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Ich gehöre ihm und er gehört mir

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Paul wrapped his coat more tightly around himself and tried not to shiver as he and Richard walked on the path lit by lamp posts that led the way to their hotel rooms, but the cold night air, yet again, seemed to pierce right through him as though as he were wearing nothing at all. He sighed and half wished that he were back on stage with the pyrotechnics. Richard on the other hand, seemed unbothered by the cold. In fact, he strode alongside Paul with a content expression on his face.


“How are you so happy in weather like this?” grumbled Paul. “It’s so cold!”


Richard shrugged. “It doesn’t really bother me that much. I know that its freezing, but I’ve learned to ignore it.”


“That’s good but you’re not answering the other half of my question” said Paul who was now trying to warm himself up by rubbing his arms.


“I was getting to that part idiot, you didn’t wait for me to finish.” Richard said fondly. “I suppose why I’m so happy is because…well, you make me happy.”


Paul stopped walking so abruptly that Richard had thought he had been finally frozen solid.


“Paul?” he said with concern, turning towards him. “What’s wrong?”


“Do you mean that?” he asked quietly, staring down at his feet. “Do I really make you happy?”


Richard looked at him, completely baffled. “Paulie.” he said firmly. The other man’s eyes snapped up to his. They looked oddly misty and bright. “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.” he said, his voice softer now. “You really do make me happy. I really don’t know what I’d do without you.”


Paul’s face split into the most beautiful smile that it almost made Richard’s heart ache.


“Thanks, you-you make me happy too.” Smiled Paul. “It means a lot to me.”


“...Even though you drive me crazy with the most stupid shit you do and say sometimes.” added Richard with a smirk.


“Aw fuck off.” laughed Paul. “That’s rich coming from you, who would probably cry if you’d chip a nail.”


Richard’s smirk then turned into something mischievous as he walked over to the snow and grabbed a handful of snow and shaped it into a ball. “You’re too cocky for your own good, Paulchen. I’ll make you eat those words.”


“Don’t you dare.” warned Paul, looking at Richard’s still smirking face down to the snowball in his now raised hand. “If you throw that I will tackle you. I’m freezing my ass off enough as it is.”


“Aw come on, it’s just a bit of fun!” protested Richard.


“I know, and I would be up for this little snowball fight if it weren’t in the middle of the night while our only source of light is street lamps.” Paul said as he gestured around with his hands. “It would be an unfair fight.”


“Fair point. Just let me throw this one snowball at you.”


“No.” Paul


Then something cold hit him on his neck and he could feel his whole body freeze from shock from his neck downwards. He then heard a burst of laughter.


“What did I just say?!” yelled Paul. half amused, half irritated .


Richard simply kept laughing.







Paul sighed with relief that he finally made it to his room, he walked straight to his bed and flopped ungraciously down on his bed and closed his eyes. It was so soft and comforting that he could just fall asleep right here and now,but he knew that he needed to clean himself up first and get into his pyjamas. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.


“It’s open.” said Paul. The door opened and there stood Richard who was looking around and spotted Paul sprawled on his bed.


“Oh sorry, did I wake you up? should I come back another time?” he asked, looking apologetic.


“No no, it’s fine!” Paul insisted, sitting up. “I was just about to go take shower anyway. What’s up?”


“Well, um…I seemed to have lost my room key and I was hoping I could sleep with you. If that’s ok with you that is.” said Richard sitting down next to him, looking hopeful.


“Alright then, Just don’t wriggle about please. Feel free to make yourself comfortable while I shower.”


“Thank you.” said Richard gratefully, giving him a one armed hug.


Paul smiled at the gesture. “It’s no trouble. I have to say though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this…polite before.”


“Excuse you, I’m always polite.” Richard huffed.


Paul snorted. “Yeah, when you want something.”


“I can’t believe you would assume I would be that shallow, Paulchen.” said Richard looking almost hurt. “Is it a crime for me to spend time with you?”



Paul laughed softly and shook his head. “I suppose not. Although I wish you had these manners all the time, then you’d be less insufferable.” He then felt a soft thud against one of his sides as Richard lightly hit him with the nearest pillow.


“What the hell was that for?”


“If I am insufferable, then so are you. You never agree with anything I say.” said Richard. “You always fight with me.”


“It’s called having an opinion, Reesh.” Paul said gently, trying to pry the pillow out of his hand with no avail. “And the same could be said about you.”


“Paulie, an opinion is me saying: “your hairstyle is shit.” fighting with me, is not.” stated Richard.


“When you put it like that, I guess you’re right.” sighed Paul, looking down and shaking his head. “I guess why we still fight is that there’s probably things we need to discuss and get out in the open.” he laughed nervously. He looked up to see Richard with the most peculiar expression on his face; it was a look of hunger and something possessive. Paul felt a slight shiver go down his spine that had nothing to do with the cold. He edged closer to the other man, he could feel the wonderful warmth on his still cold skin.


“Yes.” said Richard, licking his lips and not taking his eyes off of Paul’s. “We should…”


Paul swallowed thickly. It was suddenly very difficult to speak. “It would be for the best if we did that…” he said quietly. Without thinking, he leaned in to then to slot his mouth with Richard’s for a quick but thorough kiss. He then leaned back to look at Richard who was looking at him with his eyes blown wide. His cheeks tinged pink. Paul stared at him in horror, realizing on what he had just done and then stood up quickly from his bed and hurried to the direction the bathroom was in.


“Paul please wait!”


Paul ignored the other man’s protests as he reached the bathroom and shut the door behind him. What had he just done?