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The Knight playing with the Queen's Sword

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Rui loved this kind of morning. The serene grace she felt when, after an intense night where she'd shown Tamao how much she loves her, Rui would wake up in her girlfriend's arms, feeling sore in all the right ways.

The ritual was the same: they'd start cuddling, exploring each other's body with soft and innocent caresses (a contrast to their previous night) and kissing in between pillow talk. They would discuss any kind of topic, only seeking for an excuse to stay longer in this state of bliss, overwhelmed by the heavenly sensation of their significant other's body mingling with their own. As if they were two puzzle pieces clicking perfectly together.

However… Today's conversation turned toward an… Unexpected topic.

"What's your biggest fantasy, Rui?" Tamao whispered casually, ghosting her hands against the girl's stomach.

"E-Eh?! W-Wha…" Rui squeaked, hiding her face in the crook of Tamao's neck for support, her fingers playing with her silky obsidian locks. "…I… It might sound cheesy but… My biggest fantasy is… You. I-In every possible way…" She mumbled against Tamao's skin, her face turning a deep shade of red at the admission.

The other girl chuckled gently in answer, peppering kisses atop Rui's head. "You're so cute ~." She teased, combing her fingers into Rui's hair. "Though what I exactly meant is… Is there anything that you really would like to do with me, in a sexual way?"

Even though they were dating for four years, speaking openly about their respective kinks still was an overwhelming subject for Rui.

She thought about it for a long moment, trying to find the nicest way possible to voice her inner desires.

"You don't have to say it if you don't feel at ease about it, that's completely fine." Tamao added, sensing Rui's hesitation through her silence. She lifted her hands higher, trailing her dainty fingers across soft skin until they reached Rui's face and stroked her cheeks affectionately.

"N-No it's fine… Actually…" Rui gulped, closing her eyes to steady herself, "I… Really like when you are being forward with me…"


"I… I mean… Even before we dated, I dreamed about you being the one in charge. N-Not simply that but like… You dominated me and gave me commands… And god that was… Really hot."

"Oh my." Tamao grinned from ear to ear, patting Rui's head in comfort. "Who would have thought you could be so kinky? Although… I am your girlfriend, so it's not really surprising to me ~"

"Stop teasing meee." Rui whined, rolling over to switch their position and pinning her girlfriend against the mattress. Tamao chuckled in answer, wrapping her arms around Rui's neck when the latter released her grip to lean in and brush their nose together. "Anyway… What about you? Do you have any… Fantasy about me?"

"Oh… Uh… Well…" Tamao worked her inner jaw with her teeth, visibly as embarrassed as Rui by the question. "I… I do. But it's a bit…"

"Oh? What is it, Tamao? Is it easier to dish such a question out than answer it?" Rui teased back, almost beaming as she found a chance to turn the tables a bit. "You know you can tell me everything, right? So… I am ready to hear anything coming from you…"

"Even though said fantasy imply watching you having sex with another woman?"

Rui's jaw dropped instantly. She couldn't think, couldn't process right away what Tamao'd just said. Everything seemed to unreal, unlikely. She probably misunderstood

"E-Excuse me… W… What did you just say?" She asked shyly, wanting a full confirmation.

"Well…" Tamao ran a hand into her black hair, absentmindedly playing with a strand around her finger, "it's not really watching you having sex with someone else that would be my fantasy… but claiming you afterward and making you come twice as hard as we are both on you…" She unconsciously licked her lips, her eyes darkening a deep purple at the mere thought.

Rui… Well, said goodbye to all her the remnants of her innocence. Her eyes widened as her mind went blank, and she could only stare helplessly at the aroused expression her girlfriend was making. She wouldn't have expected this answer… Not in a million years.

"Are you okay, Rui?" Tamao laughed, brushing unruly strands out of her girlfriend's face. "You don't have to think too deep about it, you know? This is just one fantasy I entertain among hundreds I am living since we are together. It's not like I am expecting it to happen."

"I-I know that…" Rui mumbled, slowly recovering her senses, "you just caught me by surprise… I never expected that you, of all people, would answer something like this…"

"I can be full of surprise, you know?" Tamao grinned, giving Rui a chaste kiss on the lips. "I must admit that I have always been curious about a threesome that would be centered around my partner…"

"I… I think this would be a bit too much for me… I would be constantly worried about hurting you and-"

"I know you can be a worrywart whenever it comes to us. Don't worry about it, I was just answering to your question." Tamao reassured, trailing her hand up and down Rui's waist. "I trust you so much that I didn't even think about this matter, to be honest. We don't have to do this, especially if you aren't comfortable about the idea. I know you want to please me, and trust me, you already do. If anything, if we ever feel the need the try something a bit different… Maybe I could be a bit more 'forward' next time. ~"

The wink she added at the end was enough to make Rui's heart melt. The younger woman was always impressed by the unadulterated love and trust they gathered for each other. They both leaned in together, locking their lips into a slow, hazy kiss, their hands venturing a bit more 'forward' as they did.

Rui couldn't help but think about Tamao's fantasy, torn between the desire to do a surprise to her girlfriend and please her in a very special way, and the fear of hurting her if she had to touch another woman.

To be perfectly honest, Rui never imagined herself touching another woman than Tamao. Since they started their relationship, she had always entertained the thought that Tamao would be both her first and her last, hoping that their couple would last forever.

Could she really entertain such a fantasy? Wait… Wasn't she already entertaining it?

Since Tamao had made such an expression, Rui couldn't stop thinking about her girlfriend's fantasy… She wanted to do everything she could to make her happy.

Of course, this wasn't necessary and they both knew that. But she kind of… wanted to do something special for Tamao? Could this be called as something unique?

The biggest issue would be to find a third party she'd trust enough to agree about sharing such an intimate moment with this person. Someone she felt comfortable around, and who wouldn't make the moment awkward…

Rui couldn't really think about someone specific right now. She decided to stop thinking about it right now. She simply lost herself into the moment, into her girlfriend embrace, as she promised to herself that she would think about this idea later.


A week had passed since the couple's conversation about their fantasies, and Rui couldn't stop replaying what Tamao'd revealed. A third party

Trying as she might, Rui couldn't think about a woman she would be comfortable enough to have sex with. In front of her girlfriend, on top of that

As her habit whenever she sought for calmness to meditate, Rui was sitting onto the rooftop of their university college, her head resting comfortably against the cool wall of the school. This was stupid… Even if she came out with a name, it wasn't certain that said person would be willing to participate in such adepraved activity.

Rui sighed. She wasn't even sure she could gather the courage to ask someone anything like this. What was she supposed to say, anyway?! 'Hey, I would like to realize one of my girlfriend fantasies to please her. Would you mind if we have sex like, next weekend?'

She buried her face in her hands, screaming all her pent-up frustration. Tamao was right, maybe it was for the best to forget about this idea and keep things as they had always been.

But she really wanted to realize her girlfriend's biggest fantasy

Lost in her trail of thoughts, she didn't notice the shadow that sat next to her. It was only when she felt a hand placed over her shoulder that Rui jumped at the sensation, letting out a high-pitched squeal.

"What's up, Rui? You were staring in the void for like, a good five minutes. Are you okay?"

Rui turned her head, only to meet Fumi's azure eyes. The other woman was carrying an unreadable expression, a mix between concern and her casual confident aura.

"Oh… Fumi…" She blinked, wondering how many times she had spacing out like this, and for how long her friend had witnessed her inner struggle. "I am fine, I was just… Thinking, I guess."

"Hmmm?" Fumi nudged her, giving her a teasing smirk. "What is it? Any trouble in paradise with your beloved?"

"N-No, everything is perfect with Tamao…" A heavy blush overtook Rui's face as she remembered their previous night. "Amazing, really…"

"Please don't spill the tea, as much as I would like to know." Fumi laughed, ruffling Rui's hair affectionately. "As long as you two are happy, I am glad. And you are improving by leaps and bounds, so if you are worried about your current work, you can relax. You ARE a stage girl, and you prove it every day. Never forget to have more confidence in yourself."

Rui couldn't help but smile at the statement. "Thank you, Fumi…" She breathed, bumping her shoulder with the other woman.

Since their high school days, she had grown… Very close to her senpai. If Tamao was the motivation she'd needed to stand on stage, Fumi was the one who helped her to shine as a stage girl by herself. The older girl never missed a chance to help her discovering her true potential, and to compliment her whenever things were going well.

Before she realized it, Fumi became one of her dearest friends, a pillar she could rely on whenever she was in trouble. Someone she felt really comfortable around.

As they were chatting about their current stage play and various other topics, Rui couldn't help but steal some glances at her senpai. They were sitting close to each other, not caring about personal space and yet… It wasn't bothering Rui in the slightest.

She felt at ease around Fumi, and she completely trusted her friend with her life. The other girl had always been so earnest, never missing a chance to say everything bad or good, that it was an easy matter to have faith in her.

On top of that… Although she was already smoking hot during their high school days, Fumi had grown even more beautiful for the past years. Her long blonde hair, shining in the sun, framed perfectly her pretty face, and her two azure gems carried an intensity that could bore deep through your soul.

If Rui had to pick a third party, it would certainly be

"Earth to Rui? Geez, were you even listening?"

Rui was jolted out of her reverie by Fumi's annoyed expression, the girl shaking her head with disbelief.

"A-Ahem… I-I am sorry I just thought about something and…"

"You have that expression…" Fumi laughed, shifting a bit so she could now sit right in front of Rui, "like you have something to ask but worry too much about my reaction."

Rui's jaw dropped at the statement. How could she just…? "N-No I swear that's not…!" She waved her hands, trying to deny it profusely.

"Come on. Tamao and you have been my best friends for years, I know you so well you might as well be family. So, spill."

The younger girl fidgeted uncomfortably with the hem of her shirt. Of course, Fumi would noticeHow was she supposed to talk about something like this?!

Unfortunately, her mouth beat her brain to the punch. Before Rui could even try to think about the way she could bring the topic up, she found herself blurting out: 'WOULDYOUACCEPTTOHAVESEXWITHMEINFRONTOFTAMAO?'


Fumi… Simply stared at her, incredulous. She blinked once, twice, visibly unsure about what she had heard. "I am sorry but, I am not entirely sure I understood everything… Could you, please, explain yourself like… Slower?"

Rui's entire face was burning. She felt on the verge of passing out, way too embarrassed about what she'd just said. She couldn't believe herself

"W-Well…" She started awkwardly, suddenly willing to crawl herself into a hole. "Y-You see…"

"I surely don't see anything, Rui. So please repeat what you'd just said."

"S-Sure… T-Tamao… W-We talked about our fantasies last time, a-and… S-She kind of mentioned that she would like to… Uh… Y-you see…" She tried to explain, feeling her body slowly sliding along the wall. And this rate, she would probably merge with the tiled floor. "… T-To watch me… H-Have sex with another woman…"

She had no idea how many times passed after her sudden declaration. Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Rui couldn't exactly tell. She simply wanted to die under the intensity of Fumi's stare.

"Wow…" The other woman simply answered, blinking slightly after a moment that seemed to be an eternity. "Okay like, wow. First… My, Tamao! This woman will never cease to amaze me. I didn't know she had that in her, like… damn."

Rui squeaked at the reaction, almost sounding like a trapped animal.

"Second…" Fumi's azure eyes bored into Rui's rubies, her signature smug smirk coming back full force as she couldn't stop herself from teasing her poor friend, "soooo… You wanted to find a woman to have sex with and you immediately thought about me, your dear friend who's been in a relationship for years? Who knew that you were such a bad girl ~."

"I didn't think about you right away!!!" Rui protested, trying to gather her last remnant of dignity. "I was trying to think about someone and then you came by and I feel comfortable with you and … Crap."

"I guess I should feel honored that you trust me enough to ask me to join in a threesome with your beloved girlfriend." Fumi laughed, shaking her head out of amusement.

"S-Sorry… I know it's stupid, plus you have Ichie and… Forget about-"

"No, it's okay. I accept to do it."

Rui's eyes widened. She blinked, unsure about what she'd heard. "… You… You do?"

"Yeah, it's fine. It's not like Ichie would mind, anyway. She is REALLY open-minded, you know."

"And… You are fine with this…?"

Fumi shrugged. "I think it could be a hot experience. I won't say that I am not curious about trying a threesome. I am in the same boat as yours: I would rather do it with someone I am comfortable with."

"O-Okay…" Rui breathed, her cheek flushing at the implication. She couldn't believe this would really happen… Everything went just… So fast… "We could organize this next weekend… Perhaps? Is it okay if we go to your apartment, though…? I am not entirely sure about the space in our dorm…"

"Sure. How about we invite Tamao over without telling her? It's supposed to be a surprise, right?" Fumi suggested, scratching her chin thoughtfully. "I could ask Ichie to go to your dorm in the meantime, if you two stay at night."

Rui couldn't process what was happening. Everything was just… So crazy. They were really planning it… She was there, planning to have sex with one of her best friends, to fulfill the fantasy of her lover…

Still, she wasn't sure how to feel about that

"That sounds like a plan…" She simply answered, scratching the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Oh and, if you change your mind, we can still cancel. Even if realization hits you during it. I am pretty sure Tamao only wants your well-being as well, so if you don't feel like it, just say so."

Rui felt warm inside. Fumi was right. Tamao and her loved and trusted each other, and she carried a similar kind of trust with Fumi. Although the idea was completely weird, she wouldn't be alone. And with the third party she'd found, nothing wrong could happen.

"Thank you, Fumi…" She simply breathed.

"Don't mention it." Fumi ruffled Rui's hair affectionately. "I will talk about the idea with Ichie, and then I'll text you to talk further about the way we will plan the weekend. Is it fine by you?"

Although she wasn't entirely sure this was a good idea, nor that she wouldn't change her mind before the deadline, Rui couldn't help but smile at the idea she had a chance to share another special moment with her girlfriend.

"Yes, it is." Rui stood up, her break slowly coming to an end. She made her way toward the staircase, waving Fumi one last time. "See you this weekend, Fumi…"



As soon as she passed the door of her apartment, Fumi could just notice a flash of lavender before she found herself wrapped into a bear hug.

"Welcome home ~" The shorter girl practically beamed, her golden eyes shining under the dim lights of the room. "Here, I brought you a bottle of ponzu to reward your hard work."

Fumi carefully grabbed the bottle that her girlfriend handed her. "How thoughtful of you." She answered sarcastically. "… It's another one of your pranks, isn't it?"

"Yup! You should consider opening it!"

Sighing heavily, already rubbing the bridge of her nose out of annoyance, Fumi opened the bottle nonetheless. She was expecting a colored liquid to explode in her face, leaving rainbow smears all around her face… Not a beautiful red rose that came off the neck of it.

She could only stare dumbfounded, not entirely sure about the way she should react to this… Adorable prank.

"A beautiful rose for my beautiful Pomi!" Ichie grinned from ear to ear, giving a quick peck onto Fumi's cheek.

There goes the charm… Fumi tried to contain the heavy blush that threatened to color her cheek… Unsuccessfully. "Oh god… Please stop with this stupid pet name…"

"Awwwww…" Ichie whined, clinging onto Fumi, "but you love it when I am mixing your name with ponzu! You said that everything is great when mixed with ponzu ~"

"I-I didn't say that in particular…" Fumi made her way toward the couch, still flustered. She wasn't recovering as well as usual.

Ichie immediately joined her, snuggling against Fumi as soon as she let herself fall against the soft cushion. "But you are a bit red ~ I bet you secretly enjoy these names!"

"I sure don't."

"You are just being a tsundere ~ And you should read the message I wrote onto the bottle ~"

"I am not." Curiously, Fumi glanced at the tag, reading out of loud the text that was replacing her favorite brand tag. 'I love you.'

"Awww, me too ~" Ichie chuckled teasingly, leaning in to give Fumi a soft kiss.

During any normal day, Ichie would have run away, waiting for Fumi to chase her. However, since they started dating, there weren't any 'normal day' in their routine. The girl wasn't waiting for Fumi to chase her anymore. Instead, she waited a few second, knowing that Fumi would simply wrap her arms around her and melt into the kiss.

And she did.

"You're terrible, you know?" Fumi whispered once she pulled back, raising one hand to caress her girlfriend's cheek gently.

Ichie only chuckled again. She curled herself up in Fumi's arms, resting her head in the crook of her neck as Fumi stroked her hair.

They stayed like this for a moment, simply enjoying each other's warmth and presence.

"By the way, Fumi." Ichie called after a moment, seemingly fired up for the second time this evening. "THERE'S AN AMUSEMENT PARK COMING IN TOWN THIS WEEKEND! Can we go after your shift?!"

Fumi blinked, amused by the girl sudden excitement. She found it endearing, the way she could be so overjoyed about small things. She would even dance out of happiness, making her surroundings shining, almost in a magical way, surely in a beautiful one.

However, Fumi had… plans, for this weekend… The kind that would need a proper discussion with Ichie before she could accept it. Even though she already gave Rui her agreement…

"That sounds fantastic, but I think you should just ask someone else to go. Actually… There's something I have to talk about with you."

As soon as she got Ichie's attention, Fumi explained her earlier exchange with their younger friend, the sheer embarrassment that overtook Rui when she talked about her girlfriend's fantasy. Ichie listened in a religious silence, her eyes widening the more Fumi progressed.

"Wow." She blinked as soon as Fumi finished her story. "I had no idea Tamao had it in her. Damn, girl!"

"I told Rui the exact same thing." Fumi chuckled, ruffling Ichie's lock affectionately.

"How bold of our kouhai to ask you if you could get into her pants." Ichie grinned deviously, looking like she was planning something bad. "Can… I also join? Say, can I?! That sounds really fun! I want to see if Tamao is a wild cat in bed!"

"I am not sure Rui would entertain this idea…"

"Rude!" Ichie whined, clinging onto Fumi. "That's senpai-discriminatory! I also want to play doctor and nurses with Tamao, Rui and you!"

"It will be mostly playing with Rui, though. From Tamao's fantasy description, her kink is centered around watching Rui before claiming her." Fumi scratched her chin thoughtfully. "To be honest, I don't think Rui's heart could handle watching her beloved girlfriend being touched by another woman."

"Ooooh, I see how it is now ~" Ichie teased, cupping Fumi's cheek so their eyes could meet. "You want to keep your rival to yourself ~ Should I be jealous about your proximity?"

"Don't be silly." Fumi sighed, a light pink indignant blush tainting her cheeks. "I am just curious… About the experience itself, but I would lie if I pretended I am not curious about seeing Tamao and Rui in such an intimate situation."

"How very Fumi ~ Who could have guessed that you are such a woman ~"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Alright!" Ichie clasped her hands together happily. "Of course, I don't mind if you join them, have fun ~ I just have one condition though."

"… Which is?"

"Please record your sexcapade! I am curious to see ~"


"Awwww." Ichie pouted, looking more adorable than ever. "Then, promise me we could organize something like this in the future!!"

Fumi sighed again. In which situation did she put herself to? It wasn't like Ichie particularly wanted something like this. She was just messing around and teasing her. But… How could she refuse when she was planning her own weekend with her two best friends?

If this experience was fun… Maybe they could try to find a nice third party… Someday.

"Well, if you want to try that out, we could maybe talk about it later?"

"Yaaaay!" Ichie beamed, wrapping her arms around Fumi's neck. "I wasn't entirely serious about this, but it could be fun! Permission granted! Don't you think I am like, the best girlfriend ever?"

Fumi grinned. "After me, you mean? Like, second best one?"

"Oooh, Pomi being competitive, I like it!" Ichie smirked, slowly leaning against the couch and tugging Fumi atop of her. "Let's find out together, then ~."

Fumi didn't even complain about the nickname. She simply crashed her lips against Ichie's, silencing the other girl for the rest of the evening.


Curled up onto Fumi's couch, her eyes focused on her hands, Rui couldn't remember a day she'd felt this nervous (beside the many 'firsts' she'd had with Tamao). Although Fumi repeated her many times that she could just change her mind any moment, Rui really wanted to do it.

This could be a great opportunity to show Tamao that she was willing to try new experiences with her, and how much she trusted her. On the other handRui couldn't deny she was quite excited by the prospect of this… 'Party'. The mere memory of Tamao's expression when she'd mentioned her fantasy was enough to turn Rui on.

The cold sensation of a glass against her forehead pulled Rui out of her daydream.

"Here." Fumi handed her out a glass of cold water, giving her a reassuring smile. "You should drink something. It will do you some good."

Rui looked up, meeting eyes with her friend and smiling awkwardly. "Thank you…" She grabbed the glass and drank its content in one go, coughing a bit when she finished it.

"Feeling better?" Fumi sat next to Rui, laying a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Don't think too much about it. In any case, the decision is yours."

Glancing in her best friend, Rui couldn't help but feel grateful for the woman's choice of clothing. As her habit, Fumi was elegantly dressed, settling for something that was both classy and comfortable. Her clothes were casual, far from trying to be sexy… Even though the woman's natural charm was undeniable.

Rui was convinced that her friend'd decided to choose something that wouldn't increase her stressful and messy stat. Fumi was definitely the best possible choice for such an experience

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, making Rui jump at the sound that announced Tamao's arrival. She felt like a rabbit trapped in its hole, unable to move at the risk of getting eaten up if she did.

Fumi gave a reassuring glance toward Rui as she stood up, making her way to the entrance to open the door.

"Hi Fumi." Tamao greeted, giving her friend a warm smile as she stepped in, immediately making herself at home.

"Hey Tamao, long time no see! It seems like an eternity ago that we hung out together."

"That's right… Well, who could blame us for being so fond of our girlfriends?" The woman chuckled softly, scratching her cheek. "Is Ichie already back, by the way? I would like to say hello. She always seems so busy that I barely met her, except during our rehearsal and common classes."

Fond of her girlfriend… Rooted to her spot, Rui couldn't help but blush at the statement. Even though they have been dating for years now, hearing about Tamao's unadulterated affection still felt unreal and flustered her like a high school maiden.

"She's staying over at a friend's place today, so… no karaoke party for tonight." Fumi laughed apologetically. "I invited Rui over instead. I thought that we could have… A lot of fun with her."

Rui almost choked at the innuendo while her girlfriend didn't catch the potential implication. Not even noticing the cattish grin plastered on her best friend's face, Tamao glanced curiously toward the living room… And instantly beamed when her eyes met Rui's. She made her way toward her flustered girlfriend, then popped down next to her and snuggled up against her, sighing happily as she did.

"I missed you, Rui." Tamao whispered, brushing her nose against Rui's cheek.

"M-Me too…" Rui slid her sweaty hand to tangle her fingers with her girlfriend's in a weak attempt to steady her racing heart. She hoped that Tamao wouldn't notice how nervous she was.

"You two are living together. And you still manage to miss each other after… hours?" Fumi laughed, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Rui has been awfully busy lately." Tamao mock pouted. " We barely had a moment together, especially this week."

"Sorry… I spent a lot of time rehearsing with Fumi, and I am… a bit nervous about our next performance."

"It's okay, you don't have to justify yourself, you know? You are free to do anything you want." Tamao reassured, giving her a chaste peck on the mouth. "I am just glad the three of us get to spend some time together."

Rui was speechless, suddenly feeling the urge to launch herself into her girlfriend's arms to seek for comfort. She wasn't entirely sure how to bring the topic up, nor if there was really a good time to do so. But she trusted Tamao, and she knew that even though she would talk about the idea, she could still backpedal until the very end.

Was now a good time? Maybe she should wait for a proper opportunity instead of blurting it out in the middle of a random conversation…

She was interrupted in her sudden trail of thoughts when Fumi wordlessly brought a tea service and settled with them onto the sofa, sitting on the other side of Rui.

Once Fumi was done serving her guests, they chatted animatedly about various topics. Their interpretation of their current play, how they envision their respective characters, newly released movies, family, love, …

The woman was being careful not to reveal the true reason why she and Rui invited Tamao over, letting Rui the possibility to decide if she wanted to talk about it or not.

Rui definitely was in a place of care. Between Fumi, who checked on her every so often with reassuring glances and Tamao, who was lovingly cuddling her, she couldn't feel more at ease than at this precise moment. Gone were most of her worries. She was simply happy to stand here, around two people she cared for the most, enjoying their time together.

"By the way, Fumi," Tamao started after a short period of comfortable silence, "what did you have on mind when you invited me over today? I was just wondering since we are usually planning something specific. Do you want to watch a movie or something?"

Rui couldn't help but yelp and jump at the statement, making both girls looking at her curiously.

Now was the proper moment, wasn't it? If she wanted to do it according to the 'plan', now was the time to reveal the reason why they'd invited her girlfriend over.

"In… In fact… I…" Rui took a deep breath, trying to steady her rocketing heart, "I was the one who asked to invite you over, today…"

Tamao blinked, tugging a strand of hair behind Rui's ear, silently asking her to continue what she'd to say.

"Tamao… D-Do you remember the pillow talk conversation we had, last time…?"

The other woman made a face, trying to recall the specific moment when they'd had so many. "The one when we talked about how it would be to fry a donut with ponzu…?"

"If you want the opinion of an expert…" Fumi immediately joined to the conversation, not missing a single chance to talk about ponzu, "I do think that a donut mixed with the secret recipe of the Tomoe family's ponzu would create one of the most perfect existing dessert."

"N-Not THAT one!" Rui yelped, shooting a glare to Fumi for her terrible tease. She then turned back to face Tamao, fidgeting uncomfortably to her spot. "I… I mean… When we talked about… About… our fantasies…" The last word was barely above a whisper, and Rui felt like she was going to pass out any moment.

"Oh…" Tamao blinked, once, twice, unsure if she had heard correctly. "Oh, that…!" She blushed, finally recalling their previous conversation. She stared into Rui's eyes, before her own amethyst eyes darted from her girlfriend, to Fumi, then back onto her girlfriend, realization finally sinking in. "W-Wait… You mean…?"

"Y-Yeah… I… I thought you would like it and…"

Tamao glanced back at Fumi, examining the other woman as if she just met her. "I won't ask if Ichie agreed with this because you probably had to convince her not to join, but… Are you fine with this arrangement?"

"Like I told Rui when she asked me to join, I can't say I have never been curious about something like this." Fumi grinned. "And what a friend would I be if I left my two best friends in need? ~"

At this precise moment, Rui knew. She knew that her friend wouldn't miss a chance to tease her tonight. And she wanted to crawl herself in any kind of hole to avoid further embarrassment.

"Well then, thank you for giving yourself for us, Fumi." Tamao chuckled, before she tugged Rui a bit closer. Once she got her girlfriend attention, she caressed the woman's cheek softly. "Rui?"


"Do you think you could make out with Fumi for a bit… Like, now?"

Neither of them could tell how long it took for Rui to process what her girlfriend had just said. Said girl couldn't either, her jaw dropping slowly as realization hit her hard.

"Damn Tamao, getting right to the point, aren't you?" Fumi laughed. She gave a quick glance to Rui, sneakily checking if her friend was okay, trying to seize the discomfort on her face.

"T-T-Tamao?!" The poor girl finally managed to squeal, unsure about the sudden request. "Wha…?!"

"I know you want to make me happy, Rui. But I don't want you to feel uncomfortable doing so. I just want to be sure that you feel ready for this…"

Oh… So Tamao was just worried about her motivation and her own comfort. How very like her.

Indeed, if Rui wanted to fulfill her girlfriend's desire, she couldn't get uncomfortable by a mere kiss with one of her best friends… Especially when they were supposed to do much, much more than this.

Swallowing her apprehension, Rui shifted on her spot, getting closer to Fumi as she did. She slowly turned her face to meet her friend's furrowed brows. She shyly nodded, wordlessly mentioning to Fumi she was okay with the following turn of events.

Almost instantly, Fumi leaned in, and Rui couldn't help but close her eyes in anticipation… But all she could feel was the soft brush of a nose against hers and a breath, painfully close yet so far from her mouth…

Of course, the other girl would tease her, not resisting an opportunity to pull out a show. Especially in such a situation. Rui could hear it: the kissing sound Fumi was making just an inch away of her lips, clattering and moving her mouth in a way that made her lips almost touching Rui's.

And this was almost a torture. Rui had no idea how she could suddenly crave for something as much as she feared it, still a bit uneasy at the prospect.

She opened her eyes and her mouth with the firm intention to complain about the teasing… But was immediately shut up before she was even able to let a sound out.

Because this was the precise moment Fumi chose, once she was certain that Rui could see what she was doing, to close the last distance between them and capture her lips.

Shivers ran through Rui's spin as a warm wave washed her over, her face immediately burning up at the breathtaking sensation.

Fumi, just as for everything she did, didn't lose any time with pretense or shyness. She thoroughly kissed Rui, meshing her lips in a way that almost felt like a massage for the other woman. She took the opportunity of Rui's surprised yelp to slide her tongue in her mouth, swaying it around Rui's in a sensual dance, like some lingering caresses that burned Rui up.

Rui could only grip onto Fumi's hair at the sensation, an unconscious and weak attempt to keep it going. She should have expected it, of course, but Fumi was just… So good at this. The way she could move her lips and tongue in every possible way, leaving her restless when she went from suckling Rui's top lips slightly to capturing her bottom one fully, before she pressed and pressed against her… Slowly yet passionately at the same time.

This wasn't like kissing Tamao, this was a different kind of element…

Tamao was like the water: calm, relaxing but changing into a burning stream charged with electricity whenever they were being intimate.

Fumi… Was a burning flame. Painfully hot, fleeting but with a devastating heat could set you on fire for a moment.

And that was exactly what Rui already felt. A searing desire, one that would probably linger until its satisfaction.

When her friend slowly pulled away while suckling slightly Rui's tongue, Rui couldn't stop the whimper that already threatened to leave her throat during the whole kiss… And could only stumble backward when Fumi released the vice grip around her waist.

Fumi smirked at the sight of her best friend leaning against Tamao, the latter seemingly flustered by the 'performance' that occurred in front of her. 

It took Rui an undefined time before she was finally able to flutter her eyes open, panting slightly with her cheek bright red. As her crimson eyes met her friend's playful azures, she almost jumped at the sensation of a hand coming from behind her, caressing her face reassuringly.

"Are you okay?" Tamao whispered, her voice quivering a bit with something Rui couldn't define.

Rui… Had absolutely no idea how to answer to this question. Her previous desire was now mixed with guilt, the shame of enjoying an activity that should have been forbidden… Especially in front of her lover.

Although this was said lover's idea… And that the kind of feeling she carried for both girls was different… Rui couldn't help but worry about the way she should react in such a situation.

"I…" she started, trying to collect her though, "uh… I guess? I am sorry, I… Didn't expect this… Like, damn."

Fumi, who seemed a bit concerned when Rui started her sentence, busted into laughter at the end of it. "Really? Did you even doubt that I could be a great kisser?" She teased, crossing her arms and raising a brow suggestively.

"Not really…" Rui chuckled, nibling onto her lower lips. "I didn't expect to ever kiss you in the first place, so you know… It's just… I didn't know you could do… That."

"Wait until you see all the things I can do with my mouth." Fumi grinned at the indignant blush that overtook Rui's whole face. "You weren't bad yourself, despite the fact you were holding back."

 So Fumi noticed… Of course, she did.

Rui felt like a goldfish out of its tank, her mouth gaping open without producing any sound. She didn't notice the silent conversation going on between Tamao and Fumi. Until Tamao's hand that was caressing her face moved to tilt Rui's chin in her direction, making eyes contact.

"There's one more thing we should try before we move to the bedroom…" Tamao whispered before she crashed her lips against her girlfriend's aggressively, in a frenzied kiss.

Although Rui was used to kiss her girlfriend, she couldn't help but let out a muffled yelp of surprise at the sudden… Boldness. It was like Tamao already tried to claim her, to elicit the same desire she'd felt a few minutes ago…

And god, it worked. As soon as she got enough of clarity of mind, Rui reciprocated in a kind, trying to convey just how much she loved and wanted her girlfriend at this precise moment…

Until she found her face being pulled away and her mouth meeting Fumi's instead.

At this precise moment, Rui wondered how she could survive the evening. She was restless, unsure how to feel about being in her girlfriend's arms, kissing another woman… Maybe that was what Tamao meant by 'trying something'…

She shouldn't have been so turned on by the prospect… This situation should be odd for a lot of people. So, why did it feel so good?

Rui felt her girlfriend lips sucking onto her neck and she let out a throaty moan at the sensation, her mind clouded with a pure fog called lust.

"What do you think, Tamao?" Fumi breathed when they parted. "She looks more than ready, now."

"Mmhmm. I think she is more comfortable with the prospect. Should we move to Fumi's bedroom, Sweetie?"

Rui shivered at the pet name. Tamao rarely used them, but when she did… The outcome was usually very, very good. She could only nod dumbly, unable to think properly. At this point, she would have simply accepted whatever the women wanted to do without retorting

She let herself being pulled along by Tamao's hand as they followed Fumi through her apartment, as if she was being led to Wonderland by the white rabbit. However, if Fumi went past her bedroom doors, Tamao stopped onto her track. She turned to face Rui, letting go of her hand to cup her face instead and press their forehead together.

"I love you."

This wasn't the declaration of someone who simply wanted to thank her girlfriend for the 'surprise'. No. There was something more behind these words.

Those were the unadulterated words of a woman that really meant them and wanted to reassure her lover that everything was okay. That everything would be okay. And that she didn't have to worry for her and enjoy the moment.

Only three words, yet enough to overwhelm Rui with feelings for the woman in front of her. Tamao's gorgeous amethyst eyes never left hers as she said them, glowing in a way that indicated she meant everything she'd said. Which was very mutual.

"Me too…" Rui breathed, leaning in to kiss Tamao long and slow, full of passion and promise.

"Rui…" Tamao whispered in between kisses, "don't hold back with Fumi tonight. You can please her the same way she will please you."


"I want to see just how good you feel. This way, I can claim you back twice as much…" She peppered soft kisses across Rui's neck up to her ear, suckling just under the lobe… on a very sensitive spot. "And I assure you that I will try to be really… Forward."

Holy shit. A strong wave of arousal hit Rui. Hard. Enough to make her slam Tamao against the wall and hungrily claiming her lips, getting a long moan from the other woman. She immediately shoved her tongue in her girlfriend's mouth, deepening their embrace as her hand started to wander up and down Tamao's frame. The other woman's hands entangled themselves into Rui's brown lock, leaving light scratches onto her scalp to encourage her.

Her lips made their way downward, sucking and biting onto her neck down her collarbone while her fingers were unbuttoning Tamao's dress, replacing the opened clothing with her mouth as she dangerously made her way toward Tamao's breast.

"W-Wait…" Tamao whimpered, now using one hand to pull onto Rui's ponytail to make her look up, "I-I want it as badly as you do…" she panted, giving her girlfriend an apologetic look, "b-but… Let's wait a bit longer, shall we?"

"I-I am sorry!" Rui pulled down as if she had been burned. "You are right, let's just… stick with today's plan…" She blushed, licking her lips at the still lingering sensation of Tamao's skin.

"If you want to stop at some point, just tell us so, okay?" Tamao gave her a soft peck on the cheek. "Your comfort is the most important. It would be a shame if only one of us enjoy the moment… And I really want you to feel good."

Rui smiled, doing the exact same gesture as Tamao's. Although she would be lying if she said she wasn't stressed by the prospect, she trusted and cared deeply for both Tamao and Fumi. Indeed, the evening probably would be embarrassing. But she knew she was in good hands (in more than one way).

She was about to spend the night with two gorgeous women including the one she loved… This mere idea was enough to make her little gay heart rocketing through her ribcages.

"Thank you, Love." Rui pressed her forehead against Tamao's one last time before they entered Fumi's room.


When they stepped inside the room, the atmosphere instantly changed. Fumi was waiting, leaning against her wardrobe, an eyebrow slightly raised as she watched them. She didn't comment the fact they both looked disheveled, nor that a few buttons of Tamao's dress were opened.

Who cares, anyway? As soon as they passed through the doors, Tamao made herself home, immediately tearing her dress off to be left in her undies. She threw the clothes away, making her way to Fumi's bed to sit against the bedframe.

Rui… Stopped onto her track, looking like a trapped animal in between two predators. What… Was she supposed to do?

She could feel the unbearable sensation of two pair of eyes staring at her. Was she supposed to undress too and join her girlfriend? To lay onto the bed? To stay rooted onto her spot until one of them gave her any command?

Rui opted for the last solution, fidgeting sheepishly and glancing every so often at her girlfriend… Until she felt two hands caressing her stomach, slowly delving lower to unbutton her pants.

"Wait!" Rui squeaked, stopping Fumi's hands. "D-Don't you think we should… I-I don't know… Play a bit instead of going right to the prize?!"

Fumi laughed, her mirth reverberating through Rui's core. "Relax, we are just removing the pants. I am not entirely sure it would be that sexy for our dear Tamao if we start shifting awkwardly to remove our pants on the bed." The grin was evident in her voice, and Rui blushed hard at the playful tone she'd used.

"Oh… Okay then…" She let go of Fumi's hand, allowing the other woman to slowly unbuttoning her pants and teasingly brushing her fingers along her panties line.

Rui shivered as she felt her pants being slowly removed and then tossed away, feeling quite… Exposed. She was afraid that her… Emotions, could be visible through the thin material of her panties.

It wasn't helping when, as she could hear Fumi removing her own pants, she noticed her girlfriend's eyes widening at the sight.

"Oh my, Fumi…" Tamao breathed, chuckling appreciatively. "You really prepared yourself for tonight, didn't you?"

… What? Rui couldn't see Fumi in this position. Why did she get such a reaction from Tamao?

"What can I say?" Fumi grinned, slowly leading Rui to the bed and coaxing her into a kneeling position, facing Tamao. "Since I am performing the lead role with my favorite rival, I have to stand out ~"

"I am your only rival, Fumi…" Rui deadpanned, swallowing her apprehension when her friend's hands started to wander along her top, playing with the buttons of her blouse and opening them in a random order. She couldn't help but glance at Tamao every so often, checking her reaction.

"Isn't that an even better reason to stand out?" Fumi whispered, grazing Rui's earlobe with her teeth before suckling on it, getting a whimper out of the other girl.

She lazily rolled her tongue down Rui's neck, kissing the way down to her collarbone while her fingers became more adventurous. One hand unbuttoned Rui's blouse as the other slipped under the piece of clothing, trailing her nails across the girl's taut stomach before she caressed the underside of her breasts.

"I must say…" Fumi started, taking her sweet time to remove Rui's blouse once she was done with the last button, "I knew you were big, but I didn't realize you were this big." She cupped Rui's clothed breast with both hands, fondling them softly. "They feel really nice, too. I bet you love playing with them, Tamao."

"I do…" Tamao groaned, unconsciously tracing the features of her own breast, caressing herself, "god, you give me such a nice view…" She unconsciously licked her lips, staring at her girlfriend half-naked body. "Rui is pretty sensitive around the nipples, she makes such lovely sounds if you touch them…"

"Ta… aaaaaaaaah?!" Rui squeaked, her eyes widening when Fumi massaged the clothed sensitive buds between two fingers. She rubbed her legs together, blushing at the undeniable dampness of her panties. Tamao seemed to notice it, too, because she briefly glanced downward before she looked up to stare into Rui's clouded crimson eyes, her pupils helplessly dilated, and her amethyst eyes darkened with desire.

"Free them." Tamao commanded, her voice husky.  

Oh god… Tamao, her Tamao, the woman who used to lack of authority in the past… Was now giving orders to Fumi, of all people?

Rui got hit by another wave of arousal, stronger than the previous one. At this point, she was certain that her underwear was ruined, and she hoped that Fumi could just free her of everything.

But of course, her friend wanted to pull out a show Tamao would never forget. She peppered kisses down Rui's back, unclasping Rui's bra with her mouth once she reached the piece of clothing.

Fumi didn't remove it right away. No, this wouldn't have been fun this way. Instead, she trailed her tongue all the way up to Rui's neck, eliciting goosebumps everywhere it lingered along the skin, and pressed herself flush against Rui. The sudden weight angled Rui's body forward, making her now-unclasped bra slide slowly, painfully so, along her arms, gradually revealing her boobs to Tamao.

And once said perky breasts were happily freed of their clothing, Fumi quickly replaced the bra with her hands, massaging and pinching Rui's boobs in all the right ways, instantly rewarded by a long moan as she did.

Rui gritted her teeth and closed her eyes in a weak attempt to recover some sanity. Shit. I am already starting to lose my mind…

She couldn't focus on anything else but the sensation of Fumi's hands playing with her breasts, the way Fumi resumed to suck and bite onto her neck, making a groan that vibrated against her skin… And then, another moan

Rui tried to open her eyes, to peak at her girlfriend's reaction… And lost all her remnants of sanity at the sight.

Tamao was now caressing herself, one hand buried into her panties and the other covering her mouth to avoid making too many sounds.

Rui forgot how to breathe. She could only whimper at the sight, torn between her craving to help her girlfriend coming undone and her desire that the breathtaking sensation of Fumi's touches would keep going.

Tamao really seems to enjoy herself… M-Maybe I shouldn't worry

Suddenly, with a strength she didn't expect from her friend, she felt herself being pushed down against the mattress followed by a sudden weight and wet sensation against her lap.

She looked up with widened eyes, trying to clean up the fog of her brain to process what was happening. Rui regained enough presence of mind to notice the smug smile Fumi gave her before she tore her own top off…

Now, she understood Tamao's previous reaction… For a moment, Rui's brain froze, unable to handle so many things at the same time.

Indeed, Fumi prepared herself for tonight… If this dark blue laced lingerie set was any indication. Rui could only stare, mouth agape, her eyes wandering along her friend's perfect features. She felt the sudden urge to reach out, to trace the contour of Fumi's body with her fingers and play with the lacy material of her undies.

She was panting, then whined when, after she gave her another smirk, Fumi laid down onto her and wrapped her mouth around one of her nipples, circling her tongue and grazing the swollen bud with her teeth before she paid the exact same attention to the other.

Rui gritted her teeth. Once again, she couldn't help but hold her lust back. She really wanted this, to truly let herself being led in this experience and enjoy her time with Fumi in all the possible ways… But Tamao was watching. And although she witnessed how Tamao seemed to really enjoy herself, she couldn't stop this little voice in her head… The one that was scared to accidentally hurt her.

Moving upward, Fumi gave a soft peck onto Rui's cheek before she kissed Rui right below her ear, then moved her mouth upward…

"Rui," Fumi whispered right in her ear, shifting a bit to make it looks like she was actually kissing her, "I know you are worried, but look at her. Does she seem hurt or jealous, to you?"

Rui swallowed the lump that was stuck in her throat. She glanced again toward Tamao, witnessing the same sight: her girlfriend, panting heavily, cheek flushed, hand still rubbing inside her panties. She had removed her bra now, one hand fondling her breast as she was watching them.

"We can stop if you want to…" Fumi kissed her ear again as one of her hand moved to caress Rui's stomach, tracing lazy circles onto it that grew closer to her panties line every time she did. "But if you want to continue, you don't have to hold back with me. We are partners, remember? So… let's do our performance the way we picture it and how we want it to happen."

Rui tilted her head on the side, making eye contact with Fumi. In one glance, they both understood. In one glance, they simply grinned, brushing one finger onto the other's cheek before they crashed their lips together into a deep kiss. She didn't hold back, this time, moving her hungry lips against Fumi's, being the one to suck onto the woman's lower lips, humming appreciatively when Fumi let out a long groan at the sensation.

She explored Fumi's body with her hands, just like Fumi did with her own. She didn't waste any time to remove Fumi's bra, playing a bit with the lacy straps before she removed the cloth hastily, reaching out to fondle Fumi's breast.

'Don't hold back with Fumi tonight', Tamao had said…

Then, the other woman pulled away. She sat back onto Rui's hips, looking down onto her with a cocky smile. Once Fumi was sure she'd Rui's full attention, she slipped one hand past Rui's panties, resting her fingers just above her clit without touching it.

When Fumi lazily rolled her hips in a way and leverage that pushed her fingers onto Rui's erected bud every time she grinded, Rui nearly lost her mind at the sensation, her head immediately falling back onto the mattress.

"Like what you see?" Fumi breathed huskily, the same smirk still plastered on her face.

Dear divinities… How could her friend be so good at this?!

"Fumi…!" Rui moaned throatily when a particularly indulgent trust made her rub helplessly against Fumi's hand, desperately in need of more pressure.

It took her a few seconds before her eyes widened in realization. She had moaned her friend's name…

Even Fumi blinked for a mere second, taken aback by the wanton reaction. She quickly regained her composure, laying back down onto Rui. "I take that as a yes."

… She couldn't let Fumi always having the upper hand. Trying to hide her embarrassment, she grabbed Fumi's blonde hair and pulled her down for another searing kiss, fighting for dominance as she did.

Rui slightly changed the angle of her legs, sneakily intertwining them with Fumi's and grinding against her. This new leverage allowed her to rub against the girl's fingers, but also making them hit Fumi's own clit every thrust.

"Hmmphhh!" Fumi groaned, biting hard onto Rui's lips as she did. She vigorously pushed Rui's back against the mattress, withdrawing her hand to place it just above Rui's stomach, panting slightly.

Fumi laughed, brushing a few sticky bangs off her face as she readjusted her hair. "I told you, didn't I? I am not handing over the top that easily ~"

"It's fine." Rui panted, smirking when she met those beautiful azure eyes. "Because I don't need to be on top to make you enjoy our play."

With that said, she slid her hands inside Fumi's panties and instantly pushed two fingers inside her slicked core, trying not to get flustered by her sudden boldness and the overwhelming sensation of Fumi's dampness coaxing her fingers.

Fumi's eyes widened and her breath itched for a mere second, before she surprisingly quickly kept most of her composure. If it wasn't for the way her inside quivered around Rui's fingers and for their proximity, Rui probably would have missed it.

"Are you okay?" Rui asked, moving into a sitting position and changing slightly the angle of her hand. She thrusted her fingers in and out, now able to twitch them a bit and hit most of the spot inside Fumi.

The other woman only groaned in answer, starting to move her hips to match the pace of Rui's hand. Unconsciously, Rui's other hand moved on its own, caressing Fumi's hips to her rear, feeling her as she moved in tandem with her.

"D-Don't you think Rui's hands are amazing?" They could hear Tamao panting, her voice hoarse. "You can truly feel the dexterity of a great kendo girl…"

Rui blushed at the compliment. She looked at Fumi, trying to seize the nature of her unreadable expression. Was Fumi not enjoying it…? Or was she simply trying to hold back to keep her composure…?

A simple glance and a grit of teeth was enough to give Rui the answer she needed.

"Fumi…" Rui murmured, ghosting her hand across her skin up to her boobs, fondling one of them with a delicate reverence and wrapping her mouth around the other one, taking the mound between her teeth and sucking softly. She released it in a small 'pop', then nuzzled against the woman's neck, looking up to meet her eyes as she did.

Rui didn't need to say anything more. Fumi knew. Of course, she did. And for the first time, she moaned, loud and clear, encouraging her friend to keep the pace they found together.

They kissed again, panting heavily against the other's lips in between, overwhelmed by a mutual feeling of lust they wanted to satisfy. Fumi tried to touch Rui, too. But there were still… Too much clothing between them.

Too much, indeed, when their panties and this position didn't really allow Rui to increase the speed and Fumi to slide her fingers inside Rui while straddling her friend's hand.

Eventually, Fumi stopped Rui's hand. She slowly removed it from her underwear, shivering a bit at the sudden lack of stimulation.

She grabbed the hem of Rui's panties, making her shift to allow Fumi to slide them past her feet before she removed her owns in a quick motion.

"Lay down with your head in Tamao's direction." Fumi commanded, making a spinning motion with her finger.

Rui did as she was ordered, blushing heavily as she looked up and met eyes with Tamao. Her girlfriend slowed her movements down, panting at the wane of pressure. She stared at Rui with an expectant gaze, giving her a single nod to confirm that she enjoyed the show.

Just as she previously did, Fumi straddled Rui's hips, leaning in to shower the girl's neck with a mix of kisses and bites. She made her way down, paying extra attention to Rui's breast as her hands wandered across her stomach, tracing the lines of her abs.

"Someone worked hard." Fumi teased, delving even lower to brush her lips against the other girl's stomach. Her hand slid between Rui's legs, slowly massaging her drenched slit without stroking the sensitive bud of nerves. "It seems that our training really paid off… We definitely should… Increase the intensity of our exercises together…"

Rui was trembling like a leaf, undeniably flustered by the sudden praise. She whimpered as Fumi continued moving her lips against her stomach, almost giving her a massage. She combed her fingers through her friend's blonde locks, suddenly feeling the strong urge to feel those lips elsewhere… Especially when Fumi looked up and leveled her signature crooked grin.

"I am sure at least one senpai must really love your hard work." She continued, resembling a predator pawing with their prey as she stared past Rui, flashing another smirk and she continued her slow journey lower, brushing her nose on the inner side of the girl's thighs.

Rui vaguely heard Tamao whimpering at the taunt, the way her breath hitched in anticipation. She could only be super focused on the way her other senpai was driving her insane with her lustful torment… Only ghosting her fingers and lips around the prize but never on it, nipping softly at the skin beside her entrance yet not doing her…

Running on pure primal instinct, Rui clenched her fist around a strand of Fumi's hair, unconsciously pushing her closer to her private area, moving in need of her friend to do something.

"My, someone's eager." Fumi teased again, pausing her movement to flash another sweet smile to Rui. "Be patient, I told you I would show her all the things I can do with my tongue, didn't I?"

A moan. Low, deep. Fumi was a bit taken aback when Rui's dark blood red gaze bored into her azure one, her expression darkened with desire.

"Fumi…" Rui croaked in a husky plea, her voice deep. Way too deep… seductive, even. And terribly inviting… "Could you shut your pretty mouth and just fuck me, already?"

Rui wasn't entirely sure how such a shameless demand escaped her mouth. She should probably be ashamed and apologize profusely for being so rude and thirsty with one of her closest friends.

But she couldn't. Not when she heard Tamao gasping behind them, an even sweeter music escaping her throat after she did. Not when Fumi's eyes widened for a mere second, her lips trembling slightly, and her cheek tainted a light red.

Her unusual language came out more effective than she'd expected, because Fumi immediately flattened her tongue and licked all the way up from her pussy to her clit, giving extra pressure on it as she wrapped her mouth around the nub.

Fumi suckled softly, drawing various pattern with her tongue as she did and suddenly, Rui's whole world was set into a blaze. Although Rui used to be a polite and reserved girl, she started to swear like she never did, only fueling the burning flame that was Fumi. Her friend inserted two fingers inside her, curling them slightly to hit all the spots during each of her quick thrusts.

"AAH! S-Shit, Fumi!" Rui cried out, not even bothering watching her words anymore. "Y-You feel so fucking good! I-I…" She groaned again, starting to grind against Fumi's mouth and fingers, feeling her walls already tightening considerably against her friend's digits. "…W-want you!"

That was it. The moment she turned the last switch from Fumi. The girl suddenly pulled herself away, making Rui whimper out of disapproval at the lack of stimulation. Fumi moved, crashing her lips against Rui's in another blazing kiss.

How amazing, the effect of lust on one girl's mind. Fumi was her friend, thus it wasn't like she wanted her and her alone. But Rui deserved her treat. She desperately needed to come. Fumi's ministrations… her boldness moderated with care… Yes, at this precise moment, Rui really wanted Fumi to ravage-

No! Troublesome thoughts begone, troublesome thoughts…

Then Fumi broke the kiss, much to Rui's chagrin, and turned around, almost straddling Rui's face as she presented her lower half just in front of Rui's mouth.

Oh g-god… Rui didn't realize how much her words had affected Fumi until she saw how drenched the woman was. From this angle, she could see everything… Even the way Fumi's core was almost pulsating under her hungry gaze, craving for any kind of release.

"We are going to come together, Rui." Fumi panted, her voice suave from excitation. She then leaned in, resuming her previous ministrations as she circled her tongue all around Rui's private parts.

Rui had to grip onto Fumi's butt for support, digging her nails into it and panting hot breaths against Fumi's pussy. It was only when she heard another throaty moan from Tamao that she realized her girlfriend must have a breathtaking view on Fumi's ass and on all the things Rui could do to her.

And Rui was eager to please. Probably as much as she craved for a well-deserved release. She was willing to pull out a show, one of her best performance for them.

Rui glanced a mere second toward Tamao before she pulled Fumi closer, wasting no time to eat the other woman out. Rui added her fingers for good measure, knowing how Fumi seemed to enjoy them earlier, and was quickly rewarded by a low whimper.

She liked this position. Despite being the one on the bottom, she could easily reach all Fumi's sensitive spots, slowly making the woman lose her composure. Fumi became more vocal by the second, visibly understanding how Rui became fired up whenever she was being encouraged.

"Slap it." Tamao suddenly commanded, her voice dripping with lust, taking both girls aback.

Rui didn't think twice about it, not when Tamao ordered her like this. She raised her free hand before she spanked Fumi. Loud and hard. Harder than she had anticipated, making the other woman jump out of surprise.

"W-WHAT THE HECK?!" Fumi yelped, her breath itching in her throat as she did, making her release a croaked sound.

Tamao's voice, a mix between chuckles and moans, resonated through the whole room. It was clear that the girl was as close as Fumi and Rui, rubbing desperately herself in need of coming.

"R-Rui…" Tamao moaned, catching her girlfriend's attention. "I-I didn't know you could be such a bad girl… P-Please come for us…"

The demand only increased Rui's arousal. She tried her best to match Fumi's now erratic pace, her friend visibly trying to get her off as quick as possible, her own walls tightening and pulsating around Rui's fingers.

Fumi was the first one to cry out, an orgasm washing her over as she still tried to focus on Rui despite her uncontrollable movement. Soon enough, Rui's world became white, her toes curling, Fumi's name escaping her throat in a loud scream. A similar sound came from Tamao, though it was vague, almost an illusion.

Then, the silence. Only punctuated by the sound of gasps, panting and low breaths.

Fumi had rolled over, now laying peacefully next to her friend, the rise and fall of her stomach slowly getting back into a steady rhythm.

Still… Rui wanted to check if she was okay. She was used to doing so after any intimate moment…

Lifting herself up on wobbly elbows, she tried to steady herself, moving step by step to slowly lay by Fumi's side. Her friend had an arm draped over her forehead and glanced curiously in Rui's direction when Rui let herself fall next to her.

"A-Are you okay?" Rui breathed, blushing softly at the peaceful light dancing in Fumi's eyes.

"Yeah, I am great. It wasn't a bad performance." Fumi teased, reaching out to brush an unruly strand of sticky hair out of Rui's face. "Is it me or did you really come here to check on me and cuddle?"

"A-Ah w-well…" Rui stuttered, her whole face flushing a bright red. "I-I am just kind of used to doing so and…"

It was absolutely true. Whenever she had an intimate moment with Tamao, they would always move into each other arms to talk and relax together. This was one of Rui's favorite part of the intimacy, and she couldn't help but instinctively wanting to do the same with her friend.

Fumi stared at her for a time that seemed to be an eternity, studying Rui's expression. Then she chuckled, soft, warm, sending a few butterflies through Rui's stomach. "You are really cute." She whispered, opening her arms to welcome Rui.

And Rui was far too happy to oblige. She snuggled into the crook of Fumi's neck, brushing her nose against it when Fumi wrapped Rui into a warm hug. Although Fumi and Rui grew occasionally used to friendly affection and cuddle, this was by far another level of intimacy. One Rui wasn't feeling uncomfortable about.

If anything, Rui really liked Fumi. Of course, this wasn't the same kind of feelings as the one she gathered for her girlfriend. Yet, today's event just proved how strong their trust and bond were.

"That was surprisingly good…" Rui sighed, her hand caressing up and down Fumi's waist.

"How rude. Did you really doubt that I would make you feel amazing?"

"N-No… I mean, I-I didn't expect to ever have sex with anybody other than Tamao, so you know…"

"That's fair." Fumi laughed, nuzzling affectionately against Rui's forehead. "You weren't bad either..." She whispered, dropping a soft kiss atop said forehead.

Rui hummed out of satisfaction when Fumi slid one hand up to her hair, softly petting the top of her head like she would stroke the fur of a pup'. They stayed like this for long minutes, slowly swallowing the peaceful aftermath of their orgasm, their body tingling in all the right ways.

"I hope my neighbors won't complain about the noise…" Fumi winced at the mere idea. "Although they should be used to it with Ichie."

"I… I am not sure I wanted to know about this information…"

"What can I say?" Fumi grinned smugly, scratching the top of Rui's head. "If I was able to make you scream my name despite your Tamao-addiction, you can be sure that with my girlfriend…"

"Fumiiiiii!" Rui whined, playfully punching her with her closed fist. They both giggled at the motion, resting their forehead together.

"Honestly, though…" Fumi reached out and drew affectionate circles with her thumb onto Rui's cheek, catching the other girl's attention, "you've grown so much. I am glad you are now able to feel peaceful around me."

Rui allowed her eyes to lose themselves into a deep ocean. A strong yet caring one. She felt warm, unique, overwhelmed by another kind of affection she wouldn't mind experiencing again in the future…

After all, she valued so much her friendship with Fumi that the girl became one of the pillars that helped her to bloom as a stage girl, to stand for herself, and… To gather the courage to confess her true feelings to Tamao

Her trail of thoughts was snapped out when suddenly, a pair of arms were snaked around her midsection and a warm body pressed flush against her back.

"You two seems to have a lot of fun without me…" Tamao whispered, grazing Rui's earlobe with her teeth. "It looks like you almost forgot I was there. Should I feel jealous…?"

Despite the obvious teasing lilt in her girlfriend's voice, Rui practically jumped out, rolling next to Fumi as if she were caught in an inferno and only noticed that the proverbial fire was burning her up. She turned to face Tamao, restless, examining the older girl's smiling face.

"I-I-I s-swear I never stopped thinking…!" She sputtered, quickly peppering Tamao's cheek with kisses as if begging for forgiveness… Even though she had nothing to worry about.

"Oh, Rui…" Tamao chuckled, lovingly brushing a strand of hair out of her face, "you've been a really bad girl tonight… What am I going to do with you…? ~"

Rui's switch turned again at the prospect. She gulped, swallowing the lump that was stuck in her throat, her body quivering under Tamao's burning gaze.

If Tamao wanted to punish her for her impertinence… Then Rui would happily accept her fate.

"Y-You can do anything you want…" Rui breathed, a heavy blush overtaking her whole face. She could hear Fumi snickering at the statement.

Tamao leaned in, brushing her nose against Rui, her lips only an inch away from hers. So… Rui closed her eyes, more than ready to welcome whatever sexy fate befall her. But nothing. Tamao simply teased Rui in a similar way Fumi did: brushing her mouth against Rui's without adding any pressure, hardly calling it a kiss.

With her eyes shut, Rui couldn't witness the silent exchange that occurred between Fumi and Tamao, made of crooked smirk and small nods.

"By the way you seemed to enjoy yourself, you made me all curious about Fumi's skills… Maybe I should try them myself?"

… What?

Rui didn't know what Tamao meant with this. She was simply confused at the sudden loss of contact with her girlfriend after she'd said that.

She peeked up, opened her eyes slowly… Only to witness that Fumi'd moved to straddle Tamao's hips and was now exploring Tamao's back with her hands.

Rui's mind went blank… She… Had absolutely no idea how to feel at this precise moment.

She was torn, invaded by a mixed feeling between jealousy and arousal. This could be really hot, watching two of the persons she cared the most about… Seeing these two gorgeous women with their raw emotions… Still, part of her couldn't help but worry about what could happen, what if Tamao grew addicted and…

Her eyes widened. This was probably what her girlfriend had felt as well. A strong desire tainted with jealousy, perhaps one that gave her the strong urge to claim Rui to herself, just the way she wanted.

She could only stare as Fumi leaned in, her mouth grazing Tamao's ear. Or at least, that's what Rui believed, considering she couldn't see what Fumi was doing from this angle.

Rui blamed herself for her complicated feelings, considering she'd grown very acquainted with Fumi during this… Experience. She felt like she shouldn't feel jealous… Yet… she wanted to jump on Tamao and have her way with her girlfriend right then and there, making her scream like there's no tomorrow.

"So? Isn't my Sweet Donut willing to join us?"

Tamao's voice snapped Rui's out of her reverie. She looked up, blushing furiously at the pet name… And forgot how to breathe at the sight.

Fumi had moved next to Tamao, ghosting her hand up and down Tamao's stomach in an inviting way, like she was asking Rui to come here. Tamao's darkened amethyst gaze was fiery, and positively feral. Rui couldn't help but blink, wondering if the previous turn of event was another way to tease her

"Come here." Tamao commanded, her voice husky from arousal. "I can't wait to eat you up."

"Oh, god…" Fumi resisted the urge to facepalm, "I didn't expect you to use even worse pet names than Ichie… And even making sexual puns about it…"

"Don't tell me Ichie doesn't do the same with a ponzu nickname?" Tamao chuckled, flashing a teasing grin in Fumi's direction before the stared back toward Rui.

"… I-I won't even answer to this." Fumi breathed, a light blush painting her cheeks.

Rui… Was far too distracted to follow anything they said. She gulped, trying to swallow the thick lump in her throat… Unsuccessfully. She couldn't even think properly, too focused on the way her girlfriend had called her, how she wanted her so badly…

Before she could even think about the way she should join to the roleplay, her body moved on its own. It was just as if she were into some sort of movies, watching a predatory version of herself practically jumping on Tamao and crashing her lips hungrily against hers.

When her girlfriend let out a surprised yelp, she wasted no time sliding her tongue inside the girl's mouth, deepening the kiss.

Once she'd recovered from her astonishment, Tamao eagerly wrapped her arms around Rui's neck, pawing and scratching onto her scalp her neck in need for more.

And Rui was willing to give her everything… She bit onto Tamao's lower lips, hard, before she kissed downward, relishing over the throaty moans that escaped Tamao's mouth, vibrating against Rui's. It made Rui sucks onto the other girl's neck, with enough pressure to leave marks, effectively claiming the girl.

Continuing her hasty journey lower, Rui grabbed Tamao's legs and wrapped them around her collarbone in a way that fully exposed her lower half. In this position, Rui's breasts rubbed against her girlfriend's core every time she moved to kiss and lick Tamao's boobs and stomach, making the woman tremble at the sensation.

"R-Rui…!" Tamao whimpered, desperately grinding against Rui to get some frictions. She let her voice out, becoming louder by the minute to encourage her girlfriend.

Ever since they'd started dating, Tamao'd never missed a chance to praise Rui whenever she did something right. Although the girl was probably aware of Rui's kink about praise, it still fired Rui up every time, convincing her that she was doing things right in their relationship.

Their intimate moments weren't exception to this routine. Whenever Rui pleased her the way she wanted, Tamao let her voice out, showing how she was enjoying what Rui was doing to her.

She was being… Particularly vocal tonight. The intensity of her cries was almost overwhelming, and Rui would have been startled if she wasn't so aroused by the way Tamao reacted to her ministrations. She had a thought about Fumi, who probably worried about her neighbors.

But at this precise moment, Rui couldn't really feel concerned about this.

She didn't want to waste any time, feeling like her girlfriend needed all her attention, deserved to come. Rui inserted two fingers, settling for long and hard thrust. From this angle, she could really hit all the spots Tamao liked, and was quickly rewarded by another loud moan.

Tamao was already so tight… It only fueled Rui to increase her pace, effortlessly adding a third finger and grabbing onto one of her girlfriend's leg to give more leverage to her thrust. She loved the way Tamao's walls were pulsating around her fingers, how she could hear wet sounds through each in-and-out…

When she could feel that Tamao was on the verge of coming undone, barely articulating whenever she moaned Rui's name, Rui bit onto Tamao's nipple. Hard. Hard enough to feel her girlfriend's body tensing. So, she circled her tongue around the nub to sooth the pain while she pushed her digits deep inside.

A single high-pitched note escaped Tamao's throat, her wall clenching around Rui's fingers and her nails scratching harshly her neck. Rui groaned at the sensation, trying to keep her girlfriend in place as she rode out the effect of a powerful orgasm.

Then, silence. Tamao's legs slowly slid down Rui's collarbone, hitting the mattress in a soft thud. She was panting heavily, face flushed, her thin frame slightly trembling. Immediately, Rui made her way up. She embraced her shaking girlfriend and kissed her whole face fondly, ending with a slow, languid nip onto Tamao's lower lips.

"I-I am sorry, I got a bit carried away…" Rui giggled, brushing their nose lovingly, "how are you feeling, Love?"

"Like… You should really… Get more often worked up like this…" Tamao panted, cupping Rui's face to give her a few pecks on the lips, caressing her cheek lovingly as she did, "god, Rui…"

They stayed like this for a long moment, locked into a warm embrace. Rui whispered sweet nothings against Tamao's mouth as said girl was still trying to catch her breath, riding out the after effects of her powerful orgasm.

They didn't react right away when Fumi cleared her throat… Loudly. "It wasn't really what we'd planned, but it's true that a bold Rui is a sight that must be seen once in a life." She licked her lips, her face unreadable. It was hard to know what she'd done during her friends’… Private show. "I think the whole building might know by now. Though I doubt anybody would dare to complain about something like this."

"Sorry." Tamao half-apologized, clearly not regretting anything. "I hope they won't say anything about the third round, though. I am not sure Rui will be able to stay silent ~."

"T-T-Third round?"

The crooked grin Tamao gave Rui was purely predatory. "You know why we did this in the first place, right? Do you really think we are done with you? ~"

Rui swallowed. The implication of what her girlfriend'd just said didn't immediately sink in… Until a pair of arms pulled her away from Tamao. She found herself entrapped by Fumi, sitting against the other girl. She watched helplessly when her girlfriend lifted herself up and then made her way toward her on her all-four.

"W-W-Wha…!" Rui stuttered, feeling as warm as an oven at the sight and the sensation of Fumi's naked body pressing flush against her back.

"You've done a good job, Rui. You've pulled such an amazing show. So… Why don't you let your senpai take care of everything from now on?" Fumi whispered sweetly, grazing Rui's ear with her teeth.

Oh fuckShe should never have talked with her friend of the various dreams she'd had about Tamao, nor imply that she enjoyed being praised

But why did she think this was probably the best decision she'd made?

Fumi slid her hands downward, gently spreading Rui's legs to make room for Tamao. Said girl placed both hands on either side of Rui's thighs, caressing the way up until she could ghost her hand across Rui's lower half before she kneeled in between Rui's legs. She immediately trailed her fingers on Rui's stomach, tracing the lines of the abs she loved so much.

"You were amazing, sweetie." Tamao leaned in, brushing her lips against a weak spot underneath Rui's jaw. "I feel blessed that I have such a wonderful girlfriend who make me so happy." She sucked onto the spot, leaving a bruising mark. "I will definitely show you… How much your love means to me."

If Rui had any remnant of sanity, it was gone from now one. Her whole body was shaking, rippling out waves of pleasure at the mere words. She… She was a good girlTamao was happy to be her girlfriend… A-And… Her senpai were going to take care of everything.

She was panting heavily, from the words she'd always craved to hear, but also the two pair of lips that kissed and nibbled onto her neck. Curious hands were exploring her body, ghosting light and teasing touches all around her features without going for the weak spots… And all this affection was driving her insane.

This… This was already too much to bearHer mind went blank, her brain and body too overwhelmed by the pleasure from the praises and the attentions.

One of Tamao's hands reached up to stroke a spot under Rui's ear. "Fumi, if I may suggest you something… You should try kissing her right there." Her fingers lingered against the skin, eliciting goosebumps at the mere touch. "She makes such sweet sounds when you do so…"

Fumi followed the advice, puckering up her lips against soft flesh, immediately rewarded with a pup' whine as she did.

"Look at her." Fumi brushed her lips around the sensitive area, chuckling softly near Rui's ear. "We have such a cute and lovely kouhai. Do you think she could get even more adorable than she already is?"

"Of course." As if she wanted to make a point, Tamao's mouth delved lower, sucking and biting underneath Rui's jaw, getting another squeal. "You could easily get addicted to this this sweetheart. Look at me. I am already so whipped ~."

This was the precise moment Rui couldn't handle all these praise anymore. Despite the lack of friction and stimulation on her lower half, her whole body was shaken by an intense wave of arousal.

She cried out, rippling out the effect of an unexpected orgasm.

Eventually, her body went still. Tears of embarrassment prickled up in the corner of her eyes… She felt like… wanting to crawl herself into a hole of shame, completely overwhelmed under her girlfriend surprised stare.

She could imagine the same surprise into Fumi's blue eyes. The sudden silence, only punctuated by her unsteady breaths, was staggering.

"Wow." Fumi finally breathed, trailing a hand between Rui's legs, getting a squeak in answer. "I knew you were weak to praise, but this!?" Once her digits were soaked with Rui's juice, she lifted her hand up, showing the two other girls how drenched it was.

As Rui could get more self-conscious, Tamao simply stared at Fumi's hand, examining her girlfriend's glistening arousal… Before she grabbed said hand and licked the palm. Then she sucked onto each digit, no wanting to waste a single drop, and Rui could feel Fumi slightly quivering behind her.

At least, Rui would have noticed if her brain didn't court-circuit. A heavy blush overtook her whole face as her switch twitched once again, unmistakably turned on upon the sight of her girlfriend being so… Open.

"Want some too?" Fumi approached her fingers from Rui's panting mouth, opening her palm in an inviting manner. "I wouldn't deprive you from your own fluid if you crave it. Unlike Tamao who doesn't seem willing to share ~".

"Oh, that's definitely not true." Tamao smiled sweetly, licking her lips as she gave Rui another fiery look. "I am more than willing to experience everything with my Sweet Donut."

This time, Rui was eager to play the game. Despite how flustered she was, she started to suck onto Fumi's fingers as her darkened blood red globes never left Tamao's dilated amethyst ones. She did it slow, accentuating every flick of her tongue around the digits just to show her girlfriend how she wanted her to do it elsewhere.

She could hear Fumi's breath hitching behind her and almost instantly, the woman's free hand wandered downward, making its way to stroke and rub the swollen bud of nerves between Rui's legs.

The moment Rui opened her mouth to let out a moan, releasing Fumi's fingers in the process, Tamao shoved Fumi's hand away and pulled Rui into a slow, searing kiss. Then, she lazily made her way lower, peppering kisses all around soft skin until she reached Rui's perky breast.

When she did, Fumi trailed her free hand back to Rui's boobs, pulling one of them upward, as if she wanted to give Tamao a better possibility to fully enjoy the mound she loved so much.

And she did. Tamao wrapped her mouth around a hardened nipple, sucking and circling her tongue around it with a tender adoration. One of her hands fondled her girlfriend's other breast, kneading it and pinching the bud, while her other hand massaged Rui's stomach, teasing downward every so often, just above Fumi's hand.

Then she switched, paying the exact same attention to the other breast. Her eyes never left Rui's as she was slowly driving her girlfriend crazy. She smirked at the reactions that crossed Rui's face, those low moan coupled with teeth working onto her lower lips, silently urging Tamao to keep going.

Tamao delved lower, dawdling over Rui's stomach before she finally made her way between Rui's legs. Fumi stilled her movement, using two fingers to tug the skin around Rui's clit on the side, exposing the nub to Tamao's satisfaction.

Holy sh… Rui gulped loudly, staring at her girlfriend's smirking face in anticipation. The mere sight made her core throb out of arousal, unbearably turning her on. But when Tamao pulled her tongue out, Rui found her chin being grabbed and her head pulled onto the side.

Supple lips caught hers into a hungry kiss at the same time Rui felt a tongue working onto her clit, drawing various patterns around her womanhood. She almost choked at the sensation of her girlfriend eating her out coupled with Fumi's mouth wrapped around her tongue, suckling onto it.

This was already driving her insane… Rui combed one hand in Tamao's silky hair to encourage her, since she was unable to be as vocal as she wanted, nor giving her an encouraging blazing glance…

She really wanted to see her.

Fumi's tongue danced with her own, hitting all the spots that made Rui tingle with pleasure. Her hand placed downward moved to tease Rui's entrance, rubbing just around it without entering the girl. It made Rui desperately grind against Tamao's mouth, adding more pressure from her girlfriend's tongue.

Rui desperately wanted to see her

Noticing her girlfriend's needy attitude, Tamao clasped one hand onto Rui's butt, helping her to ride against her tongue as she wrapped her mouth around the nub, sucking softly onto it. Her other palm joined Fumi's, rubbing onto Rui's soaked slit, adding more stimulations to the already unbearable ones.

Rui whined against Fumi's mouth, the sound vibrating against the other woman's lips. Fumi still held Rui's chin firmly, smirking at Rui's helpless attempt to watch Tamao.

She needed to see her.

Using the last strength of her body in a desperate push, Rui fought against Fumi for dominance. Even though she really enjoyed what Fumi was doing… She wanted to watch Tamao doing all these things to her… To see her girlfriend claiming her as if she was the only one that mattered at this moment.

She finally managed to release herself from her friend vice grip and turned her head to look at Tamao, already moaning her girlfriend's name with all her might.

She realized that this was part of both girl's plan when her dilated crimson eyes met playful amethyst ones, which apparently never ceased to observe every single of her movements. Almost instantly, Fumi's free hand moved back to massage Rui's breast and both women inserted one finger inside, pumping in and out with a surprisingly synchronized rhythm.

"That's right, Rui." Tamao breathed huskily, grazing onto the girl's clit with her teeth. "You are mine."

That's how it must feel… To lose your mind… Hot tongue, sending sparks of pleasures through Rui's whole body… Different fingers pumping nice and steady into her drenched core, feeling so good… Driving her so close yet so far from a well-deserved orgasm…

She could barely articulate anymore, calling Tamao's name like a hymn of love. A chant for the woman she belonged to. She held onto those black locks she loved so much for dear life as Tamao shifted a bit so Rui could see both her tongue moving onto her and both their handyworks. Fumi went back kissing Rui's weak spots onto her neck, bringing the younger girl even closer to the edge.

"You can let it out. Come for me."

With that said, Tamao added one more finger, and Rui felt so full. That was it. The precise moment the last breath was stolen out of her. Her walls clenched around dainty fingers as her body convulsed at the strong impulse.

Rui screeched, her nails digging onto Tamao's scalp as she rode the effects of a powerful orgasm, possibly stronger than any of those she had had in her life.

Her whole surrounding became a blur, matching the blank state of her mind. Her body went still, and she felt all her senses leaving her as she lost consciousness.


When Rui slowly came back to her sense, she felt overwhelmed by a feeling of well-being. Her body felt sore in all the right way and yet, it never seemed as light and comfortable than at this precise moment.

The first thing she noticed was a familiar scent of jasmine and lilies tickling her nostrils, invading her mind with warmth and gentleness. She could then feel soft fingers stroking her hair gently, making her purr out of pleasure, and soft lips peppering loving kisses all around her face.

Rui tried to open her heavy eyelids, to drink in the heartwarming sight… Unsuccessfully. She sighed, snuggling even flusher into the embrace. Only then would she notice that another body was pressed against her back, and another hand was running up and down her back, sending shivers through her spin.

She never, ever wanted to move from this position.

The second attempt was more successful. She peeked out, slowly wiping the blur away and depicting slowly Tamao's features in front of her.

"Welcome back." Tamao smiled warmly, pressing her lips against Rui for a few seconds before she pulled back, cradling Rui's cheek with her thumb. "How are you feeling, Sweetie?"

"Like an angel." Rui breathed without hesitation. "I feel like I have ascended to heaven. And, wow… I feel… Really gay."

"What a mood." Fumi chuckled, sliding her hand to caress Rui's stomach.

This time, Rui could fully open her eyes and finally drink in the position they were into. She was laying on her side, with Tamao in front and Fumi behind her. Both women were embracing her, one of their hand giving attention to Rui, the other resting gently into each other's back.

Their breaths had a peaceful, slow rhythm. They probably felt as relaxed as Rui was right at this moment…

"S-Say, Love…? Did you enjoy today's experience…?" Rui felt beyond flustered at her sudden question, unsure about the way to bring up the topic. Still, she wanted to know…

"I did." Tamao smiled, tugging a messy strand of hair behind Rui's ear. "I… I admit I had some doubts during the first part, so I wouldn't do this kind of thing often, but… God, that was… Really amazing." She blushed, nibbling onto her lower lips out of embarrassment. "… Thank you, you two…"

"That was definitely worth it." Fumi grinned teasingly, patting both Tamao's and Rui's head. "Just for the mere sight of a flustered Tamao and of a worked-up Rui, it made my day. Thank you for allowing me this lifetime experience ~"

"Fumiiiii!" Rui whined, hiding her beat red face into the crook of Tamao's neck.

"Watching Rui being an adorable gay mess is also something to look for."

"I know right?" Tamao teased back, joining to pat Rui's head. "We have been dating for years, and she still makes my heart melt the same way whenever she acts this way."

Rui whimpered, leaning into the affection. Although her girlfriend and her friend were being terrible teases, she didn't want the attention to ever stop. This was part of all these little details that made her feel at home, in a wonderful family she cherished more than anything in this world.

Their entwined legs were moving against one another in a slow, warm caress. Rui never, ever wanted this moment to stop. Around the woman she loved the most and her best friend… With these people who cared so much about her.

In this comfortable embrace, she felt like all the trivial issues didn't matter anymore. There was only them, their relaxing breathing and affectionate arms around each other.

Without even noticing, Rui's breath became more and more even until she drowsed off, wrapped up into a tender slumber.