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Tsorf the Fanndis Of Creation

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Tsorf the Frost Dragon was the first of the seven high dragons that were worshiped by the many creatures of Atlantis to have expressed any intention of wanting to leave the mountain which her brother Erif the Fire Dragon called The Den of Gods. Tsorf and her kin had called the den their home for two-thousand years now. Out of the seven Erif was the eldest and by far the most powerful of the seven high dragons. Of course this was just pure speculation for no creature had ever witnessed a battle between two of their living gods. While Tsorf and her siblings did not always agree with his methods of how to properly guide these creatures which paid them so much admiration and devotion, they always stood behind Erif's decisions presenting a unified bond to demonstrate their loyalty to one another. As every living being knows of course no partnership or family will ever exist without its differences.

Tsorf had awoken from her sleep like any other day letting out a roar that could be heard many leagues away waking her siblings and all those that may have heard her. What a wake up call for all those that had gathered for the Day of Devotion which would soon be upon them. Tsorf was waiting by a nearby cliff on her sister Retaw the Water Dragon to begin their morning ritual. Tsorf felt a small nudge on her left side as she stared into the rising sun, this of course was how Retaw would always greet her in the morning. Tsorf acknowledged her sister by simply covering Retaw's head underneath her giant wing. They both sat there taking deep breathes tasting the sweet aromas of honey, sweet grass, flowers and of pines that the morning winds brought with them. Oh how they both enjoyed that part of the day.  Tsorf  as much as she wanted that morning to never end she wanted to stretch her wings. Her tail lifted into the air and dropped to the ground making a giant thud, this was the signal to her sister telling her lets have some fun flying. The fun consisted of mock fights, racing and diving into the sea to see who would make a bigger splash to which no creature ever wanted to be the judge of. However as much fun as Tsorf was having in the back of her mind she knew that the days of joy would soon come to an end. She had made her decision of leaving the den. Her decision was not a rash one that she had thought of that morning, no she had been thinking on this for a long time.