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toezier: why don’t we eat fruit hot and microwaved?


billson: uh


billson: what


beverly hills chihuahua: richie what have we talked about


toezier: no quoting mbmbam in the main chat?


beverly hills chihuahua: no quoting mbmbam in the main chat


toezier: :((


staniel: Great, you made him sad


benny worm: richie you can quote mbmbam at me!!


toezier: :D!!!!


ed die: y’all too loud for 2:37 in the morning


toezier: y’all


beverly hills chihuahua: y’all


ed die: perish.


staniel: I can’t stand you guys.


beverly hills chihuahua: so anyway


beverly hills chihuahua: who’s going to the football game tonight


toezier: stanwey and i are going for cute boys (。◕‿‿◕。)!


staniel: That is completely wrong, I’m going cause it’s a requirement for orchestra


staniel: But yeah, also for cute boys


ed die: yeah i’m also going for orchestra


ed die: if we’re gonna do something afterwards i’m gonna have to sneak out because


ed die: you know


toezier: :((


beverly hills chihuahua: :((

staniel to toezier

jew gang!

staniel: I have an idea


staniel: What if we saved up enough money to get Eddie another phone?


staniel: So he won’t have to worry about the whole Life 360 thing


toezier: stanley i’m love you


toezier: but don’t you think that’ll take forever?? we’re all kinda. broke.


staniel: Richie we have bar mitzvah money.


toezier: OH RIGHT


toezier: forgot i was jewish for a second lmao


toezier: but i thought you were saving that for college???


staniel: Well, yeah


staniel: But do you know how much goddamn money we got combined?


staniel: We can use some of it to help Eddie


staniel: And I know for a fact that you would do anything for your “dear sweet Edmund”


toezier: i really would 🥺🥺


toezier: i’m gonna make a separate chat with everyone except eds


staniel: All right


staniel: Remember to take your meds, Rich


toezier: <33


billson: so meet up by the gate? at 6:30-ish?


beverly hills chihuahua: bet


beverly hills chihuahua: @mike ben has to get there early for “marching band reasons” so i’ll have your ticket when richie and i pick you up


mikey: cool!


toezier: eds we’ll come get you after!!


billson: don’t call me eds


beverly hills chihuahua: don’t call me eds


staniel: Don’t call me Eds


mikey: don’t call me eds


benny worm: don’t call me eds


ed die: don’t call me eds


ed die: wow ok. fuck you guys


beverly hills chihuahua: this happens every time richie calls you eds. why did you expect anything different

toezier has added billson, staniel, benny worm, mikey, and beverly hills chihuahua to New Group

toezier has changed the group name to fuck life 360

toezier: you’re wondering why i have brought you here.


billson: i mean not really


mikey: we could kinda figure it out by the name


toezier: wow ok


toezier: guess you don’t wanna hear stanley’s great idea i see how it is


billson: wait this was stan’s idea??


staniel: Um


staniel: Mostly, yeah


beverly hills chihuahua: then mayhaps i do want to hear it


toezier: oh wow ok


staniel: Basically, we had this idea to get Eddie a new phone so he won’t have to worry about his mom


benny worm: stanley we’re broke


toezier: bar mitzvah money baybee!


staniel: It should cover a lot of it


staniel: So… good idea?


billson: hell yeah good idea!!


beverly hills chihuaha: yo actually though!! hell yeah


mikey: good friend stan strikes again


staniel: I


toezier: awww he’s flustered


staniel: shut the hell up you dumb bitch


beverly hills chihuahua: WOAH forgetting proper grammar stanley? i expected more from you


staniel: Oh my god that was so mean


toezier: don’t worry about it staniel!! 


benny worm: stanley is so nice it’s making me 🥺


billson: rt if stan makes you 🥺🥺


toezier: rt


beverly hills chihuahua: rt


mikey: rt


staniel: I may or may not be crying