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Deku ✔ @officialdeku
HeroCon is tomorrow! I’m too excited to sleep so how about a quick #q&a? Ask me anything, twitter! #askdeku

upsy, your lifting friend @elevity
@officialdeku where’s barkugou today?? #askdeku

Deku ✔ @officialdeku
@elevity He’s staying with his grandma while we’re in Tokyo! #askdeku

[Image: Barkugou curled up on a single bed covered in an All Might bedspread. His head is resting on an All Might plushie.]

living knife emoji @sadistcutey
more importantly, where’s POLARISE?? isnt he a guest at herocon too??? #askdeku

Deku ✔ @officialdeku
@sadistcutey Yeah, he’s here too! #askdeku

[Image: Todoroki splayed out on a hotel bed in sweatpants and a faded Deku t-shirt, one arm under his head, another holding a book above his head. The bedside lamp bathes him in a soft orange glow.]

Nebula @nebulouspersonality
Are you going to be cosplaying tomorrow? Who are you doing as? #askdeku

Deku ✔ @officialdeku
@nebulouspersonality Nice try. You’ll have to catch me first #askdeku

snipe is daddy @slowburncowboy
when are you gonna admit that all might is ur dad????? #askdeku #dadmightconspiracy

Deku ✔ @officialdeku
@slowburncowboy HE’S NOT MY DAD #askdeku

Uravity ✔ @officialuravity
@officialdeku THE DAD MIGHT CONSPIRACY LIVES #askdeku

Deku ✔ @officialdeku
@officialuravity PLEASE LET THE MEME DIE

Uravity ✔ @officialuravity
@officialdeku NEVER





Know Your Meme

Dad Might Conspiracy
Part of a series on Conspiracy Theories. [View Related Entries]

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Dad Might is the conspiracy theory that former-pro hero All Might (Yagi Toshinori) is the biological father of pro hero Deku (Midoriya Izuku), due to their similar strength-stockpiling quirks and unusually close relationship.


The conspiracy theory first formed on July 7 2XXX when Deku was in his final year of high school at UA. Tumblr user egberts registered the similarities between the two after a clip of All Might embracing an injured Deku went viral, days after the devastating terrorist attacks on Musutafu ...





When Izuku rolled out of bed Saturday morning, he felt like a little kid again.

He had attended his first convention at eight and felt, for the first time, connected to something so much bigger than himself. It wasn’t HeroCon, the largest annual convention in Japan, but it was still more than he had ever expected. It was a community full of people who loved heroes just as much as he did.

He had loved every second. Inko still had an album full of photos of him bouncing around the convention centre like was hopped up on sugar, posing with every cosplayer he saw.

(When he was nineteen years old and attending a convention as a guest star for the first time, he had posted a few of those old photos as a throwback. He hadn’t expected them to blow up the way they did. Fans loved an elevated fanboy, someone who was once one of them—who was still one of them.

He also hadn’t expected anyone to track down the cosplayers he had posed with when he was eight years old. Or for those cosplayers to lose their mind when they realised that they had met Deku when he was just a starry-eyed kid attending his first con.)

Shouto sat up, blankets pooling around his waist. He sleepily watched Izuku flit about their hotel room, trying to remember where he put the wig glue and makeup brushes.

“You look lovely this morning,” Shouto said.

Izuku laughed. His bodysuit was only half-on, the top-off hanging around his hips, and he had just squeezed his curls into a bald-cap. The only makeup he had put on was foundation, messily streaked over his freckles with his fingers. He must have looked like a strange, white-lipped ghost.

Izuku leaned across the bed to kiss Shouto good morning, before ducking into the bathroom to finish his makeup.

When they were finally ready, they took the elevator down to the lobby. Mirrors lined the elevator. Izuku fidgeted with his crimson cape, turning this way and that to examine himself, until Shouto battered his hands away.

“Calm down,” Shouto said, sweeping a blue curl off Izuku’s cheek. “You look great.”

Izuku resisted the urge to check his wig in the mirror. “I just want to do Supernova’s costume justice. The media has been so awful towards her lately.”

“You always want fuss like this,” Shouto pointed out. “You’re more worried about what you look like in other people’s costumes than your own.”

Izuku leaned in, hands bunched in Shouto’s jumpfront, and took a moment to appreciate the calmness Shouto radiated like a heater. It would be hours before they got a moment of privacy like this. Izuku loved conventions, but they could be hectic and draining.

“I want to honour them,” Izuku said softly. “When I cosplay, I just want people to see how amazing these heroes are.”

Shouto brushed a thumb over his cheek, careful not to smudge his makeup. “They do. I promise.”

The elevator dinged open. Izuku kissed Shouto, lingering against his lips for a moment, before he turned and strode out into the lobby, nervousness and excitement bubbling up his throat.






Polarise ✔ @officialpolarise
Good morning to everyone except for the 3 Endeavour cosplayers I’ve already seen today. #HeroCon #why





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polarise and deku are both going to be at herocon this year so i hope we get some of that sweet sweet #polardeku content




Listen I know we always talk about the Deku content we get whenever HeroCon rolls around because Deku is a chaotic hero fanboy who runs wild during cons, but can we PLEASE take a moment to appreciate Polarise just validating the fuck out of his boyfriend? He’s said he doesn’t understand or like hardcore fandom that much, but he supports Deku’s love for it





Deku: [info-dumping about quirks and obscure hero knowledge]

Polarise: [Image: You're doing amazing, sweetie.]





[Image: A twink laying on the carpet, staring up at a guy in the middle of drunk rant. Text on top of the drunk man reads, 'Deku info-dumping about heroes and quirks.' Text on top of the besotted man reads, 'Polarise, having no idea what the fuck his boyfriend is talking about.']


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Today might be the day Suzuki is arrested for starting a fight in public. She was only be 5’0 tall with a useless scent quirk, but she was scrappy. She’d been in plenty of fights at school, but so far, she’d been lucky enough to avoid brawling in public spaces.

Today could be the end of her lucky streak, though. Because if the couple standing by the vending machines doesn’t shut up soon, she was going to start throwing punches.

Hori grabbed her by the arm, trying to tug her into artist’s alley before she could start a fight she probably wouldn’t win. “Ignore them, Suzuki. They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Hori was a good foot taller than her, but she refused to be moved. Villain cosplayers weren’t common at conventions, but they weren’t rare either. Usually, she would be able to ignore the man’s “Stain for president” t-shirt. She could pretend not to see the woman’s distasteful Himiko Toga cosplay.

But she couldn’t ignore what they were saying.

The couple’s laughter carried over the din of the con hall, setting her teeth on edge.

“Can’t you hear them, Hori?”

“Provoking them won’t do any good,” Hori said. “Don’t let them ruin our day. You’ve been looking forward to this for months.”

She exhaled roughly. He was right. He was always right. She’d been working on her Froppy cosplay for too long to risk ruining it in a fight. She had gone through three iterations of wigs before she was happy. Her mum had said she was going overboard, but Suzuki didn’t care. It had to be perfect.

She’d always had a habit of getting fixated on things. Like pro heroes, or upcoming conventions, or villain groupies that don’t know when to keep their mouths shut.

Hori’s eyes were wide beneath his blond wig, his cat pupils blown wide. “Suzuki. Please walk away.”

She sighed. For Hori, she’d let this go. But then the crowd’s noise dipped and she heard the man’s voice, clear as day: “Froppy’s only made it this far because she was in All Might’s class. That whole class got lucky when the League decided to make them famous. There’s no way some bitch with a gross mutant-type quirk should be in the Top 20.”

The knock-off Toga laughed and said something that Suzuki didn’t catch. Her vision blurred, her pulse beating loudly in her ears.

“Oh, fuck,” Hori said, and didn’t even try to stop her as she turned on her heel and stormed towards them, all five feet and zero inches of rage.

But someone else beat her there.

“Excuse me!” A Supernova cosplayer bounced to a stop by the two villain fans, friendly smile on display. The cape draped over his shoulders almost hid how broad his shoulders were, how solid his chest was. But the starry bodysuit beneath was skintight. Even from a booth away, Suzuki could see how defined his arms were.

The villains fans must have noticed too, because they stopped laughing.

“I overheard what you were saying about Froppy,” continued the cosplayer, “and I disagree. Froppy is a strong hero in her own right. Last year, she had the highest rate of successful rescues for natural disasters in Japan. And while she might excell at rescue-based work, she’s able to succeed in all kinds of situations. She’s hard-working and blunt and has a strong moral compass, and her quirk is one of the most versatile—”

The knock-off Toga kicked away from the wall, scoffing. “We didn’t ask for your opinion.”

The supernova cosplayer cocked his head to the side. “But you were loudly expressing yours in the middle of a crowded public space. I could hear you from the comics booth.”

“Yeah, and? I don’t care what a Supernova cosplayer has to say.”

The cosplayer’s eyes narrowed. “What’s wrong with Supernova?”

The man pulled his girlfriend away. Neither of them looked like they had strong quirks, and this Supernova cosplayer wasn’t just built; he stood tall and steady, like a hero braced in front of a crowd of civilians. This wasn’t a man that was easily moved.

The stain-sympathiser muttered something that Suzuki didn’t hear, and slipped into the crowd, tugging the Toga cosplayer along.

Suzuki turned back to Hori. “I know I’m a lesbian, but I’m going to marry that man.”

Hori blinked, cat ears flicking up in surprise. “What?”

Suzuki didn’t answer. She spun on her heel and weaved through the crowd, chasing after the heroic cosplayer.

“Hey! Supernova!”

He stopped, bulging bags of merchandise swinging from his elbows, that blindingly friendly smile back on his face despite the run-in with two villain-sympathisers. “Hi! I love your cosplay. That wig is perfect.”

“I love yours!” Suzuki said. So far, he was the only Supernova cosplayer she had seen. “I heard what you said to those two assholes back there. I thought I was going to have to throw hands before you stepped in.”

“I’m glad I intervened before things could escalate.” Supernova’s smile was so bright and warm. It made her relax, made her mirror a smile back at him, even though a few minutes before, her whole body had been thrumming with adrenaline. “Cons are supposed to be a fun and safe experience for everyone. It sucks when a few people ruin it for everyone else.”

Hori caught up to her. Suzuki started to introduce him, when a Fatgum cosplayer almost barrelled into Hori, and she realised they were cutting off foot traffic.

“We were about to get out of here,” Suzuki said. “Get some lunch. Do you want to join us?”

The Supernova cosplayer laughed. He had a beautiful smile. Suzuki could already see Hori’s eyes glaze over. She suspected she and Hori were charmed by the cosplayer for two very different reasons.

They made their way to the mall across from the exhibition centre. The vendours inside HeroCon were notoriously overpriced, so many attendees headed elsewhere for lunch. The food court was already teaming with fans.

The Supernova cosplayer bought them lunch. Hori tried to argue, but the man just laughed and told them not to worry about it. After watching him verbally smack down a pair of sexist villain-sympathisers, Suzuki was ready to form a blood pact with the guy—and that was before he gave them free food.

They found a small table between two groups of cosplayers. Suzuki sighed and propped her feet up in Hori’s lap. Her costume kicked ass, but Froppy’s replica boots pinched her toes with every step.

“So,” Hori began, “have you seen any heroes yet?”

The cosplayer made a complicated gesture with his chopsticks that Suzuki didn’t understand. “Uh, no. I’m planning on meeting some heroes after lunch, though.”

“So are we. It sucks that Charge Bolt had to cancel last minute, but there’s still a great line-up this year.” Hori pulled out his sketchbook and flipped through it. He slid it over so the cosplayer could see. “I’m hoping to meet Polarise, but I heard the lines to see him are insane. I want him to sign my drawing.”

“These are amazing! You’re so talented.” With Hori’s permission, the cosplayer flicked through the sketchbook. He paused on a gentle watercolour piece: Polarise looking domestic and soft in a cafe booth, a latte and strawberry shortcake placed on the table in front of him. “This is beautiful.”

Hori laughed nervously. He’d never been good at taking compliments. “Polarise strikes me as someone who would enjoy sweet things. He’s dating Deku, after all.”

The cosplayer blushed furiously, the pink visible even beneath his foundation. “He prefers tart things, actually. Lemon cheesecake is his favourite.”

There was something about the way the cosplayer ducked his head and gazed at the watercolour picture with open adoration that gave Suzuki pause. She stared at him. Stared some more. And then almost started swearing when everything clicked into place.

At first, she had thought the cosplayer seemed so familiar because he was wearing a Supernova cosplayer. It seemed like he was consciously mirroring her mannerisms. After all, impulsiveness, bright smiles, and open friendliness were all attributes Supernova went out of her way to embody.

But, Suzuki remembered, Supernova acted that way because of her hero. The man people had been calling the next Symbol of Peace since his final year at UA.

She grabbed Hori’s arm. Her grip was so strong that her fingers were white-knuckled around his leather jacket.

“Suzuki?” Hori asked. “Are you okay?”

“Deku,” she choked out.

Hori looked frantically around the food court. She could slap him for being so dense if her whole world wasn’t rearranging itself to fit the cosplayer sitting across from them, innocently eating noodles and texting someone one-handed.


“No,” Suzuki said, shaking Hori’s arm. “Deku.”

The cosplayer looked up from his phone. The makeup hid his freckles, and he was wearing black contacts—and she knew now that they were contacts, because she had seen that face blown up on enough billboards and magazine covers to know his irises were supposed to be green.

“Um,” he said, catching her wide-eyed stare. “Hello?”

“You,” Suzuki said through her teeth, “are the worst.”

She knew the moment it clicked in Hori’s mind. He squeaked and slid down in his chair, half-hiding under the table. His cat ears, poking out through holes in his blond wig, flattened against his scalp.

“W-well,” Deku began, fumbling for an explanation, “you see—”

Suzuki clicked her fingers at him. “Autograph. Now.”

“Suzuki,” Hori hissed, “don’t be rude.”

Deku laughed, rubbing at the back of his neck. The motion jostled his wig, revealing a slip of green at his hairline. How did he consistently manage to attend cons without being noticed by literally everyone? How had she not noticed?

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. Some people feel like I’ve tricked them when they realise I’m a hero, which is never my intention. It’s just … I’ve been a hero fan since I was a little kid. Being a guest star is always such an honour, but there’s a level of distance between you and the rest of the con. I missed this.”

Hori emerged from beneath the table, like a turtle peeking out from his shell. “I never thought about it like that.”

“It’s very touching,” Suzuki reluctantly agreed. “But you still have to sign Hori’s sketchbook.”

“Of course,” Deku said, beaming at them both, and wow, okay, that explained why this random cosplayer had a smile that lit her up from the inside. She had heard about how safe Deku’s smile could make you feel. She had never expected to feel it firsthand, and especially not here, in the middle of a food-court packed with a hundred fans sweating through their cosplays.

“If anyone realised who you were, there would probably be a riot.” Suzuki paused. “I’m so tempted to stand on a table and start shouting.”

Hori grabbed her shoulder. “Suzuki, no.”

“Relax, I’m not going to!” She paused again. Glanced side-long at Deku. “So long as you can get me Froppy’s autograph.”


Deku held his hand over the table. They shook on it. “Deal.”





suzuki @hopefullyhomo
guess who got their first deku-spotting sticker? that’s right, @chatboy and i. deku still owes me a froppy autograph and @officialdeku, I Aim To Collect

[Image: Hori and Suzuki held up customised stickers. Hori was blushing red beneath his Charge Bolt wig, while Suzuki’s grin looked half-feral.]

@hopefullyhomo whats he dressed as???

suzuki @hopefullyhomo
@crackheadkitten that’s between me and god

Sprite Pepsi @yahooknows
@hopefullyhomo Wait, what’s a Deku-spotting sticker? Why is everyone so jealous? Can someone pls explain I’m so lost

Skygem @skygemspeaks
@yahooknows @hopefullyhomo I can explain! Basically Deku gives customised stickers to people who recognise him at cons. He’s been cosplaying on and off since he was little. For someone that’s stupidly famous, he can be hard to recognise in cosplay.

Skygem @skygemspeaks
@yahooknows @hopefullyhomo His fans are always determined to find him when they know he’s going to be attending a con incognito and they hoard their stickers like gold.

Skygem @skygemspeaks
@yahooknows @hopefullyhomo People who out his location/costume before the con is over receive a tonne of backlash from the community for spoiling the game/ruining his con experience (since people tend to swap him if they know who he is)

Sprite Pepsi @yahooknows
@skygemspeaks Oh that makes sense, thanks!







[Image: A hoard of children dressed in Creati cosplays. Most of them were wearing Creati’s pants-and-detachable cape costume, but a few of the younger girls were wearing red tutus. Polarise was crouched in the middle of the kids, smiling.]

Todoroki asked me to take a photo of him with “all the tiny versions of his best friend.” You can’t see it but Momo is crying offscreen #herocon #cosplay

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Signify had ducked into the green room to refill his water bottle and take a quick breather. Autograph signings would start soon. He was still a sidekick, so he wasn’t expecting a huge turn out—Polarise’s session wasn’t due to start for another fifteen minutes, but his line already snaked once around the cordoned-off area—but he was still nervous. This was his first time attending a convention this large.

“Excuse me!”

Signify paused. The only people allowed backstage were venue staff, security, and other guests. But there, bounding toward him with a fluttering red cape and an askew wig, was a cosplayer.

“I’m so glad I caught you,” said the cosplayer. “I wanted to meet you as soon as I saw your name in the line-up for this year’s HeroCon. I love the way you adapt your non-offensive quirk in battle situations. It kind of reminds me of how Eraserhead—”

“I’m sorry,” Signify cut in, “but you’re not supposed to be back here.”

The cosplayer blinked at him. “Pardon?”

“Attendees aren’t allowed past those doors.” Signify gestured to the double doors at the end of the hallway. He wondered briefly why security hadn’t caught this guy before he had come barrelling into a restrictive section of the venue. “I love your cosplay, Supernova deserves more recognition, but you really can’t be back here. If you want to meet me, you’ll have to attend my autograph session like everyone else.”

The cosplayer stared at him for a long minute, before laughing and touching his wig, as if surprised it was still there.

“Sorry,” said the fan. “I forget I’m cosplaying sometimes. Here.”

The cosplayer shoved the bags of merch into his hands. Signify almost dropped them. They were so heavy. How had this guy managed to carry this much stuff around effortlessly?

The cosplayer rummaged through his pin-covered satchel. He pulled something out with a triumphant grin and held it out for Signify to see.

It was a pro hero license. And there, emblazoned above a photo of Midoriya Izuku’s nervous smile, were the words HERO NAME: DEKU.

Signify dropped the bags of merch. The cosplayer, Deku, swooped in and caught them before they hit the ground.

He might have thought that this was a ploy—fans had attempted to talk their way into agencies and green rooms using fake IDs before—but another glance removed all doubt from his mind. He had been so fixed on the cosplay that he had missed the man’s big eyes, the bigger smile, the soft lines of his face, contrasting with his strong torso. But he could see it now. This really was Deku.

And Signify had mistaken him for a fan and, essentially, told him to get lost.

“Oh, my god,” Signify said, staring down at the license in horror. “Oh, my god. I’m so, so sorry.”

Deku laughed. “Don’t worry about it! It happens. Shouto says it’s my fault for running around in cosplay so often.”

“You’re Deku,” Signify said. “You’re Deku and you’re dressed as Supernova.”

“Yeah, she’s one of my favourite up-and-coming heroes! I’m really upset at all the criticism she’s been getting recently. People think she’s ingenuine, but I can tell that she’s just trying to adjust to being in the spotlight. It’s hard to perfect your hero persona. She reminds me of myself when I was her age. Oh, and speaking of!” Izuku searched through his bag again, pulling out a well-loved notebook. He flipped it open and held it out to Signify. “Could I get your autograph?”





Direct message



Signify: it’s an emergency

Supernova: don’t make me look at my phone. i’m on a social media blackout atm

Supernova: i’m spending my day off watching netflix and eating enough ice-cream that my nutritionist will try and murder me next time i see her

Signify: holy shit you haven’t been on twitter today

Signify: you don’t know

Supernova: don’t know what? has someone posted another article talking shit about me? if so, don’t tell me. i don’t want to know.

Signify: oh, you’ll want to know about this

Signify: ok so

Signify: i told you i was going to be at herocon this weekend right?

Supernova: yeah, you spent like a full week bragging about it in our class’s old groupchat

Supernova: please tell me you didn’t get into a fistfight over someone badmouthing me again

Signify: no

Signify: a miracle happened

Signify: [Image: In a bare-concrete hallway, Signify stood beside a Supernova cosplayer. The cosplayer was smiling brightly, holding up a peace sign. Signify was pale and looked like he was about to kneel over.]

Supernova: someone cosplayed as me???

Supernova: i’ve never seen someone cosplay me before?? and they did such a good job?? i have to send this photo to my mum brb

Signify: that’s not all

Supernova: there were MORE supernova cosplayers??

Signify: well, no

Signify: look more closely at the photo

Supernova: ??

Supernova: you look kind of sick. are you okay?

Supernova: wait where are you in that photo? that doesn’t look like the exhibition centre

Signify: we’re in the staff-only section of the con

Signify: at first i thought this guy was a crazy fan that didn’t understand boundaries and had slipped past security

Supernova: hANG ON A SECOND

Signify: he had to show me his hero license before i realised who he was



Supernova: THE HERO DEKU

Supernova: DRESSED AS ME???


Supernova: WHAT




Supernova: i


[Gif: What the fuck is going on in here on this day?]

Signify: i almost died of embarrassment

Signify: he asked for my autograph and then when i said i knew you, he spent a full five minutes breaking down why you’re such a great hero and why you don’t deserve any of the backlash you’re getting

Signify: he said you remind him of him when he was younger and still trying to work out how to talk in front of the cameras

Signify: he even recognised that your costume is based off wiccan from those old marvel comics from the 21st century

Signify: oh, and i gave him your number. hope that was ok? he has some pointers for you about how to use your quirk and perfect your public image. he said he’ll probably get in touch sometime after the con is over.

Supernova: i’m

Supernova: i’m going to go lie down

Supernova: and stay down

Supernova: i live here. on my bedroom floor. i am never moving again.

Signify: god i wish that were me

Signify: i have to go to an autograph session and then i have a panel with creati, earphone jack and deku

Signify: aka some of the best heroes to ever live

Signify: fingers crossed i don’t throw up on stage

Supernova: good luck





[Video: An empty table, decorated with the HeroCon logo. The announcer’s short introduction was muffled by the sudden roar of the audience as Creati appeared onstage, waving shyly at the crowd, Earphone Jack following with a lazy salute. Signify walked stiffly onstage after them.

They sat down. When the applause died down, Earphone Jack leaned into the microphone and said, “Deku seemed like such a level-headed guy in high school. Who would’ve thought he’d turn out to be this dramatic?”

“Level-headed?” Creati echoed, disbelieving.

Earphone Jack laughed. “You’re right. I forgot how many times he landed himself in the hospital or went charging into villain fights without backup. I guess this is actually pretty tame for him.”

A cosplayer bounded on stage. He was dressed in a dark navy bodysuit that rippled with stars, a constellation extending from his ankles to his fingertips. A red cape flowed behind him.

The cosplayer reached up and pulled off his blue wig, revealing a head of green curls. The crowd started screaming again. Deku laughed and took a seat between Signify and Earphone Jack.

“You bastard,” Earphone Jack said. “You have to do this every year, huh?”

Deku laughed. “It’s fun! I like cosplaying. And Supernova has such a great costume! She really doesn’t get enough love. Everyone in the audience—go follow her on Twitter now if you aren’t already.”

“Okay, okay,” Earphone Jack said, “enough promos. We’re here to talk about battle tactics. Momo, would you like to start us off?”]

HeroCon 2XXX - Planning and Strategy Panel (ft. Creati, Deku, Earphone Jack, and Signify)






Izuku found Shouto in the empty green room. He was sprawled on the sofa, an assortment of bags piled in one corner.

Izuku didn’t bother unlacing his boots. He dumped his newly-acquired merch by Shouto’s, threw his red cape over a chair, and flopped onto Shouto’s chest. Shouto grunted softly at the impact but didn’t protest, arms wrapping instinctually around Izuku’s middle.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Shouto asked. Izuku nodded into his chest. “Good. How many people did you end up antagonising?”

“I don’t antagonise people.”

Shouto hummed. “Traumatise, then.”

“I don’t do that either.”

Shouto’s hands ran idly through Izuku’s curls. His eyes fluttered shut and he went boneless under Shouto’s touch.

“You do,” Shouto teased. “Even if you don’t realise it. You do.” Izuku huffed and refused to answer. When Shouto stopped finger-combing his hair, Izuku bucked into his touch like a cat, making Shouto laugh softly. “You’re a menace.”

“And what about you?” Izuku said. “I thought you didn’t like conventions, but it looks like you ended up buying almost as much stuff as me.”

“I don’t dislike conventions” Shouto said. “I just don’t understand them the way you do. But I like buying our friends’ merch. I like having things that remind me of them in our home.”

Izuku propped himself up on his elbows. Shouto looked tired, his long, loose hair creating a halo beneath him. “How are you doing, babe? There’s a big crowd this year. I found it draining and this is one of my favourite places in the world.”

“I’m okay,” Shouto said, and began stroking Izuku’s curls again. “Drained, though. I came here to recharge before my last panel.”

“Do you want some space? I know sometimes you need time alone after being around so many people.”

“No,” Shouto said, his fingers buried in Izuku’s tangled fringe. “You’re different to everyone else. You don’t drain my social battery; you help me recharge.”

Izuku pressed a kiss to Shouto’s palm and laid back down, cheek pillowed on Shouto’s chest. He hoped they didn’t sleep through the final panel of the day.





Group chat: aizawa’s angels

Pinky: i love twitter during herocon

Pinky: i wish i could’ve attended but i love watching the chaos unfold online

Prince Charming: je sais

Prince Charming: the drama of it all! ⭐

Tail-man: Do you think Midoriya will ever realise how crazy he makes his fans?

Pinky: no lol

Prince Charming: non

Cellophane: no

Mind Blank: no.

Uravity: no

Uravity: it’s Deku

Tail-Man: ……. yeah you’re right







Deku ✔ @officialdeku
Thank you @HeroCon for an amazing day! It was so wonderful to meet all of you. I can finally reveal that this year, my cosplay was Supernova! @SoupTheNova, thanks for having such an awesome costume. Congrats to everyone who recognised me in cosplay! (There weren’t many this year)

Deku ✔ @officialdeku
I’m exhausted now so I’m going to turn in. Shouto has already fallen asleep. See you all next time!

[Image: Piles of merch is spread across a hotel bed. There are Froppy keychains, Creati notebooks, Charge Bolt sticker-sheets, a Uravity sweatshirt—a wide array of merchandise barring their friends’ likeliness. And in the middle of the pile, still wearing his hero costume, is Todoroki, fast asleep with his face pressed into a Deku plushie.]