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These Small Hours

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The kitchen was your favourite part of the bunker. After years on the road, living off fast food and barely passable diner meals was alright for a short while but if you didn't get a home-cooked meal in you at some point you were going to riot. So over the following months you made it your mission to cook as much as you possibly could, much to the delight of the Winchester brothers. This led to all kinds of requests and suggestions from the boys including your current mission. Pie.

"You made pie before?" asked Dean, pressed against your back as you sorted out the ingredients. He'd named himself as your supervisor to make sure this pie came out perfect. You had answered that he enjoyed pie a little too much and suspected your boyfriend just wanted to get a little handsy.

"A couple of times," you answered, trying to pay attention to the recipe and not the hands wandering around your waist. "Apple, cherry-"


"I actually don't like pecan." You could sense the glare aimed at the back of your head. "But for you it will be made."

"You're the best," he groaned, placing a kiss on the side of your neck.

You hummed your agreement, tilting your head to allow him better access as you also tried to work with your restricted movement. It had been a while since you had done this so you stopped often to consult the recipe on your phone, half listening to his muttering as he nibbled at your skin. He really did like pie too much.

He continued to wind you up as you continued your work, not letting his hands off you even when you had to walk around or bend over. You asked him a couple of times to stop, but the smile on your face and the giggles only encouraged him to keep going. Eventually you were able to get the finished product into the oven and immediately afterwards were spun around to face Dean.

"You are so sexy when you make pie," he growled, kissing you heatedly. ""You should do this more often."

"If I do it again you  aren't allowed in the kitchen," you answered.

Dean pouted, fixing you with a mixed glare and puppy look.

"I can't get anything done with you slobbering all over me!"

"I'm not slobbering," he huffed, purposefully licking your face. To which you punched him lightly in the shoulder. He faked being hurt and licked you again in a different place.

"You like pie waaaay too much."

"I like you waaaaay too much." Dean kissed you again, nuzzling your cheek affectionately. "Think we've got time for some fun before it's done?"

In the end the pie came out a little burnt, but everyone agreed that is was pretty great. You did end up banning Dean from the kitchen after that though.