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These Small Hours

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You had felt bad for Castiel, the angel being confined to rest while Sam and Dean tried to hunt down The Darkness. Spending too much time with the tower of self-hatred that was Dean Winchester seemed to have made him a lot more susceptible to the whole low self-esteem realm. Not that you had got away from it either. But after a hunt gone a bit wrong,you were left with a deep gash in your thigh that Cas was unable to heal with his current grace levels in the tank. Which in turn meant a load of unwarranted apologies from the angel whenever you so much as flinched at the pain.

Within a week, Sam and Dean were off on another hunt and you were left with Cas to entertain yourselves in their absence. A phone call to the brothers led to a whole new world for you to show him.


Scrolling through the shows to find something new and interesting to watch soon gave way to settling on a show you had grown to love and were eager to share with Cas.

Bojack Horseman was an animated show full of anthropomorphic animals drowning in depression, anger and bitterness. It wasn't really the thing you watched with a depressed angel, but maybe some of the more positive messages would reach him.

"I don't understand this obsession you humans have with making animals into people," was one of the first things out of his mouth, accompanied by that head tilt you couldn't help but find adorable.

You were both sat on Sams bed, after having gone through the younger Winchesters belongings in hopes of finding something to tease him about. Well, you had gone through his stuff while Cas had just sat there silently judging you and your bizarre method of manoeuvring around with your bad leg.

"Well they did it with this show because it's easier to see yourself in a horse person than it would be in a famous persons," you tried to explain, feeling defensive over this subject. Hoping he would drop the question.

As it turned out though that was the first of many questions regarding the show and you answered each one as best as you could.

Many episodes later and Cas seemed to be content for the moment to watch in silence. You were able to sit back and relax, leaning into Cas almost without realising. It had been a while since the two of you had just got to hang out and you had really missed the angels company. His bizarre socially awkward ways were just adorable and you would be lying if you didn't admit that just maybe you had a crush on him.

"Do people truly enjoy a show that contains so much misery?" His rough gravelly voice was pleasant to listen to as well, completely at odds with the blue-eyed mans features. "it seems odd to watch something like this for the purposes entertainment."

As though he hadn't been watching the show with a strong intensity,

"I mean it does have a lot of humour in it," You replied thoughtfully. "I think some people just appreciate a more realistic look at life- it makes for a more believable world and characters you can really root for."

The angel hmmed, going back to watching the show.

Sometimes you wondered if it was worth telling Castiel how you felt. Sometimes it felt like he might have a small crush on you,and others you would swear his feeling were for Dean. He was a hard man to read, an angel at that- he would live long after you had passed away. So other times you wondered if there was any point in trying to win his affections.

But as Cas leaned into you in turn you couldn't help holding onto that small grain of hope.