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The Reason... (Legolas P.O.V.)

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Pointing his arrow at the dwarf's face, Legolas tried his best to sound cold and angered. But in truth, all he wanted to do was kill the spiders and see the dwarfs on their way. They weren't hurting the elves and had only raised their weapons to them to defend themselves. This whole feud was stupid in the elf prince's opinion. Not that that seemed mattered to anyone but the Captain of the Guard, his best friend. "Do not think I will not kill you, dwarf. It would be my pleasure." He hated the way that he had to practically spit the words at the male dwarf. Nothing but empty threats.


A scream broke through the silent and tense air, causing the dwarfs alarm. "Kili!" Whoever this Kili was must have run into more spiders and by the sound of it, didn't have any weapons. 


"Tauriel! Guard the dwarfs, I'll be back!"


"I do not think that a good- Legolas!"


Ignoring the calls of his friend, Legolas took to the trees and quickly made his way past the horrible beasts and saw the dwarf being pulled away. One by one he took them all done. Just his bow and his short blades to aid him. Taking a moment to glance behind him at the dwarf, he saw him still struggling with the spider. Loading his bow, Legolas swiftly shot it, allowing the dwarf to get free.


"Quick! Give me a weapon!" 


'I would love to do nothing more, but I'm a bit busy at the moment!' He thought, holding a spider back with nothing more than his bow. He had barely enough time to shot the foul thing before it had him. "If you think I'm giving you a weapon dwarf, you're mistaken!" Seeing the spider coming toward that dwarf had sent panic surging through him. He was surprised to see his blade sticking out of the spider's eye and barely-there cut that had still managed to bleed on the dwarf's face. 'I had always thought dwarves looked rather unkempt but this one is rather... rugged in the best ways. By the Valar, his eyes are the same color as the forest trees. How beautiful.' His thoughts were interrupted as the dwarf locked eyes with him. Some unknown force had pushed him to the ground and settled as a heavyweight on his chest. It was hard to breathe and it felt as if his heart was being pierced by many arrows at once before being stitched back up. Before he could try to steady himself or regain any straight thoughts, Legolas' vision was filled with visions of this dwarf, this beautiful creature. His breath had just started to go back to normal before it was stolen from him once again by the pure pleasure that filled his body.


"My prince! Are you all alright? Did that dwarf hurt you?"


"No, Tauriel. I am fine. Stay put. I will be over there in a moment." Slowly standing, the elf prince finally got control of his breathing but still had a pleasant tingle left behind. Making his way over to the dwarf, Legolas pushed him to get him to move towards the others and tried to ignore his heart whispering to him. "Search them! I will deal with this one myself."


"You know I don't have any weapons since I wasn't able to defend myself. Is this just an excuse to touch me?" The dwarf asked cheekily. It made Legolas both flustered and mad. The way he asked it sounded as if he was taunting him. Also, asking in front of not only his own kin but Legolas' guards... the looks on their faces and the smile on the dwarf was too much to bear. 


He sent his angry glare at him and didn't want to admit to himself he was hurting from it. "Do not flatter yourself, dwarf." The walk back was long and boring for Legolas as he walked next to the captain of the guard, thinking back on what had happened.


"Legolas. What happened back there with that dwarf?"


Taking a quick glance at her, he kept his gaze ahead. Specifically on the one and only being that had stolen his breath just from a single look. He and his companion seemed to be having a whispered argument of some sort in a harsh language. "I... am not sure. I have a guess but I must ask my father about it before I'll be sure. Though, I may not like the answer."


"Wait. You can't mean..." The look he gave her must have been all she needed as her face turned to one of shock and fear. "Your father would kill you! Actually, he'd lock you in your room and kill the dwarf."


"Yell a little louder. I do believe that the guards at the palace can't quite hear you clearly. That is why if this is what I think it is, he must never find out who caused it."


"By the Valar, have mercy on us."