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Fake Love

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It was after midnight when it all happened. Ash was home from probably killing people, or whoring, knowing him. Disgusting.

   Eiji doesn't know why he stuck around that needy brat for so long. Everyday it's a nightmare. Something gets in the way of his job. He can never find the time to actually do it.

  It'd be just dandy if Dino stopped trying to kidnap him. Trying to take this kill away from Eiji.

  He's never loved Ash. Not even for a moment. Eiji was sent specifically from Japan to kill this wanted boy.
  Eiji wasn't the most strong, no, but he feels as if he's built a strong mental connection with Ash. Enough that it won't be a struggle. Ibe-San is getting annoyed with him, and needs him to actually do it, but it gets tiring. Ash comes home at midnight every single time.

  But today, Eiji waits for him. He doesn't give enough shits to wait anymore. The look of pain that'll envelop Ash's face. Betrayal. Who knows, maybe heartbreak would kill Ash first before he even bled out. Before the knife even touched him.

  Eiji is good at killing. He meets people, becomes their best friend, then leaves. Nobody ever suspects him. He's sure he can get Arthur to convince people that he too, is dead, or even kidnapped.

  Shorter was actually the one person Eiji genuinely trusted. Any connection he had with Ash was gone the moment he shot the purple haired male. 

Gritting his teeth angerly, he whips the knife at the wall, not caring about damage. He'd never see this disgusting apartment ever again.

Soon, he'll be in his bed, little sister with him. The one person Eiji loves. He'll protect her, and his mother, and father. They too are professional murderers.


Ash's voice breaks him out of his thoughts. A happy smile instantly comes across his face.

  "How clumsy can you be to have a knife stuck in the wall?"

  The blonde pulls it out with ease, handing it back to Eiji.

"Were you going to make some food?"

Hesitating, Eiji shakes his head. This is it. This might be his only chance.

But he won't kill him yet.

  He'll have some fun first.

Raising the knife slightly, he yanks it foward, causing Ash to jump back quickly, fear obvious in his eyes.

Ash Lynx never shows fear. Never.

"E-eiji..?" He mumbles, dodging the knife that comes at him again.

Grabbing Eiji's small wrist, he throws the knife to the side, and slams the Japanese boy against the wall, then onto the floor, putting pressure on his arms. Sitting on his legs.

"Let go!" Eiji screams, thrashing around.

"I never liked you!" He spits out, eyes dark.

Ash loosens his grip instantly. Not enough to free Eiji.

"What?" He whispers, shaking.

"You heard me. All you are is a fucking whore, your life holds no meaning. I was sent to kill you from Japan." Eiji grins.

  "I might as well tell you this. Go ahead and kill me. Either way, you'll end up dead. Killing yourself, or me killing you."

  Lip trembling, Ash shakes his head, throwing himself backwards against the wall.

He couldn't hurt Eiji. He couldn't. He couldn't. He couldn't. Nevermind kill him! 

  "All you've done is fuck up my life even more. You already know that!"

The Japanese villain stands, dusting himself off, he slowly strolls over to the knife, and walking back.

  "Of course, you could kill me."

Ash didn't respond. He looks ahead, eyes blank.

Suddenly, maniac laughter erupts from Ash.

"What the He-"
Being cut off by Ash jumping on him, kissing his lips roughly. Eiji stabs the knife in his shoulder, ripping it out.

"You couldn't hurt your poor little friend, now could you?" Eiji says in a fake whiney voice. Eyes going to puppy dog eyes.

"You're insane." Ash cries, "you said you loved me! You said..." Trailing off as Eiji giggles,


"You said you'd be with me forever!"

Tilting his head up, Eiji huffs. "Perhaps you'll see me in Hell. Beat the shit out of me then."

Ugly sobs spill from Ash's lips. "You know I... I couldn't. I... I can't win against you." The one enemy Ash can't beat. The one who'll break him fully, Eiji Okumura. Yazuza gang leader.

  Eiji drags the knife down Ash's face.

"Told my sister I'd bring her your eye. Maybe I'll start with those first."

An evil, demonic glint flashes in the smaller boys eyes.

"Or perhaps, fingernails would be more fun."

A swift kick to Ash's face. "Talk! Don't just stare at me!"

Ash looks up, glaring slightly. "Never thought you'd have any balls to kill anything. Played the roll of a sweet Japanese boy well." Looking up, a few tears leaking from his eyes.

"Tch. You'd end up dead before your twenties anyways. Nobody will miss you, just your body."

Ash screams, standing up and pushing Eiji hard, then stopping. Looking at his hands in horror.

"I just can't beat you, can I?" Ash mumbles, laughter building up into sheer terror. Screeches instead of laughter. "I killed so many people. Probably more than you! Why! Can't! I! Kill! You!" He yells, punching a wall.

A sickening crack noise echoes through the four walls.

"Poor Aslan. He never experienced true love. Never will. At least you won't die a virgin."

"Why are you taking so long to kill me?" He chokes out, sinking to the floor once more.

A hot sensation instantly was in his stomach. He was stabbed. Eiji stabbed him.

Ripping the knife out of his stomach, Eiji snorts, wiping the blood in Ash's hair.

"Any final words?" Eiji asks, pushing Ash's head to the floor, foot on it heavily.

"I love you."

"Why?!" The Japanese yells, shaking his head. "You're so stupid for someone with such a high IQ. I went through HELL because of you! Almost raped, beaten, shot, stabbed. Your fault! It was all your fault! Ibe-San almost killed you all those times. You're lucky he didn't. He is way worse than I am."

That seems to break Ash even more, hyperventilating heavily, his eyes dull.
They make eye contact, jade eyes meet chocolate.

"See you in Hell, pretty boy."

With that, the final blow to Ash's head created a disgusting mushing noise.

A sigh of relief escapes Eiji's lips as he walks out the door.


A single tear runs down his face as he leaves the little junky apartment.

The one that he used to share with his first love. His only love.