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Lonely Nights

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It's one of those nights, when both, Jimin and Hoseok are gone and Yoongi feels so incredibly lonely in their shared apartment. One of those nights, when he starts feeling needy all of sudden and no-one of his boyfriends is there to please him...

Yoongi usually is a patient man, but during those nights, he's tossing and turning around in their bed and finds no rest, not until he starts pleasuring himself.

He ususally starts slowly, touches himself through his cute, oversized sweater and tries to imagine, that his fingers are either Jimin's or Hoseok's, when he plays with his sensitive nipples.
He teases the delicate buds beneath the soft fabric of his sweater, until he needs more and slips his hand beneath the fluffy shirt. The fingers of his other hand toy with the hem of his pale pink mesh stockings. He actually wore them to surprise Jimin and Hoseok, when they'd come home, but actually, work takes a toll on them and their relationship, so Yoongi seems to wear the cute clothings all for himself.
A small moan leaves his lips, when his fingers finally touch his bare nipples and he's a bit taken aback by how errected they already are, but he twists the small buds between his agile fingers and his breath fastens.

Yoongi's always been sensitive, either to his own touch or to hos boyfriends' touches. He likes their's more than his own, because their's makes him feel more... they're more intense, but they're not here at the moment.
With a small huff, Yoongi turns around, mewls softly, when he presses his half-hard cock against the pink silk sheets and reaches over to the night stand. He fumbles for something, while he grinds his crotch against the sheets. His sweater slips up and reveals pink panties, that cover his plush ass barely and he knows, that especially Jimin would've loved them, but he's still not at home and Yoongi has to please himself.
He mewls softly, when he finds, what he's been looking for in the drawer of the night stand and pulls out an half-empty bottle of melon-flavoured lube and a baby pink dildo with glitter. He needs to help himself and after he squeezed a bit of the lube on two of his fingers, he lifts his ass up from the sheets. Carefully, he pulls the delicate panties to the side and rubs the lubed fingers over his entrance teasingly.
A gasp leaves his lips, when he pushes the first finger in and the dildo finds its' way between Yoongi's lips to muffle the sounds.
He imagines, that it's Jimin's finger inside of his ass and Hoseok's cock in his mouth and whimpers around the toy, while he moves his ass against the finger.
Yoongi's quick to add a second and a third and thrusts them into himself in a fast pace, while he pushes the dildo further down his throat, just like he would beg Hoseok to do.
When Yoongi feels that he's ready for the thick fake cock, he pulls it out of his mouth. It's glistening in the dim light, glitter particles shining softly and the saliva, that covers the toy, makes it even more glossy.
He thrusts his three fingers inside again, once, twice, before he pulls them out as well and inserts the dildo instead.
A loud, shameless moan leaves his lips, when the toys slides all in, reaches his prostate in one go and the feeling lets Yoongi see colourful stars in front of his closed eyes.
It's good... almost as good as if he wasn't alone.
He fucks the toy in deeper, faster, until his hand grows tired and slowly turns on his back, spreads his legs wider and just holds the dildo, while he rolls his hips down against the toy.
His cock's leaking precum on his tummy and into the fine fabric of his panties, he still wears, but Yoongi doesn't care.
He's looking for the highest pleasure, he can reach without Jimin and Hoseok and according to how much his thighs shake and how fast his sweater-covered chest raises and falls, he'll reach it soon.
He knows, how his boyfriends like it, when he comes untouched and even when it's hard work for him, he's determined to do this today as well.
He knows, he needs a little more stimulation to reach his goal and pushes his free hand beneath his sweater again.
His fingers graze over his nipples, while he still grinds down against the dildo and moans shamelessly. He's so sure, that their neighbours know exactly, what he's doing.
Yoongi gasps, when he pinches his nipple and arches his back due to the pleasuring pain. He repeats the action and shivers violently, when he accidentally thrusts down too hard, so the tip of his finger enters his hole next to the thick dildo.
That's it, that throws him over the edge.
He cums all over his own tummy, paints it white and wets his panties and his sweater.
He arches his back in a perfect bow, while he continues to thrust the pink dildo in, guides himself through his orgasm, until he falls down into the sheets weakly and gasps for air. The toy slips out of him, he needs a bit of time to come down from his height but when he's back from the realm of lust, he hears a low chuckle and feels a hand on his thigh.
"What a naughty kitten...", Hoseok says, while his fingers play with the hem of Yoongi's ruined sweater and the older blushes.
Jimin smirks and pulls his boyfriend's panties down.
"S-since when...", Yoongi starts, still breathless and he yelps a little, when Jimin spreads his legs further.
"Ohhh, long enough, baby", he says and rest his hands on the back of Yoongi's thighs to lift up his ass a little.
Yoongi lets out a choked moan, when the youngest buries his face between his ass cheeks and Hoseok leans down to kiss him passionately.
"You gave us such a great show, kitten", he the younger murmurs between two kisses, while Jimin eats Yoongi out thoroughly and the eldest's thighs rest on top of his shoulder.
"Enjoy your reward now", he adds and pushes the sweater up to reveal the soft, cum-stained tummy and grins.
"So messy, baby, but so pretty...", he whispers and Yoongi gasps, when Hoseok wraps his lips around a raised nipple.
This is definitely going to be an interesting night.

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Yoongi writhes in the sheets, while Jimin gently strokes his insides with his tongue and Hoseok runs a teasing finger over the head of his hard cock - hard again, but how couldn't he be not, when he's getting the full attention of those two gorgeous men? "So sensitive, baby~", Hoseok cooes, "I bet, you could cum alone from Jiminie eating you out, huh?" He grins and Yoongi feels, how Jimin retreates his tongue, looks up and wipes his chin. "Should we try it?", he asks, while his fingers stroke Yoongi's thighs and the oldest reacts with a whine. "What do you say, kitten?", he looks at Yoongi from his position between his legs and Yoongi bites his lower lip, when the youngest continues: "What about this, baby? I eat you out and you suck Hobi-hyung off, hm? What do you think?" Yoongi nods frantically and Jimin chuckles. "I knew, that you'd like that~", he singsongs and gently slaps his thigh, "Come on, get on your hands and knees then, pretty kitten~!" "Yes~", the oldest breathes and to Hoseok and Jimin, it's sometimes more than just a miracle, how their little kitten can turn into a confident CEO during day. But the persona, you show to the world, isn't how you really are, right? And Yoongi definitely likes to be spoiled and pampered by his boyfriends.
Hoseok gets rid of his clothes, the belt-buckle jingles softly, when he opens it and he kicks his pants away from his legs, down from the bed, while Jimin helps Yoongi out of his sweater and on his hands and knees. He runs his palms appreciatively down his hyungs spine and feels, how the older shivers softly under the touch. He watches, how Hoseok climbs onto the bed again and positions himself in front of Yoongi, who whimpers slightly, when Jimin kneads his ass cheeks. "Go ahead, kitten", he says, while Hoseok cups the oldest's cheek with his palm, nods encouragingly and Yoongi supports himself on his forearm, while he wraps the other hand around his boyfriend's cock. "I'll be good for you, Seokie~", he purrs and a soft mewl leaves his lips, when he feels, how Jimin bites his ass cheek. "I know, baby, you always are~", Hoseok nods and watches, how Yoongi's eyes fall shut, because Jimin licks from his balls to his rim and wriggles his tongue into him. "Y-yes...", Yoongi moans and slowly starts moving his hand, that's wrapped around Hoseok, "That's... Jimin... please more..."
A gentle thumb strokes across his cheek and Hoseok says: "Don't worry, kitten, you'll get more. Just... go ahead~." Yoongi hums and leans his head down a bit, pokes his tongue out and delivers some kittenish licks to the head of Hoseok's cock, leaps up the newly forming beads of precum, before he closes his lips around the hot flesh. "Like this, Yoonie, doing so well", Hoseok praises and Yoongi mewls around his cock. Then, a whine leaves his lips and sends vibrations through Hoseok's length, when Jimin pulls back to admire the view in front of him. "Nah, don't get greedy, kitten~", Hoseok warns and interlaces his fingers with Yoongi's hair, gently tugs on the strands and his cock slips further into Yoongi's mouth. Then, he looks at Jimin, who grins. "Don't be so strict, hyung", he says, while he runs a finger over Yoongi's wet rim and the brunette shivers, when he pushes a finger in for a moment. He purrs softly, while he twirls his tongue around Hoseok's cock, who still has his fingers in his hair and Yoongi likes this. He likes this so much, especially, when he other hand slides into his hair as well and Hoseok pulls him even closer. "You can do better, baby, hm?", he gowls, when Yoongi opens his mouth wider to take more of the younger's cock in. He moans softly, when Hoseok thrusts up gently and Jimin sinks down between Yoongi's legs again.
The youngest's tongue works into him skillfully and tremor after tremor shakes Yoongi's lithe body. Rough hands knead the back of his thighs and fingers tug at his hair and he's literally in heaven. Getting the attention from both his boyfriends is the best and he enjoys this so much. It's so much better than playing with himself, even when he knows, that he's going to be completely ruined and exhausted at the end of the night.
With a slurping sound, he pulls back from Hoseok's cock and breathes out shakily: "Seokie... can you give me more?" and Hoseok nods. Yoongi pushes his tongue out and lets it rest on his bottom lip, when Hoseok slowly slides his cock back into his open mouth. "Gonna fuck your mouth, okay, kitten?", he asks and Yoongi hums, moans, when he feels, how Jimin's tongue wriggles in deeper, lets him tremble and he chokes slightly, when Hoseok uses a bit more force to push his length in deeper. But he wants more. His fingers dig into the pastel pink sheets beneath him, he feels, how his cock twitches against his tummy, feels, how something wet and sticky drizzles down his thighs and he breathes through his nose, when he can feel Hoseok's cock closer to his throat. His boyfriends indeed know, how to satisfy him.
"Kitten's close~", Jimin mumbles, after he pulled back a bit, tip of his tongue trails around Yoongi's pink, stretched rim, before he licks his lips and smacks the older's left ass cheek, "That's so hot, baby, wish you could see yourself~..."
Yoongi lets out a muffled whimper at Jimin's words, while Hoseok gently holds his head in place and thrusts his cock into his open mouth. The length pulses in Yoongi's mouth and he can feel it in his throat, tries to swallow around the head, but the only makes Hoseok groan and thrust in harder. "Shit, you like that so much, hm, baby?", he breathes from above him and Yoongi tries to nod. Somehow he manages this, but then, he closes his eyes, when Jimin slaps his ass again. He tries to speak around the thick cock in his mouth, blabbers something incoherent, when Jimin's tongue intrudes again. "What did you say, Yoonie?", Hoseok asks and smirks a little, when he speeds up again, watches, how saliva sips out of Yoongi's mouth and down his jaw. He strokes the older's hair gently, "Are you close?"
Yoongi whimpers and nods again. "Thought so~", Hoseok hums, pants leaving his mouth, "Me too. Want me to cum in your mouth?" Another nod. "Okay, but just because you've been such a good kitten", he says, "And only, when you won't cum, until I do, hm?"
Yoongi closes his eyes and feels, how a tear runs over his cheek. He wants to scream, that Jimin needs to stop, because he isn't sure, how long he's able to hold back. He's so so hard, so close to the edge, but his boyfriends just keep teasing him. "Can you do this, sweetheart?", Hoseok asks and Yoongi's breath hitches, when Jimin's hand sneaks between his legs. The youngest carefully rubs his palms over his cock and this time, Yoongi thinks, he won't be able to fulfil Hoseok's wish. "Can you?", the younger asks again and a strangled sound leaves Yoongi's mouth at an especially hard thrust. "Don't think so", he hears Jimin mumble against his rim and he shivers, because the hot breath tickles his sensitive skin. "Well, baby, then I think, we have to take more drastic actions", Hoseok decides and Jimin giggles, before he starts fucking his tongue quickly into Yoongi, but at the same time, he wraps two fingers around the base of the older's cock. "You're not going to cum, before I do", Hoseok says again and Yoongi whines.
Okay, yes, he already went through a breathtaking orgasm this night, but that's so mean... especially when he's so close...
But Hoseok's close too and he stops talking, starts fucking Yoongi's mouth properly, fast and hard, the way, the older likes it. Feral grunts escape Hoseok's throat and he grips Yoongi's hair harder, stills, while his cock vanishes deep into his kitten's mouth, hits the back of his throat and Yoongi slightly chokes around it. The constriction around the sensitive head does it for Hoseok and he barely has time to moan out a warning for Yoongi, when he cums in the older's mouth, pulls back in the process, so some of the hot, white strings land on his boyfriend's cheek and lips. "Don't swallow", he orders and Yoongi complies, keeps the hot, sticky liquid in his mouth and as soon as Jimin hears Hoseok's words, he lets go of Yoongi's ass and hurries to kneel next to him and kiss him. Hoseok watches them, watches, how messy they both are, sharing his cum, but after a while, Yoongi starts whimpering. His cock's still achingly hard and he really needs a release. "Good kitten", Jimin pulls back and wipes Yoongi's bottom lip clean, before he looks at Hoseok. "Do you want to make him cum, hyung?", he asks and Hoseok grins, before he takes the position, Jimin occupied earlier. "Should I? Does he deserve this?", he teases, while he spreads Yoongi's ass cheeks and licks his lips, when he sees, how the pink hole clenches around air. "So eager to be filled, Yoonie... do you want to cum?", he asks and Yoongi nods. "Yes... yes... Seokie... want to cum so badly... do something... please do anything...", he pleads and looks over his shoulder, shivers at Hoseok's sly grin and almost misses the movement next to himself. When he looks back, Jimin's completely naked as well and he adjusts his position, leans against the headboard. "Give him, what he wants, hyung", he tells Hoseok with a smile, while he reaches for the unnoticed dildo on the sheets, swirls his tongue around the tip. Yoongi swallows and yelps, when his ass receives a smack again. Hoseok slaps harder than Jimin, but Yoongi still likes it. "A-again... please...", he whines and Hoseok repeats it, even harder now, before he nods at Jimin and buries his face in between Yoongi's cheeks. "We agreed to make you come from eating you out. I got you, baby, you just watch Jiminie, okay?", he breathes against the older's rim and Yoongi hums, shakily, while he watches, how Jimin takes more of the dildo into his mouth, smirks around the toy. His free hand's wrapped around his cock and he jerks himself off, while he watches, how Yoongi falls apart due to Hoseok's treatment.
His tongue reaches in deeper and Yoongi chokes on a moan, when Jimin lifts his hips a bit. He presents his ass to Yoongi and pulls the dildo out from between his lips. "Like, what you see, kitten?", he asks and drops the toy to the sheets again, wraps his fingers around the glass butt plug with the baby pink, heart shaped gem on the handle, "Have been wearing it all day, thought you'd like it~."
Jimin's the one, in their relationship, who likes to switch positions. He loves to fuck Yoongi, but he also enjoys it a lot to be fucked into the sheets by Hoseok. "Y-yeah... like it a lot...", Yoongi breathes out and watches, how Jimin pulls the plug out, slowly, watches, how the muscle stretches around the thicker part of the toy, "So... pretty, Jimin-ah..."
Jimin giggles, but it quickly turns into a moan, when he thrusts the toy back in. "S-should I use the plug or... kitten, should I use your favorite dildo?", he asks and points at the stray toy on the sheets. "Choose wisely, baby", Hoseok mumbles against his ass and Yoongi moans, when the younger's tongue works into him faster. "D-dildo...", he manages to say and Jimin nods, pulls the plug out with a squelching noise and takes the dildo instead, together with the melon lube. "Watch me, baby", he says and turns around, sticks his ass out a bit, after he coated the dildo in lube.
He's quick to push it in, no more preparation needed and Yoongi moans loudly, when the dildo enters the younger. Jimin's breath fastens, when he rolls his hips down against the toy and Yoongi's eyes widen. He licks his lips and when he feels, how one of Hoseok's fingers enters him next to the younger's tongue, he isn't able to hold back anymore. He cums over the sheets, lets out lewd moan and tries his best to keep his eyes open, but fails, when the pleasure reaches its peak. He squeezes his eyes shut and clenches hard around Hoseok's tongue and his finger and a pleasured cry leaves him, when Hoseok slaps his ass again, pulls his tongue back and watches, how the older almost collapses onto the mattress, but he holds his hips and stops him from falling.
Then, he leans over Yoongi's exhausted body and whispers: "Open your eyes, kitten, keep them on Jimin. Believe me, it's worth it..."
And Yoongi does. He gasps, when he sees, that Jimin has turned around again. He's sitting on his knees and holds the dildo down on the mattress with one hand, while he bounces on the fake cock. "So beautiful, Jiminie...", Hoseok praises and the youngest throws his head back, "He's going to make himself cum, right, kitten? He can do it... but what about you?" He sits up and pulls Yoongi with him, until he's sitting in his lap, feels Hoseok's cock against one of his ass cheeks. The younger adjusts his position a little. "Should I fuck you? Can you cum again?", he asks and Yoongi nods weakly. He came more than thrice one night and he can do everything, to make Hoseok proud. "Good boy, so perfect", the younger mumbles and bites into Yoongi's earlob, "But... I think, you should rest a bit now. Watch Jiminie, enjoy the show, okay?"
Yoongi nods again and fixes his eyes on his angelic boyfriend, who's eagerly riding the toy in front of them.
His moans are lewd and his cock stands proud and thick against his toned stomach. Jimin's free hand plays with his nipple, before it slides down his body and wraps around his cock. "S-shit... having the plug... inside me... all day...", he breathes, "... made me so... fucking sensitive... 'm close already, hyung..."
"Touch yourself, Jiminie, you're doing good...", Hoseok says and Yoongi squirms in his lap, when he feels, how his cock slides in between his ass cheeks without intruding. "Shh, kitten...", Hoseok tells him and squeezes his thigh reassuringly, close to his crotch and Yoongi whines. Then, he boldly turns his head and whispers something into Hoseok's ear. The younger's lips part into a grin and he nods, before they both look back at Jimin. Watching the younger in action is so incredibly sexy and Yoongi feels, how his arousal spikes up again, especially when Hoseok starts mouthing on his neck. "He's so hot, right?", he mumbles, when Jimin whines and pushes down harder on the toy, flicks his wrist skillfully and just a few moments later, he cums all over his stomach with a cry of Hoseok's and Yoongi's names.
He takes a bit of time to come down from his height, but when he's back, he smiles and looks at Yoongi. "Kitten enjoyed the show", he nods and sinks down against the headboard. "Did you expect something else?", Hoseok asks and nuzzles his nose against Yoongi's cheek. "Not really", Jimin chuckles breathlessly, when he lays down on the sheets, head tucked comfortably into the pillow and Hoseok gently slaps the side of Yoongi's thigh. "Go, keep him company, kitten, hm?" Yoongi nods and gets back on his hands and knees, crawls over to Jimin and plops down on top of him, lets out a soft moan, when his hard cock brushes over Jimin's abs. "Hyung, what...?", Jimin asks, while he runs his fingers through Yoongi's hair, applies gentle pressure against his scalps and Yoongi nuzzles his head into the croock of his neck. His leg, still clad in the mesh stockings, slides in between Jimin's and the younger lets out a soft moan, when Yoongi's thigh rubs against his sensitive cock. Neither of them cares a lot about the mess on both their stomachs. The older runs his tongue across Jimin's neck and whispers: "Want Seokie to fuck me, while we're close to you... don't want you to feel left out..." Jimin whines softly and wraps his arms around Yoongi, before he turns his head and presses his lips against Yoongi's. "Okay, baby", he whispers, when Hoseok leans over Yoongi's back and watches them. For a moment, it's sweet and romantic, until Jimin teasingly sneaks his hand to Yoongi's chest and runs his thumb over his nipple. "Let him fuck you then, kitten, so I can watch how your pretty face contorts in pleasure...", he whispers against Yoongi's lips and the older purrs, before he lifts himself up on his knees,, chest still partly on top of Jimin's and he unintentionally grants the younger more access to his nipples with that. Yoongi presses his ass against Hoseok's crotch, before he looks over his shoulder at the younger, who grabs his hips. "Fuck me, Seokie... wreck me~", he mewls and Hoseok swallows at the pure arousal, that drips from Yoongi's voice and he nods. "Whatever you want, kitten", he says and Jimin passes him the lube, that's laying next to him.
"Give it to him, hyung", he says with a grin, before he draws a moan from Yoongi by tweaking his nipple and Hoseok smirks. "Always", he replies and lubes up his cock, then, aligns it with Yoongi's waiting hole and without further hesitance, he pushes in, hard an rough, because he likes it like this.
The older loves to dress up in soft pastel sweaters and pretty lace, but he never complains about being fucked roughly, into the sheets, against a wall or bent over any surface in their apartment.
Today, it's the same. Yoongi moans, before he bites into Jimin's shoulder to muffle the sounds, but the younger winds his fingers into his hair and pulls his head back gently. "Nah, kitten, we don't do this", he warns and at the same time, a hard slap comes down against his ass, "We don't muffle our pleasure, baby." Again, Hoseok smack his cheeks, hard, while he starts pounding into him, without reluctance and from the beginning, he hits Yoongi's prostate dead-on. They're in a relationship long enough to know, what the other likes and where the weak, sensitive spots are. "Don't do it again", Jimin adds, pulls Yoongi down and presses a soft kiss against the older's lips. Yoongi nods weakly, tries his best not to collapse on top of Jimin because of the force, Hoseok uses on him. "G-good... Hoseok... more... Oh my god..."
Hoseok's fingers press into the pale skin, that covers Yoongi's hip bones and he's going to have his fingerprints there in the morning, but that's exactly, what he wants. Being marked up by his boyfriends, so that everyone knows, who owns him.
Yoongi's thigh continues to rub over Jimin's cock, which is hard again by now and the younger moans into his ear. "Feels good, kitten.. so good", he mumbles and thrusts his hips up to feel more of the soft skin and the rough mesh against his length, until Hoseok bends over Yoongi's back and wraps his long fingers around Jimin's cock. He jerks him off quickly and murmurs: "What do you think, Minie? Wanna cum all over our pretty kitten?"
Yoongi chokes slightly at Hoseok's filthy words and feels, how Jimin wriggles himself out from underneath him, after Hoseok let go of him again.
For a moment, he just sits on the sheets and watches, how Yoongi writhes in Hoseok's hold, pleasure clearly obvious on his face, but he's so sensitive from all their games tonight, that he's already close again. "Wanna cum...", he pleads, presses his ass harder against Hoseok and the younger thrusts into him faster, reaches around him and wraps his hand around Yoongi's leaking cock this time. All it needs is a dig of Hoseok's nail into Yoongi's slit and the oldest cums for the third time that night and just a pathetic amount of cum spurts from his cock, before he breathes out weakly. Hoseok continues to pound into him and Yoongi whimpers softly. "F-fill me, Seokie... please fill me up...", he begs and Hoseok groans. The older clenches around him and it's too much. Yoongi's walls are constricting around him and it feels so good. Too good and he cums in ropes, coats the older's insides and pulls back to shoot a bit of his cum over Yoongi's slightly red ass. He watches how his cum drips out of the abused hole, before he waves Jimin over, who's slowly stroking his own cock. "Come here, baby", Hoseok tells him and pulls him in front of himself, traces gently over the 'Nevermind'-tattoo inked over the younger's ribs and then, swats his hand away, "Let me help you, gorgeous."
Jimin throws his head against Hoseok's shoulder, when he starts stroking him in a fast pace and a sly finger makes his way to his ass. "F-fuck, hyung...", he moans, when Hoseok pushes the finger in, moves it quickly. "Kitten's waiting, Jiminie", he rasps and Jimin looks at Yoongi. The older looks over his shoulder, eyes hooded. He looks incredibly tired, but also very satisfied. "Look art him, he's such a cumslut, hm?" Yoongi moans, because yes, he is!
"Seokie...", he whispers and scrambles to his knees, "C-can I?" He licks his lips and Jimin swallows at the sight. "Come over, kitten, come and get what you want", Hoseok allows and Yoongi crawls closer.
He licks the tip of Jimin's cock, while Hoseok continues to move his fist around him, before he lets go and instead, fills Jimin up with two more fingers. He thrusts them into him quickly and the youngest's loud moan echoes from the walls, when Yoongi wraps his lips around his cock and sucks him off skillfully.
Is doesn't take long, until Jimin shivers and trembles and Yoongi pulls back, closes his eyes and opens his mouth in front of Jimin. The younger's cock twitches and pulses and he cums, right when Yoongi's completly off of him. His release coats the oldest's face, some lands in his mouth and Yoongi licks his lips. He tries his best to gather all of Jimin's cum from his face, but he needs Hoseok's help, who scoops the sticky liquid from his cheeks and pushes it into his mouth, after Jimin collapsed against his chest.
He breathes hard, he's exhausted, but that definitely was worth all of it.
Hoseok sits down on the mattress with Jimin in his laps and they look at each other. "God, we're so messy...", the youngest mumbles and Hoseok chuckles. "All because of you, kitten", he says and Yoongi points at himself. "Me?"
They laugh together and Jimin and Hoseok carefully clean Yoongi up. The oldest is overly sensitive now, but he enjoys the attention, he gets from his boyfriends.
A bit later, when he's laying beneath the new sheets, naked and sandwitched between Hoseok and Jimin, he smiles to himself. The night ended up not that lonely and Yoongi's quite happy.

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The next morning, Yoongi wakes up to a warm, pleasuring and wet feeling around his cock and he slowly opens his eyes with a soft whimper.
When he looks down his body, his eyes meet Jimin's mischievous ones, full lips wrapped around Yoongi's cock. He's passionately sucking him off, twirls his tongue around the sensitive head of Yoongi's length and makes him writhe in the sheets.
Hoseok's not with them anymore and Yoongi has no time to question, where he is, because Jimin distracts him quite well, especially when he reaches for Yoongi's hand and pushes a baby blue, vibrating dildo into his palm. "Suck, angel, make it nice and wet for me, okay?", he says and Yoongi lets out a weak whimper, when Jimin starts jerking him off.
"W-what...", he breathes out and Jimin smirks.
"Hobi-hyung told me to prepare you, to make you cum at least once until he comes back. We're all going to stay home today", he whispers against the soft, pale flesh of Yoongi's thigh, while he watches, how Yoongi's lips wrap around the silicone toy. 
"He fucked me already, baby", he adds, while Yoongi twirls his tongue around the toy, whimpers around it and jerks his hips, when Jimin pushes three fingers into him at once, "He filled me up so good and then, he plugged me up, angel. Can still feel his warm cum inside of me..." Jimin leans up and tweaks Yoongi's nipple. The older's eyes widen, at the absolute filthy dirty talk and at the feeling of Jimin's fingers against his nipple.
"But he said, that I can fuck you, too, kitten. Should we do this? Should I prepare you with the toy, turn you into a writhing mess, until you're close and then, let you ride me, until you cum?", the younger continues and Yoongi nods, while he pushes the dildo into his mouth quickly.
"That's my baby", Jimin smiles. "And just imagine Hobi-hyung coming back, before we're done. He'd be so happy to watch you come undone, pretty kitten", he says and reaches for the dildo, takes it out from Yoongi's lips and then, he kisses the older softly.
"Stay like this, my angel, okay?", he mumbles, "Wanna see your beautiful face."
Yoongi hums and then, Jimin tells him to spread his legs for him, wide and Yoongi does.
He watches, how Jimin takes the lube from the night stand and yelps, when he presses the opening against Yoongi's hole.
"Gonna makes this messy, babe, just like you prefer it... Hobi loves it to... just keep the lube inside, yeah, angel?", he tells him and pushes a good amount of lube into Yoongi. The older moans at the coolness inside of him, but Jimin's right. He likes being filled by the sticky substance, likes the sounds, it makes, when he's fucked and he likes the feeling of the lube running over his ass and thighs, when it drips out of him.
"Fuck me, Jiminie... please...", Yoongi pleads, when he already feels, how a bit of the lubricant leaves his hole again, way more fluid than earlier now, because it turns watery with warmth and he moans softly, while he watches, how Jimin coats the dildo.
The small remote lays in the sheets, next to his boyfriend and Yoongi can't wait for the younger to take it and turn their toy on, "Please... I'll be so good for you..."
"I know, love, just be a little more patient...", Jimin smiles softly at Yoongi and after another moment, that seemed like an eternity to his boyfriend, he aligns the toy with Yoongi's waiting entrance.
"Relax", he tells him and as soon as the older does, another gush of lube drizzles out of his hole and Jimin licks his lips. "Fuck, kitten, that's so sexy...", he murmurs and finally, finally pushes the dildo in.
It sinks into Yoongi without much hindrance, because he's still stretched from last night and fills him up to the hilt. The dildo isn't thin, it's rather thick and definitely one of Jimin's favourite toys to play with.
Yoongi's lips fly open, when Jimin moves the dildo inside of him, adjusts it a little but and reaches for the remote.
"I'll turn it on now, baby", he tells the older and Yoongi nods.
"Yes, yes... need it so much...", he whimpers and Jimin grunts a bit, before he carefully slaps his thigh. "Behave and don't get greedy, okay? Be my good kitten and I'll promise, you'll cum so hard, baby", the younger runs a gentle hand across Yoongi's cheek.
"Yes, Jiminie... I'll be good for you... I'll be your best boy...", Yoongi nods feverishly and a pleasured cry leaves his lips, when Jimin finally turns on the vibrating toy.
It's only the first level of vibrations, but it already feels so good and the pleasure pierces through Yoongi's entire body.
The dildo rests a tiny bit away from his prostate and he can already feel the vibrations there, just a bit, but he can feel it.
"Jimin... baby...", he breathes and the younger looks af him, how he wriggles his ass and tries to move the toy inside of him. "Hm? What?", the younger asks playfully, just watches Yoongi and the older whimpers.
"Please... please...", he pleads and Jimin nods softly.
"I know", he says, I promised." And with those words, he turns the vibrations on the second level and adjusts the dildo again, so that it rests against Yoongi's prostrate directly now.
The older moans loudly, pushes his hips down against the toy, while Jimin holds it in place and watches, how a shiny bead of precum runs down Yoongi's shaft.
"Shit...", he groans, "Like this, kitten, make yourself feel good." He can't tear his eyes away, watches, how Yoongi fucks himself on the dildo and cries out in bliss, when Jimin increases the vibrations again.
"How far did we go, which was the highest level last time, baby?", he asks and Yoongi sobs.
"T-three...", he replies. Jimin hums. "Do you think, you can take four?", he asks and Yoongi shakes his head. "Gonna cum, then...", he whines and Jimin laughs. "But you can cum", he says, "Hobi-hyung told me to make you cum."
He starts moving the dildo inside of Yoongi, but keeps it at three for the moment.
"B-but... I wanna cum with you inside me.... wanna ride you, Jiminie...", the older replies, voice a mere whisper, incredibly needy and shaky, "Please... please..."
Jimin sighs. It has something rather hot to hear Yoongi beg, but he isn't ready yet to give him what he wants.
"Kitten...", Jimin gently presses his fingers into the soft skin of Yoongi's thighs, feels how the muscles tremble beneath his hands and watched, how thick, glossy pearls of precum roll down Yoongi's cock.
The angry red tip twitches and the man beneath him whimpers, when Jimin thrusts the vibrator into him faster.
"You promised to be good", Jimin mumbles, strokes Yoongi's thigh gently, before he lifts his hand and a sharp smack hits the soft flesh. Yoongi gasps and arches his back in pleasure. "I'll be good", he mumbles frantically, "I'll be so, so good for you..." "Yeah? Then, we'll try out level four", Jimin says, stops thrusting the vibrator in and turns it up instead.
Yoongi's entire body starts shivering in an instant and Jimin watches, how his lips open wide, his moans get louder and he arches his back again. "O-oh... fuck...", he stutters out, totally taken aback by the immense pleasure, the vibrations bring and it doesn't take long for him to cum.
He cums hard, spills white, thick strings over his tummy and up to his chest and Jimin watches him with a satisfied smile.
"Good boy", he praises, slowly pushes the toy into Yoongi to let him ride out his pleasure and when the older whines and shivers, he pulls it back with a squelching sound and watches, how the watery lube drizzles out of his boyfriend's stretched hole.
Jimin leans down, presses a kiss against Yoongi's still quivering thighs and then, teasingly slides his tongue into the older's entrance.
"Oh... shit... Jimin...", Yoongi tries to wriggle away, but Jimin has nothing of it, when his hands fly to the older's hips and he holds him in place, while he skillfully moves his tongue inside of him.
After a while, Yoongi's whines turn into pleasured moans again and his hands fist the sheets beneath him, when Jimin pulls away with a sly smirk.
"Gonna clean you up, kitten", he says and casually gets up from the bed to walk into the adjacent bathroom to get a towel and a wet cloth.
He can hear Yoongi's frustrated groan, when he leaves him in the sheets, half hard again and still dripping lube now mixed with spit out of his hole.
"Jimin... you...", the older starts, when his boyfriend comes back, but Jimin just grins. "Na-ah, baby. Will you behave?", he says, voice stern, while he walks over to the wardrobe, "As I said, gonna clean you up and then, we'll put you into pretty lace for Hobi-hyung, yeah?" Jimin pulls out a pair of baby pink lace stockings, a garter belt and a pretty lace thong and Yoongi sits up a bit.
He's suddenly very excited for the younger's idea.
He loves being dolled up and pretty for his boyfriends, so he'll definitely behave now - like the good kitten, he is.
Jimin cleans and dries him gently, before he helps him into the lingerie and appreciatively runs his hands over the filigree fabric.
"He's going to love it so much...", he mumbles and slides his hand into Yoongi's crotch, cups the still half-hard cock and gently rubs his palm against the hot flesh.
Yoongi breathes in and out and Jimin watches him intensely.
"Wanna ride me now, kitten? Hobi-hyung should be home soon, so...", he wriggles his eyebrows and lays down on the sheets, head in the pillow and Yoongi nods.
"Yes...", he gasps, and straddles Jimin's thighs quickly. Yoongi wraps his hand around the younger's hard, thick cock and strokes it a few times, before be brushes his thumb over the tip and then, he fishes for the lube in the sheets, coats the hard length with it, before he gets in position.
"Yo-you still have the plug in you, huh?", he gasps, when he pulls the small string of fabric away from his hole and aligns Jimin's cock with it. "Y-yeah...", the younger replies, breathing hard, when his boyfriend sinks down on his length, halfway first, even when he's stretched enough, but he wants to tease Jimin as well.
"Is it the long one...", he asks, its merely a whisper, "The one, that reaches in so deep?" Jimin nods.
The plug indeed reaches in deep and almost each of his movements lets it graze his prostate.
That information obviously was everything, Yoongi needed and he slams down into Jimin's lap.
The force lets the toy jab hard against Jimin's prostate and he lets out a loud moan.
"Feels good, Jimin-ah?", Yoongi asks, smirk on his lips and his hands pressed against the younger's chest for support.
His thighs slip over the silky sheets and the lace isn't helping much, so Jimin's hands quickly hold his hips. "Yeah... but I think, this feels good as well, kitten?", he thrusts his pelvis up against Yoongi's ass and the older throws his head back in pleasure, when he hits that bundle of nerves inside of him in an instant. "Y-yes... feels good...", he moans, before he looks back at Jimin.
"Come on, rock those hips, angel", Jimin instructs and slides one hand to Yoongi's ass, slaps it, once, twice and the older mewls lewdly. "F-fuck... again...", he pleads, while he slowly starts bouncing in Jimin's lap, hands pressed against his boyfriend's chest for support and this time, both of the younger's palms crash against his ass cheeks.
Yoongi's cock is hard by now, straining against the lace and leaking into the fabric, when he bites his lower lip.
"Jimin...", he breathes, which is followed by a moan, when the younger smacks his ass again, "A-add a finger..."
Jimin swallows. "You sure?", he asks and Yoongi nods, lips his ass up only to fall back down quickly. "Yes... b-ut... oh shit...", he gasps, while he eagerly rides Jimin's cock, "...go... slow... I... miss being filled by both of you..."
A pretty blush adorns Yoongi's cheeks, because that's a request, he doesn't voice out often.
"Come on... stretch me more...", he begs, panting and still bouncing on top of Jimin, "Want to... be ready for... Seokie..."
Jimin nods softly and lets one hand rest on Yoongi's waist again, before he slides the other between his ass cheeks. He rubs the rim carefully, loosens it up a bit, before he slowly, carefully enters a finger into Yoongi. The older moans and stills, while Jimin pushes the digit in. "Y-yes... god... yes...", he whispers, almost frantically, "F-feels so good..." "And it looks fucking good...", they hear Hoseok's voice from the door. "S-seokie...", Yoongi gasps, when Jimin starts moving the finger inside of him and the other hums. "Want... to feel both... of you... at... the...", Yoongi's completely out of breath, while Jimin fucks his finger into him, everything still besides that movement. "You're such a little cockslut today, kitten", Hoseok comes closer to them and runs his palm over Yoongi's spine, down to his ass, "One cock inside isn't enough for you? Want to be stretched open wide, baby?" "Yes, yes... please... Seokie... please...", Yoongi's cheeks are still flushed in pink, when Hoseok pulls his ass cheeks aside and watches how Jimin's finger disappears in the oldest. "Let me help you then", Hoseok says and Jimin understands. He pulls the finger back and Yoongi whines in frustration.
"Shhh... angel...", Hoseok licks the shell of his ear, "Relax, okay?" A hard smack to his ass cheek lets Yoongi yelp, before fingers appear in front of his lips. "Suck them, Yoonie. Make them wet for me."
And Yoongi does. He coats Hoseok's fingers with a good amount of saliva, while the younger starts thrusting the butt plug into Jimin, makes them both moan. Jimin from the constant treatment against his already sensitive prostate and Yoongi around his fingers because Jimin's pushing up into him. After a short while, Hoseok retreats his fingers from Yoongi's mouth and lets the plug fill up Jimin again, before he instructs Yoongi: "Spread your cheeks for me, kitten."
Yoongi does and soon, he feels two fingers prodding against his already stretched rim.
Quickly, they slide in, tips first and he gasps, because this time, it hurts a little bit. "You okay, baby?", Jimin asks, breathless and Yoongi nods. Hoseok's fingers are a little bit thicker than Jimin's, definitely longer and he wants this. He wants to sink down on those fingers and Jimin's throbbing cock, ride them, until his legs are weak and trembling, wants Hoseok to spread him open and then, he wants his boyfriends to fuck him silly, to wreck him completely. 
Yoongi shivers, when Hoseok licks his earlobe and whispers: "You look so pretty, angel. So beautiful... and yet, you're such a filthy, little cockslut, hm, Yoonie?"
The older moans, when he feels how Jimin's fingers playing with his nipples and how Hoseok's finger sink deeper into him.
"Yes... I'm filthy... oh god... fuck me... please...", he begs and he already knows, how he's going to rile Hoseok up even more. He swallows and leans his head back against the other's shoulder. "Please... please... daddy... I want to feel you inside me... and Jimin as well... I want this so much!"
He rarely calls Hoseok "daddy" but it usually has a great effect on the younger. Today as well.
"You're quite desperate today...", Hoseok groans, before he squeezes a third finger into Yoongi and the oldest whimpers. The stretch is painful, but he's able to stand it and he's happy that Hoseok and Jimin let him adjust.
"Take your time, baby", Jimin's voice is soft and reassuring, he caresses his thighs and plays with his nipples, twists them and rubs himself thumbs over them, while Hoseok squeezes Yoongi's ass cheeks and massages them to help Yoongi relax.
"F-fuck...", the older moans, when Hoseok thrusts up experimentally after a while, "S-shit..." "You're good, Yoonie", Hoseok states and underlines it with a slap to Yoongi's bare cheeks, "You love it, hm?"
And all Yoongi can do, is letting out a pathetic whimper. Because Hoseok's right.
He loves it. He loves the stretch of Jimin's cock and Hoseok's fingers inside of him and he's craving for more.
"Ride them", Hoseok instructs, after he's sure, that his boyfriend adjusted to three fingers and one cock inside of him and Jimin mewls, when Hoseok wraps his remaining fingers around the younger's cock, "Come on, kitten. Be a good boy for daddy and make yourself feel good. Spread yourself open for daddy's cock..."
Yoongi hums softly and starts bunching on Jimin's cock and Hoseok's fingers.
It hurts a little bit in the beginning, but soon, the pleasure increases and Yoongi lets out filthy moans and needy mewls.
"Mo-more...", he chants after a while and Hoseok retreats his fingers. He reaches for the lube and presses a hand between Yoongi's shoulder blades, "Down...", he orders and Yoongi drops his chest onto Jimin's, who immediately wraps his arms around him. Soothing words are whispered into his ear, kisses are pressed to his neck and marks sucked into his skin, when he reaches for Yoongi's ass and spreads the cheeks for Hoseok. "Did you fill him up nicely with lube earlier, Jimin-ah?", Hoseok mumbles, while he drizzles lube into Yoongi's crack, watches, how it runs over the small string of the thong and drips around the base of Jimin's cock. The youngest nods and Hoseok smiles.
The stretched hole glistens wetly and Yoongi cries out, when Jimin thrusts up his hips, while Hoseok takes off his clothes.
Then, he climbs onto the bed, between Jimin's bent legs and lets his hand slide up the younger's calf. "He's already taking you so well, Jiminie... and you prepped him with the blue dildo, huh?" Jimin nods. "Yes, hyung...", he replies with a smile. "Such a clever boy, I'm proud of you", Hoseok praises and Yoongi whines. "D-daddy...", he breathes and holds his breath, when he feels, how the tip of Hoseok's cock catches his stretched rim, "Yes... yes... in-inside...", he moans and Hoseok wraps his arms around him. "Stay calm, baby... we're going to make you feel so good", he mumbles into Yoongi's ear, while he presses his cock into the older inch by inch.
Yoongi shivers, whispers and bites down on his lower lip during the process and he's glad, that Hoseok's taking his time.
It's certainly not the first time, they're doing this, but it happens rarely, because it's so intense. Not only for Yoongi, but for Jimin and Hoseok as well.
"Fuck... you're so tight, angel...", Hoseok mumbles against Yoongi's neck, while he peppers the skin with kisses and Jimin tweaks the older's nipple to distract him a bit.
"S-so full, daddy... Jimin-ah... oh god... I feel so full... pl-plesse move...", Yoongi pleads and Hoseok complies, slowly pulls out again, only to thrust back in.
He repeats it, fucks into Yoongi with long, deep thrusts of his hips, that make all three of them moan. Whenever Hoseok pulls back, Jimin starts rolling his hips up and quickly, Yoongi's reduced into a blabbering, drooling mess on top of Jimin.
His lace-covered cock constantly rubs over Jimin's taut abs and he's so close already.
"D-daddy... fuck me harder... please mo-more...", Yoongi begs and Hoseok chuckles a little.
"God, Yoonie... such a cockslut, seriously...", he mocks and crashes his palm down on Yoongi's ass, twice, before he pulls back again to snap his hip up harder.
"He's close, hyung... can feel him leaking...", Jimin breathes, palms running over Yoongi's back and Hoseok grins.
"Do you want to cum, Yoongi?", he asks, sharp thrust delivered right into the older's prostate. "Y-yes... oh god... yes daddy...", Yoongi whines and digs his nails into Jimin's shoulder. "Then cum", Hoseok orders and thrusts in again, sharp, precise and at the same time, he and Jimin spank either one of Yoongi's ass cheeks. Jimin pushes him up a little, into a slightly upright position and Yoongi throws his head back, when Hoseok slips in a bit deeper.
"Oh... f-fuck...", he moans, when he cums in his lingerie and even shoots ropes of white across his chest, while Hoseok continues to pound into him. "G-go on... don't stop...", Yoongi begs, when Hoseok slows down and Jimin shivers beneath him, "Fill me... please fill me up..." And he clenches around the two cocks inside of him, encourages them to fuck him more and after a while, both, Jimin and Hoseok cum inside of him.
Yoongi's whimpering from over sensitivity, while they spill their cum into him. Hoseok bites down on Yoongi's shoulder, while he presses his hips against the older's ass, rides out his height and Jimin rolls his hips subconsciously, fucking their cum deeper into Yoongi.
After a while, the oldest collapsed on top of Jimin and whines, when Hoseok's cock slips out of him.
Jimin carefully lifts his spent body and lays it down next to him. He looks at Hoseok, while Yoongi catches his breath. The older's eyes are focused on Yoongi's hole.
The oldest's laying in the sheets, completely spent, body covered in sweat and his own cum, while a little bit of drool runs down his cheek. Hoseok's looking at the white substance, that runs out of Yoongi's hole, onto the sheets and he slowly, carefully, scoops some of it up with his finger, pushes it back into Yoongi, his finger remains inside. The older's response is a weak mewl and Hoseok smiles, while Jimin, without a further word, gets up from the bed and brings Hoseok a butt plug from their collection. "Good boy", he praises and then, the youngest leans over Yoongi. "Angel?", he whispers, while Hoseok keeps his finger in Yoongi. His eyes flutter open a little bit and he lets out a soft hum, while he wiggles his ass gently, "Hyung's going to insert a plug, yeah? Then, we need to change the sheets, kitten and you can rest a while, okay?" Yoongi nods and Jimin kisses him, while Hoseok removes his finger and enters the pink butt plug into his boyfriend. Yoongi whimpers softly into Jimin's mouth and a few minutes later, he's in the bathroom with Hoseok, while Jimin changes the sheets in the bedroom, before he joins his boyfriends. Yoongi holds himself up on the sink, legs shaky, butt plug already in the porcelain bassin and dirty lingerie on the tiles, while Hosoek gently cleans him up. The oldest looks into Jimin's direction, when he enters and smiles softly. "Are you okay, kitten?", Jimin asks and supports Yoongi while holding his waist. "Yes, I'm good", he replies and mewls softly, while Hoseok teasingly sucks a small bruise into the back of his thigh, while running a wet cloth over his sensitive rim. "I'm almost done, baby", he promises, when Yoongi starts trembling, because he's sensitive. "Just a little bit more, baby", Jimin murmurs against his neck and Yoongi hums. "I know", he replies and yawns. Last night had been long and the day started eventful already and he really needs a little bit more sleep.
Hoseok finishes and then, he and Jimin dress Yoongi in black booty shorts with a print of a cat laying on a hamburger on the left leg and a pink sweater and Hoseok carries him piggyback into the bedroom and carefully sets him down on the bed.
"Rest, Yoonie", he says, before he lets the older pull him down to kiss him passionately. "Thanks, Seokie", he mumbles against his lips and Hoseok chuckles. "Anytime, baby", he promises, before he gets himself some fresh clothes from the wardrobe and watches, how Jimin and Yoongi kiss for a moment, before Yoongi slips beneath the sheets and Hoseok pulls Jimin into the bathroom.