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Drider Dabi

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The silken trap of only string, sparkling with the sunlight captured in the morning dew. It never was what you expected to see when you first wake up. Your limbs were weak as you pushed yourself off the ground to look at the unfamiliar sky. White clouds that rivalled the softest looking cotton floated with promise of a soon to happen rainfall. It was the heavy atmosphere, humidity already rising when you wiped the grass from yourself.

Where were you?

The last thing you had remembered was being pushed onto the grimy train tracks. You could remember the way you scraped your arm and the lights of the train... Were you dead?! You pinched yourself and winced as you looked around some more. The scrapes on your arm were scabbed up now, so you must have been out for quite some time before waking up here.

Maybe your phone would help!

Feeling your pockets, nothing was in them except a small package of mints. Your phone must have fallen out or something, but it was gone now. Murmuring to yourself as you rubbed your temple, "How inconvenient… Damnit."

It was time for a hike probably… You just needed to find a house or person who could help you. With no idea of where you are, you went walking into the forest. The silken webs caught on trees, what you dismissed as abnormally large caterpillar nests...

They weren't abnormal in the countryside, but as you went… They became more and more frequent, larger. You could see the bugs within them, some squirming and alive… These might not have been caterpillar webs. It was large creatures inside some as you went, this was definitely not the way you should go is what you realized when you same a couple squirrel skulls on the ground. It was ghostly in the forest, with trees taller than even your apartment building and the afternoon sun becoming increasingly hot… You wanted to get away from the webs before you rested though, dreading to see the spider who made them. Something about that told you it would not end well for you.

The forest seemed to never end as you walked and walked some more. Your feet ached and you were quite cold. The sun was out, but the cool breeze cut through you. An unpleasant experience to say the least.

Something rustled in the brush behind you, making you jump with a shriek. Nothing ran, but you saw something move within the trees.

"Hello?! Is- Uhm, Anybody there? Please, I need help…" You sounded pathetic probably, shaking like a leaf as you looked with anticipation. Moving forward, you went to look behind trees and for what you had seen. Maybe you were hallucinating? You doubted that. Though, you were quite hungry and thirsty. What you wouldn't do for something to eat.

That was when you saw it.

It was an apple tree. Large, bright red, ripened fruit hung heavily in the branches of the tree. They nearly made your mouth water at the sight. Running over, you reached into the branches, having to avoid the webs on the tree and pulled one down. It was the size of a softball and it seemed to not have any wormholes or bruising.

Without worry, you bit into the fresh fruit, crunching it and having the sweet, sugary juice drip from the sides of your mouth. You finished the first and grabbed two more to take with you. Just in case.

You nearly tripped over a root as you left the apple tree, dodging it and landing against another. Webs getting caught on you, making you realize how strong they were. You pulled yourself away and fell back onto your behind. "Ouch! Ugh… Dumb webs."

Getting back up, you heard a noise and stiffened. This forest was so damn creepy, but you brushed it off. It was probably nothing again. The apple tree was the only salvageable good thing from all of this. Maybe you could grow your own one day… That would be quite nice now, wouldn't it?


Your apples ran lower through the day, but your belly didn't get much chance to complain at least and it was good energy.

Quick and enough to fuel you. You saw something in the distance as you began to get tired again. Hours having passed.

It couldn't be. A sinking feeling filled you.

It was the apple tree again…

You had just been walking around in a circle. A big circle. A circle on the same. There was no way you were getting out of this forest by nightfall… You couldn't stay here! It was a forest! The longer you stood by that tree though, the more it looked like this was going to be where you sat down for the night. There was a lot of webs here too… A surprising amount, they got stuck to your hands and pants… Your shoes. It wasn't as bothersome as it was just sticky.

"You know, you really have no idea where you're going." A male voice spoke from above you. It caused you to jump as you swung back to look.

"Oh my god, are you-..." The sight before you was something you could hardly believe. The scarred up man… The large spider half of him was more the crazy part as your eyes were as wide as saucers. Shaking in your boots essentially.

"It's rather rude to stare, babe… But I'm flattered that you can't take your eyes off me." He grinned with sharp canines glistening in the dying light of day.

You went to turn on your heel and run, instinct kicking in as you saw the dripping of something coming from those fangs. Saliva, venom, whatever it was. Your shoes stuck to the ground though, making you essentially throw yourself onto the ground in your hustle to escape. The webs along the ground getting all over your front as you tried to pull yourself from them. The giant spider man was down from the tree though and a hand pulled you by the back of the neck.

You were lifted as you struggled, pulling webs off and reaching back at his hand. "Let me go! Please, I just want to leave here. I want to go home!"

He pulled you against him as you squirmed, his teeth going to the junction of your neck and shoulder. This was some vampire shit and you were not liking it! A scream escaped you when he did this, hot pain coursing through your blood as you seized. Your nails scratching at him as roughly as you could and your teeth gritting. It was quickly that you were lightheaded and you slacked against him. You could move on your own. His fangs pulled from you, dripping the venom and your blood before his tongue went to lap at it. Pain flaring up the most at the point where you were pierced.

"Hm, there… That should keep you still for a while. You know, when you come out of this state. I'll have to ask you what it was like, never had anyone stick around long enough to do that." He manhandled you onto his back and started walking in the strange spidery way to what must be his nesting place, given you could see the increased amount of webs when his dark hair wasn't blocking your sight.

It smelled pleasant and it was soft. You would be envious, if it weren't for the fact you couldn't care less in this situation for the quality of his hair. He wouldn't talk much, besides giving you his name.


You didn't really care, but it was good to use a first name when begging for your life you guess. It seemed like an intimate enough endeavor for first names.

You could see the webs along the ground shining slightly in the moonlight as Dabi slipped you off his back and onto a thickly woven web. He lowered down beside you as he murmured. "You really came in at a bad time… Usually I would eat a cute little thing like you, but fuck." His voice was breathier as you noticed the flush on his face.

His hands crawled over your still body. They were warm and calloused. They also had no issue with going under your shirt and rubbing along your skin…

Your blood rushed in a panic as you stared up at him, pleading in a way. Working to say anything as your voice didn't seem to even work with that venom running through you. It was just a wordless cry.

"Oh, poor baby girl, don't worry… Just relax and I'll take such good care of you- Fuck, you're so soft and warm… Perfect." He paused his stroking of your torso as he pulled the buttons of your shirt off, easily ripping them all. One by one.

Two clawed hands reached down and pulled at your bra slightly, successfully tearing it after a couple tries. Your tips were hard and sensitive as his hands ran over them, rubbing, squeezing and pushing at them in ways that made your breath hitch.

Moving them down, he messed with your shorts for a couple of seconds before ruining them as well as your underwear. It was embarrassing and a waste of clothing.

The touching made goose pimples rise as you shut your eyes as tightly as you could've. Something akin to purr came from Dabi as he stroked a claw along your thigh. "Such a cute cunt... I never will understand why you humans are so modest. You know that you're all pink and flushed down here, so soft… Warm…"

His face came up to yours as he placed kisses over your mouth and face, moving towards your neck. Those lips were softer than they seemed, but it was enough that you would squirm if you could. The pressure of his mouth on the spot where he bit you left you somehow reeling from the feeling. It was… Good. It was so good.

When you were distracted, his hands were between your thighs and one moved its fingers over your sex. Dragging between the two swollen lips, before circling your clit. Your body seemed to relax more as a formless sort of moan escaped you.

You shouldn't enjoy this, it was wrong… Unnatural, but you couldn't help yourself.

Hot breath hit your ear as he whispered to you so sinfully, "You're so perfect, splayed out for me and so wet already… Do you know what I'm going to do to you, sweetheart? Hah… I'm going to make you my little breeding bitch."

Dread crawled in, but you couldn't voice the feeling of illness in your stomach as his fingers were now curled inside you. The way they stretched you and his thumb on your clit… It was all too much so fast as you pant beneath him.

"Yeah, mine to fill… Ugh, you're squeezing so tightly around my fingers. What a greedy girl, so hungry for it. Really, I shouldn't keep you waiting." He chuckled before pulling his hand from you right as you hit your peak, watching you crash into ruined orgasm. His body too close and too far from you simultaneously as your pussy throbbed again for attention. You weren't satisfied as you opened your eyes to see what the hold up, but it may have just made you more desperate as you saw what he was preparing for you. You wished you hadn't looked.

A small plate on his lower body opened up as, what you assumed was, his dick came out. It was a dark blue and just about dripping with tapered tip… He moved his hand beneath himself to stroke it, shuddering and sighing before taking the other hand to spread your damp folds.

"Fuck, you seem ready… You're going to be so beautiful filled with my eggs." Dabi had a blissed out look as he slowly prodded the tip of himself against your entrance. It was slimy and not warm like what you may have been used to... His instinct telling him to just push in already. Moving slower though, you could feel every inch spreading your slickly coated insides. More clumsy noises came from you as he waited to move. You could feel the way your walls already were throbbing around him and he could feel it too…

Pulling his hips back, he pushed back in and repeated this slowly as he sighed above you. Face flushed as he forced himself to slow down, desperation would be his least favorite thing, even now.

"Soooo tight, baby. You're squeezing me so hard that I can hardly fit in you, ugh.. Must want it just as much as I do. Maybe more?"

Working up to a faster pace, you were stuck taking the brunt as the web refused to budge and you were crying out. Movement was slowly coming back though as you were able to dig your nails into the palms of your hands. Dabi had spread your legs extremely far apart to fit the spidery half between them and you could feel the slight fuzz of it against you.

Everything was unnatural here as he went back to grunting and making various other little noises above you. It left you to just get pounded. The cock inside you was pressed in as far as you thought it could go, nudging around outside your cervix. His hand went to work your clit, furiously rubbing it while you whined at the roughness. The words now pouring out of his mouth as he got closer did not ease anything though. It did strike more fire in your insides though…

"You're mine, my precious place to fill with- Agh, little breeding slut. My baby girl forever and forever. Can't wait to see how round you get with my eggs."

His voice was growly and his mouth was pressed against your ear as he drove you over the edge.

You could feel the tip latch with you as a rush of fluid filled you. Holding himself up above you, Dabi shudders as he slowly ruts forward as your insides squeeze around the dark blue appendage, milking it. After a moment, he pulled away and left you empty. Looking down at the small bulge formed in your lower stomach, it was a definite stretch that you weren't prepared for.

His dick had gone away now, back to the section on his lower body and he moved to lay by you. There was a thick fluid oozing out of you, mixed with large marble sized blue blobs… Eggs.

"You're going to be a beautiful mother, doll…"