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Of Dragons and Their Shenanigans

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Location: Skywing kingdom, forest


"You really messed up big time, what have I told you about keeping your mouth shut?" Reyna snarls in frustration as she and Kasef land and gives the prince an angry look. "Queen Khaessa would have taken your head off for shooting your mouth off like that if my father and I hadn't stepped in!"

"Oh I messed up? You were the one who pissed her off in the first place!" The Sandmud retorts angrily. "I tried sticking up for you, then she got mad, and then Zolar had to physically get between us and Janai to keep you from snapping her neck!"

Reyna gives a frustrated snarl and huffs a cloud of thick black smoke from her nostrils before turning away from him. Kasef gives a small frustrated sigh before striding forward and placed a talon on her shoulder.

"I know you're upset that the queen refused to listen to our pleas and warnings about Aaravos and Viren, but you shouldn't have lost your temper like that." He says softly, moving forward to gently grab her face and turn her towards him. "Ikaros said we have to be polite and firm when talking with the other rulers, like we did with the Hivewing queen and the Rainwing queen as well. We can't afford to lose our tempers like that over stubborn rulers."

"I thought she'd listen because I am a Skywing, and the daughter of the dragon who trained her sister." Reyna mutters, turning her head away. "This whole thing is futile, I can't even get a powerful queen like Khaessa to listen to me."

"But you were able to get Aanya to listen, and she is a difficult dragon to sway." Kasef points out and turns her head to look at him again. "You haven't failed with this, we still have a few more rulers to talk to. If Aaravos and Viren do something to get the attention of Skywings, maybe then their queen will listen to us. We will have my father to speak to, and the Icewing kingdom to reach."

Reyna was quiet for a bit before nodding. "You're right, it's her loss for not listening if the two come for their kingdom. If something happens involving those two dragons, the queen will have to listen to us. At least Janai is on our side and promised to find a way to convince her sister to listen."

"That's the spirit!" Kasef laughs and roughly nudges her. Reyna frowns before giving him a playful grin and slammed herself right into the Sandmud, nearly knocking him over. "Hey!"

"You're an idiot, you know that?" Reyna says with a flick of her tail.

"Yeah, but I'm your idiot." Kasef retorts as he gestures to himself and then to her. "Forever, assuming once this is over you accept my little proposal."

"Hmmm, give me...three years to think it over."

"So... that's a yes?"

"A maybe."