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Hard Times And Tough Decisions

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Chapter 5 – The Party Part I


Kyle was sitting at his desk, studying for their physics test next week, trying to concentrate on the tasks. The sun had already disappeared, and the moon had taken its place, illuminating the dark pavement outside. It was still January, but the month would be ending in a couple of days. Kyle hated February, mainly February the 14th: Valentine’s day. People would stress over it and everything around him would suddenly be about love. Kyle didn’t want to think about love. He had never been in love and didn’t want to be either. He could do entirely without love.


The omega sat over the piece of paper, their physic teacher had given them as homework, and chewed on his pencil, not really registering the words he had been reading repeatedly. He couldn’t concentrate, his mind always wandered back to Stan. Why was he thinking so much about the alpha anyway? They were friends, and he hadn’t known the raven for too long. Only more than a week. Sure, Kyle really enjoyed hanging out with Stan; the alpha made him laugh and seemed to understand him, though his parents and especially Ike couldn’t know about him and Stan spending time alone together outside from school. But there was nothing more to it. Just friends having a good time. At least that was what he tried to convince himself of.


The party was this evening, starting around 9 o'clock. Suddenly, he heard his phone vibrate next to him; he had received a message. Before checking who had messaged him, the omega stretched his tired limbs, feeling relieved when he heard the usual cracking noises the action produced. Kyle got a warm fuzzy feeling inside, when he saw that Stan's name had popped up.


-Stan – 6:13 pm

Are you coming to the party?


Should he come? The omega wasn’t sure. He did want to go, but what if his parents found out he went to a party, where not only a lot of alphas were present but also alcohol was served. The omega sighed heavily. Well, he practically had to go, since he promised Tweek he would accompany him. He couldn’t leave his friend alone, after all. Besides, Bebe had already given him a bag with an outfit for the party. He hadn't peeked inside yet, too afraid of what she might have picked out for him.


-Kyle- 5:16 pm.

I am feeling internally conflicted. I am not allowed to go to parties...but I promised Tweek to go with him, and I really want to come, so...


Kyle put his phone down, anxiously waiting for an answer and receiving it a few seconds later. He tapped on Stan's name, chewing on his bottom lip, while reading the content.


-Stan- 6:16 pm.

You are 16. You have to live a little. Don’t let your parents dictate your life. Have fun! And I really want you to come!! Just tell them that you are staying over at Tweek’s or Wendy’s place.


The omega had thought about that option, but Tweek’s parents didn’t want their son to leave the house at late hours, which would put him into the same situation he had at home. Not the most suitable option. Wendy would be the alternative, but Kyle’s father always called in to check on him. The only option the omega had left was to secretly sneak out of the house, although the question of how remained a mystery. ‘Have fun’, Kyle thought. But the alpha was right. He should indeed live a little. What 16-years-old had never been to a party before? Fuck his parents and their stupid rules!


-Kyle- 6:18 pm.

I already thought about it, but my mom would suggest that they stayed over at my place... I could try to sneak out though.


Kyle tapped the table nervously with his fingers and rolled his pen around.


-Stan- 6:18 pm.

Want me to pick you up?


The omega blinked. He was surprised that the alpha offered to pick him up. Did he want to go to the party with Stan? He looked out the window and onto the dark streets; no new snow had fallen, and even though the snow gradually disappeared, it was still rather cold outside, especially at night. He would have immediately agreed, but Tweek told him Bebe would pick them up at the bus station.


-Kyle- 6:19 pm.

Bebe is giving me a ride, but the offer is appreciated! :* When will you be there?


Kyle pressed send and immediately regretted asking that question. He could already feel the blush forming on his face. He had been so confused about his feelings lately that he acted nervous around the alpha. Stan was overly affectionate, and the omega wasn’t used to being so close to an alpha that wasn’t family.


-Stan- 6:19 pm.

Around 9:30 pm. I am looking forward to it!!


-Kyle- 6:20 pm.

Okay. Me too <3


-Stan- 6:21 pm.

See you at the party!!


Kyle had a stupid smile on his face and tossed his phone on the bed, spinning around in his chair and covering his face. He stopped the spin, when his phone started ringing and jumped up to answer the call. It was an incoming call from Tweek.


- “Hello?” the omega asked.


- “Ahhh ahh!” Kyle could hear the screaming from the other end of the line and held his phone away from his ear, until it stopped.


- “Man, you’re bursting my eardrums. What’s wrong, Tweek?” The redhead asked confused, putting his legs on the desk.


- “I ngh can’t ngh d-do it arg. I am ngh n-not c-coming ngh. Too ngh m-much ngh p-p-pressure!” Tweek continued panicking, and Kyle sighed. The omega needed his friend there. Besides, he wanted the blonde to confess to Craig. He was 250 % sure that Craig reciprocated Tweek’s feelings.


- “But you were so excited to go and spend time with Craig. What happened to ‘I am going to confess to him tonight’?” Kyle stated plainly, waiting for his friend to answer.


- “B-but ngh what ngh if C-Craig r-rejects me arg? Wh-what ngh if he ngh is j-just a gen-uingly ni-ce p-person arg?” Kyle could hear how shaky Tweek’s voice had become.


- “He won’t reject you.” The omega assured Tweek. These two were somewhat constantly eye-fucking each other without realising it. It was getting on his nerves. And Craig being a genuinely nice person? Only to Tweek. The guy was an asshole to everyone else.


- “Uh-huh ngh h-how can y-you ngh be so ngh s-sure?” The blonde asked sceptically, and Kyle was sure that Tweek was pulling his hair or biting his fingernails right now. The redhead already knew that the blonde felt very insecure about himself.


- “I just know. Trust me. So, you gonna come? Have you already looked into the bag that Bebe gave you at school?” He asked his friend.


- “Mhh yeah I am ngh c-coming. I ngh told my p-parents that ngh I am s-spending the ngh n-n-night at Wendy’s arg. W-wendy said ngh s-she and B-bebe ngh are g-going ngh to pick ngh u-us up at 9:30. I arg d-did l-l-look into it arg. W-what ngh about you arg?” Tweek asked the redhead, whispering the last part.


- “That's settled then. What did she pick out for you? I haven't had the guts to look into the bag.” Kyle admitted, eying the paper bag next to him. He heard rustling from Tweek.


- “Ngh it's very lit-arg-tle c-clothing. Like ngh v-very l-little arg. I am ngh s-so ngh ner-vous!” Tweek almost screamed through the phone.


- “That bad? Now, I don't want to know what she chose.” Kyle sighed, rubbing his temples.


- “W-what ngh did y-you ngh tel-l your arg par-ents?” The anxious blonde asked him.


- “I didn't tell them anything. I am going to sneak out, and hopefully they won't notice that I am gone. I am feeling rebellious tonight! Let's meet outside at 9:25.” Kyle told Tweek. He was so going to die if his parents found out that he went to a party.


-“Ngh o-okay. T-hank ngh you arg!! I ngh am fe-eling r-ebellious ngh too!!” Tweek said; his voice sounded less anxious now.


- “No problem! See you later then.” The red head answered with a small smile on his lips.


- “SEE arg Y-YOU ngh LA-TER KY-LE ngh!!!” The blonde omega screamed into the phone, before he hung up. Kyle rubbed his ear. Ouch.


Kyle pushed himself up and changed into a sitting position. He took the bag in his hands and emptied it on his lap. He stared blankly at the clothes that had fallen out. Tweek was not exaggerating, when he told him there was very little clothing. Bebe had chosen tiny dark green shorts with tartan print, a white crop top with dark green laces on both sides and dark green sneakers. The omega scrunched his nose, accessing his outfit. Sometimes, he wondered if Bebe was aware of the temperatures outside. He let out a long sigh. When he told her that he just wanted to wear a plain hoodie and some skinny jeans, she had let out an exasperatingly loud and long gasp, dramatically waving her hands at him. She ultimately decided that she was in charge of his and Tweek's outfits. He wondered what Bebe had gotten Tweek.


The omega heard a soft knock and the door opened slowly. He turned his head towards the creaking noise, hastily putting the clothes back into the bag. He had the witty idea to just sit on it in order to hide it. That wasn’t one of his brightest moments.


“Why is it that even though you knock, you are doing it simultaneously with opening the door and entering my room!?” Kyle asked his little brother, trying to draw Ike’s attention away from the paper bag the omega was currently sitting on.


Ike, of course, noticed that his older brother hastily tried to hide something. Ike narrowed his eyes at him.


“What’s in the bag?” Ike asked straightforwardly.


“N-nothing! It’s private.” said Kyle, his eyes wandering through the room.


“You are not, you know, trying out sex toys…” the alpha asked him warily, looking directly at him.


Kyle stared at Ike in disbelieve, and his face immediately turned red, when he registered what his little brother had just said.


“IKE! What the fuck, no! What are you talking about? Jesus, no!” the omega spluttered out, covering his red face with his hands and rolling around on his bed.


“First of all, it is in a paper bag. Secondly, you are hiding it. And lastly, you said it was private.” Ike justified himself. Kyle took a pillow from his bed and threw it at the alpha who ducked the fluffy projectile successfully.


“And that’s why you assume that I must hide some sex toy. What’s wrong with you?! And what does a paper bag have to do with anything?” Kyle asked through slightly gritted teeth, still not having recovered from Ike’s assumption.


“Whatever. You are not gonna tell me what’s in there, are you?” he pointed at the paper bag that was now laying behind Kyle.


“No.” stated the omega curtly.


“Mom sent me to ask you what you wanted for dinner.” Ike changed the subject, though still curious about that ominous bag, Kyle failed to hide.


“Anything is fine.” Said Kyle.




After dinner, Kyle had excused himself and hurriedly ran up the stairs, even taking two steps at a time. Ike curiously watched his brother leave, not buying the cheap excuse Kyle had presented. His parents might really believe that the omega was tired and just wanted to go to bed early, but Ike knew that his brother was a shitty liar. He waited a little before he decided to investigate Kyle’s questionable behaviour.


“I have finished, so I am heading upstairs.” He told his parents.


“Of course, dear but put the dishes into the dishwasher.” His mother said, while his father only hummed, probably not even listening.


After the raven-haired boy cleared his plate, he went upstairs and sat in front of his room, waiting for Kyle who was shuffling around in the bathroom. After about 5 minutes, he saw Kyle leaving and kneeling on the stairs; he was on the look-out for their parents. It hadn’t surprised him at all that his brother was up to something, but what did surprise him was the skimpy clothes he was wearing. Ike was a little bit shocked to say the least. The alpha made his way towards his brother, sitting down besides him on the stairs, staring at him. The omega turned his head towards Ike, and his eyes went wide with shock and panic. He sprang up and covered his mouth to silence the muffled shriek that passed his lips. The omega wanted to say something but closed his mouth again. His left hand rubbed at his forehead, and he was fidgeting nervously. Ike just stared at the omega, saying nothing. Kyle had a pleading look on his face and grabbed Ike’s arm, dragging him to his room.


“Please, Ike. Don’t tell mom and dad.” Kyle pleaded with panic in his voice and tears collecting in his eyes. “It’s not what you think. I just...I just wanted to do what other people my age do. I...fuck.” the omega continued, pacing the room up and down.


“Don’t worry. I am not going to rat you out, and I am not going to stop you either. I mean you are 16. I just don’t approve of the outfit.” Ike sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. The thing that probably bothered him most was that Kyle was likely going to see Stan Marsh. It was obvious by the way the alpha gawked at his brother that he wanted him. Ike is not going to let the guy break his big brother’s heart. Otherwise, he will have his head.


Kyle let out a shaky breath of relief. Of course, Ike would never do anything that would put him into a difficult situation.


“I am going to a party, Ike. It’s just clothes.” Kyle said. “Could you, you know, help me sneak out?”


“At least put on a hoodie. I don’t like the idea of people seeing everything through your clothes. If you could call these small pieces of almost non-existent fabric that.” Ike stated nonchalantly, and walked over to the omega’s closet, rummaging through it until he found what he had been looking for. He threw the pullover into his older brother’s face. Kyle went with it and pulled the hoodie over his head. He was grateful.


“Satisfied? The omega asked, looking at his little brother expectantly.


“Not really, no. But I don’t want to see you unhappy, so I’ll distract mom and dad for a bit. At least, promise me that nothing is going to happen to you. You have to promise!” he brought the omega into a tight hug, rubbing his face into his chest.


“Thank you, Ike. I promise you that I will be save. I have Tweek, Wendy and Bebe with me.” The red-head promised, returning the hearty embrace.




Kyle was relieved and happy and now felt a little jittery inside at the prospect of being able to join the party. He stood at the stairs and watched Ike wander into the kitchen, where their mother was. His father was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching TV. Seconds later, the omega heard a loud scream from his mother, and their father sprang up from the couch to see what had caused the ruckus. Apparently, Ike had placed a plastic spider close to their mom, and since she hated spiders, their father was the one who now had to deal with Sheila and her frenzy. He almost felt sorry for his father. He heard Ike’s laughter and took it as his cue to run down the stairs, grab the thickest jacket that he could find in the small amount of time and put one his boots, silently closing the door behind him, as to not get caught.


Outside, the cold air hit his bare knees, and he shivered. It was cold. He saw Tweek, waiting for him on the pavement, wearing a large parka that looked like it had eaten him whole. The blonde waved at him, and Kyle sprinted towards the other omega. Tweek gave Kyle a long hug, shivering slightly.


“W-w-where ngh ha-ave you ngh b-b-bee-n arg? I h-have ngh been freez-ing m-my ass ngh off, her-e arg!” he accused, taking Kyle’s hand in his and dragging him down the road in a fast pace. The redhead didn’t know Tweek could walk so fast, considering his short legs.


“Sorry. But I am here now.” He answered weakly, letting himself be dragged along.


They walked past the dimly shining street laps and at the end of the of the narrow road there was a black truck. They hurriedly ran to it, still holding onto each other’s hands. The snow had been trampled down by the many passers-by over the day and was now a muddy pool of mostly water and dirt. The window of the car scrolled down, and the omegas were greeted by Bebe's and Clyde’s smiling faces. Bebe was wearing a red leather skirt with net suspenders tights, a black long-sleeved sheer top and red purse. Her makeup was stunning. Clyde wore a white button-up shirt, which sleeves he had rolled up, and dark jeans. Pretty simple.


“Hop in you two. I am gonna be your taxi tonight, though I won't be sober enough to bring you back home!” Clyde exclaimed loudly, his voice echoing through the empty night.


Kyle let out an annoyed sigh. Clyde was one of the most annoying people Kyle had ever had the displeasure of meeting. The alpha was obnoxious and loud, and simply put a pain in the ass.


“Heeeeyyy!! I hope you are wearing the clothes I got you!” Bebe yelled, clinching onto Clyde while greeting them.


The back door swung open, causing Tweek to scream and clasp Kyle’s hand so tightly that he thought, the blonde might have cut off all the blood supply to his hand. Wendy greeted them with a small wave, but Kyle could see on her face that she wasn’t happy at all. She was wearing a glitter skirt, a white V-neck chiffon top and a leather jacket.


Both omegas got into the car and fastened their seatbelts. Tweek pushed himself into the seat, holding onto the seatbelt, as if his life depended on it; he looked close to a panic attack. Wendy seemed to have sensed Tweek’s discomfort and put the blond’s hand into hers, while looking out of the window, her face propped up into her other hand. Kyle did the same and took Tweek’s other hand. The action made the anxious omega relax.


The truck, even though it was Clyde’s looked decently clean, as clean as someone like Clyde could be. The back windows were tinted, so you couldn't see inside. At least, that way he didn’t run the risk of being seen by someone who knew him and his parents. Clyde started the engine, and after a few minutes of driving Bebe turned around and interrupted the tense silence in the car.


“So?” she asked expectantly.


“So?” Kyle returned the question, raising an eyebrow at her.


“The clothes? Are you wearing them?” she questioned excitedly, holding Clyde’s hand.


“Mnh. y-yes...” Tweek answered shyly, fiddling with his fingers and avoiding eye contact.


“Yeah.” Kyle said simply, staring at the connection of Clyde’s and Bebe’s hands. The redhead turned towards Wendy, who was frowning.


“Great! I am so proud of myself!” Bebe exclaimed, ignoring the nasty stares Wendy had been giving her.


“You’re always great.” Clyde said, his hand wandering up her tight short skirt, and Bebe threw him a flirtatious look, batting her eyelashes at him and biting her lip.


Wendy only clicked her tongue, rolling her eyes and continued to stare solemnly out the window. Kyle could understand why Wendy was making a face. Clyde was touching her girl, and Bebe was shamefully flirty too. They drove past the convenient store and into the more isolated part of the town, until they turned into the corner of Token’s mansion. During the ride, Tweek wanted to jump out of Clyde’s car several times to walk, instead of risking death due to Clyde wild manoeuvres. Kyle wanted to jump out of the window too, but more so because of Bebe’s and Clyde’s awful and ear-damaging singing. A few minutes later, Clyde drove into the stone-paved driveway that was about the size of the school’s car park and halted his truck, parking next to several other cars. The mansion was enormous. There was a well right in front of the villa and you wouldn’t even see the end of the garden, even in the broad daylight. Kyle looked at the house in awe, and so did Tweek. The music was already blaring, and noises of laughter and happy chattering could be heard. Outside, there were several students from their school, most of whom Kyle only knew the faces of.


“We are here!” said Clyde.


“Well, obviously. “ Kyle rolled his eyes.


“So mean!” Clyde whined, “Stan thinks your cute, but your really not cute at all.” Kyle blushed a little at that.


“Don’t be a meanie, Kyle. We have Wendy who is already ruining the mood, we don’t need you joining her.” Bebe frowned.


“So, I am ruining the mood huh? I am in a great mood. Everything is peachy! Can’t you see that I am having the time of my life?!” the raven-haired omega exclaimed sarcastically, getting out of the car, slamming the door shut in the process.


“Wendy!” Bebe yelled. She jumped out of her seat and ran after Wendy, trying to catch up with her fast pace.


“What’s her deal?” the alpha question, furrowing his eyebrows. The action earned him a disapproving glare from Kyle, though the alpha seemed oblivious to it.


“L-let's ngh g-get out ngh t-then s-s-shall ngh we arg?” Tweek looked at Kyle, expecting him to follow suit, as he got out of the truck.


“Sure.” Kyle smiled, trying to forget Clyde’s earlier statement.




The music was deafening, and it smelled of booze and food. Kyle had to cover his ears at first and slowly get used to having his senses bombarded by all the noises that surrounded him at once. There were people dancing and talking and some where doing things that weren’t considered decent in public, but at a party it was probably a normal occurrence to see people lewdly grinding onto each other, or humping each other, or swallow each other’s faces. Tweek was holding onto him, as Clyde lead them through the crowd of people. They went into another room, where they could put their jackets in. The room was unexpectedly vast, even though it didn’t look like it from the outside. They walked out of the closet, but not before making sure they would find their belongings again. Tweek looked uncomfortable in the clothes Bebe had gotten him and; therefore, tried to hide behind Kyle. The blonde wore dark-blue shorts, similar to Kyle’s, that barely covered his ass and a light-blue crop top with a small breast pocket. The breast pocket had a small planetary print on it. It suited Tweek, and the redhead was sure Bebe put some thoughts into it. The blonde next to him was fidgeting, pulling and picking on his shorts; an attempt to cover himself. The two omegas stood there, in the middle of the hall, awkwardly trying to figure out what to do.


“S-s-should ngh w-we da-ance arg?” asked Tweek, shifting back and forth on the balls of his feet.


Kyle turned to face him, looking just as lost as Tweek right now: “I don’t know. I have never been to a party…”


“M-ME NE-E-IGHTER ARG!” Tweek screamed, grabbing the redhead on his arms and shaking him like a ragdoll. Before he could say anything though, Kyle heard whistling from behind and saw Kenny, Clyde and Token walking towards them with drinks in their hands.


“Man, Tweekie. Now, I know why Craig is so obsessed with you. You look hot as fuck!” Clyde said, looking the blonde up and down with a grin on his face, like he was a piece of juicy meat.


Tweek flinched at that and looked visibly uncomfortable, not that he didn't look uncomfortable before.


“Nice butt, Kyle.” Kenny said, putting an arm around the omega and being a little too close for his comfort. Kyle pushed him away, frowning.


“Have you never heard of personal space?!” the omega asked rhetorically to which Kenny just answered with a cheeky grin. He did remove his arm though.


“Guys, behave! Clyde, your lucky Craig hasn’t heard that because that would not have ended well for you.” Token spoke up, putting himself between Kyle and Kenny.


Kenny was always flirty with everyone, even though he was in a committed relationship. To Kyle it didn’t look like he was that serious about his relationship with Butters. Butters didn’t seem bothered by Kenny’s flirtatious nature, and if he was, then he hid it well with his sweet smiles and polite behaviour. Kyle had to admit that he’d probably be the jealous type. He hoped Stan wasn’t like that. Wait…what? Kyle shook his head rapidly, trying to shoo the thought away.


“Didn’t hear what?” asked a nasally voice behind them. Tweek screamed at Craig’s sudden appearance.


“Nothing!” Clyde yelled, sprinting down the hallway and into another room, grabbing an omega by the arm; a call for them to dance with him.


“Not even a simple ‘hello’, how typical. You hurt my maiden heart.” Kenny said, clutching at his chest and feigning to swipe a tear away.


“I wouldn’t consider you very maiden-like.” Craig deadpanned, turning his attention towards Tweek. Tweek was the reason he was here, after all and he looked as cute as always.


“Hey, Tweek.” He said simply, looking him up and down, but not the same way Clyde did only moments ago. It was a look of pure admiration for the blonde omega.


“Hi…arg.” Tweek stuttered, looking at the ground.


“Kyle!!”, another voice came up from behind the two omegas.


It was undoubtedly Stan’s voice. Kyle would recognize his deep and throaty voice everywhere. He turned around to greet him, when he felt two muscular arms bring him into a bone-crushing hug. He tensed up at first but soon relaxed and melted into the alpha’s warmth. He smelled really good, like freshly fallen rain.


“Hey, Stan.” The omega smiled at the alpha who returned the warm smile. The alpha turned towards Craig, who was trying to ease Tweek’s anxiety, still not letting go of Kyle.


“Dude, you just disappeared?!” he said.


“Fuck off!” countered Craig with a stoic expression.


“Guys, guys. Please.” Token said, his friends were already causing him a major headache, and the party barely started. Why was he friends with those migraine-inducing idiots again?


“Sorry, I was later then expected because of a certain somebody.” Stan told Kyle, suggestively glaring at Craig.


“You could have come with someone else.” Craig stated, not paying the other alpha any mind, too engrossed in calming the twitchy omega in front of him. They seemed to have drifted off into their own little world.


“You drive like a grandpa, man.” Stan countered to which Craig responded in his usual Craig-like manner.


Craig asked Tweek for a dance, taking his hand and leading him into another room. Kyle and Stan were left awkwardly standing in front each other surrounded by drunkenly dancing people. Kenny and Token had disappeared somewhere into the crowd moments after Tweek and Craig had left.


“You look nice.” The alpha stated, slightly covering his mouth with his hand, looking past Kyle. He didn’t want to ogle at the read-haired beauty too much, since just looking at the clothes that accentuated every curve of the omega’s body so perfectly made his mouth salivate. He looked gorgeous. He always did. He could wear ugly torn rags and still look beautiful. A red lock had fallen into Kyle’s face, and Stan so badly wanted to brush it away but refrained from doing so. He cleared his throat not sure what to do with himself.


“Th-hank you. Eh-h you look good too.” Kyle said, a blush adorning his cheeks.


Stan wore beige chinos, a navy-blue sweater, a light blue denim shirt and white sneakers, and the omega thought it suited him; made him look so much more mature. The alpha had his sleeves rolled up, so Kyle got a good look at his biceps. They were standing too close to each other due to dancing crowd and those who forced their way through it. Another swarm of people made their way through the narrow doorway, and the omega found himself pressed against the alpha’s muscular frame. Kyle held onto Stan, secretly enjoying how the warmth radiating from his body embraced him. He liked the feeling of their chests pressed together and listening to the alpha’s quickened heartbeat.


Stan’s hand had travelled down to the small of Kyle’s back, while his other hand laid on his hip. The touch was light like a feather and barely even there. Stan was trying hard not to pop a boner right then and there, keeping the touches to the minimum. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the closeness their shared or the softness of the omega's pale skin. Honestly, he so desperately wanted to press his face into the omega’s neck and breath in his delicious scent. He wanted to tenderly kiss Kyle’s scent glands and leave a trail of big red hickeys on his neck and his collar bones, so everyone knew that the omega was his. He wanted to trace his fingers up and down those supple thighs and explore every inch of the redhead’s body with his tongue. These were dangerous thoughts, and Stan had trouble keeping his composure. Stan had to change his mental image for a moment. He looked at the omega, counting his long dark lashes and drowning in his forest green eyes. They pulled him in like quicksand. They looked so clear and beautiful, even under the dim light. When their eyes met, both their breaths hitched, and Kyle closed his eyes maybe expecting something, or maybe not. Their bubble was broken by a screeching voice, and Kyle pushed away from the alpha, suddenly fully aware of his actions.


“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Jew boy dressed as a cheap street whore. Maybe I should warn Token about your grabby hands. Oh, where is your twitchy friend? Busy getting his slutty ass fucked by Tucker?” Cartman asked condescendingly, making gestures with his hands while speaking.


“Shut your mouth asshole, or I am going to kick your ass!” Kyle yelled, stopping Stan from stepping up for him.


“You?! Don’t make me laugh.” Cartman laughed out, throwing his head back.


“Fatass if you don’t shut up, I am going to bash your teeth in.” Stan warned, putting his hand protectively on Kyle’s shoulder. Kyle; however, swatted it away taking a few steps forward, so he stood right in front of Eric.


“What the fuck is your problem?! Just fuck off, you fat piece of trash!” the omega hissed, glaring up at the beta who scowled in return.


Every fibre of Kyle’s body hated the beta with such great passion, he would like to just throw him in front of a bus. He probably wouldn’t even feel bad about it, figuring that he would do every other human being - and society in general - a favour. They had had their fair share of run-ins already, and it seemed Cartman purposely sought Kyle out just to piss him off. He bad-mouthed his friends in front of him, insulted him personally and made abusive remarks about omegas.


“Wow. Aren’t you brave? Actually, if you ask me so directly, I shall answer your question. You omegas are my problem. All you do is whore around and flaunt your asses because that’s all you can do. You piss me off the most because you just can’t accept the fact that you are inferior, and inferior beings should not be allowed to run their mouths.” Cartman said, glowering at the omega.


That was the final straw Kyle needed to attack. He jumped at Cartman and tried to get a hold on his throat, so he could choke him. The music had stopped sometime in the middle, and Cartman fell to the floor, arms covering his face. The beta didn’t expect the omega to actually launch at him. Kyle was on top of Cartman, putting all his weight onto the beta ready to deliver another final blow to the brunette’s face, but was stopped by two arms grabbing him from behind and pulling him off the yelling and cursing beta. The omega tried to struggle his way free; he kicked and screamed, but Stan had him immobilised.


“I am going to fucking murder you!” Kyle screamed angrily, his breathing came out in slow puffs.


“You damn bitch!” Cartman yelled back, holding his right cheek, where Kyle managed to strike him.


A crowd had formed around them, curiously observing the commotion they had caused. The people around them spurted them on, some cheering for the omega, while other’s wanted Eric to put Kyle into his place.


“Beat his ass, Kyle!” cheered Nicole, a beta from his class and Token’s girlfriend.


“Teach the omega a lesson, Cartman. Don’t let an omega talk to you like that!” yelled Kevin Stolley, an alpha.


“Okay. Guys. Guys! Stop it already. Kyle, stop threatening Cartman, and fatass stop being an asshole!” Stan yelled, successfully silencing the crowd and Cartman with the authority that was seeping through his voice, though Kyle wasn’t having any of it.


“He started it. Let go of me, Stan.” The omega struggled against the strong hold, but to no avail; the alpha just wouldn’t budge.


“Bring it on, you leg-spreading whore.” The beta stood up, puffing out his chest, though he immediately backed off, when Stan glowered at him dangerously, releasing his scent.


When the alpha’s scent entered Kyle’s nostrils, he tensed up, feeling the urge to submit and bare his neck. He had stopped fighting the alpha’s grip on him and dared peeking up. Stan looked so feral in that moment. Something akin to fear, but also excitement, started to pool in the pit of Kyle’s stomach at the mere sight of the alpha. The blue in the raven-haired boy’s eyes was more prominent, and there was a certain yellowish glow to it. Kyle could feel the slick running out of his hole. He was disgusted with himself, for suddenly feeling aroused at the display of power; disgusted for being so weak; weak like an omega. The omega hated that feeling; the feeling of powerlessness. He hated being reminded of the alleged superiority of alphas.


After that, the room slowly dispersed, and Kyle and Stan were left alone in the hallway. The omega looked down at his feet, having gone lax against the alpha’s broad chest, staring at the ceiling.


“I am sorry.” The alpha abruptly said, feeling guilty.


There was a small pause, before Kyle responded in a raspy voice: “You can let go of me now.”


Stan removed his arms around the omega as fast as lighting and put some distance between them. The expression on the omega’s face so empty, it made the alpha’s stomach churn. The music had started again, though it wasn’t as deafening as before. Kyle moved to the papered wall beside the wooden stairs, that lead to the second floor, and leaned against it, gripping the wallpaper behind him. He covered his face with his hands and glided down the wall, taking in deep breaths of air. His knees were drawn to his chest, and his head was bent upwards, his fingers rubbing his tired eyelids. He didn’t know what to feel right now. Cartman made him so mad, but so did all these other pricks that were siding with the beta. He felt so vulnerable. He sensed Stan’s eyes watching him; the alpha was standing there, in the hallway, like a lost puppy. The raven-haired boy moved over to the omega, sliding down the wall next to him, just sitting there without any words of comfort, which was what Kyle actually preferred right now, though he needed time for himself to think.


“Stan”, the omega started, observing the alpha’s handsome face lighten up at the call of his name, “could you…could you give me some alone-time? I…I…”


“It’s okay.” The alpha said, stopping Kyle from continuing by taking the omega’s face in his hands and putting his thumb over his lips. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked tentatively.


“…no…” the omega answered plainly, while drawing patterns over his left knee.


“I’ll see you later, right? You’re not leaving, are you?” the alpha asked with a troubled expression that didn’t suit his gorgeous features.


“I am not leaving.” The redhead said, offering a weak smile, and Stan gave him a curt nod.


The alpha then stood up, and Kyle watched him walk into the other room, where the party has moved to. The dejected fall of Stan’s shoulders made him feel bad, and he cursed himself under his breath for being such an over-sensible cry-baby.