” He should have listened to her.


He went up to her and sat on the other swing, patiently waiting for her to break the silence.


“Hey.” She said, though her voice cracked a little at the end.


“Hey.” Stan responded, watching her and giving his swing a little push.


“I think I fucked things up with Kyle.” The alpha started, trying to get Wendy to talk.


“I figured that much. It’s you we are talking about, after all.” The raven-haired omega stated matter-of-factly, a small smile gracing her lips, though her voice still sounded sad.


“So cruel.” Stan answered, clutching at his chest in mock hurt.


“What did you do? Please, don’t tell me you confessed to him?” she questioned, rubbing her forehead.


The alpha was silent for a while, trying to figure out what to say. Should he tell her that he did confess? She knew the answer anyway.


“Was that the wrong approach?” he questioned earnestly, changing his grip on the swing’s strands.


“Yes.” She answered without beating around the bush, “you overwhelmed him. Kyle still feels insecure, even though he tries to hide it. For him having an alpha means that his personal freedom will be limited. You know how society still thinks that omegas shouldn’t pursue carriers or live without an alpha or beta. We are supposed to be obedient, hence we have the behavioural classes.”


“I would never forbid Kyle to pursue his dreams. I see him as an equal!” the alpha said, so he stopped himself. He sounded like a hypocrite right now.


“I am an asshole.” He stated plainly, looking at the ground with empty eyes.


Wendy looked at the alpha for a while before she returned to look at the ground. The alpha couldn’t quite decipher what she was thinking.


“I bet your pride got hurt and then you got drunk. Am I right?” Wendy questioned, already knowing the answer.


“Yeah.” Stan answered in defeat with his head hung low.


There was a tense silence between them, and neither of them was ready to break it. The only thing that could be heard was the jingling sound of the the swing's rope.


“Do you want to talk about it?” Stan asked the raven-haired omega cautiously, giving her a sympathetic look and breaking the minute-long silence between them.


Wendy was one of his closest friends, and the omega was always there when he needed someone to talk. So, now he wanted to be her pillar for once.


“I am fine.” The omega lied, offering the alpha a fake smile.


“No, you’re not. Is it about Bebe?” he questioned.


“I thought she liked me, but instead she had been fooling around with Clyde right in front of me almost the entire night.” She ranted; her voice was about to break.


“I really like her. Maybe I interpreted to much into our relationship. I thought that the connection that we share was something special. But she doesn’t feel the same, I guess.” The omega continued, chewing on her bottom lip until it bled, in order to stop the tears from falling.


The only thing Stan could do right now was lend his friend a shoulder to cry on. He stopped swinging and stood up, wrapping his arms around the troubled girl and pulling her into a tight embrace.


“Everything is going to be okay. Do you want to know what I think?” he asked her; his voice soothing and quiet, barely above a whisper.


Wendy buried her face into the alpha’s chest and wrapped her arms around his shoulder, relaxing into the comfort-spending hug. She nodded slightly in confirmation and let out a shaky sigh.


“I think that Bebe loves you dearly, but she is still in denial, thinking that her feelings for you are wrong, even though they are not.” Stan explained, trying to get Wendy’s confidence back.


The situation was funny. Usually, it was Wendy giving advice to him and listening to him talk about the things that were on his mind. He should have been a better friend and paid more attention to what was going on inside of her. He petted her back and tightened the hug.


“I love her, but it would be naive of me to get my hopes up. Sometimes I feel like her dirty little secret. When we are alone, she can be overly affectionate, but the moment we are in public, she wouldn’t even hold my hand anymore, even though holding hands is common for omegas. Bebe acts like I have the plague.” She sniffed.


“There is nothing dirty about it.” Stan assured her. He really wasn’t that good at giving advice himself. He hated seeing his friends sad.


They stood there by the swings on the playground in the middle of the night. The night was chilly, and the air was cold. You could see the condensed water vapour in the air every time he exhaled. His fingers started to become numb, and he could feel the cold temperatures in his bones. Wendy was shivering and so was he. At that moment, I wondered how Kyle was holding up. The omega wanted to leave, but he declined the alpha’s offer to bring him home. Stan really had a bad feeling about letting Kyle walk home on his own, and he fought against his instincts to just take the omega home anyway, he had remembered what Kyle had told him then. Kyle said that he needed time and that Stan was moving too fast. The omega had stated that the alpha was being too pushy, and he didn’t want to risk Kyle thinking that Stan was patronising him. Stan still felt uneasy about it. He couldn’t let Kyle walk home on his own. Sure, they lived in a rather peaceful town, but the possibility of someone attacking an omega that was alone was still a risk Stan wasn’t willing to take. So, he had called Craig and asked him to give the red-haired omega a lift. It turned out that Tweek had been looking for Kyle all over the place, and when Tweek and Craig arrived, the blonde omega almost crushed Kyle with how tightly he hugged his friend. It wasn’t like the raven thought that the ginger couldn’t take care of himself. Stan knew he was capable of that. He just wanted the omega to be save, after all he had been through today because of him.


Kyle hadn’t outright rejected the alpha, and the kiss they shared in the mansion felt real. Stan looked at his nimble fingers and opened his hand. Then he closed it again and repeated the process of clasping and un-clasping his palm again. He could still feel Kyle’s lithe body beneath the tips of his fingers, and the smoothness of the omega’s fair skin.


“I'll take you home.” He said to Wendy, who gave him a firm nod.




Kyle was secretly thankful for Stan's reluctance to let him walk home alone. Tweek had been fussing all over him during the drive, asking him if he was okay. The blonde was clinging onto him like a caterpillar on a tree branch, and Craig didn’t seem too pleased with his omega ignoring him. The alpha was sulking most of the time. Kyle found it weirdly amusing to see the usually stoic alpha make that kind of face, even though Craig’s pouty face still starkly resembled his normal face. Still, you could see a difference if you bothered to look for one long enough. Kyle got out of the car and had some difficulties getting out of Tweek’s bone-crushing hug. The ginger didn’t think the blonde omega was so strong, considering his small frame and thin arms. He promised Tweek to text him when he got into bed, since the blonde was persistent and thought Kyle could be snatched by someone, even though he was actually directly in front if his house. The red-haired boy wasn’t surprised that his omega friend was staying the night at Craig’s place. He was happy for his friend. He hadn’t figured out yet how to handle the situation with Stan. Recalling the events of the night, his heart still refused to listen to the rational part of his mind. Kyle closed his eyes and touched his lips, reminiscing the feeling of the alpha’s surprisingly smooth lips. He wished things had gone differently tonight though. He had seen sides of Stan, he hadn’t known existed, yet the alpha was willing to be vulnerable in front of Kyle and show him all his flaws. Stan wasn’t perfect, but the omega wasn’t perfect either.


Kyle walked past the garage and towards the small steps to the main door. Everything he did, and every movement he made was slow. He couldn’t risk making any unnecessary noises that could potentially wake up his parents. The omega carefully fumbled the key out of his pocket, taking the entire key bundle into the palm of his hand, gripping it tightly, so tightly his knuckles turned white. He slowly put the key into the keyhole and turned it around. There was a soft clicking sound that indicated that the door was unlocked now. The omega pushed the door open and went inside, still careful not to make a sound. He pulled off his jacket and put it onto the wardrobe. Then he crouched down, cautiously undoing the Velcro fastener on his boots and slipping out of them.


The omega sighed lowly, though he tended up when all of a sudden, the lights went on.


“KYLE! Where have you been?!!” his father yelled, demanding an immediate answer.


“WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!?” his mother screeched, her hands over her mouth.


Kyle couldn’t answer, and a different sort of dread spread through his body. He was fucked. How was he supposed to get out of this situation?


“ANSWER THE QUESTION, KYLE!” his father growled, standing up from the table and walking towards the omega.


Kyle had never seen his dad so angry. Angry was not the proper world to describe the agitation on the alpha’s face, and mad wouldn’t cover it either. He looked beyond furious. He was livid. His mother looked angry too, but angry in a worried kind of way.


“We have been worried sick!! Why are you wearing such skimpy and revealing clothes?!” his mother asked horrified.


“...” Kyle kept silent, and he couldn’t even meet his parents’ eyes. He bit his lip, trying to control his breathing. Ike was there too, sitting in his chair and looking at him apologetically, mouthing something like ‘Sorry. They would have called the cops.’ Otherwise he was silent.




“I...I was out.” The omega said after awhile, his voice small and creaked.


“Out. You were out. Obviously.” The alpha laughed, no humour in his voice. He was pacing the room up and down, making wild angry gestures with his hands.


“Kyle, you no you are not allowed to be out at these hours. It's dangerous!” Sheila lectured, her voice less threatening and loud, but judging him all the same.


“I haven’t been strict enough with you. You are doing what you what, disregarding the people around you. Give me your phone. You are getting it back when I see fit.” Gerald said, his voice hard. Kyle would have rather his father were yelling at him than using that kind of tone on him.


“That’s not fucking fair.” Kyle mumbled out, averting his gaze; tears collected in his eyes. He felt like shit. They didn’t have the right to yell at him like this. They had never tried to understand what he had been feeling.


“Don’t talk back to me!” Gerald warned, pointing his finger at him threateningly.


“Kyle, don’t you use that sort of language under this roof!” Sheila gasped out. She hated it when her children cursed, even though she turned a blind eye to Ike sometimes.


“You never let me do things that every other teenager is allowed to do! I CAN’T EVEN FUCKING BREATH BECAUSE YOU’RE SO GOD DAMN CONTROLLING!” the omega yelled. He balled his fists and he had started sobbing.


“LANGUAGE, KYLE!” she said, “We just want to protect you! Think about what could have happened. You could have had an accident, or worse!”


“Don’t you dare raise your voice at us! You’re an omega Kyle, so behave as such!” his father shouted, “We have been giving you too much freedom. I already know about you acting out at school. I won’t tolerate it.”


“Come on, Dad. It’s not that big of a deal.” Ike interjected, defending his brother.


“Not a big deal?! Stop defending your brother. Go to your room! I can’t deal with you right now.” The older alpha spat, and Ike reluctantly stood up from his chair. When the small alpha passed his omega brother on the stairs, he gave his hand a firm supportive squeeze. Kyle appreciated it. At least, his he had Ike on his side.


“You call that freedom?! THAT’S NOT FREEDOM! You are practically breathing down my fucking neck every chance you get.” Kyle ranted. He hated it when his father pointed out his secondary gender and used it against him. He hated being treated like some weak inferior being. Like someone who needed to be watched constantly.


“That’s it, Kyle. You are grounded for the next weeks! No smartphone, no computer and no gaming console.” The alpha scolded infuriatedly, “And what is that on your neck?”


When his father pointed out the hickey on his neck, he went to cover it quickly with his hand. He had totally forgotten about the mark.


“It’s nothing!” Kyle said a bit too quickly. He should have said that he had scratched himself there too often. He dreaded his father’s reaction the most.


“Is that a hickey?” his mother asked incredulously; her face morphed into one of pure shock, while his father’s face turned completely red by how infuriated he was.


“A what?! From whom? Kyle, what have you been doing? First, you sneak out dressed like some low street whore, and now you even act like one! Is there something else, I should be aware of? How many have run a train on you today?” the alpha asked, anger seething trough his voice.


The fact that his own father called him a whore and thought that he’d had sexual intercourse with several sex partners taking turns with him, hurt. So, that was how much his dad thought of him.


“I HATE YOU!” the omega cried, running up the stairs and locking himself into his room. He could hear his father storm after him, demanding that he open the door, but he didn’t.


Kyle was so done with everything. Now his parents were going to be even stricter with him, which meant that could say his ‘freedom’ goodbye. He shouldn’t have sneaked out. He shouldn’t have gone to that stupid party. It’s all Stan’s fault. The alpha had been messing with his head, and now the omega had developed feelings, he hadn’t asked for. Stan shouldn’t have left marks, and Kyle shouldn’t have gotten involved with an alpha to begin with.  

Chapter Text

Chapter 8


Ike reluctantly went to his room. He didn’t mean for their parents to notice that Kyle was gone. The young alpha didn’t expect their mom to go check on the omega because of him going to bed early. Kyle had been gone for at least two hours before she decided to do so. It had surprised him, and Ike tried to stop her without it seeming too suspicious, but the beta women couldn’t be stopped. When she noticed that the omega wasn’t lying in his bed, she went crazy, thinking that he might have been kidnapped. The beta’s screaming had startled his father who immediately thought the same thing. To prevent them from calling the police, Ike had indicated that Kyle might have gone out to meet friends. It had taken him some time to convince them that everything was fine without spilling too many details. The young alpha had played the neutral role. If he hadn’t done so, then his parents wouldn’t trust him either anymore, which would make it all the more difficult for Kyle. He even sent the omega a text message, which he didn’t read apparently. Ike hated it when the older alpha yelled at Kyle. It had pained him to see his brother’s eyes fill with tears.


He left the door to his room open, so that he could hear what was happening downstairs. Kyle was screaming, his father was screaming and his mother was screaming. She sounded less angry and more concerned; but angry nonetheless. Ike somewhat understood Kyle. The young alpha couldn’t imagine if it was him that had such restricted liberty in everything he did. Kyle could never really ask their parents anything, honestly. He had never been on a school trip either, even though Ike had been to at least three. Every time Kyle asked, their parents would make a fuss, which is why he stopped asking altogether. The omega never got to experience the things that he could. Kyle’s broken voice carried so much anger, frustration and hurt that it tore Ike’s heart.


Ike kneeled next to his bedroom door; his room was dark and the light in the corridor spent him comfort. His dad was an asshole. He hated him too for calling Kyle such horrible things. The young alpha had to admit that he wasn’t happy either that the omega was probably making out with someone, this someone being Stan Marsh of all people, but he would never ever think of Kyle differently. He would have never ever dared call the omega a whore. He was 16 for god’s sake. Kyle wanted to do and experience the things everyone else was allowed to experience at the age of 16. Still, Ike didn’t understand why Kyle would go for someone like Stan. The alpha was an idiot. The omega could have aimed higher than some jock. At least he went for the captain. However, just because his big brother had a crush on the raven-haired boy didn’t mean that Ike would make it easy for the alpha.


He could hear the omega’s footsteps, the sobs and the door banging shut. He peeked out of his room and saw his dad angrily knocking at the omega’s bedroom door, demanding Kyle to open it. His mom had tried to get the alpha to calm down a bit, though it didn’t work. Ike leaned back against the wall and felt himself tearing up. He wanted to go there and knock some sense into his father. Sometimes he wished his mother would be less passive. Instead of taking their side and reprimanding the alpha, she would just leave it at that and go in order to avoid angering her husband further. It wasn’t always this way, but with Kyle growing older it became the new norm. If their father is furious, then just let him vent. That was how it went. The young alpha bit his bottom lip and gripped his pyjama pants tightly; trying to prevent the tears from falling. Kyle didn’t deserve such treatment. Nobody really did.


“Open the god damn door, Kyle!” he heard Gerald yell again; the anger not dissipating from his voice.


After a while, Ike stood up from the wall and took a deep breath. He had calmed down again and decided to get his father to leave Kyle alone for the time being. He had heard enough already.


“Dad.” He said, though Gerald ignored him.


“DAD!!” he yelled, which got him his father’s attention.


“I told you to go to your room!” the older alpha spat, glowering at his son.


“Don’t you think you’ve done enough already?! You made him cry.” Ike retaliated, not backing down this time. He should have done so from the very beginning.


“So it is my fault that your brother is walking around in town dressed like this? Stop defending him. He should be ashamed of his unsightly and shameful behaviour!” Gerald said.


“You should be ashamed of yourself; of what you said!” Ike yelled, balling his hands to fists.


“What did you just say?!” asked Gerald rhetorically, voice low and threatening. He heard exactly what his son had just said.


“I said that you should be the one ashamed of your behaviour!” the young alpha said it again; this time with more confidence.




The impact of his father’s flat hand echoed through the walls of the house. Ike rubbed his cheek; tears collecting in his eyes. The slap didn’t really hurt. It was the unexpectedness that shocked him and shook him to the core. It wasn’t unusual that Kyle and Ike got punished if they did something stupid. He should have been used to it.


“Don’t raise your voice at me!” Gerald threatened.


Ike met his father’s gaze. The young alpha was determined not to cry, so he willed the tears away and glowered at the older alpha. Ike heard the lock of Kyle’s door and turned towards the noise. The door briefly went open, and he felt a hand pulling him inside. It happened so fast and unexpectedly that the older alpha couldn’t even react to it.






The two brothers were sitting in front of the closed door, tightly hugging each other, while listening to their father’s ranting outside. After some time, he had given up, but the omega feared what would come next. He couldn’t spend the rest of his life inside of his room, even though he really wanted to, after what happened.


Kyle had been listening closely to what had been going on outside in the corridor. Ike had stood up for him. He had defended him; like he always did. The ginger felt sorry for his little brother. He got slapped because of him. The omega squeezed the small alpha and gently massaged his scalp; running his fingers through dark unkempt locks. Ike was silently sobbing in his arms, nuzzling into his older brother’s chest. The omega had long stopped crying. He just couldn’t cry anymore because there were no tears left. He sighed and begun to quietly hum, while comforting his little brother.


The omega looked outside of his bedroom window and saw that it was slowly getting brighter outside and the next day was already dawning over the horizon.


“I am sorry you got yelled at.” Ike said.


“It’s not your fault. Thank you for always taking my side.” The omega answered genuinely, nuzzling the small alpha’s dark mop of hair.


“Naturally.” Ike simply stated; his voice barely above a whisper.






The next two days were hell. His father had yelled at him some more, he had been grounded and every electronic device in his possession had been confiscated, or so his father thought. Kyle had just given him some spare phone he had left. This fact made his day somewhat brighter. The air in the Broflovski household was tense. Kyle chose to ignore his father’s very existence, too pissed off and hurt by the alpha’s words. He didn’t really talk to his mother either, since she always took his dad’s side. He was glad to have his little brother. At least he could count on him. The omega’s head was a mess. He had gotten several messages from Tweek, who apparently thought he had died since he didn’t text back until late in the evening the next day. Kyle had ignored all the messages he got from Stan. He didn’t want to think about the alpha right now, even though he failed so helplessly to do exactly that. He had no clue how to face him on Monday. He didn’t know what to say, or do either. Should he act like nothing happened? No, that wasn’t an option, since Stan himself said that he wanted to be more than friends. The very thought made his heart flutter.






Monday morning had been horrible so far. His father had insisted on driving him and his little brother to school from now on, and the drive had been tense and uncomfortable. His Dad hadn’t apologised to him, and the omega was ready to just forgive him like that. Besides, he feared that he might be sent to one of these omega camps over the summer if he dared open his mouth again. The alpha had threatened to do so several times, and even though it had only been talk, the ginger was sure that his father would stay true to his words. He tried ignoring that thought and concentrating on his current predicament. His life really sucked right now.


Kyle was sitting in the back and looked up, locking eyes with his father in the mirror. He swiftly averted his gaze and huffed, and the alpha did the same. He was deliberately avoiding any kind of conversation, which wasn’t how it normally went. Normally, his father would have already made an effort to make amends. The omega knew that he had apologised to Ike, but the alpha had yet to give his older son an apology. The drive wasn’t long, but it felt like hours.


When they arrived, Kyle opened the door rather aggressively and practically sprinted into the school building. Kyle looked around and felt like everyone’s eyes were on him, even though they didn’t pay him any mind. He saw Tweek standing by his locker, Craig right beside him; his hand on the blonde’s back. They hit it of quite nicely.


The omega was about to greet his friend, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Kyle flinched and turned around, only to be met by Stan’s bright blue eyes. The alpha looked unsure and had put some distance between them upon seeing the omega’s reaction.


“Ehh…hey.” The alpha greeted awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.


“Hey.” Kyle greeted back with the same awkwardness, avoiding eye contact.


“You didn’t answer any of my text messages…Did I do something wrong?” the raven-haired teen asked; his eyes soft and insecure.


“No. Nothing happened. I was busy. Ehm, I gotta go!” the omega said, running off before the alpha could say anything. Kyle felt a pang of guilt ripple through him. What was he doing? Stan didn’t deserve that kind of coldness from him.






Kyle’s day went on as usual; the only difference was that he had been avoiding Stan like the pleague. He had been successful so far, and even in chemistry he managed to keep their conversation to the minimum, despite Stan’s efforts.


Kyle was walking through the empty hallways, heading to the cafeteria when he was cornered against the wall by Stan. The alpha looked visibly annoyed; his lips formed in a thin line and his eyes dead serious.


“You have been avoiding me for days and you are doing it right now. Why?” he asked impatiently, looking at the omega intensely.


“I am not…” Kyle said weakly, swallowing sharply. He couldn’t even look Stan in the eye. It was apparent that he was avoiding the alpha.


“Come on. That’s a fucking lie. Why can’t you be honest with me?” Stan said angrily, frowning at the omega and rubbing his eyes in annoyance.


The omega couldn’t answer and kept silent; his eyes glued to the floor.


“Why won’t you talk to me?” the alpha asked in a whisper; voice soft this time. “At least tell me off and reject me if you don’t want to be with me. It’s not fair.”


The omega couldn’t tear his eyes away from the vinyl floor and no words were making it past his lips. The sad softness in the alpha's tone broke Kyle's heart.


“This is ridiculous!” the alpha huffed angrily after several minutes of silence. The sudden change in demeanour surprised the omega. Stan took his hand away from the wall and put it into his pockets. He needed a smoke. That shit that the omega was pulling and his indecisiveness aggravated him.


Kyle watched Stan leave, and he wanted to run after him, stop him from leaving and throw himself into the alpha’s arms. He didn’t do any of it, though. The omega stood in the hall, motionless and lost, angry at himself and his own stupidity. Why was he being so difficult and dramatic? He made their situation unnecessarily complicated.


“What’s your deal?” he heard a familiar voice ask. Kyle turned towards the person.


“What do you want Kenny?” the omega spat; not in the mood for dealing with the blonde alpha right now.


“As aggressive as always, I see.” The blonde commented, and the omega only rolled his eyes; folding his arms to demonstrate that he didn’t want to talk.


“Stan is my friend, and you are hurting him. Make up your fucking mind because what you are doing is fucked up.” Kenny stated, and Kyle looked away, embarrassed and ashamed because he knew the blonde was right.


“You are usually not that taciturn, so I assume you are at least aware of how unfair you are being.” the alpha continued coldly. “He really likes you, and I know that you know because he told me that he told you. Stan’s heart his fragile, stop leading him on. Turn him down if you are not interested in him romantically. Don’t be so selfish.”


“Why is everyone always putting pressure on me? Don’t you think I already feel guilty enough? What about my feelings? Why is everyone judging me?” Kyle gritted out; his fingernails were cutting into the palm of his hands.


The omega understood why Kenny was angry. Stan was the blonde’s best friend. Kyle knew he was being shitty, and he didn’t mean to hurt the raven-haired alpha. He really liked him, but this was all new to him, and everyone’s pushiness overwhelmed him. The ginger was confused, and the fact that he was caught breaking the rules of his parents made everything so much harder. Why could nobody understand the situation he was in? Everyone expected things of him, and the omega was sick of it. He wanted to give Stan a chance. He really did because he had long accepted that he liked the alpha too. Yet, there was something that made him hesitate.


“Listen,” the blonde sighed; his gaze softened, “I am not judging you. You probably have a lot to deal with, but I can’t stand seeing one of my friends upset.”


“No, you don’t understand because you’re an alpha. I am locked in a fucking cage; I can’t seem to escape from because someone else has the key.” The omega said; his lips forming a soft, yet pained smile.


Kenny didn’t look surprised at that. He slid down the wall and pulled the omega with him.


“My parents found out about Friday.” Kyle burst out, not knowing why he was telling Kenny about it, but the alpha was just sitting there, listening. “My dad went nuts, and now I am in a difficult situation at home. I really like Stan a lot. I like spending time with him, but…” the ginger paused, not sure himself why he was so reluctant. The omega pulled his legs towards his body and buried his face into his knees.


“What are you so afraid of?” Kenny asked; his presence comforting to the omega. “Stan is different, you know. He knows you have dreams. He would never take them away from you.”


Kyle blinked at that. He knew deep down that Stan wouldn’t try to control him, but hearing Kenny confirm it helped.


“I mean, he hasn’t run off, despite your passive-aggressive tendencies and your overbearing personality.” The blonde commented, and Kyle snorted at that.


“Thanks.” The omega genuinely said. He had misjudged Kenny. The blonde alpha was a good guy. He was a pervert, but he had a kind heart.


“You are welcome. I am sorry too for underestimating your situation.” Kenny said.

Chapter Text

Craig was happy when they had finally dropped Kyle of at his house. Tweek had been clinging onto the other omega and snuggled up to him, and the alpha had been feeling jealous.

It was unreasonable, but the feeling was still there. He had wanted to be the person that the blonde omega cuddled with and not that annoying ginger. Craig was still pouting, despite the fact that Kyle was already gone and that he had Tweek for himself now. He was sleeping though; his head sweetly resting on the side. His soft lips were slightly parted, and his breathing was even and quiet. The alpha could watch the omega forever. Unfortunately though, he had to concentrate on the road in front of him.

Craig drove into the driveway of his home and parked the car in front of the garage; too lazy to open it and drive the vehicle safely inside. He stopped the engine, and the sullen and muted music from the radio, that had been playing in the background, died. The headlights went out too, and Craig was left with the peacefully sleeping form of his omega. They were wrapped in a comfortable silence, until Craig decided that it was time to get into the house. The raven-haired teen reached over to the blonde’s seatbelt to unbuckle it, but the movement startled the omega.

Tweek jumped up and his pointy knee made impact with the left side of Craig’s face. The alpha groaned and Tweek was shocked. The omega had apologised for about 10 minutes before Craig managed to calm him down and convince him that he was fine. The alpha; however, had enjoyed how Tweek had fussed over him; how he had cradled his face with his small hands, and how he had kissed the sore spot. It made him so happy. They made it into his room without waking Craig’s parents or his annoying sister. Tweek would have been embarrassed if they had been seen, Craig was sure of it. Besides, he didn’t want to deal with his father. 

Tweek was nervously sitting on the end of Craig’s bed; not daring to move a muscle or touch anything at all. He was fiddling with his fingers, his eyes turning to look around like a frightened lamb that was about to get eaten by the wolf. The omega was waiting for Craig to get out of the bathroom. Since Tweek had been so nervous, Craig didn’t push him to change in front of him. That’s why he had let the blonde use the bathroom first, so he could get ready for bed in private.

The blonde sighed. He shouldn’t be so anxious about changing in front of the alpha. After all, he had been practically walking around half-naked all night, considering the choice of clothes Bebe had made for him. Tweek looked around Craig’s room. He already suspected the alpha to be tidy. The raven-haired boy was the exact opposite of him. The omega awed the space craft on the nightstand. It was an accurate replica of the NASA spacecraft. Craig was such a nerd. People always thought the alpha was stupid, but Tweek knew better than that. Craig was smart and compassionate, even though he didn’t show it like others did. It made his heart flutter because Craig was so cute. The raven-haired boy was considerate, protective and handsome. He often left Tweek in a daze.

The door opened, and the alpha entered the room. Tweek clutched the shirt that Craig had given him. It was loose and way too big, looking more like a dress than a shirt on him, but it smelled of the alpha, and the omega loved it.

Craig stood there for a moment in the middle of the room; blue eyes watching Tweek. The alpha rubbed the back of his neck; his demeanour shy and insecure; so unlike his usual behaviour. Craig chest was bare, and he was only wearing sweatpants. Tweek blushed and hastily looked at his hands, which were resting on his lap. He felt his body become hot.

“I can sleep on the floor.” The alpha offered and Tweek turned his attention back to him; confusion growing on his face.

“NO! Eh...ngh n-no.” Tweek stuttered out, a bit too loud. “I arg w-want to ngh sleep t-together. D-do ngh you not arg w-want to?” he then asked, cocking his head to the side and biting his lip.

“Yes, I want to. I just thought you might feel uncomfortable.” Craig said, a bit embarrassed, and Tweek smiled at him.

The alpha sat next to Tweek on the bed, and they both sat there awkwardly; not knowing what to do. Should they just call it a day and go to sleep? Or were they supposed to go to the next stage and make out before going to bed? Craig had never been so lost in his life. God, he should have done some research. He was torn out of his running thoughts when he felt Tweek take his hands and guide them towards him to rest on his hips.

Then the blonde pressed his lips onto the alpha’s, and Craig responded to the kiss. During the first, second and third small kiss, they had changed position. Craig was now resting against the headboard of his bed, while Tweek was leaning over him, sitting on one of his legs.

--- sexual content warning --- 

The blonde was grinding against Craig’s body and made cute little noises. It was hot, and the raven felt the blood go to his groin. Now, he was completely turned on. He couldn’t even hide his growing erection. The alpha didn’t know were to put his hands, so he put them on the omega’s shoulders. However, Tweek apparently knew exactly where he wanted Craig’s hands to be at. The blonde was surprised that the alpha was so timid with his touches.

“You ngh c-can touch me ngh, y-you know.” Tweek said, his teeth pulling at Craig’s bottom lip.

“Ehm. Okay.” Craig stuttered unintelligently; his hands moving down from Tweek’s narrow shoulders to his small butt. The omega was wet, he noticed.

“Craaiig ngh. T-touch me...” Tweek moaned softly, putting his hand into the alpha’s shorts. 

The blonde’s bold actions startled Craig and he groaned when he felt Tweek’s fingers grab his dick rather firmly. What’s with Tweek having so much strength, despite his small frame. The alpha couldn’t concentrate with Tweek’s bony fingers stroking him. He moaned, kissed the omega’s lips and sucked on his neck. Craig pulled down the blonde’s boxers, and Tweek wriggled out of them; discarding the briefs onto the floor, only briefly letting go of Craig’s cock. The underwear had gotten uncomfortable anyway, since they were straining the blonde’s erection and drenched in slick.

“Ahh. Tweek.” Craig groaned into the crook of the omega’s neck; his breathing laboured.

“Ngh...” Tweek moaned when the alpha put two fingers into his slick-leaking entrance and started experimentally pumping them in and out.

Craig didn’t really know what he was doing. He was just doing it and going with the flow; observing the omega’s reactions. The blonde had never felt that kind of heat forming in his belly before. His body was preparing itself to get penetrated; a natural response to sexual arousal. 

Tweek increased his pace on Craig’s dick; his hand slick with precum. He smeared it over the shaft of the alpha’s penis and over the glans, drinking in the moans, groans and silent curses of the other teen.

Craig was quite vocal, he noticed, but so was he. Craig was close, so he increased the pressure on Tweek’s inner walls. It was warm and slick inside, and the omega had started mimicking the movements of the raven’s fingers. The blonde's own cock was leaking too, laying flush against his stomach.

Tweek was surprisingly demanding, urging Craig to go faster and harder. His sweet cries of pleasure only got him closer to his own climax. He finally came when the omega started nuzzling and moaning into his neck, pumping him faster and firmer, messaging his forming knot.

Craig kept fingering the blonde’s hole, stroking over the walls and over a certain spot that seemed to push the omega over the edge. The alpha was amazed by the workings of an omega’s body. He could feel the thick membrane that separated the rectum from the birth channel. The texture of the membrane felt rough, almost like scare tissue.

They had been laying like this for a while; Tweek on Craig’s chest. The omega was totally exhausted and felt oddly satisfied. When the alpha’s knot went down, they cleaned up and cuddled. They were both still awake, laying in bed naked because they didn’t bother putting new clothes on, enjoying each other’s company.

“Let’s go on a date tomorrow.” said Craig out of the blue, breaking the comfortable silence.
“O-okay.” Tweek mumbled sleepily.




The next morning, Tweek woke up at about 1 pm. The alpha was still in a deep slumber, snoring peacefully next to the blonde. The omega was surprised that he had slept so well and sound. He had never slept more than 4 to 5 hours a day, if at all.

It might have been Craig’s calming presence that made him feel safe and protected. Tweek grabbed his phone from the nightstand and saw that Kyle hadn’t texted him, which freaked him out. What if he had been abducted right in front of his own home? He frantically sent him several messages, nervously chewing on his fingernails. His distressed scent stirred Craig awake.

“Ngh. What’s wrong?” Craig asked; voice groggy.

“Kyle ngh h-hasn’t texted me yet arg. W-what if s-something ngh happened to him arg? W-what if a s-s-serial killer ngh on the hunt for ngh r-red-haired omegas kidnapped K-kyle? Arg oh god, w-what if his ngh l-limbs were ch-hopped off ngh and are now b-buried somewhere arg, w-where he will n-n-never be found arg?” Tweek ranted, gripping and pulling on his blonde strands.

“No serial killer has Kyle. He probably just forgot to send you a message.” Craig reasoned, taking the omega’s hands and pulling him into a hug. The alpha was rubbing soothing circles into Tweek’s lower back. “Why would you even think he was cut into pieces?” the alpha questioned, raising an eyebrow. Sometimes Tweek seemed mentally unstable.

“Sh-hould I call him? J-just ngh to make s-sure?” the blonde asked and dialled Kyle’s number. However, Craig took the omega’s phone and gave him a disbelieving, yet stern look.

“You worry too much. Kyle will text back. He is probably still sleeping. Besides, if he were gone, the town would be in a frenzy right now because of his parents and his little brother.” The alpha explained.

Tweek looked at Craig and the realisation, that the alpha was right, hit him like a truck. The omega felt stupid for freaking out because of such a minor thing. He didn’t understand why his brain always came up with the wildest ideas. 

“Ngh you are r-right. Arg now you m-must think ngh I am s-stupid.” The omega said, turning his head down in shame.

“I don’t think your stupid. I think you are adorable. I like that about you.” Craig answered, moving closer to the omega and kissing his forehead. 

Tweek blushed at the gentle gesture. They were both still naked, and the omega liked how their skin had such a stark contrast. He loved feeling the firmness and tautness of the alpha’s muscles on his skin.

--- Sexual content warning ---

Craig pulled him closer and the blanket was sliding off them. The alpha assessed the dark blotches he had left on the omega’s neck, chest and shoulders. He was quite proud of his handy work. The raven messaged the omega’s thighs and kissed his shoulders. Tweek let out a soft gasp and his fingers threaded through Craig’s dark locks.

The blonde pulled the alpha down with him and the alpha kissed his lips, prodding at Tweek’s mouth with his tongue. Craig was looming over Tweek; one hand rubbing Tweek’s chest, and the other beside the omega’s head, supporting his own weight.

The omega’s lips parted slightly, happy to let Craig’s tongue slide in. The kiss was sloppy; yet loving and caring. The blonde slid his fingers up and down Craig’s back and wrapped his legs around the alpha’s waist, pulling him closer. The omega wanted Craig to touch him because honestly speaking, he was touch starved. He never really noticed, but ever since the night before, Tweek realised that he had craved affection. 

“Ngh, Craig. M-more.” Tweek gasped.

“You’re so needy, huh. What do you want me to do, honey?” asked Craig sweetly, while kissing, licking and biting his way down the omega’s body. 

“T-touch me m-more, ngh like l-like the last t-time ngh…” Tweek panted out, squirming beneath the alpha.

“Hah, you’re hot.” Craig grinned, smashing their lips together and sliding his finger down to Tweek’s leaking entrance, using his slick as lubricant.

The alpha started stroking the blonde’s hardening dick, and the omega moaned loudly.

Their moment was interrupted when the door flung open, and they were greeted by a loud obnoxious voice.

“Howdy, how is my bestie.” Clyde exclaimed loudly, walking into the room without so much as knocking, and without any care in the world.

Tweek shrieked loudly upon seeing the brunette and pulled the blanket over his body to cover himself, hiding behind Craig.

“What the fuck, Clyde! What are you doing here? Get the hell out!” Craig said annoyed, yielding his omega. The mood was ruined now.

“Wow, man. You sure work fast! Didn’t think you had it in you, but here you are. I am so proud. They grow up too fast” Clyde laughed, mockingly rubbing at his eyes with his sleeves.

The omega wanted to hide under a thick heavy rock and never come out again. He was embarrassed because Clyde of all people saw them in such a compromising position.

Craig grabbed a pillow and went towards Clyde. The raven was pissed. The brunette shrieked when the raven-haired alpha pushed him to the ground and tried to smother him with the pillow. Every normal person would have left the room upon seeing that people were intimate with each other, but not Clyde. Clyde was a dense motherfucker, and now he had officially earned himself the title ‘cockblock’, a title nobody should be proud of.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be over soon.” Craig said.

“At least put some pants on before you suffocate me. You have no class.” Clyde mumbled from under the pillow. 

“Fuck you!” Craig exclaimed in an even, yet irritated tone.

The whole scene was ridiculous. Tweek had to chuckle at their antics. A warm feeling bloomed in Craig’s gut when he heard the omega’s beautiful laugh. The omega had wrapped himself with the blanket and only his head was peaking out. 

The alpha hit Clyde with the pillow. “Don’t you dare look. Close you eyes and wait outside, shithead. Who let you in anyway? Stop inviting yourself, man. I could have bet you were hungover, but it seems like I was wrong. God, every normal person fucking leaves the room, but of course your peanut-sized brain can’t recognise when to act decently. Damn pervert.” He said, stood up and went to his closet to pull out some clothes.

It was hard finding something that could actually fit Tweek, so he gave him a hoodie and one of these tights, the coach ordered them to wear when it was cold. The alpha had never worn them though.

“Always getting personal, I see. You wound me. You traumatised me as you tried to kill me, your best friend, with a pillow, naked. Come on, man. That’s not cool. By the way, your mom let me in, and I have a high alcohol tolerance. I hope that answers your question as to why I am not hungover.” Clyde answered. 

“You are the one who is not cool. Should have used something heavier and deadlier than a pillow.” Craig mumbled and Clyde gasped dramatically.

Still, the brunette listened and left the room with his eyes closed. However, the closed bedroom door didn’t stop him from talking through the wall. The omega found their interactions sweet and amusing, though Clyde was indeed a pervert. The omega wondered if Bebe had gone with Clyde last night or if she had made up with Wendy instead.

“Are you okay?” Craig asked. “I am sorry about Clyde. God, people are always inviting themselves over unannounced.” Continued the alpha, handing Tweek something to wear.

Tweek nodded and put on the clothes. He was aware of the fact that the alpha’s eyes were fixed on his naked form. 

“Ehm y-you should ngh p-put some c-clothes on too arg.” Tweek stated, enjoying the alpha’s dumbfounded expression.

Craig cleared his throat and started to get changed.

“Are you ready? What’s taking you guys so long? You are not going at it again, are you. Damn Craig, you sure have stamina.” they heard Clyde complain outside the room. Tweek chuckled.

“Shut up, Clyde!” Craig yelled, rolling his eyes. He was so definitely going to kick his best friend out. 

They went downstairs, and Craig could feel Tweek’s nervousness by the way the omega was strangling his hand right now. His mother greeted Tweek warmly, which overwhelmed the omega a little bit, but he appreciated the hearty welcome, since he wasn’t used to it. Tweek and Craig had a late breakfast, and the raven managed to get the blonde to have more than just coffee. Clyde, on the other hand had been inhaling his food in his typical manner. Craig had kicked Clyde out afterwards though. The brunette had talked to Tweek as if they had been friends since forever, and it had made the raven alpha jealous. On the one hand, Craig was glad that his best friend got along so well with his future mate, but on the other hand, he wanted to keep the omega to himself.

He knew Clyde would never try anything, but the brunette was generally flirtatious with everyone. He wasn’t as bad as Kenny, but he came close. Clyde also wasn’t as successful as Kenny, and Craig had always wondered how the blonde alpha got all these omegas and betas to sleep with him. His pick-up lines sucked.

Today, Craig wanted to go out with Tweek. Alone. Clyde had been playfully over-dramatic like always, but he understood.

Craig had then introduced the omega to his Guinea pig. Tweek had been unsure at first about petting or holding him because he was afraid that he might hurt Spike. After some encouraging words from Craig; however, the blonde warmed up to the idea and couldn’t get enough of the small fluffy animal.




Later that day, the both of them went over to the omega’s place, so that Tweek could change clothes.  The omega couldn’t continue walking around in clothes that didn’t fit him properly. He was going to keep the hoodie though.

At least until it didn’t smell like Craig anymore. Everything still felt surreal to him. They were walking side by side; hands intertwined and swinging up and down between them. The omega looked at the link they had formed with their hands and blushed, remembering the things that had happened between them; the things they had done and the things he had done. Tweek didn’t think he could be so upfront. He hadn’t thought about anything and had just let his instincts guide him.

Craig shot Tweek an amused grin and squeezed the omega’s hand tighter. The alpha would never ever let go of the omega. They wandered through the still sleepy streets of South Park, occasionally bumping into each other on purpose. The wind howled, and a strong chilly breeze blew through their hair. Craig looked down at Tweek, and at that moment he found that the omega looked the most beautiful; his blonde locks tousled and dishevelled, sticking to all sides due to the wind.

When they reached Tweek’s place, the omega unlocked the door and entered the house with a hesitant and small ‘I am home'. The omega didn’t expect his parents to be there, but in the coffee shop instead. He did the greeting as a habit and to no one in particular. However, not saying anything, even though he knew nobody was there to greet him back, would have made him feel more lonely than usual when he came back home. It was a conditioned action, he already did unconsciously.

Tweek let go of Craig’s hand and got out of his shoes and jacket, and Craig did the same. The house felt silent and empty, almost as empty as the streets had been on this cold Saturday afternoon. The omega led the alpha to his room, which looked like a natural catastrophe had just wrecked the place. Craig wasn’t shocked in the least. He didn’t expect any less, considering the omega’s habits and tendencies. He was smart and creative, and his messy room mirrored the blonde’s personality perfectly. The alpha found it adorable. He wasn’t even bothered by it, even though he preferred a cleaned-up environment. Tweek was naturally chaotic. It made him all the more charming.

“I-I am s-sorry ngh fo-or ngh the m-mess. I-I always ngh try to ti-idy my room ngh, but i-it always l-looks exactly ngh l-like that ngh the n-next day...” the blonde said shyly; his gaze turned to the ground and pulling on a loose strand of hair.

Craig pressed the omega’s lithe form against his body and squished both Tweek’s cheeks together with his hand, turning his gaze up so he faced the alpha.

“You don’t have to apologise.” The raven-haired teen said softly, and the omega nodded and smiled at that. 

Tweek stepped away and started rummaging through his closet, while stripping out of the clothes Craig had lent him. He did so teasingly slow, fully aware of the alpha’s presence.

The omega enjoyed the raven’s attention. He wanted it, craved it and Craig was willing to give it to him. Tweek put on a pair of tight blue jeans and a loose-fitting grey sweater. It was plain, but he preferred simple clothes. 

“You done?” Craig asked, while clearing his throat. He hadn’t been able to pull his eyes away from the blonde.

“Yeah.” Tweek nodded. 

They left the room and made their way down the wooden stairs, when the main door opened, and Tweek’s parents entered the house. The omega had a puzzled expression because it was unlike his parents to be home at this time of the day. Normally, they would be working at the cafe. 

“Oh Tweek. There you are.” Richard said surprised.

“We missed you at the café today.”  Helen said.

“I-I have ngh f-free today. Y-you’re ngh h-home already?” Tweek questioned, but his answer remained unanswered for now, since his father noticed Craig.

“Who is your friend?” the beta asked in a light tone.

“Arg t-that’s ngh C-craig. H-he is ngh m-my ngh b—” Tweek started, but Craig so his discomfort and took the initiative to answer instead.

“Hello. I am Craig. I am courting your son.” He stated monotonously, but seriously.

“That’s news, I guess.” Richard said.

“Oh really. Why our son, though. You are so handsome. And Tweek is…well, Tweek…” Helen stated, and Tweek visibly deflated. 

“Tweek is beautiful.” Craig answered with a frown. This woman was getting on his nerves. How dare she belittle his omega, her own son?

Tweek gave the raven-haired boy a timid side glance and blushed at the alpha’s words.

“Well, beauty is certainly something subjective, but if you want to court our son, then you will have our permission. Who would have thought Tweek would get such a handsome young man?” the beta continued, seemingly unperturbed by the alpha’s piercing look.

“I am so excited.” Helen exclaimed, clasping her hands together, remaining ignorant to the situation.

“W-w-we’re off ngh now.” Tweek said, not meeting anyone’s eyes, dragging the alpha with him.

“Have fun! And if you break my son’s heart, I am going to break your knees.” the beta yelled, and the omega could have died of embarrassment on the spot. That’s not something you should exclaim so openly.




Craig invited Tweek to a nearby diner, in order to cheer the blonde up. The omega had been looking dejected after the short encounter with his parents. As his alpha, it was Craig’s job to ensure the omega was happy. Tweek’s parents were weird to say the least. They seemed nice, yet they had that weird aura surrounding them; an aura that screamed ‘freaky’. Besides, they didn’t treat the omega well.

They treated the omega with such disrespect, it made the alpha furious. The most incredulous thing about it was the fact that they were totally unaware of it. The Tweak’s made such comments, disregarding how Tweek would feel about it. Craig observed the omega’s expression. The blonde’s eyes looked sad, while reading through the menu, and the alpha pursed his lips, thinking about something he could say to lighten the omega’s mood.

“Have you decided about your order?” came the way too excited voice of the waiter. The beta had just interrupted Craig’s train of thoughts.

“Tweek?” Craig asked, nudging the omega next to him with his elbow. 

The omega looked up from the menu and towards the waiter. She had long blonde hair, that was tied up in a bun, and large honey-brown eyes. The beta wore one of these retro fashion uniforms from the 60s. Just shorter and showing more décolleté. She was pretty and she was aware of it. It became evident by the way she carried herself.

“Arg, A s-s-strawberry m-milkshake and a m-medium coffee ngh, p-please.” The omega answered, and the waiter wrote the order down.

She had dismissed him immediately without asking if he maybe wanted something else. How rude. The beta seemed to have more interest in Craig’s order. The omega huffed and the alpha gave him a confused look.

“I take the same minus the coffee.” Craig said.

“Anything else?” the beta asked.

“No.” the alpha stated plainly.

“I’ll be right back with your order.” The waiter announced cheerily.

Tweek narrowed his eyes at her and pushed himself into the alpha’s side. He then decided that he didn’t like her. 

“Tweek. Don’t listen to your parents. You’re gorgeous.” the alpha suddenly exclaimed.

“N-no…I-I am not. Arg I am ngh w-weird a-and ngh a-a-wkward and n-not remotely at-tractive ngh…You c-could ngh do b-better than ngh m-me.” the omega admitted, sinking into himself.

Craig was shocked to hear Tweek talking about himself in such a depreciating way. It just showed how insecure the omega actually was, and it broke the alpha’s heart.

“Don’t you ever say such things again! If I need to, then I am going to tell you everyday just how stunning you truly are, even if you don’t want to believe me. You’re the only one for me. I love your awkwardness.” Craig stated confidently, pulling the omega into a side hug. “And you should have noticed by now that I don’t have the best personality.”

Tweek didn’t meet Craig’s eyes; his face a deep red. The alpha always knew how to make him feel better. He knew what to say to make his insecurities disappear for a moment. It made him happy. Craig made him feel appreciated.

“Thank you, Craig. And I think you have a lovely personality.” Tweek whispered, hiding his face into the alpha’s shoulder.

“You’re welcome and thanks for thinking that.” Answered Craig. ‘Lovely' wasn’t the word he would have used to describe his own character.

The waiter came back to their table; orders on the tablet in her hand. The beta placed the milkshakes in front of them and looked at the omega who was pressed against the alpha’s side. Craig had his arm wrapped around the blonde’s shoulder, and she stared at them.

“Oh, you two are…involved.” She stated. They way she said it sounded so devaluating, it made the alpha’s eye twitch.

‘Involved’. Who says that? It sounded like it was something dirty. Like they were having a secret love affair.

Before the waiter could say anymore, Craig stopped her. “Fuck off, will you?” he asked, voice devoid of any emotion. The beta gaped at him.

“Rude asshole.” she muttered under her breath, thinking that the alpha didn't hear.

“Look who’s talking.” The alpha retaliated. He watched the beta leave and contemplating about complaining about her to the manager. 

“Damn bitch.” The alpha stated, taking a sip from his milk shake.

“Yeah.” Tweek agreed, chugging the coffee down. The omega had already been feeling the withdrawal symptoms, though it was manageable.

“You should ease off on the amount of caffeine you are consuming.” Craig commented, shaking his head.

“Ngh I k-know. K-kyle’s been ngh t-telling me ngh the s-same thing.” The blonde admitted.

He knew that his coffee addiction isn’t benefitting his anxiety or health in general.

“Ngh c-can I s-stay over a-again tonight ngh?” Tweek asked. He didn’t want to sleep alone, and he didn’t want to go home either. 

“Of course.” The alpha said, kissing the omega’s hand.

“Ngh you’re s-so cheesy.” The omega said blushing, though he didn’t pull away.

“I can’t help it. You’re cute.” Craig answered, shrugging his shoulders.




“I-I am ngh staying o-over at ngh Craig’s a-again.” Tweek told his mother, who was just done brewing her son a cup of coffee. The omega didn’t drink it though. He really wanted to cut down on the coffee, despite his cravings.

“Again? Does his parents know?” she questioned, eying her son over the kitchen counter. 

“They don’t mind.” Craig said with a neutral expression.

“As long as you stay decent and don’t do anything inappropriate, I am okay with it.” Richard said, giving both teenagers an approving nod. 

“Arg t-thanks!” Tweek smiled. 




It was dark outside when the both of them decided to take a small detour before going to Craig’s place. The lights of the street lamps bathed the small amount of snow, that was still covering the ground, in a beautiful glimmer.

The air was dry and cold and no cloud was to be seen in the sky, granting a perfect view of the night sky. The stars were barely visible though, since the light of the houses, lamps and advertising banners was too bright in this part of the small town. They arrived at Starks Pond and the view was breath-taking.

The water seemed to be laced with a thin sheet of light, and the wind causes small disturbances in the water. The grass was moist and everything step was accompanied by the squelching sound of their boots on the wet ground. They entered a small tunnel near the lake. The tunnel was illuminated and the ground littered with cigarette buds, bottles, beer cans and used joints.

Craig pushed the omega carefully against the wall, glancing down at him. Tweek was twitching more than he normally did, probably due to his caffeine withdrawal. They were standing in front of each other, none of them uttering a word. The alpha pulled the blonde into a light embrace, inhaling the omega’s scent and enjoying the intimacy. 
“They say that the first three days are the hardest.” Craig said, pressing his nose into the crook of Tweek’s neck.

“It’s just that constant knot of restlessness in my gut, that doesn’t seem to get away. Coffee always helped to dissolve the knot and ease the anxiety. My mind feels so spongy.” Tweek sighed.

“Don’t worry, babe. Because now I will be the one to make your concerns and restlessness disappear. I'll take care of you.” The alpha whispered, nibbling and sucking on the blonde’s neck.

“Mnh, h-how are y-you ngh going to d-do that ngh?” Tweek asked; his voice low and seductive.

“Hmmh...I wonder...” Craig answered and smirked, before he kissed the omega roughly. 

“Ngh l-let's continue this ngh s-somewhere e-else.” The omega wanted, pushing at the alpha’s chest; a string of saliva still connecting them.

“Yeah.” Craig said dazed, giving the omega one last long kiss, before stepping back.

They were about to leave the tunnel, when in the distance, they were greeted by four familiar faces: Kenny, who was wearing a shit-earing grin, surprisingly Butters, whose arm was interlocked with Kenny’s, a sulking and depressed-looking Stan, an annoyed looking Cartman. The day could have been so great.

“Hey Craigi!” Kenny yelled; a sly knowing grin on his face.

“Fuck off.” Craig said coldly; face unreadable.

“T-Tweek!” Butters yelled, waving at his friend excitedly and running towards him. It had been awhile since Tweek had seen the other omega look so carefree and happy.

“H-hey ngh B-Butters.” He greeted back, letting the blond hug him. Craig sighed.

“Tweek! Have you heard something from Kyle? He hasn’t answered any of my texts yet.” Stan appeared in front of Tweek, bombarding him with all kinds of questions, concerning Kyle. The omega’s brain felt overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information the alpha wanted to know.

“Back off, Marsh. You are overwhelming him.” Craig growled, taking a protective stance in front of the other alpha.

“What if something happened...maybe he is mad at me. God, what do I do?” Stan continued, shaking Craig by the arms. 

“You are so annoying.” Craig said, freeing himself from Stan's grip. He felt sorry for the other alpha. Not that he'd admit that.

“H-he's f-fine.” Tweek said hesitantly.

“So the two of you finally hit it off?” Kenny threw in, changing the subject and ignoring his friends whining for now. He'd take care of Stan's mood later.

“So you are into fucking mentally retarded?” Eric asked condescendingly.

“Go fuck yourself, fatass. Everything that comes out of your mouth is bullshit anyway.” The raven-haired boy answered; his voice surprisingly calm. 

“It’s just his inferiority complex talking.” Kenny commented.

“I don’t have an inferiority complex, trailer trash.” Cartman responded.

“T-take that back! D-don’t call K-Kenny that!” Butters yelled all of a sudden, glaring at the beta.

It was so unlike him to tell and be angry, let alone glare at someone. He was normally so meek and submissive. They were all taken aback by Butters outburst. Kenny smiled at his omega, and Cartman started cackling like crazy.

“Do us all a favour and die, fatass.” Craig sighed, taking Tweek’s hand and leaving.

“Awww, your cute when you’re angry buttercup.” The blonde alpha cued and the blonde pouted. “Let’let’s go and leave the fatass here. Stan! Move your ass over here and stop mopping around.” Kenny announced, dragging the dejected alpha with him.








Chapter Text

Over the weekend, Stan didn’t know what to make of Kyle’s silence. He texted the omega several times. No answer. He even called him. No answer either. It could be that Stan was just overreacting and misinterpreting the situation at hand entirely, he wasn’t sure. Maybe there was a simple and easy explanation as to why the omega wasn’t answering. Stan was reluctant to assume that the ginger was consciously ignoring him. He wouldn’t do that. Kyle was straight-forward most of the time, so he would definitely tell him if there was something wrong. Right? The more the alpha thought about it the more insecure he became. The omega told Stan that he needed time to think. Maybe Kyle was indeed ignoring him on purpose. 

The alpha had been checking his phone almost every hour now, starting at the screen and boring holes into it with his eyes. Kenny was sitting on the bed, magazine in hand, tiredly watching him.

“Would you stop that already?” the blonde alpha said, not taking his eyes off the magazine.

Stan stopped, looked at Kenny and asked: “Stop what?”

The blond sighed loudly, throwing his hands over his head before exasperatingly rubbing his temples. “Come on! Just...look at you; how desperate you are. You are acting almost as pathetically as when you are completely hammered. No omega is into that. Get a hang of yourself. You used to be cool, man.” 

Stan blinked and threw himself onto the bed next to his friend.

“You’re right.” He simply stated, staring at the ceiling of his room. 

“Now, stop texting or calling him. Your obsessive behaviour is probably creeping him out. It creeps me out.” Kenny said, patting the other alpha’s knee. 

“I am not obsessive.” Stan interjected, glaring at the blonde. Kenny gave him a scrutinizing look. He wasn’t convinced.

“Don’t get yourself too hung up on him. You'll only get hurt.” The blonde advised.

“You don’t get it, Kenny. There’s something between us. I know that Kyle likes me back. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have kissed me back.” The raven-haired alpha explained.

“God, you are a lost cause.” Kenny muttered.


When Stan arrived at school, and saw Kyle in the hallway,  he had to stop himself from sprinting over to him. The alpha approached the omega. Kyle looked tense, his gaze not being fixed on anything. Stan put his hand on the ginger’s shoulder, in order to get his attention. The omega flinched upon seeing his face, and the reaction hurt him. The raven-haired boy felt this familiar pinch in his heart. 

“Ehh…hey.” The alpha greeted awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. He felt insecure and put at least an arms-length between them. Stan didn’t want to corner Kyle.

“Hey.” Kyle greeted back, avoiding eye contact. 

The alpha watched Kyle’s awkward reaction. He wanted to look into the omega’s beautiful bright green eyes and see him smile. Though, that wasn’t what he got. It was disappointing. Stan figured that after what they had at the party, Kyle would be more affectionate with him. The omega’s red locks looked messy, and there were heavy bags under his eyes. Stan was worried.

“You didn’t answer any of my text messages…Did I do something wrong?” the raven-haired teen asked; his eyes soft, yet he sounded insecure.

“No. Nothing happened. I was busy. Ehm, I gotta go!” the omega said, running off before the alpha could say anything. Stan just stood there, not knowing what to think, say or how to act right now. Why was Kyle avoiding him. Since when had he become so cold. Stan thought their ‘relationship’ would now progress. However, it seemed like the omega didn’t have the same things in mind. He knew that Kyle asked for some time, but the alpha figured that he had had enough time to sort his feelings out, considering that the ginger hadn’t answered any of his messages or calls.

Stan saw Kyle disappear around the corner, and his face fell. A long sigh left his lips and he rested his head on the cold lockers. His hands balled into fists, and he bit his lower lip, turning his head to the left side and, from afar, observing the students run, walk and stroll through the hallways. Some were giving him weird glances, but the raven didn’t give a damn. 

On the other side of the hall, the alpha watched Tweek and Craig hug each other to say goodbye. The blonde’s face was red like a tomato. They acted so lovey-dovey, and Stan felt a pang of jealousy engulf him. He wanted the same with Kyle, yet Kyle was being difficult. He ran his hand through his dark hair and scratched his skull a bit aggressively, tearing his eyes away from the couple. 

“You look constipated. Didn’t take a dump this morning?” Cartman suddenly spoke up, standing right next to Stan and interrupting his spiraling thoughts.

“What the fuck do you want, asshole?” Stan asked, his voice laced with annoyance and frustration.

“Why are you so pissy? I assume you didn’t get to fuck the ginger. Well, that’s unusual for omega’s. They normally throw themselves at any dick, eager to spread their legs for anyone.” said Eric, leaning his weight against the locker and putting his hands in the pockets of his pants.

“I don’t have the patience to listen to your crap right now.” Stan stated, ignoring Cartman’s comment.

“Just saying.  It’s not my fault that you can’t handle the truth.” Cartman continued. “The time will come when you see that omega’s are dangerous .”

“Kenny is right. You definitely have an inferiority complex.” The raven-haired alpha told his friend seriously.

“Hah! Don’t be ridiculous. Kenny says that to hide the fact that he has fallen victim to the manipulative nature of an omega.” The beta defended himself while crossing his arms over his chest.

“Fuck you, Cartman!!” they heard Kenny yell from the side of the hall. 

“Whatever.” Stan answered. He pushed himself from the wall and made his way to the classroom, ignoring Cartman’s calls.


Finally, the next class was chemistry. Stan and Kyle were lab partners. There was no way that Kyle could run away from him there. The alpha's mood lifted a little as he entered the lab and saw the omega quietly sitting in his chair. He was reading through his notes. The other students were shuffling around, hurriedly taking out their books. Tweek and Craig were sitting in the back row; their fingers intertwined under the table.

Stan walked to his seat and sat down besides Kyle. He was determined to ask the omega why he was avoiding him.

“Hey.” Stan greeted with a big smile on his face. Kyle’s eyes widened a fraction and he looked away.

“Hi.” The redhead greeted back. He straightened his back and started to focus on the empty board.

“Are you okay? You’ve been avoiding me.” The alpha said. He wasn’t going to beat around the bush.

“I am fine.” Kyle answered, ignoring the alpha’s statement. The raven took note of it but didn’t comment on it.

“Are you free today?” Stan asked instead.

Kyle hesitated and his lips formed into a thin line. The alpha couldn’t read the omega’s face.

“I can’t. I am busy today. Maybe another time.” The omega responded in a rush.

“Well, the-" Stan started, but he was interrupted by the teacher’s loud voice.

The alpha’s mood had gotten sour during class. Kyle only spoke about the tasks they had to finish. The omega only said something or responded to him when the matter concerned chemistry. It was frustrating, and the raven was about to burst.

After class, Kyle disappeared faster than Stan was able to even register. 

Kyle’s behaviour was ridiculous. Stan didn’t know how to act around him. It was like he was walking on eggshells with the omega. He had been convinced that the redhead reciprocated his feelings. However,  now he wasn’t so sure anymore. What if he had been imagining that there was a connection between them? What if Stan was the only one who felt that way? What if the omega was just too afraid to turn him down? 


Stan was waiting for the omega to head around the corner. He knew Kyle was headed to the cafeteria at this time. Every student was. The alpha assumed that the ginger thought coming in last would help him further avoid the raven-haired teen, but he thought wrong. No way he was letting Kyle off the hook so easily, without getting a straight answer. When he caught sight of the omega, Stan cornered him against the wall, so he couldn’t escape. The alpha was visibly annoyed; his brows were furrowed and his eyes were dead serious. 

“You have been avoiding me for days and you are doing it right now. Why?” he asked impatiently, looking at the omega intensely. He demanded answers.

“I am not…” Kyle said weakly, swallowing sharply. He couldn’t even look Stan in the eye. It was apparent that he was avoiding the alpha. Why was he still trying to deny the obvious?

“Come on. That’s a fucking lie. Why can’t you be honest with me?” Stan said angrily, tapping his foot on the floor and getting his face closer to Kyle’s. The omega turned his head to the side and kept his eyes glued to the floor. Kyle was silent and nervously chewing on his lips.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” the alpha asked in a whisper; his voice soft this time. “At least tell me off and reject me if you don’t want to be with me. It’s not fair.”

The omega couldn’t tear his eyes away from the vinyl floor and no words were making it past his lips. Why wouldn’t he answer Stan? Why couldn’t he at least tell him what the alpha did wrong?

“This is ridiculous!” Stan huffed angrily, taking his hand away from the wall and putting it into his pockets. He needed a smoke. This shit, the omega was pulling and his indecisiveness aggravated him. The worst thing was that Kyle wouldn’t even tell him. 

Stan stormed off. He needed some fresh air, which was why he headed towards the roof top. He used to hang out there a lot, when he needed time for himself. He hoped nobody else had thought the same and claimed the spot themselves.


That day, he didn’t try to talk to the omega anymore. He wasn’t willing to do all the talking if the omega didn’t want to talk to him. The alpha could not force him after all. This time, he wanted Kyle to come to him not the other way around. On his way home, he thought about what Kenny had told him the other day, and the days prior. Should Stan just give up on Kyle? No. This wasn’t an option. Kyle was supposed to be his. He didn’t want to see Kyle with anybody else. He hated the thought of some other alpha being by his omega’s side. He would do anything to win the redhead over. Now that he thought of it, Kyle had once mentioned that he would really love to be part of the school’s basketball team. The omega said that being given a fair shot would be enough, even if he didn’t make the team. Maybe Stan should have a small chat with the basketball coach. The alpha checked his watch and turned around. He should do it right now, since the basketball team’s practice would end in about 15 minutes or so. This could prove Kyle that Stan was serious about him and that he’d full-heartedly support the omega. The alpha passed his mother’s work-place. If he made it back before 6 PM, then he could drive home with his mom. That way he wouldn’t have to take the bus. He seriously hated living on the farm. Everything took so much longer now. The way to school  the way back home, and meeting his friends. 



“Hey coach!” Stan greeted after the basketball team’s practice was over.

“Stan Marsh. Why are you here? Want to quit football and join the basketball team instead? The coach asked, positively surprised.

“Nah. I am not into basketball.” The alpha told the older alpha.

“What’s the matter then?” he asked curiously with the clipboard still in his hand.

“My friend is really good at basketball. I wanted to ask if he could participate  next time.” Stan said, omitting the fact that his ‘friend’ was an omega.

“Well, of course. What’s your friends name?”

“Kyle Broflovski, Sir.” 

The coach paused for a moment, trying to place a face to the name. “Wait...isn’t he an omega? You do know that omega’s aren’t allowed on the team.” 

“So what? Can’t you just give him a chance? He's really good.” Stan tried to convince the alpha.

“Sorry Stan, but I can’t. An omega would distract the team. Besides, they aren’t physically made for this.” he said, not even thinking twice about it.

Stan thought that he wouldn’t have to take more drastic matters, but it seems he had to play his trump card. 

“Do you really want me to tell the principal that you’re fucking some of the students?” he asked innocently, cocking his head to the side. “Isn’t that illegal? An adult having sexual relationships with teenagers...” 

Stan felt bad for using Cartman-like measures, but the coach deserved it. Firstly because he wouldn’t give Kyle a chance and secondly because he was an old pervert, lusting after the poor omegas and staring under the girls skirts.

“...that’s just a rumour.” The man tried, though everyone knew that this wasn’t just a rumour. Stan gave him a look of disbelief. 

“Wanna take the risk?” the raven-haired boy asked. “Just let him try. You don’t have to take him.”

After a while, the coach gave in. He sighed loudly and crossed his arms over his chest. “Fine. As long as I don’t have to see you face anymore afterwards.”

“Great. It’s settled then.” Stan smiled, feeling proud of himself. 

“Tzzz. Damn brat.” Grumbled the older alpha, displeased by the fact that he had just been blackmailed by a teenager.



Stan decided against going home, when he received a text message from Kenny a few seconds after he had left the gym. He was kind of glad that the football team had practice hours in the afternoon or even during classes. Since they could hit the field just yet, they’d go for a 5 km run, use the fitness room and revise tactics and strategies. 

Stan fished for his phone and opened the message.

-Kenny- 5:25 pm 
Let’s meet at Token’s place. I’ll see you later! :*

The raven shook his head, heading towards Token’s house. 


The next day, Stan took his seat next to Kyle, though he didn’t look at the omega. He was still determined to wait for Kyle to approach him. The omega gave him a side glance, slowly opening his mouth to say something. However, he didn’t speak up. The alpha rolled his eyes, yet not saying anything either. The silence was suffocating and uncomfortable. 

Stan looked up and saw Wendy staring at him with a confused expression on her face. Her eyebrows shot up, and she frowned, as if to ask: ‘What’s going on??’

The raven-haired girl furiously tipped away on her phone, and Stan's mobile vibrated.

-Wendy- 8:05 am
What’s wrong? Why are the two of you acting so weird. Usually you'd have that disgusting sexually charged atmosphere around you...

-Stan- 8:06 am
We had an argument. Kyle had been avoiding all day yesterday. He didn’t want to tell me why. Things have been different ever since the party...was there really sexual tension between Kyle and I?

-Wendy- 8:06 am
Yes. The sexual tension was disturbing. Sorry to hear that you fought with Kyle. He looks constipated, though. 

-Stan- 8:06 am
I am not going to give in first. I want him to be honest with me.

-Wendy-8:07 am
I know. Don’t worry.

Stan put his phone away, right in time before Ms Choksondik could give him detention for using his phone during class.

“Good morning. Excuse my late arrival. I have been delayed.” She said. Stan didn’t want to think about who might have been the cause for her delay, and he hoped Cartman would not comment on her disheveled hair. Though, knowing Cartman that wouldn’t be the case.

And as if on cue, Eric raised his hand, pretending to be polite: “What happened to your hair Ms Cocksondick?” he asked, mispronouncing her name on purpose. 

“Eric Cartman. Don’t cross the line.” She said sternly, trying to ignore the question.

“It was just an innocent question.” The beta responded, cocking his head and putting his finger to his cheeks.

“Innocent question. You are so full of bullshit. Everyone knows what you were trying to insinuate.” Kyle spoke up. He was clearly agitated by Cartman’s behaviour and that so early in the morning already. Kyle was so sexy when he was angry, Stan thought dreamily.

“Shut up, you whore!” Eric spat.

“Eric Cartman watch your mouth reprimanded Ms Choksondik. She didn’t say much else, though. Instead she sat down behind her desk and unpacked the material for class.

Stan on the other hand, couldn’t just ignore Cartman and turned towards the beta, glaring at him. “Fuck off, fatass! Or do you want him to give you another black eye?” 

Cartman glowered back, though he didn’t say anything. 

“I can defend myself.” Whispered Kyle in a small voice, barely audible. If Stan didn’t sit right next to him, he wouldn’t have heard him. The alpha decided to dismiss the omega, though. Even if the ginger didn’t want him to stand up for him, he would still do it.

“All omega’s are whores. Just look at the spazz over there. He's spreading his legs for Tucker. I wondered how many he'd had before you.” Cartman said, this time directly addressing Craig, whose glare even intimidated Stan. Not that he'd ever admit it. Tweek sunk into his seat at the comment; his cheeks burning. Stan couldn’t tell whether or was out of shame or embarrassment. Probably both.

“Open your mouth again, and I'll throw you out that window.” Craig said as calmly as possible, though his deadpan look had some cracks in it. Stan was sure Craig would do it if he was given the chance. The alpha didn’t throw in empty threats.

“You don’t have th--.” Cartman started, though Kyle interrupted him mid-speech.

“Shut your stupid trap, you double-chin brain-fucked oaf!” the red-haired omega seethed, standing up from his seat and facing the brunette beta. Stan observed the beautiful omega carefully and chuckled to himself. The rest of the class fell silent. Ms Choksondik looked like she was about to go into cardiac arrest.

“You just don’t know your place, do you?” the beta asked rhetorically. 

“Watch your mouth, Cartman.” Stan said, though this time he didn’t turn around to face the hostile beta.

“The little omega can’t even defend himself. He needs an alpha to do so.” Eric mocked, laughing.

“Fuck off, you fucking asah-" Kyle started.

“KYLE! That’s enough of your filthy mouth. Another word an I will have to inform your parents. You too, Cartman.” Ms Choksondik yelled, after finding her voice again. The omega visibly paled at the mention of his parents and sat down again, his shoulders falling. Stan felt sorry for Kyle. Ms Choksondik mainly reprimanded the omega, even though Cartman always started the altercations. 


Stan sat at lunch with Kenny, Clyde, Token and unfortunately Eric Cartman, when he felt someone tap his shoulder. The alone turned around and was surprised to be met by Kyle, who was shyly standing there, fishing for words.

“Mhhh. Can we t-talk.” The omega murmured; his head hung low. Cartman was about to say something stupid, but he didn’t since Kenny boxed him in the stomach, causing the beta to cough violently and spit his orange juice all over the table.

“Sure.” The alpha answered coolly, trying to hide and contain his happiness.

Stan led the omega to the part of the school that wasn’t frequented often.

“I am listening.” The alpha stated and Kyle flinched. The omega wasn't used to Stan being so cold.

“Mmhm. I...I am sorry.” The omega whispered quietly, and Stan just stood there, watching him. “And thank you for...for standing up for me.”

“I...I didn’t mean push you away. It’s just that...” Kyle halted and looked up briefly, meeting the alphas blue eyes.

“Just what?” pressed the raven, closing the distance between him and Kyle.

“You’re evoking these weird feelings in me. It confuses me...” Kyle continued  his eyes were half-lidded, and his lips looked deliciously soft.

“What is it that you want, Kyle?” the alpha whispered huskily, pressing his thump to the omega’s bottom lip. 

“I...I don’t know. I just know that...I don’t want you to be with anyone else. I do like you a lot, Stan.” The omega admitted, leaning into the alpha’s touch. It was like time stood still, yet earth continued its rotation.

“What happened?” Stan asked. He knew there was something that worried Kyle. The omega casted his eyes to the ground again.

“My parents found out that I sneaked out. My dad didn’t like it.” The ginger told him; his expression open and vulnerable.

“I am sorry that I wasn’t considerate enough. I was being too forceful.” The alpha exclaimed.

Kyle's lips started to quiver, and his eyes filled with tears. Stan didn't expect the omega to suddenly hug him tightly and burry his face into the alpha's chest. The raven-haired boy returned the embrace, of course, trying to calm the ginger down.

"I t-thought y-you ngh h-ted mee. - am s-rry. I -n't  d-deserve -uu!" the omega dubbed, tears freely running down his rosy cheeks.

"It's fine. Don't cry." said Stan in a soothing voice. They were in an empty classroom, where the windows needed some intense cleaning and the chairs were scattered and the tables had been vandalised.

The alpha drew Kyle closer and breathed in his unique scent. "I got the basketball coach to let you have a tryout." Stan suddenly announced, and Kyle stopped crying. The omega blinked and met the alpha's gaze; his face showed disbelief and confusion.

"You ngh…you w-what? Really ngh! How'd you convince him?? Does he know that I am an omega?" Kyle asked, bombarding Stan with questions. The omega rubbed his eyes vigorously with his sleeves. He was full of life again; his green eyes bright and a smile on his lips. The alpha preferred this look over the gloomy one. Seeing the omega smile made his heart skip.

"He knows. He is willing to give you a shot. I told him how good you are." Stan said, and Kyle gave him a puzzled look. He didn't buy it completely, though he didn't voice it.

"Thank you." smiled Kyle softly, sighing in relief.

"You're welcome, beautiful." Stan answered, running his hand through Kyle's locks and messaging his scalp. 

He really wanted to kiss him right now. So, he did. The alpha gently grabbed the omega's neck and pressed his lips onto Kyle's. The kiss was brief and soft. Kyle's eyes were wide in surprise, but he took the initiative and pulled the alpha into another kiss. This time the kiss was more forceful, turning heated.




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Kyle was still contemplating on how he should approach Stan. After he had talked with Kenny, he knew that he had to apologise to Stan. Besides, he didn’t want the alpha to lose interest. The redhead liked him after all.

He sat in class the next morning, waiting for Stan to show up. The omega kind of hoped the alpha would forget about it and be his usual self, smiling at him and starting a conversation. Yet, it didn’t turn out this way. Stan totally ignored him, which Kyle wasn’t used to at all. It hurt, seeing the alpha dismiss his existence like that. The omega picked on his skin, not knowing how to go about this. Kyle sighed lowly and started playing with his pen. Should he just turn to him and ask him how he was doing, pretend like nothing had happened? Should he straight out apologise or just pass him a note? Or should he wait and try to catch him alone? Kyle didn’t feel courageous enough to approach him with everyone’s eyes on him. It was a private matter between him and Stan, after all. He glanced at the alpha, opening his mouth, though nothing came out. Stan looked at him, but when Kyle didn’t say anything, the alpha just rolled his eyes. The omega didn’t expect that. He really thought Stan would make the first step, even though the redhead knew that he was at fault, not Stan.

Ms Choksondik entered the classroom, her hair dishevelled, and her classes looked crooked. The omega blinked, making eye contact with Tweek and giving him a questioning look. His fellow omega understood, and the blonde seemed rather horrified. Kyle cringed at the thought.

“Good morning. Excuse my late arrival. I have been delayed.” She greeted, putting her belongings on the desk.

And of course, Eric raised his hand, a seemingly polite smile gracing his lips: “What happened to your hair Ms Cocksondick?” he asked, purposely mispronouncing her name. Kyle rolled his eyes. He was so fucking childish. 

“Eric Cartman. Don’t cross the line.” She said sternly, ignoring the question and the insinuated innuendo.

“It was just an innocent question.” The beta responded, cocking his head to the side and leaning forward on the table.

“Innocent question. You are so full of bullshit. Everyone knows what you were trying to insinuate.” Kyle spoke up. Cartman’s behaviour so early in the morning pissed him off. It wasn’t fair that the beta always got away with this kind of behaviour. The only thing Cartman received was weak clasp on the hand. If at all.

“Shut up, you whore!” Eric spat.

“Eric Cartman watch your mouth!” reprimanded Ms Choksondik. And again, that’s the only thing he got. She sat down behind her desk and unpacked her bag.

“Fuck off, fatass! Or do you want him to give you another black eye?” Stan growled, defending the omega. Kyle’s heart swelled in his chest because of the alpha’s words; a weak smile forming on his lips.

Cartman glowered back, though he didn’t say anything. He probably didn’t have the guts to.

“I can defend myself.” Kyle whispered; his voice small and barely audible. The omega didn’t mean for it to sound snappy. He appreciated Stan's intervention, but he also felt that he could defend himself just fine against Eric fucking Cartman. The alpha still gave the omega the cold shoulder treatment. Ouch.

“All omegas are whores. Just look at the spazz over there. He's spreading his legs for Tucker. I wonder how many he'd had before you.” Cartman said, this time directly addressing Craig, who in return gave him a death glare. Tweek sunk into his seat at the comment; his cheeks burning. Kyle’s anger rose, and he really wanted to punch that dipshit in the face again.

“Open your mouth again, and I'll throw you out that window.” Craig said as calmly as possible; his cold facade had some cracks, though. The alpha didn’t throw in empty threats, and if Craig really threw Cartman out that window, then Kyle would be happy to assist him.

“You don’t have th--.” Cartman started, though Kyle interrupted him before he could finish his sentence. The beta wouldn’t have said anything productive anyway.

“Shut your stupid trap, you double-chinned brain-fucked oaf!” the red-haired omega seethed, standing up from his seat and facing the brunette beta. He heard Stan chuckle a little, and the rest of the class fell silent. Cartman frowned at him, and Kyle was sure he would retaliate. Ms Choksondik looked like she was about to go into cardiac arrest; her face one of shock and disbelief.

“You just don’t know your place, do you?” the beta asked. And again, Cartman was talking down to the omega and treating him like a second-class human being.

“Watch your mouth, Cartman.” Stan said, though this time he didn’t turn around to face the beta. His voice was flat yet threatening. The brunette knew that he shouldn’t get on the alpha’s bad side.

“The little omega can’t even defend himself. He needs an alpha to do so.” Eric mocked, laughing Kyle in the face.

Kyle hated it when the beta used his secondary sex to provoke him because it always worked. Eric Cartman always got under his skin.

“Fuck off, you fucking assh-" Kyle started.

“KYLE! That’s enough of your filthy mouth. Another word, and I will have to inform your parents. You too, Cartman.” Ms Choksondik yelled, after finding her voice again.

Kyle visibly paled at the mention of his parents and sat down again, his shoulders falling. He didn’t want his parents to get involved. First of all, his mother hated it when he used curse words and second of all, he didn’t want to imagine how his father would react.

Why was the omega the one to be reprimanded in the first place? Cartman started it. Cartman was the one who was disrespectful, yet the teacher turned a blind eye to it. Ms Choksondik treated Kyle as if he was the one at fault. He really hated her. The omega lowered his gaze, feeling utterly defeated. He didn’t feel like participating in class anymore, which was why he kept mostly silent for the rest of the lesson.


When lunch time rolled around, the omega had decided to finally make up with Stan. He kind of missed his stupid jokes and his clumsy flirting. He missed his adorable dimples when he smiled and the way he squeezed his eyes shut when he laughed.

Kyle fought his way through the crowd of students, heading towards the table, the alpha usually sat at. When he caught a glimpse of him, the omega was about to just turn around and wait until lunch time ended, but he pressed forward. He just had to ignore that Cartman was also sitting at the table.

Stan didn’t see him approach and the redhead tapped the alpha softly on the shoulder, feeling the muscles there. However, Kyle didn’t have the time to dwell on that, since he hadn’t come here to admire the alpha’s perfect body.

The omega met Stan's surprised face and struggled for the right words. Standing in front of the alpha made him nervous because they hadn’t talked in a while.

“Mhhh. Can we t-talk.” The omega murmured; his head hung low. He felt embarrassed, partly because he knew that everyone could see how insecure he felt. Cartman opened his mouth, probably to laugh at him, but Kenny boxed him in the stomach, causing the beta to cough violently and spit his orange juice out. Now Cartman was the one who was laughed at.

“Sure.” The alpha answered coolly, and Kyle felt relieved.

They left the cafeteria, and Stan took the omega by the hand and led him to a part of the school that wasn’t frequented often. The alpha let go of Kyle’s hand when they entered the abandoned classroom.

The windows were dirty and definitely needed some cleaning. The floor hadn’t been scrubbed down for a while and was littered with papers, chalk and rubbish. The chairs were scattered around, laying on the ground, some having been stacked on other chairs. The tables had been vandalised, and the board had not been cleaned either because there were some obscene imageries drawn and some crude messages written on it.

“I am listening.” The alpha stated, and Kyle flinched. The omega wasn't used to Stan being so cold. He thought that the alpha would keep holding his hand and give him a soft smile.

“Mmhm. I...I am sorry.” The omega whispered quietly, and Stan just stood there; eyes fixed on the ginger. “And thank you for...for standing up for me.”

“I...I didn’t mean push you away. It’s just that...” Kyle halted and looked up briefly, meeting the alphas blue eyes. They had always drawn him in. He didn’t think that he would miss the blue of the alpha’s eyes so much, but apparently, he did.

“Just what?” pressed the raven, closing the distance between him and Kyle. The omega’s breath hitched.

“You’’re evoking t-these weird f-feelings in me. It confuses me...” Kyle continued with half-lidded eyes. He parted his lips slightly, hoping that Stan would just kiss him already.

“What is it that you want, Kyle?” the alpha whispered huskily, pressing his thump to the omega’s bottom lip. The omega felt heat rise to his cheeks at the action, but he enjoyed the intimacy it conveyed.

“I...I don’t know. I just know that...I don’t want you to be with anyone else. I do like you a lot, Stan.” The omega admitted, leaning into the alpha’s touch. Kyle didn’t want to imagine losing Stan to someone else. The mere thought made him brim with jealousy.

“What happened?” Stan asked. The omega casted his eyes to the ground.

He should tell the alpha what happened. Kyle didn’t want him to think that he did something that upset him because that wasn’t the case. Kyle briefly had put the blame on Stan, but he had long since accepted that he had feelings for him; that he might be in love with the alpha.

“My parents found out that I sneaked out. My dad didn’t like it.” The redhead said; his expression open and vulnerable. He omitted the fact that his father indicated that he was a damn slut and the fact that he didn’t just not like it but went nuts about it.

“I am sorry that I wasn’t considerate enough. I was being too forceful. You said you needed time, but I ignored it.” The alpha exclaimed and the omega’s eyes widened.

Why was Stan always apologising when he didn’t even have to? When it was Kyle who wronged him? The alpha was so confusing. He wasn’t acting like the omega thought alphas would usually act. Although, Kyle didn’t act like an omega was supposed to act either.

Kyle's lips started to quiver, and his eyes filled with tears. He didn’t mean to cry, but the tears just kept falling without him being able to control them. The omega hugged Stan and buried his face into the alpha's chest. He felt secure and protected in the alpha’s arms. The raven-haired boy returned the embrace and tried to comfort him; his voice soothing and gently. The scent the alpha emitted calmed him down.

"I t-thought y-you ngh h-ted mee. - am s-rry. I -n't d-deserve -uu!" the omega sobbed, tears freely running down his rosy cheeks. He was so relieved.

"It's fine. Don't cry." said Stan. The alpha drew Kyle closer and breathed in his unique scent.

"I got the basketball coach to let you have a try-out." Stan suddenly announced, and Kyle stopped crying. The omega blinked and met the alpha's gaze; his face showed disbelief and confusion. Firstly, how did he manage to do that and secondly, how could he ruin their moment by throwing that piece of information in so randomly?

"You ngh…you w-what? Really ngh! How'd you convince him?? Does he know that I am an omega?" Kyle asked, bombarding Stan with questions. The omega rubbed his eyes vigorously with his sleeves. He didn’t care that he got snot on his uniform.

He was baffled and taken aback. The alpha smiled at him and Kyle beamed with happiness.

"He knows. He is willing to give you a shot. I told him how good you are." Stan said, and Kyle gave him a puzzled look. Kyle suspected that the alpha did more than just convince the coach that the omega was a good player.

"Thank you." smiled Kyle softly.

"You're welcome, beautiful." Stan answered, running his hand through Kyle's locks and messaging his scalp. Kyle sighed, enjoying the gentle touch.

The alpha gently grabbed the omega's neck and pressed his lips onto Kyle's. The kiss was brief and soft. Kyle's eyes were widened briefly, but he took the initiative and pulled the alpha into another kiss. This time the kiss was more forceful.


--sexual content warning--


Stan turned the both of them around and pushed the omega towards the desk, that used to be the teacher’s desk, sitting him onto the table. The alpha touched Kyle’s face gently, licking into the redhead’s mouth and dominating the kiss. Kyle enjoyed it and moaned softly. He liked the way the alpha’s tongue felt, the way theirs lips moved in sync and how the omega could grasp onto Stan's uniform. Kyle pulled Stan down; the alpha now looming over him. Stan broke the kiss, and the omega whined at the loss of the alpha’s lips on his. They were both panting. Kyle didn’t want it to end just yet and took Stan's face into both of his hands, caringly stroking the raven-haired teen’s cheeks with his fingers and kissing him again. The alpha fell forward a bit, one hand sneaking around the omega’s lithe body and the other supporting both of their weights. Stan’s finger clawed at the wood of the table. Their moans, groans and the smacking of their lips together filled the empty classroom.

“Kyle.” The alpha breathed out in between kisses.

He didn’t pull away, though; moaning into the kiss instead. Kyle threw his arms around Stan's neck, demanding attention. He ran his fingers down the alpha’s skin, enjoying the feeling. The omega wanted Stan to be even closer.

Both their scents started to mingle together, and Kyle could feel Stan's arousal poking him. It filled him with pride, so he started to press the alpha’s body closer by wrapping his legs around his waist. Stan growled lowly as the omega rubbed his behind against his dick. He was about to lose control. The soft mewls and moans that escaped the omegas lips where intoxicating.

Kyle shivered when Stan rubbed one of his nipples through his shirt with his fingers, while his hand sneaked into his pants, squeezing his butt. A loud, almost lewd, whimper left the omega’s lips and Stan groaned, kissing down the Kyle’s neck and shoulder, that had gotten exposed somehow.

However, instead of going further the alpha suddenly stopped, resting his head on Kyle’s chest, breathing in and out heavily.

“Staaan!” Kyle whined, starting to feel light-headed. He wanted the alpha to continue. He wanted it.

“God...don’t...don’t do that. Fuck.” Stan growled, pressing their groins together, causing the omega to whimper.

“Come on.” Encouraged Kyle, feeling uncomfortably horny.

“We...can’t.” The alpha choked out, barely being able to stop himself from just fucking the omega on that table. He didn’t want Kyle’s first time to be on a dirty table, though.

“Why? D-do you not want me?” the omega asked innocently and huskily into the alpha’s ear. Kyle had long given up fighting his instincts when it came to Stan.

“Shit...of course I want you. I want you really, really bad. You can’t even imagine how much.” Stan whispered back, biting Kyle’s neck and massaging his inner thigh. They were both hard, and the omega was wet with slick. The ginger was so responsive to his touches, which turned the alpha on even more.

“But still, we can’t. Not here anyway. Let’s go slowly. Isn’t that what you wanted? For us to go slowly?” asked the alpha; his gaze meeting Kyle’s.

The omega couldn’t argue that logic. It was him who wanted to take baby steps, after all. He shouldn’t complain. Besides, Stan was right. Doing it in the heat of the moment would be irresponsible. He still felt disappointed, nonetheless.

“Yeah. Let’s take it slowly.” Kyle responded, nuzzling the alpha’s neck. The ticking of the clock filled the otherwise silent room, disturbing the closeness they shared. When the omega saw the time though, he squeaked, confusing the alpha.

“What’s wrong?” Stan asked with a frown.

“The time. Class started 15 minutes ago.” Kyle panicked, shaking the alpha violently.

“I knew there was something we had forgotten about.” Stan said without a care in the world, earning him a displeased glare from Kyle. The raven put up his hands in defence, while Kyle got his wrinkled and messed up clothes in order.

“God, you are so...arg!” the omega complained, hitting his hands playfully against the alpha’s chest. Stan laughed at the omega’s antics. It was cute and so much like Kyle.

“Come on, hurry!” the omega urged, pulling Stan after him.

When they got to class, being about 20 minutes too late, Stan came up with a stupid excuse that Mr Mackey surprisingly bought for some reason. Kenny threw Kyle that stupid ‘I-know-what-took-you-so-long'-look, and Kyle cheeks burned.




When school was over, Kyle and Stan parted before stepping out of the school building, since Gerald had insisted on driving Kyle and Ike to school and picking them up again. It was annoying, but the omega was going to play along for a while until his father acted normally again. The ginger walked over the school ground towards the car park, the snow was slowly melting away and the temperatures weren’t so low anymore. The sun was high in the sky, and no clouds were locking its view.

Kyle kicked a stone, that he'd found, around until he spotted his father’s car. Ike was already sitting in the back, looking at his phone. Kyle’s face fell as he saw his dad. He glared at him, while making his way to the car. The omega opened the дoor to the backseat and got in without acknowledging Gerald's presence. He didn’t deserve it. He hadn’t even apologised yet, which was why Kyle didn’t even think about talking to him at all. He gave his father the cold-shoulder treatment he deserved.

“What took you so long?” Gerald inquired, but Kyle only huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. The alpha rubbed his eyes and sighed.

Ike looked at his brother. The tense atmosphere was upsetting and had been going on for some days now, setting a new record.

Gerald started the engine without another word. The silence was suffocating and the ride home a real pain. When they arrived and the car was parked, Kyle jumped out of the car, immediately going up to his room. He didn’t even greet his mom properly, even though she’d had apologised to him. Kyle didn’t need his mom’s apology, though. Yes, the beta could have been more supportive of him, but he knew her quirks and accepted them. She even gave him back his computer and phone, going as far as to unground him, despite Gerald disapproving of it. She wanted Kyle to forgive her, and he did. His mom was never one to go back on punishments, which is why Kyle knew she was being serious. But the omega wanted his father to express regret and admit that he was in the wrong. He wanted a genuine apology and not a mediocre half-assed attempt at apologising.


Ike was still sitting in the car, giving his dad a disapproving look.

“What is it, Ike?” the older alpha asked, rubbing his temples for the tenth time already. He seemed exhausted.

“I wonder?” Ike said with a neutral face, unbuckling his seat belt.

“Save your sarcasm.” Gerald sighed, not having the patience for this.

“You know, if you don’t want your relationship with Kyle to end up like the relationship Randy has with his daughter, you should apologise properly and reconsider your actions and words.” The young alpha said; his tone serious. “You hurt him.”

Gerald leaned forward, laying his head onto the steering wheel. He sighed again. “I know. I might have overreacted.” He started.

“’Might have overreacted' is really putting it mildly. Try ‘I made a mountain out of molehills' or ‘I totally disregarded my son’s feelings and called him a cheap street whore'. It's not really something to be proud of.” Commented the 11-year old. Sometimes he felt like he was the adult here, and he was only 11.

“Okay. I get it. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. It was uncalled for. I just don’t want him to get hurt or disappointed. God, what did I do?!” The alpha said, putting his face into his hands and shaking his head.

“Do you really get it, tho? Besides, I think you have already won that trophy. Nobody could ever disappoint or hurt him more than you did.” Said Ike. It might sound harsh, but the truth usually hit people in the face like a snowball that didn’t only consist of snow but had a hidden lump of ice in it.

“Don’t be so harsh on your old man. However, I appreciate your brutal honesty. I deserve his contempt...” he said, unfastening his seat belt as well. That answer surprised Ike. His father usually wouldn’t admit being mistaken when it came to Kyle’s upbringing.

“And you are still here sitting in the car because?” the raven-haired boy asked his father.

Gerald turned around and looked at him, getting the clue. He pulled his car keys out of the engine and got out of the car, letting the door fall shut. Ike jumped and headed inside the house, greeting his mom with a loud ‘hello'.


Kyle was laying on his bed, reading a book that Wendy had recommended him, when a soft knock resonated through his room. The omega looked up but frowned when he saw who entered his room. He should have locked the door.

“Kyle? May I come in?” His father asked; his voice unusually soft. It creeped him out.

“You’re already in, aren’t you? It’s not like I can stop you.” Kyle answered coldly without turning his attention away from his book.

At first, he just wanted to continue to ignore the alpha, but he responded without thinking, hoping that, in some way, his cold answer would hurt his father.

Gerald entered his son’s room and closed the door behind him. Kyle felt his bed dip down, but he still didn’t look at his father.

The alpha cleared his throat: “Kyle, I wanted to apologise for my behaviour and the things I said...I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I did and if you don’t want to forgive me, I will understand that. I just want you to know that I love you.”

The omega didn’t know how to react to that, for he hadn’t expected his dad to actually give him an apology, much less one that actually sounded like one. Kyle bit his bottom lip, remembering his father’s cruel words.

Kyle let out the breath he was holding, fiddling absentmindedly with the page of his book. “You hurt me...” Kyle choked out, “you always do.” The omega faced his father, fat tears forming in his eyes, but he wasn’t willing to let them fall. He gave Gerald a nasty glare that told him that he didn’t want to be touched right now.

“I am sorry, Kyle. I...I can’t go back in time and change what has happened, even though I want to. I am just scared. I don’t want you to get your heart broken. I want you to be safe. I don’t want a reoccurrence of what happened at your old school.” The alpha explained, stroking Kyle’s head gently, but Kyle slapped his hand away. He sat up and put an arm-length distance between them. The omega was angry that his father took that incident to justify his controlling behaviour.

“Nothing happened to me. I could have defended myself just fine. I am not as weak as you think I am.” The omega spat.

“But it could have happened to you if Ike hadn’t told me about it. I don’t mean to impugn that you are incapable to defend yourself, but you are not on the same level as an alpha, physically speaking.” Gerald reasoned.

“Here we go again. I don’t want to talk about that. Stop bringing it up all the time and using it against me. You say you came to apologise, yet you try to make me feel inferior again. I don’t believe you when you say: ‘I am sorry' because you probably don’t even mean it.” Kyle accused.

He was sick of it. He didn’t want to talk about his old school, and the things that happened there because he hadn’t been directly affected by it and neither had he been directly involved. He had kept mainly to himself back then, which kind of turned out to be a good thing.

“Kyle...” the alpha sighed, scratching his forehead, “I am serious. I don’t want you to hate me. Why can’t you understand that I worry about you?”

“Sure. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you fall asleep more easily at night.” Kyle said, his expression hard. “Are you even aware of the things you said? You scared me when you yelled at me like this.”

The omega observed his father’s face. His previous apologetic expression morphed into one of pain and regret. Kyle wanted his dad’s actions to haunt the man. Although, he now believed that the alpha was at least genuine.

“I failed you, Kyle. I didn’t mean the things I said. Can’t we reconcile?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t have said those things if you didn’t mean them.” The omega said harshly. He wasn’t going to give up on the grudge he was holding. The alpha would never learn if Kyle just did so.

“I am sorry.” Gerald said, breaking the distance and giving Kyle a kiss on the forehead. The alpha stood up, but before he could leave the room, the omega spoke up again: “I don’t know if I can forgive you…”

“I understand that.” The alpha answered with a weak smile.

“Do you really, tho?” asked Kyle, not expecting his father to answer, and he didn’t.

The door was closed, and Kyle crawled under his blanket, curling into a ball. He felt the tears fall down his face; tears he had tried to hold back. The omega heard someone enter his room again, and he held his breath for a second, listening to the person walking towards him, their steps light. However, Kyle recognised the forest scent of his little brother. He came out from under the blanket, but held it tightly wrapped around him. Ike jumped onto the bed, saying nothing but keeping him company and waiting for the omega to be ready to talk.

“Am I supposed to forgive him?” Kyle asked, his gaze fixed on a random spot on the wall.

“That’s a difficult question. I don’t really know. I think that you are not ‘supposed’ to do anything. Holding a grudge might seem to be easier than forgiving, but it is actually pretty tiring. Besides, it is probably not the healthiest option you could choose.” Ike said, after some time.

“Are you advising that I forgive him? I don’t know if I can.” Kyle responded honestly.

“How did he do, by the way?” Ike asked, leaning his head against his brother.

“You mean his attempt to apologise to me?” the omega questioned.


“It was decent at best.” The ginger said sternly, and Ike snorted.

“At least he tried.” Ike answered and Kyle nodded weakly, seeing what his little brother tried to say. “You smell weird…somewhat different.” The raven suddenly commented, observing his older brother, who almost chocked on his own spit.

“You are imagining things, Ike.”

“Am I?” Ike eyed him suspiciously. “It’s that Stan guy, am I right.”

“No…?” denied Kyle dumbly, wondering why he put a question mark there. His brother wasn’t stupid after all. The omega was glad his father didn’t notice.

“Oh god, I am right. It’s that guy.” The 11-year old deadpanned, not sounding pleased at all. He was still wary of the alpha’s intentions.

“I…I like him.” The omega admitted with rosy cheeks.

“Why him, though? He so…not cool.” Ike stated, making a face.

“He…He’s different. And he is cool.” Said Kyle, laughing at his little brother’s face. “And don’t you dare interrogate him.”

“I can’t make any promises. If he hurts you, then I am going to hurt him.” The little alpha stated, and the omega rolled his eyes. His little brother’s protectiveness sometimes concerned him.

“At least, don’t do anything illegal.” Kyle commented, giving Ike a small push.

“I am a law-abiding citizen, Kyle. I’d never do anything remotely illegal.” Ike said earnestly, yet the comment was seeping with sarcasm.

“Liar. Don’t cross your fingers behind your back.” Kyle laughed, and Ike returned the push.





Kyle was excitedly standing in front of the gym, still hesitating to go in. The omega had asked Stan to accompany him because he couldn’t build up the courage to go by himself, and Stan was happy to comply. Kyle was kneading and pulling on his bottom lip, impatiently pulling on his uniform. He also felt this weird knot of dread in his stomach.

“Kyle? What are you doing here?” asked a voice, tearing the omega out of his racing thoughts. The ginger had forgotten that Gregory was a member of the team.

“Eh...” he said unintelligently. Right now, he didn’t want to deal with Gregory.

“Wanna watch me play?” the blonde asked flirtatiously, moving closer to Kyle. The omega’s face was blank.

“Don’t get your hopes up. He isn’t interested. But he is going to beat your ass today.” Stan said, coming out of nowhere. The alpha leisurely put his arm around Kyle’s shoulder, pulling him close. Kyle’s face turned red at the raven-haired boy’s exclamation.

“Eh...what do you mean?” Gregory asked confused, eying Stan suspiciously.

“I am going to take part in practice.” Kyle explained and Stan nodded along, glowering at the blonde.

Gregory frowned: “Omega’s aren’t allowed on the team.”

“Your coach seems to have another opinion on that.” Commented the alpha.

“Let’s go, Stan. I still have to get changed.” Kyle said, pulling the alpha with him. Stan blushed as Kyle mentioned that because now, he had a mental image of the omega.

They entered the gym, leaving Gregory standing there. Kyle was nervous, but he wanted to show everyone that he was able to play basketball and that your secondary gender was irrelevant.

The rest of the players had gathered around the coach. Upon seeing Kyle, Coach Garret motioned for him to come over, which Kyle did. He observed the other students. They were gawking at him, and some of them were booty calling him. Kyle didn’t expect that they were all going to be that tall and big. The omega wouldn’t admit it, but he felt slightly intimidated. He dragged his shaky legs over to floor of the gym, trying not to give his concerns away.

“Guys. Kyle is going to join us today.” Coach Garret stated plainly, and the team groaned and complained upon hearing the news that an omega would join them.

“But he is an omega. What if he gets hurt?” Bridon, the captain of the basketball team, exclaimed. “We only have his wellbeing in mind.”

“He is right, coach. We can’t play the way we’d usually play with him.” Bradley added, and Kyle rolled his eyes.

“You should care about your own wellbeing, not mine.” Kyle said, giving the brunette a nasty glare.

“Feisty, aren’t you? I like that.” He responded, grinning.

“Shut up and go get changed.” Mr Garret yelled, rubbing the bridge of his nose. His final statement earned him groans and displeased grumbles.

Kyle headed to the locker rooms, glancing to the stand, where Stan was giving him a thumbs up. The omega smiled at that, feeling the butterflies in his stomach.

The ginger decided to change in one of the bathroom stalls because he more comfortable. Kyle was glad that the stalls were relatively clean, considering it was a school’s bathroom. They were often disgusting. He locked the stall and put his bag on the toilet. The walls were covered in scribbles, crude texts and some nasty rumours that probably weren’t true anyway. Kyle stripped off his clothes and put on a wide white shirt and some sweatpants. He neatly folded his uniform and stuck them into his bag, before putting his shoes on. When he was ready, he went back into the gym.

“Finally! We have been waiting.” Francis grumbled.

“Don’t be like this.” Gregory said, eying the omega from head to toe. The action made a shiver run down the omega’s spine, and not in a positive way.

“Let’s start with warm-up. I don’t want you to tear muscles. Most of you still need to improve your athletic performance.” Coach Garret announced before he blew his whistle.

They did some warm-up and stretching for about 15 minutes. The warm-up was executed with a basketball and consisted of jogging, jumping and landing, 180- and 360-degree hops, diagonal one leg bounds and squat jumps. After that, they started with some drills to improve their skills. Kyle was keeping up well so far, since he had a lot of stamina. The drills were easy. The omega looked over at Stan, who seemed to have fallen asleep. How could someone sleep at a place like that? Kyle was sure the alpha would late tell him that he had just been resting his eyes.

Practice went fast, and Kyle barely received any weird or indecent comments, but Stan was probably the reason for that. Before practice ended, coach Garret wanted them to have a small end game. He wanted the team to work on a close game scenario. It was a regular “6 and 3” game. The game started with the score 0-0 and 3 minutes on the clock. Kyle was doing well at first, but the height differences of the other players had turned out to be a great disadvantage for the omega. That asshole Bridon walked into him more than once, and Kyle knew he did that on purpose. Some passes, the players made, were extra high, so that the redhead could barely catch them. It was annoying because they clearly tried to sabotage him. When the score read 6 to 4, the 3 minutes started. At the end, Kyle was on the team that won.

“You’re better than I thought, for an omega.” Bridon commented, slinging his arms around Kyle’s shoulder. Kyle pushed his arm away. He didn’t have time for this.

“Don’t touch me.” The omega deadpanned.

“Hey Kyle. You played well.” Gregory voiced, patting the omega on the back. His hand still lingering on the small of his back. What’s with him being so touchy?

“Well, thank you.” Kyle answered, putting some distance between himself and the blonde. Gregory didn’t seem to have any sense of personal space because he closed the distance again.

“You are kinda cute. How about us? We should hit it off, don’t you think.” Bridon piqued in again, eying the omega and grabbing him by the waist.

“No. I don’t. Get out of my way.” The omega glared and harshly pushed the alpha away. Bridon didn’t seem bothered by it. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

“You really have a bad attitude.” Francis said disapprovingly.

“Broflowski!” Coach Garrett yelled, and Kyle internally thanked him for unknowingly saving him from these idiots.

The yell even woke up Stan, who was now blinking and looking out of place, like he didn’t know why he was in the gym. But when he saw Kyle’s face, he smiled. The omega went over to the coach, knowing that he wouldn’t make the team anyway. Still, he was grateful that he could at least try.

“When Marsh asked me to let you join us for practice, I thought he was joking. You turned out to be not as bad as I initially thought, since you’re an omega. However, you are way to small for the team. Your height is a clear disadvantage, and even thought you are skilled, there is not way you can make up for that.” Coach Garrett explained, and Kyle appreciated the alpha’s honesty. Besides, he didn’t really want to be around these pricks. Bridon was a self-absorbed son of a bitch, Gregory was too touchy-feely, and Francis was a stupid numbskull.

“Thank you anyway for letting be participate today.” Kyle said and the coach nodded.

After speaking to the coach, the omega went over to Stan who was waiting for him at the stand.

“You were great!” the alpha beamed, caressing Kyle’s cheek.

“You didn’t even see me play. You fell asleep.” The omega laughed.

“I didn’t fall asleep. I saw it through my eyelids.” The alpha tried to convince him, and Kyle pushed him lightly, snorting at what he said.

“Of course.”

“Okay. I might have taken a nap, but it was the atmosphere.” Stan said, squeezing the redhead’s hand.

“I still need to shower.”

“Do you really want to shower here? You might get foot fungus.” The alpha explained, cuddling the omega.

“I have slippers, so the probability of getting mycosis pedis is low.” Kyle reasoned.

“Myco what?” Stan asked, giving the omega a confused look, which the ginger found quite funny.

“They didn’t do anything to you, did they?” Stan suddenly asked, his face serious.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” Answered Kyle. He didn’t want to tell the alpha about Bridon’s grabby hands or Gregory’s inappropriate lack of personal space. It would just upset him.

“You’ll tell me if someone harassed you, right?”

“I am fine. Don’t worry.” Kyle said. If he had answered the question, then he would have lied to Stan, and the omega didn’t want to lie to the alpha. Not telling him everything is another story, though.

“Let’s go then.” The alpha said, letting it slide.


Kyle went into an empty locker room, and Stan waited outside for the omega. The alpha was leaning against the wall with his foot, his shoulder’s touching the bricks. The omega sure was taking his sweet time. Stan mind started to wander to Kyle being in the shower.

“Hey Marsh. Are you and that omega a thing? Or are the two of you only fucking?” Bridon asked, walking towards him. Stan was torn out of his daydream and rolled his eyes upon seeing Bridon that narcissistic asshole.

“We are a thing, asshat. Now fuck off!” Stan growled. He and Kyle never made it official, but since they kissed, held hands, and Kyle let the alpha touch him, Stan assumed that they were dating.

“He’s hot. Wanna share?” proposed the brunette alpha with a grin on his face.

“Say that again, and not even your mom will recognise your stupid face anymore, when I smashed it.” Stan threatened; his tone flat and light.

“I got the message.” Said Bridon, holding his hands up in defeat. “He is still hot, I guess.”

“Why are you still here? I thought I told you to piss off.” The ravenette stated, losing his patience.

“Man, you have no chill.” Commented Bridon, before catching up to his friends and teammates.

Kyle came out of the locker room, feeling refreshed. He didn’t really like sweating because of his heats. Even though, his heats were short and only lasted two to four days at most, the first day was the most intense one. His body tended to feel hot and overheated and his skin would feel clammy. He was 16 when he went into his first heat. Kyle had internally hoped to never experience one, but he seemed to be a later bloomer.

“Thank you for coming with me today.” Kyle started, playing with the alpha’s fingers.

“Don’t mention it. I like spending time with you.” Stan answered, kissing the omega on the cheek. Kyle blushed at the gesture.

“Still, thank you.” The omega smiled.

The walked towards the exit, when Kyle’s phone vibrated. The omega answered his phone and heard Tweek’s voice on the other end of the line. He sounded upset.

“Tweek?” Kyle asked concerned.

‘Ky-yle? Ngh K-Kyle, s-someone ngh is writ-ting nasty ngh t-things about me ngh on t-the s-school’s social ngh m-media platform arg.’ Tweek sniffled into the phone.

“What do you mean? What kinds of things?” pushed Kyle, and the line went still for a moment.

‘L-look for y-yourself ngh. T-they ngh c-call me w-whore and ngh o-other na-ames. T-t-they ngh a-a-accuse me of ngh doing t-things I-I ngh would n-never do. Ngh w-what if C-Craig ngh b-b-believes them arg?’ the blonde omega cried, not knowing what to do.

“He is not going to believe them. Don’t worry. I bet it was Cartman. That asshole.” The redhead grumbled angrily.

“What’s wrong?” asked Stan curiously.

“Someone is spreading rumours about Tweek.” Answered Kyle.

“What rumours? Where?”

“I don’t know. On the school’s social media platform.”

‘W-Who ngh a-are you ngh t-talking to?’ came Tweek’s question from the other line.

“I am talking to Stan.” Kyle said.

‘W-What ngh am I s-s-supposed to do K-Kyle arg?’ the blonde asked and started crying.

“Oh damn.” Kyle heard Stan mutter.

“Are you at home now? I am on my way.” Kyle stated, hearing the blonde’s silent sobs from over the phone. The fact that someone was spreading lies about his best friend made him really angry right now.

‘Ngh I-I am h-home aarg.’ Tweek sobbed.

“I gotta go see Tweek” the omega said suddenly running off without his bag.

“Wha, Wait!” Stan yelled, but Kyle was fast on his feet. The alpha assumed that Kyle talked about Craig when he said: ‘he wouldn’t believe that’. The alpha scratched his head, giving his friend a call.



Chapter Text

Tweek sat on his bed, scrolling through the posts on South Park High's social media platform, a platform that was only accessible via student ID, although its server didn’t check whether an ID was used more than once, or even existed at all. In a nutshell, if a non-student wanted to create an account, no one would stop them. It’s initial purpose, had changed rather quickly, since the pupils used it for private correspondence and posting about personal stuff among other things, instead of discussing class related tasks and questions. The teachers were aware of the things some of the teenagers posted, but they couldn't care less, since they just pretended that it was used properly. They contently swelled in the bliss of ignorance.

The omega scrolled further down the general messaging board; his mind absent. At first, he didn't intend to use it, but it was quite amusing to read about the escapades of the students attending South Park High. Tweek's mind wandered back to what had happened the day before, when Cartman called him a whore. Even though he wanted to pretend that the beta's words didn't get to him, the blonde somehow felt self-conscious. He felt ashamed of his actions; about how others might perceive him. Did he do something that could have been taken the wrong way? Did he say something inappropriate? There were a lot of things omegas weren't supposed to express their thoughts about. He wasn't as confident as Kyle or Wendy, which was why he was still wrecking his mind about it. He just didn't want people to think he was easy. He didn't want Craig to feel ashamed of him.

After Cartman had insulted him; however, Craig stood up for him. It had made Tweek fall in love with the alpha all over again. As he read through the messages and comments, the blonde felt all giddy inside and a goofy smile creeped onto his face. Suddenly, he recognised himself on a picture; a picture that was taken a couple days ago at Token's party. But the picture itself wasn't the thing that horrified him, even though he was quite mortified that someone took a photo of him without his permission and had then posted it. The thing that horrified him the most was the caption of the picture, showing him in those tiny shorts Bebe had picked out for him that day. Dread seized his whole body, and his breath caught in his throat.


                   HoeBasher: Just look at Tweek parading around like the derogatory slut he is.


Tweek hiccupped and his hands started to wildly tug on the blonde tresses. He had tunnel vision, and his fingers seemed to move on their own over the mouse pad of his laptop. He clicked on the post, fearing to read the comments. So many people had already seen and left a comment. Most of them as disrespectful and defamatory as the post itself; various comments even more insulting to the point of getting personal.


Corey Lanskin: He is practically asking for it!


Kevin: Slut! Slut! Slut! It's disgusting how he adorns himself like this just to draw attention to his body. Such behaviour shouldn't be encouraged!


Damien: A whore like him should be ashamed of himself. Who would want to stick their dick into an omega that had probably already been used by s o many?!


Red: Heard Tucker put it in.


He couldn't read any further; his vision blurry due to his tears. His lips were quivering, and he tried to keep himself from sobbing. His parents were at the coffee shop, as usual. The house suddenly felt too big. Tweek closed his laptop and grabbed the baby blue fleece blanket that was laying on the end of the bed. He wrapped himself into the soft material, rubbing his cheeks into it.

He didn't know what he was supposed to do. He hoped Craig didn't read those comments. He had the unreasonable fear that the alpha would break up with him. The omega shivered and sobbed silently, not being able to hold back anymore. He rubbed at his eyes, somehow angry with himself. He shouldn't have worn these clothes. It was his fault. He deserved those nasty comments. Tweek laid down and buried his face into the mattress, trying to morph into it and disappear. He reached for his phone and dialled Kyle's number. Kyle would know what to do. He didn't want Craig to find out about it.


□▪ □▪ □▪


The blonde had stopped crying by the time Kyle arrived. His eyes were puffy, and his face red and tear struck. The ginger had a worried look on his face and had pulled his fellow omega into a tight hug.

They were both cuddled up under the fleece blanket, sitting on the floor in front of the bed. Kyle stroked through Tweek's hair, trying to comfort the blonde to the best of his abilities.

“Do you want to show me what they say?” Kyle asked tentatively, laying his head on Tweek's shoulder.

Tweek nodded. He would have started to cry again, but he ran empty of tears a while ago. The blonde omega got his laptop and opened it slowly, pushing the device into Kyle's lap. Tweek hadn't closed the page because he had been too shaken up.

Kyle scanned the post and read through the comments with an angry scowl on his face.


He acts all innocent at school, even though he can’t even dress himself properly, always revealing everything for the world to see. How shameful!


Tweek is a spazz and a shank: a spazzing shank! Heard he works as a prostitute at night because he is a cock-hungry bitch.


Kyle didn’t read any further. These comments were disgusting. “Those assholes. I bet Cartman is behind it. And what kind of stupid username is that?!” the ginger said; his scowl deepening.

“W-w-why ngh wou-ld they arg s-s-say tho-ose ngh thi-ngs arg.” Tweek whispered, rubbing his face into the other omega's shoulder.

“Don't listen to these guys. We'll talk to the principal. The main server is at school. They can find out who made the post, since it was made anonymously. Such a coward!” Kyle said.

“T-t-they ngh won't d-d-do ngh t-that. T-they ngh w-will prob-b-bably ngh say i-it's fr-r-reedom of ngh s-speech. They d-d-don't ngh c-care what's go-oing on on t-the ngh pla-a-atform. The-ey ngh h-have b-been ig-g-gnoring it s-since ngh the v-very b-b-beginning arg.”

“They can't just upload a picture of you without your consent!” Kyle reasoned, but Tweek just sobbed.

“Did you tell Craig about this?” Kyle asked, rubbing soothing circles into the blondes back.

“N-n-n-no! M-maybe ngh I deserve i-it arg. I ngh shoul—" cried Tweek, pulling his hair; Kyle stopped him from finishing that sentence.

“Don't ever think that. It's not your fault. The people leaving those comments should feel ashamed, not you!” Kyle said sternly, but Tweek wasn't convinced.




Both omegas had been sitting on the ground for a while with Kyle trying to calm Tweek down. He wasn't really successful in doing so, and the redhead didn't know how to proceed. He really wanted to punch Cartman. He was sure that the beta was involved, whether he was directly involved or indirectly didn't matter. Tweek's shoulders were shaking, he was sniffling, and the twitching had gotten worse. The doorbell rang, and they looked up; both of them exchanging a confused look. The bell rang again, longer this time and more aggressively. They kept still for a moment, only Tweek's occasional sniffles could be heard. The ringing of the bell had ceased, and the omegas leaned back against the bed frame again.

Then there was a knock on the window, and Kyle almost had a heart attack when he saw Craig pressing g his face against the window. Tweek squeaked and got up, making his way to the window on wobbly knees. Craig climbed into the room, swiftly and with trained expertise. The blonde started crying again, harder this time.

“C-c-Craig…” Tweek sobbed, and the alpha pulled him into a tight hug, rocking him back and forth and manoeuvring them onto the bed.

“It's okay. Don't cry. Everything is going to be fine.” Craig said in a low whisper; his voice soothing, caressing the omega’s cheek and whipping the tears away. He was furious. He read the main post, but it pissed him off that other people seemed to think it was fun, spreading lies about someone else that wasn’t them.

“Arg.” Tweek grunted, snuggling into the alpha. He was scared to go to school tomorrow. He didn’t know how to deal with the stares or whispers.

A minute after Craig climbed through the window, Stan ungracefully fell into the room.

“Stan?” Kyle asked confused.

“Hey.” The alpha greeted. “Tell me why we didn't use the door?” Stan asked Craig, but all he got was an eye-roll. Seriously, Stan had to learn how to read the situation sometimes. He plopped down onto the floor beside Kyle, laying his head onto the omega’s.

“D-d-did ngh y-you see arg.” Tweek whispered into Craig’s chest, still shaking.

“Yeah.” The alpha answered, tightening his hold. “But I’ll beat the shit out of every one of them.” Craig was by far the most laidback person on earth, there was little that could actually provoke him, but this shit made his blood boil.

“N-n-no…you’ll ngh g-g-get expel-l-led arg.” Tweek said; his voice meek.

“Doesn’t matter when it doesn’t happen on school property. If I find out who started it, they better run.” He stated with a serious expression on his face.

“The person who started it calls himself ‘HoeBasher’. Just ridiculous.” Kyle commented, breaking Tweek and Craig’s bubble.

“How are we going to figure out who they are?” Stan asked.

“Probably fucking Cartman.” Said Craig angrily. He was practically seething; his aura frighteningly dangerous. With the alpha being there, Tweek had calmed down significantly. His tiny frame looked so vulnerable right now.

“I hate Cartman.” Kyle stated. Just the mentioning of the beta’s name made the omega angry.

“He doesn’t really have a reason, though.” Stan commented out of the blue, drawing everyone’s attention to him. Craig made a face at him, and Kyle’s face looked just as incredulous. As if Stan had just offended his mother.

“Elaborate.” Craig frowned, and Kyle gave Stan an expectant look.

“Well, he is openly hostile towards omegas in general. Would he really start spreading rumours anonymously? He’d probably sign every rumour with his name. Although, the name kinda sounds like him…” Stan explained. Craig had to admit that he couldn’t really beat that logic. Stan might be an idiot most of the time, but he was right.

“Wow. That was surprisingly observant, considering it was coming from you.” Craig said nonchalantly, and Kyle snickered at that.

“The fuck.” Stan protested.

“Even if Cartman had nothing to do with it, I am still going to beat him up. Can we do something to stop them from posting shit about Tweek?” Craig asked, looking at the omega in his arms.

“Should we talk to the school?” Stan asked.

“The school won’t do shit. Remember what happened to that one girl last year?” Craig asked.

“The one that committed suicide. I don’t even remember her name.”

“No one does. The school didn’t do anything to stop the bullying.”

“What about spreading a more interesting rumour, so that they forget about Tweek? It shouldn’t be harmful, though.” Stan proposed.

“We are not going to stoop that low.” Kyle piped in, not even considering that option. Even if it were Cartman or the rumour were not harmful, it wouldn’t sit well with him.

The room fell silent after that, all of them deep in thought while Tweek’a tears had stopped. He was laying in Craig’s embrace, feeling utterly helpless and lost. Should he just ignore them? Was he supposed to stay above those kinds of things? Maybe people would forget about it. Maybe they would find another victim tomorrow or next week. But did he really want someone else to be the target? The raven-haired alpha’s even breaths felt relaxing, easing his tense body. Craig’s mere presence made him feel better because he knew that he wouldn’t be alone. Craig wouldn’t leave him, and he didn’t believe what these people wrote.

“Well, we could try to get the server down for a little while by overloading the system.” Kyle explained, and both alphas looked at him curiously, so the omega continued: “If the server takes ‘hours’ to load due to the system being overload, people won’t be able to log in and ultimately can’t make more posts or comments.”

“H-h-how?” asked Tweek shyly.

“We’ll launch a DDoS attack.” Kyle said, and the others looked at him with perplexed expressions. “A Distributed Denial of Service attack. We use botnets, compromised machines such as a computer or device connected to the internet, to flood the server with requests.” The red-haired omega explained, giving the others an insight into what he meant.

“You’re kinda sexy when you talk like that.” Stan grinned, mentally drooling over the omega. Kyle blushed and squished the alpha’s face between his hands.

“Shut up, Marsh. You are being disgusting.” Craig said. “I assume you know how to do that. I knew you were a nerd.”

“Kyle is beautiful and smart.” Stan said dreamily, getting smacked over the head by Kyle, who felt embarrassed by the alpha’s honesty.

“Ouch.” Stan whined, rubbing the back of his head.

“We just need someone who could help us infect devices with malware.” Kyle stated.

“Like phishing emails?” Stan asked.

“Can you hack into Cartman’s computer, so that we can either rule him out or confirm that he is behind it.” Craig said, messaging Tweek’s scull.

“I'll just need some time to prepare things.” Kyle said.




Kyle and Stan had left a few hours ago, the hands of the clock striking 10. Craig had stayed with him, currently reading some of the things they said about Tweek.




Tweek sucks dick for 5 $ in a shabby motel.


Shameful bitch. His parents should be disappointed in him, having not only a spazz, but a whore for a son. He should dress properly and decently!


He’s got a hot body, but no one wants used goods.


Tweek watched as Craig’s eyebrow twitched. The omega wasn’t used to seeing Craig showing his emotions so openly. Craig’s phone vibrated on the bedside table, and Tweek picked it up for him, handing it to the alpha. Jimmy was calling the raven via FaceTime. He answered the call, but instead of seeing Jimmy, they were greeted by Clyde blocking the camera almost with his entire face, screaming into the phone dramatically, until Jimmy got a hold of it.

“Tweeeeekers!!!” screamed Clyde, trying to get the phone back.

“W-w-we s-s-saw the c-comments. Is T-T-T-Tweek alr-r-right?” Jimmy asked, hitting the brunette alpha on the head.

“He is...alright, considering the circumstances.” Craig answered hesitantly, side-glancing at the omega, who just cuddled further into him.

“Tweeek! You know that we don’t believe that crap!” Clyde yelled into the phone again, having gotten a hold of the phone.

“Why are you always so god damn loud? And stop hyperventilating.” Craig rolled his eyes.

“Buuuut I can’t.” The brunette protested.

“G-g-give me t-the p-p-phone!” Jimmy commanded, tearing the device out of the alpha’s hand.

“Who would do such a thing to Tweekers of all people?!” Clyde continued, gripping his hair.

“I suspect fatass.” Craig told his friends, patting the blondes head.

“S-s-sounds lik-ke a th-th-thing C-C-Cartman would d-d-do.” Jimmy reasoned, not at all doubting that Eric would be the culprit, considering the shit he pulls 24/7, even when asleep.

“Whatever. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. And calm down Clyde. You’re making Tweek more upset.” Craig sighed, rubbing his temples.

“Sooo mean! Don’t worry Tweekers, I have already put on the mission to defend you!!” Clyde yelled into the phone so loud that Tweek flinched a little at the noise. A small smile found its way onto his lips. And it was true. Wendy, Token, Nicole, Clyde and Kyle had already started to fire back, which made Tweek happy.


Wendy: Who are you people? The body police. Get a life!


Clyde: Why the fuck, you spreading lies about my BF Tweek! 😱


Kyle: Someone who calls people out for allegedly having no decency, while possessing no decency themselves, is rather pathetic. I am not referring to anyone in particular, but Cartman knows who he is.


Nicole: Tweek doesn’t do such things. Regardless of what you think a ‘proper omega' should dress or look like, you have no right to call him names!

Token: She is right. Besides, we all know Kenny is the whore here 😂

Kenny: Token, my friend! You wound me with your words 😣 I am as pure as any virginal princess from a Disney movie. 😘

Bebe: Of course. Nobody’s soul is as pure as yours! 😆

HoeBasher: You are one to talk Bebe. Everyone knows you are the biggest slut at school. We know you fucked with Clyde at the party. You spread your legs for everyone.

Bebe:   🖕

Wendy: 🖕 x10000

HoeBasher: Just telling the truth   


It was nice of them to defend him, but the blonde was worried that the person, currently shaming him, would go after one of them next, and despite their attempts, the majority was convinced that the blonde was, indeed, someone who likes to fuck around, which wasn’t true.

“How are you feeling?” Craig asked, closing the laptop and tilting the omega’s chin up, so he could look into his eyes.

Tweek casted his eyes downwards, not having the courage to hold the alpha’s gaze. His hands gripped onto Craig’s shirt, nails digging through the fabric. The blonde chewed on his lips, eyes darting around his room. His parents had called him about two hours ago, declaring that they would be out of town for a couple of days. They didn’t go into detail, but they said they wanted to talk to a potential coffee bean producer. Tweek zoned off for the most part.

“I-I-I don’t ngh k-k-know...” Tweek answered with a sigh.

“Look at me.” Craig demanded, taking the omega’s face into his hand and turning it upwards to force the omega to meet his eyes.

“Ngh.” Tweek grunted; a blush spreading over his cheeks.

The omega desperately clung to the alpha, nuzzling his face into the raven's palm. Again, he felt ashamed for even feeling ashamed. He felt pathetic because he wasn’t able to just brush these comments of. If he were more confident, then he would probably not be in this situation. If it weren’t for his twitching, then he wouldn’t always end up being a target. Being targeted by bullies was what he had actually gotten used to, but the lack of harassment, since his and Craig’s relationship started, had made Tweek feel better about himself. They wouldn’t even bully him because they feared Craig, Token and Clyde would retaliate. Tweek knew that Craig was rather protective of him, possessive even, but his friends had gotten just as protective, especially Clyde who had labelled the omega his ‘nicer bestie’ because Craig was a ‘meani'. The bullies didn’t want to get on their bad side, which was why they flocked away, like the cowards they were. The only one who still had it out for him was Cartman, but that guy went after everyone.

“You don’t have to hold back with me.” Craig whispered, looking at him with gentle eyes.

“---iss ng –e.” Tweek mumbled inaudibly.

“What did you say?” Craig asked, his face getting closer to the omega’s face; breath ghosting over the tender skin of the blonde’s lips.

“K-k-kiss ngh me...” Tweek whispered lowly; green orbs meeting Craig’s blue ones.

“Gladly.” The alpha smirked, passionately catching the omega’s lips.

Tweek whined, licking into the raven-haired boy’s mouth immediately. He wrapped his thin arms around the alpha’s neck, running his fingers through dark hair. It was soft and smelled of shampoo, giving his dark hair a flowery scent. Tweek found it cute that Craig’s hair tends to smell of flowers, peaches or coconut. Clyde and Token mocked him for it sometimes for always using his little sister’s shampoo because he didn’t bother getting his one when it’s ‘only fucking shampoo’ and ‘the purpose of every shampoo was the same’.

The omega felt desperate. He wanted to be close to Craig, but nothing seemed to be close enough. Craig’s hands were on his hips, the grip almost bruising. He reciprocated the kiss just as desperately because he wanted Tweek to know that he loved him, regardless of what other people thought or said. The alpha had never been the type of person to give a fuck about other people’s opinions, but he knew that Tweek thought about these things a lot, albeit involuntarily. He pushed Tweek down, looming over his small form. Tweek broke the kiss and panted breathily. His chest was rising and falling, and his eyes fluttered. The pink hue on his face, and the blonde strands of hair scattering across the white sheets of the pillow made him look angelic.

“I-I ngh don’t ngh w-want you ngh to th-hink that ngh I-I am e-e-easy arg.” Tweek mumbled, yet again, averting his eyes.

“I'd never think that. I know you are not,” he paused, laying his forehead on Tweek’s. “There’s nothing you have to feel embarrassed about. You know that I don’t give two fucks about what other’s think, right? I won’t let anyone hurt you. I'll protect you.”

“I -m s-s-sorry.”

“For what? You didn’t do anything wrong.” Craig assured him.

“F-f-for ngh being s-so ngh useless, ngh e-emotional and weak ngh. I-I am ngh al-lways overreacting ngh.” Tweek responded, rubbing his cheek into the alpha’s.

“You’re not useless. You’re not weak. Well, you are emotional, but it’s a good thing. Your emphatic, and that’s a good quality to have.” Said Craig, kissing the omega’s nose and messaging his ears with his fingers.

“A-a-aren't you ngh s-sick of me? I-I am not ngh particularly ngh a-a-attractive. I ngh s-stutter, and ngh I h-have these ngh t-twiches.” The omega continued.

“I'll never be sick of you. You are perfect to me. Your small quirks make you, you. It’s cute. You’re beautiful; more beautiful than any galaxy out there, and that’s hard to achieve.” Craig smiled, pushing his thumb against the omega’s full lips.

Tweek’s glassy eyes widened a fraction, the red blush covering his cheeks deepening and spreading to his ears and down his neck. Craig always managed to reassure him like that; to make his stupid insecurities disappear for a moment. With Craig, he felt complete. He forgot about the things that happened today. They weren’t important anymore. At least for now. The omega started to suck on the alpha's finger, and he pulled on the raven’s shirt. Craig removed his thumb and kissed him again; a growl escaping his lips. The omega shivered at the deep sound, hooking his legs around the alpha's waist. Craig smelled so good. He always did. Their scents mingled together, filling up the entirety of the bedroom. The kiss turned sloppy; all teeth and tongue. Their moans and groans could be heard, and Tweek hoped that there was no open window anywhere.


*Sexual Content Warning!*


They head both lost their clothes without really realising it. The alpha brushed his fingers over Tweek’s rosy nipples, and the omega keened into the touch; a loud whine escaping his lips. He was painfully hard and getting a good view of Craig’s large leaking cock made him drool. The alpha kissed and sucked down his neck, taking his nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard. Tweek stroked through the other teen's hair, the nails of his other hand scratching Craig’s shoulder. The blonde wanted to touch the alpha too.

“Mng ah. More.” Tweek moaned, arching his back into the raven's touch.

“Ah fuck.” Craig groaned, pulling at the blonde’s nipple and leaving bruises over his chest. It was getting harder and harder for him to control himself because of Tweek’s sweet and cute moans, the intensity of his scent and the sheen layer of sweat starting to cover the omega’s body.

Craig pulled away suddenly, drawing a displeased whimper from the omega. The alpha raked his eyes over the blonde’s body, admiring the flawless pale skin. Tweek shivered under the alpha’s gaze, locking eyes with him; his chest rising and falling again, but so did Craig’s.

“Turn around and lay down.” Craig demanded, and the blue in his eyes darkened.

Tweek let out a nervous squeak, unsure of what to do but complying anyway.

“Finger yourself.” The alpha ordered, watching Tweek get into position right in front of him.

The omega was on his hands and knees, his feet on either side of Craig’s knees. He touched one of Tweek’s round globes with one hand, giving it a firm squeeze. The action drew out a surprised squeal, and the omega grabbed the raven-haired boy’s arm.

“D-D-Don’t ngh do t-this so ngh s-s-suddenly arg.” Tweek spoke; a deep blush adorning his face.

“Fuck you’re just so hot. Now. Touch yourself.” He alpha ordered again.

Tweek loved that deep demanding rumble. He loved it when Craig dominated him. The omega shifted a little to make himself more comfortable on the duvet blankets. His pale skin turned a dark red, even covering his shoulders. He spread out one arm and rested his forehead on it; the other hand moving down his chest, brushing past his nipple, and then towards his slickening entrance. He breathed heavily, getting nervous because Craig wasn’t saying anything. He turned his head around to get a glimpse of the alpha, his half-lidded eyes remaining on Craig, who was intently watching his movements. Tweek stuck his butt out further and arched his back, reaching down to massage the wet rim with his fingers, spreading it out. His other hand gripped the sheet of the white pillow, and he bit back a moan. He pushed two fingers inside, and his breath hitched. The colour on his cheeks darkened under Craig’s intense gaze. Tweek turned his head down again, focusing on the feeling. He could hear the squelching sounds of Craig stroking himself, letting some moans slip past his throat. He could feel the alpha close to him. He could feel how his calves touched Craig’s knees.

“You’re ah beautiful. Keep ngh going Tweek. Make your alpha happy.” Craig said, spreading the precum over his dick, watching the omega’s fingers disappear in his wet hole. He was rock-hard because of the omega. Tweek’s hole had gotten bigger, and the slick was running past his fingers and down his creamy looking thighs. The omega moved his fingers around and pushed them deeper into his slick entrance, moaning Craig’s name.

“Ahh C-Craig. Craig.” Tweek chanted. “Alpha.”

Craig immediately reacted to it and tightened his grip on his dick, stroking himself faster. Tweek turned his head towards Craig again and observed the lean muscles of the alpha, his strong arms and chest, the dark strands that were sticking to his forehead, his eyes that were only concentrating on Tweek, and the slightly parted lips, were the moans and groans tumbled out from. Tweek’s mouth was salivating, and he cried out Craig’s name like a mantra, masturbating to the sight in front of him; the alpha doing the same. The blonde could feel the heat collect and tighten in his belly, so he pushed a third finger inside and started stroking his cock with the hand that he had previously had a death grip on the pillow with. The omega closed his eyes, not being able to hold the alpha’s gaze anymore and moaned throatily. Craig touched the omega’s back, running his finger down his spine. Tweek closed his eyes, shuddering at the touch. Craig’s own grunts, hisses and groans spurred Tweek on. The calloused fingertips, intensifying the sensation.

“Fuck.” The raven moaned.

“Ah ngh Cr-Craig!” whimpered Tweek.

Craig enjoyed the picture in front of him; the way Tweek fingered himself open. His whines and cries. It was a shame that he couldn’t see the omega’s expression that contorted into one of pure pleasure. The raven thought about those plump lips wrapped around his cock, the mere image causing his knot to form. The alpha really wanted to put it in, to fuck the omega, but they have yet to talk about it. When Tweek finally orgasmed, Craig bent over omega and sped up his pace, climaxing onto his back. He rested his forehead on Tweek’s shoulders, breathing into his delicate neck, where he wanted to leave a mark at. Tweek felt exhausted; his body going lax and he panted heavily. Craig laid down next to him, and Tweek turned his body to face him. He touched the alpha’s face, pulling at his bottom lip.

“I l-love you.” Tweek whispered, smiling.

“I love you more.” Craig responded, taking both the omega’s hands in his and planting a soft kiss on his knuckles. The gesture made Tweek blush.

“…l…ove…yo…u.” the blonde mumbled sleepily, cuddling into the alpha’s side, and Craig pulled him closer, staring at the ceiling and caressing the omega’s smooth skin. Tweek looked soo beautiful right now with his soft features, his button nose and big eyes. The omega meant everything to him.




Kyle woke up at 7 the next day, feeling unrested. He had spent the night thinking about what Stan had said about Cartman not really having a reason to bully Tweek, and even though he didn’t want to give Eric the benefit of the doubt, Stan had a good point. Would he really disguise his identity to hurt someone? The omega stared at the white ceiling of his room, counting the small dents there. ‘Yes, he would’ Kyle concluded. The ginger hoped that people had already lost interest. However, what concerned him was the fact that not only Tweek had been a target, but this person or these persons were also spreading lies about Bebe. It was only a matter of time until they would go after him or Wendy or someone else. The omega couldn’t really thing of a motive here. Was it just for fun? Were they doing it out of spite? Was he thinking too much into it, or was there something else, he seemed to have missed? If Cartman was the one who had started the post, then was the motive his hatred towards omegas? Or was his inferiority complex the reason for all this? But what if Stan was right, and Cartman didn’t start that post? Kyle let out a heavy sigh and rubbed at his temples, already feeling the tension there. He internally hoped nobody had a picture of him at the party because, even though his dad already knew about him being there wearing tiny clothes, having someone show him a photo of his son dressed like that at a party was somewhat different. Maybe people had already forgotten about it. Maybe people only cared about it online without minding it in real life. Maybe school would just be like yesterday and the day before.


Kyle and Ike left the house in the morning, birds already chirping again. Their father was already waiting in the car, tuning down the radio. The ginger was annoyed that his father still insisted on driving them to school, despite his mom’s scolding. Kyle wanted to walk to school normally, like they used to.

“We can walk to school, you know. You don’t need to take us there every day.” Kyle gritted out, trying his best not to roll his eyes.

“No.” Gerald answered. His answer was plain and simple, and not satisfying in the slightest.

“Wouldn’t it be much healthier for us to walk, though? Children these days don’t get enough exercise and have a poor diet. Sufficient exercise is the key to a happy life and prevents an early death.” Ike said randomly, and the older alpha was visibly annoyed, which was why he ignored it.

“Get in the car. I’ll drive you.” He said, putting the key into the ignition and turning it around.

It was a short and annoying drive because his father talked too much. Maybe he just tried to fill the awkward silence that still seemed to surround him and his dad.

“How long are you going to take us to school, dad?” the omega interrupted his father’s rambling.

“As long as I deem it necessary.” He told him, looking at him through the rear-view mirror.

“Seriously? What do you think we will do during our walk to school? Smoke? Skip classes? Do drugs?” Kyle huffed, throwing one leg over the other.

“Right now, I cannot trust you, so you’ll have to deal with it.” Gerald said, staring at the road.

Kyle turned his head away angrily, without saying another word. The omega had been scowling the entire drive at school, wanting his father to know and see how pissed off he was.

“This is ridiculous.” Kyle mumbled and left the car. Ike shrugged and followed him.

They had just left the car park, when Stan caught up with them, giving Kyle a tight hug. Ike glowered at him, and the alpha let go of the omega, using him as a shield because of the small alpha’s fierce look.

“Hey.” The alpha greeted, not entirely sure what to make of the small scary runt.

“Ike.” Warned Kyle, rubbing his heavy eyelids.

The 11-year-old narrowed his eyes at Stan, making the ‘I am watching you’-movement with his fingers. The omega found it amusing that Stan felt intimidated by his little brother, but he had to admit that Ike could be extreme sometimes, when it came to him. Ike put himself between the two, making sure that the older alpha wasn’t too close to his brother. Even though, Ike accepted that Kyle was dating the school’s quarterback, for whatever reason or quality the small alpha didn’t understand, he wasn’t going to give his brother’s mate a free-way ticket. Ike watched the older alpha, trying to figure out what Kyle found so attractive about him. Maybe the height? He was tall and athletic. Was Kyle into athletic alphas? Probably. Stan’s school uniform looked a bit messy. He didn’t wear his tie. The shirt was wrinkled, and his backpack was lazily thrown over his shoulder. Ike scoffed. No, he didn’t understand what Kyle saw in him. His laugh was loud and boisterous, and, from an aesthetical viewpoint, he would be considered handsome. Maybe Kyle just liked his face. The 11-year-old studied the alpha’s expression. The love-struck look on his face was obvious, and Ike couldn’t find an ounce of mischief in his eyes. He had to give Stan that. He appeared to be helplessly in love with his brother. Yet, Ike just wanted to make sure Kyle was safe and treated well. Besides, as Kyle’s alpha brother, it was his job to give Stan a hard time and maybe a background check.

“Be friendly.” Kyle said.

“I am the personification of ‘friendly’” Ike assured, a wicked grin on his face.

“Yeah. Sure.” The older alpha snorted. Ike narrowed his eyes at him again.

Stan was sure he would warm up to him, eventually. The small alpha wasn’t as unnerving as he seemed in the very beginning, but he would keep his guard up. He could understand why Ike was so weary of him. Stan was an alpha after all, who was dating the kid’s little brother. Still…Ike gave him the chills.


They entered the school building, and Stan took the initiative to pull Kyle with him into the empty storage room.

“Hey.” The alpha said, looming over Kyle and caging him between his body and the door.

“Hey.” Kyle answered, sneaking his arms around the raven’s neck and smiling up at him.

“Your brother doesn’t seem to like me very much.” Stan started, burying his face into the ginger’s neck.

“Don’t take it personally. And he doesn’t dislike you, you know.” The omega assured him.

“When are we going to make it official?” the alpha asked, softly kissing the junction between Kyle’s neck. The omega leaned back against the wooden door with a thud, sighing heavily.

“We…we can’t. Not yet, at least. My dad’s going to lose it.” The omega whispered, visibly uncomfortable.

He wanted to make it official, but he knew his father wouldn’t take it well. He’d probably put that chastity belt on him and throw away the key or send the omega away to live with relatives. He wasn’t sure whether his dad would accept his relationship with Stan, regardless of Stan being Randy’s son, and Randy being his dad’s good friend. Well, Kyle had gotten to know Randy, and the guy was weird and extra. He’d probably be the reason why his father would disapprove of Stan.

“Then I’ll ask of his permission to court you. You said he was rather traditional with these kinds of things.” Stan said, putting his leg between the omega’s legs, and Kyle had to repress a moan from escaping his lips.

“Mhn…not sure. J-just don’t tell your parents yet.” Kyle whimpered when Stan started to nibble at his scent gland. “Mhnn…your dad will tell m-mine, and you don’t know m-my dad. I don’t know how he’d take it.”

“Okay.” Stan said and stopped. “But what about school?”

“…It’s likely that they already know.” The omega said with a blush on his cheeks.

“The-“ the alpha started.

“Stan? You in there? Are you two doing naughty things?” Kenny’s voice came from the other side.

They opened the door, and Stan yielded Kyle, whose face had turned as red as a tomato. Kenny and Butters greeted them, Butters with a small wave of his hands and a radiant smile, and Kenny a shit-eating all-knowing grin. The blonde alpha had his arm slung around the blonde omega’s shoulders; his stance causal and matching his expression. Butters had his arm around the alpha’s waist; his small hands timidly clutching on the uniform.

“What were my sweet innocent friends doing in there. Not making out, I hope.” Kenny smirked, and Kyle wanted to disappear right now.

“Oh, shut up Kenny. As if you were any better.” Stan stated, giving him a slap on the back, before he took Kyle’s hand, walking into the direction of the lockers.

“How is T-tweek doing?” asked Butters, his voice concerned.

“I…don’t really know. Fine, I guess. As fine as someone could be.” Kyle answered; eyes glued to the ground, watching the knot of his shoelaces getting looser with every step he took.

“Some asshole is talking shit about him online.” Stan said.

“Not only about Tweek, apparently, as of this morning, they posted things about Bebe. They even posted a link to a fake account on a porn website.” Kenny explained.

“Fucking sick bastard!” exclaimed Stan; the grip on Kyle’s hand tightening. His scent was getting slightly stronger, giving the ginger goose bumps.

“We have to figure out who they are.” Kyle said, focusing on the sounds their synchronised steps created because Stan scent was getting to him.




Tweek had been on edge this morning, even though Craig tried everything to calm him down. He even helped him button his shirt properly because the omega feared the eyes of everyone would be on him, judging him even more or taking it as proof of his supposed promiscuity. The alpha had let out a long sigh, not understanding why he would listen to what some of the students on the internet pointed out, but he knew Tweek well enough and wanted to make him happy.

Everything seemed fine when Tweek entered the classroom with Craig. People weren’t paying him more attention than they usually would, which was a good sign. The omega thought that the things someone had posted about him fell on deaf ears to the vast majority, but he was wrong, apparently. As soon as Craig was gone because he had a different course he needed to attend and Tweek was on his own, no Kyle and no Wendy, the mocking comments, whistles and laughter started. It seemed that the only reason they didn’t say anything at first was because of Craig’s presence, as well as the presence of Token and Clyde.

Tweek speed-walked his way through the crowd of students, whose eyes were boring holes into him. The period had been an ordeal for him. His classmates were calling him names, asking when he was free to suck their dick or how much he billed for an hour. His breathing accelerated, and all he wanted to do was go home and sleep and never come to school anymore. He pressed his books tightly against his chest, cursing when someone ‘accidentally’ bumped into him and knocked his books out of his hands, for the second time that day.

“Watch were you going, slut.” The beta said scornfully; his friends laughing loudly next to him. At least, Tweek would share his next course with Kyle, so he didn’t feel as anxious as right now.

He entered the classroom, seeing Kyle and Wendy waving at him. The blonde omega walked towards them, his shoulders stiff, and his head hung low. On his way to his seat, someone thought it was funny to make him trip. Tweek fell onto his knees, and his books scattered all over the floor. The students laughed at him.

“Are you out of your mind? He could have been seriously hurt.” Wendy said angrily, getting up to help Tweek onto his feet again.

“What is your god damn problem!” yelled Kyle, jumping from his seat and glaring at the person who had tripped his friend.

“It is not a big deal. He is used to being on his knees.” The alpha, Damien, said. To top it off, he made a demonstrative gesture with his hand his mouth.

“Take that back!” the ginger gritted out, his glare deepening, but the alpha shrugged him off.

Tweek sank into his seat, getting Kyle to sit down again. The blonde could feel, how the rest of the class laughed at him; how they whispered loudly, so he could hear them clearly. When the teacher entered the room, the class went quiet, but when he stepped out for a moment, some of the pupils took the opportunity and started to throw paper planes at him. After the third one, Wendy couldn’t ignore it anymore, even though Tweek told her and Kyle not to cause a scene. Tweek didn’t want to get any more negative attention. He already received enough of it right now. She turned around, taking one of the paper planes into her hands, crushing it.

“If one of you throws another paper plane, I am going to stuck it down their throat and watch them chocking on it.” Wendy threatened with a calm voice.

“Why you always so mad? That’s not cute at all, even though you’re so pretty.” One of her classmates commented. Wendy only gave him an unimpressed raise of her eyebrows. She was so done dealing with those kinds of people.

“Wendy is uptight and boring. Tweek is whoring around, and Kyle has a bad temper. Naturally, the three of you would flock together.” Red spoke up.

Red never really liked Tweek, but she didn’t like Kyle either. The blonde omega couldn’t even think of a reason because he’d never really had anything to do with her. He couldn’t wrap his head around why she showed him such animosity. He understood that, sometimes, you just didn’t like someone, but she had been more hostile than she had ever been towards him recently.

“Fuck off!” Kyle spat, and Tweek just sank more into his seat, trying to hold the tears back.

Crying now would be an obvious sign of weakness and defeat. The blonde omega still thought that not reacting to those kinds of comments and ignoring them all together would be the best option right now because if he didn’t show any reaction, then they would get bored of mocking him. The blonde wished Craig were there. They wouldn’t say anything if he were there with him. Tweek missed Craig even more right now. He missed the comfort, the security and the warmth.

“He can’t even defend himself. Maybe because the things they say are true.” She continued, resting her chin onto her flat hand curling one of her locks between her fingers.

“What a witty conclusion you made there, Red. I am visibly impressed. Do you see the impressed look on my face? No? Well, me neither, you dimwit.” Kyle said sarcastically, and Red frowned at him.

“It’s not her fault that he spends the nights on his knees sucking dick? Do you get paid Tweek or do you do it for free? How much do you take?” Damien asked, directing the question at Tweek.

Tweek scrapped the table with his nails, wondering why the teacher wasn’t back yet.

“I-I ngh d-d-don’t do ngh s-s-such ngh thi-ngs arg.” The omega chocked out; his voice breaking.

“S-S-S-So h-he c-c-c-can t-t-t-talk.” Lola, an omega with dark blonde hair who was sitting next to Red, said, imitating Tweek.

“Leave him alone, already!” Wendy glared at her, and at that moment the teacher was back, continuing were they had left off earlier.

Tweek; however, didn’t hear what the teachers was saying or trying to get them to understand. He tugged at his strands, shaking and twitching, until the teachers was annoyed enough to call him out on it.

“Tweek. Could you refrain from shifting all the time? It disturbs the class.” The alpha said, oblivious or ignorant to the giggles of his students.

“I-I am ngh s-s-s-sorry arg.” Tweek whispered, tugging harder at his hair and feeling the pressure overwhelm him. He wanted to run out of class, but he was glued to his chair, too afraid to do anything but sit as still as he could, despite the twitches.

“Yes, Tweek. You are disrupting my concentration.” Someone at the backrow called out, accompanied by more giggling.

“You are too stupid to concentrate on anything, Scott.” Kyle said flatly.

“Would you be quiet!” The teacher reprimanded, silencing them.

“Stupid bitch.” Scott mumbled, glaring at Kyle, but the omega flipped him off.

The bell rang, indicating that lunch time had just begun. Tweek jumped up from his chair, gathering his things and sprinting out of the classroom, not listening to Wendy and Kyle calling his name.




Tweek hid away in the storage room, whipping away the tears that his eyes continued to produce. The salty water ran down his cheeks and dropped onto his uniform, creating dark splotches. He sat there in silence, enjoying the solitude and the fact he couldn’t hear anything, but his own sniffles and sobs. He was surrounded by brooms, empty buckets, dusty shelfs and old dirty rags. Those things didn’t insult him. Immobile and lifeless objects were the best company to have sometimes. The omega recognised that ignoring something didn’t always work. His unresponsiveness seemed to have made the situation worse. He started to panic slightly; his chest contracting. He had difficulties breathing properly, so he closed his eyes and thought about what Craig always said when he felt overwhelmed and anxious. Tweek concentrated on his breathing: in and out. Slowly and evenly, until the tense feeling in his chest dissipated.

“Tweek?” he heard Craig asking from the other side of the door. The omega felt happy right now, but at the same time, he didn’t want the alpha to see him like this, even though he had technically seen him at his worst already.

“N-N-No.” the omega wheezed out, trying, yet again, to contain the tears.

“Can I come in?” the alpha asked. Tweek thought that it was nice of him to ask, even though he could just enter the room, since it wasn’t locked.

Tweek didn’t answer, and Craig took it as a sign to enter. The alpha was furious when Kyle and Wendy told him what happened. He wanted to go after those assholes and give them some piece of his mind or his fist, but Tweek was his top priority right now, which was why he went looking for him. Tweek was sitting on the dusty ground, knees drawn close to his body. The alpha couldn’t see his face right now because the omega had his back turned towards him, likely trying to conceal the fact that he had been crying. He sat down close to Tweek, so close that their bodies were touching. Craig planted a soft and tender kiss onto the skin of the omega’s neck.

“Come here.” Craig whispered, turning Tweek around. His eyes were swollen and red, even worse than the day before. He had been scratching his skin raw and his gaze was overflowing with emotions. He looked so vulnerable right now, and the only thing Craig wanted to do was protect him. He hadn’t expected people to say anything, after the first lesson went without incident. But he won’t let those people off the hook so easily. However, they had to find the person spreading those lies first, since he didn’t only target Tweek. The alpha was sure that Cartman was to blame for all of this, and he was definitely going to make him pay.

“I ngh th--ought ngh t-they fo—got.” Tweek cried, burying his face into the crook of Craig’s neck.

“Everything is going to be okay, honey. I am going to protect you.” The alpha whispered into the blonde’s ear, trying to calm the blonde down.

“—ngh –nna ngh -go h-home.” Tweek choked out, clasping onto the alpha’s uniform.

“Then we skip.” Craig said and Tweek nodded slightly.

The alpha helped the omega onto his feet, whipping the tears away with his sleeves. He gave the blonde a tissue, so he could blow his noise, and further calm down. The alpha texted Clyde, notifying him that they’d leave and telling the brunette to bring him his stuff later. They got out of the storage room with Craig carrying Tweek’s backpack over his shoulder.

The exit to the school building was already in sight when Cartman called them out.

“Well, well, well. Whom do we have here? Leaving with another client, Tweek? Or wait. Is Tucker your pimp?” mocked the beta with a shit-eating grin on his face. Tweek paled, his shoulders started to shake, and he was producing a scent of distress. Naturally, Craig would react to that.

Craig was probably the most laid-back person in South Park. He never really lashed out, other than the occasional middle finger most people already got acquainted with. He could take a lot of shit, but his patience had been running out lately. The glass was filled to the brim, and sooner or later, it had to spill over. Today was the day.

“What? Cat got you tongue?” the beta pressed on, noticing that Craig had stopped dead in his tracks.

The alpha turned around, walking towards Cartman with long determined strides.

“What did you say?” he asked, despite having heard every word, the beta had just said, very clearly.

He was threateningly looming over the beta; his face totally blank, but his voice and body language conveyed the disdain, disgust, anger and the pure hatred he held for Cartman. Craig’s scent was getting stronger, and the beta seemed to sense the threat that laid in the air. Eric’s body stiffned.

“I-I asked if you were his pimp? Gotta take your b----” the beta couldn’t get out any more words because Craig gripped his jaw and slammed his body into the lockers behind him. Cartman looked surprised by the strength, and his eyes showed fear. Tweek squeaked at the sudden motion, but he kept standing there, rooted to the ground, his body starting to react to the alpha’s scent. So, he plopped down onto the floor himself, trying to control his emotions. Craig didn’t seem to notice the impact his scent had on the omega.

“Another word, and I break your face.” Craig growled, tightening his grip on the beta’s jaw and pressing him further into the lockers. Cartman squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, gripping onto the alpha’s arm and struggling at the strong hold.

“Hah—” laughed Cartman nervously, though he couldn’t say anything further because he got slammed into the ground.

The beta wasn’t fast enough to soften the impact on the cold floor. His body wasn’t agile enough to do anything, but hit the ground, like a fat clot. The sound that his massive body made echoed through the empty hall. Lunch time wasn’t over yet, but the hall would soon be flooded by hundreds of students at once. The alpha stood over Cartman, knocking him down again when he attempted to get up.

“You started this shit, didn’t you?” it was more as statement than a question.

“Arg I-I don’t k-know what you are talking about.” Cartman coughed out, trying to rob away on his knees, holding his jaw.

“You know exactly what I am talking about.” The alpha said in a calm and even voice; his eyes glowing dangerously.

He got a hold of the beta, gripping the front of his shirt and landing the first hit fair and square into his face. He was leaning over him, caging Cartman by putting his knee onto his chest. Tears collected in the beta’s eyes, and he looked seriously scared right now.

“I -eally d-don’t k—ow.” He choked out, yielding his face with his hands.

“You really want to make me angry, huh. I am talking about the bullshit you are spouting out online!” shouted Craig, raising his fist again in a threatening manner.

“I-I d—idn’t do i-t!” the beta cried out, flinching every time, Craig raised his fist slightly.

The alpha slammed him off the ground and dragged him away from the lockers, waiting for the clock to ring. When the door to the lunchroom opened, Craig smashed Cartman onto the floor again. Harder this time. He kicked him and punched him, feeling the squishy and chubby face of the beta beneath his already bruised knuckles. The alpha felt so angry. He was surprised himself that he had stored so much anger inside of him over the years.

“Say it!” Craig yelled. “Why did you do it? I’ll say it only once: Stay away from him! Don’t ever talk to him! Don’t even dare look at him!” He chanted, knowing that everyone was watching him beat the shit out of a crying and pathetically wheezing Cartman, who was still denying having posted anything.

“C-Craig.” Tweek called out in a shaky voice, but Craig didn’t hear him. “C-Craig. Craig, I a-am scared!”

The alpha stopped, letting go of the beta immediately, looking at Tweek, who was shaking and crying. The omega’s scent was still distressed, and he was pulling at his uniform. Craig’s knuckles were bruised, the skin busted open, and he was breathing heavily. He approached the omega, pulling him into a hug. Cartman struggled to get up but managed to do so on shaky legs. His nose was bleeding, he had bruises and swellings all over his face, and he had been crying; snot running out of his nose.

“Craig Tucker and Eric Cartman to the principal’s office. Now.” Ms Nelson ordered. “Someone. Help Eric get to the infirmary first.”

“I-I didn’t do anything!” Eric protested. “H-he attacked me!” Craig ignored him, still unwilling to let go of the omega in his embrace.

“Now students, there is nothing more to see here. Get back to class.” She said in a commanding voice, and the students dispersed, grumbling and walking into the classrooms, only Stan, Kyle, Token, Clyde, Kenny and Heidi (who would probably take him to the infirmary) remained standing there completely stunned.

“You deserved it, fatass.” Stan said, casually leaning against the locker after hearing the beta’s exclamation.

“It wasn’t his fault!” Heidi said angrily. “Craig can’t just go around beating people up.”

“Come on, he was asking for it.” Clyde said, rolling his eyes.

“Craig just went feral on him because of his omega. He can’t seem to control himself.” Heidi continued, defending Eric.

“You weren’t even there, so you don’t know what Cartman did to provoke him.” Stan said, annoyed by the beta.

“S-Shut up! You should h-have helped me.” Cried the beta, whipping away his tears. His talking was off, and he was probably in a lot of pain.

“Nah.” Stan answered, slinging his arms over Kyle’s shoulder. Kyle had a bored look on his face, but he watched the beta intently.

“And you Kenny,” Eric looked over at the blonde alpha, pointing a shaky, likely broken finger at him. “You poor white-trash garbage, you were just watching.”

“So what? Fuck you Cartman.” Kenny stated with a cold look in his eyes. He was tired of Eric always talking down on him. Tired of the beta calling him names and insulting him. Eric was a shitty friend, so Kenny would be a shitty friend towards him too. Cartman didn’t deserve good friends if the only thing he did was ‘take, take, take’ but never ‘give’. You don’t treat friends like second-class citizens, like lower beings or scum.

“Fu-cking Jew. Fu-cking o-mega.” Cartman spat, glaring at Kyle.

“Fucking pathetic.” Kyle answered, making his way over to Tweek, who was clinging onto Craig’s clothes.

Tweek didn’t want to let go of Craig. His body was heating up, and he didn’t want to lose the contact, the warmth or the security the alpha provided. He had been shocked to see Craig mad like that, even though his expression remained mostly stoic while beating the bloody shit out of Cartman, but the anger had been evident in his eyes and voice.

“It’ll be quick.” The alpha whispered, caressing the omega’s face, but Tweek shook his head. He couldn’t let go of him. His body acted strangely. He needed the contact. Craig noticed the change in Tweek’s scent too, unconsciously tightening his hold.

“Tweek.” The blonde heard Kyle’s voice, but he could only focus on the alpha’s scent right now. It was intoxicating. Tweek buried his nose deeper into the alpha’s chest, inhaling deeply and gripping harder onto him.

“Tweek. Let’s go. Tweek.” Kyle tried again. “I think Craig triggered a false-heat. You have to let go.”

The blonde whined when he had to separate from the alpha, and Craig involuntarily growled, gripping onto Tweek’s arm. Token and Clyde had stopped the ravenhaired alpha from getting more agitated by getting him to cover his nose, so he wouldn’t smell the omega anymore. Tweek’s head felt fuzzy, but he followed Kyle outside. The ginger had called his mother, and they had taken him home. Kyle tucked him into the bed, preparing cooling clothes, some tea, so he wouldn’t dehydrate and sandwiches. Kyle didn’t make coffee because the blonde had started to drink less of the dark liquid and because tea would be a good substitute.

Tweek had fallen asleep afterwards, and when he woke up, Kyle was gone. The ginger had left him a note, telling him to call him immediately when he needed him. Tweek sighed. It was probably for the best that Kyle didn’t stay with him because omegas who went into false-heat could trigger another omega’s heat. The blonde hoped that the fals-heat would just fade because he wasn’t supposed to go into heat. His next heat would be a few weeks away. The omega sat up, his body clammy and sweaty. His muscles ached, but the worst was the headache he had. Tweek looked around in his room, spotting the shirt he had been looking for: Craig’s shirt. He got up, dragging his feet over the floor. He picked the shirt up, inhaling the strong alpha scent. He let out a small whine, feeling the slick run down his thighs. He put it on, and laid back onto the bed, feeling horny, desperate and overheated. He hated heats, and he wished he wouldn’t have those things at all. They were are drag.




Kyle sighed when school had finally come to an end. He put some of his books into his locker, closing it with a loud bang. Clyde told him that Craig and Cartman had been expelled for the week, but since it was already Wednesday, it couldn’t really be considered a punishment. The omega had long since figured that the principal wasn’t fond of Eric Cartman and thought that he was the driving force that had provoked the altercation between him and Craig. He linked his arm with Stan’s, smiling up to him.

“Awww. Will you look at that? So, he can be sweet.” Kenny laughed, poking Stan.

“Fuck off, Kenny.” Kyle said, blushing. The blonde cackled loudly.

“C-Come on, Ken. W-Will miss the movie.” Butters said, dragging the alpha away, saving Kyle from strangling him.

“You wanna come over to my place today?” asked Stan while they walked out of the building, and Kyle looked at him. “I won’t do anything that would indicate that we are dating. I promise. It’s just that…you know…I want to spend time with you.” The alpha rambled on, rubbing his neck nervously.

“Okay.” Kyle answered, thinking about only telling his mom that they had to do a project together. “Meet me at the bus station at 4. I have to go. My dad is still taking us to and picking us up from school every fucking day.”

“See you later then.” Stan smiled happily, waving at him widely before leaving.


When Kyle was at home, he went online, seeing that the account was still active and targeting new people, mostly omegas. They still didn’t know who was spreading the rumours, but the omega was intent to find it out. If Cartman was the culprit, they just need to get access to his computer. It would be easy to find out because Kyle was sure that the beta was a person that saved his user data and passwords. He just looked that stupid to him. A few minutes before 4 o’clock, the ginger left the house with anticipation and butterflies in his stomach. He had been to Stan’s place before, but this time was different, since they were dating. A blush rose to his cheeks, but he blamed it on the cold air.

Chapter Text

Craig felt utterly lost. He had never felt that way before. He barely registered Kyle’s words, but eventually he had to let go of Tweek. He hadn’t realised that the omega’s scent had gotten stronger until it hit him like a truck. Clyde and Token pushed a tissue under his nose, so the sweet heavenly smell wouldn’t cloud his mind and judgement anymore. The ginger said something about triggering a false heat. He had never heard of it before. Maybe he should have taken those sex ED classes more seriously. He watched the retreating form of the blonde omega in a daze.

“You have to go see the principal.” Token said, nudging his arm and getting him out of his stupor.

“Right.” Craig answered.

“Want us to come with you?” Clyde asked, genuine concern sweeping into his voice.

“Nah. I am fine.” The raven-haired alpha stated, his voice flat and his expression neutral.

“If you say so…” The look on his friend’s face told Craig that he didn’t believe him, though he didn’t press further.


The alpha leisurely walked towards the principal’s office, hands in his pockets. Cartman was trailing behind him, cursing and calling the alpha an asshole, though he shut up the moment Craig stopped in his track. Heidi was supporting Eric, her boyfriend’s weight putting a strain on her. She was shooting daggers at Craig. The alpha could feel it, but he didn’t care. Other than Cartman’s occasional whines and the screeching of their shoes on the floor, the walk to the office was spent in uncomfortable silence. The lights on the ceiling suddenly seemed too bright. Craig hadn’t really thought of the consequences. He just reacted in blind fury, though he didn’t try to contain and stop his anger either.

They stopped in front of the principal’s office, and Craig knocked at the door, almost hesitantly. He swallowed the lump that suddenly blocked his throat. He really didn’t think of the consequences at all, but to be fair, he was a teenager. Teenagers weren’t known for thinking things through, especially when hormones were involved.

“Come in.” came the voice of the principal from inside, and Craig entered, followed by a limping Cartman and a glaring Heidi.

“Mr Tucker, Eric take a seat. Heidi step outside. Take Eric to the infirmary afterwards.” She said.

Craig slumped into the cushioned chair that stood in front of the principal’s table, and Cartman did so too with the help of Heidi. The female beta didn’t look happy at all to have been told to leave, but she did so, even if reluctantly.

Principal Viktoria eyed the boys in front of her, curious to know what had happened. She knew that Craig Tucker had never been involved in any violent altercations. He had been to her office multiple times because of his rude and disrespectful behaviour towards authorities, but otherwise, his record was clean. She and most of the teaching personnel labelled him a troublemaker. Eric Cartman on the other hand, was a completely different story. She knew well enough to know that he wasn’t the innocent victim, he would soon claim to be. To be honest she hated his guts. The kid’s deviant behaviour was worrying, but his mother didn’t seem to notice, too naïve or too ignorant to acknowledge that her child had serious issues.

“Who wants to start with their story of events?” she asked the two boys.

“H-he attacked me! I d-didn’t do a-anything!” the beta yelled, pointing a finger at Craig while whipping away the snot with his sleeves.

“Tzz.” Craig grunted, rolling his eyes.

“Mr Tucker attacked you just like that, without any provocation from your side?” Principal Viktoria asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Y-Yes! He’s d-dangerous. I don’t f-feel safe with him being here. I need protection!” Cartman complained.

“Of course.” She muttered, “Mr Tucker do you want to add something, otherwise I have to assume that this is what happened.”

“He insulted Tweek. He’s always running his mouth, thinking that he’ll get away with all the bullshit he’s pulled off. I warned him. He had it coming, and I won’t apologise.” Craig said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Even though, Craig didn’t have the intention to apologise to the fatass, he did feel sorry for him. He was aware that what he did was wrong and that he shouldn’t have let the beta provoke him. Cartman had been in the wrong when he insulted Tweek, but Craig had reacted the wrong way too. He went too far, and now he might be expelled for at least two weeks, which meant he wouldn’t be there to protect his omega. He felt like screaming, but the alpha wasn’t the type of person to show his emotions so freely.

“I-it’s not my f-fault you c-can’t handle the truth.” Cartman spat next to him, his breathing becoming more and more laboured the more agitated he became.

“Your truth is a lie, fatso.” Retaliated the alpha. The beta was able to really push his buttons today because he wanted to punch him again.

“I AM T-THE VICTIM!” screamed Cartman; his face covered with bruises.

Craig wordlessly glared at the beta. Now, that his mind had cleared, he was able to see the damage he had done to Cartman’s face. His face was swollen and bruised, his nose bleeding, and his lip was busted. There was that pang of guilt again. Why would the alpha feel guilty anyway? Maybe he felt guilty because he beat someone up who was clearly physically weaker. It wasn’t a fair match, but maybe Cartman would now learn not to talk so much nonsense. Craig doubted it. But maybe the alpha didn’t feel guilty about the fatass. Maybe the guilt he felt was because he didn’t notice Tweek’s distress. He didn’t stop, even though Tweek was scared. He had been selfish. He tried to convince himself that he did it for Tweek’s sake, but he did it for himself. Craig wanted to see the omega and properly apologise to him. He deeply hoped that the blonde wasn’t scared of him now. He hoped that Tweek wouldn’t see him in a different light. Craig would be devasted if the omega saw him differently. The alpha didn’t want him to think that he would ever lash out at him. Craig wasn’t like his dad. He’d never hurt his omega. He wouldn’t. Craig gripped the fabric of his jeans tightly, trying to get that fear out of his head.

“Aren’t you always?!” asked Principal Viktoria. There was almost too much sarcasm in her voice. “The way I see it, you are both equally at fault. I doubt Mr Tucker would have lashed out in such manner without prior provocation from you, Eric. I don’t condone violence at my school. You are both suspended for the rest of the week. I have already informed your parents. They will pick you up. You are both dismissed.”

“B-But I didn’t d-do anyt--.” Cartman screeched, though he was interrupted by the Principal.

“You are both dismissed.” She said coldly, tending to her work again.

Craig stood up abruptly and left the room. When he closed the door, he sighed. He didn’t expect such light punishment after what he had done. He heard a displeased sound coming from the side and turned towards it. Heidi was sitting on one of the chairs that were lined up at the wall next to the principal’s office. She had her arms crossed over her chest, and her leg was swung over the other.

“What?!” asked Craig annoyed.

“You are seriously asking that after you beat my boyfriend up like this?” she asked incredulously; a deep frown adorning her otherwise balanced features.

“Fuck off.” He said coldly.

“How typical. What did he do, huh? Speak his mind?” she asked him, forcing the alpha into a conversation he didn’t want to have. Especially not with her.

“So, that’s what you call fatso insulting, spreading lies and making his anti-omega propaganda: ‘speaking his mind’?! Great.” He answered dryly.

She stood up; hands balled into fists. The alpha had never seen her agitated before.

“So, you beat him up because of an omega?! Because of that Tweek. Because of a slutty omega?” she laughed, though there was nothing humorous about it.

“Don’t call him that.” Craig said flatly, feeling the anger rise in his guts again.

She narrowed her eyes at him but kept quiet. Now he knew why these two were together. Cartman was a bitch, and so was Heidi. They were perfect for each other. “I don’t have time for your stupid face, so fuck off.” Craig said.


Craig left the school building, and now that he was out of there, his worries about Tweek flooded his mind again. He looked up and saw his father getting out of the car. He didn’t look happy at all, but the black-haired teen figured as much, since his old man had to get off work early just to pick him up. Craig didn’t know how much he already knew, though he assumed he knew enough.

“Get in the car!” yelled the older alpha, and Craig flipped him the bird, though he got in anyway. He had to after all.

The car drive was spent in silence, but Craig knew that his father would go at it the minute they stepped into the house. He really resented his father, mostly because he treated his mother like trash.

The car was parked into the garage, and the raven-haired alpha intently listened to the rattling sound of the gate closing. He got out of the car, and so did his father. The man locked the door by pressing on the car keys, his lips pressed into a thin line. When they entered the house, his father started his rant, as predicted.

“Are you out of your fucking mind! I had to leave work because you thought that you had to defend some omega!” his father yelled angrily, throwing an empty glass, that had been staying on the small table in the middle of the living room, at him.

“Some omega. Tweek isn’t some omega. I love him!” Craig said; irritation hitting him like a wave would the coast.

“Love?! Are you kidding me? You don’t know what love is. You’re too young to know. You are an immature brat!” The older alpha laughed, and Craig angrily clenched his fist together.

“Don’t say such things, dear.” His mother spoke up, coming from the kitchen.

“Shut up! You speak when I tell you to!” the red-haired man yelled at her, and she flinched as he raised his hand.

“Leave her alone!” Craig said; his voice getting louder. “She is not your property, so treat her with respect.”

“Watch you damn mouth. I should have beat that attitude out of you a long time ago.” The older man said; his tone dangerous.

“Like you beat it out of mom?” challenged Craig.

“She should know better than to run her mouth. You probably got that attitude from your mother.” The alpha answered, glowering at her. The omega averted her eyes and lowered her head in submission.

Craig hated seeing his mother act like this. She should have left his father, but she stayed, despite all the abuse. Sometimes he didn’t know whom he resented more, his dad for being an abusive asshole or his mother for letting the alpha treat her like his personal slave. Witnessing it made Craig sick.

“She should not have let you move in again two years ago. We were doing better without you.” Craig commented curtly, and his father punched him for that.

Craig fell to the ground right onto his left elbow. The impact hurt, but he didn’t make a sound because he knew his father saw it as a weakness. His fingernails clawed at the carpet of the floor, and he looked up into his father’s eyes. He truly resented him. His gaze fell onto the scared silhouette of his mothers. Her blue eyes were opened wide, her hands covered her mouth, and her body shook in fear.

“You little shit! Another word from you, and I’ll lose myself.” The older alpha barked.

“Does mom know that you fuck other omegas and female betas on the side. Does she know about your little affair with Ms Cartman?” Craig asked, shooting his father a hateful glare.

His dark locks had fallen into his eyes, blocking his view. He couldn’t see what kind of expression his father was making right now, but he knew that he should get out of this house.

“You little fucker.” The older alpha growled, grabbing and lifting Craig up by the hem of his shirt.

Craig felt how the wall made impact with his back and gasped. He clawed at his father’s forearm, digging his nails into the pale skin.

“Stop with your lies, you piece of shit. You’re a fucking mistake, a simple error I made 16 years ago.” The man seethed, punching him again. “Your mother knows I love her. Isn’t that right, honey?” the alpha asked, looking at the blonde omega.

The omega looked at him; her expression unreadable. She lowered her head again in a curt nod, though Craig knew that his mother didn’t believe him. She already knew about the man’s countless affairs, about the visits to the brothel. Craig had heard her cry herself to sleep many times over the past few years. She perfected the mask and the fake smile, but somehow, she didn’t seem ready to let go of that asshole she married when she was only 16.

Craig’s eyes were empty. He felt empty. His cheek was sore, and his elbow was hurting due to the fall. But he ignored the pain.

Why? Why wouldn’t she leave him? Didn’t she see that they were happier without him? What did she see in him? Why would she love someone like him? Was she too used to it? Was she scared to end up alone? What was such a toxic relationship even worth?

His father loosened his grip on Craig, and the raven-haired teen took the opportunity to break away and ran out of the house. He could hear his father’s yells, but he couldn’t make out the words. ‘I’d never hurt Tweek.’ The alpha thought. ‘I’d never hurt him physically or emotionally.’

Craig wandered around in town, the cold of the air slowly getting to him. He didn’t wear a jacket and the temperatures were still too low for someone to walk around in light clothes. The days in March were still rather cold. The alpha walked through the streets for about an hour before he ended up in front of Tweek’s home. He wanted to see the omega, but he knew it was a bad idea because of the false heat that he had triggered. He felt oddly proud of having such an effect on the omega. The curtains of the windows were drawn shut, and it was quiet. Craig left again, even though his heart told him otherwise.




Stan picked Kyle up at 4. The omega had been standing at the bus station, just like he said he would. He wore a dark blue parka with fur on the hood, black leggings and dark blue converse sneakers. His red locks were messy due to the wind. He looked stunning as always.

Stan unlocked the door to his home and felt uncharacteristically nervous today. It wasn’t the first time, Kyle and he met up at his place, but it would be their first time being at Stan's place as a couple. The alpha had imagined all kind of things, so he had to slap himself back into reality. Though, it didn’t help that the omega looked especially cute right now with his big green eyes impatiently waiting for Stan to finally unlock the door because he was cold. Stan hoped his father wasn’t home.

“I am home.” Stan greeted, unlacing his shoes and kicking them to the side. Kyle also got out of his shoes, though he didn’t kick them away, but neatly put them aside.

“Ah, hello Kyle. It’s nice to see you again. How is your mother doing?” Linda asked the omega as she came out of the kitchen.

“Hello Ms Marsh. My mom is doing fine.” The omega answered.

“Are you hungry. I have prepared some snacks. They’re in the kit--.” She said.

“Mom, were actually quite busy.” Stan interrupted her, taking Kyle’s hand to lead him upstairs, so they were interrupted again by his father’s yelling.

“Sharon, do you know where I put my --. Oh, Kyle! Nice to see yea. How’re you doing?” Randy asked, coming up from the basement. So much for hoping his father wouldn’t be there to embarrass him.

“I am fine.” The omega answered.

“That’s good. How’s your dad. He didn’t come to meet with the guys last time. Had me worried.” Randy started.

“Dad. Stop bombarding him with questions. We have work to do. We’re actually busy, unlike you.” Stan piqued in, sensing the ginger’s discomfort at the prospect of having to talk about his dad.

“It’s small talk, Stan. And I am busy too actually, just so you know.” Randy said, pouting.

“Sure, dad.” Stan deadpanned. “Let’s go, Kyle.”

“Have fun. We’re going to be out for a while; doing groceries.” His mother smiled.

“But Sharon…I was bus--.” Randy started, but Sharon’s glare shut him up. He crossed his arms over his chest and grumbled to himself, but the brunette omega only rolled her eyes, pushing her husband towards the door.

“Son. Stay decent while we’re gone.” The older alpha yelled behind his shoulder; a serious expression on his face.

“The fuck, dad! What do you take me for, a sexual predator?!” the raven asked, annoyed at his dad who just threw his hands up in defence. Well, Kyle’s dad would probably think that if he found out.

They entered Stan's room, and the alpha softly closed the door behind them.

“Sorry about my dad. He’s an idiot.” The alpha said, not looking at the omega.

“It’s fine.” Kyle assured him, and Stan closed the distance between them; their bodies touching.

“You’re beautiful.” The alpha whispered into the omega’s ear. He could feel the ginger shudder and ran his fingers through the unruly red curls.

The omega put his hand on the alpha’s chest, pushing him away. “We shouldn’t. We have things to find out.” Kyle said with a blush on his face. He moved towards the bed and unpacked his laptop. In the meanwhile, Stan pouted, grumbling under his breath.

The alpha jumped onto the bed next to Kyle, looking over the omega’s shoulder. He could get a fist of what Kyle was doing, but all the numbers confused him.

“What are you even doing?” Stan asked, laying his head onto Kyle’s.

“Hacking into Cartman’s computer.” He answered. “And stop resting your head on mine. It’s heavy and always reminds of how much taller you are.”

“But it’s comfortable.” Yawned Stan. “Wait you are trying to hack into fatass's computer?” the alpha asked.

“Not trying. I just did.” Kyle answered.

“How?” asked Stan curiously; head still resting on the omegas.

“It seems he clicks onto every link that has the words ‘porn' in it. The guy is a fat pervert.” Kyle said flatly, disgust on his face.

The beta had some disturbing things on his computer, things Stan didn’t want to dwell on any further.

“Looks like he told the truth about not being ‘Hoebasher'. God, every time I see, hear or have to say that stupid username, I want to hurt someone.” Kyle grumbled.

“Not me, I hope.” Stan laughed, kissing down the omega’s neck.

“Ngh...Stan. Stop. I have to concentrate.” The omega breathed out, but he didn’t do anything to stop him either.

“Don’t know what you mean.” Said Stan huskily, nibbling onto the soft skin.

Kyle tried to ignore the alpha and continued looking through the files on Cartman’s computer. There were innocent ones, containing schoolwork, but most of his folders were filled with weird pictures and omega porn. For all the hatred he spouted about omegas on a daily basis, he seemed to be rather obsessed with them. One folder caught his attention; however, because of the date. It was the day of the party.

“Stan. Look.” Kyle said, pulling harshly at the alpha’s ear.

“Ouch.” Whined Stan, rubbing his ear. “What?”

“Look,” Kyle started, “he has pictures of the party and of Tweek...”

“But didn’t you say he didn’t create the account?” inquired Stan, continuing to kiss the omega’s skin.

“Doesn’t mean he didn’t provide the pictures. Maybe he manipulated someone into doing it.” Kyle growled. “I am gonna delete this shit. That guy is disgusting!”

Stan observed the omega for a while, admiring all the different expressions he made while angrily hammering onto the keyboard. When Kyle was done, he closed the laptop with a loud huff.

“Can you believe this? We still don’t know anything.” Kyle said, throwing himself into the pillow next to the alpha.

Stan took the device and put it on the floor. “Want me to distract you?” he asked, hovering over the omega.

Kyle blushed and turned his head to the side; his red locks scattered across the pillow, as the green in his eyes got more intense. The omega fluttered his eyes and touched the side of Stan’s face gently, pulling him down onto him and closing the distance between them. The action surprised the alpha, and Kyle gave him an eskimo kiss.




“You’re cute and beautiful and sexy, you know.” Stan said, locking eyes with the blushing omega.

“Stop saying that...” mumbled Kyle; his face, ears and neck a bright hue of red.

“But it’s true.” Stan answered and kissed Kyle on the lips, softly at first but then with more passion.

“Ah.” The omega moaned when Stan pushed his hips down.

Kyle hooked his legs around the alpha and turned them around. Stan landed on his back with an ‘uff'. He looked up and licked his lips. He reached out for Kyle and sat up, so the omega was sitting in his lap. He kissed him again; the omega enthusiastically licking into his mouth and gyrating his hips into the alpha’s groin. Stan groaned loudly; his hand sneaking under the omega’s hoodie. Kyle’s hand slid down from the alpha’s neck to his chest, and his other hand gripped Stan’s black hair.

“St-aan.” Moaned Kyle with half-lidded eyes as the alpha tore at the omega’s clothes, leaving his left shoulder completely bare.

“You smell so good.” Stan growled. He could feel his jeans getting tighter and tighter the more movements and noises the omega made.

Kyle smelled sweet and ripe, and Stan really wanted to rip his clothes off, so he could run his tongue over the soft skin. The alpha slid his hand into Kyle’s leggings and into his underwear, gripping his buttocks.

“St-aan.” The omega yelped, trying to stop the alpha’s hand.

“Come on. I can feel how wet you are. My parents are going to be out for a while.” Stan whispered into the omega’s ear, sliding his finger over the omega’s slick-producing entrance.

“N-ngh. Stop. Not there.” Kyle groaned, gripping onto Stan’s hand.

“Okay.” the dark-haired teen grumbled, pulling his hand back.

“We should…take it slow.” The omega mumbled before he turned his head away. The alpha groaned inwardly to himself. He really wanted to wait but fooling around with the omega got him really turned on now. Besides, shouldn’t they take the opportunity, now that his parents were out of the house? He looked down, seeing that he sported a massive hard on.

“Would you, you know…” the alpha started, looking intently at the omega in his lap. “Would you get me off?” he asked, and the omega’s eyes widened.

Kyle’s blush intensified like tenfold. He was stuttering and looking around in the room, nervously fiddling with the hem of his hoodie.

“Ehm…I don’t know…I don’t know how to do that…” rasped the omega out nervously, avoiding meeting the alpha’s gaze.

“Just, you know touch it or suck on it.” Stan said, getting nervous himself because Kyle was so god damn innocent, and he was about to ruin that. “You don’t have to. If you don’t want to, then I’ll go to the bathroom and use a mental image of you. It’s fine.”

“Eh…no. I’ll d-do it.” Stuttered Kyle with a bright hue covering his cheeks, shoulders and ears.

Stan was stunned a little because he didn’t expect Kyle to agree. The alpha watched as the omega got out of his lap and kneeled down onto the parkette flooring in front of the bed. The ginger looked up and met Stan’s gaze. His eyes were still darting around a little; the blush on his cheeks bright and pink. His full lips were slightly parted, and he darted his tongue out. Stan almost came right then and there. The alpha turned towards Kyle, putting both feet onto the ground next to the ginger; knees touching his shoulders. Stan opened the zipper of his jeans and pulled his trousers and underwear down a little, so he could free his semi-hard cock. The omega looked at it intently and with wide eyes. It made the alpha nervous.

“Don’t look at it like that.” Stan said, covering his mouth with the backside of his hand.

The air around them was heavy and charged with sexual tension. Kyle looked so pretty kneeling in front of him. Stan had to hold himself back because he really wanted to shove his dick down the omega’s tight throat. He would look so good with his lips stretched around his cock. His scent spiked at the thought, and the alpha ran his hand through Kyle’s hair, pushing him closer to his half-hard length.

“It’s just so…so big.” Kyle said, still eyeing the alpha’s member. “I…don’t know what to do.” He admitted shyly. “Would you put off your shirt?” the omega asked innocently.

“Of course,” the alpha smirked, pulling off his shirt to reveal his taught muscles. Kyle’s licked his lips at the sight. “Just put it in your mouth and suck but watch your teeth.” Stan explained, impatiently pushing his tip onto the omega’s pink lips.

The usually confident Kyle looked so lost and shy right now, but he did what Stan said and started to run his tongue down the gland and then took it into his mouth, sucking at it like his life depended on it. The omega was really bad at it.

“Use your tongue more and bob your head.” The alpha instructed, pushing the omega’s head down, sliding further into his throat.

The omega swatted his hand away and stopped, briefly glaring at the alpha before putting his cock back into his mouth, sucking on it with enthusiasm. He bobbed his head, and Stan watched how his penis disappeared into the Kyle’s mouth. It was hot and Stan could smell the arousal from the omega. Kyle licked the end of his member and slid his tongue right over his urethra. That was way better. The omega was a quick leaner. He wanted to thrust into Kyle’s mouth, but he hold himself back.

“Fuck…” Stan moaned; his hand finding its way back onto the back of Kyle’s head. “Just like this. Keep sucking.”

“hmpf…” Kyle moaned around the alpha’s cock, starting to slide his hand up and down the alpha’s length.

“Ahh…you’re doing good,” Stan groaned out, “just a little…deeper ahh.” The alpha buckled his hips, hitting the back of the omega’s throat. Kyle choked at that but kept going.

Stan’s breathing started to get laboured, beads of sweat starting to form on his forehead. His stomach tightened, and he could feel himself getting close. They didn’t talk about that. The alpha didn’t have the permission from Kyle to cum into his mouth, so he tightened his grip on the omega’s hair.

“Arg ahh I a-am about t-to c-cum. K-Kyle. F-Fuuuck.” He choked out.

Stan pulled Kyle off him, despite the omega’s protest, and spilled his seed onto the omega’s face. The alpha breathed heavily, trying to get off his high. It was a good thing that his knot didn’t form, though. He opened his eyes and saw how white stripes of his cum had painted the omega’s face.

“Why did you pull away?” Kyle ask innocently; his breathing had accelerated too.

Stan touched the ginger’s face, whipping the cum from his eyes. He lifted Kyle’s chin up and smeared the semen over his lips; his thumb demanding entrance. The omega sucked on it and put his hands onto the alpha’s thighs, moving forward. Then, Kyle stood up and slid into the alpha’s lap again; his eyes filled with lust.

“You look good with my cum covering your face.” Stan whispered, wrapping his arm around the omega to pull him close.

“Let’s do it again.” The omega said while kissing down the raven-haired teens neck. The alpha choked at Kyle’s exclamation.

“Wha…I just came. Gonna take me awhile.” Stan stammered, tilting his head a little.

Kyle sweet cherry blossom smell got stronger, and Stan could feel the wet spot that had formed on the ginger’s pants, due to the slick.

“Want me to do y--.” Stan started.

“Hey Stan, dinner is rea--.” Randy barked into the door, and Kyle squeaked.

Randy’s jaw dropped at what he saw. Kyle was sitting in his son’s lap; his arms around his son’s neck. Stan wasn’t wearing any shirt, and his belt was unbuckled.

“The fuck dad. Can’t you knock!” Stan yelled, letting the omega slide of his lap.

The alpha got up and adjusted his pants. He moved towards his father and slammed the door into his face. Kyle had a shocked and embarrassed expression on his face. He wanted to die. God, he got lost in the moment because he really enjoyed giving Stan head, but now his father might find out about his and Stan’s relationship because Randy was going to tell him.

“Shit.” Stan muttered, running a hand through his hair and walking up and down in his room.

“Stan…he can’t tell my dad. My dad can’t know. Not yet. He can’t know.” Kyle ranted, panic starting to take control of his body.

“I am sorry. I’ll talk to him. Fuck.” The alpha said, putting on his shirt.

“I’ll better leave.” Kyle said, gripping onto his shirt. Now that the haze was over, he felt embarrassment seep through his bones. He felt how the slick had drenched his underwear and even his leggings, and he couldn’t help but blush at that.

“C-Can…I borrow some pants. Mine are…” he didn’t finish his sentences because Stan’s eyes widened at that.

The omega blushed, but he saw the alpha move towards his closet, pulling out some joggers after rummaging through it.

“Here. They probably won’t fit, but you can pull on the strings…so.” Stan said with a blush on his face.

“Thanks.” Kyle mumbled, taking the joggers and putting them on.

He had to roll up the fabric on the legs, because he was too short, and had to pull the strings until the end, but they still barely fit. At least they are secured to his hips; his hip bones preventing the pants to pool down his legs. He packed his things, and moved past Stan, giving him a weak goodbye. He was too embarrassed to do anything more. The alpha followed him, trying to get him to talk, but Kyle practically ran out of the house. It was already getting dark, but he would take the 25-minute foot-walk. He needed to clear his mind.


“Kyle. Wait.” Stan called after him, but he couldn’t stop him. The omega was quite fast on his feet and out of the house before the alpha could even register it. Now, Stan had to talk to his father to not spill the beans.

The alpha sighed, slightly hitting his head against the doorframe. His mother was sitting in the living room, having watched the scene, and his father was casually sitting at the table, a mug in his hand.

“So?” Randy started, and Stan could feel his migraine hitting him full force.

Stan observed his father’s movements; the rapid tapping of his fingers against the surface of the table and the nervous sipping of the coffee. The younger alpha pinched the bridge of his nose, walking towards the kitchen table.

“What’s going on?” Sharon asked confused. She had seen her husband run down the stairs again with a shocked expression on his face, and she had heard her son’s yelling, but she still didn’t know what happened, besides Kyle storming out of the door with a bright red face.

Stan sat down in front of his father and leaned his elbow onto the wood of the table, ignoring his mother. “So?” he asked back, glaring at his dad.

“I hope you two use protection.” Randy started, and Stan banged his head onto the table. After that, he couldn’t even lie to his father about because there was no way you could interpret the scene two ways. Nobody would be stupid enough to interpret what they had been doing ambiguous. What they were doing had been obvious.

“Dad. Stop. Don’t say anything. Just don’t. And don’t tell Kyle’s dad. He’ll react the way you reacted when you found out Shelly was dating someone. He’ll react even worse.” Stan explained.

“Shelly isn’t dating anyone.” Randy said with a murderous glint in his eyes.

“She is.” Sharon said, rolling her eyes.

“No! She is not. My baby girl is not dating anyone. She is too young.” Randy said, still completely in denial. Well, Shelly was his weak spot, though she still resented him more than she’d ever resent Stan.

“See.” Stan said, throwing his father a judgemental look. “Just don’t tell him.”

Randy gaped at him, and Stan could see the confusion in his eyes.

“Just keep it a secret until Kyle is ready to tell Gerald.” Sharon commented, and Stan thanked his mom for translating it, so his father would understand.

Stan stood up from his seat. “I have to catch up on Kyle.” The alpha explained and grabbed the car keys off the counter. He didn’t want the omega to walk around when it was already getting dark outside. It was almost 7 pm after all. Time sure flew by.


Kyle walked past the fields and onto the sidewalk. It was getting dark, and it was cold. The wind blew through his hair, but it helped calm his nerves. He started to walk down the road, feeling anxious about walking home alone in such a remote area. Maybe he should have waited for Stan. The omega buried his hands into the pockets of his parker, pulling the hood up to yield his ears from the wind and the cold. The length of the joggers frustrated him because the rolled up pantlegs looked stupid. He didn’t want to think about his father finding out. He wasn’t ready to tell him yet. Maybe when he goes to university and moves out. University. He hoped his mom would get his father to agree, although his dad wasn’t the only barrier he was facing. Most universities were apprehensive about letting omegas enrol. Kyle’s grades were exceptional, and he was one of the best, but good grades didn’t ensure him a spot. Most of the time universities and colleges would prefers taking an alpha or beta with far worse qualification than an omega. The world still worked like that, despite all the milestones omegas had made. Kyle sighed feeling dejected again. He heard a honk behind him, tearing from his thoughts. He jumped at the Sound, but his slight fright was eased immediately when he saw that it was Stan.

“Want a ride?” Stan asked casually, having rolled down the window.

“I don’t know. I am not supposed to get into a stranger’s car.” The omega mocked and halted in his steps.

“I can assure you that I am not out here looking for people to kill.” He laughed. “Come on in. I am gonna take you home.”


When Kyle arrived at home, he didn’t feel at ease at all, even though Stan had made it clear that his father would keep it a secret. He sat at the dinner table and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal, but Kyle was nervously fiddling around with his fingers. The omega wanted to stay calm, but he failed; his brain just didn’t shut up making up worst way scenarios.

“Bubba, what’s wrong. You have barely touched your food? You’re not coming down with something?” his mother asked concerned, putting her fork down.

“It’s NOTHING!” Kyle answered too fast and too loudly. Ike eyed him suspiciously with narrowed eyes.

“Is someone bothering you?” asked his father, “I swear if someone i--.”

“God, no dad. It’s just an upcoming exam that has me nervous.” Kyle lies, interrupting the alpha. He didn’t want to get this road again. The annoyance he felt towards his father, at least, made the anxiety in his bones dissipate a little.

“You've never been nervous because of an exam...” his dad stated with narrowed eyes, slowly bringing the glass of water to his lips.

“It’s a first for everyone, right? I am something nervous, and I ace every test.” Ike piqued in, and Kyle rolled his eyes at the bragging part at the end of his sentence.

“I am so proud of you dear.” Sheila praised Ike.

“If you say so.” Gerald stated, still unconvinced. “You’re not lying to me Kyle? Don’t lie to me.”

“I am not. Can you just drop it? Why’d you always accuse me of something?” the omega huffed. He'd lost his appetite altogether.

“You spend quite some time with the Marsh's boy. Do I have to be worried about something?” the alpha asked, intently looking at Kyle. The omega felt the anxiety grip him.

“What’s the problem, dad? Aren’t you friends with Randy Marsh? Stan’s an okay guy.” Commented Ike randomly without looking up.

“Randy’s boy is an alpha. Kyle is an omega.” The older man stated.

“So?” asked the boy with a bored expression.

“What if something happens? Kyle can’t possibly fend o--.”

“Here we go again. You think I am too weak to protect myself because I am an omega. I can take care of myself!” the omega gritted out, desperately trying to keep his composure.

“The incident at your old school told a different story.” The alpha commented; his tone harsh.

“Let’s not fight. Gerald. Don’t.” Sheila said in a reprimanding voice, shooting her husband a warning glare before turning her attention towards Kyle. “You have to eat. Your heat is going to start within the next few days.”

Why would she mention his heat at the dinner table? At a time like this? Kyle felt embarrassed. If he could, then he would skip his heats altogether. His temperature would rise, his skins would feel clammy all over, and he’d be in a constant state of mild arousal. He always sat them out in his nest, trying to distract himself with games. At least his heats were mild, and they didn’t last long. They sucked, nonetheless.

“About that, can’t I just take suppressants?” the omega asked with a light hue on his face.

He hated talking about the topic, but he wanted to suppress them for a while now because they irritated him. Besides, if they were taken in a higher dose right after sexual intercourse, they could be taken as a substitute for birth control pills. Although, most people didn’t know that, and since he and Stan were together and doing more sexual stuff, he wanted to make sure that there was no possibility of him getting knocked up because of a malfunctioning condom. Wait...was he thinking about doing it with Stan? It was too early in their relationship. He shouldn’t be thinking about those kinds of things.

Then again, he really liked the alpha. He was, without a doubt, attractive and handsome. He had a godly body and a nice dick. Now he was thinking about Stan’s private parts. At the dinner table. He should get a grip on himself. Besides, there was no way he could just ask for birth control pills, so actually sleeping with Stan wouldn’t be happening, unless they used condoms, but if Stan were to knot him accidentally, the condom could break. Condoms especially made for alpha’s were expensive, and you had to get them from a pharmacy.

The topic of birth control pills was taboo because Kyle wasn’t supposed to even think about having sex. If he asked for birth control pills, his parents would immediately make the connection that he wanted to become more intimate with someone. He'd never ask his father, and his mother would definitely tell him. The alpha would go berserk.

“Why? Your heats are mild.” The beta asked surprised.

“Well, I--.” Kyle started, fishing for words.

“You don’t need suppressants. You are not supposed to suppress your heats just because you find them inconvenient.” His father interrupted; his voice gave no room for an argument.

“I don’t see the necessity either, Bubba.” Sheila added.

“Why can’t I suppress them if there is medication that can do that?” Kyle asked annoyed.

“Suppressing your heats regularly can throw your cycle off balance. They eventually become more intense. Their availability doesn’t mean that you need them.” Gerald said, his tone getting stricter.

“Not fair...” Kyle mumbled, hugging himself with one arm. “I am done.” He said, standing up abruptly. Of course, they wouldn’t allow him to take suppressant. Kyle knew of the side effects, but his intention wasn’t suppressing his heats, but take them as a substitute. He couldn’t have told them, though.

“Kyle.” His mother tried, but the omega was already upstairs.


The omega threw himself on the bed, laying on his side. His day had been shitty. First, the thing with Tweek, then Stan's dad walking in on him and Stan, and now his parents who never allowed him anything.

He hit his head into his pillow, the fluffy cushion softening the blow. He could scream right now. He moved and turned around on the bed until finally lying on his back. He stared at the ceiling, the light from outside shining through the window. The omega turned around again, arms reaching for the switch beside his bed. Kyle felt restless, and his mind was racing, so he got up and dragged his legs over to his computer to get some schoolwork done. He had intended to figure out who was spreading the rumours, but he actually gotten nowhere, which – to be fair – had been Stan’s fault.

The omega gave the chair a small spin and sighed. He tried to think about something else but the lingering fear of his father finding out about him being in a relationship, but eventually his brain went back to overthinking exactly that. Should he tell his father? If so, should he do it straightforwardly, or was a more subtle approach better suited? His fingers played with the mouse in front of him, moving it around and pressing on the buttons, even though the computer was turned off. The omega leaned forward and put his head into the crook of his elbow. He just wanted his brain to shut up. A sound came from his phone that was resting beside his arm. The screen turned bright and he could see Stan’s name showing up, though the message wasn’t visible. The redhead unlocked his phone, tapping onto the message.

Stan♡ – 7:45 pm.

You good? Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be fine.


Kyle - 7:46 pm.

I am scared my dad’s suspecting something. I just don’t want him to take it the wrong way. He doesn’t want me to date...


Stan♡ - 7:48 pm.

Maybe he’ll be cool with us being together.


Kyle – 7:49 pm.

No. He won’t. He'll probably try to seek an injunction that would require you to stay at least 10 feet away from me. He already hates the fact that we’re hanging out, since you’re an alpha...


Stan♡ - 7:51 pm.

But I am a good catch, am I not?!


Kyle- 7:51 pm.

I declare bias.


Stan♡ - 7:52 pm.

You’re cute! Can I pick you up tomorrow? So that your dad gets used to seeing his future son in law’s face.


Kyle blushed at the message. Stan was an idiot. Still, the omega contemplated about the offer. He typed in a text, so he deleted it again. After a few times writing, deleting and editing his message, he pressed sent.


Kyle – 7:56 pm.

Let’s not push it. See you at school!


Stan♡ - 7:57 pm.

See at school…


The alpha sounded disappointed, and Kyle sighed. The omega put his phone away. His mood had lifted significantly after texting with Stan, so he still felt apprehensive and a bit guilty because he didn’t allow the alpha to pick him up tomorrow. But it was for the best to keep their relationship under wraps in front of his father. He couldn’t have Stan pick Kyle up all of a sudden, considering that his dad was already suspicious of Stan.

About half an hour late, his phone vibrated again; the sudden sound on the table surprised him. Kyle looked at the lightened-up screen; however, he didn't recognise the number. He opened the message; his skimming through it.


Unknown number – 8:35

I can tell you who it is. Meet me at Starks Pond around 9. Come alone.


The omega raised an eyebrow. He wasn't sure whether the person who sent him the message was lying or telling the truth. It could be a trick. He was supposed to come alone after all, which didn't go well with him. But what if they were telling the truth and knew who was behind, dare he say it again, 'Hoebasher'. Kyle made a face just by thinking about what shitty name. It was pretty late and dark outside. There was no way he could leave the house on his own, unless he told his parents that he had to check up on Tweek again, even though he already had. Tweek lives just next door, so if Ike went with him, they’ll let him. At least he hoped they would. He wasn’t sure about his dad, though. He sat at his desk, thinking. The light of his desk lamp flickered every now and then. He stood up and opened his door; the loud creaking made him flinch. Then he was in front of his little brother's room, and for a brief moment, he thought about knocking, but Ike barely knocked when he entered Kyle's room, so he refused to do it.

“Ike?” Kyle asked, and the young alpha jumped up at the sudden intrusion. Ike was sitting at his computer, eating crisps and watching some live stream.

“You scared me.” Ike said, taking his headphones off and putting them aside.

“You need to come with me to Starks Pond. Mum and Dad won’t let me go on my own but if you come with, they won’t argue.” Kyle said.

“I doubt that they allow you to go to Starks Pond at night, even when I am with you. Why did you need to go there anyways?” Ike asked.

“Someone texted me and said they had information on the person who said those things about Tweek.” The omega explained.

“Someone? So, you don’t know who texted you. Do you really think they’re telling the truth? Maybe it’s a bait or an axe murderer sent a text message to a random number.” Ike argued. He wasn’t convinced, and he doubted that the person, claiming to have information, actually knew anything.

“Do you really believe I haven’t taken that possibility into consideration? That’s why you’re coming with me.” Kyle said, rubbing his temples.

Ike looked at him for a moment without saying anything, just sitting there with an unreadable expression on his face.

“Can’t you tell this person to meet you tomorrow. At school. At day. Someone is messing with you Kyle.” Ike sighed.

“You don’t want me to go alone, do you?” said Kyle.

“Mom and Dad won’t let you leave the house at night.” Stated the young alpha, spinning his chair.

“I still have to check on Tweek. I’ll just be meeting up with the person who texted me, get the information, check up on Tweek and then be home again.” The omega explained. It was a possibility.

“…” Ike stared at him, stunned.

“So, you in? I’ll need someone to protect me at such an ungodly hour. I’ll ask Stan. He’ll do it.” Commented Kyle, leaning against the doorframe.

“Protect you...” Ike trailed off, but suddenly, he jumped up; a glint in his eyes. “I’ll protect you with my life!” the boy exclaimed proudly.

“…you don’t have to go that far. Calm down!” sighed Kyle.

Sometimes, Ike was just too easy. The redhead could have simply asked Stan to accompany him. The alpha would have done so in a heartbeat, Kyle was sure of that. But he needed Ike to come with him because otherwise, his parents won’t allow him to go out. He’d be sure his mom would offer to go with him to see if Tweek was okay. Besides, Kyle didn’t want to deal with Stan’s overprotectiveness just yet, and he was used to Ike’s. The omega knew that his little brother wouldn’t be too thrilled if Stan came too. It would hurt his alpha pride because it would imply that Kyle didn’t believe Ike could protect him. The omega really didn’t need protection but if it got him where he wanted to go, he’d suck it up this once.


Kyle and Ike were on their way to Starks Pond. It had been easy to convince his mother to let them ‘check on Tweek’. She didn’t even need convincing because she cared a lot about the blonde omega who was one of Kyle’s first real friends. His father was busy in his office, so he practically didn’t know that they stepped outside.

Currently, the omega was on the phone with Tweek.

“Are you doing fine? I told my mum that Ike and I would check up on you, but we’ll be there a little later.” Kyle said.

“I-It’s f-fine ngh. I a-am do-oing ngh okay. I thi-ink the ngh f-false he-eat-thing has p-passed arg. I am n-not feeling so ngh ov-verhe-eated anymore ngh.” Came Tweek’s voice over the phone.

“That’s good. I’ll see you later then.”

“C-Craig ngh hasn’t c-called b-back yet arg.” Said Tweek, his voice sounded strained and close to tears.

“He got suspended for the rest of the week. I told him not to contact you right now because he’d only trigger your heat.” Kyle told the blonde, easing his anxiety.

“Ok-kay then ngh. S-See you l-later.” The omega said before hanging up the phone.


They arrived at Starks Pond barely on time. The omega looked around; eyes still adjusting to the darkness of the place. The boating lake was a popular meeting point for teenager, but right now nobody, but Ike and Kyle, was there. The cold weather was probably to blame for that. They stood in front of the wooden bench; the light of the moon and the stars making the water in the lake glitter. The sight was beautiful. In the distance, the omega could make out the trees, and some darker splotches, where paths led into the wood. In front of the wood, have single pines been planted into the ground; every tree several feet away from each other.

“I told you, it was a joke.” Ike spoke up, kicking the trash bin with his feet with a bored expression on his face.

“We arrived, like, 5 minutes ago.” Kyle argued. His phone vibrated, and Kyle grabbed it out of his pockets.

Unknown number – 9:05 pm.

I told you to come alone.

The omega froze, turning around as if hit by lightning. His eyes darted around, and he tried to figure out where the person might be. A cold shiver ran down his spine, and he grabbed Ike’s hand.

“What’s wrong?” The black-haired boy asked, looking at his brother with concerned eyes.

“They’re here.” He whispered lowly. He decided to write back.

Kyle – 9:06 pm.

Did you really think I’d come alone? At night. To a place like this. I am not stupid. Now, get out of your hiding spot.

The omega waited for a while. The person didn’t text back, so he was afraid that they were gone by now. Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound behind them and turned around; Ike stepping in front of his older brother. The omega’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect to see Cartman – or the beat-up version of him - of all people. The person he least wanted to see right now because frankly, the guy weirded him out, even more so because he had seen what the guy stashed on his computer. Kyle was so happy that Ike was there.

“You?” the omega asked confused.

“Jew.” Politely greeted Cartman, taking a wobbly step towards the omega.

“Back off!” Ike barked, and the beta looked surprised.

“You said you had information, so shoot. Do you really know something or are you fucking with me? If you fuck with me, I am going to add another black eye to that collection on your face.” The omega hissed impatiently. He crossed his arms over his chest and huffed. Fucking Cartman of all people. Just seeing him pissed him off. Although, seeing him with a completely bruised face and a swollen eye was quite satisfying.

“I didn’t lie if that is what you are implying, you damn Jew.” The brunette answered, staring at Kyle with a glint in his eyes that made the omega uncomfortable.

“Less ogling and more talking.” Ike stated with narrowed eyes. He didn’t trust him one bit. He knew that the asshole insulted his brother almost on a daily basis.

“All in due time.” Cartman said with a smug look on his face. Kyle wanted to punch him for that expression alone. “However, I want something in return.” The alpha replied, wetting his lips with his tongue.

Kyle rolled his eyes at the answer. Of course, Cartman wouldn’t tell him without asking for something in return. He was an asshole. He was sexist. He needed to feel superior and in control, especially when it came to omegas. Kyle would have rather been with an axe murderer right now than with Eric Cartman because with the killer, he would know what to expect. With Cartman, everything was possible.

“What the fuck would you want, asshole?” asked the omega warily in an angry voice.

“If it is something weird, I’ll punch you.” Ike threatened, and the beta laughed at that.

“You’ll have to do anything I want for a week.” Cartman said.

“What?!” Kyle gaped at the alpha.

“Starting Monday next week.” The beat specified.

“That’s not gonna happen.” Ike stated, glaring at the older teen. Kyle had to hold him back by the arm, even though he wanted to punch Cartman himself right now.

“What the fuck is wrong with you. As if I’d ever agree to that, you disgusting pervert.” Kyle said.

The brunette was rather irritating, but what would he expect of someone like Eric Cartman, who collected violent omega porn like a child candy on Halloween. He had always had that ‘panty-snatcher’- and ‘peeping-Tom’-vibe to him.

“That’s a shame.” The beta said, his attitude still looked too smug for Kyle’s liking, and Ike was glowering at the brunette like he wanted to strangle him. “But are you really in a position to refuse? What would your father say if he knew that his omega son was whoring around? Do we have a deal?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t dare…” Kyle seethed, though the threat was serious.

The beta moved closer, pushing Ike out of his way. He touched the omega’s face slightly, smiling down at him. Kyle eyes widened; fear seizing his body. He couldn’t speak, and the lump he wanted to swallow wouldn’t go away. Something about the beta made his body freeze, despite the messed-up condition Cartman’s face was in.

“You’re really pretty y—uff arg.” Eric started, but the action got him a kick to the groin from Ike. The boy was furious now, and he would have kicked him again if the omega didn’t stop him.

Kyle bit his lip hard. The metallic taste filling his mouth. Why didn’t he do something? He should have kicked him, not Ike. He always threatened to punch the beta, and he did so at the party with no problem whatsoever. What stopped him now? He should have punched him in the face for that again, but he froze like a deer caught in the head light of an approaching car.

“Try that again, and the next time I’ll kick you so hard that you’re not gonna get it up anymore. Not ever.” Ike said.

“Arg…fuck…” the brunette groaned, cowering on the ground for the second time that day.

“Let’s go Ike. This is a joke.” Kyle said, pulling at his younger brother’s sleeve.

“Fucking asshole!” yelled Ike, shaking his fist at Cartman, who had trouble recovering from the kick.

“W-Wait. Uff…I’ll tell you.” The beta groaned out, still in pain.

“Go ahead then, but you won’t get anything from me!” Kyle said, waiting for the answer.





Tweek nervously entered the school building, immediately heading to his locker. He had his eyes glued to the ground; an attempt to make himself as small as possible. The omega had tried several times to reach Craig, but the alpha didn’t answer his phone. Kyle told him that he shouldn’t worry, but he was anxious as fuck. Besides, Kyle didn’t come by anymore yesterday, which had him on high alert today. He closed his locker, throwing it shut with a bit too much force. He jumped back with a shriek, and now he had everyone’s attention. An involuntary squeak escaped his throat, and he ran into the bathroom, bumping into someone on his way there.

“-‘m s-sorry ngh.” The blonde mumbled, rubbing his head.

“Tweekers! I’ve missed you.” Clyde exclaimed, pulling the small omega into a bear hug. Tweek shrieked again, but he didn’t push the brunette away.

“You’re quite bold. Lucky you that Craig didn’t see that.” Commented Token.

“It’s fine. I haven’t seen him for so long! Let’s have a group hug.” Clyde said, grabbing Token, who just tried to escape him, by the back of his uniform.

“Let go of me, Clyde. I don’t wish to hug you.” Protested Token, pulling at the brunette’s cheek.

Tweek was getting squished between them, and the action made him laugh. Clyde let go of them, blinking at the omega, then turning to Token with a smug look on his face.

“See. I made him laugh. I am his second favourite person after all.” Clyde explained.

“You wish. You probably don’t even make the top 5.” Token commented, and Tweek watched them bicker.

“You bet. Tweek,” the brunette alpha turned his attention to him, “who’s in you top 5 of favourite people?”

“Eh…T-THAT’S ngh TOO M-MUCH ngh PRESSURE!” the omega squeaked, his thoughts spinning.

“You’re overwhelming him. Dumbass.” Token said, hitting Clyde over the head.

“But I have to knoooow!” whined the alpha, clinging onto Token’s shirt.

They were interrupted and startled by a commotion coming from down the hall. Tweek was grabbed by arm and pulled towards the noise.

“Let’s see what’s going on there.” Clyde exclaimed, pulling the omega with him. Token followed with a long sigh. He felt like a babysitter sometimes.


“Admit it! It was you!” Tweek heard Kyle yell; his voice booming and angry.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Get out of my way.” Another familiar voice said.

“Don’t play dumb. I already know it’s you. Now it makes sense. You were the only one who had access to the pictures.” Kyle laughed out; no humour in his tone.

“You are insane. Stop acting tough Kyle. Everyone knows you aren’t. You’re a barking dog that doesn’t bite.” The voice sounded condescending now.

“Try me, then!” the redhead yelled.

“This is getting ridiculous.” The voice answered.

“So, you can spout nonsense about people online but are too afraid to tell them into their face? You’re pathetic.” This voice, Tweek knew. It was Wendy’s.

“So, what. Everyone knows Tweek’s a whore, and so is Bebe and especially Kyle! He’s the most annoying one.” The female voice said again. Now that Tweek was closer, he recognised the voice. He didn’t think Heidi of all people would stoop so low.

“That’s low.” Commented Token from the crowd. They pushed their way through the other students to get a better look at the scene.

“Don’t you dare tell bullshit about our Tweeki bear.” Clyde yelled, pointing a finger at her dramatically.

“Why’d you do it?!” Kyle screamed angrily, being held back by Stan.

“I don’t have to explain shit to you! The world doesn’t move around you. Why’s he so obsessed with you or that bitch over there? You are weak, dumb and don’t have any self-control whatsoever! You’d fuck anyone.” She screamed back with a red face.

“What do you even mean?!” Kyle asked agitatedly.

“If you don’t stop, then we are going to report you.” Wendy stated curly, and Stan looked like he was having trouble holding Kyle back. The bystanders watched with curious eyes.

“Tzz. Whatever!” Heidi yelled, throwing her locker shut, leaving hall with angry tears in her eyes. Some of her girlfriends followed her, throwing Wendy and Kyle a nasty glare.

Tweek had watched the altercation with wide eyes, not understanding anything at all. Nothing made sense. He didn’t understand why Heidi would do that. And whom did she mean by ‘he’? Was she talking about Cartman? Was she jealous? The blonde omega felt overwhelmed, and the only one he wanted to be with right now was Craig, but the alpha hadn’t been picking up his phone all day, and his texts remained unread. Tweek was worried about the alpha. Why wouldn’t he answer?

Chapter Text

“Can you believe this? How could she? That stupid bitch! I wanted to punch her so bad. Why’d you have to stop me, anyway?” grumbled Kyle after the altercation he had with Heidi earlier this morning.


“How did you even know it was Heidi? You were awfully quite today, and then you ran off, suddenly confronting her. It had me shocked for a moment. Who would have thought it was her? She’s never seemed like that type of person.” Stan said, and Kyle stiffened a little at the question. The alpha was right. Kyle, also, would have never guessed that Heidi of all people would do something like that. But he didn’t know her well enough either.


However, the omega didn’t intend to tell Stan that Cartman was the one to pass on the information. He just couldn’t because he didn’t know how the alpha would react. He’d demand more details, and then Kyle would tell him that he met up with Cartman in the middle of the night, without telling Stan. The omega was still perplexed about what happened; about the fear he felt, and his inability to react. In other words, he was ashamed that he couldn’t defend himself, and that he needed Ike to rescue him. He was ashamed because that kind of fear wasn’t foreign to him. He had experienced it before, though he didn’t want to think about that. If Ike didn’t kick the beta in the balls, then…the omega shook the thought off, not wanting to travel there because it would mean that his father was right, and that omegas needed to be protected all the time. If he thought too much about his freezing on the spot, then he’d think about…no, it was nothing. It wasn’t a big deal. No need to go down that line.


Kyle was quite for a moment, trying to think of some plausible explanation to appease the alpha’s curiosity. They were having lunch at the roof top right now; the bright sun creating mild temperatures, despite it being only March. The omega was peacefully sitting in the alpha’s lap, aggressively slurping on the juice carton he bought in the cafeteria. Stan was running his hands through the redhead’s messy locks, leisurely curling them around his fingers while patiently waiting for Kyle to answer.


“Ah…ehm…well, someone texted me.” Admitted Kyle, shifting in Stan’s lap. He was unable to come up with something else that wouldn’t sound like an obvious lie.


“Someone texted you? Who? And why do they have your number?” asked Stan, turning Kyle around, so he could face him. The alpha’s piercing blue eyes caused the omega to break into a cold sweat. He was getting fidgety and couldn’t hold the raven-haired teen’s gaze for more than mere milliseconds.


“I don’t know. I just got a message last night. Then today, I just confronted her. Turned out it was her.” Answered Kyle, putting his head onto the alpha’s chest to avoid eye contact. It irked the omega that he became such a bad liar when Stan was involved. Not that he was a good liar to begin with, but still. It was like the guy knew it was a lie, before the words even passed the redhead’s lips; like he could see right through his very soul.


“How could you trust a random person’s words like this. It could have been a farce, and you could have ended up accusing the wrong person.” The alpha reprimanded him; eyebrows drawn together into a frown. “You’re not hiding anything from me, right?”


“NO! I AM NOT.” Screeched Kyle, gripping tightly onto Stan’s uniform, facing him. He swiftly averted his eyes again, when he realised that he had answered way too quickly, and that this little outburst of his gave him away. It wasn’t fair anyway that the alpha was prying so much into the matter, and since when was he so perceptive?


“So, there is something you’re not telling me.” The alpha stated; his expression dark and unreadable, it made the omega shiver, causing him to get goose bumps.


“What does it matter anyway? It doesn’t matter.” Stated Kyle a little annoyed at the alpha’s interrogation.


“Why are you getting so defensive? And it does matter. Why don’t you trust me?” Stan asked in return with a scowl on his face. Why would he play the stupid trust card?


“It’s got nothing to do with trust. I told you that it is irrelevant.” Kyle let out an exasperated sigh, trying to get up to avoid arguing about it and end the conversation, but Stan wouldn’t let him go. He was always so persistent.


“Let me go.” The omega said, attempting to pry the alpha’s arms off his waist to get off his lap.


“No. Just tell me what’s wrong. You think, I don’t notice you lying to me?” Stan yelled frustratedly; not budging in the slightest.


“…” The omega was silent. He gave up on getting away because the alpha was physically stronger, and it wouldn’t get him anywhere.


“Tell me. Now.” Demanded Stan; with authority in his voice. He pushed the omega to the ground, pinning his hands above his head and looming over him.


“…----an ----ld me.” Mumbled the omega inaudibly, turning his eyes to the side. Kyle didn’t know what Stan was thinking. His expression was unreadable, and his eyes were covered by the hair that had fallen into his face. His scent had gotten stronger; more dominant, and the redhead unconsciously reacted to the pheromones by tilting his head to the side, revealing his neck.


“What?” Stan asked, annoyed by Kyle’s reluctance to talk to him. Although, he had to admit that Kyle presenting his neck to him sort of turned him on. Right now, he wanted to run his tongue down the omega’s slender and exposed neck and leave hickeys and marks everywhere, even forgetting what issue they were fighting over for a moment.


“I said Cartman told me!” yelled Kyle angrily. The redhead was frowning, and his lips formed a thin line. He wasn’t struggling at all against Stan’s hold, just glaring daggers at the alpha.


“Cartman told you…Cartman? What? Why would he tell you? How would he know?” Stan asked confused. He was totally dumfounded now because he just couldn’t wrap his brain around it. Why’d Cartman just tell Kyle who it was. There had to be a downside. Besides, he was persistent on dissuading Craig that he didn’t know anything. He must have lied or Heidi had told him after he got beaten up.


“I met up with him last night at Stark’s Pond, and he told me.” Kyle said, chewing on his bottom lip. He could feel the cold cement of the ground on his back.


The cold was both soothing and uncomfortable. His eyes wondered around to the roof’s railing. It looked old and instable; the rust eating away at the metal bars. He watched a centipede crawling around; its antennae sensing across the ground. Kyle could feel his heart hammering against his ribcage; the thudding of his heartbeat ringing in his ears. Stan’s scent was so strong, and he couldn’t help, but feel a little bit dizzy. Dizzy in a good and comfortable kind of way, though.


“You met up with him last night…” mumbled the alpha, still perplexed. “You WHAT!? How could you just meet him at Stark’s Pond?!” he yelled, pushing his body further down onto Kyle.


“Ngh…that is why I told you…that it didn’t matter anymore. I wasn’t alone. Ike went with me, just so you know.” Kyle added, turning his head to face the alpha. His expression practically screamed ‘worry’. A frown was decorating the alpha’s face, and Kyle thought that it didn’t suit his handsome face.


“Wait. Wait. Wait. What’s the drawback? Cartman isn’t the kind of person who does things out of the kindness of his heart. What’s in it for him?” Stan reasoned, searching Kyle’s face for an answer, but the omega’s expression was blank for once; not showing any kind of emotion at all.


The warmth of the sun had long been gone as it was blocked by the clouds floating in the sky. A cold breeze tousled the alpha’s hair, and Kyle thought that the raven looked sexy with his dark locks dishevelled like that; sticking out to all directions.


“Nothing. He told me. That’s it.” Kyle stated, unwilling to mention more than that.


“He told you, and that’s it. That’s rubbish. What does he want from you in exchange?” Stan gritted out; his frown deepening.


“I told you. He wants nothing. Ike gave him a well-aimed kick between his legs and that had him spill it out quite quickly.” The omega explained.


“I am gonna have a word with him.” Growled the alpha. He felt anger engulf him. His mind was racing right now because he was sure that the fatass was up to something. The guy was always scheming, even in his sleep he was dreaming about planning something to make the life’s of other people a living hell.


“No! No. Just drop it. Please, just drop it. Why do you always think I need protection?! I can take care of myself. I am not some god damn damsel in distress. I am capable of defending myself!” Kyle suddenly yelled; his expression that was void of emotions seconds ago, turned desperate. He didn’t want Stan to do anything because there wasn’t much to do. Cartman wouldn’t get what he asked of him, and the redhead doubted that the beta’s threat was anything, but an ill-attempted bluff. Tears started to collect in his eyes, and he bit down on his bottom lip harshly to stop them from falling.


“I am…I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Apologised the alpha, taken aback by the omega’s sudden outburst. “I don’t think that you can’t protect yourself. I know you can, but I can’t just switch off the desire to protect you. I want you to be safe. I just…I want you to trust me. I want you to rely on me.” He continued, letting go of Kyle’s wrist and stroking the omega’s cheeks tenderly.


“I trust you, Stan. But I don’t need constant protection. I am not weak…” Kyle muttered out, holding onto the alpha’s shirt.


Stan put his forehead onto the omega’s and sighed heavily. “Having people that want to look out for you doesn’t mean you’re weak. Besides, you’re anything but weak.”


Kyle opened his eyes, unaware of the moment he had closed them. He leaned into the alpha’s touch, trying to calm down somehow. They stayed like that for a while, breathing in each other’s comforting scent. Then, Stan broke the contact and stood up, holding his hand out towards Kyle. Kyle blinked at him confused.


“Come on. We have to get to class.” He said, and Kyle scowled at that.


“What?” asked the alpha, tilting his head to the side.


“Hmpf.” Grumbled the omega displeased by the sudden loss of skinship, but he also stood up from the ground.


“Awww. Are you pouting because I broke our romantic moment?! You’re just too cute.” The alpha cooed, pinching Kyle’s cheek.


“Fuck off.” Stated Kyle, swatting the alpha’s hand away and heading towards the door, but Stan stopped him again by holding his wrist.


“Hey, we’re good now, right?” asked the alpha, scanning the omega’s demeanour.


“Yeah. I am sorry.” Kyle smiled, digging his foot into the ground, feeling embarrassed. He should have told the alpha from the start.


Stan stepped closer to him, so that there was no distance between them anymore. He pushed one of Kyle’s locks, that the wind continued to blow into his face, behind his ear.


“It’s fine. I am sorry too. I love you.” Stan said before he kissed the omega on the lips. The kiss was soft, innocent and sweet.


Kyle opened his eyes. He was in a daze, and out of all the times Stan had kissed him already, this one was the best he had ever received from him. The omega blushed and gave the alpha a kiss of his own.


“I love you, too.” Kyle answered, and Stan smiled at him, so brightly that it was almost blinding.






Craig had been aimlessly walking through the streets for hours before he decided to just sleep on a park bench, though sleep didn’t come in a cold and hard sleeping environment such as a wooden park bench, so he opted to stay awake. Sleep was for noobs. Tweek had been calling him several times last night, but he couldn’t bring himself to pick up. Craig sat on the bench, listening to the bird’s chirping and watching his hot breath turn to condensate water as he breathed out in the chilly morning air. It was about 6 o’clock now, and he still didn’t plan to head home. Home was the last place Craig wanted to be right now. His mind drifted off again, back to the events of the day before. Guilt had been eating at him, and fear; the fear that he might turn out to be like his father. After what had happened with Cartman, the possibility seemed to have doubled. The alpha sighed again, slouching against back of the hard, wooden bench. He looked up to the sky, watching the white fluffy clouds fly over his head. They reminded him of Tweek’s fluffy hair. Craig rummaged through the pockets of his jacket, searching for his pack of cigarettes and a lighter. When he found it, he tried to light one with nimble and cold fingers. It turned out that using a lighter while your fingers felt numb wasn’t quite that easy. He managed it, though. Craig inhaled the smoke, and felt the toxic components fill his lungs. He exhaled again, and the smoke floated through the air like the clouds through the sky above him.


He sat there for a while and noticed that he had run out of cigarettes. He had smoked the entire package in one go, without even realising it. The alpha looked at the screen of his phone again: 7:13 am. He went through his messages and found that he had 2 text messages from Token, 12 from Clyde and 43 text messages from Tweek. The blonde apparently thought he had been kidnapped, asking if the people, who had abducted him, intended to bury his body in the woods. Craig smiled at that. The omega was just too cute, worrying over things, someone wouldn’t even think of worrying over. He also had 35 missed phone calls from the omega, 1 from Token, and 7 from Clyde.


The smartphone started to vibrate in his hands, and the dark-haired teen stared at the caller’s ID. Tweek was calling him again, and his finger hovered over the ‘accept’ button. All he needed to do was slide it into the right direction. He didn’t, though, and the screen went black after some time. Craig wasn’t ready to talk to him just yet. He knew that the omega was worried, yet he didn’t do anything to appease Tweek’s freaked out mind.



It was 4:15 pm now, and the alpha was standing in front of his best friend’s house. He decided that it was best to not spend another sleepless night outside in the cold. His body felt groggy and tired, and the alpha constantly had to rub at his eyes; after only one night without sleep, he felt restless. Craig knew that he was sporting a black eye and a big-ass bruise on his jaw, but he didn’t care to hide it right now. How would he even hide it, anyway? He didn’t have anything with him to cover it up. The raven-haired boy stepped onto the stairs to the Donavan’s home, pressing the doorbell. The garden in front of the house was well kept, despite Clyde’s mother having passed away six years ago. The front of the house had recently received a new coat of painting, so that it wouldn’t look so dull anymore. Although, Craig thought that ‘eggshell’ yellow, or whatever Clyde’s dad had called id, looked disgusting. So much to not wanting it to look dull. It looked like the front of a nursing home. Utterly depressing.


The alpha heard a loud thud from inside of the house, and then the door swung open, revealing his brunette friend, who had just stumbled over his own feet before opening the door. He looked surprised at first, then worried, and then he started bawling, crushing Craig into a tight hug, almost squeezing him to death.


“Hey---.” Craig started, but the brunette interrupted him.


“Don’t just ‘hey’ me, Mr Aloof as fuck. I was soooo worried I thought you got eaten by a bear.” Cried Clyde, squeezing the raven tighter. He sounded like Tweek right now. He would call the omega endearing, but not Clyde. Clyde was just dorky.


“How likely is that?” asked Craig, trying to get out of the lung-crushing embrace.


“Tweek is worried. DoesHeKnowYou’reAlright? WhereDidYouGetThatBruiseFrom? LooksNasty. YourOldManAgain?” Clyde questioned, speaking so fast that Craig had problems getting all the words.


“It’s nothing.” Craig told him, though Clyde only frowned at that. “Can I crash here?”


“Of course!” the brunette answered without hesitation. It wasn’t the first time that Craig wanted to sleep over because of his father.


“Thanks man.” Craig said, scratching the back of his head and stepping into the house.



Craig sat on Clyde’s bed, waiting for his friend to come back. He was getting a mattress he could sleep on because Craig wasn’t going to share a bed with Clyde. The brunette was too cuddly, and a god damn furnace. He needed his space. The only one the raven-haired alpha wants to be cuddly with in bed was Tweek, and Tweek alone.


“I am back.” Stated Clyde, throwing the mattress onto the floor next to the bed. “You know, we could have shared a bed.” Commented the brunette with a pout on his face. Craig showed him his middle finger.


“No way. You move too much, and when I wake up the next morning, you’d probably have me in a bear hug, and it takes too much effort to pry you off me. I can live without having to cuddle with YOU in the morning.” Craig stated, throwing a pillow at Clyde’s face.


“You’re an asshole. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with me?” Clyde asked, waving his hands around.


“I can name a lot of people.” Mocked Craig, sliding down onto the mattress below. He rubbed his tired eyes. He was beat.


“So cruel. You look like shit, by the way.” The brunette alpha commented, watching his friend cautiously.


“Now we talk about cruel, huh. Could have put that more eloquently.” Commented Craig, though the bags under his eye only showed half of how tired he really was. The fight with Cartman, and the confrontation with his father had drained him mostly mentally. He was exhausted.


“Does Tweek know that you are here, safe and sound?” the brunette asked, already knowing that the blonde omega still didn’t know of Craig’s whereabouts.


“…no.” admitted Craig, scraping at the loose threads of his ripped jeans.


“NO?! But he’s worried sick. He had come up with all kinds of conspiracy theories today in class, and it freaked me out. You should call him; tell him that you’re fine.” Clyde ranted without a pause.


“…I know, but he’d come to you place, and I don’t want him to see me like this.” Craig sighed, pointing at his face.


“I am not good with this kind of talk. Where is mama Token when we need him?” Clyde asked rhetorically, trying to help his friend the best he could. “You love him, right?”


“I love him more than anything.” The raven-haired alpha replied earnestly.


“Then you shouldn’t have him worried sick like this. You didn’t see him today at school. He was more fidgety and freaked out than usual and glued to his phone all the time. All he talked about today was you.”




“So? Are you gonna call or text him, or am I supposed to do it? Since he is my ‘Nice Bestie’, I am obligated to tell him about my ‘Mean Bestie’s’ wellbeing.” The brunette stated, waiting for an answer from Craig.


“You text him. If he finds out that I didn’t text or call him back purposely, he’ll read too much into it. I don’t want him to think that I didn’t want to see him…” the raven-haired alpha explained.


“Alright.” Clyde answered, patting his friend on the shoulder.


“And you did well enough. You almost sounded like mama Token.” Craig commented, smiling a little.


“YES!” exclaimed Clyde, throwing his fist in the air like he had just won a grand price. “I am so going to text him what you just told me.”


“Do whatever.” Craig answered, rolling his eyes and throwing his head into the pillow.




Tweek was at home, anxiously chewing on his fingernails and tugging on his hair. He didn’t know what to do. He still hadn’t heard from Craig, and Token and Clyde didn’t know either. The blonde had even asked Tricia, but she said that she hadn’t seen or heard from her brother since yesterday. He wasn’t there when she came back from rehearsals, but she didn’t think too much about it. It wasn’t unusual for Craig to disappear for a few days.


Still, Tweek wasn’t used to not having Craig around him anymore. He wanted to see him. He wanted to talk to him. He wanted to be close to him. Smell his scent, feel the alpha’s body against his, kiss him, hug him, and all that other stuff couples did. The omega was pacing around in his room. He couldn’t stop his mind from drifting off. Token and Clyde had assured him that Craig hadn’t been abducted by aliens, but he couldn’t stop worrying. Why wasn’t he contacting him? Was the alpha already sick of him? Did he not want him anymore, and that was his way to show him precisely that? NO. Craig told Tweek that he loved him, so he wouldn’t break up with him like that. Craig wasn’t the kind of person who would do that. Craig was kind and considerate. Then, the omega’s phone went off, and he dived for it, breaking the mug that was standing on the kitchen counter. He had accidentally let it slip out of his hands out of surprise. The blue-painted shards of the mug were scattered across the tiled kitchen floor, and the liquid content was painting the floor with wet lines of black tea. It looked a bit like tree branches. The shards were the least he worried about right now, though. He could clean that up later. He looked at his phone, but his excitement died down instantly when he didn’t see Craig’s name pop up. He was close to tears now. He opened Clyde’s message.


-Clyde- 4:35 pm

Craig’s at my place. He just showed up.


Tweek’s heart fluttered at the news. Craig was safe. He hadn’t been kidnapped, killed or fell victim to a vicious bear attack. The omega sighed in relief; however, there was a barely noticeable pinch in his heart. Why wouldn’t Craig turn to him? Why didn’t he come to his place?

The omega shook his head, sprinting to the wardrobe and putting on his shoes and a jacket. He didn’t even tie the laces of his sneakers because he wanted to see Craig right now. The blonde ran a few blocks down the streets, his heart pounding like crazy in his chest. When he reached Clyde’s house, sweat was running down his forehead, and he had to stop himself from abusing the doorbell. Seconds later, the brunette alpha opened the door and let the blonde in, leading him upstairs. The omega hastily entered the room, and his eyes fell on the peacefully sleeping figure on the mattress. His gaze softened, and he refrained from pouncing the dark-haired boy. The omega went over and sat down, running his hand through the alpha’s soft hair. He was so happy right now. As he studied the alpha’s face, he noticed the bruises, and his expression changed from relieved to horrified. He turned towards Clyde, but the brunette didn’t say anything. Tweek wanted to wake Craig up, but at the same time, he wanted to watch his alpha’s sweet slumber. What happened to his face? Was he attacked? Did he get into another fight?


The omega gentle stroked over the bruise on Craig’s cheek; the dark discolouring going doing to his chin. Craig stirred at the sudden touch, and his eyes fluttered open, meeting the blonde’s teary eyes.


“Tweek.” The alpha breathed out tiredly; his had touching the omega’s lower lip.


“C-C-Craig.” Tweek choked out, tackling the alpha and crushing him with a hug; the second bone-crushing hug the alpha received today.


Then, the omega started to sniffle, and then he broke out into tears. Craig wondered why he always had to make Tweek cry.


“Wh-here w-were ngh you? Arg W-Why ngh w-wouldn’t y-you ngh a-answer my c-call ngh o-o-or texts?” asked Tweek, desperately clinging onto the alpha. He had been so scared.


“I am sorry. My phone died.” Craig lied, receiving a disapproving look from Clyde. The brunette crossed his arms over his chest and decided to leave the room to give them some privacy.


Tweek looked up, cradling Craig’s face in his hands. He traced the dark discolouring with his fingertips, feeling the tears swell up in his eyes again. “W-Where ngh d-did you g-g-get ngh these b-b-bruises from arg? Th-these aren’t f-from ngh the f-f-fight with C-Cartman.”


The omega watched Craig, studying his expression carefully. The way the alpha tried to avoid eye contact told him that the statement, he had just made, was correct. The blonde was still asking himself why Craig didn’t come to his place. He understood that Clyde was Craig’s best friend, but the omega had thought that he was the raven-haired alpha’s most trusted confidant. At least, he wanted to be the person Craig trusted the most.


“It’s fine. I got into a fight. That’s all. You don’t have to worry.” Craig said, taking the blonde’s wrists into his and pulling Tweek towards him.


Tweek knew that there was something off, but he didn’t want to start a fight, so he left it at that for now. The alpha looked exhausted, and the omega didn’t want to exhaust him even further.


“Ok.” Tweek whispered, falling into the alpha’s embrace. He missed him so much. “D-Do you ngh p-p-plan on ngh s-staying here? Arg y-you can stay ngh at my p-place.” The omega said; a blush dusting his cheeks.




Craig’s silence made the blonde nervous, and he started to pull on his over-sized sweater. “Y-You don’t ngh h-have to i-if ngh you d-d-don’t want to arg. I-I-I just ngh t-thought…” Tweek trailed off, unable to look at Craig.


“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.” The alpha stated, and Tweek felt utterly rejected right now. So, Craig didn’t want to spend time with him.


“I don’t mean it like that. It’s just…what about that false-heat-thing? I don’t want my presence to trigger your heat.” The alpha explained, sensing the blonde’s distress.


“I-It’s over arg.” Tweek muttered; head hung low. “D-Do you ngh n-not want ngh t-t-to be w-with me?”


“NO!” the alpha said sternly, gripping the omega’s shoulders tightly, though he instantly let go when he saw the blonde flinch a little at the sudden action. “That’s not it. You know I love you. I was just concerned that I might trigger your heat.”


“It’s f-fine.” The blonde said; a strange heavy feeling blocking his throat.


“Look, I am staying over at your place. Will that make you happy?” asked Craig, and Tweek nodded, though it felt like he was forcing the alpha into staying with him, even though Craig obviously didn’t want to.


“Okay-y.” the omega tried to smile, and the alpha gave him a small peck on the lips.






Stan casually walked down the sidewalk, making his way towards his mother’s working place, so she could take him home with her. The alpha had parted ways with Kyle after school, and they had texted each other, but even though he said that he wouldn’t do anything, the feeling of Cartman being up to no good still occupied his thoughts.


Stan stopped by a small shop, where he usually bought his cigarettes from. He entered the building, and the bell rang, announcing that a customer had just come in. He looked through the small shop, eyeing the shelves. There were all sorts of things. Papers and magazines, games, coupons, sweets and everyday items. He went to the counter, and luckily, the guy who never asked for an ID was working today.


“The usual?” the cashier asked.


“Yeah.” Answered Stan.


The cashier got the cigarettes and handed them over in exchange for the money. Stan was about to leave, but when he turned around, he met eyes with a familiar face.


“Oh. Hey kid.” He greeted the raven-haired boy awkwardly. He still didn’t know how to handle Kyle’s little brother.


“Hello.” The boy greeted while he passed him and purchased his items. He gave Stan a bored look. The older alpha frowned at the kid’s rudeness, although he saw it as an accomplishment to not getting completely ignored. Ike still freaked the dark-haired teenager out. Even if the small alpha didn’t say anything, it felt like he was threatening Stan in some way.


They left the shop in silence, and when they were outside, Ike turned his attention towards him.


“You know that I am still not a big fan of yours, right.” Ike suddenly said, adjusting the paper bag in his hands.


“Well, not shit.” Stated Stan. Ike wasn’t directly subtle.


“Although, I am trying my hardest because Kyle likes you for some reason, which is beyond me.” Commented Ike, throwing the older boy in front of him a disinterested look, analysing his every move. He didn’t want to admit it just yet, but he had developed a certain fondness towards that idiot. Besides, the young alpha prided himself with the fact that Kyle had asked Ike to protect him, which he successfully did the day before. That disgusting fucker Cartman was on his blacklist now.


“Ouch. Aren’t you charming?” asked Stan sarcastically. “I won’t hurt him. I really do love him.” He assured the boy. He truly wanted to get along with him because Kyle loved his creepy little brother.


“I know that you’re thinking about asking our dad for permission to court Kyle officially.” Ike suddenly said, taking the alpha by surprise.


Stan gaped at him. He was a little shocked. How would he know that the alpha had been thinking about that? Talk about creepy. What was he a mind-reader? “Ehh…yes. I thought about that. How would you know?”


“It would be the most plausible action you would choose because I don’t think you are the type of person that wants to keep your relationship hidden until Kyle turns 18.” Explained Ike matter-of-factly. “But I advise that you forget about that for now. Dad wouldn’t take your request well.”


“Why? What’s his deal?” asked Stan; he felt the irritation seize him. All he wanted was to be with Kyle. Officially, without having to hide from the omega’s parents.


“It’s not my place to tell you really,” the boy explained, though he hesitated for a moment, as if he was searching for the right words. “But there was a specific reason why we moved away. Dad’s always been quite conservative when it comes to Kyle, but not quite like how he is now.”


“Reason? What reason? What happened?” Stan pried.


“I’ve already said enough. Kyle doesn’t want to talk about it, so don’t bring it up. If he tells you on his own, then he will, but DO NOT by any means MENTION it.” Ike said seriously.


“I get it. I am not stupid, you know.” Stan said, feeling irritated by the expression that Ike had on his face. The 11-years-old probably thought that he was stupid. But he felt curious now. He really needed to know what happened.


“I am on my way. See you, or rather not.” Ike commented before walking away.


“Hah hah, fucking brat.” yelled Stan, rolling his eyes. Ike turned around and stuck his tongue out at him, and Stan did the most mature thing he could do in that situation and returned the mocking gesture by sticking his tongue out at the boy too.


After that conversation, Stan would take the advice and delay asking for courting permission for now. It had sounded like a good idea, since Kyle said that his father was old-fashioned in a way, so asking the head alpha for permission would be the best move he could make. Turned out that he would have to keep their relationship a secret for a while longer, which also meant that he and Kyle were unlikely to go any further than masturbation and a little groping and kissing. After the omega had given him a blow job, the alpha had been really horny, having all sorts of wet daydreams about Kyle’s cute face, his wet tongue, and his sexy body. It was going to be hard. Why was the omega’s father so god damn complicated?! He sounded like a prick.






When Tweek and Craig arrived at his place, the omega couldn’t shake the feeling off that Craig wasn’t so happy about sleeping over at his house. It seemed like the alpha would have rather stayed with Clyde, which irked the blonde. Craig had been distant. He wouldn’t touch Tweek the way he that he usually did. The omega had noticed the change in Craig’s behaviour in an instant.


He sat on his messy bed, waiting for Craig to get out of the shower. The alpha took longer than normally, but he hadn’t wanted the blonde to join him. It was another hard rejection, and Tweek wasn’t so fond of being rejected by the alpha. The omega gnawed on his lips; his fingers twisting the bed sheets below him. Initially, he wanted to ask Craig if he wanted to spend his heat together, which was supposed to start at the end of the following week. However, now the blonde wasn’t so sure about it anymore. The alpha had rejected him more than once this day, he didn’t answer Tweek’s attempts to contact him, and he wouldn’t tell him where he got the black eye from. The omega was sure that he couldn’t take another negative answer.


His head shot up when the sound of the shower stopped, and he patiently remained in his room until Craig entered with a towel around his waist, and his hair still dripping. The droplets of water collected at the peak of the teen's dark hair until it succumbed to gravity and fell, dripping onto Craig’s shoulders and his muscular chest. Tweek swallowed the dry lump that had formed in his throat. His eyes wondered down to the V-line just above the towel, unconsciously craning his neck up a little, in order to look past the towel that was hiding Craig’s private parts. Tweek blushed madly at the dirty thoughts that were going through his mind.


“Do you have anything that I can wear?” Craig asked, rubbing his hair dry with another towel.


“O-OF COURSE ARG!” Tweek squeaked out, jumping up and sprinting to his closet.


He rummaged through it and found some clothes that would fit him, since they were Craig’s to begin with. He wouldn’t say that he horded the alpha’s clothes, but that was exactly what he did. He liked to keep the raven-haired teen's shirts till the heavy alpha scent had faded. Tweek handed the clothes over to Craig, unable to control the redness in his cheeks.


“Hey, these are mine. Man, I've been looking for that shirt forever. Are you a shirtnapper, Tweek?” Craig teased, finding the omega’s reaction incredibly cute.


“Ngh...” Tweek all but splattered out. He was embarrassed.


“You’re cute. I don’t mind you hoarding my shirts.” Craig winked, watching the omega nervously fidgeting on the spot.


As Craig put some clothes on, Tweek built up the courage to finally asked him. So, he gripped onto the hem of the alpha’s shirt, stepping closer and catching Craig’s attention.


“Emm. Ngh w-will y-y-you spend m-my ngh n-next h-h-heat with arg me?” asked Tweek in a low and almost inaudible voice.


Craig was silent, and that lack of reaction made the omega even more nervous. He didn’t dare look up because he felt like he had asked the wrong question. Did he upset him? Was it too early to ask an alpha to spend an omega’s heat together? When was the right time then?


“That’s a bad idea.” Craig finally said, and the weight of his words crushed Tweek’s fragile heart.


“W-Why?” the blonde gritted out; his voice cracking. His hands gripped tighter at the hem of the alpha’s shirt, and the pressure caused his knuckles to turn white. Tweek had to fight the tears from falling again. He was such a cry baby, crying over everything and anything. It was annoying. No wonder Craig wouldn’t want him.


“Hey, don’t cry honey.” The alpha said; his tone comforting.


Craig would usually take Tweek’s face into his hands and brush the tears away, close the distance between them until their bodies were pressed together; take him into his arms and kiss him so their lips formed a seamless connection. The omega was waiting for that, but none of it happened. They just stayed motionlessly in front of each other, creating an uncomfortable silence around them.


“W-Why?” the blonde sniffled, violently rubbing at his eyes. “W-Why ngh w-won’t y-y-you ngh ta-lk to m-me ngh. W-Why a-a-are you arg s-suddenly so d-d-d-distant?!”


“Tweek, babe. I told you everything’s fine. You don’t need to worry.” Craig said, but his eyes and his bruised face told a different story.


The alpha might think that he was good at hiding his emotions, but he wasn’t. Tweek could see that Craig was troubled, even though his expression was stoic. Yet, the alpha refused to talk openly about what bothered him. The omega could lend him an ear, just like Craig would do for him. The blonde felt betrayed, rejected and hurt. He just couldn’t understand why the alpha wouldn’t want to spend his heat with him. It was a sign of great trust when an omega was willing to spend their heat with an alpha. Tweek thought that Craig would be more enthusiastic, but he straight up said ‘NO’, barely hesitating at all.


“T-Then WHY ngh DON’T Y-YOU ngh WA-WANT TO S-SPEND arg MY H-HE-HEAT WITH ME?!” yelled Tweek with tears rolling down his cheeks. He was getting worked up; his twitching getting worse. Craig said that he loved him and yet, he didn’t want to be with the omega in such a crucial time.


“Tweek, calm down. It’s just a bad idea.” Reasoned the alpha, who tried to make the irritation and the lack of sleep disappear by rubbing his temples. The stress was getting to him. He was never good with handling a taxing situation when he didn’t get any sleep.


“T-TELL ngh M-ME! I-IF Y-YOU ngh DO-DON’T ngh WANT ME, TH-THEN ngh T-TELL ME!” the omega screamed, stomping his foot on the ground like a little child on a temper tantrum.


“GOD DAMN IT TWEEK! Drop it already. I just don’t want to hurt you!!” Craig yelled, pinning the omega forcefully onto the wall. His breath hitched at the look on Tweek’s face. The alpha had let his emotions and irritation get the best of him for a brief moment, even though he had gained his composure right back.


“…C-Craig? A-are ngh you al-alright?” asked Tweek tentatively, taken aback by the alpha’s sudden outburst. The omega bit the inside of his cheek; hands clutching at the front of his own shirt. The alpha’s sudden increase of strong pheromones made his knees weak, and he had the unexplainable need to submit.


Craig removed his hands from the omega’s shoulders, rubbing his hand down his tired face, still irritated by the blonde’s relentlessness. “I am scaring you, right?” the alpha whispered, and if Tweek hadn’t concentrated on the words, he wouldn’t have heard him.


Why would Craig think that Tweek was afraid of him? He wasn’t. He was just surprised, like when the alpha beat the shit out of Cartman. The omega tried to close the distance between them again, but the raven took a step back again, so that they were an arm length away from each other.


“Y-You ngh don’t.” Tweek said with pleading eyes.


“An omega’s heat can induce an alpha’s rut. Normal ruts are usually mild, and there’s nothing more than an increased release of pheromones. Most of the time, alphas are just more possessive and territorial.” Craig explained, looking at the omega before he continued. “A heat-induced rut is different; however, because it’s more primal. If you accidentally trigger my rut, then I won’t be able to control myself. What if you change your mind in the middle? I would just force myself open you, even if you begged me to stop. I don’t want that.”


The omega’s eyes widened. He had heard of heat-induced ruts, but he had never imagined that they could be a problem when spending a heat with an alpha. He felt bad for being so forceful; for trying to talk Craig into it, even though the alpha was scared to hurt him. It was Tweek’s first time seeing Craig somewhat vulnerable. He always thought that the alpha was that indestructible and composed force with a massive amount of restraint. The omega had been selfish. He acted childish, disregarding Craig’s feelings completely. He felt so ashamed of himself right now. But he knew that the alpha would never hurt him physically in such a way. He just wouldn’t. And Tweek; Tweek would never beg him to stop in the first place.


“Y-You’re ngh not b-b-being fair…arg. Why’d I ngh e-ever asked y-you ngh to st-stop?” Tweek murmured; vision getting blurry from the tears again. That was not what he intended to say.


“Just drop it, Tweek.” Craig said; back to his usually composed and stoic self.


The omega walked towards Craig, hitting him rapidly on the chest. “Y-You said th-that ngh you d-don’t want ngh to h-hurt me, but ngh y-y-you’re hurti-ng me arg right now! You ngh s-said y-you l-loved ngh me, b-b-but you ngh d-don’t tr-trust me. Y-You d-don’t ngh ta-talk to ngh me. Y-You ngh never te-tell me ngh h-how y-you feel arg, even th-though y-you exp-expect me ngh to t-tell you ev-everything! It’s ngh n-not fair…I-I…arg…th-thought we ngh were equ-equals. You ngh s-said we ngh were equal—ngh equals.” He blonde screeched angrily, stumbling over his own words.


“I just told you why I don’t want to spend your heat with you.” Craig gritted out, grabbing both of Tweeks wrists to stop him from hitting him.


The alpha knew that his words had hurt the omega; he saw it in his eyes. Tweek had just told him, but he was bad at expressing his feelings, and the omega knew that from the start, yet he demanded that Craig tell him everything. God, the alpha knew that he was such an asshole. He made Tweek cry, he scared him, and he hurt him again and again and again. What was he supposed to do? Tell him that his father beat the shit out of his mother on an almost daily basis, and that he also beat him? Gave him a black eye, and that other nasty bruise? He just didn’t want to pull the omega into this. The alpha was supposed to protect his omega, not make him cry. He told Tweek that they were equals, yet he didn’t treat him like an equal at all. If they were truly equal, then Craig would seek confidence in the omega, but he wanted to keep him out of it, wanted to be the one to protect and not be protected. The blonde was right. It wasn’t fair of him, but nothing was ever fair, anyway.


“AAAARGH!!!” Tweek screamed, struggling against the alpha’s hold. He was so angry right now; angry at the coldness of Craig’s words, angry at himself for always being so close to tears, and angry at the fact that the raven didn’t trust him. “Y-YOU FU-FUCKING ngh ASSHOLE! L-LET GO ngh O-OF ME! LET ngh G-GO! LET arg Go! Ngh LE-LET GO!”


“Tweek, calm down. Stop struggling. I’ll let you go if you calm down.” The alpha said calmly, trying to get the omega to stop fighting against his hold.


Tweek was actually stronger than he looked, although Craig had him easily pinned down to the floor when they toppled over during their struggle. The omega’s eyes were teary and closed, and he was slapping around with his feet now, since the alpha held onto both of his wrists. The blonde was getting tired, and after some time, Craig had him completely immobilised. It was frustrating. Tweek was frustrated.


“Calm down.” The alpha said again in his usual soothing voice. The tone pissed the omega off. How could he be so calm and collected again while Tweek couldn’t control anything, not even the fight.


“S-STOP TE-TELLING ngh ME TO arg C-CALM DOWN!! Y-YOU PRICK!” the omega screamed again, glaring at the alpha while biting his lips and trying to hold back the continuous flow of new tears. “F-FUCKING ASSHOLE!! AAAARGH!”


“THE FUCK, TWEEK! Calm down! DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY!” Craig yelled, letting go of the blonde and punching the ground beside the omega’s head; pheromones getting stronger again. Tweek was really getting on his nerves right now. The blonde stopped struggling, staring at the dark-haired teen with wide eyes and clutching his hands to his chest.


“You say you would never ask me to stop?! BULLSHIT!” Craig spat, pulling roughly at Tweek’s clothes and exposing his chest.


Sexual Content Warning!


The omega was speechless right now, laying on the laminate floor and letting the alpha strip him roughly out of his clothes, tearing the fabric in the process and throwing it to the other side of the room. He didn’t know what to do. He was scared, yet there was a lingering excitement burning in his belly. His skin was getting hot, and he felt his body prepare itself to be breached. Craig still looked angry, forcibly sucking and biting on his neck; hands roaming over the omega’s body. Why was Tweek excited? Shouldn’t he be scared? There must be something wrong with his head because the omega wanted the alpha to just take him right there. Tweek let out a high-pitched moan when the alpha pushed calloused fingers into his entrance. It didn’t hurt, due to the slick leaking out of his hole, but the sudden intrusion surprised him. The omega wanted to kiss Craig, but he didn’t dare do anything right now. The alpha’s agitated smelling scent was clouding his mind right now. The raven-haired teen let go of him, staring him down with his ice-blue eyes. He removed his clothes, freeing his erect member out of its confinement. The omega spread his legs wider, getting into a more relaxed position on the floor. He barred his neck to the alpha; a sign of complete submission. Craig growled deeply in his throat, grabbing the omega by his calve and pushing in roughly without warning.


“Ahhh!” the omega moaned; breathing accelerating.


“Mng.” Craig grunted, not having expected the warm wet tightness that engulfed him.


The pace was rough and merciless, and without any rhythm at first. Craig had a vice grip on Tweek’s narrow hips, and the omega was sure that the alpha’s fingers would leave an imprint. He felt oddly proud at that. The blonde wrapped his legs around the alpha’s waist, pushing him further in, urging him to go deeper. His fingernails scrapped at the floor beneath him, and he couldn’t help the moans and cries that fell from his lips when Craig’s hard cock was hitting all the right places inside him. He felt so full.


“Ngh h-harder!” Tweek cried out, and Craig’s brows drew together into a frustrated frown.


“Ahh…f-fuck. You’re…ngh…not supposed to like it…” the alpha groaned, gripping Tweek’s face with one hand and pulling him into a bruising kiss.


Craig couldn’t control his feeling anymore. He had lost control the moment Tweek started to yell at him and insult him; when he said so many things that were true. The omega was supposed to push him away. He was supposed to beg Craig to stop, but he didn’t. Instead, he was begging him to fuck him harder. This wasn’t how their first time was supposed to be. It was supposed to be in a nice setting, gentle and innocent in a way. Right now, there was nothing gentle in their kisses and bites. They were roughly going at it on the hard floor; Tweek’s and his innocence all gone. The omega’s nipples were swollen and hard, his skin flushed red and he was panting and moaning. His insides were squeezing around Craig’s erection; the feeling of the slick-wet tightness was amazing. The omega sucked at the alpha’s tongue; eyes clouded with lust.


“F-Fuck me ngh like y-you mean it!” encouraged the omega, clutching onto the alpha’s back and dragging his nails down the smooth skin, leaving red angry marks.


Craig suddenly stopped, and Tweek made a displeased and disapproving noise in the back of his throat, desperately pushing his hips down. The alpha then turned the omega around, so he was on his hands and knees, gripping the blonde’s locks and pushing him to the floor; twisting one of Tweek’s arms behind his back and holding him there. The omega whined when Craig pushed in again, stretching his entrance wide. Drool was dripping out of his mouth because it felt so good. He wiggled his hips, pushing them back and forth to get the alpha to continue. He wanted to get a look of the raven-haired boys face, but the hand gripping his hair prevented him from doing so. It made a shiver run down his spine, and he whined again. What was the alpha waiting for? He could feel the pulsing of Craig’s big cock in his whole, and Tweek had been close, already dripping front the front.


“Are you ngh so desperate to be fucked?” asked Craig in a husky and dangerous voice.


“C-Craig. Crai-g. I ahhh w-want you.” The omega said, moaning when the alpha snapped his hips forward in one hard thrust.


“T-There. Ahh mnh right ngh th-there.” Tweek cried out, and Craig continued his brutal pace once more.


The alpha licked down the omega’s sweat-covered body, sucking deep red bruises into his skin. Tweek was a moaning mess beneath him, mouth wide agape and eyes closed. Craig’s hand wandered from his hair down his neck and to the front, twisting and pulling at the rosy nipples. He pulled the omega upwards, so that he was sitting in his lap, back pressed against his chest. Tweek was close to climaxing, and Craig could feel his knot swell. The alpha bit down the omega’s shoulder, hands clutching at the blonde’s chest before he thrusted upwards again while pushing Tweek down on his cock. The omega cried out and came; entrance constricting, causing the alpha to climax too. His knot swelled, sealing them both together. Tweek’s hand shot up to grip at the raven locks, panting. He could still feel Craig’s canines in his shoulder, so he embraced the foreign, yet a bit painful sensation. His body went lax, and the omega was completely satisfied; mind blank. The heat in his skin was gone, and he could feel the alpha’s cum coating his insides. Tweek massaged Craig’s sculp and started purring. The alpha’s canines slowly retracted from his shoulders, and the deep rumble coming from his chest made the omega blush.


“I am sorry.” Craig whispered into his skin, squeezing the blonde against his chest, remaining inside him. It would take a while for his knot to go down. “I am sorry.” He apologised again, “I shouldn’t have done that. I am sorry, Tweek.”


“I-I am sorry too.” Tweek said; the stuttering in his voice minimal. “A-And I l-liked it.” He continued, leaning the back of his head against Craig’s shoulder, snuggling into him.


Tweek rubbed the alpha’s bruised face gently with one of his fingers, asking: “D-Do you re-regret it? B-Because I do-don’t. Y-You don’t h-have to t-tell me ri-right now wh-what h-happened, b-but I’ll wa-want to k-know ev-eventually.”


“I love you, Tweek. I didn’t mean for our first time to be like this. I wanted it to be all romantic and shit.” The alpha whispered, rubbing circles into the smooth skin of the omega’s bony hips. “I know that you want to know,” the alpha continued “but I can’t tell you just yet. It’s hard to talk about it.”


“I’ll w-w-wait th-then.” Assured Tweek.


The omega looked at Craig with gentle eyes; the anger and frustration dissipated from his body. “I-I don’t n-need rom-romantic. Y-You’re not ev-even rom-romantic in th-he first p-place. I-I loved it be-because it w-was with y-you. A-As long a-as it’s w-with you, the pl-place and w-way doesn’t m-matter to m-me.” The blonde smiled; a pink hue covering his cheek bones, and the alpha’s eyes widened. Craig turned his head away, covering his face with his hand to hide the blush.


“Tz. I don’t get you. I don’t understand you at all.” Craig muttered, burying his face into the omega’s neck, hoping that the blonde didn’t see him blushing. Craig just didn’t do blushing. It was so unlike him to feel flustered by cheesy words.


“Y-Your ears are r-red.” Tweek stated, though he couldn’t see more than that because the alpha was hiding his face in the back of his neck. “A-Are you ngh b-blushing?” the omega asked, thinking that Craig would look cute with rosy cheeks.


“Shut up. I am not.” Craig grumbled, pulling on Tweek’s ear.


“Ouch. O-Of course ngh n-not.” The omega laughed at the pouting alpha. It was weird how their altercation turned into this.


They were sitting on the floor; Craig still locked with Tweek. A sudden movement of the alpha cause Tweek to let out a stuttered moan, and the omega clutched his hands over his mouth, embarrassed by the sound that left his lips.


Craig moved again, causing Tweek to produce the excat same sound again.


“Ahh mnh D-D-Don’t move. Ngh.” The omega stuttered, but he could feel the knot deflating inside of him.


“Just wanted to hear that again. It was cute.” Craig said, kissing down the omega’s neck. “You’re so beautiful. I don’t deserve you.”


So, Craig had the same insecurities as Tweek. After what happened today, the omega wasn’t surprised. He had come to know a whole new side of the alpha, and he didn’t dislike it in the slightest. He looked so much more human right now. Tweek wanted to know everything about Craig. Every side and every facet of his character, no matter how dark because he was willing to let the alpha see everything of him too.


“I-I love y-you, C-Craig.” Tweek said, and it was true. He didn’t think he could love him more than he already did, but it turned out, such a thing was possible.


“I love you too, babe. Don’t ever leave me. Not ever. Stay right there by my side. I won’t ever let you leave me.” The alpha stated, tracing the bite mark, he left with his canines, on the omega’s shoulders.


“I-I wo-won’t ever l-leave.” The blonde whispered, and he meant it.






“What’s going on in that sick twisted mind of yours? I know you are up to something. I just haven’t figured it out yet.” The blonde alpha said, casually leaning against the brick wall and stumping out the cigarette.


“I don’t know what you are talking about, Kinny.” The brunette answered just as casually, and Kenny narrowed his eyes at him.


The beta was sitting on a stone next to bicycle racks in front of a grocery shop, looking disinterestedly at his phone. The blonde had noticed Cartman sitting there when he left the shop and promptly took the initiative to have a chat with him, trying to figure the guy out.


“You do know exactly what I mean.” the alpha stated calmly, “So, you knew Heidi was behind it, which means you still managed to lie, even though Craig beat you up like that. You’re quite bold. Although, I didn’t think Heidi would do something like that. Must be your bad influence, or maybe she’s had a rotten core that matches yours from the start.”


“It’s not me, whose core is rotten. It’s that bitchy omega.” gritted out Cartman, pressing more firmly onto the touchscreen of his phone.


“Oh, I see. So, why would you rat out Heidi?” Kenny asked, pondering about it from the start. She was his girlfriend after all.


“For your information, I didn’t know that it was her, which means I did tell the truth. It’s her fault I feel like shit now, and my face hurting all over.” Cartman said, looking up from his phone briefly before disregarding Kenny’s existence once more.


“You’re kinda petty, aren’t you? You expect her to endure your perversions, but you get butthurt when things don’t go your way. Somewhat sounds like you.” The blonde alpha pushed further, trying to get a rise out of the beta.


“What do you want? You’re not here, annoying the hell out of me, just to have an idle chit-chat with me.” Cartman stated, irritation seeping into his voice.


“Did I hit a nerve?” asked the blonde mockingly. “What’s your agenda here? I know you’re scheming something because that’s just what you do. So, what’s that you are after?” Kenny locked eyes with the beta, though the expression he showed the blonde was anything, but revealing. That bastard was hard to read sometimes.


“Wow. You must think quite lowly of me, then. Maybe I am, for once, not planning anything.” Cartman answered, though you couldn’t call that an answer at all, since he wasn’t exactly denying it.


“I’ve always thought lowly of you, and I call bullshit on the last part.” Kenny said and narrowed his eyes at the beta. He expectantly stood in front of the brunette, waiting for a more satisfying answer, even though he knew that it was unlikely for Cartman to reveal his motive.


“Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. What does it even matter? Let’s assume that there is something that I want.” The beta started, standing up from the stone and making a dismissing gesture with his hand. “Would it change the course the future would undoubtedly take if you knew? I doubt it. But what if you are wrong, and I tell the truth for once? I told the truth about not being behind the rumours and the truth about not knowing who it was, after all. Whether I figured it out later or knew from the start, which I didn’t, is not of importance.”


“Here we go again You’re still avoiding answering my question, but I didn’t expect much from you anyway. Just tell me, what role does Heidi play? Do you genuinely like her – well, I doubt that, but hey maybe you do have something akin to a heart somewhere in the pits of darkness you call your conscience – or is she just a means to an end? I assume it’s the latter.” The blonde alpha said, mimicking Cartman’s ‘know-it-all stance’. He observed the beta’s reactions, though Eric didn’t even blink at him.


“Again, with your accusations, huh. You are irritating as fuck, Kenny.” The brunette replied, narrowing his eyes at the blonde. “She is…,” Eric started, but then he paused, looking up into the sky as to ponder about an answer. “She is my girlfriend, and I like her.” The beta answered with a smile, though the smile seemed odd, and so did the answer. With that said, Eric patted down his jeans and headed off, without saying his farewell.


Kenny blinked, and then sighed. The guy was literally sucking the life energy out of him, just by talking. The blonde put his hands into his pockets and kicked a stone, that was laying on asphalt, with his foot, walking towards the bus stop. He would keep an eye on Cartman that was for sure. The beta couldn’t be trusted, especially when he looked so calm after having been beaten with an inch of his life the other day.

Chapter Text

Craig’s eyes cracked open, and it took him a moment until he recollected the events that happened the night before. Tweek was peacefully sleeping next to him, and the alpha felt awfully guilty, despite the blonde’s constant reassurance. After Craig had botched up their first time, Tweek didn’t really seem to care. The omega then wanted to do it again several times, and Craig didn’t mind because he made sure that their second and third time was gentle. The alpha sighed. He was mad at himself because of his inability to properly communicate sometimes. He undoubtedly trusted Tweek.


Craig looked at the mess that was the omega’s room. It was even messier than it usually was due to their activities last night. Tweek’s clothes still laid at the same spot, where Craig had thrown them at when he practically ripped them off the omega. His were also scattered around, and the bedsheets were pooling at the ground at the end of the bed; only a thin blanket covering both of them. The alpha’s eyes examined Tweek’s body and stopped at the deep angry-looking bite mark decorating the blonde’s shoulder. Tweek’s entire body was covered in small bruises that he possessively sucked into the omega’s skin. Craig traced the outline of the mark with his fingertips, and he was somehow glad that he’d had enough control and didn’t tear Tweek’s scent glands. Even if he had pierced them with his canines, the alpha wouldn’t have bonded him outside of the omega’s heat, but it would have been a painful experience. Besides, if he had done that without Tweek’s consent, he would never be able to forgive himself, since his actions had been kind of questionable.


Craig rubbed his thumbs over the blonde’s cheeks, not intending to wake him up, but Tweek’s eyes slowly fluttered open at the action. The omega reached out and mimicked the raven’s actions; a lazy smile on his face.


“G-good morning ngh.” Tweek mumbled tiredly, nuzzling into Craig’s hand.


“Morning.” The alpha answered, staring into the blonde’s green eyes.


“-am cold…” the omega yawned and pressed his body into Craig, slinging his arms around the alpha’s neck to bring him closer and bury his face into his neck.


The raven-haired teen drew Tweek closer to him and smiled into the omega’s hair. He relaxed when he smelled the blonde’s unique and sweet scent mingled with his.


“It’s a quarter past 7. Shouldn’t you get ready for school?” Craig asked, rubbing circles into Tweek’s lower back.


“Ngh…I d-don’t ngh want to b-because y-you won’t arg be there.” Tweek grunted.


“Tweek.” The alpha started, “I am so—” though he couldn’t finish because the blonde covered Craig’s mouth with his hands.


“Do-n’t.” he stated, “ngh don’t. Stop ngh a-apologising.” The omega stated. He didn’t want Craig to feel bad. It started to get annoying. The omega didn’t need the raven to treat him like a porcelain doll.


He was sick of the alpha thinking that he needed to apologise, totally disregarding the fact that Tweek liked it. The blonde gently rubbed his finger over the bruise on Craig’s face, examining the spot once again. Then he planted a soft kiss on the alpha’s lips.


“I’ll get going then.” Tweek smiled at Craig, but before he could get up the alpha reached for his arm, stopping him.


“Can I stay here? Like over the weekend?” he asked with pleading eyes, and the omega blinked.


“O-of course ngh.” Tweek answered, and he was sure his parents, who would be back in in the evening, wouldn’t mind because they liked Craig. If Tweek had any say in it, then he’d let Craig move in with him altogether.


“Thanks.” Craig whispered, and the tenseness in his shoulders disappeared.


“Ngh l-let’s go s-shower.” Tweek suggested, getting out of bed. His knees felt a bit wobbly and when his feet touched the cold floor, he almost fell but managed to hold onto the bed frame.


“You okay?” Craig questioned, shooting up from his spot to support Tweek. The omega blushed at the worried look on Craig’s face, but more at the fact that he could feel the alpha’s cum run down his inner thigh.


“-am fine arg.” Assured Tweek, welcoming his alpha’s help. The omega was glad that Craig was either oblivious to it or didn’t comment on it because the blonde felt embarrassed.


“Can you walk?” the raven-haired teen asked with a supporting arm on Tweek’s back.


“Ngh…yeah.” The omega muttered, pushing Craig forward to indicate that they could get going.







When lunch time rolled around, Kyle was determined to ask Tweek why he had been late this morning, so he walked towards the lockers, where the blonde omega was trying to push some books in his chaotic and disorganised-looking locker. Kyle stopped in front of his friends and narrowed his eyes at him. He had this weird glowing aura around him, and the ginger found it disturbing. Besides, the blond was wearing a scarf; a clear and not so subtle attempt at hiding the hickeys that where probably there.


“Tweek. What’s with that disgustingly happy aura around you? You are practically glowing, and frankly put, I want to know, no, I demand to know why.” Kyle stated, tearing Tweek out of his thoughts. The blonde whipped around and blushed.


“-am ngh not g-glowing!” Tweek stuttered, but the pink hue on his cheeks only intensified, confirming that something happened. Kyle couldn’t put a finger on it, though.


“You kind of reek of Craig. His scent is all over you. Did you let him scent you?” Kyle asked with a concerned look on his face.


“Eh?” spluttered Tweek unintelligently. Did Craig unintentionally scent him? Tweek didn’t notice, but he felt all jittery inside. He wondered if he had scented Craig too. The thought made him blush because alpha normally didn’t like being scented by an omega. It was uncommon.


“Hey guys!!” they heard Bebe yell, waving at them as if she hadn’t just seen them in class. She almost ran Kyle over when she reached them.


“Can you be any louder?” Kyle said sarcastically, but Bebe ignored him, holding her phone into his face.


“Big question. Should I take the white ones or the red ones?” she asked with a serious look on her face.


Kyle blinked, shoving her hand and the phone slightly away, so he could get a better look at what she was showing him. He frowned when he saw that she wanted their opinion on which shoes to buy. As if she didn’t have enough shoes already.


“Eh. The white ones.” Answered Kyle, and Tweek nodded, though the blonde appeared to only be physically present right now.


“Wendy said the same, but I am not sure.” She rambled, but then she suddenly stopped; her eyes boring into Tweek. “Tweek. What’s with that ugly scarf? It doesn’t go well with the uniform. Don’t you have any sense of style? But enough of the ugly scarf. You smell more like Craig than yourself…” she stated, cocking her head to the side and examining him carefully until a grin suddenly creeped its way onto her face. Then she jumped up and started squealing. “Oh my god. Oh my god. Did Craig pop your ch--.” Bebe couldn’t finish her sentence because Tweek squeaked and covered her mouth.


“N-not ngh so loud!” Tweek whispered, and they looked at the students that had seen Bebe’s outburst, though they didn’t seem to pay them any attention.


“Wait. What?” Kyle said, looking at Tweek questioningly. It would explain why Tweek practically only carried Craig’s scent.


“So, he did pop your cherry. My baby’s a grown-up now.” Bebe whispered as lowly and quietly as someone with such a loud personality was capable of. She put her hands on her face and looked dreamily to the ceiling, gushing all over Tweek.


“When and where did you do it? How was it? Does Craig have a big dick?” she asked, flooding Tweek with all kind of questions. The omega looked like he was going to faint from embarrassment, so Kyle decided to save him.


“Bebe. Stop asking Tweek so many questions at once.” He reprimanded her.


“But I am dying to know!” whined the blonde girl. Kyle pulled on both sides of her cheeks, trying to stop her from being annoying.


“Ai- k-knuw yo- woan-a k-uuw tu--.” Bebe said inaudibly because the red-haired omega was still pulling on her cheeks.


“You just want to know irrelevant stuff. Who cares about Craig’s penis size?” Kyle asked, not knowing why she would want that kind of detail. The blonde omega swatted his hands from her cheeks, rubbing at them.


“Ouch. You’re no fun. What kind of question would you ask?” Bebe questioned, and Kyle rolled his eyes, turning towards Tweek who was still standing at his locker; face red like a tomato.


“If they thought about using protection, for example. I know that Tweek’s not on birth control.” Kyle commented.


“Fair enough. That’s a good question. So, Tweek did yo-, oh I guess not.” She concluded when she saw the frightened and panicked look on Tweek’s face.


Tweek visibly paled when Kyle mentioned the use of protection because he and Craig didn’t use condoms and the omega wasn’t on birth control as Kyle had just mentioned.


“ARG, WH-WHAT IAM GONNA D-DO NO-NOW?!!” he yelled, panickily shaking Bebe like a ragdoll. His voice cracked and his face morphed into one of pure horror.


“Calm down, Tweek. Calm down.” Kyle said, prying Tweek’s hands off Bebe. “Everything is going to be fine.” He continued.


“Wh-What ngh am I g-going to do arg? I-I am underaged. Ngh the d-doctor won’t arg describe me the m-morning-after ngh p-pill without my p-parents’ consent or t-the consent of ngh Craig. A-And even t-then, I need a ngh g-good enough r-reason arg, other t-than ‘I am ngh n-not ready’. Y-You ngh know that ngh d-doctors are reluctant ngh t-to prescribe it, and t-they ngh can r-refuse to ngh do so f-for personal r-reasons.” Tweek explained. His body started to visibly shake, and his eyes teared up.


“You don’t necessarily need the morning-after pill. Some birth control pills work just as fine. I’ll just give you some of mine, and they’ll have the same effect. You just need to take more than one.” Bebe piqued in, easing Tweek’s anxiety.


“Th-thank you…arg.” Tweek whispered with teary eyes.


“And Kyle, stop giving Tweek that ‘disappointed mum look’.” The girl commented, pinching the ginger’s cheek; a payback for earlier.


“I don’t look like a disappointed mum.” Grumbled Kyle, crossing his arms over his chest.


“You do.” Bebe laughed.


“I don’t.” Kyle insisted, blowing one of his red strands out of his face.


“You do.” Repeated the blonde omega, widely patting him on the back while laughing.


“I don’t.” the ginger said again, reluctant to give in.


“Ngh y-you kinda d-do sometimes.” Interrupted Tweek, and Kyle started sulking because for a fact, he did not look like a disappointed mum.


“Are you sulking?” asked Bebe, giving him an amused look.


“I am not.” Kyle answered.


“You aaare.” She sing-sang, nudging him.


“Okay, okay. Stop pestering me already.” The red-haired omega sighed, massaging his temples. “Tweek. You and Craig should have been more careful. You’re not one of those idiots that think that you can’t get pregnant when it’s your first time.” Kyle continued, turning towards Tweek. “You are not…one of those idiots, are you?” he questioned then, and the blonde gave him a blank stare.


“WHAT?! Ngh NO!” the blonde burst out, covering his mouth as he noticed the other students that were passing by stare at them. “It ngh j-just happened arg. W-We didn’t ngh plan on doing i-it. We ngh a-actually wanted ngh to w-wait.” He whispered, avoiding eye contact.


“It just…happened. It just happened.” Repeated Kyle incredulously. Now he had to admit himself that he sounded like a disappointed mum.


“And here’s the mum again.” Bebe commented, leisurely examining her fingernails and leaning against the lockers.


“God, am I the only one taking this seriously right now?” Sighed Kyle. “As Tweek already said, it’s not that easy to have the morning-after pill prescribed by a doctor without your parents – when you’re underaged – or without the consent of your alpha. Even then, doctors sometimes refuse to prescribe it for personal reason, which is sadly perfectly legal. And I don’t even want to start talking about terminating a pregnancy because that’s almost impossible, unless the alpha wants it.” The omega explained further. “If Tweek had gotten pregnant and wanted to terminate the pregnancy, then Craig would need to agree. If he agreed, everything would be fine, but if he were against it, then Tweek would have to conceive. The same goes the other way around. If Tweek wanted to keep it, but Craig didn’t, then Tweek would have to do what the alpha wants. Either way, he – as the omega – would be on the losing end of the line. Even if Tweek’s parents were on his side, the father’s voice counts more because Tweek’s parents are both betas. It’s one of the perks of being an alpha.”


“…” Tweek stared at him, not having known those kinds of things. He hadn’t thought about contraception, and now he felt bad, even though he knew that Kyle didn’t mean to guilt-trip him.


“Good thing that birth control pills and suppressants work as well if you want to prevent pregnancy. Man, why do alphas get all the privilege?” Bebe asked rhetorically. She hadn’t known any of the information Kyle had just given them either because she had never been in that kind of situation. One of her friends told her once that some suppressants and some of the ordinary birth control pills had the same effect as the morning-after pill if you took a higher dose. It was a roundabout way because it was hard to get the morning-after pill.


“Let’s get to class. But before we go, I’ll give you the pills. Six will do.” She added, refusing to think further into the topic.


Bebe gave Tweek her birth control pills, and they made their way towards their next period, having wasted their break already. Somewhere, in the middle of walking, Kyle stopped Tweek, pulling on the hemp of his uniform.


“I didn’t mean to judge you for having been sexual with an alpha. I don’t want to make you feel guilty. I was just worried. I am sorry for reacting like a ‘disappointed mum’ – as Bebe so expressively described it.” Kyle apologised, feeling bad about his behaviour. Tweek had looked so shocked and lost, it had stabbed the ginger’s heart. He should have been more sensitive and less judgemental about the topic.


“Ngh it’s fine. Y-You’re right ngh after a-all. If Bebe ngh hadn’t saved m-my ass right ngh now, I could h-have been ngh in serious t-trouble arg.” The blonde responded with a gentle look on his features. Although, he was sure that Craig would never force him to keep or terminated it. The omega knew that Craig would support him regardless of the decision he’d make.


“So, we’re good.” Kyle stated, looking at Tweek expectantly.


“W-we’re good ngh.” The blonde omega answered, squeezing the ginger’s hand.


“Come on, slowpokes. Get going.” Yelled Bebe who was already several steps ahead of them now, impatiently waiting for them. She hated waiting, even though she was prone to making people wait for her.








Craig stood in front of his home, staring at the building without moving a muscle. He only wanted to get some things, so he could stay at Tweek’s house over the weekend. He opened the mailbox to his home and found it empty. He closed it again and sighed. The curtains were drawn shut, so he couldn’t even look through the window to determine if his mother was home. The alpha was still reluctant to enter the house, in spite of knowing that his father was at work. He went to the doorsteps and watched the door absentmindedly; fingers hovering over the doorbell. However, Craig withdrew his hand and fished his keys out of his jeans pocket. He pushed the key into the lock and turned it around, hearing a soft clicking sound, so he pushed the door open and stepped into the house, hoping that he wouldn’t have to see his mother.

He sighed in relief when he found his home empty and went upstairs to his room. He got a duffle bag and stuffed some essentials into it, not bothering to fold his clothes. He then went downstairs with the bag and put it on the floor next to the stairs, heading into the kitchen to get fresh water and food for Spike. His sister knew what to feed his genuine pig when he wasn’t home, but since he was already there, he could do it. So, Craig went to Spike’s cage, refilled the water and put the vegetables and fruits into the cage, patting Spike’s head and running his hands over the soft fur.

After some petting, Craig left the furball alone and went to grab his bag. As he was about to throw the bag over his shoulders, the door opened, and his mother was standing in the doorframe, looking at him.

“Craig. Where have you been?” she asked; worry lazing her voice, though Craig’s gaze was cold.

“Not here, obviously.” He answered about to be on his way, but his mother’s hand grabbed his arm.

“Let’s sit down and talk.” The omega pleaded, and Craig sighed. He didn’t really feel like talking to his mom right now. He saw the bruise on her face, the hastily applied make-up not doing the job it was supposed to do.

“Fine.” He responded, wordlessly walking into the kitchen and sitting down at the table. His mother followed suit and sat down in front of him. The room fell silent, and the alpha regretted having agreed.

“So? You wanted to talk.” The alpha stated; his voice monotone.

“Come back home. Things are going to get better.” She replied, and the raven-haired teen felt the anger boil inside him.

“If that’s all, then I am leaving.” Craig answered, lifting his body from the chair.

“I promise.” His mother spoke, but the alpha knew that her promises were all lies. However, he let himself be pulled down onto his seat again.

“We were doing better without him, but you took him back. You let him back into our lives.” Accused the alpha without raising his voice. His mother’s ignorance was getting on his nerves. Why did she refuse to see what he saw?

“Craig. You don’t understand. He promised that it won’t happen again. Yesterday was unlucky. He hadn’t hit me for weeks before yesterday. You shouldn’t have provoked him.” The blonde reprimanded her son, not even trying to deny the fact that her husband had indeed hit her again.

But how could she when the evidence was visibly on her face. A small vein in her left eyes was raptured, her lip was split, and Craig was sure that the fat bruise she was sporting was bigger than it appeared right now. She attempted to cover it with make-up after all.

“So, you’re practically saying I am at fault that he beats you. That I am at fault when he beats the bloody shit out of me when I try to defend you.” Craig laughed but there was no humour in his voice, and his eyes and face turned stone-cold.

“That’s not what I meant. I just want us to be a family.” The woman explained, and her face showed nothing but sadness and desperation.

The alpha wasn’t sure whom she was trying to convince: Him or herself. All he could say was that her words didn’t move him.

“We could have been a family without him.” Pointed out Craig, and the ticking of the clock intensified the tense atmosphere in the room. It perfectly conveyed how this family communicated, namely not at all.

“We were an incomplete family. You and Trisha need your father. Everyone needs a father.” The omega stated seriously, furrowing her eyebrows. She looked so much older than she actually was right now.

“I’d rather have an incomplete family than a shitty family. I don’t need him, and Trisha doesn’t need him either. Nobody needs a father that causes his family pain; a father that makes the ones he should love the most feel miserable on a daily basis. It’s not us who need him. It’s only you. You are the one who just can’t be alone. You’d rather stay with an abusive alpha than have your relationship status read: single.” Craig ranted, tapping his fingers onto the table.

“You are too young to understand those kinds of things. I love your father, and he loves me. A family is supposed to mend what has been broken, not give it up and throw it away. He doesn’t mean to hurt any of us. He promised that he’ll change.” His mom said, probably convinced by her own words.

“You can’t mend what’s been broken beyond recognition. You say that you love him, but I think you’re just holding onto a self-fabricated elusion because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to live a life like that. Do you think it’s easy for me to listen to you crying yourself to sleep, thinking I can’t hear you through the paper-thin walls? Do you think it’s easy for me to ignore your screams when he hits you or forces you to sleep with him when he is too drunk or angry to care?” Craig asked, tired of his mother’s excuses. “If he truly loved you, then he wouldn’t go around and fuck so many other people. He won’t ever change. You took him back because you hoped he had changed, but what a surprise, he hasn’t change at all.” He added; fingers scratching over the surface of the table.

“Let’s just start all over again; as a family.” She mumbled, taking his hands into hers and looking at him. “You need to give him a chance. Everyone is deserving of a second chance.”

Craig returned the gesture hesitantly. His mother was looking at him, but her gaze was empty. She long ago became a totally different person. When she first kicked his father out after years of verbal and physical abuse, she had difficulties finding herself a job, but she managed. She had then started to get out more and socialise with people; they were happy, but then after a year, his father came back and apologised. His mom had taken him back without a second thought. A few sweet words that resembled an apology and some stupid flowers, and she forgave him. Craig had been fourteen at the time his dad moved back in, promising that everything was going to be different from now on. Craig didn’t believe a word that came out of that drunkard’s mouth, and he had been right. A few weeks later, and the old-normal had become the new-normal again.

“I should go. Maybe – one day – you’ll see the monster he truly is. Monsters don’t deserve a second chance. Dad is a self-absorbed bastard who still thinks that everyone but him is at fault. Someone who is incapable of reflecting on their own behaviour or admitting their wrong-doings and take responsibility for it are not worth of it. All he ever does is making excuses for himself.” Remarked Craig and pulled his hand away. He got up, leaving the kitchen and the house and ignoring his mom calling his name.


Later that day, Craig waited for Tweek in front of the school. He still wasn’t allowed to enter school property, but the sidewalk in front of the building didn’t belong to the school, so waiting there was safe. After some time, he spotted his omega’s mop of blonde hair and send him a message. The alpha observed the blonde’s reaction and found it adorable. Tweek had jumped a little at receiving a text, and then he hastily tried to find it in his back, even though it was in his hands. When he read his text, he looked up and met Craig’s gaze with a big bright smile on his face. The omega had bid farewell to Kyle, Wendy and Bebe and ran towards the alpha and almost tackled him over.

“Someone’s happy to see me.” Craig commented, stroking Tweek’s cheek.

“I am ngh a-always happy w-when ngh I see you.” Answered the blonde, giving the alpha a peck on the lips.

“Let’s get going then.” Craig said, taking the omega’s hand in his.

“I-is everthing ngh a-alright?” the omega questioned with furrowed eyebrows. Craig wasn’t even surprised anymore that Tweek noticed. It was like he had some sensor for detecting Craig’s emotions.

“It’s…” the alpha stopped, pondering about his words. He wanted to tell the blonde that everything was find, but it wasn’t. “I’ll tell you later.” He said instead, trying to be more open about his worries.

“Okay ngh.” Answered Tweek, surprised by Craig’s willingness to talk, but they needed to talk anyway.








It was Saturday, and Stan was excited about today. Kyle invited him over to ‘study’, and the alpha couldn’t be happier, especially because they would be at Kyle’s place. He had been over a few times, but it had been different at the time because only Stan had been pining for the omega and not vice versa. Today, he could try and make a good impression on Kyle’s mom. Stan was charming and winning the omega’s mother over shouldn’t be that hard.

The alpha stood in front of the Broflovski home. He was about to ring the bell when the door opened and Sheila, cladded in a dark-brown fur coat and with a bag in her hands, stepped out of the door, almost knocking him over.

“Oh Stan, it’s you. Kyle already said you would be coming over. Come in, come in.” she said, stepping out of the way to let him enter the house.

“Hello Ms Broflovski.” Greeted the alpha.

“Kyle is in his room with his cousin. Ike will get him for you.” She told him. “IKE! Tell Kyle that Stan is here!” she called for the boy who was sitting in the living room, watching TV.

It took Ike a while to respond, but after the second call, the young alpha reluctantly moved and went to the door. He knew not to anger his mom. He glowered at Stan. His mother seemed to like the guy, considering they were idly chatting at the doorsteps. When his mother saw Ike, she told him again to get Kyle because he had a guest. Then she left without knowing what kind of relationship Stan and Kyle really had going on. Ike didn’t know how she would react to the news because there were a lot of factors that could affect her reaction. However, since she seemed to be quite fond of that airhead, Kyle called his alpha, it wouldn’t be that hard to maybe convince her, but Ike could be wrong altogether because as he said, his mother could be hard to read and predict sometimes, even though she was kind of predictable.

“Yo.” Stan greeted, trying to fill the awkward atmosphere around them.

“Hi.” Ike greeted back, letting Stan into the house.

“I’ll get Kyle for you.” He said, and Stan was surprised at his civilised tone.

“Sure thing.” Answered the older alpha casually.

Stan waited and looked around, assessing the photos and the wall. Kyle had always been super cute, Stan concluded. Then Ike came downstairs again, though not with the person Stan was familiar with.

“Eh.” Uttered the alpha confused.

“I got Kyle for you.” Ike stated with a devious smirk plastered on his face.

“I am Kyle. Excuse me my question, but who are you?” the boy, the same age as he, asked and Stan blinked.

The brown-haired omega in front of him wore thick glasses that made his eyes look huge. He had an extreme overbite; front teeth lapping over his lower teeth, and he was breathing heavily. He was probably the cousin Sheila mentioned, a close relative of the red-haired omega, but the teen was the complete opposite of Kyle. The only thing they had in common was their name and their secondary gender. He was Kyle in ugly. Stan frowned.

“I am Stan, but you are not the person I’ve been looking for.” The alpha said, turning towards the small boy who was sitting on the stairs, barely able to hold his laughter in. “Ike, you little shit. That’s not my Kyle. Where’s the pretty Kyle?” he asked, feeling irritated. Of course, Ike would pull a prank on him. Stan should have known. The boy had acted too civil.

“Are you calling me ugly, you insolent scoundrel?” the chubby brunette omega asked incredulously, glaring at the alpha.

“Ehh…Well, I am obviously not calling you pretty.” He answered cautiously, trying not to sound rude, but he probably fucked that up.

The words just came out, but those weren’t the words he wanted to voice out. Why did he have the tendency to think out loud? He glared at Ike who was practically cracking up, holding his stomach. It was the little demon's fault that he found himself in such an uncomfortable situation.

“What’s going on?” A voice asked, and Stan sighed in relief that he was saved by his angel. The ginger had a questioning look on his face that was mostly directed at Ike who was rolling around on the floor, laughing.

“This rude person is looking for you.” Ugly Kyle stated, grumpily stomping up the stairs.

“Kyle!” Stan exclaimed with open arms. He wanted to give Kyle a hug, but the omega stopped him by keeping him at arm’s length.

“What did you do?” he asked, tapping his foot on the floor.

“I didn’t do anything. Your brother is bullying me!” The alpha defended himself, pointing an accusing finger at the 11-year old. Kyle knew immediately that his little brother was responsible, given his loud laughter.

“Ike, stop cackling like a maniac!” reprimanded Kyle, pulling at the boy’s cheek. “Go, solve that problem you caused with our cousin. I am not going to deal with him.”

“Sow meawn.” Grumbled Ike while the omega pinched his cheeks harshly. When Kyle let go of him, he pulled a grimace at Stan and said: “It’s not my fault that he is so insensitive.”

“Hey!” Stan exclaimed, but he shut up when the omega turned his attention towards him again.

Ike reluctantly went upstairs if not without protesting under his breath.

“I am sorry about that. I didn’t know that my cousin would come to visit us. It was on a short notice. But he won’t bother us studying.” Explained Kyle, gently touching Stan’s cheek before pulling him upstairs.

“Wait…we’re actually studying?” the alpha asked, sounding confused.

“I asked if you wanted to come over to study. What did you think I meant?” Kyle questioned in return, raising an eyebrow.

“My definition of studying seems to be different from yours.” Stated Stan. The omega blushed a deep red when the alpha winked at him.

“I didn’t mean that!” squeaked the ginger, feeling the blood rise to his cheeks even more.

“How would I know?” asked Stan, playing innocent as he shrugged.

“You’re so…arg!” Kyle complained.

“You’re cute when you’re angry.” The alpha smirked, eyes darting to the omega’s ass. That action earned him a slap over the head.

They sat down on the table that Kyle had put into the middle of the room, so they could all study together. Stan wanted to sit next to Kyle, but Ike had just squeezed his way between them. Kyle hadn’t minded, but he changed his position because Stan started sulking. Now, he was sitting in between his little brother and Stan, giving his alpha some of his notes form history class because he knew that Stan did not take notes. Ike was scribbling something on his worksheet, and his cousin was occupied with his own work too, sitting opposite from the him, Ike and Stan.

“Stan? Stan? Stan!” yelled Kyle, trying to get the dark-haired alpha’s attention.

“Hmmh what?” blinked the raven. He hadn’t been listening to what the omega was saying because he had been distracted by Kyle’s beautiful face and the way he looked so cute when he was explaining things to him.

“Have you been listening?” asked the omega, intently looking at him.

“Of course.” The alpha lied, nodding his head.

“Is that so? Then you can answer the next question yourself.” Kyle told him, narrowing his eyes at Stan.

‘Shit. What subject are we studying again?’ Stan thought, but he answered the ginger anyway. “Sure thing.”

“Right.” Snorted Ike, and Stan shot him a nasty look.

The raven-haired teen read the question, faintly remembering what it was about. He scribbled down an answer, hoping it was enough. Then he showed Kyle his answer. The omega slapped his hand over his face and rubbed his temples.

“At least you knew the basic outcome, but don’t start your sentence with ‘I think it was that guy, known for his collection of human skulls’. Try to remember dates and names. Names!” Kyle said, hitting the alpha on the head with his paper. “And I knew that you were spacing out. The test is next week. So, concentrate.”

“Arg.” The alpha sighed, letting his head fall onto the table with a thud. This wasn’t what he had in mind when Kyle invited him over.

At some point, Ike made a snarky remark, and Stan had thrown a paper ball at the kid, which had quickly escalated into a paper ball war. Kyle had tried to ignore them, but he actually wanted to get some stuff done, so he slammed his hand onto the table, and both alphas turned their attention towards him.

“Knock it off, you two!” yelled the ginger. He was pissed.

“He started it!” they said simultaneously, pointing a finger at each other.

“I am so going to kill you both if you don’t shut up.” Kyle gritted out. Stan and Ike fell silent when they saw the pissed off look on the omega’s face. They knew not to fuck with Kyle. The ginger could be scary when he was angry.


Stan was relieved when Kyle announced that they were done for the day. His head felt like it was exploding. Besides, now that there were outside, he could finally spend some alone time with the omega. They crossed the road and stopped at the playground, each of them sitting down on a swing. They sat there in a comfortable silence, and Stan wanted to ask Kyle about his old school; the thought had occupied his mind since the day before when Ike mentioned that something had happened there. The alpha was raking his brain about how to start their conversation, so that he could subtly address it without seeming suspicious or nosy. He watched Kyle who was swinging slightly; face turned to his lap.

“What was your old school in New Jersey like? You’ve never talked about it.” The alpha spoke up, getting Kyle’s attention. So much about trying to be subtle, but maybe straight forward was the better way to go.

“Like any other school.” The omega answered, although his body tensed at the question. Kyle narrowed his eyes at the alpha, wondering why he would bring that topic up all of a sudden when he had never really bothered about it before.

“Why are you asking so suddenly?” the ginger asked, observing the raven-haired teen’s reaction.

“Just…out of curiosity?” Stan stated casually, though his voice went up, making the sentence sound more like a question than a statement.

“Curiosity.” Kyle repeated, but he knew that there was more to it. “Did Ike tell you?” he asked without beating around the bush.

Now it was the alpha’s time to get all tense. He promised not to tell Kyle what Ike told him, but it seemed like the omega knew better. He rubbed his clenched jaw, not knowing how to proceed from there.

“Well, not directly.” Stan responded honestly.

Kyle’s silence was making the raven nervous, so he spoke up again.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to talk about it. It just…seems to bother you.”

“How much did he tell you?” the omega questioned after some time; his eyes focused on the ground below. The wind blew through his hair, tousling it slightly.

Kyle didn’t want to talk about it, really. He had done a good job so far in repressing those bad memories completely. Right now; however, his anger was more directed at Ike for telling Stan than at Stan for mentioning it.

“Just that…there was an incident.” Stan said, scratching the back of his head. “He didn’t go into detail, though.” He quickly added, trying ease the tension that had developed between them.

The alpha suddenly stood up from the swing, his feet dragging over the ground until he stopped right in front of Kyle, grabbing the rope of the swing and leaning over the omega. “You can trust me, you know.” Stan whispered softly, laying his head onto Kyle’s shoulders.

The omega bit his bottom lip harshly. He did trust Stan, but he had never talked about it with everyone before because he wanted to forget it; tell himself that it never happened in the first place.

“I know.” Kyle whispered in a low voice. He let go of the swing and wrapped his arms around the alpha’s neck. He just wanted to be close to him right now. Stan returned the hug and held him close, rubbing the omega’s back.

“I don’t know how or where to start.” Muttered Kyle, breathing in the alpha’s scent.

“Anywhere is fine.” Stan whispered back, not letting go of the ginger.

“In my old school, the alpha had come up with that…game.” Kyle started, and Stan was listening intently while tightening his hold.




Kyle went to his locker to get some of his books, his ears peeking up when he heard a group of alphas laugh among themselves, exchanging stories about their latest sexual conquest.

“She was at least worth 4 points.” One of the alphas, whose voice he didn’t recognise, boasted.

“No way!” protested someone else. That voice, Kyle was familiar with. It was Jaden’s. He was a classmate of his. A pompous douchebag who thought that he was better than everyone else.

“He’s right, dude. She won’t be worth more than 2 points if at all. She is known for sleeping around.” The third alpha, Jaden’s best friend Taylor, responded.

“But she’s hot.” Remarked the one who spoke up first.

“That’s not how it works. Sure, the reward is higher if the omega is hot but if you get the uptight ones to sleep with you, then it doesn’t matter whether they are hot or not. It’s just a bonus if they happen to be a catch. You won’t get more than 8 points in total.” Explained Jaden in his usually know-it-all kind of way.

“So, whom did you get?” the teen asked impatiently.

“I got to fuck Nathan.” Jaden boasted.

Kyle listened to their conversation and when he heard Nathan’s name, his breath caught in his chest. He sat next to the omega in one of his classes, but Nathan was usually quiet and shy. To hear that he slept with Jaden made Kyle sick to his stomach because there was no way that it happened consensually. Even though, the ginger didn’t really know Nathan personally, he knew enough to know that the raven-haired omega with hazelnut-brown eyes wouldn’t do that. He seemed like the no-sex-before-marriage kind of guy.

“The omega from class C. I call bullshit. Everyone knows that he’s a prude.” Taylor argued, seemingly not believing his friend.

“Omegas are more willing when they’re high or intoxicated.” Jaden mentioned casually.

The comment made Kyle’s blood boil. At least it would explain why Nathan apparently had sex with the alpha. He wasn’t even capable of saying ‘no’ in the first place because he was drugged.

“Haven’t thought about that. Isn’t it against the rules?” Taylor asked curiously, but he didn’t seem bothered by Jaden telling them that he practically used drugs and alcohol to take advantage of the omega they were talking about.

“Since when did we agree on any rules? The point is to get laid. The how doesn’t matter. Omegas are into sex. That’s what they are made for. They’re just playing hard to get.” Jaden commented; his tone degrading and harsh.

They laughed at that and walked towards Kyle’s direction. The omega was still standing at his locker; the door wide open. He held his breath and hoped they wouldn’t notice him and just pass him by. He had managed to keep a low profile since he first entered High School. Kyle rummaged through his open locker, pretending to be invested in finding something specific. He had heard rumours about that stupid ‘game’ the alphas started to play about two months ago. Apparently, they got points if they managed to sleep with an omega. The pointing system was divided into three sections for which you could get up to 5 points: the sexual act, the omega’s looks, and the promiscuity of the omega. It was a game that was getting more popular, and even Betas started to join.

Kyle had really hoped that it wouldn’t be more than a rumour, but after hearing the group of alphas talk so openly about it confirmed that it wasn’t just a rumour. The omega was contemplating about whether he should inform the principal or just ignore it. He didn’t have good experiences and most of the times, he was sent away. They would tell him that they would investigate the matter, but nothing ever happened. So, Kyle gave up. He was tired of talking against a wall.

Suddenly, he felt someone close his locker for him; the loud bang alarmed him, and his body went rigid. He didn’t turn around at first, but he didn’t have to because two alphas were casually leaning against the lockers, looking at him.

“Hey there, Kyle.” Jaden greeted, playing with one of Kyle’s strands of hair.

“What do you want. Fuck off.” Kyle spat, swatting the alpha’s hand away. His pulse was racing, and he tried to get his breathing under control. He didn’t want to become one of their targets.

“So uncute. That’s not a way for an omega to talk.” Jaden mocked, but his eyes were dark and calculating. His friend, the one Kyle didn’t recognise, snickered at that.

“Leave me alone.” The omega growled as he turned towards the alpha.

“I kinda like that feisty attitude of yours. I wonder if you’d still run your mouth like that once I had my way with you.” Jaden whispered into his ear, caging him against the locker. He was breathing down the omega’s neck, and it made him uncomfortable.

“Fuck.Off.Asshole. I am not interested.” Kyle gritted out, glaring up at the alpha and pushing at his chest.

“Aww. So boring.” The alpha said, pushing away from Kyle and holding his hands up in mock-defence. “See yeah, around.” He winked, motioning to his friend that it was time to leave.

Kyle watched them leave; the sounds of their shoes echoing through the hallway seemed somewhat louder than usual. The omega slid down the lockers and brought his knees to his chest. He ran his hand over his face and then through his hair, calming his ragged breathing. Jaden’s alpha scent had an intimidating effect on him, and it made the ginger angry. At least, he stood his ground, but Kyle wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing to do.

Chapter Text

Nothing unusual happened for the next two weeks, but it didn’t stop Kyle from being even more conscious about his surroundings than he had already been to begin with. He couldn’t shake off that weird feeling that he had in is guts, whenever he walked through the halls, and Jaden and his cronies passed him by. He had been avoiding places, where he would be at risk of being at his one, like the pest. He even started having lunch with people he wouldn’t normally have lunch with. Right now, the omega was sitting in his seat, waiting for the history teacher to walk in and finally start his lesson. He was reading over the paragraph they had been assigned to read, though the words wouldn’t translate in his mind. They were just words without context. Kyle was staring at them, trying to actively collect every piece of information the paragraph provided, yet he still didn’t know what the text was all about. Due to the teacher’s absence, his classmates started to mingle with their usual groups that were clearly divided by status. The redhead’s eyes wandered to the group that was led by Jaden and his two best friends Taylor and Sam, consisting of the popular kids in class. Jaden, who was sitting on the table; his body leaned back, and his weight rested on his left arm, seemed to be telling his friends some story, and it had to have been something funny because the rest of the group started laughing, including himself. Kyle figured that it was probably something that couldn’t be considered funny at all. The omega felt the irritation starting to get a hold of him. The way Jaden threw his head back when he laughed, the typical dismissive gestures he made with his hands, and the cocky smirk plastered on his face, pissed Kyle off.


The omega got back to the text and rested his cheek into the palm of his hand; body falling into a more relaxed pose. His fingers played with his ear, and he pressed his pointer finger onto the tragus, trying to drown out the loud atmosphere and especially the alphas’ laughs in the background. He was dead set on concentrating on the text, but he happened to listen to the conversation of two of his classmates who were sitting close to him. Kyle didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but the topic caught his attention. Cathy and Lola, both betas, were whispering among each other, mentioning the game Jaden and Sam had come up with over summer break.


“I heard that they apparently post videos online.” Lola, a girl with long dark hair that were adorned with silly-looking bows, whispered with her entire body turned towards her friend; an attempt to be as secretly about it as possible.


“No way.” Gasped Cathy, pretending to be shocked. Kyle rolled his eyes.


“The video’s only show the omega, though.” Commented Lola in a prolonged whisper.


“Why are alphas and male betas so obsessed with omegas?” Cathy asked, pulling her equally long blonde hair out of the way and slumping further into her seat.


‘Wow. That’s the question you are going for? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about the fact that they take videos to begin with, presumably without the omega’s consent.’ Kyle thought bitterly, mind going back to the conversation he overheard Jaden, Taylor and another alpha having.


“Because they’re easy.” Reasoned Lola, acting as if she had figured it all out.


Kyle stopped listening at some point, and his eyes started scanning the room again; thoughts racing. His green orbs fell on the raven-haired omega sitting by the window, absentmindedly staring at nothing in particular. Kyle had been thinking about what happened to Nathan ever since Jaden boasted about having slept with him, or rather having forced the omega to have sex with him aka raping him. The redhead wanted to approach his fellow omega and talk to him and offer support, but he didn’t know how to start a conversation or what to say. They weren’t close after all. Only yesterday, he saw Nathan run out of the gym’s locker room with dishevelled clothes, and a tear-struck face. Jaden came out shortly afterwards, seemingly undisturbed and looking like nothing had happened, even though it was obvious what he had done to the dark-haired omega. Kyle wished he had followed the upset omega, but Jaden would have seen him, and the redhead wanted to avoid running into him or be seen by the alpha at all. Kyle felt lost. He felt at a loss of words, and his action – or the lack thereof – made him feel guilty. Why didn’t he just run after him?


The red-haired omega observed Nathan. He looked paler than usual under the rays of the sun that fell through the window, and his normally brilliant and bright blue eyes had dulled. There were dark circles under his eyes, clearly indicating that he didn’t get enough sleep, probably plagued with night terrors. His hair was messy and unkempt, and he was gnawing at the tip of his thumb. Kyle noticed that the outer nailfold had started bleeding. Nathan; however, didn’t appear to even realise what the vigorous assault to his fingertip had resulted in. The blood was slowly running down the raven-haired omega’s thumb; small drops continuing to drip on the table, covering the wood with small red dots.


The redhead balled his hands into tight fists, trying to get his knees to do their job, so that he could stand up and walk over to the omega. Kyle furrowed his eyebrows, not understanding the least why he kept hesitating. Was it the guilt he felt because he didn’t comfort him the other day? Maybe. The omega continued to observe how Nathan kept biting, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He jumped up; the sudden movement causing the other students to fall silent for a moment and look at him with surprise. Some were confused and others seemed somewhat annoyed, but only Nathan didn’t move a muscle. The red-haired omega walked over to the other omega, halting in his steps right in front of him.


“You’re bleeding. Let’s go to the infirmary.” Kyle stated with a concerned expression on his face, holding out a tissue. Nathan neither answered nor did he look up or stop what he was doing. Yet, the stiffening of his body told Kyle that he had at least heard him.


“Let’s go.” The ginger whispered softly, extending his hand to the raven, who took it, albeit with hesitation in his movements, pressing his injured finger into the tissue that Kyle had offered him. The students around them started whispering, and Jaden’s group was catcalling them loudly.


At that moment, the teacher finally made his appearance, silencing the wild whispers, laughter and calls.


“Where are you going?” Mr Anderson, an alpha, asked confused.


“To the infirmary. Nathan is bleeding.” Explained the omega curtly. Nathan kept his eyes glued to the ground, tightening his grip onto Kyle’s hand to the point of being painful. The ginger didn’t show any sign of discomfort at the firmness of the other omega’s clasp.


“Alright, then. But don’t take too long.” Mr Anderson answered.


When Kyle left the classroom with Nathan in tow, he involuntarily locked eyes with Jaden, who seemed amused by the situation. He winked at the omega, and Kyle could feel the bile come up his throat.



“Is everything alright?” Kyle asked Nathan, worry seeping into his voice.


The redhead inspected the wound and sprayed the disinfectant, that he had carefully laid out on the table, on the finger. Nathan flinched and hissed lowly due to the burning sensation the antiseptic caused, though he didn’t pull away. Then, Kyle wrapped the bandage over the omega’s finger, cut the end with a scissors and tied one end of the bandage with the other end, creating a perfect knot. The ginger felt stupid for asking that question because it was quite obvious that, no, Nathan was not alright. Kyle really wanted to slam his head onto the table.


The raven-haired omega was sitting on the stretcher, the fingernails of his free hand clawing at the paper cloth that laid beneath him. He turned his head away, pursing his lips.


“’m fine.” Nathan mumbled with a cracking voice that was barely above a small whisper. His head dropped even lower, and his lips started quivering and his shoulders trembling.


Kyle didn’t know how to address it. Should he just straight-out ask him? Or tell him that he knew? The ginger usually had a ready tongue, but he wanted Nathan to tell him at his own pace. He didn’t want to upset him any further by coming off to blatant or insensitive. Kyle didn’t even know whether it was a good idea to touch him right now because everyone reacted differently to being touched after they had to live through something like that. It could be upsetting, even if it was meant as a comforting gesture.


“You can tell me. I won’t judge you.” Kyle tried, turning his body towards Nathan to indicate that he was offering him an open ear.


Nathan put his face into both of his hands and started sobbing. “Ngh…I-I…arg…” the dark-haired omega hiccupped, unable to properly communicate through the tears. “I-I…arg…di-didn’t…w-w ngh…ant it…arg…he j-just…ngh” he cried, violently shaking his head; the scent of a distressed omega hitting Kyle full force.


“It’s okay. Take your time. I’ll be there.” Comforted Kyle, nodding at the other omega to encourage him to keep talking. He released a comforting scent; an attempt to calm Nathan down and stop him from releasing more of his pheromones.


The ginger had difficulties calming the raven down, and it took some time until he was able to talk without bursting out in tears whenever he started. Kyle felt so sorry for him, and he felt bad and guilty for not reaching out to his fellow omega sooner. The redhead tried to talk to the counsellor about it, but the beta brushed him off, telling him that he needed to make an appointment.


“What happened?” the omega asked cautiously, keeping his voice low as to not distress the black-haired omega further.


“A few weeks ago, Ana in-invited me to her birthday p-party ngh…I ngh I didn’t k-know that alphas would b-be there. I sh-should have left ngh…I should have just left. It ngh was my fault. It’s m-my fault ngh.” Nathan chocked out, tears running down his cheeks and snot from his nose. Kyle offered him another tissue.


“It’s not your fault.” Kyle said, furrowing his brows and trying so hard not to cry with the other omega.


“Ngh…I was…flattered at first that he paid attention to me.” Nathan looked up, meeting Kyle’s eyes for the first time after having kept his gaze on the ground for almost the entire time.


The ginger didn’t say anything. He was just there to listen because he feared that him saying something could be misinterpreted by Nathan.


“He said he’d take me home. I didn’t know that they spiked the drinks with alcohol. I don’t normally do that. I am not like that.” The raven explained holding his breath for a moment to chew on his bottom lip. He had stopped crying – perhaps because he had run out of tears – and his voice was clearer now, still broken though.


“He was nice to me, listening to what I had to say…I started to feel comfortable around him, and I didn’t think twice about the amount of drinks he had been offering me. I just accepted them…he even took me to the bathroom when I felt sick.” The omega said, and the tears started to well up again. Kyle was running out of tissues if it continued like this.


“He pro-promised to bring me ho-home ---fely…ngh. I was so stupid because I believed him. I actually f-felt ngh…s-s-safe with him. He pushed me into the backseat of his car, and I, I told him to stop, but…he said that he knew that I wanted it. He raped me. Jaden raped me. I said ‘no’, but he didn’t listen, telling me that I should stop playing hard to get and enjoy it. He was even taking pictures of me and when he was done, he drove me home and said that we should do it again…”


Kyle had moved position and sat next to him on the stretcher. He didn’t sit too far away, but not too close either. Even though, Kyle wanted to hug him in order to comfort the other omega, the ginger knew that he shouldn’t be the one to initiate any kind of physical contact, but in the end, he had reached for Nathan’s hand and squeezed it tightly anyway. Kyle wanted him to know that he supported him, that he was there. Nathan had put his head on the red-haired omega’s shoulder and cried again while Kyle gently rubbed soothing circles into his back and stroked his hair.


“I feel so disgusting. I am disgusting. I tried to wash it off, but it won’t go away. I feel so dirty, and every time I close my eyes, I can feel him move inside me. It makes me retch. I am so angry, but I am angrier at myself because I let it happen. I feel so ashamed. Perhaps, I gave him false signals or maybe I shouldn’t have gotten drunk. It’s my fau--.” Before Nathan could finish his sentence, Kyle stopped him, looking him in the eye.


“It’s not your fault. It’s never your fault. It’s him who is at fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. He did. You told him to stop, and he didn’t. It doesn’t matter that you were drunk, and even if you were flirting with him doesn’t mean that’s an invitation. You said ‘no’, and ‘no’ means ‘no’, not ‘maybe’ or ‘go ahead’.” Kyle ranted, almost getting lost there because he felt so angry.


“Ever since that day, he’s been seeking me out constantly, threatening to send the pictures he took of me to my parents if I don’t sleep with him. He even shared me with his friends.” The raven confessed, fiddling with his fingers and pulling on his uniform while new fresh tears streamed down his face.


“You should report him.” Advised the ginger, hoping he would do so. The fact that Jaden used blackmail to force Nathan to do things was revolting and despicable. He needed to be stopped, and so did the game and the rest of those fuckers who thought that participating in a raping game was a fun thing to do in your free time.


“I can’t. Nobody would believe me. I can’t let my parents find out. I don’t want them to be disappointed.” Nathan whispered, looking away from Kyle and whipping the tears away; scent thickening again. The red-haired omega knew, where the raven’s fear came from.


“I believe you.” Stated Kyle earnestly, and Nathan’s eyes widened a fraction. His eyes were swollen and read due to the crying, and his cheeks had gotten a rosy colour too. He looked so vulnerable and broken.


“Thank you…for listening and for believing me.”


“Will you think about reporting him? I’ll go with you to the police if you want.” Kyle told him.


“Okay.” Mumbled Nathan; his voice sounding insecure.



After school, Kyle went with Nathan to the police station, sitting in the waiting room and ready to file the report. The raven-haired omega’s hands were clasping the fabric of his jeans, anxiously waiting for the police officer to come get them. The ginger on the other hand, was starting to get mildly annoyed by how long it took the officer to get there. He was about to get up and give them some piece of his mind when the alpha entered the room with a cup of tea in his hands, offering it to the distraught omega.


“My name is detective Ryan Walsh. You’re here to file a report, so what’s your name?” the alpha said, sitting down in front of the two omegas.


“Nathan Evans.” Stated the raven, fidgeting with his fingers beneath the table.


“Age?” asked the man with a neutral face, taking notes.


“Six-Sixteen, sir.” Answered the omega with a shaky voice.


“Sixteen. Do your parents know that you are filing a report?” Detective Walsh asked curiously, dragging his pencil over the paper.


“Mhm…n-no…” admitted Nathan nervously.


“He’s sixteen. His parents don’t have to be there.” Kyle clarified with a frown.


“Right. About what sort of crime are we talking about?” the man continued his questioning, ignoring the redhead.


“…Ngh…I, I…” stuttered the raven-haired omega, though the words didn’t get pass his lips.


“He was raped.” The ginger stated, giving the other omega’s hand a comforting and supporting squeeze.


“Okay. You need to tell me when it happened, where and who it was.” Detective Walsh told Nathan, making eye contact with him.


“The first t-time it’s h-happened 18 days ago after a party in his car. From there, every once in a while, whenever he wanted it and yesterday too…” the omega said; gaze wandering down to the floor.


“Go on.” Detective Walsh said, and Kyle shot him a nasty glare because the alpha was being insensitive about the subject. His voice sounded disinterested and his expression unsympathetic, as if he didn’t believe a word the omega said.


“Jaden Smith raped me.” Nathan stated; his voice now more confident.


“Jaden Smith? Jaden Smith as in the police president’s son? You know that’s quite an allegation to make.” Commented the alpha, raising his eyebrow.


“So, what if he’s the police president’s son?” asked Kyle irritated; his tone harsh.


“Listen, Nathan. You know that false accusations can ruin someone’s life easily. Once the defamation started, there’s no going back, and it’s going to stick to them like glue. It’s going to follow them everywhere.” The man explained, and Kyle could see that new tears were starting to collect in the other’s eyes.


“I am n-not lying!” he cried, sniffling and trying to rub the tears away to stop them from falling.


“He’s telling the truth. You’re obligated to investigate!” Kyle said angrily; the frown on his face deepening.


“Alright, Nathan. You’ll have to tell me in detail what happened the first time he allegedly forced himself upon you.” The detective said, though he didn’t seem to really want to. And Kyle could have punched the man in the face for using the word ‘allegedly’.


“Mnh…h-he ngh f-forced me to have sex with him arg…he pushed me into his car after the part and started to undress and touch me. I said ‘no’. I, I didn’t want it!” the dark-haired omega choked out.


“Where exactly did he touch you? Did you get sexually aroused? What clothes were you wearing?” he asked, making the raven-haired omega visibly uncomfortable.


“Wh-What? I…” asked Nathan. He looked confused and taken aback by the questions.



“What kind of question are these? What does it matter? It’s inappropriate to ask those kinds of things. Sexual arousal is a physiological reaction.” Piqued in Kyle, tapping his finger onto the table; the noise filling the room along with the raven-haired teen’s sobs.


“Please, refrain from interfering, and some people would argue otherwise. If he were to go to trial, he would have to expect these sorts of questions. Nathan, you said that you were at a party. Were you intoxicated?” questioned Detective Walsh, and Kyle was about to lose his temper.


“Mnh…ngh…a-a ngh little…” confessed Nathan, and the way his pheromones filled up the room was an obvious indicator that he was upset.


“If you are making these allegations because you feel ashamed for having sex, then you should reconsider. Filing in a false report can get you in trouble.”


“Ngh…” Nathan sniffled and sobbed; fat tears falling down his face. “I, I am…not…arg l-lying…” he wailed, standing up from his chair and running out of the room. The detective sighed, and Kyle called after the raven.


“And you call yourself detective, part of the police and guardian of those who need help and protection. They’re playing a raping game at our school, but nobody seems to care. What the fuck is wrong with you people?” Kyle asked incredulously, contempt lacing his tone.


“He wouldn’t get through a trial. It’s his word against the words of Jaden Smith. It’ll amount to nothing. It’s better to get over it and move one. It’s hard to get such cases to trial and even harder to win them.” The alpha said, mulling over the things Kyle had just said.


“Easy for you to say. This is getting ridiculous. This whole institution is a farce.” Commented Kyle scornfully before he left and went to catch up to Nathan.



The ginger found him hunched up against a dumpster. He was sniffling, crying and scratching at his neck, causing the angry red streaks to draw blood. Kyle crouched down in front of him, tearing his hands away from his neck and talking to the raven-haired omega in a soothing and gentle voice in order to calm him down.


“Hey, it’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.” Kyle said. He didn’t know what else to say, since he didn’t expect Nathan to be asked those kinds of questions.


“No, it’s not. It’s all your fault. You convinced me to go to the police, but they didn’t even believe me. I feel so embarrassed right now, and it’s your fault! I shouldn’t have listened to you in the first place!” yelled the raven-haired teen, glaring at Kyle and slapping his hands away while snot and tears covered most of his face.


“I just wanted to help you. I didn’t know that they would be such assholes.” Kyle justified himself. This was getting tiring, although he could understand why the omega directed his anger at him.


“I don’t need your help! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!” screamed Nathan; his upset scent getting even stronger. Kyle wanted to reach out to him to calm him down, but he didn’t.


“I understand you’re upset.” Kyle started, though he couldn’t say anything else because of the other omega’s wails accompanied with humourless laughter.


“No, you don’t. You don’t know how I feel. You’ll never know how I feel.” Spat Nathan, digging his nails deeper into his own skin.


“You know what, fine. Have it your way. I just wanted to help you, but you’re just being ungrateful right now.” Kyle spat back. Right after he said those words, he wanted to take them right back.


“You aren’t any better. Now, you’re judging me too! AARGH!” the raven yelled, grabbing at his dark locks and even tearing out some hair.


“Hey, listen to me.” Tired Kyle, stopping Nathan from running off by holding his arm. “LISTEN TO ME, GOD DAMN IT!!!”


“LET GO OF ME!” screamed Nathan, and Kyle let go, watching the other omega run down the pavement; the sound of his shoes echoing through the empty streets.


“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” Kyle groaned, slapping his face with both of his hands and then rubbing his temples harshly. Now, he was being just as insensitive as that asshole who called himself a detective.



The next day at school was difficult. Nathan didn’t talk to Kyle, and it looked like he had completely closed himself of. The ginger felt disappointed and guilty because he had yelled at Nathan the day before, but the raven’s accusing tone had pissed him off. He didn’t mean to hurt his feelings, and he didn’t mean to be inconsiderate. Jaden needed to be stopped, but since he was the son of the police president, the police didn’t believe them. They just thought that Nathan got his feelings hurt by Jaden and now tried to get back at him and take revenge. The redhead figured that he would give Nathan some time, but no way in hell, would he let Jaden and the other alphas and betas who participated in the that sicko-game continue doing so.


The Kyle was standing in front of the school’s entrance after his last class had ended, waiting for Nathan to show up, so that he could apologise for his behaviour and for his harsh words. The omega looked around and then checked the time on his phone. The raven-haired omega was late, and the redhead started to get worried. Most students had already left, so the school was almost empty now, except for the few unlucky souls that got detention. He waited five minutes, then ten. The more time passed, the more concerned the omega got, and after fifteen minutes, and two calls that went straight to voicemail, Kyle started to look for Nathan. He had a bad feeling in his stomach, and he tried to swallow the lump in his throat. The muscle in his throat felt like it was constantly contracting because there wasn’t enough saliva in his mouth to swallow the imaginary knot that was sitting right above his larynx.


He asked some students, who he passed in the hall, whether they had seen Nathan, and one told him that he was headed towards the west block of the school building. The fact that Nathan went there was a bad sign, and Kyle could feel his heart drop.



Sexual Content Warning And Possible Trigger Warning



Kyle opened the door to the room, from which the cries were coming from and froze in shock. Nathan was crying, and the scent of distress filled the room. Jaden was violently thrusting into him, and one of his friends was holding the omega down with both hands while Taylor was filming the whole thing. The alpha scent was laying thick in the air, making Kyle retch. When the red-haired omega entered the room, they looked up at him, and Jaden gave him a loop-sided grin.


“Oh, Kyle. Here to join us? I am not against it.” The alpha smirked, and his friends laughed at the comment.


“LET GO OF HIM!” yelled the redhead; anger and disgust coiling in his belly together with the fear for his classmate.


“Why should I? He’s clearly enjoying himself.” Jaden commented, accentuating his point by snapping his hips forward roughly, making the sobbing omega beneath him moan out. “See, he likes it. Maybe I put a baby in him.”


Jaden’s hands roamed around the half-naked black-haired omega’s body, whose eyes were closed, and mouth hung open. His expression was clearly troubled, but he couldn’t control the noises that were drawn out of his body. It was clear to Kyle that Nathan’s mind and body reacted completely differently.


“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” the ginger yelled again, trying to keep his features from showing any sign of fear.


“Be a little patient. It’ll be your turn soon enough.” The alpha commented dismissively, biting down onto one of the raven-haired omega’s nipples, causing the boy to scream out.


Kyle wanted to turn around and get help, but he was grabbed by Taylor who was previously holding the camera.


“Let go!” screamed the omega, kicking the alpha in the shin. It earned him a punch in the face, and Kyle fell to the ground; head spinning.


“Stupid bitch.” Taylor spat, clenching his hand around Kyle’s jaw. The grip was painful, and the omega tried to kick him again, though he was pushed to the floor and immobilised.


From the corner of his eyes, Kyle saw how Jaden slapped Nathan hard across the face before he let go of the raven. He threw him down from the old teacher’s desk and then kicked him in the stomach, whispering something into the omega’s ear that made him go slack. The alpha that had been holding Nathan’s arms, was now sitting across the room in a chair, taking a smoke.


“Leave him alone!” Kyle called out as good as he could. The alpha pinning him to the ground seemed amused by his struggles.


The ginger watched with wide eyes as Jaden took long determined steps towards him; the clicking sound of his boots deafening to his ears.


“I’ll take good care of you.” The alpha said, switching positions with his friend.


Jaden was hovering above Kyle, but the omega was busy looking at Nathan, who was laying on the floor; chest heaving up and down due to his distress as the heavy scent of the raven was spreading through the room. His legs were bare, and his body was only covered by the ripped sweatshirt of his uniform. His fingernails were clawing at the dirty floor of the old classroom, but he didn’t move otherwise, probably not able to get up on his legs and walk.


Kyle started to struggle harder against Jaden’s hold. He was disgusted by how close the alpha was. He hated the tickling feeling of his breath on his neck.


“Why so reluctant. I know you want it just as bad.” Whispered Jaden, and Kyle recoiled at that.


He couldn’t move because his hands were pinned above his head, and the grip on his face made Kyle’s eyes water. He was scared. The contracting feeling in his chest was back, and he started breathing heavily; panic rising in his throat. The thick pheromones of the alpha shook him to the bones because he couldn’t move or talk. Kyle felt like he had just swallowed his tongue, and now he was barely able to take even breaths in and out. He felt like suffocating on all the scents around him.


“You smell nice. I like the scared look in your eyes.” The alpha laughed; eyes raking over Kyle’s body.


“Fu-Fuck o-off.” Kyle choked out, digging his fingernails into the calloused skin of Jaden’s hands.


“Look at you, struggling. I am holding you down with only one hand, you know.” Mocked the alpha, hitting a nerve. Kyle hated that feeling. He truly hated feeling so weak right now.


“Let’s see what’s hidden underneath that uniform of yours.” Jaden said, licking his lips.


“Ngh” Kyle tried to protest, but no word was getting past his lips. He closed his eyes and tried to get out of the boy’s clasp. His jaw was hurting, and he was starting to lose control over his own pheromones.


At some point, Jaden had let go of his jaw and his hand travelled down to the buttons of his shirt, pulling at them. The third alpha, that Kyle didn’t know the name of, was still sitting across the room, watching the show with amusement while Taylor held the camera. Kyle panicked as the buttons started to pop off, the distress starting to overwhelm him. That’s when he bit Jaden in the arm, sinking his teeth into the muscle. The alpha growled at that, letting go of the omega for a brief moment. Kyle used the opportunity to hastily crawl away, holding the torn shirt together to cover himself. His breathing was ragged, and his level of anxiety had far surpassed 100 percent. His eyes were darting across the room, though he didn’t want to take his eyes of the alphas in the room.


“What the fuck, you nasty bitch!” yelled Jaden, shaking his hand. “Do what your supposed to do. Just spread your legs.” The alpha’s scent got heavier, and his eyes turned predatory. The tone in his voice made Kyle’s blood freeze.


Suddenly, his own distraught scent and Jaden’s agitated alpha scent were cancelled out by Nathan’s sweet pheromones. All three alphas reacted to the dense smell of an omega in heat. Kyle’s eyes widened, and the only thing he heard was the raven-haired omega’s anxious and terrified screams before Kyle blacked out.





“I woke up in the hospital. My mom and Ike freaked out, and my dad was shouting at someone over the phone.” Kyle finished, and Stan didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t even know how to feel. He was shocked and angry at the same time.


The alpha didn’t understand why people would do that. Why they would play as sick game like that; a game that basically treated omegas like a sex object. Like they were just a fair game. It disgusted him to the very core, especially the fact that the police didn’t believe them, accusing Kyle’s friend of lying, instead of looking into the case and treating the matter with care. Even though, Kyle said that nothing serious happened to him, it didn’t strike Stan as nothing. The omega seemed to have dismissed the fact that he had been sexually assaulted, thinking that denying the gravity of what had happened was the best option for him to cope with a traumatising event. The thought that someone touched his Kyle made him furious. He really wanted to rip out that guys throat.


“…I don’t know what to say.” The raven-haired alpha answered, tightening his arms around Kyle. The omega was clinging onto him, burying his face into Stan’s chest; shoulder’s trembling.


“Maybe my dad was right after all. I couldn’t help Nathan, and I wasn’t even able to defend myself because I was too scared. I am weak.” The omega whispered, tears running down his face.


“No. No, you’re not weak.” Stan whispered back, enjoying the tight embrace they both shared. “You have a strong mind. You’re the type of person who fights their battles with words and wits. We’re always expected to act courageously, but everyone is scared every once in a while.”


The raven knew how much Kyle hated feeling powerless, in particular because it was a feature that was associated with omegas. You were always being judged by your secondary gender. That was all people ever saw. Not even the law would stand up against the powerful, even if they broke it as could be seen in the case of Kyle’s friend. The police didn’t act because the alpha accused of the crime happened to have a powerful father. It sucked, and it wasn’t fair.


Kyle didn’t say anything, but Stan could feel his fingers claw at his back, trying to get even closer. The alpha could feel his own and the omega’s rapid heartbeats, and the tranquillity around them made the scene somewhat romantic.


“Can I ask what happened afterwards?” the raven-haired teen questioned curiously.


“My dad wanted to press charges, but the case was dismissed. They blamed it on Nathan because he went into heat. That game they played was portrayed as something harmless. The school denied any accusations, claiming that they didn’t know. They did know, but they didn’t care. My parents were so angry, and that’s why we decided to move. I wanted to visit Nathan one last time before I left because I still wanted to apologise to him for yelling at him, but I heard that his parents had sent him to live with relatives...He didn’t deserve this. His heat was caused by the trauma, and I was relieved to hear that he didn’t get imprinted, but I still remember the sound of his screams when they attacked him…”


“Those sick bastards…Just thinking about it makes my blood boil. I am kinda angry, right now.” The alpha growled, frowning.


“Can we just drop it? I don’t want to dwell on it.” Kyle pleaded, looking up at Stan with tears in his eyes.


“But…Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked hesitantly, cradling Kyle’s face with both hands to wipe the salty liquid away. He could really drown in the omega’s beautiful green orbs.


“Please, let’s just not think about it anymore. I don’t want to think about it anymore. My dad already keeps reminding me about it. Don’t start to treat me any differently than before. I don’t want to be treated with kid’s gloves.” The omega whispered, nuzzling into the alpha’s hands, appreciating the comforting gesture. He loosened his grip on the front of Stan’s jacket and sneaked his arms around the alpha’s neck, drawing their faces closer, so that they were merely inches away and able to feel each other’s breaths.


“Okay…then let’s go to the arcade.” Stan suggested, mesmerised by how kissable Kyle’s lips locked right now.


“Yeah.” Kyle nodded, taking the initiative and kissing Stan on the lips. The kiss was brief, merely a small brush over the lips of the alpha, but it had the raven smitten with the omega even more. He just wanted to make him happy. He wanted to protect him and cherish him.


“I love you.” Stan said, pulling the omega into a tight hug again and lifting him up and giving him a full smooch on the lips.


“I love you, too.” Kyle whispered against the alpha’s mouth. His heart was swelling in his chest and beating faster than it had ever before. He felt secure and at peace when he was with Stan.




sexual content warning


“Wait. Mmmh. Craig, ngh w-wait.” Tweek moaned into Craig’s mouth, barely getting a moment to breathe.


“What’s the matter, babe?” the alpha said sweetly, kissing and sucking on the omega’s neck, his fingers popping open the buttons on his shirt.


They were laying on the blonde’s bed right now, kissing and rutting against each other. Tweek didn’t know how they ended up like that after they had planned to have a proper conversation, especially because the omega needed to talk to Craig about contraception; the contraception they had forgotten to use the other day. Besides, he wanted the alpha to tell him how he felt. Tell him what was going on in his mind.


“D-Didn’t ngh we want to t-talk?” Tweek moaned, pressing his ankles into the alpha’s lower back and pulling at Craig’s shirt.


“We can talk afterwards. You said your parents will be home today, so let’s take the opportunity. We can’t be loud with you parents in the house.” Reasoned Craig after he had stripped the omega out of his uniform, now sucking at Tweek’s rosy and swollen nipples.


“Ahhh. N-Not ngh my nipples ahhh.” Whined the omega, writhing beneath the raven.


“Why? They’re cute and practically begging to be sucked on.” The alpha said, letting go of the sensitive bud with a loud pop, only to slowly lick over and play with the other one.


Tweek groaned loudly, dragging his hands through Craig’s hair and pulling on the dark tresses. He could already feel his hole pulsing and producing slick. The alpha’s hard rod was clearly visible in the confinement of his jeans, so the blonde slid his hand into Craig’s trousers, wrapping his fingers firmly around it. He dragged his fingers up and down, rubbing the pulsating flesh determinedly, drawing out a long moan from the alpha. Craig had stopped with his administration to his chest and instead breathed into the omega’s neck; eyes closed.


“Ahh…” Craig groaned, licking at the blonde’s lips and demanding entrance.


Tweek opened his mouth a little, granting the alpha access. He let go of Craig’s dick and started fiddling with the zipper of the raven’s jeans, getting irritated when it wouldn’t open. The raven-haired teen laughed, opening his trousers and wiggling out of the fabric without breaking contact with Tweek. Then, his hand travelled over the omega’s knee and thigh up to his slick and twitching entrance. When he pushed his fingers inside, Tweek cried out in pleasure, throwing his head back and dragging his nails down Craig’s shoulder blade.


“You’re so fucking hot.” Craig said with his lips hovering over those of the omega, all the while fingering his wet and opening hole.


“AAAAAH!” Tweek cried out when the alpha rubbed the tips of his fingers over a specific spot within the blonde’s walls.


“I wanna put it in.” Craig breathed out, gently stroking Tweek’s cheek while claiming his mouth.


“Ngh…w-wait…aah…we d-don-t mnnh…have c-condoms…aah!” the omega moaned out loudly, locking eyes with Craig.


“Aren’t ahh you on birth control ngh?” he asked with a groan, but it was less a question, and rather a statement.


“Aaah, no.” admitted Tweek, close to climaxing already just from feeling the alpha’s fingers stroking the insides of his walls. Hearing that, Craig stopped dead in his tracks, frozen in place. His face went from blank to shocked and then to pure horror when the realisation hit him.


“Oh fuck.” He stated, pulling away. How could he forget about that?! He wasn’t the careless kind of person. He was careful and thought things through, but in the heat of the moment – and assuming Tweek was on birth control, considering his weirdo parents – using condoms had totally slipped his mind.


“D-Don’t ngh w-worry. Bebe ngh h-helped me out. I-I am not ngh p-pregnant.” Tweek assured, watching Craig totally losing it, despite his expression looking quite neutral from the outside. The reaction of the alpha; however, had kind of hurt the omega’s feelings a little. Besides, he had been really close to orgasming, and Craig just stopped.


“I am relieved then.” Craig sighed, shaking his head in relief. He felt really reposed right now, since he was so not ready to be a dad. It was probably his fault because he just assumed that Tweek took the contraceptive pill. He should have been more responsible.


“Yeah.” The omega smiled, biting his lower lip. He felt somewhat offended by Craig’s happiness. Tweek know that the feeling wasn’t rational, but he wasn’t really known for being rational to begin with. The insecure part of him just thought that the alpha was happy that he wouldn’t have a baby with Tweek. The omega shook that idea away, storing it somewhere in the back of his mind, where he would hopefully forget about it.


Craig, in the meanwhile, was already putting some of his clothes back on, totally forgetting about wanting to fuck the omega only two seconds ago. Tweek jumped off the bed, heading to his closet to change into everyday clothes. He pulled a baby blue hoodie out of his closet and some comfortable pants that someone would only wear within the secure walls of their home. He went to the bed and threw the clothes on the soft mattress, still stark naked. Ever since Craig convinced him to ditch the coffee, the blonde felt horny more often, as if he had replaced the caffeine with the feeling of climaxing.


“Are you pouting?” asked Craig; the amusement evident in his voice.


“Hmpf.” Tweek grunted, turning his body slightly away from the alpha; arms crossed over his chest.


“We wanted to talk.” The alpha stated, using the blonde’s own words against him.


“You said afterwards.” The omega argued defensively.


“We don’t have condoms.” Craig voiced out, reminding him of the state of pure horror he found himself him a few minutes earlier.


“I was kind of close, and you just stopped.” Tweek spluttered out; a deep blush covering his cheeks now.


“Oh.” The alpha smirked, pulling the naked omega against his bare chest.


Tweek’s ears, cheeks and neck turned a deep red, and he refused to look up and meet Craig’s eyes. The raven-haired teen found that incredibly cute. The fact that the omega was pouting because the alpha didn’t let him come filled him with pride.


“Come here.” Craig instructed, not even waiting for Tweek to move.


The raven took a seat in the middle of the bed, pulling the blonde onto his lap. The omega’s back faceed Craig, and his finger’s found leverage onto the black-haired teen’s knees. Tweek blushed again as he realised the position he was in and how exposed he was when the alpha pressed him down by pushing his hands against the middle of his shoulder blades, pulling his ass towards him.


“W-What ngh are you d-doi—aaaah.” Tweek choked out when he felt Craig’s teeth graze the skin of one of his globes. The omega turned his head around to look at the raven, and the heated and lustful expression on Craig’s face turned him on, causing a familiar heat to tighten in his belly.


“You’re already wet, I see.” The alpha stated while pushing a finger into Tweek’s widening entrance.


“Aaah. C-Craig.” The blonde moaned, relaxing his body and rubbing his cheeks onto the alpha’s thigh.


“I like it when you moan my name.” Craig said huskily, feeling his dick come back to life.


Tweek pushed his butt further towards the raven-haired teen when he started to lick at the omega’s slick-leaking hole. Craig pushed his tongue in and out, enjoying Tweek’s throaty moans and small cries of pleasure and the occasional ‘Y-Yes, right t-there. Craaaig’. In the middle of it, the omega had started to pull down Craig’s boxers, freeing his cock again. When the alpha felt the wetness of Tweek’s mouth engulf his rock-hard dick, and he almost came right away because the blonde was always sucking it with so much enthusiasm whenever he blowed the alpha.


Craig felt Tweek’s inner walls contract around his fingers and tongue, indicating that he was about to climax.


“Aaah ngh C-Craig. Aaah f-feels so mnh good.” The omega whined, licking the sensitive skin of the alpha’s cock while skilled fingers leisurely stroked over his glans.


“Mmmmhng. F-Fuuuck.” The raven-haired teen groaned out as he came, ejaculating right onto the omega’s face. Simultaneously, he tightened his grip onto Tweek’s hips and pushed his fingers up against the omega’s G-spot, throwing the blonde over the edge too.



They needed some time to get down from their high, and Craig had to at least wait half and hour for his knot to deflate. The alpha somewhat always popped a knot with Tweek, especially after he saw the satisfied and dazed lock on Tweek’s semen-covered face. Tweek cuddled into Craig’s chest, purring contently and drawing small circles into the muscular chest.


“N-Now we can ngh t-talk.” The omega stated, kissing Craig’s collarbone.


“You were wondering about who gave me that black eye, right.” the raven started, drawing his omega closer. “I had a fight with my dad. He hits my mom and sometimes me when I interfere or piss him off.” The alpha told him.


“W-WHAT!? Y-YOUR NGH D-DAD?! ARG!! A-RE YOU IN D-D-DANGER? ARE Y-YOU ARG OKAY? AND NGH Y-YOU MO-MOM?” The blonde asked panickily, his scent showing distress.


“Calm down. I am not in danger. I am used to it. So, don’t worry.” The alpha answered, hugging the omega to his chest, playing with the blonde locks.


“B-But I can’t ngh not n-not worry. Arg. You s-shouldn’t be used to i-it ngh. D-Don’t say ngh t-that. I, I ngh d-don’t want you ngh t-to get h-hurt.” Tweek sniffled, gently caressing the bruised side of Craig’s face.


“I talked to my mum. I hope she leaves him. She left him once before, but she took him back. She doesn’t understand that we were better off without him.” Craig said lowly, and Tweek knew that it deeply affected the alpha.


“D-Does she l-love ngh your d-dad?” the blonde asked; curiosity shining in his eyes.


“I think she just don’t want to let go. She is convinced that he’ll change. She wants us to be a happy family. Sometimes, I resent my mom more than my dad because she forgives him over and over and over again, even though he hurts her and cheats on her and treats her like rubbish.” Craig whispered, pressing his fingers onto his inner canthus.


Tweek looked at the alpha, surprised by how emotional Craig had become. He didn’t make eye contact with the omega and his hand now covered his face. The blonde laid his head onto the alpha’s chest, releasing a comforting scent.


“I-It’s normal to ngh f-feel frustrated when nhg s-someone y-you love ngh g-gets hurt, k-knowing the ngh c-cause, but w-without ngh u-understanding the ngh f-f-feeling of impotence or ngh p-powerlessness they are e-experiencing.” Tweek reasoned, for once being the one to understand it better, since he’d be the exact same way if it were him in her shoes. Infatuation could easily be fallen out off, but love is a tricky concept to grasp. It’s irrational and not bound to logic.


“I don’t want to be so cold to her. I just want her to acknowledge the truth already. She just thinks that she needs him because she is bonded to him, but if she truly wanted, she could reject him. Why stay with someone who only causes you pain?” Craig asked, feeling irritated by thinking about his situation at home. He hated remembering his mom crying because his dad beat her up again, or she learned yet again of another infidelity of his.


“S-Someone ngh as rational as ngh y-yourself won’t be able to relate o-on the ngh s-same level. I know that y-you comprehend the f-factors that m-might ngh play a role in the w-way you ngh m-mother behaves, but you’re thinking to logically about a feeling that’s i-irrational. Y-You even analyse the irrationality, trying to find a logical w-way around it. A-Alphas typically d-don’t ngh get bonded, only the o-omega does. Emotionally s-speaking, she is arg s-still dependent on h-him. R-Rejecting someone you used to love nhh c-can be difficult, and the pain that the person she u-used to l-love causes her could be h-her way of f-finding comfort.”


“So, the urge to preserve what they once had or felt towards each other, even though it’s bound to fail, keeps her from doing the right thing? That doesn’t make sense.” Argued Craig, but Tweek was right.


Even though he could point out what the reason for his mom’s irrational behaviour might be, he would never truly understand the inner workings of her delusional mind because he couldn’t really relate to his, since he was an alpha, not an omega in a toxic relationship that had been shaped by verbal, physical and mental abuse.


“Y-You can put it that way. I t-think she ngh will make the right d-decision. She’s a s-smart woman. She will s-soon ngh come t-to realise that ngh a-a-at some p-point, you arg have to t-throw the b-baggage overboard when y-you’re on a sinking s-ship.” The omega pointed out. He was confident enough that Craig’s mom would choose her children over her abusive alpha.


“Smart and yet so god damn stupid at the same time.” Craig agreed, pursing his lips.


“Y-You can ngh a-always come h-here. Whenever. Y-You can move i-in. My parents w-wont m-mind. They love y-you.” The blonde suggested, clasping his hands over his mouth when he realised what he had just said. Now he felt embarrassed because he didn’t mean to come off as too clingy.


“You’re too cute. Wow, actually talking about it felt good.” The alpha admitted, feeling better after having talked about his concerns. It did make him hopeful that his mom would eventually realise that his father was an asshole that didn’t deserve her.


“You can a-always lean on m-me.” The omega whispered, rubbing his cheeks against Craig’s. “Craig.” Tweek started, looking at the alpha through half-lidded eyes.


“Hmmh?” grunted the raven-haired teen, thumbing over the blonde’s plumb bottom lip.


“We n-need condoms.” The omega stated dryly, seductively sucking on Craig’s thumb. The alpha almost choked on his own spit because of Tweek’s straightforwardness.


“What’s up with that libido of yours?” Craig laughed, pulling the omega into his lap.


“You d-don’t want t-to do me?” asked the blonde innocently, though the fact that he was rocking his hips into Craig’s wasn’t anything but innocent. Tweek smiled when he got a reaction out of the alpha.


“Let’s get condoms.” Stated Craig, kissing the blonde passionately on the lips, clashing tongues with him and winning the battle for dominance. Right at that moment, the door opened, and Tweek’s mother happily entered the room, catching her son and Craig making out on the bed stark naked. Tweek squeaked, getting out of Craig’s lap and throwing the blanket over his head when he saw his mom standing in the door. He could die of embarrassment right now.


Tweek, we’re ba--. Oh, hello Craig. I didn’t mean to intrude.” Helen apologised and Craig gave her a small wave, covering his private parts with the blanket that Tweek was hiding underneath. As soon as she surprised the two of them, had she left the room, closing the door with a soft thud, but not without telling them to use protection.


“You can come out now.” Craig said, patting the lump that was clearly Tweek.


“I c-can’t. Now, my ngh d-dad will give u-us the talk. It’s e-embarrassing.” The omega’s drowned-out voice came out from underneath the blanket.


“What do you mean ‘us’?” the alpha laughed, but when Tweek emerged form under the covers, the look on the blonde’s face said it all. Craig was going to get the ‘talk’ too.





Chapter Text

“That nasty bitch really needs to learn his lesson. That fucking omega is pissing me off.” The brunette beta commented, putting his clothes back on while sitting on the bed. In the meanwhile, the beta girl rolled her eyes.


“Can you, for once, not talk about omegas whenever we have just had sex?” the brunette girl said, tossing her hair over her bare shoulder while searching for her uniform shirt.


“Oh, excuse me that I am talking about how I feel. Aren’t you the one who’s always complaining about me not talking about my feelings?” Cartman questioned sarcastically, throwing his hands in the air to emphasise his point.


“That’s not what I meant, Eric and you know it. I just have the feeling that you’re not really interested in me.” Heidi complained, buttoning up her shirt. There was a visible frown on her face, and her movements were slightly agitated.


“Here we go again.” Eric answered annoyed by his girlfriend’s temper tantrums. He didn’t remember her being that exhausting.


“Stop rolling your eyes whenever I am trying to talk to you.” She accused; her hands balled into fists that were resting on the blue blanket that was covering her still naked thighs.


“Your concerns are totally unnecessary.” Eric told her, trying to appease her. He grabbed the sock that was lying on the floor and put it on, ignoring Heid’s grumbling.


“Oh, really?! Then explain to me why you ratted me out. You betrayed me!” she almost yelled at her boyfriend. She was so angry at him right now. She had been angry at him for a while but hadn’t voiced it out because she was sick of fighting and feeling insecure all the time.


“I betrayed you!? Hah, whose fault is it that my face looks like this right now? It’s yours. You betrayed me. You have to bear the consequences when you pull off shit like this, without being any good at it.” Cartman said; his voice cruel and sharp, cutting through her like a knife would through butter.


“Sooner or later, they would have figured it out with or without me.” He reasoned without looking at her.


“Excuse me, but weren’t you the one who practically encouraged me to do so?” Heidi asked rhetorically, biting her lower lip in frustration.


“I did no such thing. You decided to do it. I didn’t even know that it was you if I hadn’t come across the account by accident.” Eric justified himself, seemingly not understanding Heidi’s point at all or at least trying to mitigate his involvement.


“You’re doing it again!” she seethed, nails digging into the blanket.


“Doing what?” the male beta asked as he wiggled into his pants.


“Blaming me for everything, even though you played your part! You were complaining about Tweek being a dirty whore. You said all these things, and then you said that people like him should be taught a lesson.” She explained, and by now her body was shaking.


She didn’t understand how he could put the sole blame on her when it was him who had planted the idea into her head in the first place. Sure, he didn’t directly tell her, but he insinuated to get back at the omega in question. So, she did just that.


“You’re a free human being, free to do what you want and to make your own decisions. It’s called ranting. Stop blaming someone else for the mistakes you made.” Cartman commented, turning around to look her in the eye. His face was neutral, but Heidi knew that he was berating her.


“Look who is talking. Aren’t you the one who is never at fault?!” she spat sarcastically, glaring at the brunette.


“I am not at fault. I am obviously the victim here, as you can see by looking at the state of my face and body.” The male beta frowned, clicking his tongue.


“Arrrgh! You’re making me so angry! Why are you so obsessed with omegas? Am I not enough? Do you want to be with an omega too?” Heidi spat out angrily. The dismissive attitude of Eric pissed her off. He was treating her like she was mentally deranged.


“Seriously?! Seriously!? Are you seriously asking me the same old question again?” Cartman asked, the sarcasm seeping into his voice sounded almost cynical. Now he was getting louder too.


“You never answer me properly. You’ve never said ‘I love you’ back. It’s always just me. Am I the only one dedicated to this relationship?” Heidi questioned, covering her face with both of her hands.


“Heidi. Seriously, listen to me. I do not want to be with some lowly omega. The only thing I want for them is to know their place, and that’s grovelling on their knees. You say that I am the one obsessed, but it seems to me that you’re, in fact the one, obsessed with omegas.” Eric said, his voice suddenly turning gentle. Heidi hated it when he did that; when he turned his flaws into hers.


“I am not.” She stated, swatting his hand away. If it was any other person, the hand that had come to rest on her face would have been a kind and comforting gesture, but when it was Eric doing it, the gesture seemed manipulative.


“You sure as hell are talking about them a lot, though.” Cartman spat back, turning around again. He didn’t get why she was making things so complicated. He might have intended that him badmouthing Tweek would draw a reaction out of her, but he thought she would us as method that was more straight-forward. He wasn’t responsible for her actions.


“No, I am not. It’s you!” she yelled.


“It’s not obsession. It’s activism. I am concerned about what happens to society, once omegas start forgetting and defying their purpose. You did what you did out of unfounded jealousy. You know how sneaky and treacherous omegas can be. I mean, look at us fighting over nonsensical things.” Cartman explained matter-of-factly. The beta wanted omegas to remember that they were inferior, meant to be obedient and meant to be used by alphas and betas alike. Omegas such as Kyle or Wendy seemed to think otherwise, and it was his mission to make them accept the truth.


“I would never choose and omega over you. You’re special to me, after all.” He then continued, smiling at her. It wasn’t a lie, though. She was special to him because she stayed by his side and always believed him. Besides, she was willing to have sex with him whenever he wanted it. It was a bonus.


“It doesn’t feel like I am special to you.” Heidi responded, looking away.


“But you are. I am dedicated to this relationship more than you think.” The beta boy said with determination in his eyes. He hoped she would fall for it and stop the bullshit she was pulling.


“Then why didn’t you tell me that you love me?” she asked again because he always avoided answering the question.


“Because I don’t want it to sound forced. I am still waiting for that special moment.” Cartman told her, and he knew by the pretty blush on her cheeks that his answer would satisfy her enough for now.






As Monday rolled around, Craig was somewhat excited that he could go to school again, even though he would never say so out loud. Having been suspended for two days didn’t seem like much for a lot of people, but it had definitely been enough for him. Not being allowed to go to school felt weird because it disrupted his routine. Some might have celebrated it, but Craig wasn’t one of them.


When he and Tweek entered the school building, the hall that had been lively and loud went silent for a moment before everyone minded their own business again. It was obvious though that the thing between him and Cartman would still linger and be a topic to chit-chat about for a while.


Tweek gave his hand a supporting squeeze, leaning closer to him while they walked down the hall towards their lockers. At the other end, they could already see Token and Clyde waving them over.


“I missed you! School was boooring without you.” Exclaimed Clyde, throwing himself at Craig, who had to let go of Tweek’s hand, in order to not be toppled over by his best friend.


“You think school is boring in general whether I am there or not.” Craig commented, pushing his face away and trying to get out of the brunette’s greeting hug.


“How does it feel to be redeemed again? You’ve earned quite the reputation now.” Token chimed in as he threw his backpack over his shoulder, getting ready to go to class.


“I don’t really care.” The raven-haired alpha answered, finally getting Clyde to let go off him. The body heat that was radiating off of his friend was suffocating him.


“I though so.” Toke laughed, having expected as much.


“Tweeeek! How have you been?” Clyde greeted loudly, pulling the small omega into a hug. “You seem kinda different.” He added, eying the omega, whose scent had changed. It was a subtle change, barely noticeable, but the brunette had a good nose, so he smelled it. There was an undertone of and burned firewood and the fresh scent of woodland.


“Ehh, I-I am ngh fine.” Stuttered Tweek, a slight red hue covering his cheeks. The statement irritated the blonde a little because Bebe had pointed out the exact same thing.


“No touching.” Craig stated as he pulled Tweek against his chest. His behaviour wasn’t rational, but he didn’t want other people to touch his omega. He rested his head on Tweek’s shoulder, one arm casually slung around the blonde.


“Meh. So possessive.” Clyde said dismissively, already fully aware of the fact that Craig was the possessive type. He didn’t care, though because as long as Tweek didn’t mind, the brunette wouldn’t stop treating him the way he treated all of his friends.


“Let’s get going guys.” Token said, urging them to get going and stop their idle chatting.


“I’ll g-go to ngh th-then.” Tweek said, wiggling out of the alpha’s embrace. They didn’t share first period’s class, so they had to part ways.


“I’ll walk you to class.” Craig offered, but Tweek shook his head, eyes glued to the floor and his shoes.


“Y-You ngh don’t h-have to.” The blonde answered. There was that tingling feeling in his belly whenever Craig looked at him. He appreciated the alpha’s offer, but he was capable to walk to class on his own. Besides, he doubted that anyone would even have the guts to pick on him. They had left him alone ever since the Craig beat the living shit out of Cartman.


“I’ll ngh s-see you l-later, then.” The omega added, getting on his tip toes to chastely kiss Craig on the lips.


“Okay.” Craig muttered, desperately wishing that the kiss had been longer.


“They’re so cute it’s starting to get disgusting.” Clyde commented, making gagging noises, but the raven only flipped him off.


“That’s your jealousy talking.” Token stated, without bothering to look at the brunette. It was true though. Craig and Tweek were cute together; Cute to the point of gagging because there was only so much cuteness and fluffiness someone could take.


“I am not jealous! I am so close to getting Bebe to go out with me.” The brunette alpha protested, illustrating how ‘close he was to getting Bebe to go out with him’ with his fingers.


The distance that he showed; however, was to small in Token’s opinion because in reality, it was crystal clear to him that Bebe wasn’t interested in Clyde. So, if his friend asked him, then he would be miles away from getting her to date him, and Craig would even use astronomical units to describe the distance.


“If you say so.” The alpha responded; his face flat and he sounded as unconvinced as he was.


They parted ways with the omega and walked to class. Craig could feel Clyde’s critical eyes on him and after a while it was getting annoying. He stopped in his tracks, turning around to address the issue or question that was clearly occupying his friend’s mind.


“What?” asked the black-haired alpha.


“What ‘what?’?” the brunette asked back, seemingly dumbfounded.


“Come on, you’ve been giving me that scrutinizing look that I usually only get from Token.” Craig sighed and Clyde pursed his lips.


“Don’t you think Tweek seemed different? Not a bad different, but just different. At least his scent was different, which kept me wondering…” the brunette alpha started, rubbing his chin. Could it be that…


“Wow. What a rare occurrence to see you ‘think’.” Craig commented, knowing full-well what Clyde was getting at. It made him flustered.


“I agree. You should stop that. You’ll only hurt yourself.” Agreed Token, nodding his head.


“Oh, shut up. I do think occasionally!” exclaimed the brunette.


“And here he goes, dissing himself.” Craig said, shaking his head to the side.


“Arrgh!” groaned Clyde after he realised what he had just said. He was holding his head in both hands, changing into a crouching position.


“So, are you going to tell us or what?” questioned Token all of a sudden, grinning at his friend.


“Tell you what?” asked the raven, trying to play dumb.


“Oh, come on, it’s quite obvious. Even Clyde figured it out.” Laughed the alpha, nudging the other with his elbow.


“Hold on…you two fucked…?” Clyde asked, cocking his head to the side. After a moment of pause, the alpha jumped up from his position on the floor, yelling: “I am so proud of you!!” If the hall had been full of people, which it thankfully wasn’t anymore, everyone would have known by now.


“Clyde. Fucking seriously. Lower your voice. And don’t call it fucking.” Craig said; a small blush forming on his cheeks.


He did want to tell his friends, but at the same time, it felt wrong because it was such a private matter. Besides, he still felt a little guilty about how it happened. Sure, Clyde boasted about his one night stands all the time, and even Token mentioned some of the things he and Nicole had done, but was it really that important that he wasn’t a virgin anymore?


“Are you blushing?” asked Clyde; amusement seeping into his voice.


“Of course not.” Craig stated neutrally, willing the redness on his cheeks away.


“I want details, man!” Clyde said because as his best friend he had to know such things. He was dying of curiosity right now.


“No way!” Craig answered. As if he would tell them the details of what he and Tweek were doing. He wanted to keep the imagery of the omega to himself.


“Why not? I am always telling you every juicy detail.”


“Yeah, I know, but you’re telling me, despite me not wanting to know all the ‘juicy details’” Reasoned the raven-haired alpha, crossing his arms over his chest.


“You’re no fun! You had no qualms telling us about your first blow job experience.” The brunette pouted, and Craig, for once, didn’t know how to respond.


“What’s with that nasty bruise by the way?” Token asked, saving Craig by changing the topic.


“Had a small altercation with my old man.” Craig said in a monotone voice. There was no point in lying because Token knew about his situation at home.


“Doesn’t look that small, though. You can stay at my or Clyde’s place anytime, you know.” The alpha said with a serious expression on his face and Clyde franticly nodded in agreement.


“Thanks man. I am staying at Tweek’s place for a while.” The raven informed, grateful for having Token and Clyde as friends.


“And his parents let you stay over?” the brunette alpha asked perplexed and with wide eyes.


“Yeah.” Answered Craig casually.


“Do they know that, you know, that you’re banging their omega son?” questioned Clyde with a sneaky grin on his face.


The raven-haired alpha took a deep breath and decided to ignore the question. As he continued his way towards the classroom, he ‘accidentally’ bumped into his friend, flipping him off, yet again. He really didn’t want to be reminded of Tweek’s parents. First, the omega’s mother walked into them getting handsy with one another, and then they had to listen to Tweek’s father talking about contraception for nearly two hours. As if getting the ‘talk’ wasn’t embarrassing enough, Tweek’s parents really had a talent for adding to the teens’ embarrassment by demonstrating the correct use of condoms and sexual intercourse. Craig’s head had completely shut down when they were talking to him in detail about the omega’s heat. He and Tweek hadn’t dared touch and be intimate with each other for the rest of the weekend to flustered by the blonde’s oblivious parents.








Tweek took the seat next to Kyle, arriving shortly mere seconds before the teacher and thus just in time.


“What took you so long?” the ginger asked, eying his friend.


“I-I ngh saw C-Cartman and D-Damion ngh in the h-hall, and I d-didn’t want ngh to w-walk past them, so I-I ngh took a d-detour.” The blonde whispered and Kyle nodded.


Tweek knew that they probably wouldn’t have said anything, but he wanted to avoid crossing paths with them at any cost.


“Did you take the pills?” Kyle asked; his voice as low as possible as to not have any unwanted person listen in on their conversation.


“Yes.” Tweek answered.


“Good.” The red-haired omega smiled in relief.


“No talking in my class!” the teacher, Mr Adler said sternly, looking at the two omegas who immediately fell silent.


As class went on, Tweek had to fight to not fall asleep. Mr Adler was talking very slowly, and most of the time he was losing sight of the main topic whining about his girlfriend. His lessons tended to be boring, but the omega never had an issue staying awake. Today, on the other hand, despite having slept really well, he could barely keep his eyes from falling shut. He tried to keep himself occupied, so he rolled his pencil around on his desk that had been vandalised with graffiti because of the rumours. The teachers didn’t deem it necessary to replace the desk, so it stayed that way. Instead, he had put a plastic table cover that is usually used for painting on it, in order to cover the derogatory slurs that had been written and the inappropriate images that had been drawn on his table.


His eyes fell onto Kyle, who was having equal trouble to stay awake. The blonde omega was glad that you couldn’t actually die of boredom because you would thankfully fall asleep first.


A few minutes before class ended, Tweek received a small letter. The piece of white paper was thrown onto his desk and came from behind him; the writer of the note unknown. He eyed it suspiciously, not daring turn around. He tried to ignore its existence at first, but then he decided to take it. The paper was neatly folded four times, so he didn’t have to uncrumple it. He stared at the note in his hands, but in the end, he decided against opening it. The omega crumpled it into a tiny ball and stuffed it into the small pockets of his uniform, so he could throw it away on his way out.


Then finally, the school bell rang, and they could finally move on to their next period. Tweek stood up and looked at Kyle who had fallen asleep. He nudged him slightly, causing the ginger to open his eyes.


“The answer is b.” Kyle said as he sprang up.


“G-good morning.” Tweek greeted his friend amused.


Kyle rubbed his eyes and jawed, now less tense as he was before because it was Tweek who had woken him up not the teacher. He almost had a heart attack when he realised that he of all people had fallen asleep. Then, they left the classroom, mentally preparing themselves for the next lesson, hoping that it wouldn’t be as boring.






Craig and his friends decided to pick up Tweek because the raven couldn’t wait any longer anymore. The hall was filled with students entering and leaving the classrooms, heading towards the cafeteria, so Craig had trouble singling out for the blonde omega. He noticed Kyle, Bebe and Wendy standing at their locker, talking among each other, but Tweek was nowhere to be found. The alpha frowned and walked to the group.


“Where’s Tweek.” Craig asked without greeting.


“Hello to you too, Craig.” Wendy said flatly.


“He is over there. He is talking to Davíd.” Kyle stated, pointing to the vending machine located vertically from them.


And indeed, the blonde omega was standing there chatting with another alpha. Craig frowned at the display and couldn’t help the tinge of anger that was swelling in his chest. He never had anything against Davíd, and the raven always considered him a nice and decent guy, but seeing him with his omega, making his omega laugh and smile at something he said, made Craig start to resent the other alpha. Craig didn’t hear what his friends were saying, and he didn’t answer Kyle either. He just wanted to know what was going on and why Tweek was talking to someone he had never talked before.


Tweek didn’t see him at first, but Davíd sure did, which was why the omega turned around. His face lit up when he saw him, but Craig’s eyes were fixed on the other alpha.


“What are you up to?” Craig asked innocently, wrapping his arm around Tweek’s waist.


“Davíd h-had a question ngh a-about the task w-we were gi-given.” The omega said, smiling up at the alpha.


“And that’s what took you so long?” he questioned, pursing his lips.


“We got a bit lost in our conversation.” The other alpha answered, only looking at the alpha briefly before his attention was back on Tweek again.


The alarms bells in Craig’s head went off and started blaring when his and Davíd’s eyes met. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like it at all. He hated the way the other boy looked at the omega. He had seen the nervous smiles, the fidgety stance and the way he scratched his neck when he answered Tweek. He wasn’t seeing Davíd as a rival by any means. No. The other alpha wasn’t a rival because the omega was already his. So why did he feel so insecure?


“Really.” Craig stated dryly, trying not to sound harsh, though his sharp blue eyes glowered at Davíd as he tightened his arm around Tweek who seemed oblivious to the alphas.


“I’ll see you around, then.” The alpha said; eyes fixed on the blonde omega. He didn’t even react to the obvious threat that Craig tried to convey by glaring at him.


“Ok—. Waahh.” The omega started, but the Craig had enough. He just decided that it was time to go and pulled Tweek with him.





Tweek was struggling to keep up with his fast pace, trying to get Craig to slow down, asking him again and again what was wrong. The alpha didn’t answer but kept his pace high.


“C-Craig? Wait! I-I can’t ngh walk so f-fast.” The omega pleaded as he was pulled along by the raven-haired teen.


“Don’t hang around him.” Craig answered as he stopped abruptly and felt Tweek’s small frame collide with his.


“What ngh d-does it m-matter?” The blonde asked perplexed, still confused due to the impact.


“I don’t like it.” The alpha stated. “What were you laughing about anyway?”


“H-He had a g-genuine question. He’s a-a nice g-guy, and we h-had a conversation ngh.” The blonde said with a small frown on his face.


“You have never talked to him to begin with, why start now?” the alpha asked, backing the omega up the wall until they were so close their bodies were touching. They were in the secluded part of the school’s building, so nobody would disturb them.


“…” the omega didn’t have an answer to that.


Craig looked down at Tweek, whose lips were half-parted. His fluffy blonde her was framing his beautiful face so nicely and in a way that had the alpha hypnotised. He could stare at him all day long without getting tired. His sweet and slightly aroused scent invaded the raven's nose and a low growl resonated from within his throat.


He hoisted the omega’s body up, so that Tweek had to wrap his legs around his waist for leverage. The alpha caressed the blonde’s cheeks, pulling at his bottom lip. Craig didn’t mean to feel jealous, but he just did. He couldn’t control the emotion that was surging through his whole body, seizing it.


“You belong to me.” The alpha said, suddenly crashing his lips onto the omega’s, licking into the hot and wet cavern to claim it. The omega moaned into Craig’s mouth, confused yet happy that the alpha felt jealous over him.


When the raven-haired teen broke the bruising kiss, a string a saliva connected the two, and Craig opted to leave a trail of marks on the omega’s neck. “You’re mine.” He whispered against Tweek’s skin, savouring the sweet moans that fell from the blonde’s lips and inhaling his scent.


“Tell me. Whom do you belong to?” Craig asked, mouthing his way down to the omega’s collarbone. “


“Aah, I-I am ngh, I am yours.” Tweek whined, his fingers playing with the dark locks of the alpha. He loved Craig’s possessive side because it made him feel wanted and desired. It gave him some sort of power over the alpha. Craig's pheromones were taking over Tweek's senses and his ability to make rational decisions. The omega was willing to completely lose himself and let the primal part within him take over.


Still, he had no intention to just ignore someone who asked for his advice or help just because of Craig’s unfounded and unreasonable jealousy. He was not property after all and could talk to whoever he wanted.


“I’ll make sure you remember that.” The alpha sultrily whispered into Tweek’s ear, licking over the shell with his wet warm tongue while his hand sneaked into the omega’s pants. “I am the only one who will ever know how that place feels like.” He said, grabbing Tweek’s behind and grinding his hips into him to put emphasis on his words, drawing a loud moan from the omega that he had pinned against the wall.







“It’s past forth period, and we still haven’t seen Tweek. I wonder where he and Craig went. Craig looked pissed.” Bebe stated, doodling on the paper that she was supposed to answer the questions on.


“God knows, what got his panties in a twist.” Kyle rolled his eyes. If Token hadn’t stopped him, he would have gone after the two of them.


“What happened?” Stan asked, licking the grease off his fingers that the crisps had left there, instead of doing the assignment.


“Just you know, Davíd having the hots for our Tweeki Bear.” Bebe said, getting another colour from her pencil case.


“Seriously?” Stan whispered loudly with a raised eyebrow, and Bebe nodded at him.


“Stop eating that high calorie sodium bomb and do your tasks. I won’t let you copy the answers.” Kyle hissed lowly, kicking the alpha from under his desk.


“So aggressive.” The raven mocked, playing with a strand of Kyle’s ginger-coloured hair, and the omega let him. “You’ll let me copy the answers anyway.”


“You bet?” the omega challenged, a lopsided grin on his face.


“I also wonder, where they went off to. Do you think they skipped school?” Clyde asked, doing anything, but the tasks they were given. “Man, why am I still here?”


“To graduate and eventually find a job.” Token answered, even though he knew that Clyde didn’t want his last question to be answered.


“You’re so not funny.” The brunette sighed; head falling onto the table.


“Tweek never missed classes. That must be Craig rubbing off on him.” Wendy commented; She, Kyle and Token being the only ones who were actually concentrated on the paper.


“They’re going to be fine.” Token said without taking his eyes of the paper.


“What level of dirty do you think they’re on?” Kenny piqued in, tapping his chin with his fingers as if he were deep in thought. He and Butters, too, were drawing pictures on the backside of the task paper.


“Of course, your perverted mind would go there.” Kyle commented.


“What!? It’s a possibility. That’s what I would be doing.” He said, smirking at Butters who was blushing a deep shade of red.


“Fuck you, Kenny. Not everyone thinks with his dick.” Stan said.


“I am with Kenny on that one.” Clyde nodded, and Kenny leaned back into his chair in a manner that said ‘See?!”.


“#TeamKenny.” Bebe agreed, raising her hand slightly to show her support while simultaneously writing it into one of the brackets as an answer for question number five.






Tweek and Craig emerged from the missing shortly before last period started. Their hair looked a little dishevelled, but other than that, nothing indicated that they had a go at it. Kyle was a bit relieved that the blonde omega didn’t skip last period. As class went by, the ginger was already anticipating the school bell’s ring that would end every lecture for today. No matter which subjects you had on Monday, Monday would always be that day of the week everyone hated.

When the bell rang, the omega was already ready to go because had subtly packed all his things five minutes prior, just like everyone else did. He made his way to the door when Red bumped into him, hissing at him, even though it had clearly been her deliberate fault.


“Watch where you’re going.” She bitched at him, scrunching up her nose, showing her not-so-secret dislike for him.


“You were the one, running into me not the other way around. So, you should watch where you’re going.” Countered Kyle, unfazed by Red’s hostility towards him.


“You think you’re better than anyone else. You know, you’re not. Heidi is right. You’re quite a nasty bitch.” She spat, flapping her hair behind her back.


“I don’t care what you think or Heid or anyone else for that matter.” Kyle rolled his eyes, having no patience for her crap right now. It was getting on his nerves because 1. He didn’t know what her problem with him was and 2. She was acting childish.


“Maybe you should.” She stated, and her three friends Lola, Jenny and Annie – that always followed her around – nodded, mindlessly agreeing with her statement.




“Tweek seems to be more interested in sucking Craig Tucker’s dick than attending classes.” She continued, hitting a nerve. Kyle didn’t care when people directed their insults at him, but when someone insulted his family or friends, he saw red.


“Shut your trap!” growled the ginger, balling his hands into fist and digging his nails into the fragile skin.


“That’s all you ever say.” Red sighed, shaking his head from one side to the other.


“Well, maybe you should listen if you don’t want to make acquaintance with my fist.” Kyle threatened, trying to calm himself down because deep inside he was a peaceful person. At least, he tried to be.


“Are you threatening me?” she asked with a raised perfectly trimmed eyebrow; hands on her hips.


“So, your pea-sized brain recognised the threat at least. You should be proud.” Mocked Kyle with a huff.


“You’re going to regret that. And that’s also a threat.” She countered, glaring back at the omega.


“Fuck off.” He said, face completely unimpressed.


“Let’s go, girls.” She ordered, and Jenny, Lola and Annie tagged along with her. On her way outside, she glowered at Stan, who was entering the classroom, looking for Kyle.


“What was that all about?” he questioned, confused by her glaring at him like that.


“She is just being an asshole because she doesn’t like me.” Kyle explained.


“Hmmh.” Grunted Stan, taking Kyle’s explanation as a valid answer for Rebecca’s behaviour.

Chapter Text

In the late afternoon, Tweek was on his way to Kyle and during the small walk over to the Broflovski residence, his mind went back to what happened on Monday, and how he and Craig had spent most of the day doing. He touched his lips, still feeling the lingering touch of the alpha’s lips on his, and how they felt against his skin. He could still hear the words Craig had spoken and still feel the things he had done to his body.




-sexual content warning-


“You’re mine.” The alpha whispered, sucking on his skin; hands roaming over the blonde’s body. “Tell me. Whom do you belong to?” Craig asked; voice low and commanding. It turned the omega on.


“Aah, I-I am ngh, I am yours.” Tweek moaned as he threaded his fingers through Craig’s jetlag black hair, wanting more. His body felt hot, and he could feel the arousal build up in his belly.


“I’ll make sure you remember that.” The alpha whispered; his wet warm appendage licking over the shell of the omega’s ear, drawing out a low moan.


“I am the only one who will ever know what that place feels like.” The alpha stated, grabbing Tweek’s ass with both of his hands, buckling his hips into the omega for emphasis as he pinned Tweek against the wall.


“Aaahh!” moaned the blonde loudly, legs tightening around the alpha’s waist. “Nngh Craig. T-take me.” Tweek whined, licking the alpha’s lips.


Craig smiled, changing their position and sliding down the wall, so he could lean against it while Tweek was sitting in his lap, legs tightly wrapped around his waist. He grabbed the omega’s blonde locks and massaged his skull, entangling his tongue with the blonde’s before he pulled the omega’s head back roughly, so he could lick down the tender and now exposed skin of Tweek’s slender and sinfully tempting-looking neck.


“I love you.” The alpha whispered as he kissed and sucked on Tweek’s neck, slowly undressing the omega.


“Ngh love ahh y-you too.” Tweek whined, equally desperate to get Craig out of his uniform.


He could smell the spike in the alpha’s scent, and he could feel his hole twitch and the slick pour out. His body reacted every time he smelled Craig’s potent pheromones, and even more so when the alpha showed his possessive side. Lately, Tweek had become more desperate. It was an inner yearning that the omega couldn’t put into words and for which he didn’t have a proper explanation for.


They were both stark naked now, grinding and rutting against each other. Their kisses were sloppy; there’s was no gentleness, no romance, just desperate need and lust for one another.


“C-Condom.” The omega moaned, continuing to suck on Craig’s collarbone, leaving a read mark there; a mark the blonde felt quite proud of.


“R-Right.” The alpha grunted and without looking, his hand was fumbling through the pockets of his pants that was laying discarded next to them, searching for the rubber. They had agreed that they’d have at least one with them, just in cases such as these.


Craig struggled with the wrapper, and Tweek was getting impatient.


“Make me r-remember.” The omega whispered teasingly; hands travelling down the alpha’s broad chest. He took Craig’s hand and darted his tongue out, licking on two of the alpha’s digits while the fingers of his other hand played with his rosy nipple, making it hard. “Ahhh…wanna f-f-feel you.” the blonde moaned with half-closed eyes; tone seductive.


Craig grunted lowly in his chest, and the sight of Tweek sinfully sucking his fingers, coating them with spit while simultaneously pinching his own nipples made his cock even harder. He retreated his digits and flipped them over; the omega now laying beneath him, panting heavily and pupils blown wide. His lips were parted, and his breath was coming out in small short puffs. The slick was pooling out of his hole, and he was hard. The blonde just wanted the raven-haired teen to ravish him already, to make him forget his own name.


The alpha tore the wrapper open with his teeth, putting on the condom. Then he not so gently pushed Tweek’s legs wide apart, pulling the omega’s body forward.


“I’ll fuck you so hard, your body’s gonna remember the shape of my cock.” Craig growled, sucking on the omega’s nipple. Hard and bruising.


“Ahhh!” Tweek moaned, “n-not there. Mnnnh C-Craig!”


“You smell so good. Sweeter than usual.” The alpha breathed out, his pulsating length breaching the omega’s entrance with one hard, shallow thrust.


They both moaned when Craig entered Tweek, looking each other directly into the eye; their tongues dancing with each other before they desperately fought for dominance. The alpha put his weight onto one arm, looming over the omega’s body as he started to fuck into him. His pace was fast and powerful, not slowing down at all. Tweek could feel the heat in his stomach tightening, legs shaking, trying to pull the alpha in deeper. The omega wanted Craig to go faster, harder and deeper. All he wanted to feel was the alpha pulling out and slamming his cock right back into him, occasionally brushing over that small bundle of nerves inside of him.


“D-Deeper!” the blonde whined, grabbing the alpha’s ass to push him in deeper.


“Ngh fuck!” the alpha grunted, changing their position once again, spurred on by Tweek’s constant ‘harder’, ‘faster’ and ‘make me yours’. The omega seemed to know exactly what to say to him.


The alpha was sitting on his knees now, his back straight while Tweek straddled his lap. The omega’s hole was twitching and producing a crazy amount of slick. The sudden emptiness when Craig pulled out, made him whine, but soon the alpha was filling him up again, hitting his sweet spot dead on when he slammed the blonde down onto his length forcefully. The blonde had never felt so full.


“Nnngh!” Tweek mewled; head lolling backwards, mouth wide open and eyes closed.


The slapping of skin on skin, and their mingled moans filled the old classroom, and the omega’s whines were getting louder with every snap of the alpha’s hips. The blonde’s chest felt hot; too hot. He internally hoped that no one would pass by and hear them, but on the other hand, the possibility of getting caught excited him.


One of Craig’s arms was slung around Tweek’s back to pull the omega closer while his other arm supported Tweek’s body weight, in order to pull the blonde up and push him down onto his hard and stiff erection again. Craig’s hands were groping the omega’s ass, surely leaving bruises in the form of the alpha’s fingers. Tweek’s body was shivering, feeling his orgasm build up, clenching down on the alpha.


“Hah ngh. Don’t s-suddenly tighten ah up on me.” The ravenette groaned, biting down on Tweek’s shoulder.


The omega’s body was getting more sensitive and being so close to Craig’s beating heart and having the alpha’s canines graze the skin on his shoulder amplified the feeling. The alpha thrusted upwards again, and Tweek’s hole clenched around him as he came with a cry that Craig chose to muffle with his lips. The raven-haired boy pulled out of him and turned the omega, who was busy with getting down from the powerful electricity-like feeling that shot through his body when he climaxed, around.


“We’re just getting started.” The alpha whispered into his ear, and Tweek just moaned.




Tweek lost count of how many times they did it, but he was aware that they missed a lot of their classes. He wasn’t sure if he should be concerned about it or not, so he brushed it of in order to not think about what his friends might think they were doing and if they might know what they had been engaging in.


The omega was laying on Craig’s body, fingers brushing over the smooth tan skin. Tweek always wondered from which side of the family the alpha got his skin tone because he seemed to be the only one with a darker skin colour than the rest of his family. But he was torn out of his thoughts when Craig suddenly sat up, drawing a small yelp out of Tweek..


“Hey ehm…” the ravenette started hesitantly, seeming nervous for some reason.


“Hmmh.” Tweek hummed, indicating that he was listening.


“Would you, would you wear a collar if I got you one?” the alpha asked, nuzzling into the omega’s mark-covered neck. “You don’t have to.”


“Why d-do you w-want me to w-wear one?” Tweek asked back, slightly taken aback by Craig’s question. He wasn’t against it per say, but he wanted to at least know why Craig thought it necessary for him to wear one.


“It’s just that I want everyone to know that your taken. That you are mine.” Craig answered, sliding his fingers over the back of Tweek’s neck, where the bonding mark would be if the alpha were to bond the omega.


“But I a-am yours.” Tweek said, kissing the alpha’s lips, shivering at the implication of Craig’s touch.


“So, you don’t want to?” Craig asked, nipping on the blonde’s bottom lip.


“I-I didn’t say th-that.” Tweek answered, caressing the other boy’s cheek. The bruise had become a yellowish colour now as it was slowly fading.


“So, what’s your answer then?” Craig pressed; his blue eyes piercing through the omega’s soul.


“I’ll ngh think a-about it.” Murmured Tweek, initiating a second kiss that was deeper this time.






Other than that – and minus all the times Craig had kept Tweek possessively close whenever Davíd approached the omega – school had been uneventful that week. It also went without saying that Craig was unexpectedly hostile towards the other alpha. However, Tweek didn’t have time to dwell on that or the fact that his heat hadn’t come because the door suddenly opened. Ms Broflovski greeted the omega and happily invited him in, telling him that Kyle was in his room. The female beta looked surprised by the foreign scent that had mixed with Tweek’s, but she didn’t comment on it.


He went upstairs and gently knocked at Kyle’s door before entering the room. The ginger was doing his assignment.


“Hey.” He greeted, sitting down next to the red-haired omega.


“You carry Craig’s scent all over you.” Kyle commented blatantly, pulling down the collar of the turtleneck Tweek was wearing, revealing various deep red marks that had been sucked into his skin.


“Ah…well, h-he does it mostly u-u-unintentionally.” The blonde omega hummed, tapping his lower lip with his finger in a shy manner. And it was true. The alpha mostly didn’t notice that he was scenting him.


“I’ve barely got to see you because he’s been hogging you for almost the entire week.” The red-haired omega pouted, puffing his cheeks.


“S-Sorry.” Tweek smiled, laying his head onto the other omega’s shoulder. Seeing Kyle pout like that was kind of cute.


“On Monday,” Kyle started, and the look of concern was back on his face. It confused the blonde at times. “nothing happened, right?”


“Wh-What do y-you mean?” Tweek asked perplexed, not getting what the ginger was insinuating, and at the same time he knew what Kyle had just asked him.


“It’s just…I was worried about you because you were gone for so long. I wanted to address it earlier, but as I said, I barely got the chance to talk to you.” Kyle admitted; his eyebrows furrowed.


“You ngh d-don’t have t-to be worried about m-me. Craig w-won’t hurt me. H-He was just ngh jealous of D-Davíd for some r-reason.” Tweek said. He didn’t want his best friend to think badly of Craig.


“Don’t you think his possessiveness is uncalled for?” Kyle questioned hesitantly, unsure of how the blonde would react.


Tweek considered the other omega’s words for a moment, cocking his head to the side: “I d-don’t mind. I like it when he’s p-possessive. He e-even asked ngh me if I’d wear a collar.”


At the mention of the collar, Kyle’s eyes went wide, mouth agape. Tweek knew that the ginger might not react well to that, which was why the blonde hadn’t mentioned it earlier. Initially, he didn’t intend on mentioning it at all because if he were to decide to wear a collar, then his friend would figure it out anyway. Kyle thought that collars were something negative, but Tweek didn’t entirely share his opinion on that. For him wearing a collar meant that Craig wanted to be only with him.


“Seriously?! A collar.” Huffed Kyle; the grip on his pencil tightening and the scraping sound of the pen got slightly harder. “They’re a symbol of oppression. You shouldn’t wear one. You’re not his possession.” The omega’s voice was reprimanding.


“It’s n-not like that ngh.” Tweek sighed, pursing his lips. “He only asked m-me. It’s my ngh ch-choice whether I wear o-one or not.”


“Is it your choice, though? Or do you just want to make him happy?” the ginger questioned with a raised eyebrow.


“So, what i-if I want ngh to m-make him happy?! Why are ngh you i-instantly assuming that I am ngh going to w-wear it?” the blonde asked annoyed, crossing his arms over his chest. “I just ngh told y-you that he asked me whether I w-was okay with wearing o-one.”


Kyle’s eyes widened, and he rested his head on the palm of his hand. Tweek’s words echoing through his head, but he couldn’t let the issue slide.


“Is it so wrong of me to doubt whether it is truly your ‘choice’ or just a silent command from his side disguised as a question?” the ginger asked, rolling his eyes.


In his opinion, Tweek shouldn’t wear a collar just to make his alpha happy. He would be wearing one for all the wrong reasons. Regardless of the reasons, omegas shouldn’t wear collar at all. They were unnecessary and suggesting inferiority and submission.


“A-Are you implying th-that Craig would force m-me to wear o-one?!” The blonde asked incredulously. Now he was getting angry. What did Kyle take Craig for?


“You know that that’s not what I meant.” Kyle grunted, seeing that Tweek was taking his words the wrong way. “I am just saying that he might expect you to give in to his request that’s based on his unreasonable jealously.”


“I a-already told you th-that I don’t mind that he’s p-possessive of m-me.” Tweek spat; expression showing his raw anger now.


“I wouldn’t call it possessive. It’s more an obsession.” Commented Kyle casually, rolling his eyes. The sarcasm was seeping right into his voice, and Tweek didn’t take the ginger’s attitude well.


“Wh-What’s your problem ngh with h-him? Why d-do you h-hate him so much?” Tweek questioned; his posture defensive.


The redhead was getting on his nerves. He was so close to slapping him. He hated it when someone talked bad about Craig. No one, not even Kyle, was allowed to talk about Craig like that. Craig wasn’t the kind of person, Kyle suggested that he was. He didn’t know Craig. He was judging him based on nothing but assumptions.


“I don’t hate him. I just don’t like that he treats you like a god damn ragdoll.” The ginger explained, rather annoyed himself.


He was just trying to make a point. Tweek shouldn’t throw away his independence like that, but that was what wearing a collar meant: giving up your freedom.


“That’s n-not fucking true!! We’re e-equals.” The blonde gritted out, slightly raising his voice.


“Are you sure about that? Because frankly, if he saw you as an equal, then he wouldn’t have ‘asked’ you to wear a collar; a collar that indicates possession. Doesn’t sound like equality to me, or is he going to wear one too?” Kyle asked, putting quotation marks on the word ‘asked’ to make his point clearer.


“You k-know what? F-Fuck you, Kyle. Ngh Fuck. You. I d-don’t need that sh-shit from y-you. Mind your o-own fucking relationship.” Tweek spat, jumping up from his kneeling position on the floor, leaving the room and slamming the door closed.


Kyle watched him leave, making no effort in going after him. Why would he? It wasn’t his fault that Tweek couldn’t handle the truth.


The red-haired omega sighed, immediately feeling guilty about his words. He’d been unfair towards Tweek. Tweek was his best friend, and he was being a supreme-class asshole. Now he was about to cry because he hurt Tweek’s feelings and royally fucked things up.







To say that Tweek was angry would be an understatement. He was seething, deeply agitated and upset. How dare Kyle suggest that Craig wasn’t truthful. The blonde was hastily speed-walking down the street towards the patrol station. Neither could he control his raging emotions nor the tears streaming down his face. He needed something to snack on because lately that’s what was providing him with comfort if he felt upset, angry, anxious or all three things at once.


When he arrived, his tears had long stopped falling, and he had calmed down a bit. He entered the store, and strolled through the small aisles, looking for some treats. He was so invested in what he was doing that he didn’t notice who had just entered the store too, at least not until he heard his annoying voice; a voice that he had never been able to deal with.


Tweek stared at the items in the shelve, hoping that Cartman would not notice his presence, but unfortunately for him, the beta did.


“Fancy seeing you hear without your guard dog or his squad.” Cartman stated casually, having come to a halt next to Tweek. The omega didn’t answer so, opting to ignore the brunette.


“So, are you ignoring me now?” he questioned amused.


“Wh-What do you w-want?” Tweek gritted out, feeling irritated.


“Can’t I just idly converse with the love interest of a fellow classmate?” the beta shrugged.


“Y-You are not known for p-proving particularly valuable i-input, so l-leave me alone.” The omega commented, rolling his eyes.


“Tzz. You even sound like Tucker. But that doesn’t surprise me, since you’re his bitch.” Cartman huffed, making a dismissive gesture with his hand.


Tweek didn’t respond because he didn’t deem it necessary to defend his and Craig’s relationship. The beta just tried to get a rise out of Tweek.


“Why so silent? Did you finally realise that the only thing Tucker wants from you is sex? What else would you be good for anyway? Finally reached your dream to become his personal cum dumpster.” The beta continued, talking like it was the most natural and appropriate thing to say in a one-sided conversation.


“F-Fuck you, Cartman.” Tweek answered annoyed. He was tired of Cartman’s crap, so he just left the shop without buying anything.


The omega was so done with people trying to make him feel insecure. As if he wasn’t already insecure enough. Why would they need to ram that knife in deeper and deeper with every word? He tried to shake the feeling off, tried to brush off the words. Those empty words spouted by non-other than the biggest asshole in the universe shouldn’t affect him. Eric Cartman was known for talking bullshit. That sadistic asshole thrived on hurting people’s feelings after all. His words didn’t mean shit. Wendy was right. Cartman just tried to hide the fact that he had a small dick.



After some time, he slumped against a random wall, only realising now that he was exhausted from running all the way there. He looked up at the sky, watching the clouds pass by and the warmth of the sun’s rays caress his face. He closed his eyes, and for a moment he was able to forget about the turmoil going on in his mind. However, his ears perked up when he heard Red and her friends talk about Kyle.


“I just don’t get it. What does he see in Kyle? Kyle of all people. Seriously?” Tweek heard her ask in her usually booming and annoyingly high-pitched voice. He wondered whom she meant with ‘he’.


“I don’t get it either. Kyle is annoying.” Lola commented, and the blonde scoffed at her words.


“My words exactly. His attitude is pissing me off. He thinks himself above anyone else. He is violent, and he never shuts up, always commenting on everything. I mean, who cares about what you think. And Stan, tzz, he is drooling all over him.” The red-headed girl complained, and Tweek now got a gist of why she hated Kyle so much. It piqued his interest.


She was going on and on about how annoying she thought Kyle was, and even though Tweek was still angry at his best friend, he wouldn’t let her badmouth him like that. That’s why he pushed himself up and off the wall, walking around it to defend his friend.


“Y-You are the o-one who is a-annoying.” He confronted Red, glaring at her angrily.


“Listening in on other people’s conversations I see. Don’t you have anything better to do?” she asked spitefully, returning the glare.


“Y-You hate Kyle b-because you a-are jealous of h-him. It’s n-not his f-fault that you’re s-so uninteresting a-and d-dense, and St-Stan doesn’t give t-two fucks about your e-existence.” Tweek said. He was pissed off. His emotions were all over the place.


“The least I need to be is be jealous of someone like Kyle. And looking at you, I don’t get why Craig is so crazy about you. You’re ugly, you have no sense of fashion, you can’t even talk properly, and you have the mental capacity of a goldfish.” She counted, totally dismissing his previous comment, instantly shifting to insult him instead of Kyle, and doing it Cartman-style.


“What m-mental capacity do y-you have then? Th-That of a r-rock?” he retaliated, tightening his fists and trying to supress the urge to hit her. His clothes weren’t that bad. They were Bebe-approved. Bebe would have told him if his clothes were ugly, old-fashioned or not combinable.


“At least I am not someone’s sex toy.” She spat, angrily throwing her hair back. “I guess Craig has a kink for fucking spazzing freaks with a speaking disability.”


Tweek blinked, biting down on his lips and feeling the tears well up in his eyes again. It wasn’t like she particularly hurt his feelings, but since he had already taken shit from his best friends and then Cartman, he felt mentally drained and exhausted. He knew that Kyle didn’t really mean it, but Eric Cartman and Red meant the things they said.


Besides, his speaking problem had improved significantly and ever since he switched coffee with tea, the twitching only occurred occasionally.


“A-Are you done with your s-self-pity? It’s p-pathetic. Y-You’re always calling m-me a bitch, but who i-is the real b-bitch here?” Tweek asked rhetorically, not waiting for the female omega to give him an answer.


Why would he? She was dumb anyway. He just wanted to go home, lay down in his bed, call Craig so he would come over to comfort him, and then they would sleep for the rest of the day. He couldn’t even call him now because his phone was laying on his desk at home.



Tweek decided to take a small detour through the park to clear his mind before he went home. He enjoyed the fresh air and took a deep breath, sighing. The birds were chirping loudly, and at times, he found it annoying, but he didn’t mind it right now.


“Tweek?” a voice asked, and Tweek turned around, meeting a familiar face that wouldn’t be mean to him.


“O-Oh, hello D-Davíd.” The omega greeted with a forced smile.


“Everything okay?” the alpha asked concerned, stepping closer to the blonde.


“I am f-f-fine.” Tweek answered, not particularly keen on talking to anybody other than Craig right now.


“Really? You look upset. Did something happen? Do you want to talk about it? I’ll listen.” Davíd suggested, and the omega bit his bottom lip, contemplating the offer. He knew Craig didn’t like the alpha, but it wouldn’t be an issue if Craig didn’t find out.


Tweek sat down on the park bench, picking on the loose threads of his ripped jeans. The alpha joined him, watching him and waiting for him to start talking.


“Kyle a-and I fought. A-And then I met C-Cartman and Red, who i-insulted me. J-Just as t-they would ngh u-usually do.” Tweek explained, rubbing his slightly swollen eyes.


“Eric Cartman is an asshole. He has an inferiority complex and so does Red probably. They need to put down and harass other people to feel better about themselves.” The alpha explained, patting Tweek’s back.


“What happened between you and Kyle? Why did you fight?” the alpha asked tentatively.


“K-Kyle’s treating m-me like I c-can’t make decisions for ngh myself.” The omega answered, puffing out his cheeks.


“Elaborate.” Davíd continued, leaning back against the bench, and Tweek just started talking. The words somehow just spilled out of him.








“Would you stop pouting already?” Token asked as the three alphas walked towards Stark’s Pond to hang out with some other people, mostly to do what teenagers usually did when they hung out.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am not pouting. I don’t do pouting.” Craig said stoically, dismissing Token’s comment.


“’I don’t do pouting’,” Clyde mimicked, “and what’s that?” he asked, pulling on Craig’s cheek. “Looks like an invisible pout to me. It’s a unique trait of yours.”


“Whatever.” Craig deadpanned, unimpressed by Clyde’s nonsense reasoning.


“Tweek’s hanging out with Kyle. Can’t you go a day without him?” Token asked, patting his friend’s shoulder.


“They could have joined us, that’s all.” Craig commented, feeling a little bit disappointed that Tweek wasn’t with him today.


Lately, the omega had been acting weird. He’s been moody, and the alpha thought that he might have upset Tweek by asking him if he would wear a collar. He just didn’t want there to be any unresolved issue between them. Craig had been thinking constantly about the collar-thing, and he came to the conclusion that he had overreacted. He knew how collars might be perceived by some people, but he felt unreasonably threatened by Davíd and suggested it without properly thinking about it and considering the negative aspects that omegas could associate with collars. Tweek didn’t seem perturbed or upset about it then, but he it could have upset him, nonetheless.


“So, you are pouting.” Clyde stated, happily skipping next to him, looking like little red-riding hood with his happy demeanour and his red hoodie on.


“I am not pouting. I am reflecting.” The raven-haired alpha pointed out, crossing his arms over his chest.


“Yeah, right. Then, stop you’re reflecting. You’re ruining the mood.” Token commented, slapping him over the back of the head.


“I am naturally pessimistic, man. For me, the glass is always half-empty. I am not acting any differently than usually.” Craig stated with a perfectly expressionless face.


“You’re depressing aura is rubbing off on me, dude. Now, I am feeling down too.” Clyde complained, having dramatically sunken down on the ground, holding onto Craig’s jacket.


“Shut up.” Craig smiled a little, trying to pry the brunette’s fingers off his shirt to not topple over.


“Aww, will you look at that. Craig’s glass turned half full just now.” Token laughed, watching his friends be idiots as they were doing whatever they thought they were doing on the ground.





As they walked through the park, nearing their destination, Clyde noticed a familiar mop of blonde hair. He was sitting on the park bench, talking to the one person, Craig wouldn’t be all too happy to see.


The brunette glanced at his friend who was busy tying his shoelaces, unaware of whom Clyde had just seen. He made eye contact with Token, trying to communicate with him and convey a message. Token just stared at him confused, frowning at him, so Clyde decided to write him a message that read: Tweek is in the park with you-know-who.


Token looked up, deadpanning at his friend for the ridiculous reference, but then his expression turned alarmed when he saw Tweek and Davíd, peacefully conversing with each other. Clyde was right, Craig should not find out that Tweek was in the park with Davíd.


The black alpha walked over to Craig who had finished tying his laces, stating: “You know what, let’s get some snacks first.”


“Now?” Craig questioned perplexed, furrowing his eyebrows as he watched his friend walk into the direction they had just come from.


“Yes, let’s do that! I am starving.” Whined the brunette, excitedly throwing his arms in the air.


“You have just eaten three donuts.” Craig frowned, narrowing his eyes suspiciously at his friends.


“Only three. Man, I haven’t reached my daily donut stint yet.” Clyde said, ignoring the black-haired alpha’s suspicious stare.


“Let’s just make a small detour to the store.” Suggested Token, playing it cool, even though he was freaking out inside.


“Alright.” Agreed Craig; eyes still narrowed. Their behaviour was shady, but he couldn’t put a finger on it.


Token and Clyde were already celebrating internally when a joyful laugh made them freeze. Both alphas turned around, nervously eyeing the demeanour of their friend who had stopped dead in his tracks.


Craig was looking into the direction the sound came from, clenching his fist tightly when he saw Tweek idly and happily chatting with Davíd. His expression was still the same, but the dark aura radiating off him gave him away.


He gritted his teeth, contemplating on whether he should go there or calm down first. His Tweek was spending time in the park with another alpha, despite having said that he would be with Kyle.


A nasty feeling was boiling in his stomach, and he was trying very hard to contain the feeling of betrayal and anger that was slowly creeping up on him. The rational part of him told him that there was a logical explanation, and Craig was all in on logic, but recently, when it came to Tweek, he could think logically at all. His body just reacted.


Clyde and Token were talking to him, but he didn’t hear a word they said, too invested in what he was witnessing. He couldn’t bear it any longer when he saw the alpha touch Tweek’s face. The guy was just way too close to his omega.


He walked towards them; his exterior calm and collected, but on the inside, he was the opposite of calm and collected. He was furious.


Tweek noticed him though, before he even reached them, shooting up from the bench and running towards him with that goofy, happy and breathtakingly beautiful smile of his. For a brief moment, the feeling of hurt and betrayal dissipated into thin air, but it came back the moment his eyes met Davíd’s.


“Craig!” Tweek yelled, throwing himself into the alpha’s arms. “What a-are you d-doing here?” he asked with curious eyes, and Craig just stared at him, gritting his teeth. Shouldn’t he be the one asking that?


“Hah,” he laughed without humour, “I could ask you the same. Where’s Kyle?”


Tweek looked away, sensing Craig’s irritation. The omega knew that the situation could be misinterpreted, but he figured that if he played dumb, Craig might forget about it.


“We h-had an a-argument. I r-ran into D-Davíd on my w-way back h-home.” He explained, fiddling with the alpha’s jacket.


“Yeah right. You live right next to Kyle. How’d you end up in the park. Did you get lost?” asked Craig sarcastically, staring down at the omega.


“What’s w-wrong? A-Are you m-mad at me?” Tweek questioned innocently, clinging onto the alpha’s jacket and pressing his body into him.


“I am not mad. Why would I possibly be mad at you? Everything’s peachy.” He commented, not falling for the omega’s weak attempts to avoid the situation.


Tweek didn’t know how to respond, so he just buried his face into Craig’s chest, hoping that the alpha would at least return the gesture, but he didn’t. Token and Clyde looked uncomfortable, giving him sympathetic smiles.


Craig’s coldness upset the omega. Why was Craig making a big deal out of it? Tweek didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t deserve the hard and cold look he was receiving from the alpha he loved.


“We really just randomly ran into each other.” Davíd spoke up; the tense atmosphere and Craig’s cutting blue eyes were making him uneasy. Frankly put, Craig’s stoic demeanour and unreadable expression were creeping him out.


“I wasn’t talking to you.” Craig said, turning towards the other alpha; his tone even and stone-cold.


“Just saying.” Muttered Davíd, holding up his arms in defence.


“Shut up. There’s nothing remotely productive coming out of your mouth anyway.” Craig commented curtly.


“C-Craig.” Tweek mumbled meekly, chewing on the inside of his gums.


“What? Wanna share something?” he asked, but the omega didn’t answer. “I figured as much.” Craig stated, prying Tweek’s small hands off his jacket.


“Don’t talk to him like that.” The Davíd said, his scent suddenly getting stronger. The omega was sweet and cute. He didn’t deserve such treatment.


“Fuck off!” Craig retaliated, and even though he sounded irritated, his face didn’t show any emotion. He reacted to the scent; however, releasing agitated pheromones in response.


“C-Craig.” Tweek squeaked, trying to calm the alpha down by holding onto him again, despite Craig having shoved him away moments earlier.


Both alphas were observing each other, and both their scents were getting stronger. Craig growled at the other boy, waiting for him to react. Davíd took a step forward, growling in response, but he was stopped by one of Craig’s friends.


“Okay, hold on!” Token spoke up, putting his hand on Davíd’s shoulder. “Before things escalate, I think it would be for the best that you leave, don’t you agree?” he asked, his attention directed at Davíd. It wasn’t a question, though. It sounded more like a command. “Let’s let these two talk things out.” The black alpha proposed, pulling the other with him.


“That was fucking awkward, man.” Clyde commented as he helped Token drag the alpha away, so that Craig and Tweek could talk with each other.


Craig watched them leave, still mad about what happened. Tweek was looking down on the ground, refusing to make eye contact with him, which pissed him off even further. The alpha felt betrayed, and he didn’t know what to do right now. He put his hands in his pockets, running his hand over his face, trying to somehow cope with all the feelings that he was feeling all at once.


“It’s n-not what y-you think.” The omega spoke up, breaking the awkward and tense silence between them.


“Care to explain then? Why were you lying to me? I thought you were with Kyle, but instead you were having a great time with that prick.” The alpha growled.


“I…I didn’t l-lie to y-you.” Tweek answered, rubbing his eyes. “K-Kyle and I f-fought. I r-ran off and e-ended up here. I m-met Davíd by c-c-coincidence.”


“Right.” Craig deadpanned, looking utterly unconvinced.


“I-It’s the t-truth! You d-don’t have ngh t-the right to ngh b-be mad a-at me. I ngh had a sh-shitty day.” Tweek chocked out, stomping his foot on the ground.


“Why the fuck would you let him touch you?” asked the alpha, raising his voice at the blonde, not listening to what the omega had just said.


“Wh-What?! He c-comforted me be-because I was u-upset! You’re not b-being fair!!” accused the omega, clinching onto the ravenette’s arm, his voice raspy.


“I am not being fair?! You’re the one who is not being fair. Stop taking my feelings lightly! You know that I don’t trust him, but you’re meeting him anyway. Are you so desperate that you throw yourself at anyone?” he spat, swatting Tweek’s hands away. He was fed up with the blonde’s excuses and attempts to manipulate him by playing naïve and dumb, by looking all cute and innocent.


“YOU A-ASSHOLE!!” Tweek suddenly screamed to Craig’s surprise. “H-How could y-you say that after ngh all t-the things ngh I’ve been th-through?! You s-should be c-comforting me, not u-upset me. Y-You’re making me ngh so a-angry!!” He yelled, starting to hit Craig with his fists, though the alpha easily managed to stop him.


The omega started sobbing, his chest heaving up and down because he was angry with Craig. Tweek had been feeling so vulnerable for almost two weeks now, and the feeling of constant restlessness wasn’t going away. It was there, lingering in the pit of his stomach, especially when the alpha wasn’t there. The feeling just got worse now, since they were fighting.


The omega’s distressed scent alarmed all of Craig’s senses, and his instincts immediately reacted, wrapping Tweek into his arms, releasing a soothing scent to try and calm the omega down, forgetting his anger. The blonde’s hands desperately clung onto him, and the alpha tightened his hold, whispering sweet nothings into his ears. He felt so stupid now. He had seen that Tweek was sad, but instead of sucking it up, he acted cold towards the omega, distressing him even further. Craig had been selfish and hurt Tweek; something he had sworn to never do again.


“I am sorry.” The alpha whispered, pressing his nose into the crook of the omega’s neck. “I overreacted. I am so sorry.” He repeated, kissing the blonde’s skin.


Tweek shivered, rubbing his face into Craig’s shoulder, slowly starting to calm down again.


“M-Me too.” The omega sniffled, “I o-overreacted too ngh.”


Tweek had always tended to react overly emotional, but since he hadn’t had his heat yet, it might have caused a disbalance in his hormone levels, which was probably why he became easily upset, at least that’s what he figured to be the reason.


They stood there for a while, in the middle of the park until Craig decided to take Tweek home.



When they arrived at the blonde’s place, the atmosphere around them was still awkwardly charged. They were sitting in the omega’s room, but any of them had yet to utter a word.


Tweek couldn’t take it anymore, so he crawled into the alpha’s lap, starting to kiss down his jawline, nibbling on his skin. He just felt the urge to be close to him and kissing would be a good start. He fondled Craig through his clothes, but the dark-haired teen stopped him.


“Not now.” The alpha said, and Tweek felt rejected, which hurt his ego.


“Why not?” asked the omega, continuing to kiss and suck on the alpha’s neck; hands travelling up Craig’s shirt, feeling the muscles there.


“Because I don’t feel like it.” Answered Craig, turning his head away, preventing Tweek from kissing him on the lips.


“I w-wanna do it.” Whispered Tweek, girating his hips into Craig’s lap.


“Tweek,” the alpha groaned, briefly closing his eyes to will his growing arousal away, “not right now.”


“P-Please, alpha. T-Touch me ngh.” The omega whined, tearing on Craig’s clothes. The raven-haired teen sighed, caressing the blonde’s cheek. Tweek sure knew what he needed to do to get his attention, but he wasn’t going to fall for it. He was still mad.


“Is your heat starting?” he asked, still not sure about spending a heat together.


“Ngh no. I d-didn’t have i-it. But my h-heat’s irregular a-anyway. It might ngh come n-next month.” The omega explained, welcoming the alpha’s warm touch.


But instead of giving in to the omega, Craig told him: “You should rest.” His voice stating finality.


“Fine.” Tweek frowned in disappointment, getting off the alpha’s lap and climbing into his bed, throwing the bed sheets over himself. He felt like there was still an issue between them, and the omega didn’t like it. Craig wasn’t being fair to him.


“I’ll be at Token’s place.” Craig suddenly said, surprising the blonde omega.


“W-Will you c-come back?” Tweek asked, “P-Please come ngh b-back. I c-can’t sleep alone.” He whispered lowly, turning around to face the alpha, trying not to choke on his words as the feeling of abandonment started to grow inside him, shaking him to his core. He didn’t want Craig to go. It scared him.


“I will. Don’t worry.” The alpha promised with a small smile. He kissed the omega on the lips, and when he broke the contact, he rested his forehead on Tweek’s; Eyes closed.


“I l-love you.” The omega said.


“I love you too. I love you so much that sometimes, it causes me pain.” Craig answered, gently stroking over the omega’s bottom lip.


“C-Craig. Don’t b-break up with ngh me.” Tweek whispered weakly, fearing that the alpha didn’t want him anymore. That his words were words that meant goodbye.


“Never. I’d never ever leave you. Don’t worry.” Craig muttered back, giving Tweek another kiss before standing up and leaving without even turning around once.








When Craig was gone, Tweek was sitting on his bed, staring at the door that had just fallen shut. His body started trembling, shoulders shaking and eyes watering. It was obvious that the alpha was still not over the omega being in the park with Davíd. Hit bit down on his bottom lip, ripping the tender skin there.


He kicked the blanket off him and started walking up and down in his room. For once, his room wasn’t as messy as it usually was. Craig kept the room in order. Tweek didn’t mind it though because being able to see the flooring instead of piles of clothes, books and assignment papers scattered on the ground was a welcomed change.


The omega saw his backpack sitting under his desk, and in his anger, he threw it against his closet, causing the content to fall out of it and scatter onto the floor. When he saw what had fallen out of it, his eyes widened, and he panicked, instantly grabbing his phone to call Kyle, noticing several missed calls from the ginger.








Kyle was laying on the floor, staring at his ceiling, brooding. He had been trying to call Tweek several times, but the omega didn’t answer his phone. The ginger wanted to apologise for his assholeness. He felt bad about the fight.


He jumped up when his phone started vibrating, bumping his knee on the bed when he reached for the device. He hissed at the short, but intense pain, rubbing the spot, looking at the caller’s ID. He immediately answered when he saw that Tweek’s name had popped up.


“Twe—” he started, but the panicked voice on the other line cut him off.


“K-KYLE! Can y-you ngh come o-over. P-PLEASE!” Tweek’s voice boomed through the speaker, sounding croaked.


“I am on my way.” the ginger stated.


Chapter Text

The music was resonating from the wall, mercilessly attacking his eardrum. Craig was still not over it, so he decided to drown his worries and insecurities in alcohol. Clyde was sitting next to him, but the alpha couldn’t decipher his friend’s babbling because the brunette had long lost the ability to talk coherently. He had downed his fifth shot when Kenny approached.


“What’s the matter Craig-chan?” he asked in his usual chipper voice.


“Suck my dick, Kenny.” Craig answered curtly, taking another shot. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with the blonde alpha right now.


“Gladly, but shouldn’t you ask me out for dinner first? You can’t move straight to third base when you haven’t even reached first base yet.” Kenny said with a wink; his tone teasing.


“You don’t qualify for more than a one-night stand.” Craig shot back, getting a refill.


“Your hard words wound me, Craig-chan.” The blonde answered dramatically, waving his hand dismissively.


“What do you want?” the ravenette asked annoyed, rubbing the incoming headache away. He still hadn’t gotten used to the loud blaring of the techno music. He couldn’t even hear his own thoughts, and Kenny’s presence was making things worse.


“I heard what happened.” Kenny called out, his voice almost drowned out by the deafening music, but since he was so close, Craig still heard him clearly.


“So?” the black-haired alpha asked, eyeing the alcoholic liquid in his glass.


“So? You don’t usually strike me as the drama-queen type of guy.” Kenny commented, sitting down next to Craig.


“Whatever.” Craig said nonchalantly, brushing the blonde off.


“Lt’s gewt druuunk!!” drawled Clyde loudly, clinging onto an equally drunk Token. He shakily lifted his glass, spilling most of it over the table, slurring out a toast. Craig was in boat with the idea of getting drunk. That’s what he came here for anyway. He just wanted to lose himself tonight. So, he was going to get drunk with his friends.





Kyle arrived about two minutes later, storming into Tweek’s room, without knocking first. The blonde was sitting on his bed with the blanket wrapped tightly around him. His face was struck with tears, and his entire body was shaking.


“What’s wrong? What happened?” Kyle asked concerned, alarmed by Tweek’s distressed scent.


The blonde omega didn’t answer. Instead, he bit down on his bottom lip hard, chewing on it and pointing at the floor, where his school supplies were scattered on. Kyle didn’t get it at first, confused as to why some scattered material could bring his friend to tears, but then his eyes zoomed in on the small blister pack laying among the other stuff. His eyes widened, realising what it meant. The redhead dragged his feet over the floor, collecting the things that had fallen out of Tweek’s backpack, putting them back inside. Then, he picked up the blister pack, instantly hoping that it just looked like it hadn’t been opened. That wasn’t the case though.


Kyle sighed, rubbing his hand over his face and pursing his lips. He joined Tweek on the bed, laying a comforting arm around him, nuzzling his cheeks. He didn’t have the right words right now, so he waited for the blonde to speak.


“I-I ngh forgot…” Tweek whispered; his voice hoarse from crying so much. “How c-could I f-forget?”


The blonde omega was shaking again, a new bucket of tears threatening to spill from his eyes. Kyle took Tweek’s face in his hands, caressing his red cheeks.



“You need to take a pregnancy test.” Kyle said after a while, holding his breath, and the blonde just nodded in response, leaning into his fellow omega’s touch.


After a few minutes of silently sitting on the bed, Tweek spoke up in a broken and shaky voice: “W-Will you c-come with me t-to the ph-pharmacy?” he asked, gripping onto Kyle’s clothes with desperation.


“That goes without question.” Kyle answered, pecking his friend on the cheek and rubbing his back soothingly.




Fortunately, the pharmacy was still open when the omegas arrived. They entered the building, and the bell on the door announced their arrival. Tweek was fidgeting on his feet and nervously playing with his fingers. The omegas had put the hoods of their hoodies over their heads to try cover their identity. Tweek didn’t want anyone to figure out that they had bought a pregnancy test, and Kyle could understand that. The town was small, and word spread around fast.


The blonde was clinching onto the hem of Kyle’s hoodie, following him to the counter when they found what they needed. The ginger didn’t look up when he put the pregnancy tests on the counter because he didn’t need to see the cashier’s judgemental look.


“Is that all? You both seem a bit young to buy a pregnancy test.” The man said, scanning the products. Kyle didn’t answer. He just took his purchase, pulling Tweek with him. He didn’t even bother to say goodbye.



Back at Tweek’s place, Kyle was waiting for the blonde to get out of the bathroom. He was sitting on the only chair in Tweek’s room; his leg nervously moving up and down; his hands shaking.


“And?” Kyle asked expectantly and anxiously when Tweek entered the room for the 3rd time. The blonde didn’t want to look at the results, and he didn’t want Kyle to look at them before him either.


Tweek was standing in the middle of the room, looking at the tests. His hands were shaking, and his face was displaying several emotions all at once.


“It’s negative.” The blonde stated, nodding his head. “It’s a negative.” He repeated.


“That’s a relief. Let me look.” Kyle said, going over to Tweek and looking at the results himself. He swallowed hard when he saw the two bars on the display.


“Ehm, Tweek.” He started, but the other omega didn’t even let him start.


“It’s two bars. It’s a negative. They’re all negative.” Tweek muttered, throwing the tests into the rubbish bin.


Kyle furrowed his eyebrows and sighed: “Tweek, I don’t thi—”


“I a-am not p-pregnant.” The blonde omega stated determinedly, “I’m n-not. I’ll just do the last test. Then, you’ll see.”


Kyle pinched the bridge of his nose, unsure how to continue with Tweek being in denial. He understood that his friend was confused and trying to convince himself that two bars meant negative instead of positive. However, him wanting to do another test pretty much confirmed that Tweek knew himself that he was trying to warp the results into the outcome he had preferred.


“Twe—” the ginger started, but Tweek interrupted him yet again, shaking his head furiously to the side. Kyle was at a loss. Again.


The blonde omega grabbed the last of the four pregnancy tests they had bought, about to head to the bathroom again, but Kyle stopped him.


“Just let everything sink in first.” The ginger said, taking the test out of the blonde’s hand and putting it aside. “You can do the last one at a later time, when you are less upset.”


Tweek casted his teary eyes on the ground, pursing his lips. It took him a few seconds to give Kyle an answer, and the ginger was relieved that Tweek did, even if it was just in the form of an affirmative nod.


“You can leave n-now. Thanks for ngh h-helping me.” He said, rubbing the newly fallen tears from his eyes.


“We can talk about it when you’re ready. Get some rest first. Your head will be clearer tomorrow.” Kyle said, patting the blonde omega’s head. “Good night, then.”


“Good n-night.” The blonde answered, still distraught. Kyle didn’t want to leave, but he told himself that Tweek needed some time to figure things out.


“Ngh, are we good again? I still haven’t apologised, so I am doing it now. I am sorry.” Kyle apologised, twiddling with his fingers and waiting for his best friend to tell him that he had forgiven him.


“It’s f-fine. ‘am s-sorry too. We’re g-good.” Tweek answered with a weak smile on his lips. His mind was a mess.


“You can always rely on me, okay. No matter what happens, and no matter what you decide. I’ll be on your side.” Kyle stated, pulling the other omega into a tight hug, happy that Tweek wasn’t angry at him anymore.


“Okay.” The blonde nodded, desperately returning the kind gesture and burying his face into Kyle’s shoulder.





Craig was drunk, but not to an extent that he wasn’t able to walk straight anymore. Sure, he was tumbling a little bit, but he was still able to throw small pebbles at Tweek’s window. His aim hadn’t suffered from the alcohol.


It took the omega some time to open the window, and Craig waved at him and smiled when he saw his face peeking out.


The alpha managed to climb through the window, despite his slightly fuzzy mind. The omega sat on the bed, looking at him with worried eyes.


“Hi, babe.” He greeted, but it was more slurred than he expected it to be. The blonde casted his eyes away, laying down on the cushions without answering, turning his back away.


“…’s smthing wrowng?” he asked confused, stumbling towards the bed, almost falling over Tweek’s backpack.


He fell onto the bed and sighed, crawling over to Tweek. The omega still wasn’t looking at him, which wasn’t the kind of reaction the alpha had expected.


“I towld youw I’ll be bawck. ‘nd here I am.” He whispered, laying down beside the blonde, softly caressing the back of his neck.


The softness of the cushions beneath him made him sleepy, and his eyes were getting heavier with every movement. He put his arms around Tweek, drawing him closer and pressing him against his chest, burying his face into the omega’s neck. He breathed out in content, his hand sneaking beneath Tweek’s shirt to his bare chest, gently exploring his skin.


“Mmmh you r-reek of a-alcohol.” The blonde stated, pushing the alpha’s hand away.


“Only a little.” Craig slurred, cuddling up to the omega, already ready to fall into a deep slumber.


“You s-smell like a g-god damn liquor b-bar. Get o-off.” The omega grumbled, angrily pulling the alpha’s hand away, and Craig grunted.


“Why are you so grumpy? Suwch a drag.” Mumbled sullenly.


Tweek turned around, about to yell at the alpha, but the boy had already fallen asleep. The omega huffed, feeling irritated again. His hand moved to his stomach, and he thought about what Kyle said. Tweek buried his face into the pillow, shaking his head and pulling his knees to his chest. ‘I am not’, the blonde thought to himself, clenching his eyes shut tightly, ‘I am not.’




When Clyde woke up the next morning, his body was aching and sore all over. His head was still spinning, and the light that was falling through the window was too bright for his eyes to adjust just yet. He looked around the room and found his clothes carelessly thrown around, but other than that, the room was tidy.


The brunette closed his eyes again, trying to remember really hard what happened the day before. All he could remember though, was going to a house party and getting hammered as fuck with Token, Craig and Kenny. The alpha sighed and let his head fall back onto the soft pillow beneath his head. He noticed that he was naked and when he heard someone groan next to him and wiped his head to where the sound was coming from and almost had a heart attack. He bolted up and toppled down the bed, pulling the blanket with him. The person on the other side of the bed didn’t seem to mind though. Clyde tried to get up but when he did there was a sharp pain shooting up his lower back, causing him to fall down again. His legs were shaky, and he definitely shouldn’t feel sore at that place.


So, he peeked over the bed and saw Token’s peaceful sleeping face. The alpha slept like a stone and not even the ruckus Clyde had just caused could tear him out of his deep slumber. The brunette’s eyes widened and when his brain processes what had likely happened to night before, his head went to over-drive. He didn’t know what to do because firstly, he should not have slept with someone that was in a relationship, even if said relationship was on the verge of going down the drain and secondly, he should not have slept with his best friend, who was an alpha. But the biggest point he had to make here was that he shouldn’t have been the one to bottom. If he and Token were to have sex, then Clyde should be the one fucking Token, not the other way around. That though, was beside the point now because the brunette alpha didn’t know what to fucking do right now. Was he supposed to just leave? Wait until Token wakes up, so they could have an awkward conversation about it, or should he just pretend that this had never happened.


Clyde looked for his found and found it in his pockets that he had to crawl over to because his legs were to shaky to walk on. He went through the contacts on his phone, contemplating about whom to call. His first thought would have been to call Token, but the black alpha wasn’t an option right now. His second thought was to call Craig, but he would immediately know that it was Token he was talking about. So, he decided to call Kenny. Kenny was good at giving advice.


“What’s up? Why you calling me?” Kenny’s voiced came through the speaker, and Clyde groaned at the loudness of his voice.


“If you were to wake up next to a guy that is not an omega what do you think had happened?” the brunette asked, without greeting the blonde. Kenny was quiet for a while before speaking up again.


“That depends. Are you naked? I suppose you are. How’s your general wellbeing? Are you feeling sore in places that you have never felt sore before?” the blonde alpha asked, already knowing full well what the answer was going to be.


“I don’t want to answer that question. I pledge the 5th.”


“So, you fucked an alpha, or rather you have been fucked.” Kenny laughed loudly into the phone before he went to ask “was he hot at least?”. In that moment, Clyde decided to hang up on the blonde.


Clyde groggily stood up and gathered his clothes, not ready to face one of his best friends because how could he after they had done it? He tumbled out of the room, choosing the pretend-it-didn’t-happen option in hopes that none of them would remember the night they spent together because it would just make things difficult. The only one who knew something was Kenny, but the guy could keep a secret, and he didn’t know whom he had slept with anyway.






Two weeks passed by and Kyle’s irritation was reaching its peak. Tweek had been avoiding talking about the issue, and his constant banter with Craig was getting on the ginger’s nerves. The blonde either lashed out or started crying for no reason. Kyle felt sorry for Craig, since the alpha happened to be on the receiving end of Tweek’s mood swings. The ginger had thought about how to address it again, but since his friend wouldn’t listen, blocking out anything remotely related to the topic, made things difficult. It was taxing, and Kyle had his own problems to deal with, namely his parents who still didn’t know about his and Stan’s relationship. He didn’t even know how to bring it up in a conversation. He had been thinking about it non-stop and went through several scenarios in his head, but they never ended well.


Right now, he was at the supermarket with his father, having been forced to accompany him because his mother was at the doctor’s with Ike. The omega hadn’t been keen on being around his father because their interactions were still so awkward. Kyle couldn’t even dissuade his dad from stopping to take him and Ike to school, so how could he possibly tell him that he was with someone. On the other hand, he couldn’t keep it a secret forever, even though he had initially planned to maybe drop the bomb when was heading for university – if his dad would even let him enrol to university.


Kyle was looking through the shelves, nervously gnawing at his bottom lip because his mind wouldn’t stop worrying. He didn’t even know what he was supposed to look for, so when he went back to their cart, he just told his dad that he couldn’t find it. The omega looked as displeased on the outside as he was on the inside. He could have spent the day with Stan, but instead, he had to go grocery shopping with his father. He’d choose bungy jumping into a volcano over that.


“What’s wrong Kyle? You’ve been in a sour mood since we got in the car.” His father commented, and Kyle had to refrain from rolling his eyes to the back of his head.


“It’s nothing.” Answered the omega, hoping that the alpha wouldn’t push further. He gripped tightly onto the cart, avoiding eye contact. The supermarket was full of people, and he already dreaded to long queue.


Gerald hummed at his son’s answer, but he didn’t sound convinced. Nonetheless, the man didn’t say more than that as they manoeuvred their way through the crowd, heading to the check-out.


They had just got in line when a familiar voice, coming from behind, greeted them.


“Gerald, my friend. How are you doing?” Randy asked, waving at them with a smile on his face. His daughter Shelly was with him, looking as unhappy and displeased about the situation as Kyle. The ginger could relate to her.


Randy and his father fell into an idle conversation, talking about their work, the food store and football.


“My son’s the captain of the football team. The season is going to start next week. I hope they win this year. They lost the deciding game last year.” Randy went on; his expression getting solemn.


“Then, the team must be practicing a lot, lately.” Gerald answered, seeming interested.


“Yeah, four times a week.” The other alpha answered, continuing to talk about how they were definitely going to win the season.


Honestly, Kyle wasn’t a big fan of football. He barely knew the rules, and he mainly associated it with severe head injuries. It sometimes worried him that Stan was doing such a violent sport. The alpha’s schedule had also been tight, and they hadn’t been able to meet up on weekdays often because football practices ran late. The omega would have gone to Stan’s place, but he didn’t know how to explain to his parents that he was going to see an alpha so late at night. So, that wasn’t an option. Kyle really missed him and seeing him at school, recess or via video chat wasn’t enough.


His father payed the groceries, saying his farewell to Randy and Shelly, about to go when Randy casually called after them. “Kyle, you should visit again some time. I haven’t seen you in a while.”

Kyle froze, but he nodded at the man, giving him a small smile to indicate that he had heard him.


“What was that all about?” Gerald asked, giving his son a quizzical look, but the omega dismissed his question without answering. He just shrugged his shoulders, hoping that the alpha wouldn’t think too much into the comment.






Of course, his father wouldn’t let it go. The moment, Kyle got into the car, his father started to ask him questions. Too many for Kyle’s liking.


“What did Randy mean? What’s with you and the Marsh boy?” he asked with furrowed eyebrows, steering the car out of the car park and onto the road.


“What do you mean?” Kyle asked disinterestedly. It would be a good opportunity to be truthful, but he didn’t seize that moment, and he didn’t know why. His heart was pounding in his ribcage and he felt so loud that he feared his dad might hear it too, picking up on his lie.


“Is he bothering you? He isn’t coming onto you, is he?” the alpha asked; voice turning concerned and slightly agitated at the same time.


“What?! No! Why’d you think that? And what’s with all the questions? Stop interrogating me.” The omega responded, feeling the annoyance nag at him. It made him angry that his father thought that Stan would do such a thing. As if Stan would ever do something like that. Just because he was a teenaged alpha didn’t mean that he was a sexual predator, unable to control his instincts.


“I am just making sure no one with bad intentions is near you. I don’t like you spending time with an alpha. You’re both teenagers, and with all the hormones involved, I don’t want anything to happen to you. You’re too young for this.” His father explained matter-of-factly, but it didn’t ease Kyle’s anger. The implication that Stan couldn’t control himself was outrageous.


Had his father ever thought about the fact that maybe, the omega could be the one coming onto the alpha? No, of course not because that would require him to think past the assigned gender roles.


“I can take care of myself. I am old enough.” The omega muttered, turning his head away to look out the window.


“Yes, of course. I saw how well that went.” Commented Gerald nonchalantly, and the ginger was so close to exploding and yelling at his father because he knew what the alpha was referencing at.



Gerald pulled into the driveway and stopped the car. As soon as the engine was turned off, Kyle got out of the car, slamming the door shut violently. He wanted his dad to know that he didn’t take the earlier comment well. He heard his father call after him, but he didn’t respond to it.


“Kyle? What’s wrong?” his mother asked as she emerged from the kitchen, a concerned look was adorning her face.


“Ask dad. He can tell you.” The omega said, leaving the house once he changed his shoes.


“Where are you going?” the alpha asked, watching Kyle walk past him.


“To a friend.” The omega huffed without looking at his father.


“What friend?” he asked, “Kyle? Kyle!” the man called, but Kyle didn’t answer, ignoring him altogether until he was out of ear shot.





Late in the afternoon, the omega decided to go to the football training ground to wait for Stan until he was done with practice. He sat down below a tree, watching the team run around on the field, trying to figure out who of them was Stan. He could hear his voice, but since they were all wearing the same equipment, it was hard to determine who was who.


Kyle leaned back against the tree, feeling the hard and try bark rub uncomfortably on his skin even through his clothes. The shadow the tree casted over him sheltered the omega from the sun that was standing surprisingly high today. As he watched the alphas on the field, Kyle somewhat understood the enthusiasm of many people when they talked about football: it was a savage game, though it didn’t change the fact that it was dangerous.


After a while the omega was getting bored, and his muscles and bones felt stiff. He craned his neck and rubbed his fingers into the back of the sore muscle on his neck. It felt relieving.


The moment he pulled his body from the ground, not being able to sit on the hard surface anymore, his joints cracked, and it sounded disgusting. Looking up, he saw the players finally take off their helmets, starting to collect up the practice gear.


Kyle’s eyes scanned the face of every player until they landed directly on Stan. Maybe coming here was a bad idea because the alpha looked fucking hot in those tight pants, the football socks and the jersey, beneath which he wore the protective equipment. The omega shook his head to get the naughty thoughts out of his head, and when he saw that the players were on their way back, he straightened his back and patted down his clothes, trying to look presentable. He didn’t know why he felt so nervous all of a sudden, so he took three deep breaths and opened is eyes that he didn’t know he had closed and walked towards the alpha, who had yet to notice him.



Stan was having an animated conversation with Clyde when he noticed Kyle walking toward him, looking as beautiful as ever. He was positively surprised to see him, since they haven’t gotten to see each other as often as Stan wished they had.


He ran to the omega, halting right in front of him. Kyle’s demeanour seemed nervous and somewhat shy, which the alpha wasn’t used to. He met his eyes briefly, and a blush covered the ginger’s normally pale cheeks. The omega was fiddling with the lobes of his ears, and Stan found it endearing and cute.


“Hey, Kyle.” He greeted, slinging his arm around Kyle’s waist to draw him closer. He got a lot of whistles and catcalls for that, but he ignored his teammates.


The alpha gave the ginger a quick kiss on the lips and when he pulled away, Kyle followed his movements, trying to catch his lips again; eyes fluttering. He looked really sexy right now.


“Hey.” The omega whispered back. His hands were flush against the alpha’s padded chest, drawing patterns into the jersey’s surface. He didn’t even mind that Stan was drenched in sweat because he loved the musky smell of the alpha.


“What are you doing here?” Stan asked as his fingers rested over Kyle’s hip bones. He would have put them elsewhere, but they were in public right now.


“Hmm I missed you.” The omega admitted shyly, resting his arms over the raven-haired teen’s shoulders; finger’s threading and playing with the hair on the back of Stan’s neck.


“You’re cute.” The alpha chuckled heartily, putting his helmet onto Kyle’s head. “I am gonna shower real quick, and then you’ll have all my attention.” He winked.


“Shower…” the redhead nodded with a dopey smile, feeling completely flustered by the image that popped up in his head. He was glad that he wore the helmet now because that way he was able to hide his flaring cheeks.




Stan walked out of the locker room after a quick shower, feeling elated that Kyle was there, waiting for him, so they could spend the rest of the day together.


“What’s with that dreamy smile on your face?” Clyde teased, and Stan gave him a playful shove.


“Is there anything interesting going to happen in your bedroom tonight?” the brunette asked, wiggling his eyebrows.


“Probably not.” The ravenette laughed, pulling his shirt over his head. His muscles felt sore. He and Kyle hadn’t gone far, and he doubted that they would do more than touching each other up through their clothes. He had yet to see the omega completely naked.


“Poor guy. You must have the worst case of blue balls.” Clyde laughed, slapping him on the back.


“Hah, look who’s talking. When was the last time you got laid?” Stan laughed jokingly, returning the slap on the back.


Clyde visibly paled at the comment, shrugging it off awkwardly. “I get laid plenty.”


“If you say so.” Stan shrugged. The brunette had been acting weird for the past two weeks, especially around Token. Those two were constantly together, but recently, there had been that weird tension surrounding them. Stan figured that it was a somewhat sexually charged atmosphere.


“Hey, are you and Token okay?” he asked casually, getting into his shoes, tying the knots tightly together.


“Yeah! We are fine. Why wouldn’t we?” the brunette alpha laughed. Again, with the awkwardness.


“…okay, then I am off.” He said, waving the brunette goodbye.


“Do something about the blue balls!” Clyde yelled after him, but Stan was going to ignore that comment.


Of course, he had been thinking about sex a lot lately because other than that one blowjob and a bit of groping, they didn’t do much else, which was getting frustrating. Besides, there was that problem with Kyle’s parents who still didn’t know that they were together. It bothered him, but the omega refused to discuss the issue. The alpha hated hiding their relationship. It made him feel like they were some dirty little secret. He didn’t want to be some dirty little secret. He left the gym with a sigh, but his mood instantly improved when he saw Kyle patiently waiting for him.


“Let’s get going then.” The alpha said, intertwining his and Kyle’s fingers.


“You sure took your time. Let’s go somewhere.” The omega stated, squeezing his hand tightly.


“Where do you want to go?” Stan asked, bringing Kyle’s hand to his lips to kiss it.


“I don’t know. Anywhere is fine.” The omega answered with a blush on his face.


“You’re rather specific today. What happened. You seem preoccupied.” He commented casually as they walked towards his truck.


“It’s just…it’s everything. Tweek’s been avoiding talking about a certain ‘issue’, and my dad is driving me nuts.” Kyle answered, but he didn’t say more than that.


“Issue? What kind of issue.” Stan asked, getting curious now.


“Ehh…I can’t tell. It’s a secret between Tweek and I.” the omega said, darting his eyes away, but the alpha wouldn’t pry on that because it was a secret between omegas.


“Alright. Then, when are you planning on telling your parents about us?”


“…Not yet. It’s not the right time.”


“You’ve been telling me that for weeks now. Do you even intend telling them?” Stan grumbled, annoyed at Kyle’s reluctance to open up to his parents concerning the nature of their relationship.


“It’s not that easy. Can’t we just drop it and talk about something else?” The omega asked. He just didn’t want to have that kind of conversation right now.


“Yeah. Fine. Let’s avoid the topic, like always.” The alpha remarked snappily, letting go of Kyle’s hand and quickening his pace, so that the omega practically had to run to keep up with him because his legs didn’t allow him to make big strides.




Kyle sat in the passenger seat and watched the alpha who was driving down the street, scraping over and tapping the steering wheel with his fingers. They hadn’t spoken a word since they got into the car and it was getting on the ginger’s nerves. The omega could understand that Stan felt angry about it, but he should at least show more understanding.


“Are you going to keep ignoring me?” Kyle asked nonchalantly, picking at his jeans, but the alpha didn’t answer him. Instead, he ignored him; eyes completely glued to the road.


“Really? How mature of you.” The ginger commented sarcastically; lips forming a thin line.


“Stan. Are you done being mad at me?” the omega asked again, turning his body towards Stan. The alpha huffed, but that was all the response Kyle got.


“Fine. Whatever. Stop the car. I’ll walk home.” The ginger said in a flat voice because two could play the game.


“What do you mean with ‘walk home’?” the raven-haired boy questioned, sounding perplexed as he regarded Kyle for the first time, since they had entered the car.


“I said stop the fucking car!!” Kyle screamed, grabbing the steering wheel; the action caused the alpha to lose control briefly, and the truck made snake-like movements on the road.


“Are you crazy?! You can’t just grab the steering wheel like this. You could have caused and accident.” Yelled Stan as he forcefully stopped the truck on a dusty path at the side of the road.


“Who fucking gives a damn!!” Kyle responded, unbuckling his seatbelt angrily and getting out of the vehicle. Stan followed after him.


“What are you doing? You can’t walk. It’s too far.” Stan said.


“Watch me!!” barked the omega without looking back. His pace was fast, and he had his hands balled into fists, stomping over the uneven ground.


“Kyle. Kyle! Get back, god damn it.” Called the raven-haired boy, running after him to catch up.


“Fuck off!” the omega spat. He was totally pissed off at the moment.


“Kyle. I am sorry. Will you fucking stop?! Stan asked in an equally mad tone. He got a hold of Kyle’s wrist, stopping him in his track, not budging one bit, even thought the omega tried his hardest to get of his grasp.


“Let go of me.” The ginger warned; his voice dangerously low as he dug his nails into the alpha’s skin.


“No.” Stan answered curtly and in an assertive manner.


“If you don’t fucking let me go this instant, I am going to scream.” Kyle threatened, glowering at the ravenette.


“You’re one to talk about mature, huh? Go ahead then. Scream.” The alpha dared Kyle; his tone slightly amused, which pissed the omega off.


“Fuck you!” redhead screamed, getting out of Stan’s grasp and running down the street. Stan sighed and rolled his eyes, catching up to him rather quickly, halting the omega in his steps once again.


Stan opened his mouth to say something, but his words were cut off and drowned out by the sound of thunder and the sudden down pour. The drawn-out rumble of thunder got their attention and they looked up; the sky had darkened out of the blue, dark clouds blocking out the sky, spilling heavy buckets of rain over them. Another thunder occurred, and they looked at each other, both agreeing that they should walk back to the car.


They found shelter in the backseat of the truck, and the omega sat as far away from Stan as he possibly could, given the circumstances. They were drenched and sat there for a while, neither of them uttering a word. The dull hammering sounds of the rain hitting the roof of the truck was deafening, but the rain and the thunder were the only thing to break the silence, otherwise it would have been deadly quiet.


“I am sorry.” Kyle whispered lowly, not daring to look up as he rubbed his fingers of the surface of the car’s door.


“It’s fine. I shouldn’t have ignored you. It was childish of me.” Admitted Stan.


“And I shouldn’t have grabbed the wheel while you were driving.” Kyle said, feeling guilty about his reckless behaviour. Not even did he endanger himself, but he also put Stan’s life and the life of other on the line.


“Are you ashamed of me? Is that why you don’t want to introduce me to your parents?” Stan suddenly asked. He just wanted to know why Kyle was so abundant.


“Wh-What?! NO! Why would I ever be ashamed of you?!!” the omega burst out, confused. “It’s just that I don’t know how my dad would react. I don’t know how my mom would take it. She might be fine with it because she likes you, but my dad: he is a completely different story. He’s already highly suspicious of you.” Kyle continued, propping knee up on the seat to lean his head against it. “I want to tell them. I don’t want to keep it a secret. I just need a little more time.”


“Okay.” Stan whispered, relieved that the omega wasn’t ashamed of him.


“Besides, you are…handsome and c-cool and ho—” Kyle stuttered out, but the alpha didn’t hear the last part.


“What was the last part? I didn’t hear.” Stan whispered sultry, getting closer to the omega, who started pressing his body into the car door behind him.


“We should probably get out of our wet clothes.” The omega answered back, his finger stroking over the raven’s clothed chest. It was rather inconvenient for Stan that his shirt happened to be white, and Kyle was now able to see every movement of his muscles beneath it. He couldn’t tear his eyes away, and he could feel his mouth get dry.


“And share some body heat, so that none of us catches a cold.” Stan reasoned, pulling his drenched shirt over his head and hanging it over the driver’s seat.


Kyle swallowed loudly and with shaky hands, he started to remove his own clothes. Stan’s body was a sight to behold. He looked like a fucking god with his chiselled chest, his nice biceps and his wet hair sticking to his forehead, and now he was sitting in front of him stark naked. The omega could feel the heat in his cheeks and turned his head away, even though he had already seen the alpha half-naked.


“You wanna keep the underwear on?” Stan asked, oblivious to Kyle’s inner struggle.


“You want me to take it off for you?” he asked, creeping closer to him until their naked bodies were pressed together. Their wet skin sticking onto each other.


Kyle bit his lower lip, unsure of what to do, so he gave a small nod. Stan’s hands travelled to the waistband of his underwear, pulling it down and off his wet body, leaving him completely bare and exposed to the alpha’s eyes. The raven-haired teen held his breath, mesmerised by Kyle’s naked form.


“You’re beautiful.” Stan breathed out, leaning over the omega and pulling him in for a bruising kiss.


-sexual content warning-


Kyle eagerly kissed the alpha back, pushing him onto his back to sit on top of him. Stan was surprised by the ginger’s boldness, but he liked how enthusiastically he was responding to their kissing. The omega’s hands explored the alpha’s chest and arms, and he was nipping on Stan’s lips, breathing heavily. The raven-haired boy smiled into their lip-lock and ran his hand down the curve of the omega’s spine, stopping above his ass, pulling him closer against his body.


The alpha had dreamed about doing this for months and now he was actually touching the omega’s completely naked body. No clothes in the way. He could feel their still wet chests rubbing against each other, and he drank in every moan that fell from Kyle’s kiss-swollen lips. He smelled so sweet and delicious, his eyes were blown wide, and his skin tasted heavenly. He’d already been rock-hard when he watched the omega remove his clothes so carefully and shyly because it really turned him on.


The space was cramped, but it brought them even closer, making the situation more intimate and arousing. The alpha sat up, stopping Kyle for a moment to search through the glove box on the passenger’s side of the truck, where he stashed the condoms.


Kyle’s eyes went wide when he saw the condoms, and he was starting to get even more nervous now. He had been thinking a lot about having sex with Stan, but he was feeling insecure about it, since the alpha was quite experienced. The omega feared that he might suck at sex because he didn’t know how it worked or what he had to do.


Stan had to have sensed his insecurities. “Hey, we don’t have to. We can just keep doing what we were doing.” The alpha assured him, laying him onto the seat, kissing down his neck to his nipple, which he started to suck on.


Kyle covered his mouth with his arm and closed his eyes, feeling embarrassed about the noises he had made, drowning in the feeling of Stan’s wet tongue on his hard nipple.


“Don’t cover your mouth. I wanna hear you.” The alpha spoke, tearing Kyle’s arm away from his mouth.


“Aahh.” The omega moaned; breathing accelerating. He was hard now, and he could feel his whole clench and unclench, producing slick.


“That’s it. Be as loud as you want.” The raven-haired teen whispered as his hand moved downwards and past the omega’s belly button, over his cock and to the ginger’s moist entrance.


Kyle didn’t really know what to do with his hands, so he put them on Stan’s shoulders as his body succumbed to the pleasure the alpha was providing him with. His belly felt weird, and his skin hot. Constant groans and whimpers fell from his lips, and Stan hadn’t really touched him that much. He was just gently exploring his skin and sucking on his nipples, but his scent was enhancing his senses and his physical response to being touched. Kyle unconsciously spread his legs wider; calves resting on either side of the ravenette’s knees. He jolted when he felt the alpha’s fingers brush over his entrance.


“Can I?” Stan asked tentatively, locking eyes with the ginger, who gave him his consent to continue.


“Ngh. Sta—ahh!” the omega moaned when Stan’s fingers breached his hole.


“Relax. You’re too tense.” The alpha said, brushing his lips over the redhead’s.


Kyle could feel Stan’s breath on his lips and moaned. His eyebrows were furrowed, and he couldn’t really put the feeling he was experiencing into words.


“I, ngh ah feel weird—ah!” the omega managed to breath out heavily as Stan started to work his fingers in and out of him; the squishing sound adding to Kyle’s arousal.


“Is it a good weird or a bad weird?” the alpha asked, kissing and caressing the ginger’s skin with his lips tenderly. He’d never felt so excited during sex, and Kyle’s moans were going straight to his aching cock. His fingers were easily gliding in and out of the omega’s hole, coating them with slick.


“An I-don’t-ah!-know kind of ngh w-weird.” The ginger groaned; body suddenly tensing up.


Kyle felt confused, but in a good way. He’d never really experienced arousal. He didn’t even really masturbate because it never did anything to him. He didn’t essentially need to do it during his heats, since they were moderate and short.


His entire body felt like it was on fire right now. One hand was gripping on the armrest on the door while the nails of his other hand were scratching red marks into the skin of the alpha’s shoulder. His chest was heaving up and down, his hole was clenching down onto Stan’s fingers that were massaging his inner walls, and his head was swimming because the tightening feeling in his stomach was overwhelming him. He couldn’t control the noises he made. He was just lying there, mouth agape and moaning while Stan was doing all the work.


“Ngh Sta-an.”


“Fuck, you’re hot and all wet for me.” Stan breathed out, attacking the omega’s neck, sucking bruises into the sensitive skin. “I really want to fuck you. You can’t even imagine how many times I jerked off to the image of you, writhing and moaning beneath me.” The alpha continued as he pushed his fingers deeper inside, rubbing and curling them.


“Ahh! Ngh!” Kyle moaned, eyes rolling to the back and head lolling to the side.


“Can I put it in? I really want to put it in.” the raven-haired boy whispered against the underside of the omega’s throat.


“O-Okay.” Kyle stuttered out as he spread his legs even wider.


The alpha fiddled with the condom and put it on, rubbing at his length. Kyle looked so breath-taking right now, and he couldn’t believe that it was happening; that they would become one very soon. He pulled the omega closer to him, positioning himself in front of his leaking entrance. Kyle had his eyes closed and his grip on the seat beneath his was so tight that his knuckles turned a white colour. His eyebrows were furrowed, and the breath leaving his lungs was shallow and rapid. His body was lean and covered in sweat; the rain droplets have long dried into his skin. The omega had spread his legs apart, which granted the alpha a good lock at his slick-leaking entrance. Stan could feel himself salivating and his own breathing accelerated, and with it the beating of his heart that was ensuring the blood supply to his organs; however, it didn’t really seem to reach his brain sufficiently.


He rubbed the tip around Kyle’s hole and entered him slowly, but the sudden stiffness of the omega’s body made it very hard to move any further.


“Ngh don’t te-tense up, beautiful, otherwise I can’t push in.” the alpha said, overwhelmed by the tightness of Kyle’s hole around the tip of his cock.


“I am ngh scared.” The omega moaned out, pulling Stan down, clinging onto him.


“I’ve got you. I’ll be gentle. We can stop any time.” The raven answered, kissing Kyle passionately until he loosened up enough for him to enter him all the way.


Stan snapped his hips forward and groaned as the tight moist heat engulfed him. He pulled out again and started to thrust into the omega; his pace slow.


In the meanwhile, Kyle was completely getting lost in the pleasure. Stan’s cock was so much bigger than his fingers, and the omega wasn’t used to having anything enter him. With every thrust of the alpha’s hips, the tingling and ticklish feeling inside his chest and belly was getting more intense. He could hear Stan’s groans and praises, and his body reacted accordingly, tightening up and clenching down onto the raven-haired boy’s length. Kyle’s wanton moans filled the car, and the rain had yet to stop hitting the roof top, downing and intermingling with the noises Stan and Kyle made in the truck. There was a fine layer of steam clouding the window, caused by their activity. The omega didn’t think about anything in the moment, concentrating on the feeling that was spreading from his lower half through his entire body. Stan pressed his body into him, so their nipples touched each other, and quickened his pace, causing friction in all the right places. The ginger clung to him, unable to do much more than moan and wrap his legs around the alpha’s waist. Kyle arched his back, his walls spasming and mouth falling open, but there was no sound coming out of him as he experienced his first ever dry orgasm. He couldn’t describe the feeling, but if he had to it felt like something within him exploded and euphoria claimed his soul and body, sending him on an intense trip through a rollercoaster.


Stan was taken aback by how beautiful the omega looked when he climaxed, and he could feel that he was nearing his own release. His thrusts had gotten rougher, and his pace sloppier and when Kyle’s body went lax, he felt his knot swell and pulled out of the omega, seeking his release by gripping onto his cock tightly, stroking aver the glands of his penis at a fast pace. When he finally came, he slumped forward and noticed that Kyle had fallen unconscious.


The alpha discarded the condom and changed their position and the omega contently snuggled into his chest, purring. Stan smiled at the display of trust, rubbing his nose into Kyle’s damp hair until sleep claimed him too.

Chapter Text

The heavy rain had stopped, and Stan and Kyle were still laying comfortably on the seats in the back of the truck. The alpha watched as the omega’s chest lifted up and down; his even breathing tickling his skin. Kyle’s red locks had dried, but they were unruly now and plastered to his face. His eyes were closed, his expression peaceful and somewhat carefree for once. Stan moved his fingertips over the omega’s smooth skin, caressing his shoulders and running them down Kyle’s spine, enjoying touching the ginger in such an intimate manner. He loved the way his warm skin felt, and the way Kyle sighed in content at the light contact. Looking at the omega, defencelessly laying on his chest made him fall in love with him even more. Stan closed his eyes, listening to his own rapid heartbeat and Kyle’s purring that had become softer now. It was a rich and cute sound, rumbling through the omega’s chest, showing Stan that Kyle trusted him, and that trust was all he ever wanted and what he wanted to give back.

Then the omega stirred in his sleep, eyes slowly fluttering open. He moved his head to the side and breathed out heavily, cuddling into the alpha again. There was no tension in his body, just pure relaxation.

“Hi.” Stan smiled as Kyle looked at him, sleep still visible in his eyes.

“Hi.” The omega muttered back, kissing the alpha’s chest; a beautiful red hue spreading over his usually pale cheekbones.

“You okay?” the dark-haired teen asked, kissing the top of Kyle’s head with a smile. He couldn’t help the dopey smile. He was just so happy right now.

He hands wandered down Kyle’s back again, stopping at the small of his back, tightening his hold to press their bodies together.

“Ngh...what are you doing?” questioned the omega. The movement had caused friction between them, which made him feel weird things.

“I just want to be as close to you as possible.” Stan answered, smooching Kyle on the cheek exaggeratingly loud.

“Stop it.” The ginger protested weakly, playfully pushing the alpha’s face away.

“Aww, don’t be shy.” Said Stan as he embraced the omega to cuddle with him. Kyle didn’t protest this time.

They fell into a comfortable silence, and the omega was sliding his fingers over Stan's toned thorax, admiring the flexing of the alpha’s muscles. His head was resting on Stan’s chest, and the ravenette's arms were on his lower back, caressing his skin. Kyle liked the closeness and intimacy they shared, but when he looked outside, he saw that it was already dark; pitch black actually. It brought him back to reality.

“Oh, shit! What time is it?” he asked as he jumped up, hitting his head on the roof of the truck. “Ouch!”

Stan laughed and gently rubbed the area Kyle had hit his head, sitting up with the omega.

“I don’t know. Around 9 maybe.” Replied the alpha.

“I need to get home.” The omega stated, frantically looking for his crumpled but dry clothes. His shirt though, was missing.

“Calm down. I'll drive you home.” Stan said, helping the omega search, handing him his own shirt because Kyle couldn’t find his. He was still butt-naked and started to stretch his muscles first.

“Then hurry.” Exclaimed Kyle, throwing the discarded clothes at the alpha.

“Hey. You’re not regretting it, are you?” Stan asked, caging Kyle with his body to get him to calm down.

“I am not!! I am not. I loved it, and I want to do it again” Kyle answered immediately, taking the alpha’s face into his hands, gently stroking over his cheeks.

“I loved it too. I love everything about you.” The alpha breathed out, putting their foreheads together, so his lips could brush over the omega’s. “I get it. Your parents are probably already freaking out about your whereabouts. I just wanted to know, no I needed to hear you say that you don’t regret that you had sex with me. It was amazing by the way. You’re amazing.” Stan whispered, and his words had Kyle blush and shyly turn his head down in embarrassment.

“Don’t say embarrassing things like that.” Stuttered the omega. He yet had to get used to Stan complimenting him. On the inside; however, he was happy and proud to hear that he had pleased the alpha.

“Let’s go on a date tomorrow.” Stan suggested as he finally put his clothes on.

“Okay.” The omega nodded. He had that warm and fuzzy feeling in his chest when he saw the alpha smile at him. “Pick me up at 2.” He said and Stan nodded happily.


Kyle had Stan drop him off at his house, and he hoped that his parent, weren’t at home, since his mom had mentioned earlier this week that they were to attend a birthday party. Luckily for him, the house was empty, only a note was left on the kitchen table, reading that his parents would be home late. Ike was also nowhere to be found, so he assumed that he was staying over at a friend’s house. He checked his phone, seeing a message from Ike, saying that he had told their parents that Kyle had texted him because their parents were worried about the omega not answering his phone. The ginger was grateful that his brother had covered for him by telling their mom and dad that Kyle went to visit Wendy.




Stan was nervous when he woke up the next day, thinking about what to do on their first official date. He didn’t want to be too corny, and the outdated and typical ‘go see a movie and take your date out to a restaurant’ sounded too mainstream. So he decided to ask his sister for advice, which he rarely did because if he caught her on a bad day, he might get hit, but that seemed even likelier when she was in a good mood, but the odds for that to happen were low. The alpha knocked on her door, entering when he heard an angry ‘fuck off’, interpreting it as her way to say: ‘come in’.

“Hey, Shel—” he started, though he couldn’t even get to ask his question.

“Piss off, fuckhead.” She yelled, angrily throwing a pillow at him. Stan was glad it had only been a pillow.

Despite her dangerous glowering, he entered her room entirely anyway, daring to step foot into the lion’s den.

“I need your advice. I am taking Kyle on a date.” Stan stated, awkwardly standing in her room while Shelly was busy staring at her computer screen.

“I don’t care. Get out!” she yelled, not even bothering to turn towards him.

“It’s a genuine question. Could you, maybe, be less aggressive with your answer and provide some input.” He remarked, rolling his eyes at her hostile attitude towards him, and although he was used to it, sometimes it was tiring that they couldn’t have an exchange of words without her threatening him or being confrontational.

“Why should I care? Leave me alone, dimwit!” she shouted, but her voice sounded unusually sad. The alpha frowned at that, confusion and uneasiness written all over his face.

“Ehm, are you okay?” he asked hesitantly, ready to duck away in case his sister decided to throw another object at him.

“Get lost as if you care!” She shouted, forcefully clicking onto the computer mouse.

“Does it have something to do with your boyfriend?” he asked, suddenly remembering how down she had been recently, not talking about him at all anymore.

“It’s dad’s fault he broke up with me. I hate him, and I hate you. I hate this shitty family.” She ranted bitterly, and Stan was reminded of how much of a nuisance his dad could be. At least it explained why she had been in a sour mood and even more resentful towards their father lately.

“Sorry to hear that.” He said awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. He was never good when it came to finding the right words to say to his sister.

“Will you fucking leave already?!” Shelly shouted in anger, about to throw a heavy-looking book at him, “You don’t really have to do anything fancy, since his dating standards can’t be high, considering he is dating you, and you’re a fucking moron.” She added, letting go of the book in her hands.

Since the alpha had anticipated that at least one other thing would be thrown his way, he easily ducked away by slipping out of the door, so that the book made impact with the wooden surface of the door, not his face. Two loud thuds could be heard, and Stan was relieved that he had been fast enough. The alpha huffed, but at least he got an answer out of her, despite Shelly’s insult. He felt sorry for his omega sister because their father was insufferable when she was involved, and in spite of their mother’s intervention, his dad never stopped doing what he was best at doing: getting on his family’s nerves. He was still doing the legal drug business, even though nobody but he liked it. Stan liked the idea of not having to pay for the weed, but it was weaker than the stuff he was used to, so it couldn’t really be seen as a pro-argument anymore.

Seeing as his sister wasn’t great at giving advice, the ravenette called Wendy via facetime, being hopeful that she knew what to do. He sat on his bed in a cross-legged position, dialling his friend’s number, waiting several seconds for her to pick up her phone. Then after a while, her face popped up on the screen.

“Stan? Why are you calling?” she asked.

“I asked Kyle on a date, and I don’t know where to take him. I have some ideas, but…I don’t know.” He immediately answered, looking at her expectantly.

“I think anything is fine. You don’t really need to impress Kyle, given that you two are already dating.” She stated nonchalantly.

“I know that, but still, can’t you help me out a little?” he asked.

“What about the arcade?” she provided.

“I’ve thought about that, but we’ve been there plenty of times already.” Stan told her.

“Cinema?” Wendy asked, changing into a more comfortable position.

“Meh.” Said the alpha.

“The museum.” The omega said, and Stan stared at her; his expression telling her everything.

“Boring. Who wants to spend their first date in a museum?” he questioned. Wendy didn’t say anything, but her expression showed him that she would indeed visit a museum.

“Do you want my help or not?” She asked with a huff.

“I withdraw that earlier comment.” Stated the alpha, putting his hands up in defence.

“Thank you.” Wendy smiled with an appreciated nod.

“What about roller skating? There is a lot of physical contact involved.” The omega suggested, and she already had him by mentioning the physical contact, Kyle usually felt uncomfortable with in public.

“What’s with that perverted look on your face? You creep me out sometimes” the black-haired girl stated, pinching the bridge of her nose with a deep sigh, referring to the dreamy expression on Stan’s face.

“Roller skating it is. Thanks!” he shouted into the phone, causing Wendy to wince.





Right on time, at 2 p. m. in the afternoon, the alpha stood at the front door of Kyle’s home, trying to calm his nerves down. He didn’t know why he felt so nervous because Wendy was right, he and Kyle were already together, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. And considering it was their first date, Stan even plucked out a flower from the area close to were he lived because the omega would look cute with a flower in his hair. Then the door opened, but instead of being greeted by Kyle, he was greeted by the omega’s father, which why he immediately hid the flower behind his back, trying to act naturally. The man didn’t look particularly excited to see him, quite the opposite was the case.

“Hello Sir. I am here to pick up Kyle.” Stan said politely to not raise suspicion.

“Don’t try anything with my son. I swear if you have any lewd thoughts about my son, I wil—” The older alpha warned but, luckily for Stan, Kyle intervened.

‘Too late for that’ the ravenette thought to himself, since he had a lot of dirty fantasies that involved the omega.

“Dad! Leave him alone or I am going to tell mom you’re harassing him.” Kyle said, pushing past his father to get out of the door. Stan was happy to see the ginger, but the omega’s father narrowed his eyes at him, making him feel uneasy. Everyone would have felt uneasy, being under scrutiny.

“Kyle.” Gerald said, “Be back at 9.”

“I’ll safely bring him back.” Stan stated with a smile, putting his arm around the omega’s shoulders, though he immediately took it back when he saw the man’s murderous glare.

“Keep your hands to yourself.” The older alpha warned dangerously; his voice low and threatening.

“Can you, for once, not be embarrassing?” asked Kyle, rolling his eyes, but his father was still giving Stan a scrutinizing look. It was obvious he didn’t trust the young alpha. His dad only let him go because the omega told him that they wouldn’t be alone, and that they would meet some friends. A lie obviously, but he couldn’t tell him that they were going on a date.

“Don’t be late.” The man stated, and the omega sighed, feeling patronised, yet again.


When they were out of sight, Stan put the flower into Kyle’s hair, kissing the omega passionately.

“You’re so fucking cheesy.” the ginger smiled, swatting his hand onto the alpha’s chest, going in for another kiss.

“Only for you.” Stan answered a blushing Kyle, brushing his lips over the omega’s.

“Where are we going?” the Kyle asked in a small whisper.

“It’s a surprise.” The alpha answered with a smile, pulling the redhead along with him.

They went to the roller-skating hall, and Stan was set on impressing the omega with his skating skills, but since he’d never been on roller skates before, he sucked pretty hard at it while Kyle didn’t have any problems at all. It didn’t really go as the alpha intended it to go because he ended up being the one clinching onto the omega for leverage and support not the other way around. Stan then decided that he would never go roller skating again, and that Wendy’s ideas suck, though seeing Kyle laugh at his clumsiness was cute and really made his day. However, he could have lived without bruised knees and constantly falling onto his ass. After that, they went to see a movie, but they both ended up falling asleep in the middle of it, so none of them knew how the film ended. Right now, they were sitting on Stan’s bed, widely making out with each other, seizing the opportunity because the alpha’s parents weren’t at home and neither was Shelly.

Kyle was sitting in his lap, already having lost his shirt and pants while Stan was still wearing his jeans.


*sexual content warning*


“Can I suck you off again?” the omega asked with blown pupils as he pulled away from the kiss.

“Eh, sure go ahead.” Stan answered. As if he would ever say no to a blow job from Kyle.

The ginger gave him a peck on his lips, slowly kissing his way down, lower and lower until he stopped at the zipper of the raven-haired teen’s jeans, pulling the zipper down, so Stan could wiggle out of his pants and underwear. The alpha’s erection sprang free, though he had already been semi-hard from having the omega grind into his lap but watching him tentatively lick the tip of his cock before slightly sucking at it, was all he needed to become fully erect.

“It’s so big.” Kyle breathed out, running his wet tongue up and down the alpha’s penis, occasionally sucking on the shaft, taking it into his mouth and bobbing his head. The omega sure knew how to boost his ego.

The ginger looked incredibly erotic while licking, sucking and massaging his member, even paying extra attention on his knot and balls. It started to get increasingly difficult for the alpha to not just thrust up into the omega’s throat, and he was already feeling close.

“Like that baby. Ngh Can you t-take it deeper?” the ravenette moaned, caressing Kyle’s face and guiding him further down onto his cock.

Stan’s breathing quickened, and despite the omega’s clumsiness, it felt amazing, since it was the ginger sucking his dick.

Kyle took the alpha’s erection further into his mouth, trying to relax his throat muscle’s, so it was harder than he thought it was. He made eye contact with Stan who was panting loudly and running his hand’s through Kyle’s red locks.

The alpha’s grip on his hair tightened, and he buckled his hips involuntarily, pushing the omega’s head down and causing the redhead to choke a little when his cock hit the back of Kyle’s throat.

“Nngh fuck!” groaned Stan, close to releasing, though he immediately withdrew his hand when he heard the omega choke.

“Ah sorry.” He said, pulling out of Kyle’s mouth. The omega coughed and tears prickled in his eyes. “Are you okay? Shit I am sorry.” The alpha apologised quickly.

“It’s fine. I was just surprised.” Rasped the omega, massaging his throat.

“Let me do it for you.” Stan stated, suddenly pushing the omega down onto the mattress, spreading his legs open.

“WHA- Ahh are ngh doi-aah-ng?!” Kyle moaned as the alpha started to kiss the insides of his thighs until his mouth wandered to his erection and hole.

“I am gonna make you feel good.” Stan whispered in a seductive voice while jerking the omega off.

The alpha sucked bruised into the tender skin on Kyle’s thighs, occasionally leaving small bite marks. The omega was breathing heavily, still not used to the tightening feeling in his belly. He put his hands into the alpha’s hair, gripping it tightly, throwing his head back when the wetness and warmth of Stan’s mouth engulfed his cock.

“Ahhh St-an it ngh feels weird.” The omega moaned out loudly, legs pulling around the alpha’s lower back.

The raven-haired teen sucked harder and then moved down to Kyle’s clinching and slick entrance, breaching it with his wet appendage while rubbing his hand up and down the omega’s erection.

“AH!” Kyle screamed as the alpha’s tongue entered and rubbed against his insides, causing a wave of unfamiliar, yet familiar pleasure to run through his body. He felt overly sensitive all of a sudden, and his body lifted slightly up from the bed, one hand still gripping Stan’s hair while the other was tightly clasping the blue covers of the bedsheets.

“You taste and smell amazing.” The alpha said, slicking over the omega’s hole, using Kyle’s own slick as lube. “Look how wet you are. You’re sucking me all in.” Stan stated, pushing his tongue in again.

The insides of the omega’s walls spasmed, but the alpha continued, pushing the ginger over the edge, so that he came with a long and loud drawn-out moan. He breaths came out in short puffs, and he felt a pleasurable shudder run down his spine when Stan touched him again, kissing down his throat to suck on his oversensitive and swollen nipples.


“I am gonna put it in.” the alpha said, nibbling on the hard pink and swollen bud, and the omega nodded.

Stan took the condom and put it on, lubricating himself with Kyle’s slick before he pushed into his hole with one hard and rough thrust. Stan groaned at the tightness that wrapped around him, and the omega grunted out as he was suddenly entered. The ginger clinched onto the alpha, wrapping his legs around the raven-haired teen’s waist and his arms around his neck. His pheromones spike with arousal, and the alpha could smell it instantly as the thick and rich scent of the omega clouded his mind. Stan lifted the ginger onto his lap, kissing and biting his shoulder while is canines erupted.

“Ngh you’re so tight.” Stan moaned into the omega’s ear, waiting for the ginger to adjust after thrusting into him so roughly. His own pheromones filled the room, and he gently caressed the tender and sensitive skin on the back of the omega’s neck, having to will down the instinct to breach the area with his canines.

“S-Stan ah! Feels so good.” Kyle mewled, overwhelmed by the feeling of fullness. Stan’s scent was entering his nose, and his head lolled back on instinct, presenting his bare neck to the alpha. The alpha snapped his hips forward, burying his nose into Kyle’s bare neck, turned on by the clear sign of submission.

Small cries and whines of pure pleasure escaped Kyle’s mouth and he started kissing and sucking and biting Stan’s lips. The omega pushed himself up and down experimentally started to sloppily gyrate his hips onto the alpha’s cock, moaning with every movement. The ravenette pushed his tongue past Kyle’s lips, claiming his mouth as his, tasting the omega and exploring his mouth, and rubbing his tongue onto the ginger’s gums. Kyle groaned, and his hole tightened around Stan’s length as he rocked himself up and down, breaking the kiss occasionally to breath.

“AH!” the omega moaned, locking eyes with Stan. Kyle’s eyes were glazed over with lust and his pupils were enlarged, but so were Stan’s.

“Ahh damn!” the alpha groaned pushing Kyle’s body up and down onto his cock, since the omega’s legs had started shaking.

He rolled them around, so that the ginger was on his back again and thrusted into him faster and harder, so his rhythm started to get more frantic as he neared his orgasm. Watching Kyle’s face while he climaxed was bliss. His mouth hung open and saliva dribbled down his chin; voice getting an octave higher every time the alpha pushed in and out of him.

Kyle’s head was blank, and his eyes rolled back as the pleasure took control of his body a second time. He felt Stan’s lips and hot breath on his collarbone, and their chests pressed together, adding another source of arousal to the overstimulating he felt.

When Kyle orgasmed, his hole clenched around the alpha, and Stan felt his knot growing, catching onto the omega’s rim with every snap of his hips. He really wanted to cum while inside the omega, but he pulled out, ejaculating into the condom while his knot swelled outside. Stan panted and collapsed onto the omega who instantly cuddled up to him; face showing pure bliss and gratification. The alpha smiled into Kyle’s skin, breathing in the thick, sweet and content scent as his canines slowly retracted.




Kyle still felt giddy when he walked towards the front door of his home. He thought that he had done better at sex this time, since Stan’s knot had formed. Just thinking about had his cheeks covered in a deeply red hue. He had to calm himself down first and will the blush away before he unlocked the door, though he felt a bit uneasy, since he was late. He put the key into the keyhole and turned it around, waiting for the clicking noise that told him that the door was open. He did so slowly and carefully, hoping to not draw too much attention. He entered his home and was immediately met by the concerned faces of his parents.

“Hel—” he started.

“Kyle! Thank god you’re okay. We were worried!” his mother said, frantically checking if he was okay, noticing immediately that the shirt he was wearing wasn’t his, since he was swimming in it.

“Mom. I am fine.” Kyle answered as his mother cradled his face. He shook her off though because he didn’t want her to notice Stan’s scent on him.

“Where were you, Kyle? It’s past 10, and you didn’t even answer your phone. What were you doing?” the alpha asked, concern lacing his voice.

“My phone died. We forgot the time.” Kyle said, avoiding eye contact.

“Why are you not wearing your own clothes?” Gerald questioned, and his tone turned stricter. He grabbed the omega by the arm, and his eyes widened; shock, disbelief and anger suddenly plastering his face all at once. “What’s with all these marks or your neck and why do I smell an alpha’s scent on you?” he asked, looking horrified, already fully aware who’s scent it was.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Kyle sputtered out, getting out of his father’s grasp, covering himself. His heart dropped, and his blood ran cold. The room was suddenly too hot because he started sweating, and he felt like his breath got caught in his throat.

“Kyle? Why is Stan’s scent all over you?” Sheila asked; her tone gentler, less judging, but concerned, nonetheless.

“Don’t tell me that you and that boy...” The alpha started, looking at Kyle with an unreadable expression on his face. He seemed to be, in equal measures, shocked, horrified, furious, ashamed and somewhat mortified and disappointed. It was a look Kyle had never seen on his father’s face. It scared him because he couldn’t decipher it.

The omega didn’t answer, too afraid that his voice would crack. His head hung low, and his eyes were fixed on the ground. He just couldn’t look his dad in the eye because if he did so, then he would surely start crying.

“Bubba?” the beta asked tentatively; eyebrows drawn together in a frown. She too looked horrified, hands covering her mouth in shock.

“Tell me the truth! Stop lying for once in your life! Did you let him touch you? What did he do to you?” the alpha questioned. He was seething, furious beyond control; his hand rubbing his forehead.

“I…I love him.” The omega chocked out. He didn’t know what else to say. His body felt numb, and his eyes were brimming with tears. There was that lump in his throat that made it hard for him to breath, and he was close to hyperventilating. There was that heavy compressing feeling in his chest that he figured was probably fear.

“You love love him. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! HOW COULD YOU LET HIM TOUCH YOU LIKE THIS!! IT'S DISGRACEFUL!” his father screamed, starting to pace around the room, mumbling to himself. “I knew he couldn’t be trusted. I shouldn’t have let you go.”

At that Kyle started sobbing; tears uncontrollably streaming down his face. He couldn’t move, couldn’t look up because he didn’t want to see his parents’ disapproving and disappointed faces. His father made it sound like what he and Stan did was shameful and utterly wrong, and that Kyle made a horrible mistake, yet it didn’t feel like it. It had felt so right, but now it felt sinful in a way.

“Gerald, calm down.” Sheila said, her heart breaking when she saw her child snivelling, wailing and whimpering.

“How am I supposed to calm down when an alpha had just taken advantage of our son?!” he asked exaggeratingly; the aggravation visible on every feature on his face.

“H-He ddi-dn't.” Kyle said; his voice barely above a simple whisper.

“How would you know? You’re too young.” He said to the omega beratingly, still pacing around the room. “I shouldn’t have let that happen.” He muttered to himself, sighing heavily and dragging his hands down his face.

The tears poured down Kyle’s face, blinding his vision. He was glued to the ground, and his legs refused to work. The numbness clouded his mind, and he started to space out. The only thing his blurred vision allowed him to see was the fuzzy shapes of his parent’s arguing and fighting. About what, he didn’t know.

“YOU WON’T SEE HIM AGAIN. I WON’T ALLOW IT.” The alpha ranted, pointing his finger at the omega in a reprimanding manner. That had him snap out of his trance.

“B-But da—” the omega wanted to say, but his father cut him off again.

“NO BUTS!” Gerald yelled sternly, not even thinking about reconsidering his choice.

“But Da—” the ginger tried again, but it was no use if his dad wouldn’t even hear him out.

“NO! That’s the end of the discussion. I won’t argue about it. You won’t see that boy again, and if I’ll have to send you to a boarding school to make sure of that.” The alpha shouted.

“No, daddy please.” Kyle begged; heartrate accelerating upon hearing his dad mention a boarding school.

“I’ve had enough of you and your constant lies. I’ve asked you about your relationship with him and you flat-out lied to me! You spent the day with him, which means you lied to me about meeting with friends. At the boarding school you’ll learn some manners.” The alpha exclaimed sternly.

“Why are you doing this to me? I can make my own decisions.” Argued the omega.

“I am doing this to protect you, and you showed me again and again that you can’t make decisions. How could you carelessly sleep with any alpha? That’s not how we raised you. You’re 16! I don’t even want to imagine what other perverted things he did to you.” Gerald shouted with a huff.

“He isn’t any alpha. I love Stan. I love him. You can’t send me away. I DON’T WANT TO!” screamed Kyle suddenly, clenching his fists.

“You should have thought about that before you made the mature decision to carelessly sleep with him.” Stated the alpha dismissively.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!! WOULD YOU STOP ALREADY!!” Sheila yelled angrily at the alpha; her loud and aggravated voice resonating from the walls. Her eyebrows were drawn in, her lips were forming a thin and narrow line, and she had a hooded and dark look to her eyes.

The alpha looked shocked and dumbfounded, and so did Kyle. The omega hadn’t expected his mother to lash out like that and neither had Gerald.

The omega had never seen her so livid and furious, and he knew how scary his mum could be when she was angry. Seeing her step up for him was a pleasant surprise, since most of the times, she sided with his father.

“Of course, he doesn’t tell us anything. Imagine how you would have reacted if he told you that he went on a date. Stan’s a nice boy, s—” she said; her voice stern and berating. She had her hands on her hips and rubbed the temples.

“So, you knew?!” the alpha gasped. “You knew what they were doing, and you didn’t deem it important to tell me?!” he asked incredulously, ignoring what she had just said, and instead concentrating on the fact that she didn’t tell him.

“Of course, I knew. I am his mother. I didn’t tell you because it wasn’t my place.” She shouted, rolling her eyes.

Kyle blinked, and the tears stopped streaming for now, since he tried to process the information. He didn’t think that his mother knew. How? He chewed on his bottom lip, curious about where the conversation between his parents would lead to, hoping that she would put a stop to his father from sending him to an omega boarding school. These schools were horrible. They had strict rules, and the only thing they taught were extremely traditional values. That wasn’t a place Kyle wanted to be. He would never be able to fit in. They destroyed minds, spirits and souls, mitigating and shutting down any attempt to be different and to be more than just an obedient breeding machine. His dad only saw their good reputation, the advertising they did on television and on the internet, and the fake statistics of success they fabricated to make them seem like they genuinely wanted to provide omegas with good education, and his dad let himself be fooled.

“Well great! MY SON LIES TO ME, AND NOW MY WIFE DOES TOO! Is there anything else that you want to share?” the man asked angrily while throwing his hands over his head theatrically, and Sheila scoffed, looking pissed off. “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter because my decision is final: He won’t see him again. As if I let an alpha defile and taint him even more. I’ll have him transfer school again.” He continued, now looking at Kyle again, and bringing the angry tears right back. “I won’t approve of your relationship. It’s for your own good. He is just going to use you and break your fragile heart, and since you are so naïve, you believe everything. And I swear if you end up pregnant, I am going to lose it.”

“He’s not like that, and I am not fragile.” Argued the omega, but his voice sounded meek and broken.

“Are you going to tell me you can take care of yourself again? Your reckless behaviour clearly shows me that you cannot. Stop defying your secondary gender because that’s what it will always come down to. You have to learn that that’s the first thing people see, and they are going to take advantage of that.” The alpha ranted, ignoring the beta woman’s disapproving glare and her clicking her tongue.

“STOP IT ALREADY?! JUST STOP! I’m tired of you telling me that because I am an omega, I can’t do shit!! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I SO FUCKING HATE YOU!! YOU CAN GO TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE! AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION, WE USED PROTECTION BECAUSE I AM NOT STUPID AND NOT NAIIVE!” Kyle screamed with his eyes tightly shut and his fist clenched, stomping his foot on the ground; his distressed scent getting stronger.

He’d had enough, and he didn’t care about the hurt and devasted look on his father’s face when he opened his eyes. He wanted it to hurt. He wanted the words to hang in the air, to cause an aching burn in his heart, the same way the alpha’s words always left him hurting. He ran upstairs, paying his mother, who followed him, not mind. He passed by Ike, who had probably witnessed everything, but the omega ignored him too. He just slammed his door shut, locking it in the process, so no one would be able to enter.




Ike looked at his mother’s futile attempts to get Kyle to talk to her, and then at his father, who just stood there, frozen and eyes glazed. His expression showed hurt, desperation and shock, and the man gripped the front of his shirt, looking utterly devasted as Kyle said the three words no parent ever wanted to hear. These three words, to a parent, were not only shattering, but deeply shocking to the core, hitting their mark no matter how hard someone might try to downplay them. Ike walked downstairs, slowly and cautiously, and this time, he for once, didn’t know what to say. He felt sorry for his father, but mostly because he looked so broken. On the other hand, he had it coming to him.

The young alpha sighed, closing his eyes for a moment to let everything he had just heard and seen sink in. He wasn’t happy to hear that Stan touched his brother in that way, but Kyle was old enough to make his own decisions. He had come to accept that he might end up with an idiot as a brother-in-law.

“He didn’t mean that, right?” his father asked; his voice uncharacteristically shaky. He ran his hand through his hear and looked up, not blinking – probably to avoid crying.

“He was angry, but he had every right to be angry.” Argued Ike, not beating around the bush. If his father excepted him to be sympathetic, then he was barking up the wrong tree because that’s not what he was going to get.

“I just want the best for him.” Stated Gerald, still standing there without moving a muscle.

“For him or for you?” asked the 11-year old, cocking his head to the side in a pondering motion.

“He’ll only get hurt. He will only break Kyle’s heart.” Reasoned the older alpha, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Maybe, but you need to get your heart broken sometimes, in order to grow as a person.” Ike explained, trying to stay reasonable and objective.

“I just don’t want a reoccurrence of what happened in Jersey. Kyle is vulnerable.” His father defended, trying to make a point that wasn’t really strong enough to be used as an argumentative standpoint.

“That’s unlikely, and that doesn’t change the fact that you threatened to send him to one of those omega boarding schools. Besides, now that you’ve woken the mama bear, she won’t let that happen. I’ve seen her angry, but that was a level up.” The young alpha said, refraining from rolling his eyes.

“I wouldn’t have done that. I just want him to break up with Stan. He is too young for a relationship. He isn’t supposed to be thinking about alphas or sex or anything remotely related to that matter.” The man explained, sitting down on the stairs, putting his face in both of his hands.

“You just don’t want him to grow up. Even if he were 30, you’d probably still say that.” Ike pointed out, crossing his arms over his chest, and his dad didn’t respond.

“What am I gonna do now?” the older alpha asked, and it seemed that the question was directed at himself not Ike, but the 11-year old answered anyway.

“You fucked up. Again, I may remark. Slowly, I come to believe it’s a hobby of yours.” Commented Ike, but his father just sighed defeatedly; head hanging low.

The man stood up, covering his eyes with his hands and walking towards the couch to sit down. Ike saw his mother come downstairs, and the young alpha knew that her attempts weren’t successful. The tired look on her face showed it. Ike decided that it was probably his call to try and talk to Kyle, to calm him down. Besides, seeing his brother cry and scream like that had shattered his heart into tiny little pieces because he sounded so hurt, broken and crushed.


Two hours later, Ike knocked at Kyle’s door, and at first, the omega didn’t answer. He knocked a second time, this time harder.

“FUCK OFF!” Kyle shouted through the door, but it didn’t scare Ike off. He was used to it.

“Open up.” Ike called gently, leaning his head against the cold wood of the door, waiting and hoping that the omega would open the door.

He waited a few second before he heard the click of the lock, and the door opened a crack. Ike entered the room, and the ginger was sitting at the foot of his bed, tightly hugging a pillow to his chest; knees drawn to his body. His eyes were red and swollen from crying, and his hear was messy, but it had already been ruffled up before his father brought Kyle to tears.

The room was dark, and only the small light the full moon provided lit up the room. Ike closed the door and looked it again, walking to his brother. He sat down next to him with a long sigh, taking his hand to softly rub over his knuckle. It was meant to be a comforting gesture.

“I don’t wanna talk.” Kyle whispered, pushing his face into the softness of his pillow.

“You don’t have to.” Answered the dark-haired boy.

“I hate him. I really hate him.” The omega muttered after a few minutes of silence.

“I don’t think you do. You’re mad, and you have every right to me angry.” Ike reasoned.

“I am not going to forgive him.” Stated Kyle without hesitation, and the young alpha understood why it was so hard for the omega to forgive his father after all the things he had said.

“I don’t expect you to. But maybe the two of you should sit down together and talk things out.” Suggested the boy, crossing his fingers behind his back because he was sure that his brother wouldn’t react well to that.

“I don’t want to. We’ll end up fighting with each other anyway. I won’t break up with Stan.” Answered the omega, and the raven-haired boy was relieved that he didn’t kick him out of the room for his suggestion.

“I think he gets it know.” Ike said tentatively, scratching his fingers absentmindedly over the floor.

“No. He doesn’t. Are you taking his side?” asked the omega incredulously, glaring at Ike.

“I am always on your side. It’s just so awkward when the atmosphere is so tense, and your caught in the middle.” He explained, feeling a shiver run down his spine. He didn’t want to get into an argument with his older brother. Kyle could be hard-headed, and it was difficult to get through him sometimes. The omega only huffed, pressing his face into the pillow again.

The silence that hung in the air was suffocating, and Ike didn’t know how to comfort his brother. He leaned back against the foot of the bed; the hard surface stabbing him into the back. He had leaned against more comfortable furniture.

“Do you,” the omega started, staring out of the window, “do you also think it’s ungraceful that I am not a virgin anymore? Does it mean I am impure now?” Kyle asked.

The omega didn’t know why he’d ask something like that, but he’d been taught and told multiple times throughout his life that omegas should be virgins, that virginity and purity were the same thing. It stuck with him, even though he didn’t believe in such a radicicolous notion that’s only purpose it is to control omegas and prevent them from being too ‘promiscuous’.

Ike blinked at Kyle; a dumbfounded expression adorning his face. It took him a while to process what he had just been asked.

“Of course not! Humans can’t be devalued. You’re not an object. Something trivial like virginity doesn’t define who you are. You’re not impure.” Ike said earnestly with a concerned expression.

He didn’t understand why something so irrelevant would bother Kyle of all people. His brother wasn’t the kind of person to take value in something like that.

“Why did you ask that? Do feel ashamed or something?” the young alpha asked confused.

“What?! No! I don’t know.” Kyle sighed, looking at the raven-haired boy with tears welling in his eyes.

“Is it because of what dad said?” asked Ike cautiously, and the omega nodded slowly; eyes casted on the floor.

“Don’t take dad’s words to heart. He spouts a lot of nonsense and bullshit when he’s angry, and mom was so mad, she was giving him hell.”

“I was surprised that she wasn’t angry at me for being with Stan and sleeping with him.” Kyle whispered, and then he looked at Ike, “Did you tell her?” he asked hesitantly.

“I didn’t. I didn’t even know that she knew, but Stan is a love-sick moron. His infatuation with you is obvious and written all over his face, and you ain’t any better.” Stated Ike with a deadpan expression on his face.

“She won’t let dad send me away, right?” the omega asked, fiddling with the loose ends of the pillow.

“She won’t. Dad didn’t even intent to send you away. It was nothing but hot air.” The black-haired boy assured his brother, nuzzling his hand. He smelled more like Stan, which he didn’t really liked that much, but had to endure, though he preferred Kyle to smell like Kyle.

“I am still not going to forgive him.” Stated Kyle, hugging Ike instead of the pillow.



The next morning was frantic. Kyle woke up with his eyes still swollen. It took him some time to look somewhat presentable and when he went downstairs, he didn’t even bother to greet his father. The alpha should, by now, already be used to Kyle’s cold shoulder treatment.

They sat on the table, eating breakfast, but the omega wasn’t really hungry, so he just picket at his food. His dad put his cup of coffee down, opening his mouth to speak.

“Kyle. Look, I a—.” The man started, but the ginger was going to listen to his pitiful excuses.

“Let’s go Ike.” He said, not even waiting for his father to protest that he would drive them to school. “Bye Mum.” The omega waved, heading out the door with Ike in tow.




Craig was playing video games with Clyde at Token’s house, and Tweek was sitting in his lap, frowning at the lack of attention he got from the alpha, who was too immersed in the game. The raven-haired teen’s arm rested on his belly and squeezed the omega against his chest. The action had Tweek feel uncomfortable because he had gained some weight, and he didn’t want Craig to notice the fat on his stomach. The alpha shifted around; eyes still glued on the screen as he tried to get into a more comfortable position with Tweek in his lap.

“You got heavier, babe.” Craig commented leisurely, meaning no harm in it.

“What?!” the omega asked incredulously, looking at the alpha. “Did you just call me fat?!”

“Bro, not cool.” Clyde said, also looking at Craig.

“What?” Craig said dumfounded, “I didn’t mean it that way, honey. I don’t dislike it. I like your squishy butt.” The alpha explained, putting his controller down to squeeze the omega’s thighs.

“So, you did call me fat.” Tweek snapped, pushing Craig’s hands away to get out of his lap.

“And here we have Craig, shovelling his own grave.” Token commented, shaking his head. Craig glared at him for the lack of support he got from his friend.

“Don’t be like that.” Craig sighed, already feeling the growing headache.

“Like what?” asked the omega, “you were the one calling me fat.” Tweek stated angrily.

“I just said that you got heavier. It d—” Craig started, but he was cut off.

“Heavier. That’s the equivalent of ‘you’ve gotten fat’.” Tweek commented; his tone getting more upset. The deep frown on his features didn’t look good on him.

“Well, you’ve been eating more lately, so of course you gained some weight.” Craig said, and Tweek’s eyes darkened at the remark. “Fuck, can we just forget that I ever mentioned it? I don’t mind that you got slightly bigger. It’s barely even visible.” The alpha tried, though he knew that he was fucked.

“Oh boy.” Clyde said, hiding his face behind his hands as he watched his friend trying to explain his way out of it. Tweek’s reaction was immediate.

“Fuck you Craig. You’re an asshole!” he shouted, tears pricking his eyes as he jolted out of the room and slammed the door shut. He didn’t mean to be so bitchy, but he couldn’t control his emotions. He knew that it was shitty of him to snap at the alpha all the time, and it was making him feel bad and guilty. He was being horrible and insufferable, but it just upset him that the alpha commented on his weight because he felt disgusting because of it. There was that weird swell on his stomach, and his thighs had gotten slightly bigger. It didn’t look nice, and it especially didn’t make him feel good. Craig thought that telling Tweek that he liked how ‘squishy’ his butt was a compliment, but the blonde didn’t perceive it as a compliment at all. He didn’t want his body to change. He didn’t even know why his body was changing in the first place.

Craig sighed heavily and banged his head onto the small table in front of the playing console, feeling tired. Tweek’s emotions had been all over the place for two weeks now, and he didn’t know how to handle the blonde’s sudden mood swings. He didn’t mean to anger or hurt the blonde, and he wasn’t calling him fat. The blonde was the opposite of fat. He’d always been rather skinny because he ate so little. He just looked a little healthier.

“You kind of did call him fat.” Token remarked, sipping on his drink, but Craig only huffed, not lifting his head to look at his friend.

“I didn’t mean it that way. God, no matter what I do, everything seems to trigger him. One moment he’s all happy, and the next he’s either crying or yelling at me. Even if I don’t say anything, it’s enough to make him upset because then he thinks I am deliberately ignoring him.” The raven complained.

“He has been quite grumpy lately. Although, today it was justified because you don’t tell an omega that they have gained weight. That’s an off topic. You got some balls.” Clyde stated.

“Great.” Craig huffed, feeling utterly helpless.

“Shouldn’t you go after him and talk about how rocky your relationship has been lately?” Token suggested, resting his head into the palm of his hand.

“I probably should.” Sighed Craig exasperatingly, “gives you two time to talk about that awkwardly charged atmosphere around you. It’s creeping me out.” Remarked the black-haired alpha, which cause Clyde to choke on his saliva and Token to spit out his drink.


Chapter Text

“So, let’s talk, I guess.” Token asked, scratching the back of his neck. They had been sitting in an uncomfortable silence ever since Craig left, and it took him some time to make the first step to speak and break said silence.


“I don’t know what you mean.” Clyde answered, looking away defiantly. He didn’t really see the need to address what happened that night because it meant he had to confront the feelings he had developed for one his best friends.


“Craig’s right. Things have been awkward between us ever since…you know.” Token explained. He didn’t know how to talk about it. His memories were still fuzzy, but he started to recall some things to the point of at least having an idea of what happened.


“You’re making things awkward right now.” Clyde laughed humourlessly, picking at the fabric of his jeans. He didn’t dare make eye contact with the other alpha.


“We should talk about what happened between us. I mean we were both drunk, so those things can happen.” Token continued, trying to find an explanation.


He was confused, but he didn’t know how to express it. He had sex with Clyde, one of his best friends, despite the fact that he was in a serious relationship with Nicole. He cheated on her. There was no excuse because frustration and relationship issues were no excuse to go cheat on somebody. Yet, he couldn’t find it in himself to feel bad about it, since Clyde was special to him, and it wouldn’t be fair towards the brunette.


“I’d rather not talk about it.” Clyde said, pursing his lips. He wanted to forget it because it made him feel all those emotions he’d never ever experienced before. He refused to see Token as more than a friend. He shouldn’t feel that way about Token. He shouldn’t feel drawn to him. It was just sex. He’d had sex plenty of times and didn’t fall in love afterwards.


“I don’t want it to take a toll on our friendship, and Nicole can’t find out about it.” The alpha said, observing his friend’s demeanour. His conscience was gnawing at him, but he had to shut it down. Sometimes having a conscience sucked.


“Then let’s just forget that it ever happened.” Suggested the brunette without hesitation. Having Token mention Nicole left a sour taste in his mouth, and he wasn’t particularly fond of that feeling.


“You say that, but you’re the one making things weird between us.” Token accused, feeling irritated by Clyde’s sudden nonchalance.


“I am not making things weird.” The brown-haired boy answered sternly, crossing his arms over his chest in defiance.


“I feel like you’ve become distant towards me. You avoid eye contact, and we don’t spend time with each other anymore, unless Craig, Kenny or another third party is present.” Explained Token, trying to sound less accusing and more reasonable.


“That’s not true.” Clyde muttered, but he couldn’t really argue that fact because he indeed had tried to avoid spending time alone with Token.


“It is. You can’t even look me in the eyes.” Token confronted the brunette, stepping in front of Clyde, who tried to leave the room to escape the argument.


“I should just go…” mumbled the brunette; eyes casted to the floor as he chewed on his bottom lip.


He never had any issues being close to the other alpha, but right now, it made him feel uncomfortable. His heart was hammering against his ribcage, and he feared that if he looked up, he would do something stupid that would make him lose Token.


“Let’s just go back to how we used to be.” Token whispered; his voice soothing and his expression somewhat pained.


He reached out to Clyde, but the sudden intimate contact made the brunette swat the alpha’s hand away. Clyde regretted it instantly because the dark-skinned boy looked genuinely hurt.


“Yeah. Let’s go back to how things were.” Clyde said bitterly, swallowing the lump in his throat. He didn’t want to acknowledge that those words affected him more than they should.


“Then things are cool between us?” Token asked tentatively; voice wavering a bit.


Clyde’s reaction had startled him, and the atmosphere around them was thick again. He sighed internally, being reminded as to why sleeping with one of your best friends was never a good idea.


“Everything is cool.” The brunette said cheerfully, though his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. It just looked forced.








Craig had run after the omega and tried to catch up with him, but he lost him when the blonde entered the bus. The alpha just hoped that Tweek had calmed down and wasn’t as mad anymore by the time arrived. The possibility was there, even though it was unlikely.


Craig walked into the omega’s room and found him sitting on the bed, reading. Tweek didn’t look up and instead ignored the raven-haired teen completely.


“Tweek.” Craig said as took a seat beside the omega; hand touching the blonde’s knee. Tweek swatted his hand away and huffed; eyes still glued to the pages of the book.


“Don’t be like that, babe.” The alpha sighed, supressing the urge to roll his eyes.


The omega’s grip on the book tightened, and his fingernails dug into the book cover. Despite the alpha’s neutral tone, he could feel that Craig was annoyed, which in return irritated Tweek for some reason. He felt like he could cry again because he understood why the alpha was fed up with him. He was fed up with himself and his own bratty and bitchy behaviour.


“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I am sorry.” Craig said, taking the book out of Tweek’s hands and throwing it to the other side of the room, where it landed on the ground with a hollow thud; pages flying open and getting rumpled.


“Hey!” the omega shouted, trying to stand up to get the book, but the alpha wouldn’t let him. “I w-was reading that.” He gritted out, pushing at Craig’s chest.


“Honey. Tell me what’s wrong.” The alpha said in a calm voice, pushing the blonde down on the bed, caging him as a result.


He gently stroked Tweek’s rosy cheeks, surprised when he felt something wet touch his fingertips. The omega’s shoulders started shaking, and his eyes were glassy; fat tears rolling down his cheeks; a deep pained frown on his face.


“Please don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry.” Whispered Craig against Tweek’s lips, feeling helpless and guilty because the omega was crying again, and it was his fault. Again.


“I-I don’t kno-ow” the blonde sniffled, clenching his eyes shut as more tears streamed down his face, “what’s wrong with m-m-me.”


“It’s okay. I am here.” Craig said, trying to comfort Tweek as best as he could, and given that he had to do that at least three times a day, he was confident that the blonde would stop crying soon.


—sexual content warning—


The omega put his arms around Craig’s neck and wrapped his legs around his waist, desperately kissing and licking the dark-haired teen’s lips. He was still sobbing but not as much anymore. That was another quirk that Tweek had developed recently. The blonde could be incredibly horny, but the alpha wouldn’t get his hopes up because that state could end in an instant. Every time Craig tried to be intimate with Tweek, the blonde would freak out in the middle of it, starting to cry all of the sudden. It had made him cautious, which was why he hadn’t initiated any sexual contact lately, although it was hard to say no when the omega was the one initiating it.


Tweek pulled on the alpha’s clothes, pushing his body into Craig’s to be as close as possible to him. His tears had dried, and now he just wanted the alpha to be inside of him. They hadn’t had sex for a while now because Craig was constantly rejecting him, which hurt the omega. It felt like he did something wrong; like he wasn’t enough.


“P-Please.” The omega begged, lewdly rutting against the alpha. “Craig, please.”


“Ngh!” Craig groaned into Tweek’s neck, breathing in the sweet scent. The blonde’s scent had become sweeter, which was triggering Craig’s protective instinct.


Craig sucked on the omega’s neck, his canines grazing over the tender skin of Tweek’s neck. The blonde smelled so tempting, and all he could think of was piercing the omega’s nape with his alpha teeth. Tweek’s loud and vocal moans and the way he gyrated those hips only further fuelled the primal urge he felt. They had to stop before he lost control.


“We should stop here.” The alpha breathed out, kissing down the omega’s throat.


“Aah! Why?” Tweek asked breathlessly with half-lidded eyes. “Ngh I want y-you Craig. I want aah you alpha.” Pleaded the omega, nuzzling his face into the alpha, rubbing his ass into Craig’s crotch. He could feel how hard the other boy was, and he could feel his own arousal growing.


“You make it extremely difficult for me to resist.” Craig whispered, feeling his rock-hard cock throb in the confinement of his trousers at Tweek’s lewd moans and actions.


“Then don’t.” the omega whispered back, hands travelling beneath the alpha’s shirt, feeling up his well-defined muscles. “Just f-fuck me. Make me yours.”


“Ngh fuck…” Craig cursed as he watched Tweek wiggle out of his slick-soaked shorts, revealing his creamy thighs and a clenching wet hole. The blonde was playing dirty.


The alpha claimed Tweek’s lips, kissing him more violently and more desperately. He wanted to resist, but the omega knew how to play him. He felt weak when it came to Tweek.


Craig’s hand moved up the blonde’s shirt, but the omega clasped at his hand and pushed it away.


“What’s wrong? Let me strip you, so that I can see all of you. You won’t need these clothes anyway.” The alpha said, nibbling and sucking on the blonde’s ear.


“N-No. Aah! I wanna keep m-my shirt on.” Tweek moaned out lowly, swatting the raven-haired teen’s hands away again.


“Why?” the alpha asked confused, “I have seen you naked plenty of times. You have never been shy before.” He commented as his hand creeped under the omega’s shirt, caressing the soft skin on his stomach. It wasn’t as flat as it used to be, but the alpha didn’t mind Tweek putting on a little extra weight. He loved him either way.


However, that move earned him a well-aimed kick into his lower abdomen, and he fell off the bed with a loud thud. Craig groaned in pain as he kneeled on the floor in a crouched position, holding his stomach with his hand while his arm supported his head.


“The fuck Tweek. What was that for? That hurt.” The alpha huffed, looking up at the omega who had wrapped the blanket around himself.


“I said ‘no’.” The omega stated defiantly, feeling bad that he kicked Craig so hard that he fell off the bed.


“You said ‘no’ to removing your shirt.” The alpha argued, feeling irritated at Tweek’s behaviour. “What’s wrong with you?!” he gritted out, trying to keep his cool. His calm and collected exterior started to crumble because of the pain.


“I p-pushed your hand away s-several times.” Tweek defended himself, and Craig saw the point, but it irked him anyway.


“I don’t fucking get you.” Craig stated, getting up from the floor. He was sure that he would have a nasty bruise there by tomorrow. “First you beg me to fuck you, and then you change your mind. You’re either crying, bitching at me or mad at me. Everything I do is wrong.” He grumbled, feeling frustrated and fed up with being pushed around and walking on eggshells.


“It’s n-not my fault!” the omega shouted angrily, clutching onto the blanket. “You s-should respect my wishes, but y-you do as you please. YOU C-CALLED ME FAT!”


“Oh, come on.” Craig sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. This was starting to drain him mentally. “I did not call you fat. You are just overreacting, like you always do.”


“I am not overreacting! YOU INCONSIDERATE PRICK!” the omega yelled, pulling at the strands of his hair.


“Here we go again with the name calling.” Commented Craig, closing his eyes for a moment to collect his thoughts. “I think it’s for the best when I sleep at home again.” He voiced out after a while.


Tweek didn’t take the alpha’s decision well. His face displayed several emotions: pain, sadness and anger. He harshly bit into the tender skin of his bottom lip, further pulling the soft blanket around himself. He started sobbing again, shaking his head violently. Craig wanted to comfort him because the omega’s distressed scent was freaking him out, but his legs wouldn’t move; feet glued to the ground.


“So, you’re just going to abandon me?!” the blonde choked out; his voice accusing. Tweek’s accusatorial tone and irrationality were getting on his nerves.


“I am not abandoning you. I just need some god damn room to breathe. It feels fucking suffocating.” Craig gritted out, pissed off because the omega made it sound like the alpha didn’t care about him.


“You feel suffocated. I am the one who feels suffocated because you don’t understand me!” shouted Tweek, and Craig finally had enough as his own emotions clouded his judgement of the situation.


“Oh, fuck this shit!” the alpha said with gritted teeth; hands tightly clenched into fists. He walked towards the door, but the omega stopped him, desperately clinching onto his arm.


“NO! Please don’t go. D-Don’t go.” Tweek pleaded, and Craig exhaled deeply, sighing as he stopped and turned to face the omega.


“Don’t go.” Whispered the blonde, getting on his tiptoes to kiss the alpha; hands running through his dark hair.


Tweek kissed Craig’s neck and collarbone and sank down to his knees, pulling at the alpha’s pants. The black-haired teen knew what the blonde was up to and rolled his eyes, stopping the omega from going further.


“What are you doing?” Craig questioned; face and voice cold. He lifted the omega’s chin up, pressing his thumb against Tweek’s pouty lips.


“What d-do you mean, alpha.” Tweek asked innocently, wantonly sucking on the alpha’s thumb, batting his eyelashes.


The omega’s fingers opened the zipper to his pants, and the alpha's pulse sped up when the blonde freed his dick; the cold air in the room hitting his sensitive skin. Craig swallowed hard as the heat of Tweek’s mouth wrapped around his twitching cock. The omega bobbed his head, and the tip of the alpha’s hard length hit his throat.


“Mhm ahh!” Craig moaned, placing his hand on the back of Tweek’s head, pushing the omega further down.


Tweek’s nails dug into the fabric of his trousers as he relaxed the muscle of his throat, letting the alpha hold his head in place to fuck his mouth as he pleased. Craig could feel the coiling heat in his stomach tighten and closed his eyes.


“Nngh!” the alpha groaned, and the rhythm of his thrust became frantic and shallow. His head rolled back, and his fingers pulled at the blonde strands. Then he climaxed and he ejaculated down the omega’s throat, letting go of Tweek’s head, so he could pull away.


Craig’s breathing was ragged, and he looked down, and with half-lidded eyes, he watched the omega swallow his cum as the rest of it dribbled down his chin. 'How lewd," he thought, slowly getting down from his high.


“Craig, don’t go.” Tweek whispered in a sultry and seductively low voice, licking his lips.


“Hah.” Craig laughed, though there was no humour in his voice. He ran his hand down his face, feeling utterly stupid right now.


Craig fixed his pants and wordlessly stared down at the omega, who expectantly look up to him with big eyes. The alpha huffed and left the room, and in his indignation, he slammed the door shut so violently that the pictures on the walls and the décor on the furniture shook. He left Tweek on his own, even though his alpha instincts screamed at him to go back. However, he was sick of the omega manipulating him with his doe eyes and his pretty face, pulling stunts like that. Craig always thought that he was the one in control, but that wasn’t really the case because Tweek was the one who knew how to pull his strings. Craig didn’t like not being in control.








Kyle was laying on his bed, head rhythmically swaying form one side to the other as he hummed along with the music, when Tweek called him. At first, he was reluctant to pick up, but he answered his friend anyway.


“Yes?” Kyle asked when he picked up the phone. There was a long pause until he heard Tweek’s voice from the other end of the line.


“K-Kyle?” Tweek questioned in a shaky voice.


“What’s wrong?” Kyle asked, jumping up immediately.


“Can y-you come over?” the blonde omega asked in a broken voice. It was obvious that he had been crying.


“Of course.” The ginger answered, making his way to his friend yet again.



It felt like a déjà-vu when Kyle saw Tweek sitting on the bed, wrapped up in his blanket, though this time he wasn’t sobbing and crying. He had been crying; however, because his face looked tear struck, and his eyes were red; a bunch of tissues laying on the floor.


“C-Craig just left.” Tweek said, lips quivering.


“What happened?” Kyle asked, wrapping an arm around his friend as he sat down next to him.


“We h-had an argument.” The blonde answered, and the ginger looked at him with raised eyebrows because he was being quite elusive with his answer.


“About what?” Kyle pressed, hoping that Tweek had finally admitted to himself that he was pregnant and maybe told Craig.


“He was b-being an asshole. H-He said I got fat.” The blonde grumbled out, fiddling with the blanket.


The red-haired omega cocked is head to the side, staring at the other omega with a deadpan look on his face. “Is that what made you so upset?” Kyle asked tentatively, trying not to rile Tweek up.


The blonde shook his head and chuckled to himself. “I’m mad a-at him. I feel used. He j-just left after I…” Tweek stopped, sniffling again. He closed his eyes and looked up to the ceiling, trying hard not to start crying again.


“What are you talking about?” the ginger questioned; a baffled look on his face.


“N-Nothing. I’ve been an a-asshole too.” Tweek croaked out.


“Well, you have been quite moody and quick to anger, but mood swings are a common symptom, especially if it’s the first time being preg—” Kyle started, but Tweek didn’t want to hear any of what the ginger was about to tell him.


“Don’t,” the omega warned; voice low. “I am not pregnant.” He stated sternly.


“Tweek, listen” Kyle started, “you can keep telling yourself that, and I know that you want to believe it, but do you really want to keep denying it, even when a fucking baby pops out of you?! You need to address this issue, otherwise it’ll be too late to think about a decision.” The ginger reasoned, or at least he tried to reason with Tweek, but getting through the blonde was quite the challenge.


“What f-fucking decision?! There’s no d-decision to make.” Argued Tweek, gripping the front of his shirt; his voice getting louder.


“Twe—” Kyle said, but the blonde interrupted him.


“No! You k-keep bothering me with that b-bullshit, but I don’t need that right now. I n-need comfort.” The light-haired omega said; eyes brimming with new fresh tears.


He wanted Craig to be there. He wanted the alpha’s comforting scent around him. He was wearing one of Craig’s NASA shirts, but it wasn’t enough to calm him down. Tweek missed him. The alpha had every right to be mad at him. He had every right to hate him. The omega hated himself for how he acted towards Craig.


“I am trying to help you here, but you aren’t listening.” Kyle gritted out, about to lose his composure. He was really close to just slap his friend, so he would come to his senses, but the ginger wouldn’t hit a pregnant omega. That would cross the line. It’s unacceptable, even if said friend was being a fucking nuisance and acting irrationally.


“You a-aren’t helping me. Y-You’re reprimanding me! If that’s all you’re going to do, then just f-fucking leave me alone!” Tweek shouted, putting some distance between them as he scooted away from Kyle.


“I am getting really sick and tired of your bullshit. You called me because you were upset, and I came, and now because I don’t tell you what you want to hear, you are kicking me out?!” yelled Kyle back, getting up from the bed to grab his jacket.


The ginger knew that yelling at Tweek was probably not the best approach, but the blonde was being insufferable. He was having an inner turmoil, and his mood swings, caused by the pregnancy hormones, were getting worse because his poor copying mechanisms were taking a toll on his mental state.


“Y-You should b-be on my side.” Tweek cried, burying his face into the blanket.


The mere sight of Tweek crying broke Kyle’s heart, punching him in the gut to remind him that he was being insensitive. The ginger closed his eyes and sighed, rubbing both sides of his head with his fingers.


“We’ll do another pregnancy test tomorrow at school during lunch break.” The red-haired omega stated, and his stern voice didn’t leave any room for arguments. Kyle was sure that another test would help Tweek face reality.


The blonde blinked and pursed his lips, close to tears and another temper tantrum again, but he nodded his head, mumbling a small “Okay” under his breath; teary eyes glued to the blanket. He hugged his arms around himself, trying to gain control over his rollercoasting emotions.


Kyle wrapped Tweek up in the blanket and stayed there, humming and patting the blonde’s head soothingly until he fell asleep. Tweek’s breathing was even now; his head resting peacefully on the dark-blue pillow; blonde tresses splattered onto it, looking like tree branches. The dim light of the small lamp on the nightstand illuminated Tweek’s face, accentuating his reddened cheeks and the dried tears. Kyle didn’t want to see his friend so vulnerable, and he was scared that Tweek might suffer a breakdown. The last two weeks had to have been terrifying for the blonde, especially because he was trying so hard to ignore the issue. It was difficult to watch, and Kyle had to do something to make Tweek acknowledge the pregnancy, so that they could figure out what to do.








Craig wasn’t feeling well. After the fight he had with Tweek the day before, he felt incredibly guilty, especially because he just left after the omega had sucked him off. He was wrong. He acted like an asshole because his pride got hurt.


At first period, the omega wouldn’t even look his way, and that fact didn’t sit well with him. The blonde looked tired and exhausted, and the heavy and dark circles under his pretty eyes were proof of that.


The alpha was in the changing room, getting into his gym clothes, wondering where Clyde was. He had seen the brunette in the morning, but he hadn’t been with him and Token when they walked to the gym.


“Did you and Clyde talk?” he asked his best friend, who was changing into his gym clothes right next to him.


“I guess, so I wouldn’t call it conversation per se.” Token answered; eyes wandering to the floor.


“What happened between the two of you?” he asked, staring intently at his best friend, who laughed it off nervously to change the topic. It was weird seeing Token act so out of character.


“I get it. I am not gonna ask anymore.” Craig stated, and Token gave him a grateful smile.


“How did things with Tweek go? I assume it didn’t go well.” The boy said, and Craig only sighed heavily.


“Tweek’s being complicated, and I was an asshole.” The black-haired teen said, tying his shoelaces a bit too tightly.


“You being an asshole isn’t news. It’s actually 90 % of your character. You could say it’s a fact.” Kenny remarked from behind, and Craig nonchalantly flipped him the bird.


“You didn’t call him fat again, did you?” asked Token playfully, but his tone got serious in the end because he feared that his best friend might have been insensitive without realising it, making everything worse by trying to explain it.


“Of course not. I didn’t call him fat in the first place. He just perceived it the wrong way.” Craig argued, flipping Token off. Token; however, was unfazed by it because he was used to the other alpha’s ‘rudeness’.


“It was probably worse.” The raven-haired boy mumbled under his breath.


“What?” asked Token, having had a hard time catching what the other had just said.


“Nothing. Let’s just go.” The black-haired alpha commented, walking to the door.


They were about to leave the changing room when Clyde waltzed in, knocking over Stan.


“Dude!” The black-haired alpha groaned while Kenny started cackling at his friend’s ungraceful fall.


“You’re late.” Craig commented, drowning out Stan’s and Kenny’s bickering, noticing the awkwardness that lingered between Clyde and Token. It was making him feel really, really uncomfortable.


“I am always late.” The brunette answered dismissively, putting his gym clothes onto the bench, getting out of his sneakers.


It was true that Clyde tended to be late, though he somehow managed to arrive earlier than Craig, but mainly because he usually got to school with Token, who was a nerd.


“Right. We’re waiting outside.” Craig informed the brunette, leaving the locker room hastily with Token in tow.



Gym class was as boring as always, but at least they spent it outside. The fresh air helped him clear his head. His eyes wandered to the other side, where the running tracks were located. The omegas of the class were stretching, and he could see Tweek standing next to Bebe and Kyle. The blonde looked cute in his gym clothes, and he wished that the gym classes weren’t strictly separated.


His eyes met Tweek’s for a brief moment, but the omega turned his head down instantly, and Craig’s heart dropped along with his mood.


“Fuck off!”


Craig turned his head around after hearing Clyde’s voice. The brunette was storming off towards the locker rooms, and Token was standing there, frozen in place, looking completely puzzled. Craig was baffled too because he had never ever heard Clyde tell Token to fuck off.


The latter got out of his stupor and went after the alpha who had just stormed off, and Craig hoped they would work out their differences because he couldn’t stand seeing his two best friends fight. Token and Clyde fighting was just unnatural. It made him wonder what exactly happened between the two of them, though he had an inkling. There was only one thing that could make things so weird between two best friends.








In the locker rooms, Token finally caught up to Clyde, stopping him by grabbing his arm.


“We seriously need to talk.” The alpha stated; his grip tightening around Clyde’s wrist.


“I don’t want to talk to you right now.” The brunette answered as he pulled away, walking into a different direction.


Clyde didn’t mean to blow off like that, telling Token to fuck off, but it just irked him that the other alpha could shrug what happened between them off so easily. He knew that it was childish, but when he saw Token kiss Nicole goodbye after first period, it had pissed him off, which was why he was late. He knew what that feeling boiling in his chest was, and he hated it. It was squeezing his heart so tightly, it made him sick. He hated feeling jealous because he shouldn’t be feeling jealous at all. Unfortunately, his memories weren’t as blurred and fuzzy as he wished they would be because he remembered everything. He remembered how it felt to kiss him, and how it felt to touch him and be touched by him. It was confusing.


“Clyde, wait up.” Token called out, following his best friend.


“No. I can’t do this.” Clyde stated, and Token cocked his head to the side; a perplexed expression adorning his handsome features.


“What do you me—uff.” Grunted Token out when he was suddenly pushed against the lockers and felt a pair of lips touch and press against his. They were soft, warm and pleasant and belonged to Clyde.


The brunette acted on impulse and it took him some time to process what he had just done. He kissed the other and tried to deepen the kiss, but Token didn’t reciprocate his actions, which was why he opened his eyes, just to see one of his best friends stare back at him; shock and confusion visible in his eyes.


Clyde took a step back, creating some distance between them. That kind of rejection hurt. It really hurt. The alpha hadn’t really thought about the consequences, but deep down he had hoped that Token would feel the same way about him. The pain that engulfed him felt almost unbearable, and he clutched at the fabric of his clothes, trying to reign in his tears.


“I am sorry.” The brunette said quietly, unable to meet the other alpha’s eyes. “I shouldn’t have don—hmmpf.”


His eyes widened when Token suddenly turned the tables around, pushing him against the locker just to passionately kiss him back. Clyde was just as desperate, clinging onto Token. He had a vague memory of what their first kiss felt like, and it was amazing, but doing it sober was on another scale. It was mind-blowing.


They had been making out for some time, forgetting everything around them, being completely absorbed in the moment. Token’s hand rested on the back of Clyde’s neck, fixating him there. The brunette desperately licked into the other alpha’s mouth, moaning into the kiss when Token pulled on his hair. Clyde’s hand’s clutched at the other alpha’s back, pressing their crotches together, which drew out a moan from Token. They were both painfully hard in their gym shorts, and the sudden spike in arousal had Token destroy the bubble they had found themselves in.


“We really shouldn’t be doing that.” he whispered against the brunette’s lips, though he didn’t stop. It just felt so right, the way Clyde’s lips pressed against his. Every time their lips touched, and every time their tongues met and danced, electrifying chills were sent through his entire body.


“We shouldn’t.” agreed Clyde, being aware that Token was in a tight spot, since he was basically cheating on Nicole again.


Clyde liked Nicole, and he respected her, but right now, he wanted to be selfish, and he was going to be selfish. Craig always told him that life was a bitch and that you had to use your elbows sometimes because otherwise, you’d be the one getting hit by the pointy end of someone else’s elbow. Clyde wanted Token’s attention, all of it, and he wasn’t willing to share.








“You look good in booty shorts, Kyle. I really like seeing you in booty shorts.” Stan said, pressing Kyle’s body against his as his hands wandered down the omega’s back and past his hips. It was a shame that the omega had already changed his clothes.


The fabric of his uniform was soft, and smelt of laundry detergents, but also of Kyle. The omega was leaning against the lockers, his hands on the alpha’s shoulders, looking up at Stan.


“I didn’t wear booty shorts. The sweatpants are just really short.” Kyle explained, straightening Stan’s collar and the loose tie.


“Doesn’t matter.” The alpha said as he rested his hands on the omega’s butt.


“You’re hands.” Kyle stated, though he didn’t do anything to remove the raven-haired teen’s hands.


“Hmmh?” voiced Stan, pretending not to know what the ginger meant.


“Why are you hands on my ass?” asked Kyle, caressing the other’s cheek with his fingers.


“Why is your cute ass on my hands?” Stan answered Kyle with a question, squeezing the omega’s butt. The action drew a yelp out of the omega.


“You’re an idiot and a pervert.” The ginger grumbled, pinching both of Stan’s cheeks, pulling on them.


“Ouwch! Sou awggrwessive.” The alpha stuttered out, barely able to communicate properly.


“Can you two please be disgustingly cute somewhere else?” Kenny commented as he walked towards them with both hands resting at the back of his head; his movements casual.


“No Kenny, we can’t.” Stan answered, squishing Kyle’s and his face together.


“Good thing you stopped vomiting onto your crushes.” The blonde alpha commented with a grin on his face.


“What??” questioned Kyle with a puzzled expression.


“God damn it, Kenny. That was a long time ago. I had a sensitive stomach.” The drak-haired alpha explained, rolling his eyes.


“I won’t ask. I’ll see you later.” Kyle said, giving Stan a peck on the lips as he wiggled out of the alpha’s embrace.


“Where are you going? It’s lunch time.” The alpha asked confused.


“I am meeting up with Tweek in front of the classroom. He’s been…restless.” The omega answered, pausing shortly, looking for the right words.


“Okay.” Stan smiled, caressing the ginger’s cheeks.


He actually wanted to talk about how their relationship would proceed from now on, since Kyle’s family found out about them. It was a good thing that the omega’s mum liked him, and that Ike somewhat accepted him, but Kyle’s dad didn’t like the idea of his son dating at all, which didn’t come as a surprise. Stan watched Kyle’s retreating figure until Kenny snapped him out of his thoughts.


“What?” the black-haired teen asked, turning towards his friend.


“Let’s go.” Kenny motioned towards the cafeteria, shoving Stan into the direction.



When they sat down beside Craig and Jimmy, they immediately noticed the absence of Token and Clyde, and Craig’s sour mood. His head was laying on the table, not facing anyone.


“What’s with him?” Stan asked Jimmy, who was eating, seemingly unperturbed by Craig’s state.


“Re-Re-Relationship p-p-problems.” Was the beta’s simple answer.


“You okay?” Stan asked Craig cautiously, sitting down next to Jimmy. But the only thing he got as an answer was the alpha’s middle finger.


“Well, he still responds, so he’ll be fine.” Kenny commented as he sat down next to Craig.


“Where are Token and Clyde by the way?” Stan then chose to ask because it was unusual not to see them at lunch with Craig and Jimmy.


“Th-Th-They hav-haven’t shown u-u-up yet.” Jimmy answered, poking Craig with his fork.


“Last time I saw them was last period at gym class.” Kenny piqued in, though he seemed to know more.


Suddenly Craig got up without a word, confusing the other three boys on the table.


“Where are you going?” asked Kenny, putting down his lunch as his eyes followed Craig.


“I’ll go find Tweek.” The alpha answered simply, not even looking into their direction.


“He’s with Kyle. They might be in the classroom.” Stan informed Craig, so that he would know where to look, in case the omega didn’t pick up his phone, which seemed likely.


“Oh, great.” The dark-haired boy deadpanned, rubbing his eyes.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Stan asked, narrowing his eyes at the other. It wasn’t a secret that Craig wasn’t particularly fond of Kyle.


“It means that your passive-aggressive redhead is annoying.” Craig commented; tone dry, and Stan frowned.


“He’s not…” he paused, a bit too long before he continued, “okay he can be passive-aggressive, but he’s not annoying.”


Stan had to admit that Kyle could be stubborn and had strong set of principles that he barely ever wavered from, but it was who Kyle was, and the alpha loved him for that. The omega was headstrong and passionate, sometimes violent, emotional and easily provoked, but everyone had their quirks.


“Whatever.” Craig drawled out, taking his leave, but not without flipping all three of them off.


As Craig left, Jimmy spoke up: “H-He can b-b-be qu-qu-quite annoying.”


“Yeah. But at least, he’s not blue balling our dear friend anymore.” Kenny snickered, giving Stan a mischievous grin.


“Y-You h-had a bo-boner for h-him from the st-start, so c-c-c-con-congratulations.” Jimmy said with a neutral voice, but his expression matched Kenny’s. Stan couldn’t argue with that because it was love at first sight, at least for him.


“How was it by the way. You didn’t give me any details.” The blonde alpha asked, slowly leaning over the table


“As if I would give you any details.” Stan said, tearing the wrapper of the packaged food the cafeteria offered.


“D-D-Didn’t stop you be-be-before.” Jimmy remarked dryly, referring to all the times he told them about his sexual escapades when he was drunk, at least about those he could remember.


“Kyle’s different. He’s special. I am gonna marry him someday.” The raven-haired alpha pointed out determinedly.


“Wow, slow down, lover boy.” Kenny snickered in bemusement, looking over to Jimmy who chocked on his drink, coughing violently.


“Let’s stop talking about my boner for Kyle.” Stan sighed, annoyed by his friends.


“Can’t blame you, he’s hot and cute.” The blonde wiggled his eyebrows, and Stan knew that he just wanted to get a rise out of him. It worked because the raven-haired alpha glowered dangerously at the blonde.


“I-If he’s n-n-not ta-talking.” Snickered Jimmy, and Kenny joined in.


“Shut up. He’s always cute and hot.” Stan stated, “Kenny is just sexually frustrated.”


“I am.” Admitted the blonde alpha. His and Butter’s relationship wasn’t going anywhere because the omega’s parents were horribly controlling everything Butter did. He couldn’t just sneak into the blonde omega’s room all the time. It was too risky. Then again, Butters had kept his distance from him for a while, which was irritating. It had been obvious to Kenny that the omega was avoiding him. The alpha at least needed to figure out the reason.








“Are you done?” Kyle asked through the door, standing in front of it and waiting for the blonde to open it.


“I am.” Tweek answered weakly, unlocking the bathroom stall, so that Kyle could enter.


“Then let’s wait.” The ginger stated, seeing how nervous and anxious Tweek was. He was fidgeting with his fingers, and his body was shaking; his grip on the test tight.


“It’s gonna be fine.” Kyle told Tweek, rubbing circles into his friend’s back, and Tweek nodded feebly.


After waiting a few minutes, the blonde omega pressed the test into Kyle’s hands because he didn’t want to look at the result. “What d-does it say?” he asked nervously, trying to swallow the lump in his throat, still hoping it would confirm that it was negative.


He watched Kyle, but the ginger’s expression was unreadable. It was making Tweek even more nervous because Kyle was taking as long as those talent shows moderators when they had to announce who had won the price. It was making him crazy.


“It’s two bars, Tweek. You are pregnant.” The redhead told him, and Tweek felt like he couldn’t breathe.


“No.” Tweek huffed, shaking his head.


“Yes. It’s two bars, Tweek. Two means it’s positive.” The ginger stated, pushing the packaging instructions into the other’s hands, pointing at the picture that explained the results.


Tweek tore the test out of his friend’s hands, looking at the two bars and then at the instructions. There was no doubt. There were two bars on the test, and the instruction said it meant he was pregnant. His head felt fuzzy and he choked down his tears. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest, like it was about to jump out of his ribcage. Everything moved in slow motion, and he didn’t realise that Kyle was talking to him.


“C-Craig’s gonna hate m-me.” The blonde whimpered as the tears started blurring his vision.


“He won’t hate you.” Kyle said, rubbing the tears away, handing him a tissue as he hugged him tightly.


Tweek’s world was slowly falling apart into tiny little pieces as Craig’s previous words echoing in his mind. The alpha didn’t want a child, at least not right now. He had said so himself, but the omega fucked things up because he forgot to take the pills that Bebe had giving him and that would have prevented a pregnancy.


“It’s my f-fault.” Tweek cried, rubbing his face into Kyle’s shoulder, breathing in the other omega’s comforting scent. “It’s a-all my fault b-because I’m so s-stupid.


“No, Tweek. It’s not your fault. It’s not.” Kyle said, rocking Tweek back and forth while holding him close. “Craig’s also responsible. It’s not all on you. It needs two people to make the equation. You’re not stupid. Don’t cry. Everything is going to be alright.” The ginger whispered.


“I can’t t-tell him.” Muttered the blonde, his tears soaking Kyle’s uniform. “I can’t tell m-my parents. I c-can’t keep it.”


Kyle didn’t know what to say. He hated seeing Tweek cry, but unfortunately the blonde had to tell his parents and Craig because the law required it. As of now, Tweek seemed to want to terminate the pregnancy, which is understandable, considering his age and general mental wellbeing right now.


“It’s okay. We’ll think about your options.” The redhead nodded, trying to ease the blonde’s anxiety.


“Kyle, I can’t have a b-baby. I c-can’t be pregnant. I don’t w-want to be pregnant.” Tweek sobbed, “M-My parents will be d-disappointed, and Craig too, and e-everyone will think I am a w-whore.”


The blonde omega gripped onto Kyle, burying his face deeper into the crook of the ginger’s neck. He felt lost. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t face Craig. He couldn’t tell him. The people at school would only make fun of him, getting knocked up. It would just prove that they had been right all along; that the things Heidi said about him, and the things Cartman said about omegas was true.


Tweek knew his parents, and he knew that they wouldn’t let him terminate the pregnancy. Craig had been so relieved when the omega told him that he didn’t have to worry. Tweek had assured the alpha that there wasn’t going to be an unwanted pregnancy. Now it just looked like he deliberately didn’t take the medicine, so that the omega could claim paternity. It was like putting cuckoos’ eggs into a freshly made nest. Would Craig also think that Tweek wanted to pass off the child as Craig’s? That thought scared him the most.


“You’re not a whore, Tweek. Don’t ever say that. It’s not true. Unplanned pregnancies can happen to anyone.” Explained Kyle.


“But I d-don’t want to be a-anyone.” Tweek croaked out, sniffling violently and starting to feel tired from all the crying.


“Maybe we’ll find a doctor who doesn’t demand the father or your parents to be present, so that we can get you a check-up, and access to an abortion. Whatever you decide.” Kyle hummed, massaging the blonde’s scull. They wouldn’t find a doctor that was willing to break the law, but the ginger just wanted Tweek to calm down, and they could at least try.








Craig stood in front of the classroom, but considering it was so quiet, he doubted that the omegas were in there. He checked, nonetheless, just to make sure. The door creaked open as the alpha gave it a push, and unsurprisingly, he found the classroom to be empty. He looked around in the hall that was gradually flooded by students, uneagerly trying to get to their next classes.


Then finally, he saw Tweek and Kyle emerge from the bathroom, and the blonde looked like he had been crying. He rubbed his red eyes and blew his nose into a tissue. Craig’s legs moved on their own. He just wanted to make up with Tweek. He wanted to apologise.


“Tweek!” the alpha called out, which caused the blonde to stop dead in his tracks, though the reaction Craig got wasn’t the reaction that he had anticipated.


Tweek’s eyes widened when he heard and saw Craig. His expression showed genuine concern, but the timing wasn’t right. He wasn’t ready yet to face the alpha. So, he just turned around and ran away. However, after a few metres, Craig caught him by the arm and prevented him from dashing further down the hall. The omega hadn’t slept well without Craig, and he had been feeling exhausted for the past few days now, probably because of the…pregnancy. Tweek still had difficulties wrapping his head around it.


“Why are you running away?” the alpha asked with a frown on his beautiful face. Tweek couldn’t answer him, but instead tried to pry the raven-haired boy’s hand off.


“This is getting ridiculous Tweek.” Craig sighed, tightening his grip on Tweek’s arm. He just wanted to talk to him, hug him and kiss him. He wanted things to go back to how they used to be.


Tweek got out of Craig’s grip, and at that moment he let go of his backpack and the contents spilled onto the floor. The omega hastily kneeled down to collect his belongings, and Craig helped him. He didn’t look the alpha when the boy handed the bag to him.


He froze when he heard Cartman’s cackles behind him, and slowly and anxiously turned his head around to face the laughing beta, blood running cold when he saw what Cartman was laughing so hard about. The world wasn’t fair.j


“Seriously, ha ha” the brunette beta choked out, holding his stomach as he looked at the test he was holding in his hands. “Tucker knocked up his spazzy omega. Ha ha ha!” Cartman called out, and all the students faces were on them.