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living with six witches wasnt easy. it especially wasnt easy if these six witches were a coven and he was just a human.


it wasn't easy but jimin wouldn't have it any other way.


“what are you doing?” jimin asked namjoon who was tending to some plants, whispering spells to the plants, touching them gently and jimin could see how the plants grew, got greener, stronger, healthier.


namjoon turned towards jimin after he finished his spell and send him a shy smile, “i'm talking to them. plants are quite social being so they like interaction. by giving them some of my time, they become happy.” namjoon explained


“they seem happier.” jimin mumbles back and eyes the plants again, “would it work with me to?” jimin asks, “if i talk to them despite not having magic?”


namjoon starres at him for a second, “i actually dont know. i never gave it much thought.” 


jimin nods despite feeling a bit disappointed. sometimes he wished he could have a little bit of magic as well. it sounds like a lot of fun and something special and jimin just thought the whole concept of magic was cool. so yeah sometimes he felt sad about not having any types of special powers.


(especially since he could never fit in with the others. he wasn't magical and never would be. and even though it hurts . its fine . jimin would be fine .)




he met taehyung first. last winter when it was ice cold, the city covered with snow and frost and jimin all bundled up cheeks and nose red. he saw taehyung sitting in the snow in a park in the middle of seoul drawing something into the snow.


“are you okay?” jimin asked not sure if the handsome man was having an emotional breakdown (jimin certainly has been there) and wanted to make sure that he was fine. the man looked up, his black long hair falling over his eyes. he really looked beautiful jimin remembered, straight out of a fairytale.


“me?” the guy asked


“yeah.” jimin confirmed and took a couple steps into the high snow to come closer to the man.


the man grinned, revealing a big boxy smile, “yes, i'm fine.” he stood up ignoring the white snow that clung to his pants, “thank you for asking.”


“that's good to know.” jimin said back, “sorry for bothering it's just you were sitting in the snow in such cold weather so…” jimin gestured with his hands, feeling a bit embarrassed by the whole situation. the man just laughed and gave him a reassuring smile.


“thank you for asking. i'm taehyung.” the man introduced himself and jimin smiled brightly.


“i'm jimin.” jimin looked around shyly before making up his mind, “do you want to get some hot chocolate to warm up? i know a good cafe close to here.” jimin's heart pounded, he really hoped that taehyung would say yes.


“yes, i would love to.” jimin smiles brightly and showed taehyung the way.


jimin remembers the day with a light heart, how he stayed with taehyung in the cafe for three hours, just talking and laughing, sipping hot chocolate and eating cake while outside the sun shines and it started to snow making the city seem magical. taehyung was funny and kind, absolutely gorgeous and empathetic. jimin loved meeting new people and he bathed in taehyung's presence.


“so whats your power?” taehyung had asked after a while.


jimin looked up confused. he didn't understand what taehyung was referring to. was it a joke? “hm? wht do you mean by that?” jimin giggled in order to mask his nervousness and confusion.


taehyung looked at him with confusion but after a second smiled and shook his head, “like my superpower is being able to find cute guys.”


jimin burst out laughing, “that has to be the cheesiest thing someone has ever said to me. please stop.” taehyung just smiled but jimin noticed it was a bit different, a bit more curious, a bit more hesitant.




he met up with taehyung a couple times afterwards, going to street markets, karaoke or to dinner. jimin didn't know it was possible to feel this connected with someone, feel this at home.


but it felt like taehyung was his soulmate, his missing piece. and jimin couldn't help himself but find the boy more endearing with every day that went by.


he loved seeing taehyung smile, loved listening to him talk, loved joking with him and god the flirting. often their flirting was just absolutely corny and over the top but it made jimin laugh and happy, made him feel giddy and important. and for some reason everytime he met with taehyung the sun seemed to shine a bit brighter, the wind a bit more kinder.


one day while taehyung was sitting on jimins couch with his head in jimins lap reading a manga taehyung asked him something, “uhm jimin?”


“yes?” jimin asked carding his hand through taehyung's silky hair


“do you want to meet my friends?” 


jimin smiled, “of course, i would love to! you've been mentioning them so often. i'm so curious!”


taehyung smiled relieved, “okay if it's okay, we could go this weekend?”




now here is where it gets both funnier and confusing because that weekend changed jimin's life. for the better.


he met taehyung's ‘friends’ in their house. a house that was quite old with many plants, old books and a homey atmosphere. it was already weird having a house in korea, especially if you lived in seoul so jimin had to travel quite the ways with the metro to get to the outskirts of seoul.


he hoped he looked pretty, wanting to make a good first impression onto taehyung's friends. 


but he really shouldn't have worried not with the way only smiles and warm embraces greeted him as if they knew each other for years already. not with the way jimin just felt instantly at home and connected to them.


seokjin was the one that opened the door for him, black hair combed back revealing his forehead and jimin swore he never saw such a handsome man before.


“hi,” the man said, “you must be jimin. i'm seokjin, come in.” jimin nodded and quickly took of his shoes before walking into the house looking around with wide eyes.


“everyone is already waiting for you in the living room. it's just to your right.” seokjin explained with a kind voice while hanging up jimin's jacket, gloves, scarf and hat.


“jimin-ah?” taehyung's voice echoed in the house. taehyung came from around the corner, looking as handsome as ever and embraced him into a tight hug. he smelled so good and god jimin felt weak in his knees, taehyung's warmth pressing against him and his presence comforting him. he really, really liked taehyung.


“i'm so glad you came. come on.” taehyung took his hand and pulled him towards the living room, jin following silently behind them. four other men waited for them in the living room and jimin gave them a bright smile


“hello i'm jimin.” jimin waved at them and they all smiled back at him.


and that's how it all started. he started spending more time at taehyung's place, started going out with the others too. went to amusement parks or ice skating rings with jungkook, wents to clubs and concerts with hoseok, would go to museums and take long walks with namjoon, would take yoongi out for late night coffee and talk about life, would go shopping and cook with seokjin.


and he also started to notice how close they actually were. at the beginning jimin just thought hoseok was an affectionate person; the way he would press gentle kisses to the others forehead or cheek, would cuddle jungkook on the couch. but then, jimin once walked in onto hoseok and yoongi making out and jimin started seeing more and more. would see how seokjins hand lingered on the others back, would see how namjoon would look out for the others, concern always written over his face when one was missing, would see how jungkook loved being taken care off, would see how yoongi looked at the others with the biggest “in-love” eyes.


and this is where his heart felt conflicting emotions . because he also saw how taehyung interacted with them, would see the lasting hugs, the lingering glances whenever they thought jimin wasn't looking.


and jimin knew . he knew that there was something more going on, something they didn't want to tell jimin and it made his heart ache . because he was happy for them, happy that they all had one another but everytime he saw jungkook all cuddled up to someone else jimin wanted to be there too. or when hoseok pressed a kiss against the others forehead he also wanted a kiss or when seokjin laughed loudly and gave them his brightest smile he also wanted to be looked at like that.


he wasn't jealous of one member. he slowly started to notice how he liked them all, started to notice how he loved them all as individuals but he wanted to be part of the group. wanted to be loved by them just like they loved one another. craved their touches and kisses that they were trying so hard to hide from him.


and after weeks of going through the constant jealousy and hurt he just had enough. he was pretty sure that at least taehyung liked him (right?) so maybe if they just talked about it, jimin could…


“taehyung?” jimin asked the younger one day when everyone else was out running errands, “can i talk to you?”


taehyung looked up from his phone and nodded at jimin's request. he quickly finished typing his text message and then put the phone away.


“whats wrong jiminie?” taehyung asked. jimin fidgeted a bit with his hands nervous, oh so nervous about what he's about to bring up. he wants more with them, wants more with the six others, wants to be loved and love them they way they do one another. and jimin knows he just stormed into their lives like a storm but it's impossible to not love them. and jimin has a lot of love to give and he would gladly spend it on these six wonderful men.


he wants to go out, wants to cuddle, wants to press kisses against their skin, make them laugh, make them happy, whisper sweet i love yous. 


“i've been noticing some things,” jimin starts nervously. taehyung looks at him with wide eyes, “like about all of you and i know i don't really have any business bursting into this but i just-”


taehyung takes his hand and gently caresses the skin, “jimin-ah” he begins, “its okay you don't need to apologize. we should have told you earlier.” 


jimin looks at taehyung with wide eyes not having expected this. taehyung gives him a small smile, “i'm sorry jimin ah. because i brought you into this and we knew what was going on and it wasn't fair.”


“huh?” jimin asks.


taehyung takes a deep sigh, “you probably started noticing how we often go away and how we have a certain connection… how strange stuff happens…” taehyung mumbles, “like the weather being always good when you are over, the plants being healthy, the birds and animals surrounding us.” taehyung waved with his hands.


and jimin just stares at him not knowing where this conversation was going. he did notice what taehyung was talking about but… he wanted to talk about something totally different. so he had no idea what taehyung was about to say.


“uhm so this might seem unbelievable but jimin…” taehyung takes a pause and looks into jimin's eyes. jimin can see how honest taehyung is being but also how worried he is, “we are a witch coven, jimin.”


jimin stares at him not quite sure what to think, “uhm? what?” jimin asks not quite understanding.


“we are witches.” taehyung repeats, “all of us have special powers. like i'm a weather witch, namjoon a plant with, jungkook an animal which, seokjin a spell witch, yoongi a portion witch and hoseok an emotion witch.” taehyung takes a pause, “i first thought you were a witch as well but it turns out you're not. you just attract magical beings. maybe it's your personality or aura but magical beings love you thats why this house and its beings accepted you so easily. usually when humans enter, this house makes them feel uneasy in order to protect us but it did the exact opposite with you,” taehyung sends him a smile.


“i didn't know witches existed.”jimin whispers not having expected this conversation to go into this direction. taehyung smiles, “most people don't know about us but witches exist. quite a lot actually.”


“and you are a … how did you call it? coven?” jimin asks further intrigued with the story.


taehyung nods, “yes, all of us are a coven. we have a special magical bond which can only be made between magical beings. we share thoughts, magic and emotions. coven members usually have magic compatibility and we get drawn to one another.” taehyung's explains.


jimin can feel his heart fall when he hears that. he's sure taehyung doesn't know how he just made jimin feel when he heard those words. can only be made between magical beings, magic compatibility. 


“thats why you are all so close to one another,” jimin whispers. 


taehyung nods and a fond smile overtakes his face, “yes, we are like family, even more than that. we love each other a lot and spend a long time already together. we tried to keep it lowkey when you are around because we know its a bit of a foreign concept for humans; a relationship with multiple people. but for witches its very normal.”


can i be part of it to? but jimin already knew the answer. he didn't have any magic in himself so he could never be part of the coven, not in the way the others were. not in the way the others were connected with one another. he couldn't compete with a bond that runs so deep, so multilayered jimin couldn't even begin to comprehend how it must feel.


“you don't have to hide in front of me.” jimin says. and it's true. it might hurt seeing the people he loved affectionate to one another but he couldn't stand the fact knowing they were hiding from him.


“thank you for being so understanding jimin..” taehyung whispered back. jimin nodded and plastered the brightest smile he could manage onto his face. he wanted to stay in the life of these people and he wouldn't let his feelings come in between.




after the talk with taehyung the coven started to be more open with jimin and jimin bathed in it, he could feel how the house was more alive, more magical, how the others were louder, more open.


he would watch jungkook help with the animals that came by to ask for help, he would watch namjoon grow the plants, would watch taehyung influence the weather, would help yoongi while doing his potions, learning about the various ingredients, would get out books and spices for seokjin's spells. the only one he couldn't help or watch was hoseok whose power was analyzing different emotion and also influencing them. he could make a crying baby feel calm again, could help a heartbroken man feel a bit better, could make people laugh harder, feel happier. but it drained hoseok himself whenever he did it. so jimin would cuddle him, stroke his back and play with his hair, make him feel less alone and get his energy up again.


“are you okay?” jimin asked after he went out with hobi and watched him send some of his happiness to a crying girl that had lost her parents in the busy streets of seoul. hoseok looked a bit pale and tired and jimin hated seeing the older like that. “we should go home hyung.” jimin whispered concerned.


hoseok nodded not even disagreeing with jimin and jimin looked at him with worry. it wasn't like hoseok to be this quiet and down. they took the next metro and as soon as they got home hoseok collapsed onto the couch, “hobi…” jimin whispered, never having seen hoseok this affected by his magic.


jimin grabbed a blanket and threw it over hoseok who was slightly shivering. jimin then hugged the older close to his chest and gently ran his hand through the olders hair, “it's going to be okay hyung.” jimin whispered.


hoseok fell asleep not fast after that and jimin's heart won't stop beating frantically with worry. he really hoped hoseok wasn't affected badly by this and would be fine in just a moment. jimin just continued to hold hoseok tightly against his body hoping to somehow, even without any magic in him, press some energy of his into hoseok.


“i'm sorry i can't be magical.” jimin whispered.


suddenly the door slammed over making jimin jump in shock. jungkook rushed into the room worry painting his face. he fell onto his knees in front of hoseok and gently stroked his cheeks, “hyung, hyung .” jungkook whispered. his voice was high pitched in worry and jimin's heart started to beat faster because obviously something was wrong.


“kookie,” hoseok whispered back.


“whats wrong with him?”jimin asked anxiously.


“to many of us used our powers today, draining the whole coven but especially hoseok. he often feeds on our good energy so if we don't have any energy left he gets weaker.” jungkook explained, “but it's okay.” jungkook whispered with determination in his voice, “i have a spell which will give him energy again.”


“but wont you be weaker then?” jimin asked concerned. he felt so useless like this... without magic. he couldn't do anything while the people he loved were suffering. if he had just the tiniest bit of magic he could give some of his energy to hoseok but jimin didn't and he wasn't part of the coven in the first place.


“i'll be fine. i get my energy from the nature where there is enough of it. i wont get hurt.” jungkook explained. he pressed his hand against hoseok's forehead, closed his eyes and chanted something. hoseok's skin started to glow a bit under jungkook's touch. jimin watched with wide eyes, never having seen jungkook use his magic like that.


it was over quite fast. jungkook stopped chanting, hoseok's skin stopped glowing and jungkook opened his eyes. he gently caressed hoseok's face and pressed a kiss against hoseok's lips.


(because after taehyung told the coven that jimin knew the member started being open about their relationship. started kissing each other, whispering i love yous. and its fine, really it's fine . jimin is happy for them.)


jimin looked away not wanting to watch jungkook kiss hoseok.


kiss me too please.


“he's going to be fine now.” jungkook whispered, “just let him sleep.”


“is it okay if i stay here?” jimin asked


jungkook smiled, “hoseok loves cuddles, so yeah.” jungkook blinked and then like a light going on in his head his eyes widened, “i'm actually going to join you wait till i put on comfy clothes.” jungkook smiled and ran towards the bedrooms. jimin pressed himself closer to the back of the coach taking hoseok with him in order to let jungkook get some space.


once jungkook joined them jimin heart wouldn't stop beating loudly in his chest. so loudly in fact, jimin was sure jungkook was able to hear it. jimin pressed his face against hoseok's back trying to stop his feelings and red cheeks from showing. jungkook was cuddled up against hoseok from the other side and because the couch was so small jimin could feel jungkook's arm on his waist slung over hoseok and him. he could hear jungkook's deep breaths and feel hoseok's warmth and he felt so happy, so, so so happy.


this is all jimin want. just wanted to be with them.




jimin knew that the coven members didn't do it on purpose and he knew that they didn't know how it made jimin feel. not when he didn't tell them about his feelings in the first place. additionally, he was just good at hiding his pain and sorrow. a+ for communication and dealing with feelings.


sometimes the coven members would say or do something were jimin couldn't stop but feel excluded from the group. a subtle reminder that he didn't belong, didn't belong in their world. that it was an accident.


he was just human, no shred of magic in him.


everytime the coven members would say something about magic that jimin had no idea about but they would jump into conversation while jimin had nothing to do but listen.


or when they would disappear to do some ritual together, when they would say something jimin didn't understand but he asked and they said it wasn't important and something only witches could understand.


everytime they would kiss each other and jimin wouldn't be part in the round of kisses.


he didn't want to be petty, jealous or insecure about it but he was. and it pissed him off because jimin hated feeling like that and he knew that the others were doing it on purpose. knew that they just didn't see it from his perspective. and they did include him often, patiently explained to him often what they were doing and why they were doing it , let him participate in their magic.


jimin knew he was loved and wanted but he wanted more . wanted so much more.


the day jimin finally for real snapped was one of the most terrifying that ever happened to him.


“hey!” jimin shouted when he entered the house. he basically lived there now spending more time at the covens house then in his own apartment. he hated sleeping at his apartment, being deprived from the warmth of the others. he didn't like being alone, feeling the most comfortable with the others so he was at the house more and more.


jimin took of his shoes off and saw the shoes of the other witches in the closet. he frowned because the house was oddly silent, “hi?” jimin shouted again and then shrugged when he got no response. he walked into the living room while texting a message to one of his university friends. but as soon as he entered the living room his heart stopped and his breath hitched.


he had no idea what was going on, had no idea what was happening, had no idea why the witches were lying lifelessly on the floor.


jimin quickly walked towards the nearest member. yoongi. he gently shook him but yoongi was lying on the floor lifelessly like a doll.


“yoongi?” jimin asked and touched his cheek which was cold, colder then it should be, “yoongi?!” jimin shouted, “why arent you waking up?” jimin asked desperate.


fuck what was happening?


he laid yoongi down again and walked over to jungkook. the same there, the younger was cold, his body lifeless but he was still breathing his chest rising and falling, “please wake up?”


jimin didn't know what to so, didn't know how to act, how to help the witches. he could feel the tears welling up in his eyes, could feel the anxiety take ahold of him.


he felt so useless, not knowing enough about magic to understand what was happening, if this was normal, if they were okay. if his witches were okay.


“what do i do?” jimin whispered to taehyung while he pushed a pillow under the youngers head and covered him with a blanket. they were all so cold so maybe jimin could warm them up this way. he increased the heating in the house and light on some candles while it became dark outside.


jimin could feel silent tears rolling down his cheek, could feel the helplessness in seeing the people he loved look so vulnerable and dead .


please wake up, just please wake up and come back to me.


whatever happened after tonight jimin knew it couldn't go on like this anymore. he couldn't feel this helpless around the others, this unknowing, this useless . he had to inform himself somehow, learn more about magic. 


he loved the others. loved them with his whole heart and soul. wanted to do nothing but see them happy and healthy.


and jimin stayed with them the entire night, made himself multiple cups of coffees, checked on their breathing regularly, gently combed their hair away, made sure they were tucked in and did nothing but sit on the couch, legs curled up against his chest and watched the members with watchful eyes. waiting for any sign that they would wake up out of whatever they were in.


“why wont you wake up.” jimin whispred into his arm at 4am, “just wake up.”


dont leave me here alone


two hours later around 6am he could see namjoon stir, could hear namjoon take a deeper breath then normally, could see his mouth open.


jimin jumped up and walked towards namjoon and crouched down beside the elder, “namjoon?” jimin whispered.


it took another couple of minute until namjoon began to really stir, his eyelids opening and closing, his eyes starting to focus and a groan leaving his body probably after lying in the floor for such a long time.


“are you okay? namjoon please !” jimin begged, his hand running up and down namjoons body in worry. “do you need anything?”


“jimin?” namjoon asked and rubbed his eyes. jimin could hear the other members also start to wake but none of them were as lucid as namjoon.


“are you okay? i was so worried.” jimin asks.


“im fine.” namjoon groaned and sat up. the blanket pooling around his waist, “god how late is it. we were supposed to be done before you came back.”


“its 6 in the morning.” jimin whispered.


namjoon looked at him with wide eyes, “what?” namhoon rubbed his neck, “damn that wasnt supposed to happend.”


“namjoon please .” jimin whispered, “what happened?”


namjoon ignored him instead looking at the other members slowly waking up, their body stiff from lying on the cold ground for such a long time, “i'm sorry that i didn't carry you to bed. i just wasn't sure if i was allowed to move you.” jimin whispered.


seokjin heard his voice and looked at him, “jimin-ah? youre here?”


namjoon slowly got up, “it seems like it took us longer then we thought.” namjoon answered.


“what is that exactly?” jimin's voice got harder. he wants to have some answers, he had been scared shitless for the last 10 hours or so. seeing the people he loved like that wasn't easy. especially not for jimin.


namjoon waved him off, “it's not that important and a bit hard to explain.”


jimin balled his fists at the side. he didn't understand why no one would ever tell him anything, “but what happend?”


yoongi answered this time, “we had to do a ritual but it got a bit out of control. don't worry about it to much,  jimin-ah.”


jimin silently watched the people he loved get up as if nothing happened. as if he had not worried for over 10 hours over their wellbeing, as if the whole thing didn't happen, and he gets it, he gets that they don't want to make a big deal about it but it was a big deal for him and being dismissed like that wasn't fair, “ fuck you .” jimin whisper shouted harshly. he was so livid, so angry, so full of emotions he didn't know what to do.


he saw the witches turn towards him suprise painting their face. taheyung stepped forward worry painting his face, jimin took a step back.


“jimin?” taheyung asked.


“no, fuck you.” jimin said again, “you don't get to do this. you don't just leave me in the dark like this. especially not after what happened! i was worried, so fucking worried when i came home and found you lifeless on the floor.” jimin's voice shakes, “i thought you were dead for second!” he takes another step back and can feel tears pool in his eyes, “i was worried and didn't know what to do, so you don't get to dismiss me and my feelings this easily!”


namjoon looks guilty but jimin doesn't care, he need to say this, “i know that i'm not like you and never will. i know that i don't have magic and that's fine.” ( its not) , “ 

but you need to explain shit to me!”


“we just-” namjoon stepped forward but jimin cut him off, “i'm so angry right now, i don't feel like i can talk to any of you without getting pissed.” jimin said honestly. “im leaving.”


“jimin!” jungkook's eyes were round and full of worry and jimin hated when jungkook looked at him like that because it was cute and made jimin's heart beat and honestly fuck jungkook for looking this beautiful because it was making this whole storming off angrily thing harder for jimin.


“just..” jimin fiddled with his hands, “just give me some space.” and with that he grabbed his belongings, slipped into his shoes and walked out of the house.




jimin doesn't know what he's expecting, doesn't know what he wants .


it's been five days since the whole fiasco at the witch's house and jimin hasn't gone by or talked to the others even once in that time. he doesn't know if he should go by and talk things out or if he's waiting for them to contact him first. it's an evil mixture of pride, what his head tells him to do and what his heart aches for.


jimin calmed down since then, not feeling the raw emotions anymore, not feeling helpless, angry or worried. he's more disappointed now. buts its not an overwhelming feeling. he knows he could talk to them now but for some reason he doesn't .


instead jimin meets up with some of his university friends and spends his time studying in the library. he works through his syllabus, reading his book chapters that he's only supposed to read in three weeks. buts its better than spending his time at home staring at his phone hoping one of them will contact them.


he knows he asked them for space so theoretically jimin should be the first one to make a move but he feels so… he just… he's feeling a lot of conflicting emotions and he just wished the others would take the first step.


jimin never claimed to be good with feelings. he knows he still need to learn. 


in the meantime jimin goes to a variety of different libraries and picks out some books that deal with magic. he doesn't know if it's just stuff people made up or legitim sources of information but he still reads through them not sure what else he should do. he wants to learn more about magic, what it can do, how it works and impacts people. and what he can do. 


“this is so useless.” jimin whispers after he reads another chapter. he doesn't understand it, giving up after rereading the same paragraph five times. it's to abstract and he doesn't know if its even accurate.


his university despite being sunday night at 11pm is still full with students studying. jimin feels a wave of tiredness wash over him and he lays his head onto the table. he really wants to go home. but home is cold and dark and his heart aches for the presence of six other people.


he despite dreading home packs up his things and walks out of the university greeting the security guard at the entrance. it's not that cold out so jimin doesn't put on his warm mittens. he walks steadily to the metro station around the corner already looking for his card.


stupid coven. stupid me. stupid emotions.


jimin can't get the six witches out of his head. can't get their smiles or faces out of his head or how much he misses them. maybe he really should just contact them but.... emotions


his phone buzzes in his pocket and jimin fishes the object out expecting an email or something like that instead it's just a single message. a message from yoongi.


we miss you, please come by


jimin smiles gently and feels his heart beat frantically. it's like an invisible, heavy weight was lifted of his shoulder and he can't stop the singular relieved tear from rolling down his cheek. 


he needed this more than he thought.




jimin skips his lecture the next morning and instead makes his way towards the house. he listens to loud upbeat music, tries to pump himself up and before he knows it, he stands in front of the witches house.


he opens the door with his keys and puts down his shoes and bag. he doesn't think anyone noticed him yet because he can hear voices from the living room.


he only realizes now how much he actually missed this. this house that pulls jimin in and makes him feel warm, missed the plants growing and reaching out to him, missed the scent of spices and herbs, missed the laughter and animals running around. 


missed them .


jimin quitely steps into the living room. namjoon, yoongi and hoseok are watching something on the computer while seokjin, taehyung and jungkook are playing a video game in front of the tv shouting at one another and laughing loudly. jimin's heart does somersaults seeing them this happy and energetic. their skin is rosy and healthy nothing like the deathly pale he saw a couple of days ago.


“jimin?” namjoon is the first to notice him and suddenly the whole room goes quiet and jimin can feel all eyes on him. he blushes under the attention and waves shyly, “hi.”


namjoon immediately is at his side and hugs him tightly. jimin metals against namjoons chest and lets himself be hugged tightly, “i'm sorry jimin. i didn't mean to downplay your feelings i just didn't want to worry you.” a kiss against his head and jimin practically melts .


“it's okay. i do understand why you did it i just didn't like how you didn't even try .”


“let's sit down and talk about this, okay?” jimin nodded and let himself be pulled towards the couch where everyone was looking at him with smiles. hoseok jumped up and took him into a tight hug.


“hey, i want too.” taehyung exclaimed and got up to hug jimin from the other side. 


suddenly he was evolved from all sides, the other witches joining the group hug and jimin giggled at their silliness, “i really missed you.” jimin whispers into the room.


“we missed you too jiminie.” seokjin replies, “we were worried about you but didnt know if you wanted to hear from us.”


“but yoongi?” jimin said, his words muffled against hoseok's shoulder who was still holding him tightly.


yoongi was blushing when jimin looked up, “well ahhh.” yoongi was pulling at his ear shyly and jimin found it endearing.


“he texted me and asked me to come by.” jimin explained when he saw that yoongi was to shy to say it himself, “i really needed that so i was grateful he did.” jimin send him a thankful smile and yoongi nodded gently.


“come on let's sit down and talk.” namjoon said. he took a step out of the hug and the others did so as well sitting down on one of the two couches. jimin sat down in the space next to jungkook and seokjin.


“so.” taehyung began.


“so.” jimin said back.


“i'm just gonna start,” namjoon mumbled. “after what you said i realized how unfair this was for you. we just wanted to protect you and make you less involved in this but by doing so we worried you more.” namjoon looked apologetic, “do you still want to know what happened that day?” namjoon asked.


jimin nodded, “and what i can do if something like that happens again.”


“we had to reach a spirit to ask for a specific ritual to increase hobis energy. in order to do that our mind leaves our body and enters another dimension. often it goes quite fast but this time the spirit was reluctant to give us information. in this world our bodies fall into a comatose state until our mind enters again. that's what happend.” jimin listened with wide eyes, he didn't even know that spirits existed, “you did everything right jiminie. you kept us warm and protected us. there was nothing else you could have done.”


“next time tell me please. i was so scared something happened to you.” jimin explained. he doesn't even want to remember the incident, doesn't want to remember the witches lifeless body on the floor, doesn't want to remember how cold their skin was or how worried he was. the utter panic and helplessness.


“we just-” yoongi began picking up the conversation, “we never had a human friend, never had to deal with a lot of humans and having you here makes it complicated. we want to include you in everything but at the same time we don't know how comfortable you are with everything.”


jimin shook his head violently, “no, please don't hide anything from me.” he begged, “i want to be a part of your life, want to know about your magic and rituals. it hurts me more when you hide things from me.” jimin whispers.


there is a hand on his, gently stroking his skin. jimin looks up and sees jungkook looking at him with a shy smile. jimin smiles back and jungkook beams, his teeth showing and his eyes crinkling cutely.


“so,” seokjin begins,” it doesn't make you uncomfortable? this whole thing? us?” he sounds unsure and disbelieving but jimin shakes his head.


“you could never make me uncomfortable,” jimin explains, “i love being with you.”


silence settles between them, all of them thinking about something else, thinking about what was just said. jimin has one more issue on his heart but he doesn't know if he should bring it up. 


can i be with you?


“actually, there is one more thing.” taehyung blurts out. his eyes are wide, uncertain. namjoon tries to stop him with a stern ‘taehyung!’ but taehyung shakes his head, “no he should know! i can't do this anymore.”


“do what?” jimin asks nervously 


taehyung stands up and goes down in front of jimin, looking at him with open eyes, he takes jimin's hand into his and jimin’s heart won't stop beating frantically.


“we like you.” taehyung says.


jimin is confused. does taehyung mean like or like like? “i like you to.” jimin whispers back.


taehyung shakes his head, “no jimin. we like, like you. when i saw you the first time i knew you would become more to me then just a friend. i told the others about you and they were willing to meet you. its normal in covens to have a large amount of people and we always knew that we needed another person. i thought it was you but you don't have any powers which confused us.” taehyung stops for a second gauging jimin's reaction but jimin can't do anything but stare at him with wide eyes, shocked with what he's hearing.


“we all liked you. liked you so much you can't believe how much of our heart you hold in your hands. and despite being magic less our magic loves you. we feel stronger closer to you, happier. the house welcomed you too. it didn't take long for us to fall for you either. but we know that a concept such as polygamous relationship is unheard of in human society especially with this many people. we didn't know if you would feel the same way, want us the same way. so we tried to keep it lowkey.”


jimin can't stand to listen to it anymore, happiness overcoming his whole body, “shut up,” jimin whispers. he then cups taehyung's cheeks and gently strokes the soft skin while looking into taehyung's deep eyes. he's so pretty, so beautiful. it hurts seeing him like this. seeing him with pain in his eyes. 


“you can't imagine how much i love all of you. i love you all so much, every single one. i love how happy you make me feel, how much fun i can have with you, how you treat me and how precious you are. i could go into detail with every one of you and i will, i promise i will. i promise to love you with my whole heart, promise to make you feel special and wanted” jimin looks up and looks at all the coven members. “i was so scared that you could never feel the same for me because i'm not magical. it tore me apart because i wanted nothing more then be with you.”


jimin presses a kiss against taehyung's cheek, “please let me be with you.”


taehyung beams, happiness overcoming his face. and then there is a warm body behind jimin evolving him, hands around his waist and a face pressed against his back. jimin can recognize that flannel only jungkook wears everywhere.


“jungkookie.” jimin whispers and squeezes the arm around his waist.


yoongi looks at jimin with wide disbelieving eyes, “so you're okay with this? with us? you're ours now?”


jimin giggles, happiness overcoming his body, “yes yoongi-hyung i'm yours.”


yoongi still looks disbelieving, “so we can hug you? and cuddle and kiss?”


jimin nods, “yeah, i would like that.” yoongi smiles his signature gummy smile which makes jimins heart beat faster. yoongi turns to namjoon next to him and falls against the tallers chest a happy sigh leaving his body. namjoon hugs yoongi tightly and presses a kiss against yoongis dark hair.


“do you know how much we missed you?” hoseok asks fake sternness in his voice, “when you left six days ago you left a big hole jiminie. we missed you quite a lot.” 


“you did?” jimin asks touched by the words and the reassurance that he's needed.


“of course we did,” hoseok replies, “come on let's go to our bed and just cuddle all day while drinking hot tea and watching movies.” it sounded perfect, absolutely perfect and jimin eagerly nods. jungkook reluctantly detaches himself from jimin and together they make their way to the bedroom. they all lay down, cuddling with one another and pressing kisses to one another's skin.


and maybe jimin isn't magical, maybe he's nothing but a human but he has six beautiful witch boyfriends that he loves with his entire heart. and he wouldn't ever want anything other