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Go On and Kiss the Boy!

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Why did he let these dorks come along with him? Oh wait, trick question, he didn’t. Trudging behind the group, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his swim trunks, Bakugo made no attempt to hide his annoyance, glaring hard at the backs of Deku, Iida, Uraraka and Todoroki. If they noticed his scathing gaze, they made no note of it. Instead, they bounced around like a bunch of kids, excitedly chattering about what they were going to do when they reached the beach. Spinning the volleyball around and around in her hands, Uraraka was practically floating as they planned out a competitive game later on in the day – that is, if they could track down some of the other girls to play with them so the teams would be even. Bakugo gnawed on the inside of his cheek. There was nowhere else for him to go. There was only one other stinking path that lead to the beach and it was fucking closed for repairs after that stupid hurricane blew through a couple weeks ago.

Sure, he could probably find another way there but he shouldn’t have to go trampling through the bush just to get there! Why did these dweebs have to be going at the same time he was? Clicking his tongue, drawing a curious look from Todoroki, who he glared hotly at but only got a blank expression in return, Bakugo pulled in a deep breath. It was alright – the moment they got off the path and onto the expansive stretch of sand, he’d take off on his own. If any of these extras tried to drag him into their stupidity, they’d get a blast of coarse straight to the face! He didn’t go to the beach to frolic around like a toddler nor did he have any interest in playing their games.

There was…some of Bakugo’s anger faded just a little bit as the memory of that gorgeous flash of shiny red rose to the forefront of his mind. There was something else more important he needed to do today. Sighing, he pushed a hand through his hair. The sun beat down hard on his bare shoulders. Sweat rolled in fat droplets down his back. Climbing up the steep, rickety stairs in this heat only made listening to these four nimrods babble all the more infuriating. He would have hung back, allowing them to unknowingly put some distance between them but this was around the time he saw that flash of red a couple of days ago. There was no indication that it would be back at the same time but it wasn’t like he had a whole lot more to go on. Storms had delayed his search. Mom wouldn’t let him out to go looking again, even though it had only been slightly pouring. Who cared about a little lightning when he was pretty sure there was something in the water?

Finally, they made it to the top of the stairs. The others didn’t hesitate – still chattering away, they quickly started to descent, clear in their eagerness to get to the water. Bakugo hung back, staring out at the immense wash of blue. A brilliant azure sky, completely devoid of even the slightest wisp of cloud, kissed the calm line of ocean, creating an endless seam that stretched as far as the eye could see. The shore was composed of craggy rocks, all varying in sizes – some stretched as big as a house while others were no bigger than him. Pockets of water, topped with white form, were continuously refilled with the surge of the ocean rushing in. Paradise, that was the best way to describe this place. Normally, he liked to take his time walking down, keeping his gaze focused on the horizon, hoping to spot the telltale fins of dolphins.

Today, though, he was on a mission. Taking the stairs two at a time, he passed the group loitering at the bottom of the stairs, ignoring Deku’s curious call after him. A glance over his shoulder showed they weren’t following him, thankfully. Bakugo looked away before he saw what they did. It didn’t matter to him. He couldn’t care less. All of his attention was on a special little nook a little ways from the bottom of the stairs. It was a secret or anything, though it was probably one of the more secluded spots along this stretch. Walking quickly, distantly listening to the comfort sound of the waves crashing against the shore, Bakugo expertly climbed over the rocks, moving more on muscle memory than anything else.

In no time at all, he was standing on the edge, looking down at the small area of pristine white sand. Honestly, it was a weird little place. Surrounded by dense rocks, all squished together, it was easy to miss if you didn’t know to look for it – not that there was really any reason, beyond his, to look for it. Jumping down, Bakugo walked over to the shore. Another thing that was a little bit odd about this place was that, unlike pretty much everywhere else, instead of a gradual decline then a dramatic drop, there was a drop only a couple of steps away from where ocean met sand. Nothing to extreme but deep enough to send him floundering into the water when he first walked out that way. It was kind of like walking down a set of stairs and forgetting about the last one. A few feet further from that drop was another dip, this one significantly bigger. It was there, on the day that he discovered this little haven, that he saw that flash of red.

Bakugo lightly kicked off his sandals. Even though it had been several days since he saw it, that hue still stood out so prominently in his mind. Walking without hesitation into the water, he stopped when he reached the first dip. Stepping down carefully, going from shin deep to waist deep water, he went to the second dip. No way he was going any further than that, not unless he wanted to be dragged out to sea. It was already taking a good amount of strength to resist the pull of the waves. They weren’t at all big but there was an undercurrent that constantly threatened to take his legs out from under him. Frowning deeply, he stared down into the water. There were only a few seconds between waves coming in that he could see what was underneath the surface. Not that there was much to see – a huge drop leading to…well, nothing or, at least, nothing he could see but down there…he saw it.

He had been standing right here, just looking down there to see if he could maybe spot some fish or a dolphin, if he was lucky. At the time, the ocean had been calm – the waves were barely noticeable, giving him an optimal view. The flash of red hadn’t come first. What was first was a shift of movement, far down in the depths of black. It had barely been noticeable. For a few moments, he was sure that it was just his eyes playing tricks on him then whoosh! Flew by in a blink of an eye, so fast that he barely registered it the first time. It left a streak in the water that seemed to linger after it vanished. Before he had time to convince himself that it was just a fish, it appeared once more. A brilliant gleam of crimson, glittering in the depths. Sunlight bounced off it, creating a shine that took his breath away. It lasted only a few moments before it, once again, vanished.

Logic would state it was just a fish. A big part of him wanted to believe it was just a fish because then, he could stop thinking about it. That flash of red had been dominating his thoughts ever since he saw it. There was no room for anything else in his head – all of it was taken up by that hue and the question of ‘what the hell was it?’. As much as he wanted to accept that it was fish, he just couldn’t. Why? No idea. Something in his mind wouldn’t let it happen. That was why he was here today, even though there was no reason to believe he’d see it again. Maybe he just wanted to spend a little while standing there, not seeing anything, so he could finally convince himself to stop caring. Or maybe, he wanted to see it again. No…needed to see it again.

Yeah…that second one was probably the truth.

Sighing, Bakugo stared down into the water until the sun beating down on him became unbearable. He didn’t see anything – not even the familiar glimmer of fish skittering about. Clicking his tongue in annoyance, Bakugo swung around. He’d take a break in the shallower water for a little bit then…he sighed again. He didn’t know…he didn’t know what he was going to do. All of this was so stupid. What did he think he was going to see? A mermaid or something? He snorted, giving his head a slight shake. So stupid. He wasn’t a little kid anymore so why was he acting like this? Sitting down on the curve of the dip, not at all caring about the rocks digging into his butt, Bakugo bent down a little further to let the surging wave crash against his chest. The soothing water rushed over his sweat soaked skin, cooling it. Resting his forearm on his knees, he spat out some saltwater.

10 more minutes. That was all he was giving himself. Once he cooled down a bit more, he’d head back to that drop, stare down into that nothingness for 10 minutes and that was it. When those 10 minutes were up, he was going to head back. Maybe find Deku’s group so he wasn’t just sitting at home, moping over this dumb thing. Being annoyed by those dorks would be the perfect distraction from all of this. It sucked…it really, really sucked but this couldn’t keep going on. He saw a fish or a soda can being battered about. Expecting it to be anything else was just foolishness. Nodding slightly to himself, Bakugo dropped down into the sea. As the water closed in around him, surrounding him in a cradle of blurred motion, he raised his head towards the bigger drop.

Red. Bright, brilliant crimson cut through the shifting blue but that…that wasn’t all. A face…there was someone peering at him from the lip of the larger drop. The red he was seeing…it was hair! Whoever he was looking at had red hair! Bakugo jerked back, instinctively inhaling, dragging in a lungful of seawater. Shooting up through the surface, coughing and gasping, his eyes burning from the salt, Bakugo shook his head, sending droplets of water flying everywhere. Dragging in a ragged breath, his heart racing, the question of ‘what the fuck?!’ screaming on repeat inside his head, Bakugo went to dive back into the ocean, half believing that he had just seen someone drowning but before he could…red.

Bakugo grunted loudly as something launched itself out of the water, colliding with him, driving him back down onto the water. Smooth skin brushed over his own. Red…all he could see was red – gorgeous, beautiful red that made his heart flutter. Muscular arms wrapped around him, dragging him back up to the surface. He spat out another lungful of water, coughing hard. Bubbly laughter filled his ears. Blinking blearily, his eyes burning, he found himself face to face with the face he just saw underwater. Bright red eyes sparkled enthusiastically. A huge grin, showing off two rows of sharp teeth, beamed down at him. Soaked, scarlet colored hair framed a handsome face…one that was very, very close to this.

“You came back!” The strange red head sea dweller cried, squeezing Bakugo even more tightly.

Flushing hotly, his mind sputtering, Bakugo stared stupidly up at him. Where…where did he come from?! The ocean, obviously but…how?! Did he swim? The current was really strong out there! How ridiculously powerful of a swimmer did this guy have to be- Bakugo’s train of thoughts came to a screeching stop. Something brushed against his legs, drawing his attention. Tail. The dude…he didn’t have legs. He…he had a mermaid’s tail! Gawking, Bakugo glanced rapidly between the redhead’s face and his tail. That…tail! He had a tail! Why did he have a tail?! What was this?! Me..mer…mermaid?! Or merman?! Was it a fake?! There were those people who got fake mermaid tails made and swam around in them but this…this didn’t look fake! The way the sunlight gleamed off each individual scale…

“Wuu…” Bakugo mumbled stupidly.

Hardly seeming to notice his stupor, the merman laughed giddily, dragging him up out of the water with shocking strength. Depositing him on the slight drop, still grinning broadly, he proclaimed loudly, “I’ve come back every single day since I saw you, hoping you’d be here!”

“Wu-“ Bakugo sputtered again, mouth hanging open.

Planting his hands on either side of Bakugo’s butt, the merman pushed him up so they were at eye level with one another, “I’m Kirishima! What’s your name?”

“Bakugo.” He answered on instinct.

“Bakugo.” Kirishima murmured, his expression softening. The gleam in his eyes became warmer. Even more heat flooded into Bakugo’s cheeks. Eyes widening, the rate of his heartbeat picking up considerably, he inhaled sharply when Kirishima pushed in even closer. Fuck…he was really cute but that wasn’t all…there was something more, something that was drawing him in. Even when Kirishima was so close that the tips of their noses were almost touching, he found he didn’t want to move away. He…he wanted to close the distance between them even more.

Swallowing hard, trying very hard not to look down at Kirishima’s very bare, very toned chest, Bakugo asked in a strained voice, “You’re…you’re a mermaid?”

Kirishima tilted his head curiously, “Is that what you call us? I’ve never talked to one of your kind before!” Shifting back a little, he smiled sheepishly, “We’re not really supposed to.”

“You’re not?” Bakugo asked, now strangely calm about this whole thing. Okay, he was a mermaid. No big deal. He was really, really cute. Like stupidly cute. Like holy crap, he couldn’t think straight enough to fully realize that he was talking to a real-life mermaid because this guy was so cute!

“Yeah.” Kirishima laughed, scooting close once more. Warm skin brushed against Bakugo’s, sending a pleasant shiver racing down his spine. Heat pulsed out from the base of his belly. “Taishiro wouldn’t be happy if he knew I’m talking to you but…” his grin grew, “I couldn’t stop myself. When I saw you for the first time, I just knew I had to talk to you!”

“Oh yeah?” Bakugo asked casually, feeling a silly at how happy he was that Kirishima wanted to see him just as much as he wanted to see him. Did he have a color he had been searching for as well? Who was this Taishiro, though? And why wasn’t he allowed to talk to humans? Well…that was probably a stupid question, just all things considered. How would the rest of the world react to mermaids actually being real? Smiling confidently, he leaned forward slightly, getting an intense pang of satisfaction out of the way the dusting of pink in Kirishima’s cheeks deepened considerably. Those bright red eyes flickered down towards his mouth before jumping back up to meet his gaze. Bakugo’s grin grew even further. A tiny voice of reason started to speak up in the back of his mind but he quickly stamped it away. He didn’t care. He didn’t care that this weird guy was a mermaid, didn’t really care that there were mermaids…all of his focus was on how Kirishima kept looking at his mouth with a spark of what was clear wanting in those red eyes.

Kirishima nodded, offering a dorky smile, “Yeah. D…did you wanna see me too? Is that why you came here?”

“Maybe.” Bakugo leaned back, bracing his hands on the sand, enjoying the way Kirishima somehow looked happy and a little pouty. Cocking his head, he asked, “So, what did you want to see me for?”

“I-!” Kirishima sputtered, the hue in his cheeks darkening even further. Looking away, he swished his tail around in the smooth surf. Bakugo found his eyes following the sparking mass of scales as they moved. His hand twitched. It was so pretty. He figured that mermaids would have gorgeous tails but his was just breathtaking. Was that just a theme when it came to Kirishima? Was all of him just beautiful and perfect? Without thinking about what he was doing, he reached down to stroke his palm Kirishima’s tail. So smooth-! Running his palm along those scales felt amazing! An intense shudder wracked Kirishima’s body. Bakugo jerked his hand back, nervous that he might have hurt him.

“Sorry, I-!” Bakugo started to say, only for his words to be cut off when Kirishima jolted forward, smashing his wet lips against Bakugo’s in a fierce, desperate kiss. Large hands clamped down on the sides of his head, holding him in place as Kirishima pushed more insistently against him. A hot tongue pushed its way between his lips. For a split second, he could only stare, wide-eyed, at the blur of red in front of him before slowly melting into the kiss. Reaching up to push his fingers through Kirishima’s wet hair, marveling at how soft it was, he returned it with just as much enthusiasm. Surprisingly, the tongue rubbing against his own, inviting it to play, didn’t taste of fish. Instead, what flowed over his tastebuds was a sharp, bitterly sweet flavor that he found himself immediately addicted to. Hungrily sucking on Kirishima’s tongue, the corners of his lips turned up into a slight grin at the needy moan he let out, Bakugo let his hands slowly roam over Kirishima’s back, chest and shoulders. His skin was just as smooth and fantastic to touch as his tail. Heat rolled out in strong, steady waves from his crotch. His cock was already rock hard. The cold of the ocean did nothing to deter that roaring flame.

“Bakugo…” Kirishima murmured raggedly, “You taste so good!”

“You too.” Bakugo chuckled, his face burning. Pressing a kiss to the corner of Kirishima’s lips, he said, “Why’d you do that?”

“It’s your fault.” Kirishima slowly kissed down the slope of his throat, gently nipping at the sensitive skin underneath his jaw, “You touched my tail out of nowhere and looked so happy. I couldn’t help myself!”

Tilting his head back to give Kirishima better access, Bakugo laughed under his breath, “Was it bad? Touching your tail?”

Kirishima shook his head, kissing down even lower, trailing down his chest, “No, it felt good. It felt really good. I…I wanna make you feel really good, too.”

“You-“ The go ahead he was about to give was cut off when Kirishima reached down to squeeze his throbbing cock through the thin material of his trunks. His hips bucked hard, grinding against Kirishima’s warm palm. Gasping sharply, his head fell forward, mouth hanging open. A bolt of pleasure raced up his spine. Fuck-! No one…no one had ever touched him there before but…this sensation, being caressed by Kirishima’s large hand…it felt amazing already and he hadn’t even touched him without his swim trunks in the way! He shamelessly rutted against Kirishima’s hand. Suddenly, Kirishima dipped below the surface. Stopping mid-motion, Bakugo stared at the blur of his hair through the water, wondering what he was about to do now.

He got his answer when a pair of thumbs slipped underneath his swim trunks and easily slid them down, letting his cock bounce free into the water. Jumping slightly, he opened his mouth to ask what Kirishima planned to do (not that he was sure he could hear him), only for his words to turn into a strangled moan when a warm mouth closed around his cock. Kirishima sunk all the way down, taking in every last inch of him. Panting rapidly, one of his hands landing on top of Kirishima’s head, weaving through the thick strands, Bakugo’s head fall back. Pleasure roared through him, taking him completely hostage. Inside-! His cock was inside Kirishima’s mouth-! It felt so good! His mouth was so hot and wet! He could feel himself sliding down into a slippery throat! His cock…his cock was melting! With a feverish energy, Kirishima rapidly bobbed up and down, sucking hard on his throbbing length. A talented tongue swirled around the head, swiped across the slit and playfully teased the veins. Everything…all of it felt so good! It was like Kirishima was trying to devour his cock and he was more than ready to let him.

“Fuck…fuck, fuck-!” Bakugo gasped, curling his fingers tightly into Kirishima’s hair. Not pulling, not pushing, just hanging onto dear life as the pleasure continued to grow. Despite the cool temperature of the ocean, his body was burning up. It was a shock that the water around him didn’t start to boil. An intense golden haze settled over his mind. That little voice of reason tried to break through once more, indignantly pointing out that they were outside! He blatantly ignored it, far from being able to care anymore. Pressure began to build up in the base of his belly, pressing hard against the back of his balls. He couldn’t hang on any longer! Not with Kirishima sucking on him with that much strength, almost as though he was trying to milk his jizz out of him! Digging his fingers into the sand, he ground his teeth together, desperately fighting against the orgasm stampeding towards him but it was no use. Seeming to sense his fight, Kirishima deftly sunk down even further, swallowing around his length. Bakugo cried out loudly. Fuck-! Fuck-! Good-! Good-!

“Cumming-!” Bakugo panted heavily, “Cumming, cum-!”

“Kacchan? Are you okay?” A familiar voice called from behind him.

Bakugo instinctively yanked back on Kirishima’s head, thankfully catching his attention. Stopping in mid-motion, his cock still halfway in his mouth, Kirishima glanced up at him curiously through the ripples. Jerking around, Bakugo glared up at Deku, who was perched on a nearby rock, gazing back at him with a look of concern. Very aware of how flushed he was, he set an annoyed expression firmly on his face. There was no shame, no alarm…only a little nervousness that Deku’s stupid presence would drive Kirishima away since, obviously, he wasn’t supposed to interact with humans! If this extra forced Kirishima to flee, he might just lose his goddamn mind.

“What do you want?” Bakugo snapped irritably, not wanting to get into a dialogue with him but knowing just telling this nerd to fuck off wouldn’t work, especially if he thought something was up – which his expression obviously said he did.

“I heard you cry out and thought you might’ve fallen!” Deku called back, a lot of the concern fading from his face. Looking around, he said with a hint of a smile, “This is an awesome little area you’ve found!”

“Yeah and its mine so fuck off!” Bakugo sneered, “I’m trying-!”

What was left of his demand that Deku get lost was swallowed up by a strangled gurgle. His head swung back around with enough sped to send his hair flying, sending droplets of water everywhere. Kirishima glanced teasingly up at him through the water as he started to stroke his cock with his mouth again. A fresh blast of pleasure rocketed through him, stealing his breath away. It came on even stronger than everything he’d been feeling before. Biting down hard on his bottom lip, he tried to yank Kirishima off but it was no use – he couldn’t gain any purchase and, even if he could, he didn’t have the strength to get him to stop. Good-! It felt so fucking good-! Fuck-! This was bad! Stupid Deku might come over at any moment. Did this idiot merman not realize how close he was to being seen by someone else? Not that he thought Deku would do anything but that wasn’t the point right now!

“Kacchan, you alright?” Deku called from behind him. Thankfully, his voice didn’t sound any closer.

Gritting his teeth together, Bakugo sucked in a deep breath, steadied himself as best he could and snarled with all the strength he had, “Would you kindly fuck of?! I’m trying to enjoy the view in peace here.”

“Okay, okay.” Deku said placatingly with a slight sigh in his voice, “I’m going, I’m going.”

A glance over his shoulder showed that stupid Deku was finally leaving. He didn’t have time to breathe a sigh of relief. Kirishima seemed to sense that whatever was distracting him had taken off. With an excited wiggle of his tail, he sunk down all the way, clamped his lips down hard on the base of his cock and swallowed around him. The pressure of his throat constricting around his cock was too much for him to take. Clamping a hand over his mouth, he moaned loudly, his eyes squeezing tightly closed. His cock swelled up even bigger in Kirishima’s mouth. Jizz poured out of the slit, all quickly swallowed down by a now still Kirishima. Sharp, electric pleasure sailed through his nerves. Every inch of his skin tingled. Kirishima continued to suck sweetly on him as he came, milking every last drop out of him.

“Fuck…” Bakugo gasped, his head falling forward, soaked hair falling in his face. His cock was buzzing. Despite having just cum, he was still rock hard and ready for even more. Kirishima slowly slid off his length, sending a shudder rushing up his spine. With a satisfied smile splattered across his flushed face, Kirishima broke through the surface, bright eyes, blazing with wanting heat, staring up at him. Swallowing hard, a little irritated at the blast of giddiness that came from that look alone, Bakugo gave him his best disapproving look, which didn’t seem to discourage Kirishima at all, who only grinned more broadly.

“He could have caught us.” Bakugo said flatly.

“Who?” Kirishima asked in surprise, glancing around.


“Who’s Deku?”

“Someone I know. Another human. Aren’t you supposed to be avoiding us?”

“Oh…” Kirishima glanced over to the side, “Well, it probably would have been fine.”

Bakugo gave him an unimpressed look, “Yeah sure, maybe be more careful next time.”

To his surprise, Kirishima’s face abruptly lit up. Shooting up out of the water, his bright eyes glittering, “There’s gonna be a next time?!”

Quirking a brow, Bakugo responded like it was the most obvious thing in the world, “Uh yeah? I’m not a one-time kind of guy, stupid.”

Kirishima’s face might has well turned into the sun, that was how brightly he was beaming. Shooting forward, he threw his arms around Bakugo, sending them both tumbling down into the water. How many times was he going to be dunked today? Dragging him back up above the surface, Kirishima kissed everywhere he could reach, his large hands roaming all over Bakugo’s naked body. Unable to keep the smile off his face, Bakugo paused at the feeling of something smooth rubbing against the thigh. Whatever it was, it was jutting out of Kirishima’s tail. It felt a little like a…dick. Curious, he reached down to wrap his fingers around it, pulling a startled, wet gasp out of Kirishima, who shuddered hard against him. Encouraged that this was indeed his dick, Bakugo smiled even wider, rapidly pumping off that spongy feeling dick. It felt weird but…incredibly good in the curl of his fingers. This was his cute asshole’s cock, right? It had to be, just from the way he was reacting! It was a little startling, how natural and right it felt to be stroking his length.

“B-Bakugo!” Kirishima cried out raggedly, his tail trembling.

“Does it feel good?” Bakugo cooed, kissing his temple.

“Yeah! Good-! It feels so good!” Kirishima wriggled even closer, breathing heavily. “Bakugo! Bakugo-!”

“You’re so loud.” Bakugo said teasingly. Reaching up, he grabbed a handful of Kirishima’s hair, yanking his head back so he could catch that nosy mouth in a kiss. Moaning loudly, a sweet, incredible sound that made Bakugo’s cock twitch excitedly, Kirishima pushed hard into him, kissing him hungrily.

“Bakugo…” He whined, “More…I want more…wanna…” one of his large hands traveled down to lightly grope his ass, “wanna be inside!”

“How…” Bakugo laughed, “How do you know all this if you haven’t interacted with humans before?”

“Tamaki told me!” Kirishima replied impatiently. “I told him about you and he told me what to do.”

“Another mermaid? Did he also see a human he really wanted?”

“Yeah…but Taishiro doesn’t know so he has to be careful.”

“Who’s-“ Taishiro was what Bakugo was trying to ask but Kirishima had, apparently, reached the end of his patience. To Bakugo’s surprise, Kirishima easily lifted himself up onto the lip of the deep, giving him a better look at both his tail and cock. It was a bizarre looking thing – basically just a long length of spongy, pink muscle. There were no veins nor a head really, just a flat spear like shape. Staring at it, an intense blast of heat nearly sent him tumbling back down into the water when he wondered what it was going to feel like to have that thing inside him. He…he hadn’t done this before, except for just using his own fingers and a small dildo once but this…all of this was entirely new to him. Still, there was no apprehension, only excitement. He wanted it…he wanted that thick length inside of him!

“Never mind that, I’ll explain later. Come here!” Kirishima panted, pulling him up into his lap. Expertly balancing himself with his tail, he squeezed him close until his back was flush to Kirishima’s chest. Large hands slid up underneath his knees, pulling his legs up and apart, exposing his twitching hole. Kirishima’s cock slipped between his cheeks. Smooth skin slid across his own, sending a shiver racing through his body. Breathing raggedly, his eyes stretched open wide, mouth hanging open, he stared down at the length. Inside…inside, inside, he wanted it inside already!

“I can’t reach.” Kirishima breathed into his ear, making him twitch, “You’re gonna have to prepare yourself.”

Grunting a little in agitation that he had to waste time prepping himself just to get to the part he really wanting, Bakugo reached down, sliding his hand between Kirishima’s cock and his hole. Pressing his fingers to the puckered opening, he swirled his fingers around it a couple times before pushing in one digit. It felt a little weird – as it usually did when he started out – but he quickly adjusted. Thankfully, his body was on his side today. It took no time at all to get himself nice and loose. He got three fingers in within a few minutes. It probably helped that he was listening to Kirishima breathing hard into his ear and knew that, even if he couldn’t reach, he could watch. Finally, he was at the point that he knew he was good. Sliding his fingers out, he didn’t wait for permission from Kirishima.

Taking hold of Kirishima’s cock, smiling brightly at the moan that got out of him, he lead the strangely spear like head to his entrance. From there, he didn’t need to do anything. The moment Kirishima felt the head of his cock press to Bakugo’s hold, it was obvious what little self control he had left snapped. Wrapping his arms tightly around the underside of Bakugo’s legs, squeezing them tightly to his chest, he slammed upwards, driving his cock deep inside him. He had been intending to be as quiet as possible. He knew that Deku and his group still had to be closeby. Wishful thinking, really. When Kirishima impaled him on his cock, the immense roar of pleasure that came rocketing up from his ass was too much that it completely overloaded his mind. Crying out sharply, his head thrown back, clamping down hard on Kirishima’s arms, Bakugo clenched his teeth together, eyes bulging out of their sockets.

Good-! Fuck-! Fuck-! It felt a million, a billion times better than his fingers or a dildo! That hot, thick length pushed deep inside of him, forcing him open, to accommodate to that great girth. It pressed hard to the sensitive walls of his ass, scraping along the twitching interior. Heat boiled in the base of his belly. His body was on fire. His brain was melting from the endless waves of ectacsy. He…he almost couldn’t stand it. How good it felt was nearly terrifying! If Kirishima hadn’t been holding him, he might have bolted. Good, good, good, good-! He was going to cum! Kirishima hadn’t even moved yet and it was already too much for him to take. Cumming…he was going to cum already!

“Bakugo!” Kirishima choked out, tightening his hold even further, “Good! It feels so good inside you! Does it feel good? Huh? Does me being inside feel good?”

“Good…!” Bakugo gasped weakly.

“I’m gonna move-!”

“W-wait-!” Bakugo panted but it was too late. With a low grunt, Kirishima began to pound up into him, setting a hard, fast pace right from the get-go. Bouncing in his hold, his legs flopping uselessly, sharp moans and gasps pouring out of his panting mouth, Bakugo’s blunt nails scraped along Kirishima’s smooth, tanned skin. He was unraveling, coming undone. This was it – he was getting addicted to this sensation, this heat. One time? Hell no, this kind of paradise wasn’t something you had just once. Besides…Bakugo managed to crane his head around. He didn’t need to say anything. Kirishima caught on immediately to what he wanted. Pressing their lips together in a possessive kiss, he released his hold on his legs in favor of clamping down on his torso. A hot, calloused hand wrapped around his cock, jerking him off in time with his thrusts. Bakugo wailed shrilly into Kirishima’s mouth, his eyes rolling back into his head.

Too much-! It was too much-! He couldn’t…it was too much for him to take! Hips straining upwards, his back arching, he came once more, splattering his wet chest with a spray of white. Kirishima moaned happily into his mouth, still gently stroking him, coaxing out every last drop. He continued to thrust into him, even as he was coming, pushing his orgasm further and further until tears were streaming down his cheeks from the extreme, devastating pleasure. By the time he was finally coming back down, the pleasure fading away to a pleasant simmer in the back of his cock, Kirishima’s thrusts were speeding up. The rate of his breathing was becoming erratic. Practically giddy at that point, Bakugo began to teasingly roll his hips, doing his best to clamp his ass down even tighter on his length.

“Cum…” He murmured into Kirishima’s ear, “Cum inside me. I want it…I want it-!”

To his delight, that proved to be Kirishima’s undoing. Curling his arms even more tightly around him, Kirishima stretched his mouth open wide and bite down onto Bakugo’s shoulder – not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to hurt. Pushing out a muffled moan of his name, Kirishima slammed up hard one more time then a flood of scalding hot semen flooded into his pulsing insides. Bakugo howled happily, repeatedly bucking his hips, slamming back down against Kirishima to drive his cock in deep. As that heat flooded into his belly, warming him up in the best way possible, Bakugo came again, returning that splatter of white to his chest. Fuck-! He never would have expected just being cum in to feel so insanely good! Reaching up to grab hold of Kirishima’s hair, he rolled his hips, grinding his cock against his spasming insides.

“B-Bakugo…” Kirishima gasped, licking the area he’d just bitten, “More…want even more-!”

He wanted the same but…they were pushing their luck by staying here. Kissing the side of his head, Bakugo murmured, “Let’s find somewhere more secluded first, okay?”

“Okay!” Kirishima declared happily, “I know the perfect place!”


Splayed out on the smooth rock of the cave Kirishima had brought him too, a steady stream of jizz pouring out of his twitching, gaping ass, Bakugo stared up at the craggy ceiling. His chest heaved with each exerted breath. He was exhausted but also felt beyond amazing – better than he could ever remember feeling. Warm fingers brushed over the curve of his cheek. Turning his head slightly, he found Kirishima smiling happily down at him. Returning his smile with one of his own, he reached up to pull him down into a sweet kiss. Sighing softly, Kirishima melted into him, his soft lips sliding over Bakugo’s. Large hands roamed over his shoulders and chest, leaving a trail of tingles everywhere they touched.

“You gonna get in trouble for this?” Bakugo asked softly, pushing his fingers through Kirishima’s now almost dry hair. How long could mermaids stay out of water before things got dangerous for them? They’d been on this dry part of the cave for a couple hours now! Kirishima was hardly even wet anymore.

“If Taishiro finds out, I might.” Kirishima answered honestly, nuzzling against him.

“You worried about that?”

“No.” Kirishima shook his head, “All I gotta do is explain to Taishiro that I’m not gonna let you go, no matter what. He’ll understand…after some convincing.”

Bakugo snorted, brushing a stray strand of crimson hair away from Kirishima’s forehead, “You don’t sound convinced yourself.”

Kirishima rolled one shoulder, smiling broadly, “I’ll be able to convince him, no worries.”

Pressing his forehead firmly to Bakugo’s, he murmured, “I knew the moment I saw you that you were meant to be mine so now way am I’m gonna let some stupid rules get in the way of that.”

Bakugo’s eyes widened. His breath caught a little bit. The pace of his heartbeat picked up. Tingling with pleasant heat, he glanced away, face burning. What the heck…how could he say something like that so nonchalantly? Weirdo. Kirishima giggled, pressing a sweet kiss to his flushed cheek. Planting a hand on his face, Bakugo pushed him away, rolling over onto his side. Undeterred, sounding more amused than anything else, Kirishima snuggled up close to his back, his tail wrapping around his legs. Muscular arms wrapped around him, tugging him even closer. Tucking an arm underneath his head, Bakugo glared at the far wall. Well…it wasn’t like he could say that he was any different. Maybe it had just been curiosity that drew him out here or maybe…just like Kirishima, he sensed there was something more to that color, something that irresistibly drew him in. Considering everything that had come after he discovered the source of that hue, it didn’t feel too far off to think that might be the case.

Taking one of Kirishima’s hands into his own, ignoring the giddy giggle that rolled up from his shoulder into his ear, Bakugo let his eyes slid closed. It was obvious that nothing about this was going to be easy. Just…mermaid – the strangeness of that still hadn’t set in yet. He had literally just had sex with a mermaid and that didn’t faze him in the slightest. In fact, nothing about this really weirded him out. While he couldn’t say everything felt natural, nothing felt wrong, which felt significant in this kind of situation. No, what wasn’t going to be difficult was accepting all of this. He was already pretty much there. What was going to be difficult was making all of this work and the possible thing about Kirishima not really being allowed to do something like this. It was a little nerve wracking to think that someone might just rip Kirishima away from him. While he wanted Kirishima to be safe and couldn’t stand the thought of what some people might do if they found out that mermaids exist, he didn’t want this to be the only time they saw one another! He wanted to keep seeing him, to keep being with him.

Sighing softly, Bakugo gently squeezed Kirishima’s hand, reassured when he squeezed back. Well, for right now, that didn’t matter. He had no idea what was going to happen from here on out. This…it was an entirely new experience that he didn’t really know how to handle. So, that left him with only one option: to take everything as it came. There was really nothing else for him to do. What was best was just doing everything he could to stay with Kirishima. Nodding slightly to himself, he rolled over so he was facing Kirishima, who smiled brightly at him. Snorting, he tucked his head underneath Kirishima’s head, sighing peacefully when his arms wrapped around him once again. He supposed this was in theme with him. There was nothing he liked better than a challenge. This was perhaps the biggest challenge of his life – just making this work.

“I wanna stay with you.” Bakugo murmured, snuggling close.

Kirishima buried his face into Bakugo’s hair. He could feel how big his smile was. Lightly stroking the tips of his fingers up and down the line of his spine, Kirishima said softly, “Good, that makes me really happy, Bakugo. I wanna stay with you too!”

“We’ll figure it out, right?”

“Yeah!” Kirishima giggled happily, nuzzling the top of his head.

Curling his arms loosely around Kirishima’s midsection, knowing that he needed to be heading back home soon, Bakugo thought about telling Kirishima that but then decided against it. Mom wouldn’t be freaked out if he didn’t show for a while longer. She was used to him being out for a lot longer than he said he would be. For right now, he wanted to stay right here, in the arms of the merman who had stolen his heart with just a glance.