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I Found Me In Your Heart

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1500 years ago

"You're an IDIOT! The entire town is looking for you and you're sitting under a tree and eating clementines! Everyone and their third cousin is busy with making pickled dihi for winter and you're lazing around??!!"

Her words sound like nectar to me, even though she is scolding me. Frankly, I don't care about what she says. I know I'm a useless bum. Do I plan to do anything about it except piss her off? Absolutely not.

However, I love her a lot. She knows it, but not in the way I want her to know. Not in the way I want her to love me.

I can say one thing though. We will be together, forever.

After all, I am her Seongryeong, and she is my Malsoon.