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The Zora Prince Has a New Playmate!

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Who knew Hylains could be so fussy?

Keeping his wrists pinned to the shore with one hand, the other spreading open his deliciously plush ass, Shouto dragged his tongue against his twitching hole, coating the skin in a thick layer of saliva. Head and shoulders pressed into the sandy shores of the beach Shouto had found him wandering along, muscular legs hanging uselessly over his head, fat droplets of sweat dotting his tanned skin, the Hylain squirmed and struggled underneath him, wrenching hard against his imprisoning hold. Bright red eyes glared hotly up at him. His face was flushed a dark shade of scarlet. Stark white teeth were bared in what most probably would view as a threatening smile but to Shouto, it made him all the more adorable. It was so strange…he hardly even noticed Hylains, much less found them so cute. This one, though, he was adorable to the point that Shouto couldn’t restrain himself. If only he would stop struggling. It’d make it much easier to ready him.

Letting out a slow, shaky breath, Shouto pressed the tip of his tongue to the Hylain’s sweet, tight hole. It took a little persuasion but with some firm pushing, he slipped past the clenched ring of muscle to sink deep inside. A sublimely sweet tasted flooded his taste buds. The muscles spasmed around him, clamping down as though his ass was trying to force him out. Humming happily, Shouto easily shoved his tongue in even deeper, slowly rotating it, rubbing against his twitching insides. The Hylain let out a sharp groan. His red eyes widened in a split moment of panic before narrowing in seething rage. He thrashed with renewed strength but was repeatedly proving to be no match for Shouto. Not surprisingly – not many Hylains could compete with a regular Zora, let alone one from the Royal family.

Gazing down into that adorable face as he forced his hole to stretch and soften, Shouto released the Hylain’s backside to reach around and curl his significantly larger hand around his tiny, plump cock. His hand entirely engulfed it, wrapping the trembling, rock hard, weeping penis in a cocoon of warmth. It twitched violently against his palm. A blast of electric heat raced down to his crotch when the Hylain’s hips bucked hard, a sweet cry rippling out of his mouth. His hands squirmed underneath Shouto’s hold. He tightened his grip even further. Between Shouto’s leg was a familiar sensation of his skin becoming moist. If he were to reach down right now, his fingertips would have easily found the slit his cocks hid underneath. They were ready to come out…and he was ready to be buried inside of this tight, hot hole. He was still so tight…a few more minutes of preparing of him would probably be wise but…he couldn’t wait any longer!

“Stop-!” The Hylian shouted raggedly, “Take it out! Stop touching me! Stop-!”

Burning with tingling heat, a pulse of pleasure and pressure building up in the base of his belly, Shouto slipped his tongue out of the Hylian’s hole with a gasping breath. Panting hard, the Hylian glared up at him through a sheen of tears. Shouto shuddered. Goddess…he was so cute! Swallowing hard, his heart slamming viciously against the confines of his ribs, feeling as though he might cum the moment he unsheathed his lengths, Shouto released the Hylian’s hands, opting instead to clamp down on his hips to keep him in place. For the first time in his 100 year long life, he didn’t need to coax his cocks out. The moment he straightened up, his slit slipped open, releasing both a gush of clear fluid and his two massive, pink, fleshy lengths. The Hylian’s eyes widened at the sight of them. His mouth fell open. Chest heaving with each breath, he watched mutely as Shouto wrapped his hand around both his lengths. It was only when he pressed both large heads – each one a little bit bigger than the Hylian’s clenched fist – to his sopping wet hole did he jump back to life.

“What are you doing?!” He roared, his eyes stretched wide in panic. His hands flew up in what could have been an attempt to protect his hole or to bat Shouto away. Either way, it was a useless endeavor – Shouto easily caught hold of his wrists, pinning them to the shore above his head. “They won’t fit! Don’t! Don’t! Keep-!”

Well, he did have to give him that…they probably wouldn’t fit but right then, he was beyond caring. Inside-! He wanted to be inside already! Letting out a harsh, ragged breath, Shouto slammed his hips forward, forcing both of his lengths into that tight hole. He only managed to get the heads in. The walls of his ass spasmed powerfully, crushing him with an intense strength. Tremendous, almost overwhelming pleasure rocketed up his spine, slamming hard into his mind to make him feel like he just got slapped across the face. The Hylian’s mouth stretched open in a silent scream. His plump cock twitched once, twice then a stream of urine gushed out of his cock, splattering all over his stomach and chest. A violent tremble wracked his significantly smaller body.

“Did you cum?” Shouto purred, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Every inch of him was on fire. His nerves were being overloaded by this incredible ecstasy. He…he had never felt like this before…

“F…fuck you…” The Hylian gasped, his chest heaving.

Chuckling low in his throat, Shouto let out a loud grunt. Clamping his hand down even tighter on the Hylian’s hips, he gave another powerful slam of his hips, forcing his cock in even deeper. Good…being inside felt so good! He was being squeezed so hard! This time, the Hylian did scream – a raw wail that brought Shouto even closer to cumming. Grinding his sharp teeth together, struggling to control the now violent desire to cum, Shouto sucked in a deep breath and shoved down hard, pushing in the last few inches of his cock. The smooth, plush curves of the Hylian’s ass pressed firmly to his pubic bone. His once flat, defined stomach was now bulging out, deformed by the mass of both of his cock buried deep inside him. The Hylian’s legs twitched. Teeth clenched, the chords in his neck standing out prominently, eyes rolled back in his head, the Hylian…Goddess, he was even more gorgeous now…

Breathing shallowly, his significantly larger body trembling, Shouto distantly realized that he wasn’t going to last much longer. It felt so insanely good. Having both of his cocks sheathed inside this tiny, hot, wet hole was proving to be too much for him to take. His vision swam. A thick, golden fog had settled over his mind, making it nearly impossible to think. All he could feel was a deep, instinctual, primal, feral urge…to breed. Dragging in a ragged breath, Shouto slid his hips back until just his heads were being squeezed by that incredible muscle. The Hylian’s belly deflated, shrinking back to its original flat plane. He shuddered underneath Shouto. Staring at his beautifully flushed face, Shouto thrust forward, driving his cocks back inside. Another fresh, screaming cry from the Hylian, sending a bolt of electricity radiating out from where they were intimately connected. The Hylian’s belly swelled. His plump cock twitched. Translucent precum pearled up at the slit before dribbling down to plop onto his already drenched belly.

Shouto pulled back again then thrust forward. The Hylian jolted every time their bodies collided. Again, and again, he slipped out until just the heads were inside then shoved the entirety of his lengths inside. Underneath him, the Hylian was a mess of cries, whimpers and moans. Sweat drenched hair clung to his forehead and neck. Wet, plush lips parted to give him a tantalizing look of his cute tongue. There was no more struggle left in him. Panting hard, knowing he was just moments away from cumming, Shouto dropped a hand onto the sandy shore beside the Hylian’s head. Just as he was thrusting back in, he slipped down to capture the Hylian’s mouth in a rough, thorough kiss. The Hylain let out a wet, ragged moan. A hard pulse of heat rocketed through him at the heavenly flavor that took possession of his taste buds. That was the final push; the one last thing that unraveled him.

Shuddering, Shouto rapidly ramped up the pace, brutally fucking the Hylian’s hole with enough force to push him deep into the sand. The Hylian’s eyes flew open. He shrieked loudly, tongue hanging out of his mouth. Clenching his teeth into a snarl, Shouto slammed in one last time. His cocks swelled up even bigger, forcing the Hylian’s hole to stretch even further. Underneath him came another shrill cry, one that flamed the intense wave of heat rolling out from his crotch. His cocks twitched then a flood of thick semen was flooding into the Hylian’s insides. Moaning loudly, white flashing across his vision, Shouto stretched his mouth open wide and lunged down to sink his teeth into the tender flesh of the Hylian’s shoulder. An intense taste of copper flooded into his mouth. His smaller body shuddered. Every muscle in his body seemed to tense up. A high-pitched whine poured out of his mouth as something hot and thick splattered all over Shouto’s stomach.

Releasing the Hylian’s shoulder with a ragged breath, Shouto shakily straightened up. A smile spread across his flushed, hot face at the sight of this delightful Hylian. Belly swollen to a pronounced curve from all of his seed, a lewdly dazed expression on his sweaty face, tongue still hanging out of his mouth, the Hylian was a sight that he eagerly burned into his memories. His cocks were still rock hard. It took a little coaxing to slip them free from the Hylian’s sloppy, cum drenched hole. When he pulled both out, the Hylian’s hole was left gaping. Shouto swallowed hard, staring down at the tantalizing pink. As he was stared down at the Hylian’s ass, debating whether he wanted to continue on here or go ahead and take this gorgeous boy back to the Domain, some of his semen started to leak out of that loose hole. The Hylian moaned softly, his hips trembling.

Frowning in annoyance, Shouto huffed out a sharp sigh. Well, he should have expected that. Oh well, this was far from the last time. His original intention was simply to have a taste of this gorgeous Hylian but now…he had no intention of letting this incredible boy go.