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Tsorf the Fanndis Of Creation

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Panting and shaky legged the pack had managed to arrive at the foot of the mountains wintery forest. All tired but alive. Liulfr was the only one with enough energy to climb onto a nearby cliff. He wanted to see the fight that Enorm was having. He focused his magic into his eyes to enhance his vision. He saw them talking with each other then running towards one another. Enorm managed to hit away the shadow's blow. Liulfr could not see what had happened as the two foes had been standing to close. Enorm backed up a little to reveal what had just happened. Liulfr saw that Enorm had struck the shadow straight through it's body.

"HE DID IT! HE ACTUALLY DID IT! ENORM WON!" Liulfr yelled at the top of his lungs. Those yells were met with joy from the wolves as they yipped and jumped celebrating. Liulfr began to howl as loud as he could, his pack followed.

A freezing breeze of strong wind made the pack go quiet as they began to shiver. Even though they had experienced cold before this was different. The snow that fell back onto them after the wind had settled seemed to be stuck in time as it slowly floated it's way back down. Liulfr was the first to see from where the cold wind had been blown from.

"Where did..." Liulfr turned to find a winged creature behind them with it's mighty wings being pulled back to it's sides. He wanted to growl and threaten the creature, until he recognized who it was. His pack turned to face in the same direction looking at where Liulfr was looking. "Your...The Frost Dragon." Liulfr said in a low and respectful voice as he lifted his left front paw and extended his right, stretching out into a bow and wrapping his tail around his right hind leg. His pack followed his example immediately.

The pups of only a few months upon seeing something so different and powerful ran towards it without any fear barking at the dragon. The pack was worried for their pups but did not move to correct the pups behavior. The dragon sat there as she saw the fearsome might of the young wolves running towards her to defend their own. Had it been a different day she would have gladly played with the tiny fur balls but she had another matter to attend to. Tsorf lifted her mighty tail and slammed it with enough force that the snow parted and revealed the dirt. The pups came to sudden stop panting and confused. They stared up the dragon that had began to walk towards them. They made way for the dragon as she passed one by one the pups bowed realizing that the demonstration of the dragon was a warning.

Tsorf kept walking towards the same cliff were Liulfr was at. She walked with her head up high, tail elevated off the ground just enough not to touch it and her wings at her side ready to take flight at the sign of any hostility. Her walk was a statement that said "I am proud, humble, gleeful, aware and powerful."

Liulfr could feel the air becoming thicker with cold. The air he breathed felt as if they were a thousand fang's digging into his chest. This fear he felt was different from what he had sensed from the shadow. He feared for their lives but yet he knew they weren't in any danger. The footsteps of the dragon grew closer and closer. They stopped as soon as she had reached the edge of the cliff. He felt the cold emitting from her as she sat beside him.

"Tell your pack to rise." The dragon told Liulfr in a clear voice. Liulfr obliged. The pack began to move about.

Liulfr approached the dragon with an amazed look, he saw endless magic coming from her. He sat quietly for a moment when the silence was broken by Tsorf, "Who is that giant?"

"His name is Enorm." Liulfr answered.

"Why is he here alone?" Tsorf asked as she continued to look at out into the battle scarred plains.

"To serve The Frost Dragon whose rightful name is Tsorf, because of that he mustered the courage to fight." Liulfr responded promptly.

"How odd to see a giant fight for another species survival. He seems interesting. If he has come all this way then I should at least meet this Enorm." She began to get ready to take flight when she stopped and asked, "What is your name wolf?"

"I am Liulfr, leader of the northern wolf pack called Nanakia." Come to think about it I never even told Enorm about that. Liulfr thought to himself.

"Not a bad name. Liulfr the red wolf. Yes, I do believe I will remember that name very easily. Good travels Liulfr." With that Tsorf took flight.

"Good luck Enorm." He took one last glance at Enorm and barked at his pack. In a moment's notice they ran into the dense forest of the mountain. "Let's get home before nightfall." Liulfr said as he howled with joy, so did his pack.

"Is your...(cough cough)..arm...(deep breath)..stuck...(coughing) Enorm?" Krieger barely able to let out those words.

"It is. Once I remove my arm you will bleed out faster, are you ready to die Krieger?" Enorm felt just a small amount of compassion towards his dieing enemy.

"I have been living knowing..(panting) that I would die..(cough) eventually." A small amount of blood splattered onto Enorm.

"Good, this will cause you more harm." Enorm grabbed onto Krieger's wounded shoulder with the exposed bone he put all his weight on it. He began to to push on the wound. Krieger yelled in pain. Enorm started to pull his right arm out of Krieger's chest. Each time the pain became worse.

"JUST GET IT OVER WITH." Krieger yelled.

Enorm pulled once again with all his might and finally managed to get his arm loose. He was surprised at how little blood there was on his arm. Krieger slowly fell to one knee and began to lay down face first into the dirt. "Is this what you would consider a good death Krieger?"

"Enorm...(pained breathing) one...favor?" Krieger asked.

Enorm stayed silent.

"Let me die, facing up at my enemy." Krieger's pain could not be ignored.

Enorm complied.

Krieger could feel his end was here. "Enorm...You truly (wheezing) were my (wheezing) greatest (choking) e-e-enemy." With that the fearsome Krieger quietly died.

"Thank you Krieger. If I had not fought you I would forever be worse than a coward." Enorm began to walk away but from how exhausted he fell to his knees and laid back on a nearby large boulder. "I'm just going to rest a bit. Liulfr has probably already left to his territory. I really was afraid and still am but I feel...rejuvenated."

Pain ran all over his body. He did not know what body part hurt more his broken hand, his face or legs. The rock was the only thing keeping sitting upright. Thoughts of the fight swirled in his head. "Was that really me? Why did I enjoy fighting? Will I die here as well?"

"AAAAAHHH. WHY WON'T MY STUPID BODY MOVE?!!" Yelling was the only thing he could do now. Enorm hung his head sobbing at his inability to keep moving forward.

"For being a tough giant Enorm you sure look feeble." Enorm's imagination was again here to kick him down and feel even lower than what he felt.

"Quiet. You don't understand. You never understand. All you ever do is mock me." Still sobbing and holding his injured hand, he did not lift his head.

"How can I understand or mock someone I have just met? His imagination asked.

"Just met. Your always here ready to pounce at my failure's. You always show up when I finally feel I have accomplished something great, only to have you stomp that to dust. The worst part is I know your not real. It's all in my head because I perceive myself as being useless to those around me." Enorm cried and let the tears out.

"You are a fool." His imagination said. Enorm continued to cry.

"You see there you go again." He said through his cracked voice.

"The only thing that I see is a very capable giant. Who proved to himself that he is not useless or a coward. A giant that seems ran into battle ready to die so that others may live." This was not normal, his imagination always ridiculed or made him feel as if he was nothing.

"Why would you say those things?" Enorm asked confusedly.

"Enorm the Giant. By my name, I Tsorf COMMAND YOU TO LIFT YOUR HEAD!!" Tsorf yelled at Enorm who had stopped crying.

Enorm lifted his head and through blurry and bloody eyes saw Tsorf. "I...I....I." Was all he kept saying.

"I do not have all day Enorm. You were coming to meet with me, were you not?" Tsorf said in a disgruntled voice.

Squeaking was the sound that came out of Enorm who somehow managed to make it to his knees and began to bow. "Tsorf my lady, I did not mean to be a bother. I am so sorry about how I currently look. You know I wanted to meet you for a long time not just since a few days back. You look well and annoyed it seems. It's probably because I'm talking to to much. You don't have to say I know it is. I should be quiet.....I can't though. OH! NO! I was so disrespectful towards you. To make matters worse I half dead. This is not how I wanted to meet you. I---" Enorm was now on the ground as he was forcibly made to be quiet by Tsorf by a powerful whack with her tail across his face.

"Finally your quite. Do you wish to become my servant Enorm? Asked Tsorf as she hovered over head. "Answer with a simple yes or no."

"I am sorry. I just got really nervous and excited I couldn't control myself. I tend to talk a lot when I'm nervous or excited. See as a k--" Once again he was stopped short by Tsorf this time she struck his ribs.

"Yes or no?" She felt happy despite the clear annoyance that was in her voice. This to her reminded her of how Taerg and her got along.

Enorm ignoring all the pain quickly sat up and responded, "YES."

"Good. But you sure are all beat up. Let's fix that." Tsorf flew high into the air. The ice aura around her shined bright in the sun. She inhaled and fathered her energy. Then she exhaled letting out an icy blast directly at Enorm. His injuries made it impossible for him to move. The energy hit Enorm but instead of it being deadly, he could feel his body recovering. Broken bones healing. Swelling going down. His pierced arm closing. He could once again breath through his nose without trouble.

Enorm looked up at Tsorf. She was descending but not slowing down. Enorm reached out with cupped hands and let her land on his palms. She looked up at him and said "Let's go to our new home."