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a falling star fell from your heart (and landed in my eyes)

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Lena nearly tackles Andrea on her warpath through the kitchen. She stumbles right against her chest because she's there instead of outside, drinking the last Heineken from the back of the fridge and casually smiling like she didn't get Lena's telepathic signals of holy fuck, think I blasted off to Mars, send the Rover!! 

This isn't a drill, not even close, this is the one where they panic instead of walking calmly in a single-file line.

"So, how was it?" Andrea asks, then sips her beer, clears her throat, takes a breath and opens her mouth to speak again all before Lena even remembers what words are. "It was great, I bet. Wasn't it? She looks like she kisses with her whole existence, probably."

"I feel like I died," Lena says, chewing the inside of her cheek until it stings enough to distract her heart from beating so fast. Or maybe it's just Andrea's warm blue eyes trailing over her face that's making her feel comforted. "Not in a bad way or anything, it was like I ascended."

"I can't imagine," Andrea says, slurry like there's too much saliva in her mouth. "I keep trying to imagine, but I know it's better than anything I can think of, and it makes me excited and a little sad, to be honest, considering how many guys I've kissed."

"She's better than them," Lena says fast.

Then Andrea says, "I know," even faster. "God, I know, she's just, there's something about her that's just good. And it's scary, like, that day we spent in Cascade Locks just chatting and sharing food, I kept - it felt like my heart was clenching up just from being next to her, listening to her dumb stories and watching her chew her lip too much. I've never felt drawn into someone so fast before, not since I met you, and then. I don't know, I guess I just noticed the way you looked at her, and I could tell you were feeling it, too. So, I pulled myself away, tried to shrink so you could have her, but it's like I knew from the beginning that she could - I don't know how to say it."

"Break you?" Lena asks, because she's been feeling that all along, too. "Not even destructive or anything, just ruin you for anything else."

"Yeah, that," Andrea agrees, then takes another drink, tilting the bottle higher instead of throwing her head back, so her eyes stay focused on Lena. She pauses a second when she's done, like she's twirling thoughts around inside her head, face saying a million things Lena can't read. After a long moment, she finally opens up. "I've felt so scared and selfish these past few days, just kept thinking that I want her and I want you, and that having those feelings together was gonna make me mess things up and lose you both. So, I finally decided I wasn't, that it wasn't worth losing you, especially. This whole trip I've been so swallowed up in my own fucked-up, confusing feelings, and I just - I thought you two didn't need that."

Lena gets that, understands that more than she knows how to voice. She's watched Andrea fall apart day after day after day, never commenting on it or helping out. She just lets her, lets her drink and have sex and cleans her up when she gets too messy. And she's never fucking bothered to step in, too afraid of being consumed too fast by her own feelings. She's letting Andrea do what she wants, live her life, not get in her way, she kept saying that to herself, over and over, until it was her religion, her chant, all the while really doing nothing but letting Andrea crash and burn because Lena's been too swallowed up in her own fucked-up feelings. But, she wants to be better now, wants to hold Andrea and protect her, wants to let Kara kiss her until her lips are swollen and she feels loved. She wants to be her peace, whatever the fuck that means.

"I want all of your fucked-up, confusing feelings," Lena says, jittery because she's opening up her heart so Andrea can read all the secrets printed on it. She feels so nervous until she doesn't, nibbling her lip until she's smiling, chest relaxing when she catches the glint in Andrea's eyes. She's being a dork and she knows Andrea wants to call her on it, but they're both stuck in this stuffy moment that feels like tears should be involved in all the best ways. "I mean it, I want your everything, even the bad. I want your drama," she smiles big.

Andrea smiles back. "The touch of my hand?"

"I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand," Lena deadpans.

There's silence for a moment. Then, as if on cue, they both start singing, "I want your love, love love love, I want your love."

Which feels perfect in a way that resonates in even the most insecure places inside Lena.


They head upstairs to their room afterwards. Lena switches into soft leggings and a t-shirt, just in case she falls asleep watching a movie, she wants to be comfortable. Andrea switches into grey sweats with a loose-fit Nike crop-top and no bra, and jesus.

Lena sort of... stares, until Andrea's grinning and twiddling with the edge of the shirt like she'll lift it. "Wanna see?" she asks.

"No, m'fine," Lena lies. Then she says, "I've seen you before," which isn't a lie, but judging from Andrea's face it wasn't really the right thing to say. "I just meant, I, um, that Kara asked - invited - us over to watch Netflix, so we should go."

"Netflix?" Andrea asks, like she hasn't gotten over Lena effectively saying she doesn't want to see her naked. "Is that really what she said?"

"Yeah, I think it could be fun, haven't watched television in so long, forgot what it's like to just. Feel like a normal millennial."

"God, you're fucking cute," Andrea whispers, and then she's pushing Lena backwards until they're toppling on the bed, pressing upwards until their legs aren't hanging off and Lena's head is comfortable on a pillow. Her shirt's riding up her back and Lena keeps thinking if it lifts anymore, she'll just be exposed, naked, fuck, on top of Lena. "You're so fucking cute," she re-emphasizes.

"You're calling me cute in that way you do when I'm missing something," Lena tries to pout, which she figures out is impossible in this position because Andrea just leans in and kisses it away. She can hardly stop herself smiling. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No, you're perfect," Andrea says, nuzzling Lena, dragging her lips across her cheek and leaving wet patches, messy and slick and cold against the air as she trails toward her jaw. "I'm not sure what you're talking about."

"You know," Lena starts, trying to explain. "Like whenever I miss a reference or when someone's giving me shit and it takes me too long to notice, you always like do this voice when you call me cute."

"It's just my I think Lena's great voice, nothing special there."

"Andrea. Please, c'mon, you know what I'm talking about. Just tell me if I'm missing something."

"Shit," Andrea breathes, dragging her body against Lena, moaning soft in the back of her throat and mouthing against Lena's jaw like something happened and Lena missed it. "I never noticed how much you love to beg until tonight."

"I don't love it?" Lena defends weakly, feels like she's missing something there, too. She's so goddamn lost. "I just want you to tell me why you're calling me cute in your she's so dumb voice?"

"I just want you to tell me why we're not kissing right now," Andrea retorts, pressing her thigh up so it's nudging between Lena's legs. She lifts off the bed then, hovering over Lena's face, straddling Lena's thigh, smiling in a way that finally makes her look like the Andrea Lena knows and loves.

The Andrea that doesn't think twice before jumping into a months-long hike, but can't commit to weekly yoga classes. The Andrea Lena met when they were in fifth grade, the one that was precocious and knew so much about shit she shouldn't have known yet, but never made Lena feel bad that she didn't. The Andrea that broke Mark Washington's toe in tenth grade by stomping on it in her boots when he grabbed Lena's ass. The Andrea that would steal thousand dollar whiskey from her dad and drink it in pillow-sheet forts she made with Lena, star-lamp casting dots all over the top sheet as they talked about their hopes and dreams. The Andrea that told her she didn't have to work for LuthorCorp if she didn't want to, the one that, without ever mentioning it, took off a year before starting her dream job because she knew Lena was nervous about facing the real world and her family, the one that told her she could do what she wanted and be what she wanted, and that she was strong and brave and smart and absolutely no one could stop her.

They hacked up their first cigarette together and applied to all the same colleges together, and came out here in the middle of nowhere with no one else to talk to because they've always been everything to each other, and they'll always be together.

But then Andrea shakes her head and she looks like something else entirely.

She looks like someone Lena doesn't know, but she wants to.

There are so many ways Lena could respond to why they're not kissing, she knows that, but her brain is too foggy to form a coherent sentence. Thoughts jumping away from her, speeding away like foot traffic passing by in downtown New York City. The thought of Andrea straddling her, being so close to naked, biting her lip like she wants to eat Lena makes Lena even foggier. Hotter.

"Andy," Lena murmurs, feeling heat dip low in her belly.

Andrea shifts her hips, presses harder against Lena's thigh, harder between her legs. "That's too bad, then. Thought we might go a little further."

Lena just whines, shifts her own hips. Andrea leans down and kisses her in return. Bites against her lip. "God, you're so sweet when you want it, aren't you?"

Sweet. Lena likes being called that. "I'm okay. What do you mean by further?"

Andrea just hums for a second, close and soft. "Having you on your back like this. Being on top of you and kissing you nice and long, until you're as flushed as you used to get back in gym class. Always loved that about you. Good so far?"

Lena nods, slow and heavy, tries to keep her breathing under control. "What's next?"

Andrea grabs Lena's hand, trails it up her belly until she's got it splayed over her breast, nipple so hard it's like a little pebble underneath Lena's palm. "Next, I'd just let you touch me wherever you want, as long as you want, until you're comfortable enough. You've probably never had your hands on someone like this before, huh? Do you like how it--"

"Hello, you in here?" Kara calls out suddenly, either because Lena's just imagining her voice or because she's somehow found her way into their room. Hearing it is somehow not enough to push through the fog in Lena's head, though, pierce through the thought of touching Andrea anywhere she wants, the thought of it being okay for her to be unashamed in doing it. The fact that she's actually, right now, running her thumb across Andrea's nipple, feeling and hearing the way her breath picks up. Lena didn't know how much she's always needed this.

"Just wanted to check since you never made it to the room, but if I'm interrupting--"

"No, we were just waiting for you, just warming up," Andrea says, lifting up suddenly, letting Lena's hand fall away and twisting towards the door. It feels like she's moving way too fast for Lena, but it prompts Lena's brain to pick it up a bit. Her hands go to Andrea's thighs automatically, and then she just kind of stares at her in a daze. Andrea looks so good on top of her, legs draped across Lena's thigh and the tan skin of her belly peeking out underneath her top. Her smile looks so playful, blue eyes shining full force as she sizes Kara up. "Why'd you bring the laptop? Shut the door, get over here. What took you so long?"

"Thought we were watching Netflix in my room, sorry," Kara says, and Lena looks over to watch her toe the door shut, laptop and large bag of barbecue chips tucked under either arm. She looks like she's glowing, wearing a t-shirt and sweats now, with her hair stringy and wet like she's fresh showered. "Didn't get the update that the plans changed, checked my phone and everything."

She puts the laptop and chips on the nightstand and climbs on the bed. Andrea scoots over and drops down, presses herself against Lena's side, making room as Kara lays out on her belly lower on the bed, rests her nose against Lena's belly over her shirt.

"Hi," Andrea says. "Been a little bit."

"A little bit," Kara repeats. "What have you been up to without me?"

Andrea smiles, leaning over Lena to ruffle Kara's hair, but then it's like she just gets lost in playing with it, burying her fingers in the parts where it's started drying and is already fluffing up. "We're doing what we thought you actually meant by Netflix."

Kara lifts her brow like she's genuinely confused for a second, smile never leaving her face as she leans into Andrea's hand. "Popular misconception, if you can believe it. But when I say Netflix, m'actually referring to the streaming service, as implied by the name."

Andrea snorts. "Who are you two? Have you not seen the internet."

"Maybe not the sites you're on. Do you always get excited for pizza deliveries?" Kara asks, and this time Lena laughs, Kara's eyes flicking to her playfully like it's two against one. Then she says, "Guessing you always order sausage, for the authentic experience."

Which gets her in trouble. Quite literally. "You're in time out, now," Andrea decides, untangling her hand from Kara's hair. "I'm gonna make-out with Lena, and. You're just, going to stay in time out until I say you're not. Got it?"

"Got it."

"Don't smile, this isn't a good thing," Andrea says, dragging her thumb over Kara's bottom lip, tugging it down until her smile finally fades. "You're a spectator, so watch and shut up, that's all you gotta do. It's not that hard," she says, but she's looking back at Lena again, grinning at her. Lena feels like she's out of breath, everything catching up to her that Andrea said they'll kiss. "We were talking about something important before we were rudely interrupted, right?"

"Hey, th--" Kara starts, and Andrea presses her thumb clear into her mouth. Jesus, fuck. It's already a lot to handle, just seeing that, but Kara goes and seals her lips around it, starts to suck on it, letting her eyes flutter shut as she breathes out hard through her nose.


Lena has to turn away, has to catch her breath, what seems like a thoughtful plan, except the only place to turn is Andrea. Which is no help at all for her breathing, because Andrea's face is suddenly closer, and she's just so pretty, skin illuminated like she's actually glowing. Instead of just kissing Lena like she said she would, she pulls her thumb from Kara's mouth, trails the slick of it slow across Lena's lips, and god.

Whatever sound Lena makes gets lost inside Andrea's mouth. The kiss is messy and wet from the start, infinitely less coordinated than the other ones they've had, but it's fucking hot. Andrea keeps biting her lip, keeps making her face messier with her thumb, cupping Lena's cheek and gripping her fingers in her hair, melting against Lena's side like she can't help herself. Everything between them feels so wet and hot, making Lena's body burn up, making her insides churn, twisting and twisting and dipping when she remembers Kara's still fucking watching. The thought makes her hips buck up, Andrea's tongue pushing into her mouth as Lena's brain whites out from the friction. She does it again just on instinct, and Andrea gasps, pulling away to press her mouth against Lena's jaw.

"Crap," Kara whispers, and her eyes are so dark when Lena looks down, cheeks red, hair more fluffy and messy than it is wet now. "I know m'not supposed to talk, but I feel like I have to say something about that."

"No you don't," Andrea starts, then pauses too long when she lifts her head. It's like she's transfixed when she says, "Your lips are so big and dumb," out of breath, eyes dark and misty, calm, the way it gets before a big storm. "I hate the way you're always chewing on them, makes them like, pink and swollen and more dumb."

"Not sure if I'm being complimented or insulted," Kara smiles, like it doesn't faze her either way.

"I just - I wanna kiss you, you big dork," Andrea says, "That's what I'm--"

"I know," Kara interrupts her, before she gets another insult out. "I just wanted to hear you say it out loud. Plainly, I mean."

"Think I'm changing my mind," Andrea says, but her cheeks are past the point of being a cute rosy blushed, tinting up an angry splotchy red as Kara licks her lips and watches her. "Maybe I'll just kiss Lena some more."

"That's okay, too," Kara says, easily.

"More than okay," Andrea defends. "It's fantastic, bet you wish you could be doing it."

"You're not wrong."

"I know I'm not."

Lena feels like she's dying.

"Scoot down here," Kara says to Andrea, calmly, tipping her head. "You looked really good at it. Show me how to kiss her so I can be as good as you. I want to make her feel the way you did."

Lena can see the exact second Andrea's strings snap, face scrunching up like being complimented wasn't allowed, mouth hanging open like she doesn't know where the insult fits. Jesus fuck, this is Andrea speechless and Lena's rarely seen that happen.

"I mean it," Kara goes on. "I really want to impress her. Want to impress you too, to be honest, but you're already convinced I'm dumb, so I don't know. At least I can't lose a lot of points with you, right?"

"I never said you were dumb," Andrea says, weirdly enough, since it's every other word out her mouth to Kara.

"Right," Kara says, smiling wider and licking out over her lips again, like she knows she's cute and charming and getting under Andrea's skin just by being nice. "I'm just a dork that annoys you, and my lips are dumb, but let's be real: probably me too, right?"

"I never said any of that," Andrea says, harder this time, like she's actually defensive. 

Kara must pick up on it, because her face softens and she says, "Hey, it's okay. I'm just teasing, I know you didn't say any of that, I'm sorry," she apologizes, and Andrea just keeps blink blink blinking like she's not sure what to do. "I'm just a little nervous because you're so pretty, um, beautiful, I mean. You look really... nice," she finishes lamely.

"I know I am, don't need you to tell me," Andrea says, and Lena can't figure out why she's fighting back so much, already told Andrea that kissing Kara is amazing. She should be jumping to do it.

"I'm really glad you know that. You should know that, would be a shame if you didn't," Kara says.

Then she does her thing again, when her words stop flowing but her face keeps talking. Andrea does it back, eyes still dark and stormy, both of them silent like they're having an entire conversation telepathically. Whatever gets said between them, it must work, because a few seconds later Andrea scoots down so her face is even with Kara, both propping themselves on their elbows leaned over Lena.

Lena watches them close the gap between them without ever saying anything, watches their noses press together, then she watches Kara whisper wait at the last second, ducking away to blink at Lena too seriously for how Lena's heart is thunking.

"Is this okay?" she asks, like Lena's the deciding factor, like Lena isn't just a passenger on this express train of whatever Kara and Andrea want to do, like Lena isn't throbbing so hard between her legs her thighs are shaking from the force she's pressing them together with. "Not that I don't want, like..." she trails off, glancing at Andrea briefly, eyes dragging slow to her lips as she huffs out air and licks out wetly over her own, before looking back to Lena. "But only if we're all okay?"

"Um," Lena says, wondering if she says yes, it's okay i want it so fucking much in the wrong way will they laugh at her for being too eager, if she'll say it in a way that makes her a slut, if they'll look at her differently if they know Lena wants to see them kiss, if it's fine she admits to it, actually forms the words into a sentence. It feels so much like she's on the spot, like the world will swallow her if she says the words out loud, like she'll make the situation weird or they won't go back to normal afterwards.

It's so easy to just let it happen, go with the flow, laugh it off if someone backs away and never talk about it again.

But Kara wants her to say she wants it, and that feels like it's not fair, not okay, too much pressure.

It makes Lena so much more active in it, and if it goes wrong it was all her idea, and she was the weirdo that made the two girls she likes kiss, so. "I don't mind it," she says, and holds her breath. "If you two want to."

"Do you want us to?" Andrea asks, and Lena feels so flushed she wishes she could catch on fire instead of sitting here knowing how red she is right now, instead of watching them watch her as they make her admit she's so into this her skin is pulsing. "You can just nod, that's okay too."

Lena nods, so fucking fast she doesn't even think first, neck craning head bouncing hair flopping, so eager she should have just fucking said it.

But her heart is lodged so far in her throat, they could probably see her aorta pumping if she opened her mouth at this point, so she keeps it pressed closed and just hopes they stop looking at her. They don't, though. Instead, in sync, in unison, like a well-rehearsed circus act that people pay a hundred-twenty dollars to see, both their faces soften at the same time, and they both get the same look. Lena can't, she, god she can't fucking handle it. She knows that look, she's seen that look. It's the same one she gets when she thinks Andrea's not looking, the same one every guy gives Andrea when she walks away, hips twisting to the beat of some song as she winks at the next best thing. It's the look people give girls like Andrea, because they know in twelve years when they're married to girls like Lena they'll still be thinking about her.

Lena doesn't deserve that look; it's not hers to have.

She's not the one people are scared might get away, she's the one they hurt on purpose.

"I mean yes," she rushes out, because maybe if they just kiss, then she'll stop melting. "I want you to, please, I want it."

"Okay," Kara says, eyes lighting up again, smiling like it's the easiest thing in the world to be that pretty as she slides her hand underneath Lena's shirt. It's so soft, big and heavy and hot on her belly. "I've wanted to kiss you for a while now, to be honest," she tells Andrea, turning so their faces are close enough to knock together, "ever since you teased me about slackpacking back in Cascade Locks."

"Kara Danvers enjoys being teased, surprising absolutely no one," Andrea smiles back, and Kara laughs, shakes her head, presses their foreheads together. Andrea closes her eyes.

Lena stops breathing.

She feels like she's suspended, heat gripping tight and uncomfortable in her belly as her heart beat slunks against her chest like a sledgehammer smashing through drywall. She wants them to like each other as much as she likes each of them. She wouldn't even be jealous about it, not at all, because as weird as it is for her to think it, she knows they both like her, love her, want her for some reason, knows wherever tonight goes is in large part wherever Lena wants it to because they both just want her to be happy. She wants them to kiss. She wants them to kiss kiss kiss, wants it so much that when Kara leans in slow and Andrea breaths out fast and their lips finally press together, Lena shifts her hips up and moans, even though neither one of them makes a noise.

God, sure, not moan, really, more like a clipped off, frustrated sound. But it's definitely involuntary and more sexual and desperate than she wants to be in the silent open air of the room, but. There it was, loud and clear.

"Fuck," Andrea says, dropping back, gripping her hand around Lena's thigh, warm even through her leggings. Then she turns to Lena, flushed cheeks, big eyes glassing up like they're shimmering, and Lena wants to disappear again. "Jesus."

"Sorry," Lena says, automatically.

"Don't be, fuck, not about, god, you're so fucking, just," she stumbles out, sliding her hand up Lena's thigh, nudging them apart until her hand is pressing in snug between Lena's legs, knuckling against Lena's clit like she's trying to rip Lena apart in the too-bright shine of the incandescent lighting.

Lena feels like she's fucking burning up, like she's Los Angeles at the end of every summer--lighting herself on fire under the heat of their eyes as she squirms against Andrea's hand, ears so hot it feels like the sound is getting flushed out of the room. She can't breathe, god she actually can't breathe, because she's still holding her breath too afraid they'll finally see the real her if she makes sudden movements.

"You look so good sometimes, you know?" Andrea says, like she's not making Lena's thighs shake right now, like she's not making her feel so exposed with her hips stuttering underneath Kara's forearm. "I mean, it's all the time, really, but right now--"

She cuts off, chokes off, throat working like she was telling the truth a few days ago when she said looking at Lena makes her want to cry.

"Come here, we weren't finished yet," Kara finally says to Andrea, voice gentle and firm and so fucking sweet. Then she moves forward and kisses her right where it's reddest on her cheek, so soft Andrea turns and tucks her chin to her chest, hand going still between Lena's legs like she's actually, legitimately breaking. Kara just keeps trailing down her cheek, slow and hot, lower and lower until she's talking against her jawline. "Your lips are so soft, you know that?" she asks, and Lena can see Andrea's jaw clench as she swallows. "Show me how to do it right, want to be as good as you, want us to both be good for Lena."

"Stop doing that," Andrea says, but it's obvious whatever defense she was putting up is cracking, splintering in a way Lena didn't know was possible with someone they've just met. Kara Danvers is unraveling Andrea like Lena's never seen anyone else manage, and it's making Lena's heart swell five times its normal size. She's never seen Andrea kiss someone without her mask on, without her guard up, without a smile that doesn't reach her eyes and words that won't mean anything in the morning. But she definitely means it when she whispers, "It's not fair for you to do that."

"I don't know what I'm doing," Kara says, nuzzling her face against Andrea's jaw. "I just really want to kiss you and m'not sure how else to tell you that. But I can stop talking if you want me to."

"Fuck," Andrea breathes out, frustrated and defeated, then she lifts her head.

Kara barely waits a second before she kisses her again.

It starts off slow, both their mouths closed and sticking together, so pink and so soft and so vulnerable, then Andrea sighs into the kiss and Kara licks right between her lips, and the room feels even more stuffy than it did before, god, it's just.

Andrea kisses Lena like she's saying i know your face, your mouth, your lips your jaw every inch of the curves on your body, but she doesn't kiss Kara, she lets Kara kiss her. She opens her mouth and lets Kara devour her, lets Kara tuck her bottom lip between her teeth and pull at it, lets her get her lips puffy and glistening, transitioning to darker and darker shades of red the longer it goes on. She lets Kara kiss her until she drops her head again, until she's gripping tight into Lena's thigh, breathing in and out hard and fast through her nose like this is the first breath she's caught in her entire adult life. Then she looks up and presses back into it like she's hungry for it, desperate, like she's feeling it with every inch of her body.

Lena feels so worked up, she's scared she might have one of those weird touch-free orgasms and ruin the whole mood. It gets particularly bad when Kara starts thumbing across her belly button, when Andrea remembers to move her hand again and starts rubbing Lena through her leggings, when they both keep touching Lena while kissing each other. Lena closes her eyes and tilts her head back and tries to breathe through her nose, breathe through her nose, but she opens her mouth and accidentally moans, for real this time, circling her hips against Andrea's fingers until she hears someone gasp jesus.


She opens her eyes, blinks the dots away, assumes it's Andrea who stopped again, but Andrea's face is pressed into Kara's neck and Kara's the one staring at her this time, lips cherry-red and kiss-swollen. She keeps blinking her eyes slow, running her thumb over Lena's belly slow, and Lena's heart is beating so fast it just makes her feel like she's in hyperspeed and everything else has stalled out.

"I think it's our turn now?" Kara mostly asks, even her words fucking slow, and Lena feels it again, like she's evaporating. "I mean if that's okay, god, sorry, didn't mean to blurt that out, I just, if you don't want to that's fine, too. But I'd love to kiss you again, is all I'm saying."

"No, I want to," Lena says fast, swallowing reflexively, thinking about how she'll have to change her underwear when they're done kissing because she can feel how hot and damp she is between her legs, against the fabric. It's only natural, she knows that, but she wonders what they'd think of her if they knew she was soaked enough she could feel it squishing when she moves her hips. "Sorry, m'sort of awkward."

"I showed up with BBQ chips," Kara smiles. "I think awkward's my adjective, you have to pick a new one."

"I dunno," Lena says, relaxing a little. "Dumb?"

"That one's mine, too."


"No, that one's mine," Andrea says, lifting her head.

"What about cute?" Kara says to Andrea.

"I think she's really cute," Andrea agrees, massaging Lena's thigh. "She's so sweet, too. Should have heard her earlier."

"Oh, yeah?" Kara asks, licking her lips as Andrea scoots back so she can kiss Lena right at the crease of her thigh, lips on the edge of Lena's underwear through the fabric. "Thought it was my turn to kiss her? You can't jump in line, it's not polite."

"No one's stopping you from coming down here," Andrea says, kissing Lena farther in this time, like she's working her way to kissing right between her legs--a thought that has Lena spreading her thighs, as wide as she can go while bunched between the two of them, has her cheeks flaming up because she feels embarrassed that she's so obviously asking for it, but she also wants it. "You're the only one that's standing in your way, right Lena?"

It takes her second to realize they're both paused, that they're both looking at her because they want her to answer again.

She wishes they'd just do what they want, that they'd just guide Lena through it and make all the decisions and not make her talk or have to give a go-ahead. She's never slept with one person, let alone two, and she just. She feels outnumbered and nervous and anxious, but in a fucking good way, like she's excited. It feels like the few minutes before skydiving, before she jumps out of the airplane, when she keeps thinking about all the ways she can die and not about how much fun it's going to be. She just wishes they would push her already so she can finally feel what it's like to be truly flying, and manage to get out of her fucking head. God.

"Please," she finally breaks, because she doesn't know what else to say, what else to do. But it makes Kara's mouth fall open the second it leaves her lips, and Lena thinks she likes that, too, so. Maybe she does want to talk. "I mean, yeah, m'not stopping you, want you to do whatever you want to, don't even have to ask. I trust you."

"Oh my god," Kara gasps, staring at Lena like she belongs in the holy trinity.

"Told you she was sweet," Andrea says, like she's proud, shifting to spread Lena's thigh more so she can press her mouth right against her clit. She doesn't even kiss this time, just lets her warm breath pool there. "Could you imagine if someone else got here before we did? Someone not as good? Just think what would have happened if--"

"We don't ever have to think about that," Kara says, shifting her attention from Lena to Andrea, taking her hand from underneath Lena's shirt so she can turn a bit and tangle it in the mess of hair on Andrea's head. "We're here, so we don't have to, okay?"

"Okay," Andrea agrees, blinking wide back at Kara, staring staring staring until her eyes fall to her lips.

This time Andrea starts the kiss, pushing Lena's legs apart so she can huddle herself between them, lifting up slightly and leaning over Lena's torso to kiss Kara more boldly than she did last time. Kara keeps her fingers tangled in her hair, grips it tighter every time Andrea pushes in, until Andrea finally relaxes and lets her mouth go slack for Kara to lick inside. Just the brief glimpse of Kara's tongue makes Lena gasp, makes her grind her ass into the mattress because she wants it on her, wants it in her, wants it wherever Kara wants to put it. 

They don't seem to mind her moving this time, or at least it doesn't make them stop. If anything it makes them more frantic the more Lena moves her hips, the more sounds she makes, and she keeps making sounds and keeps moving her hips, up and down and circling them, so they're all worked up and breathing hard and flushed by the time Kara and Andrea break apart.

"Jeez," Kara says, taking her hand out of Andrea's hair so she can run it through her own, mostly dry now, a golden tangle of fluffed up curls. "If I'm honest, I thought this was like, all a big joke at first. But I'm so into the both of you, I hope this is real." 

She says it so fucking genuinely, that Andrea doesn't even crack a joke about it, just tugs Kara up by her t-shirt collar so she can kiss her again, quick this time, then drops her hand down and cups it right between Lena's legs.

"Think I could prove to you how real this is," she says. Lena squirms underneath her, blinking heavy, so worked up she feels like she has a pulse right there in her clit, beating double-time when Andrea slides her hand up and curls her fingers in Lena's waistband. "She was so out of it after you kissed her the first time, had to grab her shoulder and ruffle her so she'd blink the daze out of her eyes."

Kara smiles. "She couldn't even look at me after, got so nervous she begged for you."

"Did she?" Andrea asks, smiling back, and Lena mumbles please because it feels like they don't notice her, like they've forgotten she's there. They're telling all her secrets like she's not right here. "I'll never fucking get over that, god," Andrea says, dragging her eyes over Lena, before giving her attention to Kara again, gently tugging Lena's waistband. "I think if you kissed her anywhere but here at this point it'd just be considered torture. She's had enough foreplay, probably not gonna last long as it is."

"That's fine," Kara says, dropping her hand onto Lena's thigh, so warm and so heavy, holding her open, trailing up between her legs. She looks at Lena then, and Lena's so far hazed, she's just praying Kara doesn't ask another question. And she doesn't. She just gives Lena's thigh a squeeze, then tells her more than asks, "We should probably get these off, yeah?"

Lena doesn't need any more instruction than that, lifts her hips off the bed and Kara and Andrea instantly have their hands on her, pulling her leggings off, eyes widening when she settles back down. Both of them shuffling back and lifting up more so they can hold Lena open and just look at her. She doesn't feel she's particularly sexy, never really has, but it doesn't really matter with the way they're both staring, eyes watching Lena just as hungrily as guys look at Andrea.

"Shit," Andrea mumbles, soft and quiet, sliding her hand up Lena's bare thigh as she spreads her more, Lena just barely starting to feel the stretch of being too open. "You can see how wet you are through your underwear, soaked right through them. Amazing."

"Sorry," Lena murmurs, because she doesn't know how it got this way. They haven't even paid attention to her in what feels like hours. They just keep talking like she's not there and kissing each other, but somehow Lena's getting off on that, too.

"How do we get her to stop apologizing for being perfect?" Kara asks thoughtfully.

"I dunno," Andrea shrugs. "Feels like she thinks we're upset that she's wet."

"I'm definitely not upset with it," Kara says, tucking her fingers under the elastic of Lena's underwear between her legs. Lena's so sure that Kara's just going to stop on the edge, that she just about breaks when she pushes in farther, slips her fingers between Lena's folds where she's wettest, fluttering over her hole before she presses a finger in, so thick and so fucking deep. "Look how easy that is."

Andrea's already looking, though, tugging Lena's underwear aside, so Lena's fully exposed as Kara pulls her finger out and presses it back in, touches some spot inside Lena that makes her see stars floating around the room. Lena wants to ride her finger, wants to lift her hips up and take in more, wants to do things that, ugh, even just thinking about it makes her body feel like it's on fire. There's so much heat curling through her that she doesn't even have the capacity to be nervous anymore, just to feel, something so illicit about the way they're both touching her, holding her clothes aside, watching Kara fuck in and out of her like it's okay to make her feel this good and this exposed at the same time.

"I think I know how to make her stop," Andrea says after what feels like an eternity, still running with that line of thought like they haven't transitioned into Lena falling apart. "Have the perfect idea."

Kara stops moving her finger, just holds it inside Lena as she turns to Andrea, nibbling her lip a second before she smiles. "You want to taste, don't you?" she asks, blushing as she ducks her head. "You're right, that is perfect. You're so smart."

Lena doesn't know what affects her more: the fact they're very obviously talking about tasting her, or the fact that Andrea visibly preens when she's being complimented by Kara.

"I just think it's the best way to show her we love it," Andrea says, this time like she's bashful, like she's seeking confirmation.

"I think so, too," Kara nods, pulling her finger from inside Lena, twisting her hand around and rubbing the back of her knuckle against Andrea's lips. Lena can see how slick it is from where she's craning her neck, how wet Andrea's lips are getting, right before she opens her mouth and buries Kara's finger inside, hollowing her cheeks around and sucking, swallowing, jesus.

"I think I get it," Lena says, because she feels like she's going to pass out. "Please, I just, I want it."

"Alright," Kara smiles, wrestling her finger from Andrea's mouth, putting it in her own like she's licking it clean. "We were talking about kisses before, yeah?" she asks after, like she's not breaking Lena. "You want to try that too?"

Lena just nods.

"Good, you can have all the kisses you want," Andrea says, climbing up the bed again, curling against Lena's side and immediately kissing her jawline. "You doing okay?"

"Yeah," Lena says, more comfortable talking when she's being held, when Andrea's crowding in front of her face and she can just focus on her. "I'm doing good, really good."

"If you stop doing good, just let me know, or tap me three times or say stop or red, whatever is more comfortable for you."

"Okay," Lena says. "I don't want to stop, though."

"I know," Andrea says, running her hand up Lena's neck, thumbing over her ear, fingers in her hair. "I just like knowing that you know."

"You're always so good to me," Lena says, because she's always wanted to say that. Because, despite all the shit that Lena's gone through in her past, Andrea still found a way to convince Lena "Scared to Trust" Luthor that it was impossible for her to ever break her heart, that all she'd ever be is good to Lena, that she'd only ever protect Lena even in their bad times. She still sends flowers to Lena when they're arguing, always leaves a note on the card--i'm still mad at you but I still love you. She always puts Lena first and second and third and has to be reminded to at least put herself fourth. Even if Andrea didn't agree to join Lena and Kara, Lena knows that she still would have been there, always, telling embarrassing hike stories at the wedding reception and holding Lena's hand after too much whiskey at her own celebration party. She's just so good. "I love you, you know?"

"You can't be sweet and sappy during sex," Andrea retorts. "You trying to kill a girl?"

"Just say you love me back, please?"

"I love you back," Andrea says, putting her thigh over Lena's and pressing it open more. "Now I wanna watch you get your soul shaken, if that's okay with you."

"As long as I live," Lena laughs.

"I don't know, it'd be a good way to go, riding a high wave."

"No one's dying here," Kara cuts in, lying comfortably between Lena's legs now. "You're left unsupervised for two seconds and this happens."

"Be better at supervising, then," Andrea snaps back.

"There she is," Kara smiles. "Thought I lost you for a second when you stopped insulting me."

"God, shut up. Just put your mouth on Lena. Just do it."

"Is that why you're wearing a Nike shirt?" Kara asks, and Andrea knees the side of her head. "Okay, okay, well if we've resorted to abuse, I guess I can resolve this with my mouth."

"You're so dumb."

"Lena doesn't think so," Kara says easily, kissing the inside of Lena's thigh. It's true, but Lena's not sure she'd ever admit that while they're arguing. She's Switzerland and she's horny and her clit is throbbing just from feeling Kara's breath when she talks. "I know she'd never say it in front of you, but I know she feels it, and that's all that matters."

"Eat her out or I will," Andrea threatens, and Kara gasps, but she doesn't say another word.

Instead, she finally moves Lena's underwear aside, stares at her a second, and then she goes in tongue first. She licks right into Lena without hesitation, warm and soft and ugh, the relief from it is so fucking overwhelming, Lena grabs at the first things she can get her hands on--one hand gripping in Kara's hair, the other into Andrea's thigh--moaning soft and long as she opens her legs wider. She keeps feeling like she wants more more more, holding Kara's head as she rocks against her face.

"God, just suck her already," Andrea says, sliding her hand underneath Lena's shirt, thumbing her nipple through her sports bra as she licks up Lena's jaw. Lena turns so they can properly kiss, but she only manages to gasp into Andrea's mouth, lips going slack and useless as Kara sucks firmly around her clit. She gets so fucking close so fast, she starts jerking each time Kara applies pressure. Every time she switches from broad licks to sucking again, Lena's breath rushes out of her, body tensing up, legs trying to snap shut but mostly straining because she's being held open. "Do you want to come?" Andrea asks, like it isn't obvious, voice husky like she's affected too. "I think she's trying to draw it out, but you whimper each time she pulls off, so you can just tell her you want to come."

Fuck, Lena didn't know that was even an option.

"I wanna come," she says fast, high-pitched and needy and too far gone to feel any kind of way about it. Besides, she seems to always get her way when she says, "Please. Pleasepleasefuckingplease, I wanna come."

Kara immediately goes back to sucking, and Lena tenses again, shaky and jittery, thighs vibrating, back arching. This time Kara rides it out until Lena snaps, until she feels her body reaching a point of no return, like everything is rolling down hill, avalanching down and it can't go back up, like a flood, like a wave, like a tsunami. God, she's fucking coming and making water references, this feels so good.

"Jesus, look at you," Andrea breathes, and it feels like the heat revitalizes in Lena to roll through her again, like her orgasm is just repeating itself, like she actually is dying. "I wanna see you like this every day, think I'd be the happiest woman on earth."

"Andy," Lena pleads.

"No, fuck, I mean it, you're so--"

"No, Andy, I mean," Lena fumbles, gripping Andrea's thigh hard, pushing Kara's head away, finally closing her legs and turning so she can burrow into Andrea's chest. She is done coming, she wants it to end. 

"You okay?" Kara asks, massaging the backs of her thighs, kissing against her ass over her underwear. "Tell me if I--"

"She's fine," Andrea cuts in. "She just feels really good, like after you kissed her."

"Right, okay, good, that makes sense," Kara rushes out, like she's relieved. "While m'down here, I'd love to make you feel good, too."

"No fucking way," Andrea says fast, jokingly, and Lena wants to be like no, it's good, but her being in a coma right now isn't helping anything. "Get up here and grab Lena. We're gonna see what you're working with, better be at least eight inches."

"I'm a grower, not a shower," Kara says, and Lena can feel the bed denting behind her as Kara climbs up and lies down behind her.

"Yeah, said every little dick ever," Andrea says, nudging Lena until she's flipped over and instantly folded in Kara's arms instead. She smells so good, Lena thinks, like every smell on her feels so new and unexplored and intoxicating, and. Suddenly Lena feels awake because she just wants to see Kara get touched, her face when she comes, how her mouth looks when it's making pretty sounds. She lifts her head up a little, lets Kara kiss her cheek, watches as Andrea crosses to the other side of Kara and starts untying the strings on her sweats. "I'm gonna blow your mind and you're not gonna think of anything else for the rest of your life."

"Okay," Kara says, laughing sheepishly. "Um, just by the way, m'sort of a giver. I'm not opposed to getting, but going down on girls is one of my favorite things to do, so--"

"You're gonna shoot your shot too early, aren't you?"

"I'll try my best not to," Kara says. "No promises, though, with your magical fingers. But, no, seriously, I've never felt like, you know? This has been so fun, I feel like I'm dreaming."

"You think it'd be better in a dream or worse?" Andrea asks. "Is there anything we could be doing better?"

"What, no," Kara says. "No, you're perfect. Both of you."

Fuck, Lena can't take it anymore. She rolls her head up and says, "Andy, she's so good, stop making fun of her. It's obvious she's nervous."

"I know, m'just trying to make her laugh," Andrea says fast. "So she'll loosen up. She's not offended, right?"

"Yeah, we're fine," Kara confirms. "No worries, it's okay." 

"Yeah, she's getting the sweet end of this deal," Andrea grins, sucking two of her fingers into her mouth afterwards. She's a little sloppy about it, too wet, like she's trying to soak her fingers and not just get them damp. Lena's knows exactly where she's putting them the second they leave her mouth, but she's still surprised at how Kara gasps when Andrea's hand disappears inside her pants. "You didn't even need my help, did you?" she asks, and Kara hisses, lifting her chest off the bed. Lena wants to touch her nipples, wants to put her hand in her shirt, but she's so scared she'll mess up and ruin the mood. "Think you're more wet than Lena was."

"Don't worry, it's not a competition," Kara says, turning and kissing Lena's chin, panting wetly against it once Andrea starts moving her hand back and forth, probably working her finger in and out. "This feels so good, wow."

"Also not a competition," Andrea smiles, like she's smug with herself, glowing pretty with the light shining behind her, pulling her hand up and working her fingers with the motion of Kara's hips. Kara spreads her legs wider shamelessly, twists her hand in Lena's shirt, less coordinated by the second. "You're shaky already, look at you."

"Told you," Kara mumbles, lulling her head back.

Andrea just keeps going, circling her wrist, holding it steady, and ugh. It doesn't look so hard, when Lena thinks about it, not that daunting. Kara's already so close and it won't take that much and Lena just wants to touch, and she feels like she can do that and not mess it up, so.

"I think I want to touch too," she blurts before she can think too hard about it, lifting up a little, sliding her hand slow down Kara's belly, because she's still fucking nervous. "Just a little, just want to see how you feel for myself. You look so good."

"I'm gonna come," Kara breathes out in a rush, legs snapping closed before Lena's hand ever makes it, mumbling, "Jesus Christ," as she presses her forehead against Lena's neck and squirms against her body.

"Maybe next time, babe," Andrea shrugs, keeping her hand in Kara's pants until Kara calms down, pulling out when she does and massaging Kara's thigh until her breathing evens out too.

"Sorry," Kara apologizes, pausing while she swallows and catches another breath, relaxing against Lena. "That hit out of nowhere, jesus, but holy wow, your hands really are magical. Can't wait to get mine on you."

"It's okay," Andrea says, and this time it's not just Lena that picks up on it as weird.

"It's okay... for me to touch you?" Kara asks.

"No, it's okay, you don't have to," Andrea says, scooting over and sitting cross-legged next to Kara, hugging her arms around her belly. "It's just, I don't really - m'used to faking it a lot, is the thing, and I don't want to do that with you two. But I'm scared I won't be able to come, because I normally don't. I haven't for a while now, so - I just don't want to ruin the whole thing we have going."

"Could it just be," Kara starts, pausing as she twists away from Lena to sit up herself, "that you're just having bad sex, or sex with people you don't really like? I mean that, seriously."

"Yeah, I thought about that," Andrea says. "The last time I came, it was with this guy, but I was thinking about Lena," she finishes so quietly, the AC nearly drowns her out. "I just don't--I don't want you to think you're bad."

"Well, thankfully, we have us a Lena right here," Kara says, leaning forward and putting a hand on Andrea's knee. "And it's okay if you don't come, but I wanna at least try. We can tap out whenever you want to, and I won't be offended."

"Me either," Lena adds in. "I just want you to feel nice."

"It's also okay if you do come," Kara says. "Because I don't think either one of us wants to go anywhere, if we can help it, so you don't have to worry about how you'll ever go back to how it was before, the guys before."

Lena can tell that's the real problem from the way Andrea sinks into herself. God, she's been all laughs and jokes and Lena's been too out of it to realize she's probably been trying to shield herself the whole time. But, weirdly, it feels like Kara did notice. "I'm nervous, too," she goes on, "but we don't have to end this before it starts just because of that. This feels so nice, you know. You don't have to cut your nose off to spite your face."

"That's about revenge, isn't it?" Andrea whispers, and Kara gets this crinkle between her brows like she's confused. "Cutting your nose off? It's about hurting yourself more than you hurt the other person. I'm not sure it applies."

"You get my point, though, right? Then it applies."

"You're actually a potato," Andrea says. "I was just joking before, but you're actually a--" she's cut off by Kara falling forward and tickling her, laugh bubbling up warm and pretty. "Stop, you used it wrong and you know it."

"You're not getting out of me getting you off," Kara says, moving her hands. "Respectfully, that is, you can always say no. Of course."

"Fine," Andrea sighs. "Respectfully. But give me a C+, not an A."

"A C+ is a 2.3, and that's disgusting."

"Fine, B-."

"That's a 2.7 and it's even worse because it sounds better than it is. Thought you weren't gonna fake it."

"I hate you," Andrea smiles.

"Get on your back," Kara smiles back. "Come on, gonna give you the A+ action."

"Fine," Andrea says, shuffling past Kara and lying down, cheeks flushing as she lifts her hips off the bed and rolls her pants down and over her feet. She's not wearing any underwear, but she keeps her thighs pressed together, her hand covering the tight junction between them.

"You gonna let me in?" Kara asks. "Or you want me to knock first?"

"Oh my god," Andrea groans, closing her eyes as she moves her hand, letting her legs drop open slow like she's cautious. "Just so you'll shut up already."

Kara doesn't respond, just looks down at her, wetting her lips, eyes dark and unreadable. "So, I can touch?" she finally asks, and Andrea nods, chest suspended like she's holding her breath, entire body tense.

"Okay, then," Kara says, gently touching the inside of Andrea's thighs first. "I'm gonna touch you now," she informs her, then she flattens her palm low on Andrea's belly, presses her down, takes a breath, slips her fingers where it's probably slick between Andrea's legs, and then she slides her middle finger inside her. She does it carefully the first time, presses it in slow slow slow and pulls out even slower. When she's almost fully out, she adds another finger before she goes in again, this time faster and tilted up more, in and out, in and out, once, twice, and then Andrea's thighs jump as her eyes fling open and her hand flies to Kara's wrist, holding it still.

"Something wrong?" Kara asks.

"No," Andrea says, soft, like she's ashamed of something. "No, I think something's just. Right. Sorry."

She lets Kara's wrist go and Kara pulls out again, hesitates a second, but then she pushes back in. It's the same way as the last time, tilted up towards that spot, Lena just knows, the same one she hit inside of Lena, and Andrea relaxes down again. Kara just keeps doing that, doing that and doing that and doing that, all the while Andrea's sinking more into the mattress, getting shakier and shakier, squeezing her hands in the sheets, mouthing out wordlessly, choking on little sounds.

"How's it feel?" Kara asks, studying Andrea's face like she's mounted up in the Louvre.

"It's like, it's okay, god, I don't know, what the fuck, it's actually really good," Andrea breathes out, back arching off the bed slightly. She clamps herself back down before Kara can, though. "I didn't think, didn't expect, I like it."

"What part of it is good?" Kara asks, so calm and so focused, even though Andrea's jumpy around her fingers. "What do you like the most?"

"I don't know, when you touch this one spot it feels like, better than normal."

"This spot right here?" Kara asks, hefting Andrea's hips toward her and dropping her palm as she presses her fingers up.

"God, yeah," Andrea drags out, barely even a whisper. "It feels like, I can't describe it. Like it's, fuck," she cuts off, swallowing, breathing, blinking like it'll actually clear her head. It won't. "It feels like it's pressure building, sort of like, it's weird, but kind of like when I have to pee or something."

"That's good," Kara says. "We're on the right track then, just have to let that build more. Tell me what else you like."

"I don't know," Andrea huffs, soft and breathy, letting her head fall back, sucking in a loud bubble of air when Kara drops the hand on her belly down, spreads her open, starts thumbing over her clit as she fucks her. "Yeah, that, I like that, please," she begs. Lena snorts. "Lena, I swear--"

"I'm sorry, just didn't know how much you liked to beg," she teases, and earns a thigh slap because of it, skin pinking up for a second before fading to normal again. Maybe it's the fact that they're all different levels of blissed out and still having sex, but there's something about that that Lena likes, too. She pushes that thought away. "Is it still good?"

"It feels, fucking, like, I don't know. It's good and weird and different, fuck, I don't know m'not, like, coherent."

Lena doesn't need her to be, can fill in the blanks because she felt it herself, the heat, the rush of it, the way it felt like her nerves multiplied and everything got more and more sensitive. She doesn't know how Andrea's managing to ride that out for this long without snapping. But she does, just keeps moving with Kara's hand as Kara fucks her, shaking like she's close then calming down, over and over until she's lasted longer than Lena and Kara combined.

"God, you're so close, I can feel it," Kara says, pressing Andrea down and fucking into her hard. "You just gotta let go, babe."

"I want to, but I can't," Andrea says, voice climbing like she's frustrated and whining about it.

"You can, you're just not letting yourself. It's like you don't want to."

"Fuck you, I want to," Andrea grits out. Hard for a single second before she's soft again when she says, "It's just not easy."

"Can I still touch?" Lena asks, out of her mouth so unexpectedly and so fast it takes her a second to grab the follow up words. "You said earlier I could, as much as I want. So, is it still okay?"

"Yeah, I mean, always, of course, fuck."

Lena slides in as soon as the words are out, presses herself against Andrea and slides her hand up her shirt, flicks one of her nipples and watches her eyes close. Then she takes one of Andrea's nipples between her fingers, rubbing it between them, experimenting with different types of pressure and figuring out what makes Andrea clench her jaw, what makes her open her mouth, what makes her scrunch her face up or run out of breath. She's so caught up in it, she nearly startles when Kara's speaks.

"Is that better?" Kara asks, and Andrea just blushes brighter this time, turns and presses her face into Lena's neck, grinding her ass into the bed and arching her back so much Kara has to push her down. "Nice," Kara smiles. "Now we're getting somewhere."

To be honest: Lena's always wanted this.

It's almost embarrassing how much she's dreamed and thought and fantasized about the sounds Andrea makes. How jealous she used to get, always blaming it on wanting to be fucked like Andrea was, but deep down knowing it was because she wanted to be responsible for those noises. She wanted them to be for her, selfishly, wanted every sound that left Andrea's mouth to be a direct result of and product for Lena and Lena only. Except Andrea isn't making any sound now, she's so goddamn silent, even though Lena can tell it's good. She can feel Andrea shaking with each breath, feel her biting against Lena's neck, feel her fingernails gripping and soothing and regripping Lena's skin. It's like she's fucking unraveling, like she's falling apart, like she truly cannot catch her breath, and it hits Lena so starkly, then: her goal should have never been to pull noises out of Andrea, it should have always been to make her fucking quiet.

"Fuck," Andrea whispers, gripping Lena harder than she's done so far, and Lena lifts her head in time to look down and catch Andrea tilting her head back, mouth falling open, eyes squeezing shut, cheeks blotched red as she comes. It's so fucking pretty it makes Lena's heart beat faster, makes her winded, makes her feel like she going crazy, makes her realize why Andrea says she wants to see Lena like that every single day. "Fuck, I hate this," Andrea grumbles, barely even down from it yet, Kara's hand still squeezed between her thighs. "It was so good, fuck. My life is over now. We better get three-way married, I swear."

Kara pulls her hand free and strokes Andrea's thigh, smiles up at them like she's the happiest person in the world. Lena tries not pay attention to the tug between her legs, the one she gets just looking at the both of them, thinking about the fact that they're all flushed and fucked and happy. Holy shit this worked, she keeps re-playing in her head, because it did somehow, and they want it just as much as Lena does. God, they fucking want it, too, and Lena never thought that'd happen in a million years.

"You know, that's not that unreasonable," Kara decides. "I think the hardest part of this whole thing, honestly, will be figuring out who has to tell Alex. There's still a month left in this hike, and she's definitely going to notice. If she hasn't already."