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The Scales of Justice

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You were pronounced guilty.

"You have been found guilty of High Treason for your actions against All Might, King Toshinori... Due to your lack of mental wellbeing and weak health, you will not be executed. You will be exiled. A mercy for you from his majesty himself, considering all that you will endure over the next few months. Enjoy what life you have left and live it well. Safe travels." The tall, thin man with yellow hair… Yagi was his name.

You worked alongside the man when you could, finding that his demeanor was far preferable to most others in the castle. He treated you like a troubled teen, but he was too late to really save you from what you would do.

You had a disease. There was no scientific name, but you would have it until it killed you. It was called The Fade. No one knew how it was caused, but it was sometimes linked with the onset of depression and you were diagnosed only months ago when you discovered old hair. That was how you realized how desaturated yours had now become.

Then someone attempted to assassinate All Might.

You weren't the culprit, you knew this, but… You didn't like King Toshinori too well. It was pinned on you. The evidence mounting through things you couldn't explain or didn't remember. The Fading leaving you weakened and unemotional, not remembering where you were half the time anymore.

What hurt the most was the way Yagi came and visited you, talking to you… You knew he couldn't help you, but he was kind. Too kind to you. You didn't do the crime, even when you cried to him. He couldn't save you. It made your illness get worse with the stress of the trial. It just seemed you were a convenience to the court. King All Might's mercy was to send you to a foreign land have you survive alone until you would die.

You didn't even say goodbye to Yagi. You were not allowed, even as you cried and begged to see the one who was kind to you. Uncaring, unswaying and then you blacked out. You couldn't remember travelling. Being pushed into the forest and stumbling through the darkness. Your exile branded on your chest. It was painful and you were weak.

They sent you with a bag of coins and some supplies, enough to get you into the nearest town without too much trouble. The humidity and heat made your skin crawl… Everything seemed plump from the humidity, plants and animals you didn't recognize as you cried to yourself. Tears never seemed to end as they streamed down your face.

Your hair lighten with your skin and you seemed ghostlier by the day as you walked. The town wasn't in your future, you knew that. No one would hire you when you were doomed to die, so you would be left a beggar. You could hardly bear such a thing.

So you survived. As well as you could. You learned what you could about the plants and flowers, the habits of animals. Even finding ways to avoid the elements and make things like getting food simpler.

Tonight, you laid in the midst of the trees. The huge branches of the tree you stayed in cradled you, your stomach was empty now though. A failed stunt or two to feed yourself in the competitive environment and you would not have the energy to even acknowledge another. You would die soon. The sickness making it hard to even climb trees now, having to tie yourself in their branches to keep you in them.

Tonight though? You finally gave up, given in to your fate and the futility of your situation.

That was when he saw you.

He had seen you before, watching how you scaled the trees for fruit like a little monkey. He wasn't as bored as he was now though and you looked… Defeated. Easy.

Shigaraki had watched your initiation into forest life, becoming a forest creature like him and surviving the trials thrown at you. He could admire your tenacity, but he could see you were dying. You were far from being some unimportant character in this world, you were too fascinating. It made him curious to find out more.

Turns out. He was more than happy to learn of your involvement in the assassination attempt on All Might.

But he would never forget out you froze when you heard the slight hiss of his words ring in your ears when you looked up to see those red eyes looking into your grayed one. It made you hurry to untie yourself, but your fingers fumbled the knots.

"What's left you so hopeless? No one here to help you? Hmm, now what? You're going to lay here and die. How sad." His smile made you want to look away as he swung from a branch above you. His torso… It was like a man's, yes. His lower body was long and serpentine as it was wrapped around the tree to hold himself. A naga. A very big one at that. Your hands were useless as he laughed.

"I'm sorry, but who asked you to comment on my dying here?" You asked with a cough, near hacking up a lung as you turned your head from him.

"No one, you seem to be dying in a rather boring way though. I could give you something to distract you while you wait." He smiled down at you as he went to grab you by your neck, but squirmed and reached the plump flower beside you. You knew the nectar was slightly corrosive and probably hurt like a bitch if you got it in a cut, despite how sweet it smelled. You never dared consume it though. Quickly! You squeezed the nectar into his face. A scream coming from him as he slashed you with a claw, slicing the rope around your waist along with your stomach.. You rolled out of the branches of the tree. Your head spun by the sudden motion as you went to run, but your legs gave.

The ground was muddy as you scrambled to move quickly your legs like noodles as you dragged yourself away. An angry naga hissed from the tree as he came down to get you for squirting him in the eyes with a dripping flower. You picked yourself up and stumbled forward as he slithered with surprising speed. His hands grabbing a hold on you as his scaly tail curled tightly around you.

Scales pressing into you, the long naga hissed in your ear. Seems you pissed him off. His hand gripping your jaw to look him in the eyes. Clawed fingers pressing into your cheeks as he looked down at you, fangs sharp and dripping with venom as he hissed, "Ssly little bitch, do you have any idea-..."

His eyes looked at your chest and the fade of your hair as he slowly felt a smile curl onto his lips, "You're really are one who tried to assassinate All Might... That brand and you have that disease. Well, I'll be damned." He seemed to be less angry, but the grip around you still so tight as you struggled to breathe.

"I- I… Please, I just want to be left alone. It doesn't matter now, I'm going to die like you said. Just let me do it in peace." You growled at him, arms pinned to your sides.

"Oh no, you should not give up just yet. You see, you cute little thing… You're with someone who is like-minded. I want All Might dead, I want this world turned to dust. We're the same, I know what you feel. I heard the rumors and how I've wanted to meet you." He cooed as he let go of your face, but started to study you more closely like he couldn't believe it.

"Yeah? W-why is that exactly?" You nervously ask as the coil around you moves higher.

"I think that you could be a good way to establish more connections in the kingdom and I could offer you some other things in exchange. Protection, a place to rest and other things. My master knows many things and he may even have a cure for your disease." He whispered into your ear and you feel your heartbeat quicken at the hopes of a cure for you. Even if you knew you didn't actually try to kill All Might.

"Yes, yes, I'll go with you. I won't struggle, just.. Please, let me go. You're hurting me." You gasp as you wiggle about, his features lighting up with joy as he loosened his grip. Uncoiling and letting go, you cough as your ribs ached from the release of pressure.

"You'll have to stay with me in my home until my master comes back, but… You'll be kept well until then. You just need to do as I say and it will be fine." He patted your back, but you flinched away from fear.

He let you have your space as he slithered a few feet away. His frame was pale and toned, the scales on his lower body were grayish blue and glinted in the night's light. You struggled to walk, your legs too weak.

So he carried you, despite protests and weak struggles. The place he stayed was rather close by, but was masked by magic. A shield against the weather and animals that would want inside. The naga brought you in and laid you out on a soft blanket, your eyes almost immediately growing heavy as you feel warm and sleepy. A fire crackling and heating the cave. It was wonderful.

The clatter of some things could be heard after he slithered off, but you understood when he came… He had two plates of food. It was all not overly warm, but it was more than appreciated.

You carefully sat up and took hold of the plate, your hands shaking as you set it in your lap. Your hands trembling as you ate, you heard him scoff slightly.

"Is there a problem?" The slight indignation in your voice at his clear disgust over your illness cause shaking.

"You're just so, so very pitiful. It's sad, really, heh. It's like you're putting on a show almost, nearing shaking the food off. Gods forbid if you had a semi-full cup." He rolled his eyes before going to his own meal, hands picking up pieces of cooked meat.

"Yeah? Does making fun of a dying person make you feel better? I mean, go on if it does. This all seems to be for your pleasure." You move to get up, groaning as your legs cry in pain at this. Your nerves protest weakness, but you stood up straight. "I can just leave, I don't need you to mock me until your master decides to visit."

"I would bet that from how your legs are shaking that you couldn't walk all the way out of here without falling, even if you wanted to. Even if I let you do it. So go ahead and try. No skin off my nose." He leaned back, gesturing for you to go. You both knew you couldn't, so you sat down.

In the morning, you could only feel yourself being further drained by the encounters with this naga.

It continued like this. Ever since he brought you to the cave, the nicely decorated cave with many things to do within. He would still carry you and care for you until his master would return. Especially as you grew weaker through the winter. Of course, he would mock you constantly and jokingly ask you to do things you could not. He had to have realized it didn't help as you would die faster because of his mocking, despite how you knew you shouldn't care. It still hurt to be reminded.

Time passed though and you both figured out a dynamic. It was autumn to winter and spring turned to summer and summer seemed to last forever. The longer days making you actually come to life more. Your color seeming to come back as Tomura laid in the sun with you. Acting like it was not as pleasant as he thought it was.

He realized something as he watched you sit at the edge of the stream, feet in the water as the sun shone down. You were humming a sweet melody and you had heard him, your head turning back to look at him and a blush forming on your face. Color had returned to you, even if you hadn't seen it. He could. You were beautiful and vibrant in his eyes. Even if it wasn't exactly as it had been before you had gotten ill… It was beautiful to witness.

So kind and gentle. Perfect for him. He would destroy this world for you. It was broken. You and him would build a new world. You were so nurturing… He knew what he had begun to feel. Tomura was in love with you.

So like anyone in love.

He had not planned to confess out of fear. To tell you how he feels and he knew you would accept him, but should you? You were too kind, you wouldn't be if you didn't have the ability to one day love him. Every fear you had gotten over, you would even care for him at times. He wanted to be there in that moment where you were his forever, but he was patient enough to let you have some time. The longer he waited, the more he began to crave you.

Began to crave to see how you would react if he… Dragged his fingers down your brand and stomach, between your thighs. He wanted to tell you before his heat. He truly did. To have to send you away during it…

It escaped him though as he enjoyed the time when you were close. The night when the fire crackled and you both curled up together. His hand stroking through your hair as you leaned into him, trailing his slightly clawed fingers down your skin and making you sigh. He could nearly feel goosebumps rising on your arms. A little smile on his face as he realized how good this moment was. How innocent caresses with no double meaning made his heart pang.

"Hey… I need to tell you something." He watched as you moved your head to look up at him, sweet dulled eyes looking up at him. You were getting better. He was making you get better. "I don't know when it started, but I have strong feelings for you. I may even love you."

You almost wanted to ask if he was joking. It was confusing, after all that had happened. "You, you're… Are you serious?" You sit up and move back away to stare with your eyes wide, mouth hanging open as you try to find words.

"Of course, I am. " He said as he reached out to hold onto your hands, but you flinched away from him and… It made him angry.

Hadn't he proved he was worthy? Hadn't he jumped the hoops and been a decent man? He even brought you presents, made you better, saved you from the Fade himself. He deserved to have you!

"I'm sorry, Tomura, but I don't… I really don't feel that way about you. You've been so good to me and I am grateful, but… I have been hurt by someone once upon a time and I'm not ready to do that again." You said as you got up, your eyes glinting in the light.

He hissed out like you had slapped him in the face with what you said, hurt in his voice as he spoke softly, "You think that I would hurt you, that I want to hurt you?"

"No, no, it isn't that! I don't- You know what? I know you could hurt me, Shigaraki. I know you would if you really wanted to. You only think about yourself most of the time and- and you never actually listen to what I say. You always make excuses and mock me." You whispered as you took a step back when he got up, seeming to be prepared to strike you. There was no happy ending, he didn't actually love you. You thought. You were easy for him to have and he just wanted that most likely.

"So you're scared of me? So much for scared when you cuddle the bad snake, blush for me, curl up against me while we sleep!" He was closer to you, fangs showing as your heart beat quickly. You threw your hands up to block him when he came close.

"Shigaraki, stop!" You tensed, looking at him with your eyes a bit wild and body shaking. "Y-you need to calm down."

"No, you tease and flirt with me, but I'm in the wrong? Why?" He snarled, pinning you against the wall before freezing up and realizing what was happening. It was his heat. It was going to hit early. That was why he was… So aggressive, his body so close to yours made him shudder. "I'm still fucking mad, but I'm entering heat. I-I need your help."

It seemed that realizing it made the throb inside his head worsen. The burning ache. He trembled as you breathed in, the scent was strong enough for even you to smell. Pungent and musty… It made you cough as your eyes watered, tears welling up as he didn't wait for your answer. Lips on yours and working his hands down your front. It was as he pulled at your clothes that you began to squirm and push him. His hands squeezed your arms so tightly that you knew bruises would form. He gripped you like you would just melt away from him.

That bluish gray tail curling around you as he used his own body to hold you when he ripped the fabric from you. Not being careful with his claws as scratches began to form where he ripped things. It was against your bare belly that you could see the near invisible slit that had been on his lower abdomen pulsing… It was slick and wet as he growled into you mouth, venom dripping fangs burning your skin as he could hardly control it when he licked and sucked. He moaned into your flesh as hiccups leave your throat. You didn't want this. Tears running down your face as you moan out, his hand rolling your breast before his pinches the nipples. It was so sensitive and you knew this would be the first touches you had ever had… Tomura knew this and it made the way you shivered more pleasant.

"You're going to be all mine, body and soul. Mm, do you hear that, sweetheart?" He growled into your ear as his wet slit rubbed against you, two warm appendages peeking out as you almost scream.

His hands rough as he was behind you now, pushing you down over the thicker part of his tail, holding you with his hands as he slapped your ass. A squeal escaping your lips when he continued to spank you. "Such a brat, you know. You are just like one and all, but fuck if you aren't a woman too. I'll make you one right now.. Gods, you're a virgin, aren't you? You couldn't even have me kiss you without getting soaked. Unless you really just want it that bad. Be honest."

Your voice was hoarse as you cried, his hand hit harder before you responded, getting the hint, "I- I am, please. Tomura, you can't do this. If you do this, I'll never forgive you- You!" His fingers spread you apart as he laughed a bit.

"Yeah? Time heals all wounds and you'll be sticking around until I'm done with you entirely. Just like how you planned to do with me when we met probably. Get well and then leave." He trailed his fingers down as he saw the slick juices glistening in the firelight. All swollen and hot for him. He was sure it was the adrenaline, but fuck… He was going to be your first and your only if he could help it.

His two, lengthy cocks unsheathed from his cloaca as he stroked them. They were extremely sensitive right now. The gray flesh engorged with blood as he panted softly, other hand slowly tracing your slit before pumping a finger in. Curling and prodding it inside you as you cried out. Tears still falling like diamonds into the dust of the ground, no one would help you.

He took a second finger and spread your inner walls while he fucked you on his digits, "Mmm, you're getting quieter, baby. Soon you're going to be moaning and feeling just how good I can make you feel."

The rasp of his voice and his fingers rubbing against your insides as he thrusted them in you. His cocks rubbing against your ass, uncomfortably wet as he groaned, losing his patience when he could hardly stand being without himself inside you. Your mouth letting lewd noises slip out more frequently as he hit your g spot and made you twitch with need.

He couldn't stand the waiting. He used the wet fingers from your cunt as he ran it along his length. It was so hard and he sighed when he stroked himself, sliding the tips between your bright folds as he laughed, "Fuck, you're going to be all mine, baby. I can't wait."

You could barely let out a soft, broken cry as he slowly pushed into you with one and spread you around himself. The second rubbed down against your clit as he pushed all the way into your tight hole. It made you hiss when he pulled his hips back and pushed in again, doing it with varying roughness. Soon a pace began though, slow and he hissed and cooed into your ear. His drool rolling down your clavicle and neck as he sucked on your neck while thrusting. It had you moaning and clawing at his scaled tails as he worked himself up.

The way you squeezed and the wet sounds of your joining making him want to see you swollen with his thick eggs. His cocks throbbing at the thought of breeding you right here. You'd have to stay if your bore his young…

"You're going to look so good filled with my fertilized eggs, hn.. You better get ready for the second cock, because I'm going to fill you with more than you'll think you can handle." He hissed, adjusting as you squirmed.

"Tomura-ahh, stop, you can't! We can't, I don't want this, please, please stop…" You weakly protested face flushed as you looked back with your red, puffy eyes. You were so fucking beautiful, all tortured and distraught like this… He lined the second dick up and pressed into you, going despite the whimpers. It was stretching you so wide and the sounds were sinfully sweet. Your walls sucking him back into you as you whine, body taking the pain and pleasure.. Enjoying it and getting off to it. You were truly made for him, even if you can't see it yet.

"Ah- Ah, maybe if you had accepted me, this could have been different. Mmph, all your fault isn't it? Come on, cum on my cocks before I fill you with my young, yeah. Just show me you're mine and we'll be so happy, even if you can't say it yet. I know, I know you're mind." His hips slamming into your ass repeatedly as he seemed to be more animalistic as he continued to use your body. It's responses were alarming as you moaned and throbbing around him, getting close from the words he spoke. They sparked electric in your belly. You were going to cum…

"Ahn, Agh! Tomura, Please! I cannn't I don't want this, please, PLEASE." You screamed as you shuddered, cunt pulsing as you tensed, muscles rigid while he groaned. His own moans going into your ears as he pushed in against your uterus, cock latching to your cervix and you feel a large bulge against your entrance. Panting, you were over stimulated when it spread you widely when you still squeezed around it.

"Feel that, feel that egg? Hm, it's going right inside you, honey. I'm breeding you, then I'm going to keep filling you for the rest of the night. Maybe not with eggs, but sperm. You're going to be my little mate forever. Isn't that wonderful? What a lucky bitch you are…" He panted, seeming to be strained while it continued to fill you. You could count three large bumps filling you as you laid limply, enduring the pain as your filled womb made your stomach bulge.

All you could do was wait until he was done using you, but the surreal reality was that… You knew he had high stamina and something whispered that he wouldn't be done with you for quite a while with his anger and his heat on top of it all.