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Pannacotta Fugo was never one for rough sex. Despite his temper, he was a gentle man in bed, often taking things slow and rocking his hips in a delicate, even rhythm until his partner got what they needed. He always made sure the other was satisfied before he himself came, thriving off of their reaction to what he had done to them.

Narancia Ghirga was the opposite. He liked it rough, rough enough to be painful, and loved being pounded into and treated like a piece of meat specifically for fucking. As a masochist, he got off to his partner hurting him and taking advantage of him as long as it was safe and consensual for the both of them.

The two men were in a terrible mood. They had just gotten back from a failed mission, Bucciarati telling them to leave it alone for now and relax. However, neither of them were in the mood for relaxing.

Fugo got out of his car, slammed the door, and stormed into his house, Narancia trailing behind him. He stomped quickly up to his room, beginning to pace back and forth when he got there, pulling at his golden locks in frustration. Fugo stopped walking after a few seconds and began to state at the wall, winding up his fist to go and punch it.

Just before he swung, he felt a pair of slender arms wrap sound his neck. "Fugo," the other whined, his lips brushing against the younger's ear. "Don't do that, I really don't want to have to fix the wall."

"Aren't you angry too?" Fugo nearly yelled, balling up his fists and breathing hard.

"Now that I think about it..." Narancia trailed off, still wrapped around his boyfriend. He let go after a few seconds, leaving Fugo's room and walking down to the kitchen.

Fugo stood in his room, wondering what his boyfriend was doing, before hearing a string of cuss words leave the other's mouth from the room below him.


A few seconds of silence passed before Narancia walked back into Fugo's bedroom, a scowl on his face. Fugo was done fuming now, and he suppressed a laugh at the sight of his boyfriend, who looked like he would stab somebody at a moment's notice. The older flopped on the bed, covering his face with his arms and groaning.

Fugo, still quite angry, began to pace again, his legs moving fast and his breath speeding up. Narancia rolled over go face him, staring at him for a moment before getting up and walking over to him. He intercepted him, pushing the younger against the wall and looking up at him through his long, dark eyelashes.

"I know you're angry, Panna," he breathed, speaking slowly. "So why don't you just take your anger out on me?"

Fugo's breath hitched and his heart stopped in his chest. "Wh-what?"

Narancia buried his face in the crevice of Fugo's neck and shoulder. "Come on Panna," he whined. "You know I like it rough, and I can get you in the mood if you want. Just take out all your anger on me and you'll feel better."

Fugo thought about it for a moment before nodding. "Okay." He paused. "Just tell me if you want me to stop."

Narancia grinned, letting go of the other's wrists. "Of course."

Fugo grabbed Narancia's shoulders and shoved him onto the bed, quickly getting on top of him and stripping him down as fast as he could. He pinned his wrists down and began to place gentle kisses on the older's neck and jaw, before Narancia interrupted him with another whine.

"Fugo, I told you to be rough with me. You're not doing it right."

The younger stopped what he was doing and looked up to meet his boyfriend's pleading eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Here," Narancia took hold of one of Fugo's wrists and places his hand in his raven-colored hair. "Pull."

Fugo tugged on it gently, afraid to hurt the other man.

"Harder Fugo."

He pulled harder, earning a moan from the man below him. "I guess you like that, huh?"

Narancia nodded, biting his lip and grinning.

Fugo began to kiss the other man's neck again, keeping his hand in his boyfriend's hair, this time leaving little love bites and occasionally some licks. "Is this better, Nara?"


"Good." Fugo moved down to Narancia's chest, sucking gently on his nipple. He removed his hand from the older's hair to pinch the other one, earning a shrill cry in response. Narancia threw his head back as he pinched harder, twisting slightly just to tease him.

"God, just fuck me already!" Narancia screamed.

Fugo stopped, taken aback. He was used to his boyfriend screaming, but not during anything sexual. It almost scared him.

Narancia panted, moaning out his boyfriend's name. "Panna, Panna please!"

Fugo snapped out of his daze. "Please what?"

The older's eyes were wide and desperate. He wimpered.

Fugo raised his hand and slapped Narancia's face, hard, earning a cry from the other man. "I asked you a question, damnit!"

Tears formed in Narancia's eyes and he squeezed them shut. Fugo panicked. He gently caressed his boyfriend's cheek, his voice a worried whisper. "Are you okay?"

Narancia opened his eyes. He grinned. "Do it again."

Fugo raised an eyebrow. "Um, okay."

His hand came down on Narancia's cheek a second time, this time earning a moan from the older. "Tell me what you want." Fugo paused. "Slut."

"I want you to fuck me Panna," Narancia whined between heavy pants. "And call me that again, I fucking love it."

"Uh, okay." Fugo took a deep breath. He wasn't used to insulting or degrading his partners, and it felt strange, but if this was what his lover wanted, he would do anything to make him happy. "Slut." He sat up, untangling his hand from the other's hair. "I'm gonna go get the lube."

Narancia watched as Fugo got up, staring at the way he unintentionally swayed his hips as he walked. He wished the other would take his clothes off already; the green suit was bothering him with the way it covered his boyfriend's skin.

Fugo got back on top of Narancia, pouring a generous amount of lube onto his first two fingers. Spread his boyfriend's legs and began to rub circles on his entrance, savoring every moan he was able to pull out of the boy beneath him. He slowly inserted both fingers, knowing that Narancia didn't need much preparation. He was used to having things inside him.

He moved his fingers almost painfully slow until Narancia got sick of it, tilting his head up to look at the other with an angry look on his face. "Panna, I wanted you to be rough with me. Go faster, come on!"

Fugo stopped. "But I don't wanna hurt–"

"You won't," he smiled at his boydiend. "Trust me."

Fugo nodded, going back to his task but this time thrusting his fingers much faster and more aggressively. Narancia threw his head back and moaned, loud enough to almost startle the other, but Fugo kept going, determined to make his lover happy.

Just when Narancia thought it couldn't feel better, Fugo curled his fingers into that spot that had Narancia seeing stars and reaching pure ecstacy. He screamed, wrapping his arms around the other and clawing into his back.

Fugo continued to slam into Narancia's prostate, earning a shrill moan every time, until Narancia scrunched his face up and spoke. "Fuck I'm gonna fuckin–"

"Cum? No you're not." Fugo ripped his fingers out of the other man, earning another scream. He took off his pants and thong, pouring lube onto his dick before positioning it at Narancia's puckered hole and sliding in.

Narancia moaned, panting hard as Fugo began to thrust, his pace quickening almost immediately until his boyfriend was screaming again. Each thrust seemed to reach the older's prostate in the most perfect way and Narancia almost wanted to cry from how good it felt. He reached for his throbbing cock, only for his hand to be slapped away. Fugo spit on his hand and began to stroke the other man's length, timing his movements together until Narancia was screaming again.

The older came first with a high-pitched moan, shooting white ribbons onto both of the men's chests. Fugo came quickly after with a whine, and Narancia moaned again as he was filled up in the most perfect way.

Fugo slowly pulled out, careful not to hurt the other. He was exhausted, his hair stuck to his forehead with sweat and his jacket stuck to his chest. He collapsed next to his boyfriend, who was equally tired, and wrapped his arms around him, running his fingers through his dark hair. He placed a kiss on the back of his neck. "I love you."

Narancia smiled. "I love you too."

The two lay there for a moment before Fugo spoke again. "Let's get you cleaned up, yeah?"


Fugo scooped the older in his arms, carrying him to the bathroom and setting him down gently in the bathtub. He turned the water on, making sure it wasn't too hot or too cold, and got in next to him, setting his boyfriend on his lap and wrapping him up in his arms. Narancia sighed, leaning back into his lover's chest. He hadn't felt this content in a long time.

Fugo grabbed the shampoo and started massaging it into the other's hair, earning another sigh of gratitude. Narancia closed his eyes, letting the other take care of him. "I love you Panna."

He placed another kiss on his boyfriend's neck. "I love you too Nara."

When they were both clean and dried off, Fugo held Narancia in his arms again, carrying him to the bed bridal style and gently setting him down in a clean spot. Fugo nearly died as Narancia wrapped himself up in the sheets and blankets; it was possibly the cutest thing he had ever seen. He got in next to the other man, cuddling up next to him until they were both comfortable. After a few minutes, they both fell asleep.