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Floating and Dancing (Working in progress)

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     The town of Derry. Quite, nice, tons of cases of missing children. Perfect! Even on a day like this with all the rain and such, all the kids were happy. Well... besides one. Georgie Denbrough. The poor 7 year old boy had no friends to call, or play out in the rain. Georgie, at this moment, was sitting on the couch in their lovely home with their older brother upstairs. Georgie huffed as he stared out the window, seeing the raindrops hit with PLUNK PLUNK PLUNK against the window. If only I had a friend, Georgie thought. The poor boy only wanted a friend to spend time with. To eat popcorn and watch movies, or play Hide-&-Seek, or go play in the streets, or play in the rain. Funny thing actually, no one really likes rain. It gets you wet and everything! Though, Georgie has a secret weapon. 

     As Georgie kept his eyes on the window, slowly moving his eyes to a model ship. He pictured himself sailing the ship against the harsh weather. The rain from outside making his imagination even better. "GET THOSE SAILS UP!" Georgie would yell out to his non-existing friend. He giggled to himself as he jumped up. "Billy!" Georgie called up stairs to his brother, his voice filled with happiness. The only answer he got was silence. Georgie walked over to the stairs and looked up, a confused look covered his face. 

"...Billy...?" Georgie would call out once again, getting upstairs to his brother's bedroom. 

     In his brother's room was one large bed, a closet filled with hanged clothes and even a dresser on the left side of the room. To the right side was Bill's desk that was in front of the window. To each side of the bed was nightstands, each with lamps and a photo to the right one. The only light that lit the room was from the window which only made the room a bit dark. Anyways, Bill was sleeping in his large bed with his thick, fluffy blanket covering him from feet to shoulders. His head digging into the pillow as if it was heaven's cloud. Maybe it is... or it was just Bill trying to sleep.

Georgie smiled with happiness, running over to his brother, as he shook him awake. "Billy! Billy!!" He said excitedly.

Bill just groans in his sleep, shrugging his shoulder to get Georgie to stop shaking him. "Guh-georgieee." He moaned as his eyes fluttered open. "Wuh-what is it?"

Georgie stopped shaking him, looking at his brother, "I want a boat to play with." he said. "Like... can you make one for me, Billy? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?" Georgie asked, pleading to his brother to make a boat for him to play outside. "I wanna play with it outside in the rain, it'll keep me company!"

The older brother blinked as he leaned up from his bed, sighing in defeat. "F-fine. G-g-g...." Bill started, but was cut off when he choked on his words. "Guh-get me paper, ok?" Bill sat up in his bed, rubbing his eyes and yawned. 

Georgie smiled and nodded, "Ok!" he said, in excitement and with happiness he ran over to go get the paper, as he knew where it was usually. As he grabbed the paper and ran back to his brother, he gave the paper to Bill, "Here you go." he said, trying to keep his excitement low, but he just couldn't!

     Bill took the paper, placing it in front of him on the bed. He took his time making the boat, yawning here and there. With each fold, the rain seemed to get louder, and louder. Bill looked up from half way down with the boat and looked at Georgie, thinking for a second and sighed. He could let Georgie go out in the rain with a boat and most possibly get sick, or he could force Georgie to stay here. Those innocent eyes though... Bill couldn't let his brother be unhappy. He looked back down at the paper and continued folding, smiling a bit with his sleepy face. "G-georgie, could you go downst-airs and get me-e the wax?" Bill asked.

While Bill was making the boat, Georgie watched Bill make the boat, his eyes innocent and excited, yet curious. He looked up at Bill, as he looked scared... but he didn't want to refuse it, after all, he really wanted to go outside in the rain and play with his boat! He nodded, as he walked out of his brother's room, as he head downstairs and into the basement... Georgie walked down the steps, looking around the basement scared, as it looked dark and scary! He headed down, looking around for the wax, as he looked around for the wax, the thunder from the rain scared him, as he jumped, as he quickly grabbed the wax, feeling like there's something watching him, as he imagined red glowing eyes watching him from the shadows... Georgie heard a crack of thunder again, as he ran up at the stairs again without looking back, huffing and puffing, the boy ran out of the basement and slammed the door shut, breathing heavily, having the wax in his hands.

Georgie sighed, walking back up the stairs to his brother's room, as he had the wax in his hands, walking over to his brother, "I got the wax." Georgie said, his breathing calming down as he plopped the wax on Bill's bed.

     "Than-ks, Georgie." Bill said, taking the wax from off the bed. He stood up and walked over to his desk, setting down both the paper boat and the wax box. He looked around his messy desk for something. When his eyes met a paintbrush, he took it and dipped it into the wax box that he had opened. With gentle strokes, Bill painted the boat in clear wax. The wax made the boat shine in the light that came from the window. Within a couple minutes, the boat was done being covered in wax from top to bottom. For the last touch, he used a sharpie to write on the boat.

S.S. Georgie


Georgie walked up to Bill, watching him wax the boat and watching him write on the boat with the sharpie.

"Her-e Georgie." Bill said, handing the boat to Georgie with a short smile and baggy eyes.

Georgie smiled softly and grabbed the boat, "Thanks, Billy." he said. As he had the boat in his hands, he admired the boat, a short smile on his face. He glanced over at his brother and had a look of genuine happiness, he went to go and hug Bill, as he let go and smiled and waved goodbye, "Bye, Billy!" he said. "I'll try and be careful, I promise." He said, and smiled. "I love you, Bill." he said genuinely, leaving his room, as he went downstairs and went to go and change into a yellow slicker and galoshes. (kit_Kat123: A slicker is a raincoat made from smooth material, and galoshes are rain boots, it is taken directly from the IT novel) With the boat in his hand, and after he finished preparing to go outside in the rain, he opened the front door, and walked out of the Denbrough household, closing the door as he walked away from the house, looking over at Bill's bedroom window, as he waved goodbye one more time, a smile appearing on his lips. Chasing down the paper boat in the rain as the boat sailed down the water, Georgie chasing the boat cheerfully, as he started giggling to himself. Suddenly, as the boat sailed and sailed and as Georgie chased down the boat and genuinely enjoying himself, he wasn't watching where he was going, BAM! Georgie hit his head on a Derry sign as he fell, missing the boat as it sailed even faster, sailing away from the boy... as Georgie looked up, groaning from the pain... he looked up, panic rushing through the boy. "No!" He yelled, getting up as he ran and ran pass the sign, chasing after the boat, as it sailed down Jackson St., his fun was ruined as the boy yelled after the boat, "NO!" The boat was going for a storm drain, that made the rain push it in, as Georgie ran over to the sewer drain, "No, no, no..." He muttered, panic in his voice, kneeling down to the drain, "Bill's gonna kill me!" He exclaimed. Georgie put his head lower, looking down into the drain trying to look for his boat.

     In the darkness of the sewer drain was two glowing yellow eyes. They were looking at Georgie in hunger. As Georgie saw the glowing yellow eyes, he jumped and screamed, staring at the yellowy eyes in the darkness. Out of the darkness, a white face of clown peeked through. Their eyes were dark blue of kindness, even long red lines stretch down and curve around the cheeks to get to the clowns mouth. Their lips were even red too. The clowns hair was a copper, or was it red? Must be hard to see due to the darkness of the sewers. Anyways, the clown looked up at Georgie, smiling bright to show IT's yellow-ish teeth. "HeYa, GEorGie!"

Georgie looked at the clown, looking scared as he breathed heavily.

The clown frowns at the site of this. The clown lowers it's head, speaking, "WhAt's wRonG, GeoRgiE?"

Georgie looked at the clown, and shakes his head, "Um, nothing, sir..." he said.

"Oh, noW... doNt liE tO dEar oLd PenNyWise! WhAt iS wRonG, GeoRgiE? Is iT.... nO frIEndS?" The clown said in a deep voice, titling head to the left slightly.

Georgie nodded, looking sad. "People in my school push me away and bully me, they don't accept me." He said. "I just... I wish I had a true friend... someone who will actually be there for me!"

"YesSs, fRiendS..." The clown said, yellow popping out of their eyes. "We cOulD fRienDs.~" The so called, Pennywise, lifted the boat up in the reach range of Georgie's little self. "JuSt tAke youR bOaT! As a SigN iN oUr fRienDshIp!"

Georgie smiled at the clown, as he went to reach his hand out to retrieve his boat, trusting the clown fully. The clown grinned as it stared at Georgie with bright yellow eyes, getting close to Georgie as he was reaching for the boat.

"ThAt'S iT... AlIttLe mORe cloSeR.~" The strange clown, Pennywise, said. 

Then right there, after Georgie had his grip on the boat, something pulls Georgie away and forcing him to look at the person, or thing. There, standing in front of Georgie with a grip around their shoulders was a creepy, tall man. His face seems dirty and a messed up beard. The man's eyes were a light brown, but they weren't seen well with the bangs of dirty, rich chocolate hair. The man's clothes were soaked from the rain. "What do you think your doing little kid?" The husky, old voice of the man asked.

"!" Georgie stared at the man, his heart beating fast! "U-um..." Georgie stammered, "...I...-" Georgie stopped for a moment, and shook his head, "M- My boat, uh, was lost in that sewer..." He pointed behind him, "A-and I came to get it... my big brother made it for me so I can play with it outside. I don't have any friends." He explained, his voice filled with a bit of fear.

"Your boat? Hphm, wells it's gone now. Best to be home... or else..." The man said, grinning to show his messed up teeth as his eyes showed something. "Something bad will happen.~"

Georgie breathed heavily, getting up slowly as what the man said... looking back down at the sewers then back up at the man... "...O-okay, sir..." he said, nodding.

The rain poured harder, making the currents of the water of the side of the road rush faster and grow in size. The man just stood there, keeping his eyes on Georgie. The rain soaking the man. He didn't even move, like a predator. Yesh, what a creepy man.

Georgie looked back down sadly at the sewer, waiting for the time for Bill to be mad at him for losing the boat that he worked hard on it... He looked back up as he walked away from the sewer, looking at the man as he walked, confused yet scared on why he was just... standing there, keeping his eyes on the boy, he didn't really wanted to question the man... as he looked away from the man, walking back to the Denbrough household, looking sad that his boat is now gone. Bill's going to kill me, I know it... Georgie thought, since he doesn't have the boat. As he entered in the house, he got undressed, putting his slicker and galoshes away.

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As Georgie head inside of his house, he broke the news about his boat being lost in a storm drain and about who he met, both the clown Pennywise and the creepy tall man to his brother, waiting for his brother to be mad. "Please don't be mad, Bill..." Georgie said, looking down in shame, he looked apologetic, genuinely apologetic. 

In all total of Bill's reaction was shock. At first, Bill said, "The boat nothing I dont mind of, Guh-georgie. It's you im worried about! I s-should never let you leave without me. T-t-t-that man could done something to y-you." That was all Bill had to say. With a sudden tight hug again Georgie, Bill teared up. "F-forget that stupid boat!" He just hugged him,thinking of all the things about what could happen to Georgie; death, kidnapped, rape, runned over by a car, or even hurt. 

"Duh-don't ever go out during the rain, no mat-ter what I-I say, ok?!" Bill cried, leaning back to get a better look at Georgie.

Georgie looked up, listening. He nodded, "...I'm... I'm sorry for forcing you to let me outside, Billy, it's all my fault." Georgie admitted, sighing. "...I just... wanted to imagine having a true friend, that's why I asked you to make me the boat, so I could... play with it, like how a friend would with another friend." Georgie said. He sighs once more, looking at Bill in the eye guilty. "I'm sorry... I won't go outside in the rain ever again, like you promised..." He said.

Bill just hugged him again, sighing in relief. "This isn't your fault-t. I-it was mine." He said, smiling.


Deep down in the sewer's of Derry was a large room filled with a tower of toys a being. A being of power from a far away place. This being was called Pennywise. A clown around the height of 8, or was it 7 ft tall? Anyways, the clown was sitting inside it's Circus box, sitting on top of the circle trapdoor that lead somewhere. The clown was mad... very mad. Why? Because their food got away. All they had was a boat, a waxed paper boat with the S.S. Georgie on it. "PaH!" Pennywise spat at no one, but the boat. 

"StUpid chiLd! StUpid bOat! StUpid!!!" They roared, which echoed throughout the sewers. 

The being looked at the boat it had in it's hands, narrowing it's yellow eyes. The boat that Georgie didn't get just made the clown madder to the fact of the child! Ugh, I was so close! IT thought. IT just sat there, teeth pointing out of mouth as IT's growl leaked down IT's chin. Just staring at the boat for sometime made the clown's eyes slide in different directions. Child, boat, child, boat, child, boat, child- friend? Hm... frriieenddd... Food, It nodded to IT's thoughts with a grin. 

"YEs, fOOd! TaStY, TasTy fEaR tO sAlt tHe mEat.~" The clown chirped to itselfs. 

The clown just blinked, frowning now. "But the food is in the herd. Alone the food is greater. Ooohhh!" The clown hissed, hold it's held as crumbling the boat in it's hands. "ChIlD WilL nOT liKE PenNYWiSe! FoOD WoNT TrUST! BuT..." The clowned stopped and thought for a second, then grinned even more as letting it's head go, leaning up.

YeessSs, thaT IdeA wIlL woRk~, Was all the clown thought.

     A tall boy was moving things around in the cabinet, looking for something. This something was called, Popcorn. The very rich, yellow popcorn. The popcorn box was somewhere, right? Or isn't? "Duh-did you find it?" Bill asked.

Georgie was looking around in the kitchen trying to find the popcorn box, "Not yet, Bill." he answered, as he looked in each cabinet, in one cabinet he found the popcorn box hidden with other products, in desperate attempt to get it, he tried to reach for it, but he was too short... after a few desperate attempts here and there, the popcorn box fell on the boy, "!" Georgie's heart jumped, the popcorn box hitting him as it falls to the floor. "Ow..." he said, rubbing his head. He grabbed the popcorn box, "I found it, Bill." he said, closing the cabinet that the popcorn box was in, showing the popcorn box to his brother.

Bill stopped looking in the cabinet, looking at Georgie instead. "G-good work!" Bill smiled. Bill went over to Georgie and rubs his head, taking the popcorn box and heading over to the microwave. When Bill looked at the box his eyes widen. "The butter kind? I thought, we were all out?" He mumbled.

Georgie smiled back, as he stared at the box, "I think we had an extra box of popcorn, maybe?" he guessed, looking at Bill. "That we... never used...?" He shrugged.

BIll just stared at the box and pulled out a packet, shoving it in the microwave. Pushing in buttons, the microwave turned on. Bill set the box to the side and watched the popcorn, waiting for it to make those POPPING sounds. 

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This book is paused! I am sorry to tell you all, but I must because I dont have a computer to write this story. Kit_kat123, they are still up and running so check them out!

Thank you for your patience.