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Hard Times And Tough Decisions

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It had been three days. Three days...which meant 72 hours, 4320 minutes or 259200 seconds. That was how long Stan hadn’t contacted him or even acknowledged him at school. The alpha practically ignored him. Kyle hated it. He hated the fact that he was the one at fault. The omega wasn’t used to not have Stan’s full attention. Usually Stan would be the one doing the apologising, but now it seemed like that wasn’t going to happen.

Kyle sighed loudly, tapping his sharpened pencil on the book in front of him. It felt like the words, written in tiny bold letters were staring at him, instead of the other way around.

The library was mostly empty, only a few other students occupying the half-empty tables. The librarian’s student assistant busied herself with a fashion magazine, but Kyle didn’t even feel like being annoyed by her today, despite her occasional loud giggling.

“Is there something bothering you? You seem distracted.” Gregory commented, putting his book aside. He leaned his head against his arm, staring at the ginger with expectation.

”It’s nothing.” Kyle answered dismissively, trying to complete the task on the worksheet, so they could wrap this project up already. 

“Did something happen between you and Stan? The two of you seem—“ the blonde alpha started, but Kyle didn’t want to hear him finish that sentence. He didn’t need Gregory commenting on his and Stan’s relationship.

”We’re doing just fine.” Grumbled the omega defiantly. His scribbling on the paper got more aggressive, which caused the pencil lead to break. 

“Doesn’t look like it, though.” The alpha chirped, and his eyes kept piercing into Kyle, making him uncomfortable.

”Let’s just finish the project.” The ginger cleared his throat, ignoring the weird feeling churning in his belly, twisting his insides.

”I am all ears for you if you want to talk about it.” Gregory smiled, but it wasn’t a warming smile. It was more like the grin of a pervert, and the hand that was creeping up his bare thigh was proof. Kyle didn’t know what to make of it; didn’t know how to respond for a moment or how to feel. His mind was going blank.

The situation was surreal. Briefly, the omega thought it might be him imagining things or misinterpreting the situation. Maybe Gregory accidentally put his hand on his thigh. Maybe he didn’t mean to do it. But, the lingering touch made it clear that it couldn’t be a misunderstanding, otherwise the alpha would have removed his hand immediately.

”No.” Kyle stated firmly with a glare on his face, grabbing the blonde’s hand and pushing it away. 

The alpha; however, appeared to interpret the ‘no’ as an answer to his previous statement, instead of his actions. Gregory suddenly got closer to Kyle; his fingers stroking the omega’s nape, while his hand remained on his thigh, squeezing the flesh tightly, almost painfully.

”Does that mean you’re available again?” The blonde boy asked, practically purring. Kyle was baffled. What was he talking about??!

Fear and discomfort settled in the ginger’s stomach, and he froze. Suddenly, a very unwanted memory flashed in front of his eyes, bringing back the panic he had felt back then when he was pushed down by that asshole in his old school. He wanted to yell at Gregory or slap him, but instead, his body just went rigid. The alpha’s scent became dominating, and Kyle couldn’t breath. He was way too close.

When Gregory ran his fingers further down his neck, the omega suddenly jumped up, startled, catching the eyes of the other students in the library. Some made a face, others grunted in annoyance or shushed him.

”I n-need to go.” Stammered the omega, collecting his stuff from the table in the speed of light. He felt panicked, rushing out of the door while catching the blonde alpha’s leisure ‘see yeah’. He felt disgusted. Only Stan was allowed to touch him intimately.

Kyle nearly toppled over as he speed-walked through the halls, basically running into the bathroom to lock himself into one of the stalls. It was a late Friday evening, and nobody was occupying the omega bathroom.

The omega put his head against the cool surface of the door, trying very hard to stop the racing of his heart that threatened to jump right out of his chest. He couldn’t let the panic take control over him.

Kyle hit his fist against the stall; a frustrated grunt escaping his lips. He resented how ‘omega-like’ his behaviour had become. He didn’t understand why he didn’t beat Gregory up for inappropriately touching him. He should have made a scene and exposed him as the perverse asshole he was. At least Kyle now knew why he should be wary of Gregory. It became very clear that the guy wasn’t as ‘polite’ as he presented himself to be. Tweek was right about Gregory when he said he gave off that creeper-wipe.


Kyle carelessly threw his backpack into the corner of his room, not minding the mess he created on the floor as the contents of his bag spilled out. He then proceeded to throw himself onto his bed as dramatically as all the characters in the movies.

He looked at his phone, and there was still no call and not even a simple text message from Stan. Kyle frowned and his finger hovered over the calling button. He pressed it, guiding the phone to his ear, anxiously listening to the tooting sound.

”Hello.” Stan’s deep voice came from the other end, and the omega wanted to say something, but instead he hung up, tossing his phone on the other side of his bed.

Ike walked by the omega’s room, standing in front of the closed door. He knew something had been bothering him for a few days now, but he wanted to give Kyle some privacy. However, it was getting very hard to ignore, especially because he hated seeing Kyle upset.

He walked inside, mimicking his brother’s actions. The omega yelped and jumped, surprised by Ike’s sudden appearance.

”The fuck? You scared me.” The omega sulked, turning his head away. His eyes were tearing up, and he clearly wanted to just cry into his pillow. Preferably in private.

”You’re upset. Why?” The alpha asked curiously, though he suspected that it had something to do with Stan. He had already noticed that idiot’s lack of presence lately.

”It’s nothing.” Muttered Kyle; face still buried in the pillow.

”Obviously.” Ike drawled sarcastically, rolling his eyes at his brother’s childishness. The ginger just grunted, so the 11-year-old turned towards him.

”It’s Stan, right?” The boy stated, waiting for the other’s affirmation.

”Yeah.” Kyle reluctantly whispered, and his croaking voice indicated that he was about to cry.

”What happened?” Asked the ravenette patiently.

”It’s my fault. I was being an asshole.” The omega stated; a deep sigh escaping his lips. He wasn’t going to tell the boy about Gregory touching him, though. It had distressed him, but he just wanted to forget about it.

”How so?” Ike pressed further, rubbing the omega’s back soothingly.

”We had an argument when we went to visit Tweek in hospital...” Kyle started, turning towards his little brother and sitting upright.


Kyle had been shocked and worried sick when the others told him about Tweek’s accident. He couldn’t think about anything else, and he was relieved when Tweek texted him, telling him that he was fine. However, it didn’t change the fact that the blonde fell down the stairs. Kyle directed his anger at Cartman because if that asshole hadn’t caused Tweek so much stress and pain, Tweek wouldn’t have fallen.

The omega impatiently waited for Stan to get out of the car, so they could see Tweek.

”Hurry up.” Kyle said, pulling on the alpha’s arm.

”I am coming.” Stan said, locking his pick-up truck as the omega kept pulling at him.

”Come on.” Urged the ginger.

”Yees” the alpha sighed, starting to get annoyed.

”Why are you so snappy?” Scoffed Kyle at his boyfriend’s tone.

”I am not, but you keep pulling on my arm. I know you’re worried, but slow down a little.” The omega let go of Stan’s arm, embarrassed. They started walking side by side, fingers intertwined.

”This is so Cartman’s fault.” Kyle suddenly pointed out; a deep frown adorning his face. “Because he has such medieval views. He is always trying to meddle in other people’s business.”

”I don’t think that ‘pro-life’ is his actual stance. He just likes to piss people off. He’s always been a prick.” The alpha answered nonchalantly. The omega had been ranting about Cartman the entire ride, and it started to get exhausting.

”Are you defending him?” Kyle let go of the raven’s hand, staring at him with narrowed eyes.

”No. I am not.” Stan stated firmly, confused as to why Kyle would be thinking that. “What he did was disgusting and horrible.”

”You were totally mitigating his actions right now.” The ginger accused, and the frown on his face deepened.

”Can we not discuss this?” The alpha ran his hand down his face. He didn’t have the patience to fight over such a banality. After all, he was not defending that asshole Cartman. He just doubted that the beta actually did it because he cared about ‘life’ in general. He was a narcissistic asshole with a superiority complex; he wanted to aggravate and hurt people for his own entertainment. 

”Why? Do you also think that terminating a pregnancy is ‘murder’?” The omega suddenly asked; his tone as accusing as his posture.

”What the fuck! Of course not. How’d you come to this conclusion?” The alpha asked, irritated.

”Why do I not believe you? You’d be more comfortable with omegas not considering abortion.” Kyle said snappily.

”Seriously.” Deadpanned the alpha, now visibly baffled and pissed.

”Yes fucking seriously.” The omega gritted out, glaring at the raven-haired boy.

”I am not questioning anyone’s reproductive rights. Of course I’d personally be upset if you wanted an abortion, but I wouldn’t stop you.” Stan clarified. He didn’t even understand why he had to justify himself. Kyle’s accusations had no basis.

”Why the hell would that upset you? What kind of attachment would you have to a lump of fucking cells?” Kyle laughed, though not of joy. His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

”So, I wouldn’t be allowed to feel upset, why’s that?” Stan asked. Why were they even discussing this in the first place?

”Because you wouldn’t be the one carrying all the burden.” The omega snapped.

”Can we not fight about this?” Stan pinched the bridge of his nose. Arguing with Kyle could be taxing.

”Tzz, first you take Cartman’s side and now you’re being defensive.” Huffed Kyle with an unamused laugh.

”I wasn’t taking his side for fuck’s sake, and I am not being defensive either.” The alpha said; his voice as calm as it could be in such a situation.

”You can’t understand what it feels like to be constantly on the less beneficial end of the line. You’re an alpha. Everything is made to benefit solely you. I am not even allowed to wear long pants at school or join a sports club.” Kyle ranted. It wasn’t fair that alphas and betas  got all the good things. It wasn’t fair that omegas still had to try trice as hard, only to lose to an alpha that was mediocre at best because everyone seemed to still think that omegas were better off doing ‘omega-like’ things such as pleasing their mate and raising their pups as if omegas were most content when knocked up. It was so god damn unfair. 

”What do you mean ‘I can’t understand’? Just because I might not personally experience or directly relate to it doesn’t mean I cannot try to understand how you as an omega might feel. It’s called empathy, you know.” Stan argued. He was sick of people making everything about secondary-gender. Was he guilty by default because he was born an alpha? That was bullshit. Of course he hated that omegas were belittled and considered weak for the sole reason of being an omega. Of course he wished for the world to be less fucked up. His mom was an omega, and she had been through a lot of shit.

”It seems you’re more ‘empathetic’ with Cartman’s kind than with those who are in a disadvantageous position.” Kyle huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

”You are seriously starting to piss me off.” Stan gritted out, genuinely trying to keep his cool, “I never said I was on Cartman’s side. I just said that I would be upset if you considered an abortion. What’s wrong with that? Just because I am not fully supporting your stance of ‘it’s just a lump of fucking cells’ doesn’t mean I agree with the opposition.”

”Still, your personal feelings don’t matter when it comes to my body.” Kyle spat harshly, and Stan was taken aback by how hostile the ginger sounded.

”How can you say that? I care about you because I love you. Do you really think I would put my own needs before yours?” The ravenette asked, brows drawn into a frown.

”Then why’d you say you’d be fucking upset if I were to end a pregnancy?” The omega asked, though he didn’t seem to really be waiting for an answer.

”Because the baby would be something we created. No matter how you see it, I still think that this lump of insignificant cells would be precious - at least if it came to you and me.  It would be a part of us.” The alpha explained, closing the distance between them and putting his hands on Kyle’s waist. He didn’t really care what other people did, but if he imagined it to be Kyle, then he would - just like Craig - want to have the baby. “So, if we get married someday, I would want to have a family.”

”I don’t wanna get married.” Kyle stated, pushing the alpha’s hands away. Stan’s sudden confession was putting a lot of pressure on him. He was thinking way too far ahead. The ravenette was picturing a kind of future that the omega wasn’t ready of, or even willing to be a part of. Settling down and having a family wasn’t something that Kyle wanted. He had dreams. He wanted independence. He wanted freedom. Children would mean sacrifices. And the omega didn’t want to make any sacrifices in his life. Wasn’t being together and loving each other enough. Was there really a need to someday have a family or get married?

”Why?” It kind of hurt hearing that because Stan intended to marry Kyle. He wanted to propose to him when they were old enough to not need their parents permission.

”The moment we get married, I’d automatically become your property. I would need your approval for a lot of things, such as some legal matters. I’d be locked up all over again; as locked up as I am because of my dad.” The omega said with a blank face. “And I also don’t want to have pups. I just don’t.” The ginger turned around to leave, but Stan stopped him, grabbing his arm.

”Wait, don’t just run away.” The raven-haired teen said, “We don’t have to think about our future right now. It’s fine. We’ll just wait. We disagree. That’s fine. We don’t necessarily need to agree on everything.” The alpha rambled; his grip unintentionally tightening. “Let’s not fight over such a stupid thing. I would never restrict your freedom in any way. I’d never see you as my property.” 

”...” the omega didn’t say anything. He pulled away. He was pissed. Stan didn’t understand shit. If Kyle could, he would rip out that god damn curse of a uterus because that was what it was: a fucking curse.



Ike listened attentively, staring at his big brother with his head cocked to the side. The reason the couple fought over was just ridiculous. It was a disagreement, and it seemed like Kyle had astronomically blown things out of proportion, being somewhat cruel, and Stan was unsurprisingly naïve. Marrying, settling down, having children; in what kind of every-day children-picture book fairytale did the alpha live in? 

“I don’t get it. You’re angry because he allegedly ‘sided’ with Cartman, disagreed with you and because he told you that he wanted to marry and have a family.” Ike counted, replaying the scenario in his head again.

”I may have overreacted, but he should have taken my side and not excused Cartman’s actions.” Kyle justified weakly.

“He didn’t really excuse his behaviour. He just told you that he didn’t think his actual intention was to make a ‘pro-life statement’, indicating that Cartman had different reasons to do what he did.” Ike explained, and Kyle looked away in shame. He already knew that he was wrong, but having his little brother point out his irrational accusation again was making him feel even more guilty.

”I am so stupid.” Sighed the omega, burying his face into his pillow, muffling his frustrated yells.

”Yeah, but I’ve always been the smart one.” Commented Ike, grinning at his brother.

”Oh fuck you.” Kyle smiled, hitting his little brother with the pillow. “Still, he was going too fast. We are only sixteen and he is already thinking about those kind of things.” Kyle’s face flushed a bright red; the blush covering his cheeks and ears.

”Because his thought-process is very unembellished and simple. He is an idiot.” Explained the 11-year-old as if it was Stan’s the most obvious characteristic.

”Stan isn’t as stupid as you think he his.” The red-haired omega commented flatly, but Ike made a dismissive gesture with his hand.

”I should apologise.” Kyle admitted, looking up and locking eyes with his little brother.

”You should.” Agreed Ike, and the omega nodded; a small smile forming on his lips again.

”Thanks for always listening to me.” Kyle pulled the alpha into a tight hug, rubbing his cheek into the boy’s small shoulder.

”Your welcome.” Ike hugged his older brother back, purring. Kyle wasn’t carrying Stan’s heavy scent anymore, and the small boy actually preferred it when Kyle smelled like Kyle.



Stan sighed, letting his head fall onto the plain, cold surface of the with beer bottles and other beverages littered the improvised table, consisting of a big wooden plank and several crates packed on top of each other to create height. The music was blaring, the sound vibrating through the remote area, but he wasn’t really in the mood to party right now.

”Come on, we said we would go out and have fun. You, on the other hand, have been moping around since we arrived.” Kenny complained, jugging down another drink. He was unhappy, and he needed to get his mind off of all things causing him pain. Frankly put, the blonde wanted to forget about a certain blonde omega.

”I am not in the mood.” Stan sighed again, sipping on his beverage.

He couldn’t join the happy, partying people around him when his relationship was at stake. He agreed to go with Kenny to the party that Red announced she would throw at Stark’s Pond. Kenny wanted them to have fun, so Stan would stop thinking about Kyle. But now that he was sitting at the table, the alcohol didn’t appear to ease his pain. What if Kyle wanted to break up with him? Was it petty or him to ignore the omega until he apologised? Should he just apologise instead? Kyle called him a few hours ago, but he hung up when Stan answered the phone.

”I should have just apologised. Your advice suck.” Grunted the black-haired teen.

”No! You can’t always cave in. You need to make a statement here.” Kenny remarked. His friend had come to him and told him everything, and Kenny could relate, since he and Butters weren’t doing good either. Butters truly considered marrying another alpha just because his parents demanded it of him. Did the omega totally forget about how Kenny would feel? Did he expect the blonde alpha to just accept that the person he genuinely loved was going to be with someone he didn’t even know the face of; someone he had never met before? Someone that was a complete stranger.

”Let’s make a toast.” Kenny suggested, nudging the ravenette to get his attention. The blonde occasionally waved or smiled at the people passing him.

”On what?” Stan looked up from his slumped position, sitting upwards. He recognised some of the partygoers as his classmates, but he didn’t really pay attention. He just wanted his Kyle back.

”Let’s be carefree tonight.” Said Kenny loudly; a pained expression on his face.

”I am taken.” Stan stated with a scoff.

”I am not encouraging you to cheat.” Clarified Kenny. His words were a little slurred, but he still had a clear mind. “Let’s just have fun tonight and not think about anything.”

”It’s about Butters, isn’t it?” The black-haired boy had heard him out, and he had to admit that he could understand why Kenny would want to get drunk and stoned as fuck.

”Yeah.” The blonde admitted, “Omegas are cruel. We are told that omegas don’t hold control, but they have your dick, and they’ll break your heart once they have it.”

Stan’s eyes widened and then he banged his head on the table again; an exaggerated sigh making it past his lips.

”Let’s just get drunk.” The raven-haired alpha lifted his bottle.

”Let’s get drunk!” Kenny repeated, lifting his glass and downing it at once.

They made another toast, and then they joined the partying teenagers at the lake. It was crowded and everything got a little heated as people were grinding against each other, being extremely close, almost too intimate. Stan could sense the heat of their bodies and smell the pheromones of their excitement. The alpha could feel his phone vibrate in his pocket, but he didn’t bother to answer. The vibrating sound was just drowned out by the deafeningly loud music around him. Maybe forgetting the things that troubled him wasn’t such a bad idea right now.


“Why is he not picking up?” Kyle grumbled under his breath. He tried to contact the alpha several times, but there was no answer. He was sent straight to voicemail. What was he supposed to do now? 

The omega scrolled through his phone, finding himself stalking his boyfriend’s social media account. He clicked himself through several accounts until one particular post caught his attention.

Kenny had posted a picture. The caption read: “Drink&m, drv, dr,kkj!!!><

Kyle frowned. Kenny had his arm slung around Stan’s shoulder, and they appear to be playing beer pong with several other heavily intoxicated people. The fact that Stan was out enjoying himself aggravated the omega. It annoyed and irritated him.

”Fucking asshole.” Kyle pursed his lips, staring at the picture that already had several comments beneath. At least now, the ginger knew where the alpha was. 

Sneaking out wasn’t an easy task, but Kyle managed to get out of the house, without being caught. He picked up his bike that was laying on the grass, relieved that the sensor of the outside lightening didn’t react. The omega swung himself onto his bicycle, riding down the road towards Stark’s Pond.



Craig wanted to be a good and supportive boyfriend, but it was incredibly hard to ignore the sense of loss he felt inside. When Tweek came out of the room, he didn’t say anything. They didn’t talk about it in the car during their drive home, and they also didn’t talk about it the days that followed afterwards.

When they laid in bed next to each other, the topic was avoided, but the alpha didn’t know whether it was Tweek avoiding to talk about it or if he, himself, was the one that didn’t want to address it. The omega hadn’t been back in school yet, but he was supposed to rest for the next 2 weeks anyway. Tweek looked more relaxed, though. His entire mood had lifted, and he was smiling again. Craig felt bad. Why couldn’t he let it go? Every time he someone pushing a stroller down the sidewalk or heard  a baby giggling, he secretly wanted to experience those things too. What was wrong with him? Alphas weren’t supposed to be so sentimental. 

”Tweek?” The ravenette asked, running his fingers through Tweek’s unkempt locks.

”Mmmh?” The blonde muttered sleepily; his head resting on Craig’s chest. He was snuggling further into his side, sighing in content. It was cute.

”I am gonna go meet up with the guys.” The alpha informed the blonde boy, and suddenly Tweek was wide awake, looking at him with his big green eyes; his eyebrows furrowed.

”Right n-now? Can’t you s-stay here?” His voice was insecure and shaking a little.

”I am gonna be back. It’s just that I haven’t hung out with them lately.” Craig said, and Tweek looked hesitant, though he rolled over anyway.

”Ngh h-have fun then.” The omega grabbed the plushie on his bed and hugged it tightly; his fringe falling into his eyes, covering most of his face. Craig observed the blonde, noting how big his shirt was on Tweek.

The omega was kneeling on the bed; the fabric of the shirt only slightly covering his thighs. The alpha’s eyes fell on Tweek’s stomach, and the swell that was still there, though not as prominent as it was three days ago. Craig bit down on his lip, averting his eyes. How could Tweek just shrug it off like it never happened? And why the hell could Craig not do the same?

”See you later.” The ravenette said.

”W-Wait!” The omega stammered, holding Craig back by the hem of his shirt. Craig gave him a confused look.

”Didn’t you f-forget something?” Tweek blushed; a pretty and pink hue adorning his cheeks. He spread out his arms, and the plushie dropped to the parquet floor.

”See you later.” Craig repeated, leaning down to give the omega a wet smooch on his soft, plump  lips. He should probably stay, but he had been cooped up with Tweek for 3 days now, and he needed some fresh air; going to school didn’t count.


Craig arrived at Stark’s Pond roughly around half past 11. Clyde was already slightly tipsy, but Token looked like he was still somewhat sober.

“Over here!” Token waved him over, and Craig had to fight his way through all those drunk asshats. The music was shitty, but he didn’t expect Red to have a decent taste in music anyway.

”How’s Tweek doing? Haven’t seen him for a while.” Token started, observing every minuscule change in Craig’s expression.

”He’s still resting, but he doesn’t really want to go back to school.” The raven answered, chewing on his lips.

”Craaaaaig my second favourite man!” Clyde yelled into his ear, and Craig pushed his face away.

”Does Tweek know you are here?” Token asked, unbothered by the brunette rubbing his cheek into his shoulder while blabbering nonsensical things.

”He knows that I am hanging out with you guys.”

”Is everything alright? You look troubled.” Token had that typical concerned look of his on his face.

”I...” Craig paused, seemingly searching for the right words, “I kinda wanted Tweek to change his mind. I kinda hoped he would walk out of that room and tell me that he couldn’t do it...Why do I feel so devastated?”

”Hmmmh. Personally I think it was the right thing to do.” Token was surprised by the question, unable to really provide his friend with a proper and suitable answer. “However, there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way. You felt attached to the baby. It’s only natural to feel like you lost something.”

”But Tweek’s happy. Shouldn’t I just forget about it and move on? I told him that we shouldn’t let this pave our future.”

”Sometimes two people want two different things, thus they feel differently about the outcome, especially if the concession doesn’t end in a give-and-take. There’s nothing I can say to change the feeling that you experience right now because no matter what I say, this feeling might persist for a little while longer. Just don’t dwell on it too much.” Token explained.

”Ah,” Craig sighed, playing with the neck of the bottle. “I know it’s stupid to think about the ‘what if’, but I can’t help it. I just...” the words stuck in his throat. “I just went along with it because Tweek wanted it and after seeing first hand how far he would—.” The alpha chocked on the part. He couldn’t just tell them about Tweek’s attempt to cause a miscarriage.

”What do you mean by ’seeing how far he’d go’?” Token frowned, and he might have an inkling of what his friend meant, though he wouldn’t pry or push for answers if Craig didn’t want to tell him more than that.

”Never mind.” Craig rubbed his face, avoiding eye contact.

”Do you regret it?” Token asked him earnestly.

”I...I don’t?” Why was there a question mark? Did he regret it? No. Not really. Tweek was his life. It wouldn’t have been worth it if he had lost Tweek. 

”Yowr still youn—g. Life’s— too shorwt too h—ve rewgrets.” Clyde slurred, chugging down another shot and hammering it on the table.

”He’s right. It’s fine to be emotional about it, but don’t lose sight of what truly matters.” Token sipped on his drink, taking Clyde’s away.

”Weren’t youw— the one w—o said n-nowt to let it controwl youwr f—uture.” The brunette tried to get his glass back, but his uncoordinated moves didn’t work on Token.

”Yeah.” Craig smiled, feeling a tad better now. His friends always had the right kinds of words. They were still young, and Tweek was open about having a family in the future. Wrecking your mind about the ‘What ifs’ of this world was useless. It was just unnecessarily putting you down. Token was right. Unsurprisingly. Craig shouldn’t lose sight of what truly mattered.

Craig and Token continued chatting, ignoring Clyde’s slurred attempts to provide some input. It didn’t sit right with the brunette, so at some point, he suddenly pointed an accusing finger at the two alphas.

”Are youw two chea—ting on me?” The brunette narrowed his eyes, and Craig rolled his.

”No. Token is all yours.” Craig deadpanned, finally downing his drink too.

”I am all yours.” Token gave Clyde a peck on the lips, smiling at him while tightening his hold around the brunette’s waist. Clyde started giggling like a little school girl, burying his face into the other alpha’s neck.

”Awww, bae!” Gushed the brunette, kissing his boyfriend passionately. Token immediately reciprocated, and Craig had to watch while the kiss somewhat escalated. His friends were suddenly all over each other, all tongue and teeth. 

”God, get a fucking room! You’re just kissing, but it actually looks more like fucking. I didn’t come here to watch a live porn unfold in front of my eyes.” Craig casually commented. Token blushed at the remark while Clyde seriously flipped the ravenette off. How dare he use Craig’s methods against him!? However, seeing his friend Token blush a little kind of made his day. Token might be denying it for the rest of his life, but Craig saw it, and he was going to tease him with it.



It was quite late when Kyle arrived, but he knew it was where Red hosted the party when he spotted the intoxicated people laying on the ground. Besides the loud, ear-piercing music blasting through the woods was hardly to be overheard by anyone, even though they were at Stark’s Pond, which was quite secluded. The omega was surprised that nobody had filed a complaint or called the police yet because the music could be heard in town.

Kyle leant his bike against a random tree, walking over to where the most of the people were. He had to carefully step around the rubbish that littered the ground as well as manoeuvre around the grabby hands of some of the partying guest that tried to get him to join them.

As he stepped onto the sand, he was met by a face that he least wanted to see right now: the face of the party’s host herself: Red.

”What are you doing here? Losers weren’t invited.” The red-headed girl commented venomously, making a disgusted face as if Kyle was an eyesore to this earth.

”Get out of my face. I am not in the mood to deal with your stupidity.” Kyle scoffed. It was not like he wanted to be here.

”Well, it’s my party, and YOU weren’t invited, so fuck off!” Red glared at him, but Kyle wasn’t the least bit impressed.

”Yeah. You weren’t invited. Only cool people are allowed to be here.” Lola came to her friend’s aid, but it wasn’t gonna stop the ginger. 

Kyle huffed, closing his eyes for a moment to take a deep breath. “God, you are so annoying...This is a public area.”

”If you’re looking for your ‘boyfriend’, he’s having fun over there.” Red’s angry expression changed into a spiteful one.

Kyle  pursed his lips, shooting the female omega a hateful glare while pushing past the two girls. He went straight into the direction Red pointed at and where he heard the chanting of a crowd, apparently cheering on a drinking game where several alphas chugged down shot after shot, Stan being one of the alphas.

The omega’s face darkened, and he balled his fists as he watched another omega cling onto his Stan, sitting on the alpha’s lap. To say Kyle was jealous would be an understatement.

Stan reached out for another glass, but then an intoxicated Kenny elbowed him in the side, causing the liquid to spill over. “What w—as that for? Scarwed to lose?” The alpha asked, requesting a refill.

”Am I— seeing thing—s owr is tha—t Kyal ova there?” Kenny pointed his glass into the direction Kyle was supposedly at.

”Wh—at Are yow talking about? Kyle’s not her—Ah shit...” the raven-haired boy cursed under his breath, standing up all of the sudden, causing the omega in his lap to drop onto the ground. Kyle looked pissed. He had his arms crossed over his chest, his foot tapping the sandy ground. He had a murderous  frown on his beautiful features. Stan gulped, walking towards the pissed-looking omega.

”Kyle!” He greeted, but the omega just continued to glare at him. “You look b—beautiful.” The alpha remarked weakly as if this would make Kyle forget about the rest.

”Seems like you had fun.” The ginger stated bitterly. He didn’t know how to feel. He had tried to call the alpha to apologise and admit that he had been wrong, but it seemed like Kyle was the only one feeling depressed without Stan. While Kyle was at home mopping around, feeling guilty and lonely, Stan was having the time of his life, partying with his friends and shamelessly flirting with other people. Did he forget that he was taken?!

”It’s not what it looks l—ke.” Stan tried, struggling with his words. His vision was slightly impaired and the forming headache wasn’t helping. He wasn’t really drunk, though, despite the amount of alcohol he had quite a few.

”Of course not.” Scoffed Kyle, storming off. He didn’t mean to run away, but he didn’t want to start crying in front of a big crowd either. Stan followed after him, calling his name. The situation gave him a sense of déjà-vu.


Stan caught up to him, but Kyle secretly wanted him too, otherwise the omega would already be riding home. 

” ‘m sorry.” Stan said, holding Kyle by the arm.

“You’re an asshole!” The ginger shouted, biting down on his lip hard, so his tears wouldn’t pour. He didn’t face the alpha. He didn’t want to see his stupidly handsome face.

”I am. ‘m sorry. I was frustrated because w—e hadn’t talked for such a long time; please, I am sorrwy...” Stan rambled, and he froze when the omega turned to finally face him. Kyle’s eyes were brimming with tears, and his shoulders were shaking. “Kyl—“

“No. Don’t. Just don’t.” The omega’s voice cracked; lips quivering. 

”Don’t look at m—e like this, please.” The alpha pleaded. He hated that look on Kyle’s face, the kind of look someone would give you when they were about to break up.

”Maybe we should just...“ Kyle freed his arm from the ravenette’s firm grip, looking to the ground with pursed lips.

”No! Don’t fini—sh that sentence. Just don’t.” Stan stated firmly, closing the distance between the two again. He could smell Kyle’s agitated scent, and he didn’t like it.

Before the omega could say more, the alpha dragged him away towards were he had parked the pick-up truck. Kyle struggled against his hold, cursing him and throwing insults.

The omega then found himself caged between the cold, solid door of the car and Stan’s warmth-emitting chest. The alpha had a pained look on his face.

”Please don’t leave m—e. Nothing happened. Nothing happe—ned. I didn’t cheat on youw. I’d never cheat on you...” Stan pushed his face into the omega’s neck, pressing him further against the vehicle. The raven smelled heavily of liquor, but he didn’t appear to be that drunk.

”I actually wanted to apologise to you because I was in the wrong, but I am so fucking angry right now...” Kyle shouted, pushing against the alpha’s chest, hitting him. It was his jealousy speaking.

”I was upset because youw hurt me.” Stan argued. He went to the party to have fun and get drunk. He would have never cheated on Kyle. Never.

”I was about to apologise, but you didn’t pick up your phone!” Yelled the ginger angrily.

”I did pick up the first time!” The alpha shouted back.

”...” Kyle blinked, but then he changed the subject, “you ignored me for three days!”

”You ignored me first!” Stan countered, and the omega had admit that the ravenette was right again.

“That doesn’t mean you can just fool around with some random omega!” Kyle spat. He couldn’t help it. He was the jealous type. He was insecure, and seeing Stan be handsy with someone else — even though he actually wasn’t — didn’t help. He was scared that someday, Stan would get sick and tired of Kyle’s many personality flaws.

”I didn’t fool around with him! He is not even into alphas that’s why I didn’t push him off.” Stan explained, cupping Kyle’s face, wiping away the dried tears. Even though it was dark, he could still see the shimmering green of the ginger’s eyes.

*Sexual Content Warning*

”...” Kyle blinked, speechless again. Was he still allowed to be angry now, given the extra information? He couldn’t look the alpha in the eyes, instead he just grabbed the back of Stan’s head, pulling him into a heated and fierce kiss.

Their lips moved in sync against each other, tongues tangling, fighting for control. After awhile that felt like eternity, the omega pulled away.

”I am sorry.” Kyle admitted, playing with the hair on Stan’s neck.

” ‘m sorry too.” Stan’s mouth was still so close against Kyle’s that the omega could feel his warm breath touch his lips. He didn’t even mind the smell of alcohol.

The alpha pressed his body further into Kyle’s, hosting him up against the car, licking into his mouth, claiming his lips. The omega could already feel Stan’s hard-on through his jeans, and he moaned when the ravenette’s cold fingers sneaked into his pants. He got goosebumps from the coldness of his boyfriend’s hand.

”I missed you so much.” The alpha’s breathing was laboured, and his hands were getting rough. The black-haired teen was rambling until Kyle had enough of the other’s stalling.

”Shut up and do me already!” The ginger demanded, putting his own hand into Stan’s pants, drawing out a long, throaty moan.

”Ah! I love it when you get bossy.” Groaned Stan, looking in his pockets for his car keys. He fumbled with them until he unlocked the door, practically throwing Kyle into the backseat, crawling on top of him.

The omega didn’t waste any time, grabbing the hem of the alpha’s t-shirt to pull it over his head. Kyle could feel his own arousal between his legs and at his entrance as Stan helped him get out of his trousers and underwear. The raven-haired teen had trouble getting out of his jeans in such a cramped space, but he managed it somehow, hitting his head on the roof, making Kyle laugh.

When they were both completely naked, Stan silenced him with a possessive kiss, and then he pulled away. Kyle whined as the alpha started paying attention to his ankle, kissing down a sensitive spot there.

”Ngh not there.” The ginger moaned.

“Why? You seem to like it.” Stan nibbled and sucked on his skin until he kissed his way down his leg, towards the omega’s throbbing arousal. The alpha’s own cock stayed at full mast, but he wanted to explore every inch of Kyle’s body.

”Ahh! Ngh...” Kyle threw his head back, and his head fisted the fabric of the seats when Stan’s mouth engulfed his erection while massaging his leaking and pulsing hole. He was already close to orgasm, and the alpha hadn’t even been inside him yet.

The dark-haired teen let go of him and made his way upwards, past his belly button straight to his left nipple.

”You’re so beautiful.” Stan breathed out, circling the pink nub with his tongue, then sucking on it. Kyle moaned hoarsely, but he had enough of the alpha’s teasing, so he reversed their positions. It was easier than usual because Stan was slightly tipsy from the alcohol.

”Uff.” Stan groaned as he found himself laying beneath the omega. Kyle had a dark, heated and lust-filled expression on his face as he positioned himself over his throbbing cock.

Both of them moaned and started kissing lazily when the alpha was fully inside the omega’s wet and warm hole. It was hot, and Kyle’s entrance sinfully clenched around Stan’s hard length.

”Fuuuck.” The ravenette breathed out, wrapping his arms around Kyle’s shoulders, sitting up, though the omega pushed him down onto his back again.

”No.” The omega said with half-lidded eyes. “Tonight, I am gonna fuck you.” He started moving his hips in a gyrating motion, biting down on his lip, moaning. He felt so full, and it was so good.

Kyle was taking control, and Stan was really into that. He loved it when he did that; when he was all demanding.

Kyle leaned forward, bouncing his hips up and down while Stan thrusted upwards, meeting the omega’s movements. At some point, the ginger laid onto the alpha; their chests touching. Kyle’s  breathing was ragged, and the skin-on-skin contact brought him closer to climaxing.

Stan’s hands were rough as he kneaded his buttocks while fucking into him. They kissed, and their exchange of salvia was equally wild and demanding.

The windows were foggy, and their crude and coarse moans filled the small space. Suddenly though, the light of a torch flashed into the car, and a voice interrupted their love-making.

“Police. Scroll down the window.” 

Kyle shrieked, completely horrified while Stan was annoyed that his orgasm was stolen from him. The omega put on the alpha’s shirt that was completely covering his lower parts, since it went down to his knees. After a second request to scroll down the window, Stan did so, unperturbed by the fact that he was very much still stark naked.

”The fuck?!” He said as the light of the torch blinded him. He put his hand in front of his face to yield his eyes. Kyle hid behind him, embarrassed to death. What were they supposed to do now?

”Put some clothes on boy.” The officer said, and Stan knew that voice. It was the voice of South Park’s lead detective Sergeant Harrison Yates. He was an alpha and a total jackass. 

”What’s going on?” Stan asked with a frown. What would the chief be doing here anyway?

”This is a drug raid. We were informed that students are dealing drugs around here.” The man explained. He had several other cops with him, and from what Stan could see from afar was that they were making several arrests.

”A drug raid...” Stan had to process these words first because he couldn’t wrap his head around it. Why would he think that they were doing drugs when it was quite obvious what they had been doing. They had been quite vocal, after all.

“This is ridiculous.” Huffed Stan, pinching the bridge of his nose. 

”Don’t get smart with me. Get out of the vehicle.” Sergeant Harrison demanded, and the ravenette sighed, putting on his pants.

The black-haired boy yielded Kyle from the officers view, and the omega tried to make himself as small as possible. This couldn’t be happening to him. He desperately hoped he wouldn’t be recognised because he was sure his father would get wind of it.

They stood there, half-naked while the police ‘searched’ the pick-up truck. The omega sincerely hoped that Stan didn’t have anything with him. 

The alpha’s arm was protectively draped over Kyle’s shoulder as he watched the officers with a neutral expression. However, his shoulders were a little tense because of the prying looks of the alphas that were standing around them, checking the omega out.

Kyle felt their gazes and the smirks. He heard their whispers and comments, and it made him uncomfortable, especially because he only wore a loose shirt that was hanging off his shoulders; the dark blemishes that Stan sucked into his skin clearly visible. Besides, his feet were getting cold. He  wiggled his toes around, trying to prevent them from freezing off. He felt the uneven, earthy ground beneath his feet, and even though it was summer, the nights tended to be quite chilly sometimes.

“Well, seems like you’re clean, but isn’t it way past your curfew.” The ginger-haired alpha asked, eying the two teenagers, squinting his eyes at Kyle in particular.

”Aren’t you that Broflovski boy?” The sergeant asked again, and Kyle’s blood froze; his body going rigid. Of course, the guy would know his dad. His father was a lawyer.

”No.” The omega replied weakly, leaning further into Stan’s side. “You must have me confused with someone else.”

”I didn’t think so.”The man narrowed his eyes, and Kyle didn’t like the look he been given. The man was obviously judging him; the alpha’s judgement directed at his secondary gender.

”Can we go now?” Stan drawled, irritated.

”Having sexual intercourse in public is considered a minor offence. You’re parents can pick you up at the police station.”

Kyle visibly paled at the mention of having to go to the police station. His parents didn’t know he was out. His father would lose it. He would never see the light of day again. He might as well jump out of the window of a 5-story building. He couldn’t have his dad find out.

The omega was shaking, but it wasn’t from the cold. He was scared, and his throat felt clogged. There was this familiar feeling of panic rising in his body again. Kyle wanted to cry, and for a moment, he contemplated about trying to make a run.

”How’d you know what we did?” Stan asked innocently, cocking his head to the side.

”That was quite obvious.” The man deadpanned in annoyance.

”But you said you were doing a drug raid. We could have just been watching porn.” Argued Stan in defiance, sensing Kyle’s distress.

”Want me to arrest you for obstruction?” The Red-haired alpha asked rhetorically, not appreciative of the ravenette talking back. They had arrested three students already, and they could make it two more.

”Oh come on.” Stan complained, but he was forcefully turned around and handcuffed. They were unnecessarily rough with him.

”Now. Get in the car. You’re coming with me.” Sergeant Harrison stated, pushing Stan’s head into the police car. He didn’t touch Kyle, though, but his comment was enough.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Decent omegas don’t fuck around.” Kyle had to pinch Stan very hard because he looked like he was about to leap at the lead detective for the remark he had just made.

The Sergeant’s words; however, stuck in Kyle’s head, and he knew that his father would say and think the same way. He just wanted to die right now. He had to suppress his urge to cry, but the tears were falling anyway. He had just been arrested, sitting in the police car with nothing but Stan’s shirt on. They wouldn’t even let them put on their clothes. It was humiliating, and Kyle didn’t know whether his mom would still be on his side after this.



Tweek woke up to an empty bed, wondering where Craig was. He grabbed his phone, noticing that Craig had sent him pictures and a few messages he could barely decipher, though he figured that the alpha was at home.

They hadn’t talked about the abortion ever since, but Craig didn’t seem as fine as he pretended to be; The omega wasn’t as ignorant and stupid as not to notice those subtle changes. The alpha was a little distant, quieter, and the blonde got the impression that his decision weighed harder on Craig than he had initially anticipated.

Tweek didn’t regret his decision, though. It was the right thing to do, and for the first time, he felt somewhat liberated in a sense. It was a weird feeling, but he wasn’t going to question it. He’d been through a lot. He had had his doubts, but in the end, those doubts originated from his own insecurities and his fear of being judged by the people around him.

The omega surprisingly didn’t feel any pain or discomfort after the procedure, and his check-up the day before went smoothly with the doctor telling him that everything was fine and normal. It was a relief.

Tweek took the brush from his night stand and combed his locks; the knots were painful to get through. After brushing his teeth and getting changed, he went downstairs.

The omega had stared at his reflection in the mirror, wondering when the swell was going to be completely gone. He wanted it gone because it was a reminder of all the pain he had endured. He didn’t want to think about it anymore.

His parents were sitting at the table about to head out to the Café. The blonde hadn’t really seen them the past days, but it didn’t bother him.

Upon looking at his mom, he could clearly see that his decision still upset her. She was looking at him like he had committed an unforgivable crime. She wouldn’t voice her opinion out loud, but Tweek just knew. She was going through all the old baby stuff of him and sharing fond memories of her own pregnancy. She wasn’t even subtle.

”Should I-I help out in t-the Café today?” Tweek asked, sitting down at the table. He figured that it would be a way to make things go back to normal.

”That’s not necessary. We are already the main topic of everyone’s conversation. I don’t want it to get worse and reflect bad on our business.” Richard chirped, but his tone didn’t match the cutting gravity of his words.

”Everyone in town knows. It could ruin our business. I have already had several costumers ask me about you.” His mother commented, taking a sip from her mug. 

After finally feeling good about himself again, his parents had to destroy his confidence once more. They promised him to be supportive when he was in the hospital, but it seemed like they forgot about it. They only ever claim to be open-minded, but they actually weren’t.

“...” Tweek didn’t know what to say, the fact that the town knew made him paranoid. He couldn’t go to school because of the bullying of his peers and now he probably couldn’t even set foot out of the house no more.

However, the thing that hurt him the most was the attitude of his parents. But what did he expect? His parents had always been selfish and neglectful.

”Where are you going?” The male beta asked as Tweek, without a word, got up from his seat with his head hung low.

”C-Craig” muttered the omega. There was this tense feeling in his chest; a sensation that he wanted to throw away with his parents into the deepest pit on earth.


Tweek ran the doorbell at the Tucker’s home, waiting for someone to open the door. He was sweating a lot, since he felt anxious, and the dirty and judgemental stares he had been given by the people in town contributed to said anxiety. The omega was greeted by Craig’s mom, who immediately pulled him into a tight embrace.

”Tweek!” She exclaimed, running her hand through his hair, “it’s been so long since I’ve last seen you. Come in.”

”Ehm...thank y-you.” Tweek was taken aback, but Craig’s mom had such a gentle soul. He should not be surprised.

”Craig’s still sleeping. Are you hungry?” The female omega asked, offering a cup of tea.

”I usually don’t ngh h-have breakfast.” Tweek was nervous, and his voice come out in a whisper.

The blonde woman sat down next to him, taking hold of his hand, squeezing it. “How have you been?” She smiled warmly at him, though Tweek assumed that it wasn’t a general but a very concrete question. The omega’s heart dropped. She knew too.

” ‘m doing f-fine.” The young omega stammered, squeezing the woman’s hand back.

”Craig told me what happened.”

”Ngh he d-did?” Tweek was very much about to cry.

”He becomes quite talkative when he’s intoxicated. But it’s fine. Don’t listen to what the people in town say. They don’t know. You’ve been through a lot.” Her voice was soothing, and even though her words were words of support, he couldn’t stop the tears, after all.

”Shhh, it’s okay.” Craig’s mom hugged Tweek tightly, rocking him back and forth in a calming motion. It felt nice. His own mother never did that.

”S-So you’re not m-mad?” The blonde boy’s voice wavered.

”Why should I be angry? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She questioned confused, cocking her head slightly to the side.

”Every-Everyone else is j-judging me...” the blonde boy breathed out, burying his face into the woman’s neck. Her omega scent was calming.

”They would have judged you either way. They slow-minded and ignorant. Don’t let those words put you down.”

”But C-Craig’s unhappy that I w-went through with it.” Tweek looked up, meeting the woman’s blue eyes.

”Are you happy with the decision?” She asked, and Tweek nodded his head. He was, despite all the criticism he got from people he didn’t even know. “Then that’s all that matters. Don’t sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of someone else’s. Craig will get over it.” She assured. She knew her son. He wasn’t that petty.

”You th-think so?” The boy asked; eyes wide. She was the first person, outside from his friends, to not judge him. It was nice.

”Yeah.” The female omega nodded.


After talking to Craig’s mom, Tweek felt better. He was surprised that she was so understanding, but he truly appreciated her support.

He went upstairs into the alpha’s room, finding him cooped up on his bed. Token and Clyde were sleeping next to him, cuddling. The picture was adorable.

The omega went to the foot of the bed, and the mattress dipped down when he sat on it. The three alpha’s; however, were in a deep slumber; discovering the land of dreams. The blonde wondered what Craig might be dreaming.

The ravenette rolled over on his back, a deep content sigh escaping his lips. He was only wearing boxer shorts, and the blanket was entirely hoarded by Clyde.

Tweek crawled towards Craig and laid onto him, putting his ear to the alpha’s chest. He listened to the rhythmic thudding of his heart, completely entranced.

Craig stirred and opened his eyes slightly. Then he smiled and rolled over again, caging Tweek against his chest. The omega yelped, but he returned the hug. The alpha’s chin was on top of the blonde’s head, and Tweek was pressing his face into Craig’s chest.

”W-Will you forgive m-me some day?” The omega asked, breathing in the alpha’s scent that was mixed with alcohol.

Craig was confused for a moment, but then he tightened his grip around the small blonde. “There’s nothing to be forgiven. It’s just me being sentimental. I don’t blame you or anything.”

”But y-you’re upset about the baby.” The omega muttered, hiding his face.

”Yeah. I am. But it’s gonna be alright as long as I have you.” The raven reasoned. They had been through too much.

”E-Everyone’s talking a-about us.” The blonde teen mentioned, thinking about all the weird looks he had gotten, about the whispers and the finger-pointing.

”Let them talk.” Craig grunted. Why couldn’t others just mind their own fucking life for once.

”I am th-thinking about d-dropping out.” Tweek’s sudden announcement startled the alpha. 

”...don’t make such a hasty decision.” 

”B-But I can’t go b-back to’s g-gonna be hell ngh.”

”It won’t. You’ll have me, Toke, Clyde, Blondie 1 and 2, Miss Amnesty International, that angry ginger you call best friend—“ Craig counted, and he would have continued if Tweek hadn’t interrupted him.

”Kyle h-has a name and ngh so have Wendy, B-Bebe and ngh Butters.” Chuckled the omega, making Craig’s heart swell in his chest. He loved hearing Tweek’s cute laughter.

”Whatever.” Said Craig dismissively, “don’t drop out. You wanted to go to university, remember?”

”Mmmh.” Tweek grunted, kissing Craig’s neck. “C-Can I stay here. I ddon’t wanna g-go home.”

”You don’t need to ask.” The alpha answered. His father wasn’t going to be at home for a while, so it was safe staying here. He doubted Tweek’s parents would take notice of it. They were so devoted to the Café that they sometimes forgot they had a son.