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Lonely Nights

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It's one of those nights, when both, Jimin and Hoseok are gone and Yoongi feels so incredibly lonely in their shared apartment. One of those nights, when he starts feeling needy all of sudden and no-one of his boyfriends is there to please him...

Yoongi usually is a patient man, but during those nights, he's tossing and turning around in their bed and finds no rest, not until he starts pleasuring himself.

He ususally starts slowly, touches himself through his cute, oversized sweater and tries to imagine, that his fingers are either Jimin's or Hoseok's, when he plays with his sensitive nipples.
He teases the delicate buds beneath the soft fabric of his sweater, until he needs more and slips his hand beneath the fluffy shirt. The fingers of his other hand toy with the hem of his pale pink mesh stockings. He actually wore them to surprise Jimin and Hoseok, when they'd come home, but actually, work takes a toll on them and their relationship, so Yoongi seems to wear the cute clothings all for himself.
A small moan leaves his lips, when his fingers finally touch his bare nipples and he's a bit taken aback by how errected they already are, but he twists the small buds between his agile fingers and his breath fastens.

Yoongi's always been sensitive, either to his own touch or to hos boyfriends' touches. He likes their's more than his own, because their's makes him feel more... they're more intense, but they're not here at the moment.
With a small huff, Yoongi turns around, mewls softly, when he presses his half-hard cock against the pink silk sheets and reaches over to the night stand. He fumbles for something, while he grinds his crotch against the sheets. His sweater slips up and reveals pink panties, that cover his plush ass barely and he knows, that especially Jimin would've loved them, but he's still not at home and Yoongi has to please himself.
He mewls softly, when he finds, what he's been looking for in the drawer of the night stand and pulls out an half-empty bottle of melon-flavoured lube and a baby pink dildo with glitter. He needs to help himself and after he squeezed a bit of the lube on two of his fingers, he lifts his ass up from the sheets. Carefully, he pulls the delicate panties to the side and rubs the lubed fingers over his entrance teasingly.
A gasp leaves his lips, when he pushes the first finger in and the dildo finds its' way between Yoongi's lips to muffle the sounds.
He imagines, that it's Jimin's finger inside of his ass and Hoseok's cock in his mouth and whimpers around the toy, while he moves his ass against the finger.
Yoongi's quick to add a second and a third and thrusts them into himself in a fast pace, while he pushes the dildo further down his throat, just like he would beg Hoseok to do.
When Yoongi feels that he's ready for the thick fake cock, he pulls it out of his mouth. It's glistening in the dim light, glitter particles shining softly and the saliva, that covers the toy, makes it even more glossy.
He thrusts his three fingers inside again, once, twice, before he pulls them out as well and inserts the dildo instead.
A loud, shameless moan leaves his lips, when the toys slides all in, reaches his prostate in one go and the feeling lets Yoongi see colourful stars in front of his closed eyes.
It's good... almost as good as if he wasn't alone.
He fucks the toy in deeper, faster, until his hand grows tired and slowly turns on his back, spreads his legs wider and just holds the dildo, while he rolls his hips down against the toy.
His cock's leaking precum on his tummy and into the fine fabric of his panties, he still wears, but Yoongi doesn't care.
He's looking for the highest pleasure, he can reach without Jimin and Hoseok and according to how much his thighs shake and how fast his sweater-covered chest raises and falls, he'll reach it soon.
He knows, how his boyfriends like it, when he comes untouched and even when it's hard work for him, he's determined to do this today as well.
He knows, he needs a little more stimulation to reach his goal and pushes his free hand beneath his sweater again.
His fingers graze over his nipples, while he still grinds down against the dildo and moans shamelessly. He's so sure, that their neighbours know exactly, what he's doing.
Yoongi gasps, when he pinches his nipple and arches his back due to the pleasuring pain. He repeats the action and shivers violently, when he accidentally thrusts down too hard, so the tip of his finger enters his hole next to the thick dildo.
That's it, that throws him over the edge.
He cums all over his own tummy, paints it white and wets his panties and his sweater.
He arches his back in a perfect bow, while he continues to thrust the pink dildo in, guides himself through his orgasm, until he falls down into the sheets weakly and gasps for air. The toy slips out of him, he needs a bit of time to come down from his height but when he's back from the realm of lust, he hears a low chuckle and feels a hand on his thigh.
"What a naughty kitten...", Hoseok says, while his fingers play with the hem of Yoongi's ruined sweater and the older blushes.
Jimin smirks and pulls his boyfriend's panties down.
"S-since when...", Yoongi starts, still breathless and he yelps a little, when Jimin spreads his legs further.
"Ohhh, long enough, baby", he says and rest his hands on the back of Yoongi's thighs to lift up his ass a little.
Yoongi lets out a choked moan, when the youngest buries his face between his ass cheeks and Hoseok leans down to kiss him passionately.
"You gave us such a great show, kitten", he the younger murmurs between two kisses, while Jimin eats Yoongi out thoroughly and the eldest's thighs rest on top of his shoulder.
"Enjoy your reward now", he adds and pushes the sweater up to reveal the soft, cum-stained tummy and grins.
"So messy, baby, but so pretty...", he whispers and Yoongi gasps, when Hoseok wraps his lips around a raised nipple.
This is definitely going to be an interesting night.