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Hard Times And Tough Decisions

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Craig woke up, and in his sleep-dazed mind, it took him a few moments to realise that the spot next to him, usually occupied by Tweek, was empty. The alpha shot up, sitting upright on the bed, loosing his orientation because of the sudden upward movement. He rubbed his eyes and got out of bed, finding the omega sitting at the floor with his back leant against the frame of the bed. Tweek had his head buried in his folded arms and his knees tucked against his chest. One side of his shoulder was exposed as the loose shirt he was wearing was too big on his slender frame.

Craig experienced a minor panic attack, but he sat down right next to the blonde boy, opting to rest his head on Tweek's shoulder. Then he asked in a hushed voice: “What's wrong, honey?”

The omega sighed, exhaling deeply. “Do I r-really have to go to school. I ugh, I don't… I can't g-go. It will b-be hell.”

“You can't miss any more classes. You need an education.” The alpha male reasoned. He put an arm around Tweek and pulled him against his side, “I’ll be there. Token is going to be there, and you know how Clyde is. Nobody's gonna dare try anything. Besides, your friends are on your side, especially your ginger friend who seems to be pissed off 24/7. Can’t blame him, though. He’s dating a moron like Stan.”

The omega huffed out a small laugh at the mention of Clyde. The brunette alpha could be very dramatic with protecting Tweek's 'honour’. “When a-are you going ngh to refer to Kyle by h-his name?”

“Probably never.” The raven-haired teen shrugged, nuzzling his face into Tweek's hair. He smelled of raspberries shampoo, which mixed perfectly with the omega's naturally sweet scent.

The alpha's hand wandered up Tweek's naked thigh as he started peppering the omega's neck with feather-light kisses.

The smaller teen ran his slender fingers through Craig's dark hair, tucking at the strands, a quiet moan escaping his lips. “Ngh not n-now.” Tweek whined, “we need to g-get ready for sch-school.” He stopped the ravenette’s hand from going to R-rated places.

At that moment Craig regretted ever having suggested going to school. The alpha grunted and watched the omega walk over to the closet to change into his uniform.

Craig followed suit, hugging Tweek from behind, “If we’re fast, we can do both.” His voice was suggestive and his tone sultry.

The blonde omega giggled and turned around, tracing Craig's bottom lip with his finger. Then he smiled, pushing away. Before he disappeared into the hallway; however, Tweek stalled: “As y-you said. I need a-an education.”

The ravenette stared after the short boy, dumbfounded after realising that Tweek was teasing him. They had abstained from having intercourse for quite some time now, and by the obvious tent in his boxers, Craig was feeling the full force of arousal crashing down on him from such a simple action. The 16-year-old closed his eyes, taking deep breaths through his nose, exhaling through his mouth to calm himself down and to will the uncomfortable hard-on away.

When the two teenagers reached school, the smaller boy halted in his steps, and the grip he had on his boyfriend's hand got tighter, almost painful.

“It's gonna be alright.” Craig smiled as they entered the schoolyard. Tweek nodded, but the moment the other students saw the blonde, they started whispering amongst them. The omega had his eyes fixed on the ground, his shoulders hunched, pressing himself into Craig's side. The alpha shot the gossiping students a threatening glare, and they toned down, avoiding eye contact.

“L-Let's stay outside for a little and w-wait for Clyde ngh and Token.” Tweek whispered in a low voice.

“I am gonna call them. We're early, but usually it's Token waiting for us.” Craig muttered, wondering where his friends were.

He dialled Token’s number, but before he could slide the green button to the right, his phone vibrated, indicating an incoming call.

“Token’s calling.” Craig said to Tweek, and then he answered the call. “What's up?”

“We’re going to be late.” Token’s voice resounded through the speaker.

The raven-haired alpha blinked, surprised. “Congratulations on your first time being late, model student.” He heard Token sigh.

“Remind me to never let Clyde drive again.” The alpha huffed into the speaker, and Craig wished he could see his face right now.

“Clyde’s a poor driver. That's common knowledge. What's happened?” The raven-haired teen asked nonchalantly.

“We had a minor accident; a run-in with a stop-sign.” Craig could already imagine Token rolling his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose in an exaggerated manner.

“A-AN ACCIDENT?! Are th-they okay?” Tweek shrieked, clinging onto Craig.

“They're fine. Don't worry, babe.” Craig reassured him, caressing his cheek gently.

“Tell the teachers we won't come until second, maybe third period.” Token said.

From the background, he could hear Clyde’s voice complaining, ‘It's not my fault someone put a rather unnecessary sign there. Besides, it's just a small dent. If you don't look too closely, you don't even see it's there.’

“It's not a small dent. Also, if inanimate objects could die, you would have killed that traffic sign.” The frustration was audible in the alpha's voice, but Craig only chuckled.

“I’ll let the teacher know you’ll be running late.” He told his friend on the other line.

“Thanks, man. I am gonna help Clyde repair the sign. It's old, and the wooden pile got split in two, so we just gotta fix the pile.” The alpha explained as more background noises could be heard.

‘You sound like it was my fault.’ Clyde whined.

“Because it was your fault. You took your hands off the wheel. Who does that while driving?!” Token shot back, but he didn't really sound annoyed.

‘Got distracted. I don't remember. Tell Craig and Tweekers I said hello.’ Clyde shouted, and Craig had to put his phone away from his ear.

Token sighed again, “Greetings from Clyde. At least, nobody got hurt.”

Craig was amused by the situation. It wasn't the first time Clyde had an accident. One time, he hit the kerbside, ending up with not only one but two flats tyres. “You shouldn't have let Clyde drive. How he got his driving license is still a mystery to me.”

‘Hey, I am not that bad. At least, I don't drive like a 80-year-old grandma like granny Craig.’ The brunette alpha grumbled. He sounded slightly offended.

Craig cleared his throat, “I am a careful driver.”

‘You call it careful, but I call it boring. If you drove any slower, you'd be driving backwards.’ Clyde cackled.

“You just killed an innocent traffic sign. I have yet to assassinate one.” He was used to Clyde calling him a grandpa behind the wheel.

“Okay, stop. I am losing brain cells from listening to you two. See you later. I am hanging up.” Token spoke up, interrupting their little banter.

“Make sure to cover your tracks.” Craig told his friend. Living in a small town had its perks because depending on where you were, it could be quite desolate.

“We're on it.” Token laughed and hung up.

Tweek tugged on the ravenette’s sleeve to get his attention, asking: “What h-happened?”

“They're gonna be late. Apparently Clyde massacred a traffic sign, and Token’s car has a not-so-small dent.” Tweek ha a worried expression on his face. “They are okay, though.” Craig repeated, giving the smaller boy’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “Let’s head to class.”

“Okay.” The omega nodded, squeezing the alpha's hand back.




Kyle was waiting for Stan to pick him up for school, and he wasn't surprised that the alpha was running late. Stan was always late.

The omega had been grounded for the weekend, and it felt like he hadn't seen Stan since forever, even though they had been talking over the phone for the past two days, constantly texting each other. Ever since his father apologised to him, the atmosphere at home had changed. It was less tense, despite the remaining awkwardness at first. His father was trying his best, and Kyle appreciated it.

“When's he going to be here? I am not keen on being late.” Ike grunted as he looked up from his phone, a bored expression on his face.

Kyle pursed his lips and opened his mouth to respond, but he didn't need to apologise for Stan because he spotted the alpha's jeep driving down the road toward them. “There he is.”

“Fucking finally.” Ike rolled his eyes, swinging his backpack over his shoulder.

Stan came to a halt right in front of the brothers and unlocked the doors. “Sorry. I slept in.”

“Typically.” Grunted the Middle-Schooler as he got in the backseat.

When Kyle saw the alpha's face and the bluish bruise on his jawline, he gasped; hands immediately shooting out to examine Stan's face. “What's with the bruise?”

“Ah, it's nothing,” the taller boy chuckled, grabbing Kyle’s hand to place a kiss on the inside of his palm, “I pissed off Shelly. But at least, she won't tell mom and dad that she had to pick me up from the police station.” The alpha leaned in on the omega with a smirk: “Since poor me has been through a lot, you might just give me a lot of attention to make me happy.”

Kyle blushed at the unsubtle innuendo.

“Another suggestive comment toward my brother and the right side of your face will match your left. For the sake of conformity, of course.” Ike remarked from the back of the vehicle.

Stan snorted at the unimpressed boy and answered: “You could at least feign to have a shred of sympathy for me.”

“Nah.” The 11-year-old grinned.

“You’re a little prick.” Stan said, but the grin on the younger alpha remained.

“Just get going already.” Kyle urged as he tried to hide the blush beneath his bangs. Why did his little brother always have to be so embarrassing?


“How’s your project going along?” Bebe asked, playing with a loose strand of hair; her mind absent.

“Token and I are almost done.” Wendy answered during stretching.

“We got two weeks and your almost done? Is that how it works when two nerds have to work together? Where’s our top alpha nerd, by the way?” The blonde girl asked, looking over to other side of the field where the alpha group was doing warm-ups.

“H-Him and Clyde are going ngh to be late.” Tweek whispered. He didn't want to be reprimanded by the teacher, though Bebe didn't seem to mind. Her voice was naturally loud.

There was a glint in the girl’s eyes, and she started giggling, “Oho, they're probably busy fuck—”

“Please, Bebe. Be less vulgar.” Kyle clasped his hand over her mouth to silence her.

“Kenny and Butters are also absent.” Commented Wendy.

“Why's everyone absent, and I am still here?” Bebe asked randomly, not expecting an answer because Wendy clicked her tongue; her face reading ‘seriously?’.

“Clyde ah k-killed a traffic sign.” Tweek informed his friends, glancing towards Craig. He was sitting on the grass with a bored expression, but a small smile tucked on his lips when his eyes met Tweek's. The omega waved at him, and Craig waved back.

“Aren't you two cute?” Bebe gushed, and the other blonde gave her a slight shove.

“Anyway, w-we would be faster ngh with o-our project if you did your p-part.” Tweek said while crouched down to tie his laces. He didn't want to stumble over his feet and break his leg.

“Whatever.” Bebe shrugged. Then she pulled at Kyle's sports uniform, “You talk about vulgar; It seems you’ve been quite active lately.” She wriggled her eyebrows, laughing loudly when the ginger swatted her hand away, and a rosy blush crept upon his cheeks. “Shut up,” Kyle grumbled, throwing a pebble at the blonde girl.

“Bebe Stevens,” hissed Coach Miles, pointing a threatening finger at the omega, “less talking, more stretching.”

“Yes, coach.” Bebe saluted in a mocking gesture. She didn't even know why Coach Miller was teaching PE today. Normally he would look over the alpha group.

“Why do we have Mr Miller teaching us again?” She asked, elbowing Wendy.

“Because h-he’s the ngh substitute teacher t-today.” Tweek answered, bending down to stretch the muscles on his back and arms. He was also sure that Craig was watching him.

“So, we're stuck with him while the alpha group announces for a student to take over PE today.” Kyle huffed, still trying to cover the blemishes on his shoulder. They were fading, and the ones on his neck had already disappeared, but it still made him self-conscious.

“So unfair.” Wendy agreed.

“Okay guys,” the coach shouted to get everyone's attention, “we're running laps now. Three kilometres, so get into position.” The students groaned at the announcement, but the PE teacher ignored the protest.

Kyle breathed heavily when he finished. He hated running, even though he wasn't necessarily bad, but he’d rather do something else.

The ginger sat on the warm cord, catching his breath. He picked at the ground, running his fingers over the rough material. The sun was shining right into his face, blocking his vision. He turned his head to the side, and his eyes fell on Tweek, who didn't look out of breath at all. For some reason, the blonde had a lot of endurance; a natural talent for running, so to speak.

The coach ended the lesson, and the students headed inside to shower and change. Kyle sat on the bench in the locker room with a towel on his head. His legs felt numb and his calves burned from the strain, despite the cool shower. Suddenly, his phone vibrated in his bag, so he looked at the screen.

-Stan❤️- 9:15 am

Meet me in 10. Corridor 5. Classroom 7.

Kyle smiled and brought the device to his lips. It was an unconscious action. The omega contemplated whether he should meet the alpha, but he hadn't seen him over the weekend, so if Stan wanted to fool around, Kyle had no qualms.

-Kyle- 9:17 am


The omega changed back into his uniform. There was that knot of excitement burning in his belly when he walked out of the locker room, ignoring his friends’ obnoxious looks when he told them he was going to meet up with Stan.


Corridor 5 was mostly empty, except for a handful of pupils wandering through the halls. Kyle found the room he was looking for: Classroom 7. Like everything in corridor 5, the classroom wasn't well maintained, since it hadn't been used for a few years. Sometimes, teachers would have the students clean the rooms during detention, but they never really looked clean.

Stan wasn't there when the omega walked inside. The windows were tinted from the dust and dirt, and the tables were stacked at the corner. Only the teacher’s desk remained in place, staying in front of the blackboard. There were barely any chairs left, but at least the floor had been mopped recently. Kyle really wondered why no one bothered to wipe the windows.

Suddenly, the door fell shut, and the red-haired boy turned around, alarmed by the loud thud. He scowled when his eyes fell on the person he least wanted to see.

“What are you doing here?” Kyle asked. His tone was low, and the irritation was most obvious in his defensive stance.

“Why so hostile, Kiley?” Cartman questioned, and his gestures were mocking as well as the nickname. He had a broad grin spreading over his features, occupying almost the entirety of his face. The glint in his eyes was raising alarm bells in Kyle's head.

“I am leaving.” Kyle announced with gritted teeth, but Cartman didn't let him pass, blocking the door with his taller and wider frame.

“You can't leave already. You’ve only just arrived. Don't spoil the fun just yet.” The beta grinned; his tone light. He had his arms behind his back and leant backwards on the balls of his feet, tipping back and forth like he were an innocent child, asking for a treat.

“What do you want?” The omega narrowed his eyes. The beta’s behaviour was raising suspicions, but he couldn't read Cartman. He wasn't scared of the brunette, although he had to admit the situation he found himself in was eerie. The beta had to have followed him.

“What do I want?” Cartman repeated, making a face of confusion. He rubbed his chin, pretending to be deep in thought and look for an answer to the question. “What could it be that I want?” He kept pondering, and it started freaking the ginger out.

“I am not going to play your mind games, you sicko, so get out of my way.” Kyle grunted, rolling his eyes. This was ridiculous.

“Are you truly that stupid?” The beta suddenly asked; an expression of manic glee spreading over his face again, “Then again, you’re an omega. Why would I expect you to grasp more than the minimum basics of procreation?”

Kyle glowered at him, but he wasn't going to get offended. “Get to the point, fat ass.”

Cartman rummaged through his pockets and threw a smartphone to the ground, which landed right in front of Kyle. The screen cracked, and the omega blinked, recognising the phone.

“Stan's an idiot.” Cartman continued, leaning again the closed door with his arms crossed over his chest. “It was almost too easy to get his phone and even easier to get in. His passcode is your birthday. How creative.” Eric’s tone was taunting, and Kyle tried to not show the beta that he felt uneasy. It downed on him that Stan did not send him a message.

“You are seriously pissing me off.” The omega growled. He had put a substantial amount of distance between himself and Cartman, using the teacher’s desk as a shield. He thought about climbing out the windows, but they have long been sealed shut to prevent students from committing suicide.

“Well, you can't escape fate.” Cartman stated, staring the omega down. “I was wondering what I could do to you to make you understand your role in society, since you are unwilling to accept what you are. So, I had an idea.” Kyle didn't like where the beta’s explanation was heading.

“What's the worst thing that could happen to an omega, especially to you?” It was a rhetorical question because the omega knew Cartman had already thought about what it could be. Then he got a gas mask from his bag and put it on. He opened the cap of a bottle and threw the liquid on Kyle, hitting his legs. The fabric absorbed the liquid, and the ginger was confused. He didn't know what was happening, but there was a sweet smell that made his head dizzy and his vision blurry.

“Omegas easily submit. They'd take any cock when their instincts demand it. Did you know that right now, there's a bunch of alphas in the corridor? I may or may not have something to do with that.” Cartman smirked, and Kyle realised that the content of the bottle was about to induce a heat, considering his body was getting hot. His skin tingled as if he was consistently stabbed with microscopic needles and pins.

Kyle fell on his knees and grabbed the front of his uniform as slick prickled out of his pulsing hole, staining his pants. The knot of arousal and sexual excitement got stronger by the second; a foreign feeling that Kyle had never had before. His breathing become laboured, and his body was preparing itself to be penetrated. Every inch of his skin was aching, and the omega had difficulties controlling the sounds he made. Was this what a heat was supposed to be like? Normally, his heats were nothing like this.

“What… d-did you do to me?” Kyle asked through gritted teeth. Panic was accompanying his state of lust, and he wanted to get out of there. Tears were pricking at the corners of his eyes, and his nails dug into his skin; the scratches drawing small droplets of blood.

“There's two types of heats,” Eric started; a wicked smirk on his face, “the normal heat omega experience every few weeks and mating heats, mostly likely to be caused by a rutting alpha when the omega has their cycle.”

“You can also artificially trigger these types of heats by exposing an omega to the ω-4d-Ω-pheromone. It can be extracted from the mating gland. It's painful and illegal, but who cares.” The brunette snickered.

“F-Fuck you!” Kyle yelled as he panicked. He had an idea of what Cartman wanted to do. It scared and also made him angry. He felt like an idiot.

“Let's see if Stan still wants you when you are mated to someone else, reeking of a bunch of strangers.” Cartman snarled.

He guided his hand to the doorknob, looking down on the omega. He couldn't forcefully mate him himself, but he was set on making the omega feel miserable for the rest of his life.

He had been planning this stunt for a few months now with the hardest part getting his hands on the pheromones. The next step was to send the entire school into a mating season. Everything else would fall into place later on, and there was no way to link him to it.

“Bye bye.” The brunette winked, “I still have to put phase two in motion. Stan won’t be there to save you this time.”

Cartman opened the door, leaving it wide open while Kyle laid on the ground, unable to move. His head was swimming, and his body was aching for something; something to fill him up. He reached for the phone, but it was broken. The omega moaned as a wave of pleasure wrecked through his body, sending a shiver of pain and want to his bottom and right to his groin.

The ginger-haired boy shrieked when he saw the figures at the door, and the potency of alpha pheromones entered his nose. The boys were growling mostly at each other, seemingly unwilling to share the prey. Kyle was scared and in pain, feeling helpless. He couldn't hold back the tears anymore, but his body was betraying him as a pitiful whine rolled past his lips. He hid under the desk, but one alpha grabbed his ankle, trying to pull him out from under there.

“No!” Kyle shouted; his body reacting to the touch.

“You smell so good.” The alpha growled, tightening his grip. The blonde alpha’ eyes had a reddish tint in the iris, and his actions were fulled his rut. Recognition washed over Kyle, hitting him like a tidal wave would the shore.

“N-No, please! No! Ngh—” Kyle moaned, fingers clawing to the leg of the desk. Why did it have to be Gregory? Where was Stan? Kyle wanted Stan to save him.




Cartman put his bag on the desk in the chemistry lab and emptied the contents on the table, neatly assembling the items he needed. Then, the beta went through the cupboards to get the rest of the required elements that he hadn’t brought with him. In order to send the entire school into a chaotic hormone-fuelled frenzy, he had to turn the remaining liquid of the pheromones into a gas. First, he intended to put the liquid into the water of the fire sprinkler, but activating the fire alarm would alert the fire station. He hummed while preparing the last steps. He was in a fantastic mood.




Stan sat in the classroom and rested his head in his hand as he scanned the faces that entered. He was bored. He lost his phone, so he couldn't text Kyle, which meant he had to wait until his cute face appeared, and he’d walk through the door.

A mop of blonde hair caught his attention and his head perked up. Tweek strode into the classroom, so Kyle couldn't be far. When the blonde omega spotted him; however, a look of confusion washed over his face. The boy walked over to Stan, coming to a halt in front of him.

“A-Aren't you meeting ngh with K-Kyle?” Tweek asked; his voice shaky. Stan could feel Craig’s glare boring into the back of his head, but he ignored it. Now it was his time to look confused. He cocked his head to the side, a sound of puzzlement tumbling from his lips.


The omega frowned, annoyed. “K-Kyle got a ngh t-text from you.”

“I lost my phone. I didn't text him.” Stan stated, but he had a bad feeling, and a pinch of irritation mixed with fear pricked his skin. “I am going to look for him.” The alpha stood up; his abrupt movement startling Tweek.

Stan grabbed Tweek by the shoulders, staring at him. “Where did he go?” He demanded, and he could hear the growl coming from Craig, so the ravenette instantly let go of the blonde.

“Ngh corridor 5. R-Room 7?” Tweek answered, not sure what to make of the situation. He watched after the alpha, a wave of worry boiling in his stomach. Was Kyle in danger?

Stan hurried out of the classroom, sprinting down the hallway. He almost knocked over a teacher, but he ignored the angry shout, demanding him to stop running. As he looked around, scanning the hallway, a strong and sweet scent tickled his nose, and he stopped in his tracks. His breathing quickened, and his pulse skyrocketed suddenly as his canine teeth broke through the gums. The alpha growled, recognising the symptoms immediately. The pupils who were also strolling through the halls seemed to experience the same. A mixture of various scents thickened around him. Stan didn't know what was happening, but he couldn't help but react to the pheromones that entered his nostrils and the whines and coos that his ears picked up.

The alpha clawed at the cold metal of the lockers, trying to calm himself down. He slid down, resting his head on his kneecaps, taking even breaths in and out. Stan wanted to suppress the urge churning his insides, demanding him to sink his canines into something.

The teen got up. He had to find Kyle. The surrounding sounds of pupils screaming, moaning or growling fainted as Stan made his way to corridor 5, only to be stopped by an omega in heat that clung onto his shirt.

“Please alpha, please.” The brunette girl with piggy tails begged. Her pupils were blown wide, and her breathing was as ragged as his own. She was emitting a fragrant scent, intending to draw him in. However, there was only one scent that could make him lose his mind completely, and it wasn't hers.

“Let go.” Stan gritted out. His mind was drowning, and the various heat pheromones around made him half-hard. It was a physical reaction that he couldn't control.

The girl moaned, and her body shook, but she wouldn't let go. “I’ll be good for you,” the omega whined, rubbing her cheek against Stan's growing erection. The alpha closed his eyes, breathing through his mouth.

The black-haired boy shoved her face away from his crotch, glowering at the girl who immediately scooted away; fear showing on her harmonious features. When Stan left, he could see from the corner of his eyes that several students were already getting it on, indulging in a sinful coupling, giving in to their boiling desires.

Stan’s senses sharpened; eyes glimmering and glazed over by lust. A heavy cloud of several intermingling scents laid thick in the air of corridor 5. The alpha followed the trail of scents; all of his senses on high alert. Four alphas ran past him, but he didn't pay them any mind. There was one scent he picked up on that was familiar, despite the other scents lacing it over. It was undoubtedly Kyle. Stan would recognise the omega's heavenly smell everywhere. When he heard Kyle's faint voice yell ‘No, please!’, the alpha lost it as a possessive growl rolled past his lips. Someone was clearing entering his territory.

Kyle whined; his body shivering from the unwanted touch. He couldn’t help but feel aroused, and he couldn’t suppress the moans. His fingers were aching, and his slicked-up entrance was twitching. The omega felt disgusted with himself. He wanted to fight back, but instead of kicking and screaming, he leant into the caresses and touches.

“Ah—” the omega arched his back when Gregory sucked on the sensitive nub. When the blonde’s finger breached his hole, Kyle pushed at the alpha’s chest, exposing his neck. “Ngh, stop!” He whined, hating the fact that his instincts wanted it.

The alpha entered classroom 7, and he saw Gregory running his grabby hands over Kyle’s half-naked body, sucking on the expense of ivory skin while rutting against him. He had the omega pushed to the floor, and Kyle’s hands clawed at his own neck; eyes shut tightly as the blonde alpha played with his nipple. It seemed like he was protecting his scent gland, and the bite marks on his wrists and fingers proved this. Stan saw red. Kyle was his, and he would let no one else touch the red-haired boy’s supple body. He’d break every bone of Gregory, starting with the fingers that dared touch what was his.

Kyle was relieved when the onslaught on body abruptly ended, though the aggressive growl from another alpha startled him, nonetheless. A foot impacted with the side of Gregory’s face, successfully kicking him off of him.

In his hazy mind, Kyle saw the image of Stan flash up in front of him, and he smelled the thick pheromones of the ravenette alpha. Stan was kicking the blonde, holding him in place by the neck, his knee pinning Gregory to the ground as he hit him in the face; the skin on knuckles splitting open from the rapid impact. He grabbed the blonde by the hair and before he had kicked him out; he smashed his face into the wall, throwing the door shut.

“S-Stan,” the omega moaned as the alpha’s agitated and thick rut pheromones kick-started a violent wave of arousal within Kyle. It was different. It felt much more primal. The omega mewled Stan’s name, repeating it like a mantra as he started touching himself, letting loose.




Tweek had just left the bathroom when it happened, and a sudden wave of pleasure crashed through him, knocking him to the ground. He shouldn't be having his heat. It was way too early for that.

As the blonde omega crawled over the vinyl floor, hands sweaty and body shivering as the pain churned up his insides, he realised that this wasn't a normal heat. The last time he felt so intense was when Craig's pheromones sent him into a false heat. The omega whined; fear crippling him motionless. His vision was blurred, and he could feel the slick; even taste his own pheromones. The material of his clothes was suddenly too rough on his clammy skin.

Tweek opened the buttons of his shirt, and the cool air hit the now exposed skin. It was relieving, but not enough. His blonde locks blocked his view as they fell into his face, but in his aroused state, he couldn't really make out what was in front of him, even if his hair weren't in the way.

Tweek heard the shattering of glass and the loud bangs of doors being kicked open. Screams, yells, growls, hisses and moans filled the hallway, and then pheromones of lust clotted the air, causing Tweek's pulse to exhilarate and the knot inside his belly to finally burst. His mind shut down, and the only thing he could think of was Craig's knot.





“Are you angry at me because of the dent?” Clyde asked. His shoulders were hunched and his eyes were fixated on his shoes. He felt bad for causing the accident.

“It's fine. It's just a car.” Token replied with a smile, ruffling through the other's brown mop of hair. “Still, keep your eyes on the road. Otherwise I might just confiscate your license myself because I really don't want you to get into another accident and get hurt.”

“I am sorry.” The brunette whispered, leaning his head against the taller males chest, breathing in his soothing scent. “I’ll be more careful from now on.”

It had taken them two straight hours to replace the sign, and luckily, no one noticed them. At the side of his car, near the front light on the passenger’s side, there was a prominent dent. The light was broken, and the varnish was completely off, leaving a cluster of scratches. Token decided to just bring it to a mechanic without ever telling his parents.

“Let's drive to a garage to get my car fixed.” Token said, giving Clyde a reassuring smile. The brunette boy looked up; his eyes sparkling. Token loved that expression. It was cute. “And no, we will not skip. We still got enough time to make it to Chemistry class.”

Clyde’s face fell, and a frown replaced his previous expression. “No fun.” He grumbled, rubbing his face into the tall alpha's chest, squeezing him. He’d rather they'd just enjoy the rest of the day without it being ruined by the pressure-filled atmosphere of school and the horrendous torture instrument, known as homework, the teachers used to make a student's life miserable.

After they had brought the car to the repair shop, they had to walk all the way to school, which took them another 20 minutes. When they arrived, though, they spotted several police cars at the front yard of the school along with a fire engine an ambulance. Students were crying or in a state of panic while medical professionals tried to calm them down. The staff was wearing gas masks, and they were giving students and teachers alike injections, scent patches or pills. There was a mix of potent scents mingling together in the warm air of spring, and the two teenagers instantly knew that these were heat and rut pheromones.

“What the fuck happened here?” Token uttered out loud, covering his nose with his hand.

“Ngh.” Clyde groaned beside him, catching the black-haired alpha's attention.

“Shit, let’s go to your place.” Token said, dragging the boy away from the chaos, realising that the exposure to all those pheromones had to have triggered his rut. Clyde was heating up, his breathes were becoming ragged, and his skin got clammy.

“Wh-Why ngh aren't you r-reacting?” Clyde asked, confused. His mind was dizzy, and the all too familiar feeling of horniness crawl over his skin and spread through his entire body as his canine teeth prodded at his gums, about to break through.

“I am not that sensitive to heat pheromones,” Token explained as he guided the other alpha through the streets. “Every individual reacts differently when exposed to pheromones. There are those who react immediately, then there are those who have enough self-control to delay a reaction and a small percentage who simply does not react at all when outside of their own rut.”

“Mmh, not fair…ngh!” The brunette alpha toppled over as he tried to get a hold of his own mind. He had the urge to dig his teeth into Token’s dark, chocolate skin. Clyde rubbed his face into the other alpha's neck, running his tongue over the spot.

Token tightened his hold around Clyde’s waist and grunted. He was surprised by the brunette’s possessive demeanour. “Tune it down a notch. We are still in public.”

“I feel ngh,” Clyde exhaled, pausing because of his obvious sexual excitement. “… feel pent-up, like mmmh I am exploding.”

“We’re almost there.” Token said, deciding to pick the other boy up in a reversed piggyback ride. Clyde’s fingernails digger into the skin of his back, and he was nosing up his neck, inhaling his scent.

Clyde’s pheromones were thick and possessive, and his erection pressed into Token’s stomach. The passersby look at them weirdly as he continued to carry the rutting alpha through the streets. Token and Clyde had never talked about spending their rut together, but given the other's miserable state and the way the brunette licked and nibbled at his neck while growling possessively into his ear, there wasn't really time to talk this out first. Besides, Clyde’s neediness was getting to him, causing the arousal to spike within Token too.

“Just so you know.” Token started, running his hand through the mess of brown locks. “I am the one fucking you.”

The statement left no room for argument, but Clyde looked up; his heat-glazed eyes glinting. “We’ll see ngh about that.” He grinned, biting down on Token’s neck to leave a mark. He was excited, and his head was spinning as the tall alpha's scent got stronger, heavy with lust. Clyde would make sure to fuck Token’s brains out, even if he wasn't going to top.