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lioholics literally the SOFTEST hands
Meis.∆ @lioholics facts, dear
GAL-OTHY-MOS nice!!! u got sum real talented fans!! :D
Lio.∆ @GAL-OTHY-MOS Cheers x :)
BurningRescueSquad we stan kings supporting kings!!
ourlordsaviourlio and u kno he'll take care of that w his life dsbhdksajuhhh


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luciasofexy best boi!!!
Lio.∆ He is x :)
catloversunite he looks like a sweetheart :)
Gueira.∆ the same prissy look as his daddy
Lio.∆ @Gueira I'm revoking your cat sitting privileges
Gueira.∆ fuck u, i love the lil guy!!
Lio.∆ Well I have full custody, so suck it x
GAL-OTHY-MOS ok u gotta let me pet him sometime pls??!!!?!
Lio.∆ sure, come over whenever x
GALOXY our king really just used a cat to get himself invited to lio's huh lol
futuremrsthymos ain't as stupid as he look is he :'))) 

A generous majority of commentary on M∆D BURNISH is the expected praise for their talent, for never failing to steal shows and take over the cities they make their mark in and for overall being a gift to musical souls alike everywhere.

'For getting me back into playing my guitar' a fan says, 'I sang one of your songs to my crush ages ago and now we're celebrating our 1yr anniversary!' another includes.

But they notice the explicit comments too on their accounts that leave nothing vague for anyone to misunderstand, like they're daring themselves to be as filthy and desperate and shameless as possible. Gueira tells them where to go while Meis ignores them because they aren't worth the energy but Lio—bold, loud and challenging like flame that fuels itself—takes the opportunity he's given to address them publicly.

"Honestly? I'm used to it." Lio says, sitting between Meis and Gueira on a couch on the stage of a late-night talk show. "I know what people think about me. I've seen and heard all kinds of shit to the point where it's hard to surprise me these days."

Though it sounds bad, to be used to that kind of thing, it's charming that he can let it bounce off him like it's nothing.

The host, a suited, late-thirty something, nods along. "So if, like, I were to have someone jump out of that box," they point to the one blatantly placed at the end of the couch, big and bright. "To try and scare you half to death, that—it wouldn't work?"

It's a traditional segment on the show, guests being ambushed halfway through a discussion by a disguised stage crew.

Lio isn't entirely joking when he says, "I would have to punch the poor fucker." but it's said in a tone trained for comedy and it gets the audience spread on high seats across the room chuckling.

Galo watches from Burning Rescue's apartment living room floor, practically glued to the TV, thinking of what it would be like to be punched by Lio Fotia.

He apparently asks out loud because Lucia snorts then and brings up the time they, Burning Rescue, were on there a few months back and how price Aina and Remi's reactions to that shit were: she ran halfway off the stage and he fell off the couch.

Galo was good spirited, laughing and shaking the hand of the disguised crew member.

Meis says, "We can't scare him at home either. We've tried to catch him off guard and only gotten yelled at in return. No word of a lie, Lio can pretty much hit any high note if you piss him off."

The audience laughs. 

"It's like nothing scares this guy." Gueira adds, sort of annoyed but mostly really impressed by it. "But that don't mean we're gonna give up, hell no."

Lio asks, "Do you have a fetish for being punched or something?" Which catches Gueira off guard and he can barely reply with 'no, shut up', holding back a laugh that he hears ten times louder from the audience. 

Lucia snorts at their antics but fondly, "God, fucking imagine living with them, it'd be so much fun!"

Remi deadpans, "Clearly we have different ideas on 'fun'." because being punched isn't it.

Aina says, "I wonder if they've ever hung out with another band."

"Oh my god, Aina, you fucking genius!" Lucia screams, "We should collab with them!"

"That's not what I was saying!"

"But why not?" Galo asks, honestly wanting to know why they can't.

It's been said they meet up a lot of the same venues for gigs and photoshoots and it's another chance to see Lio again—to fucking work with him and breathe on the same stage, holy shit.

Remi replies, "Yeah, right. Just walk on up to M∆D BURNISH and ask them to collaborate."


"No, Galo, I wasn't—"

"I'll do it!"

Aina knows Galo so she knows better, that this goes beyond just music and combining two sounds. It's obvious he wants to suck Lio's face off. 'Join the club,' she thinks with a bitterness on his behalf because there are hoards of fans wishing for the same thing.

"You're hoping to suck his face off," Lucia jams a finger on a single note; her keyboard, covered in stray candy pieces from a bag she sucks at sharing, emits an glitchy 'dun dun dun!', She grins, "Or something else."

Galo, a bit flushed, claims that this isn't about him and everyone sighs because it is.

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GAL-OTHY-MOS @Galonoticemepls XDDD
renee42 ur name is obsolete now
Galonoticemepls omggggggggg hdasbjhh
luciasofexy tf u holdin out on us?! play for us dm
Ignis I'm sure it'll be great stuff, son.
GAL-OTHY-MOS @Ignis hopefully, thnx :')
asherxgalo new song, who dis lol
flamingfiona pls tell me this is legit n not a joke
Thyma.∆ let me know so I can tell my wallet beforehand lol
GAL-OTHY-MOS y'all slow down lol it might not happen idk 
Thyma.∆ do it do it do it!!
galonoticemepls istg if this is a mf collab
GAL-OTHY-MOS lol, wish me luuuccckkkxxxx

Promepolis, for an entire starry-night, becomes a festival of talent and bright colours and music that's been dominating the year up to its nearing end. Several bands play one after the other, then comes the interval of awards being given out by flashy dressed celebrities, followed by even more mind-blowing music.

The audience way in the distance behind the seated celebrities never lets up or gets exhausted; their cheers remain as loud and lovingly throughout.

It's Burning Rescue's second festival and their tradition is to go home, order way too much takeout and eat until they pass out from a food coma. They never bother with whatever fancy place the company holding the festival organises for all of the entertainers because it feels too formal to be fun (and Lucia bounced a king prawn off Remi's head and cracked one of the aquariums and has been hesitant to go back since).

According to their personal accounts, Meis and Gueira aren't really feeling it either.

So Galo invites Lio to join him at the fanciest sushi restaurant he's ever seen. Everything shimmers in gold and reflects light from expensive chandeliers a good few metres above their heads, all rich and intimidating like in Disney movies. He plays with his chopsticks while he waits for Lio to arrive, aware their assigned rooms weren't necessarily placed near each other for convenience or anything.

Galo's enticed by the array of food in fancy bowls and plates going around his table at the bar when the chair next to him is pulled out with a huff.


"Hey yourself." Lio doesn't sound like his casual self. He grumbles something as he seats himself, looks annoyed at the circling food but eventually snaps out of it, turning to Galo in wonder, "What did you get?"

"Nothing. I was waiting for you."

"What? No, Galo, that's sweet but don't starve yourself on my account. I would've been here a lot sooner but that bastard, Kray Foresight, was holding me up at the fucking entrance!" Lio's hands raise themselves in frustration, "Thinks he can tell me how to dress, well he can get fucked."

Galo takes a good look at what Lio's swapped his stage outfit for and he can see why there would be some sort of issue, if that's even the appropriate word. It's a lacy, black bralette. It looks so snug and it's unbearably provocative. Galo likes it but he supposes some people won't see it as suitable attire for a restaurant open to families of all ages.

He doesn't want to piss Lio off further but he also wants him to enjoy their time together, so he tries to bring a compromise.

"I dunno. Maybe if you put on a jacket?"

"Oh, I fucking had one." Black, denim, adorned with exclusive M∆D BURNISH patches and pins. "But he literally blocked me from the door because it wasn't buttoned up. So I took it off altogether and threw it at him. A grown-ass man shouldn't be trying to dictate what someone else wears, no fucking chance."

Lio's frustration transcends down to his chopsticks, the pair being stabbed out of their paper sheath and in to the nearest plate of food he grabs: California rolls. He bites into it imagining it's Chief Police Kray Foresight's head he's tearing apart.

"Look, I'm not saying he went about it the right way but...I mean, I kinda see his side?" Galo's quick to raise his hands the moment Lio's head whips round to him, "He was way out of line, no question. But maybe he just wanted to avoid someone else saying something to you?"

"Let's change the subject." Lio leans an arm on the counter, somewhat calming. He licks the rice around his mouth away, "You were great out there. We watched you guys from backstage and it was so fucking unreal. Did you hear the crowd? Fucking insane!"

Galo grins, bashful, and here's sauce across his lips from the plate he's grabbed and tucked into: egg rolls in spicy mayo. "Thanks, you guys too!"

They fist bump and grab several more plates to put between them. They dive in to a spontaneous contest of who can eat more—Galo saying, "You're scrawny!" and Lio disputing with "Fuck you and fuck metabolism! Hand me those plates of Chicken Katsu and I'll show you!".

And he shouldn't be amazing even with food stuffed in his mouth to the point of some pushing out but he does and looks so much like a hamster that Galo has to forfeit, doubled over the counter and laughing until it hurts.

Some more hours in and they're comfortable enough to sit real close, chatting the time away, making each other laugh and sharing music ideas while the restaurant empties and is cleared up in the background.

It's like they're old friends who haven't seen each other but have that connection that lets them pick up where they left off.

Lio doesn't completely notice his own leg trailing up Galo's calf but neither of them are bothered it; neither of them even look away from each other.

"A collab? Yeah, I'd like that. Count me in, Galothy." It's cute and sounds like Dorothy coming out of Lio's mouth and Galo can relate to feeling swept up and taken to another world; only thing is he doesn't want to go home. "The fans would love that and I’ve been looking to try something different.”

“Ok, cool.”

Lio holds out a hand, black-glitter painted nails gleaming under the chandelier, “Pass your phone, I’ll put my info in.”

“Holy shit, I’m getting Lio Fortia’s number.”

Lio’s eyes roll but he's smiling, "Shut up, come on."

“Holy Shit, Lio Fotia told me to shut up!”

“I will throw raw shrimp at you. Phone, now.”

Galo obeys, "Best night of my life." he excitedly rocks back and forth on his stool.

Lio's brow raises at that statement said with certainty. He passes the phone back, “Wanna hang out in my dressing room after this?”

“Really?!" Galo's eyes light up in sparkles. "I’ve always wanted to see it! I heard you wrote the lyrics to Burn Me Up on the bathroom mirror in there in lipstick because you didn’t have your notebook at the time and you wanted to get the lyrics down before they went!”

"You remember that?"

“'Yeah 'cause it was a weird place to get song ideas, to be fair.”

“Well I was thinking about what it would be like if Galo Thymos fucked me hard against the sink, to be fair.” Galo short circuits, sputtering up nothing but air and broken unformed words. Lio smirks, “What, only you can be a fan of a celebrity?”

Galo points to himself, “Me?!”

“You.” Lio Leans in and his leg strokes higher up Galo's, “Not to compare us but I like your vibe, Galo. When you’re on stage or anywhere your songs play, I see whoever’s listening get out their seat and just...fucking go hard. Your band’s concerts are always alive and the audience’s energy is ferocious. It’s like I could catch fire just from standing too close.”

“Whoa.” To think he, Galo Thymos, was being watched back. His bandmates are always calling him an idiot and pointing out everything he misses that's obvious to the rest of the world. He always joked and said he was blind but Lio's so bright that everything else fades. "Holy shit, Lio Fotia is my fan!”

Lio chuckles and leans over to hold Galo's face, “Ok, come back to me, Galothy."

“Dude, I’m freaking out!"

“Are you going to be okay?”

“Can you say hi to my mom?! She’s a fan!”

“Sure. There’s little I won’t do for a fan. Especially when their son looks like he can bend me in half with one arm and give me the hardest fuck of my life." Lio smirks over Galo's choked gasp, "Or I can do the fucking, I don't mind.”

“Shit. Just go ahead and light me on fire, Lio. Saying shit like that’s really messing with me!”

Lio strokes Galo's face, grasping it gently but with enough force that keeps Galo from looking away. "I want to give you the real best night of your life." He gets up and holds out a hand, waiting.

Galo takes it and follows him outside where the cool air does nothing for his heated face.

Lio never saw the point or need for his black, starry marble sink to be the size of a bathtub until now. He turns his head sideways, his blissful expression of an open mouth and teary eyes reflecting back teasingly.

His head is turned back by a gentle but firm grip and he's brought back to the feeling of being stretched, burned, "Ahh, Galo!"

"I knew you sounded pretty but fuck." Galo groans. Hearing his name like this is already miles better than convincing himself all the 'you's in songs he blasted were directed at him when they weren't.

Maybe now they can be. No, they will be, he determines with a particularly hard push forward that lures a long cry from the boy beneath him.

"There!" Lio gaps, toes curling and mind hazing to white as that sweet spot within is hit so right. "Burn me up!"

“Hey, hang on, waitwaitwait.” Galo stops moving and keeps Lio's hips in place. He deals with the reappearance of an annoyed brow raise, “You wrote the lyrics to Burn Me Up in here, right?”

“You know this already.”

“So then is that song about me?!” Galo doesn’t need to play it in his head but he does.

The solo exclusively placed in the recent album sounds like the confession of a wet dream, Lio delivering every line with want for that hot soul in his life to burn him up and the yet the physical contact being too fucking much.

“You're fucking me on my sink and you have to ask? I knew you were idiotic—"

"Ok, sorry." Galo grins. It's about him, holy shit. "Can we keep going?"

"I'd kill you if you didn't." Lio spreads wide and hooks his feet around Galo’s waist and pulls him in.

They have the lyrics to the Burn Me Up solo in their minds, written by Lio about everything he imagined Galo doing to him, in their heads, the sensual rock to downright dirty moan delivery of the lyrics inching them closer to sweet release.

‘Burn me up,

‘Skin to skin, set me on fire

‘Burn me up

‘Throw gasoline to my desires

‘You, me, us in this inferno

‘Burn me up so good~’

Lio's body is a wild flicker of heat writhing in the embrace. One of his legs are lifted higher and the change in angle provides a new depth that has Lio turning Galo's name into gospel, reaching notes he has to prepare for most days.

His voice hangs on to the syllables of Galo's name, stuck like he can't remember clearly.

‘Hot to the touch

‘Do you feel like being scorched?’

Galo starts stroking Lio in the same rhythm and Lio whines; he wants to cum with Galo inside and nothing more but those hands that work a microphone and strum guitars with skill know exactly what they're doing.

Lio spurts out between them before he can catch his breath. He doesn't have the energy to be annoyed with him, it felt too good. He raises himself up, embracing Galo with kisses shaping into the lyrics of his song coming out in breathy moans and driving Galo into a fucking sensual nexus.

“Burn me up, give me your fi~re!”

Galo erupts on cue inside and they groan together. His hips keep going on autopilot, riding out the oversensitivity and drawing the last few whimpers from Lio. The stray beads of cum that landed across his chest is sucked away and he hums appreciatively.

“Holy shit, Lio.’re amazing.”

“I can't take all the credit." Lio presses a kiss to him, lips smacking. "Now then, since we’re well acquainted, got any ideas on our collaboration?”

"To be honest, I got nothing 'cept you on my mind right now."

"Focus, Galothy." Lio brushes blue wild hair back in a swift brush of a hand, fingers scratching against Galo's scalp and it pulls out a sweet sigh.

"God." Galo says in disbelief because how is this happening? He's won the fucking jackpot. "I can't right now but it's gonna be awesome, I know that much."

"I like the confidence but we really need to brainstorm. We both have similar sounds so we could..." Pulled forward into strong arms and held, he asks, "What are you doing?" 

Galo just smiles and nuzzling into his shoulder, "Cuddling you."

"Okay but can we at least move to the couch?"

"Nope. Don't wanna move. I don't want to let you go."

Lio can't help but smile fondly, unable to deny the swell in his heart like when he picked up his first guitar, gave it its first pluck and fell in love with the sound it caused around him.

Music has his very soul like a demon unwilling to compromise and he lives off it but Galo is after his heart now and one way or another, he's willing to make a bargain and hand it over.

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lioholics ur were fuking amazing, ur literally an angel and every time u perform i feel blessed
Lio.∆ @lioholics <3
dbakdjasddjjdiajdas omg hi!!??!?
callmeyuna Lio idk if you'll see this but ur voice literally sends me to sleep when i have really bad days!!
madbcweburnish I cried harrrdddd tonight gdi, u guys fucking own me!!!
You certainly know how to entertain a crowd. Thank you for playing at our arena, look forward to having you again!
GAL-OTHY-MOS @Lio.∆ babe, u were on fire!!!<3 <3 <3
Lio.∆ @GAL-OTHY-MOS thanks for coming <3 :)
ofc angel <3
GAL-OTHY-MOS gud thing u cud stand up then ;)

luciasofexy y'all know they fuckin lol



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Lio.∆ xx
Lio.∆ hey yourself x
!!! <333
Lio.∆ xxx :)

"Should we warn 'em first?"

Lio looks to his side, a naked Galo lounging on the side of his king bed that's usually empty, sheets low and loose over his hips. "No, let's surprise them."

Them being the fans of both M∆D BURNISH and Burning Rescue of course; usually, artists tease or hint at upcoming projects they have yet to officially reveal, but he and Galo aren't most artists.

"You're cruel!"

Lio smirks, "Really? I recall you couldn't stop praising me about half an hour ago."

"You had me under your spell, I was powerless."

Lio rolls his eyes but when Galo pulls him in to his lap and he feels him between his cheeks and his fingers rub close to his nipples and it drives him crazy, he argues he's the one under some spell. "G-Galo!"

Galo grins, "Yes?"

Lio hits his arm, flushing, "You could've warned me first, idiot, I was talking!" He hears himself and the irony of his words after he decided not to forewarn people drives him mad. Galo drives him incredibly mad. "And no prep?"

"C'mon, we know you like it when I fuck you raw, Lio."

"S-Shut up!"

"Holy shit, you're blushing." Galo leans up for a close inspection and pulls Lio's head to face him after he turns away.

Like this, Lio looks so delicate. It's a whole new layer of beauty to him. The kind Galo indecisively wants to cuddle up to lovingly and fuck into oblivion. The kind he wants to see laugh with joy and cry in pleasure.

"That's so hot..." he whispers into their passionate, slow make out.

Lio says something argumentative that comes out in a muffled hum. He tries again when Galo pulls away but is already being bounced up, up, up on that big cock he loves and he forgets everything completely.

He's breathless before he knows it, exhaling Galo's name on the end of a moan and pushing down in time with Galo's quick and strong thrusts. The sheets fall and Galo grabs greedy handfuls of Lio's ass cheeks, massaging them and pulling him closer so their chests are against each other, heartbeats tapping through the walls of flesh to one another's.

They welcome the morning again and again, tangled and happy, before they disturb the peace of the world with a new instagram account.

LioDeGalon 'PRMR - MINI COLLAB ALBUM COMING SOON'!!! :D - Galo #prmralbum #liofotia #galothymos #galolio    40secs ago      Liked by BurningRescue Official, M∆DBURNISH OFFICIAL and 1000 others