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These Small Hours

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You gave a low huff to your reflection as your hair continued to refuse to cooperate. Normally you'd be content to let it be, but this was one of the few occasions were you had to look at least semi-presentable. So you stood in the bathroom, glaring into mirror as you genuinely considered just asking the boys to leave you out of this one. Nothing could be worth this amount of grooming, especially when your hair would end up a mess by the end of the night anyway. What was the point in putting this much pain and effort into it anyway? The boys wouldn't be.

But maybe that was the point. The only reason you were going was to keep Sam company at this awkward posh people social event, seeing as Dean would no doubt desert him to peruse the local delicacies. It wasn't what they had told you, but you had been around them long enough now to learn what they really meant. Plus it wasn't as if your little crush one the younger Winchester had gone unnoticed (by everyone but the clueless moose). So maybe the effort would be worth it if Sam noticed.

Another errant strand fell across your face.

On the other hand maybe this wasn't worth being noticed. It wasn't as if Sam didn't pay attention to you. You two were pretty close, spending a lot of time together alone whenever Dean was out on his ventures. Just the other day you had been binge-watching Netflix shows together in his room. The shows themselves weren't that great, but getting the chance to do something normal was something you seized with both hands.

A knock at the door interrupted your thoughts.

"You done in there?" asked the mountain himself.

"Obviously not if the door is still closed," you answered, which seemed to be his cue to just walk on in. "Hey!"

"Hey yourself," he replied with a cheesy grin on his face. "Quit hogging the bathroom."

"You know there are other bathrooms," You pointed out as he stood behind you, running his fingers momentarily through his hair and having it just fall naturally into place. Show-off.

"Well I'm already here so..." He finished the sentence with a lazy shrug. "You look really good."

"You aren't getting forgiven," You replied even as your heart warmed at the compliment. The simple dress you had thrown on for the occasion seemed like a great choice.

Sam just kept on grinning as he seemed to find an endless list of things to fuss over. He must have been in a good mood for once even with the impending social event that would probably end up with even more cougars chasing him down. It was quite funny watching him panic as all the older women flocked to him, and quite annoying to watch the braver ones cop a feel.

You felt a little self-conscious about trying to prim and prep yourself in front of Sam, even if he was doing the same thing with his stupidly perfect hair.

"I'm going to cut your hair off."

"Why?" He looked confused and slightly concerned at the thought of someone violating his mane.

"Because," You began, turning around and running your fingers through his apparently silky perfect hair. "No-one should have hair like yours- it's a crime."

His cheeks flushed lightly even as you turned your attention back to the mirror, and your own hair.