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Something was troubling Lan Zhan. Wei Ying couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was, but if he was to cast his mind back, it started with the case of the corpse wife.

In a small town three hours away from the Cloud Recesses, there lived a cultivation sect by the family name of Hu. The sect leader only had one son, Hu Lingtao who though only in his early twenties, was already married. At the age of 15 he’d spent half a year as a guest disciple at Gusu sect and was said to have been praised by Lan Qiren himself as having talent in the art of cultivation. Last Autumn, Hu Lingtao embarked on a spiritual retreat, leaving his wife Xie Linyu behind for half a year. She was a fair maiden from a respectable cultivation family, and a good match for her husband, alas Linyu’s relationship with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law was fractious. They often found fault in everything she did. Without her husband to stand up for her, her days passed by in a constant state of low misery, then one day after a trip to the market, her sister-in-law accused her of adultery, just because she spent a few moments longer to look at a bolt of cloth in a shop and the seller had offered her a discount. Her husband was returning soon, and with thoughts of his return, Linyu was able to bear the hardships, but Hu Lingtao had been fed the rumours in a series of letters, and on the first night of his return, his was nothing but cold to his wife, refusing to sleep in their room and retiring to his study instead.

Aggrieved and humiliated by the constant accusations she’d had to live with, and facing the cold eyes of a husband who refused to believe her, Linyu committed suicide to protest her innocence. Young Master Hu found her body hanging from the central beam of the main hall, a note, written in blood and stained with tears, was lying on a red silk pillow below. As he read the note his face changed, Hu Lingtao carefully took down the hanging body, carried it into his study and locked himself in. His family thought he had gone crazy with grief, they begged him to open the door, but he did not respond to their calls. They tried but could not break the talisman barriers he’d set up. A few weeks later, he smashed through the door of his room with a maddened cry, his hair and clothes in disarray. The family discovered he had been trying to bring his wife back to life. This was not possible, of course, the only thing he brought back was a half rotten weeping corpse full of grievance. It ended up attracting evil demons and causing such a big disturbance that the family was not able to hide the situation, they decided to call on the nearby Gusu Lan sect for help.

Lan Zhan and Wei Ying resolved the situation within three nights. The first two nights were spent persuading the husband to let his wife go. Hu Lingtao finally revealed the talisman he had created to aid the corpse revival, it was a lock of hair from his dead wife, braided through with the blood stained silk rope that she’d hung herself with. They set fire to it and scattered the ashes over the body that was re-buried once more. The family promised to go into mourning for over a year and to hang a large banner in the main hallway clearing her name of all wrongdoing in order to appease her spirit. The widowed cultivator vowed to never marry again.

The sun was almost setting by the time started their journey back to Cloud Recesses. The air was sharp for Spring, the last of the plum blossoms drifted onto the path, and peach blossoms were delicately unfurling their petals, tinted golden by the sunlight.

Riding on Little Apple whilst Lan Zhan held the reins, Wei Ying talked animatedly about the case.

“Looking through the notes he wrote so meticulously, Hu Lingtao’s line of thought is quite unique in places, of course he was never going to bring her back to life in the way he wanted, but he progressed quite a lot during those short weeks, even without access to the books we have in the Gusu Library Pavillion. I think over time he can develop and pursue a path that might lead to great progress in the cultivation world, his work on emotions for instance as a viable channel for -”

Little Apple suddenly halted, jolting Wei Ying out of his thoughts. Surprised he looked up at Lan Zhan who had stopped in his tracks, standing straight, his white sleeves billowing slightly.

“Lan Zhan?”

Lan Zhan turned back to look at him, his brows slightly furrowed over his clear glass coloured eyes, looking handsome yet stern.

Ah, Wei Ying thought to himself, he doesn’t like to hear anything that reminds him of the demonic path of cultivation.

“You are not interested in hearing this, are you?”

Lan Zhan gave a slight shake of his head.

Wei Ying waited for him to continue, raising an eyebrow.

“The cultivator - “ he started, but then stopped again.

“What is it?”

Lan Zhan shook his head again, his lips a thin line on, he turned away and pulled on the reins.

“It’s nothing, let’s head home.”

Wei Ying eyed him curiously but let it go, the donkey plodding rhythmically along the winding road, and the temperature cooled as the sun dipped further down below the mountains. He rubbed his hands together for warmth, until Lan Zhan lit a small fire talisman for them both.

That night, they bathed together in their large wooden tub in front of a crackling fire, the warmth helping to soothe away the aches from riding so many hours on Little Apple. Wei Ying got Lan Zhan to massage his back, lucky for him, his husband was as obliging as ever, the knots melting away under the adept fingers.

“This is the life,” Wei Ying murmured drowsily, arms draped over the side of the tub. “I could die happily like this - ah!”

Lan Zhan had increased the pressure on his shoulder without warning.

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying said with a pout. “Please be gentle with me, your strength can crack bones.”

Lan Zhan released his grip and rested his chin on Wei Ying’s shoulder, his hair falling forward, part obscuring his face.

“Lan Zhan?”

The hands slipped around his waist, pulling him in close,so his naked back was fully pressed up against Lan Zhan’s firm chest in the water. Wei Ying’s eyes fluttered as soft kisses were laid on his neck and shoulder, kisses that turned to sharp bites. He squirmed and placed his hands over Lan Zhan’s, running over the knuckles, all questions forgotten…

A few days later, there was a call for a night hunt in an area close to Lotus Pier, Wei Ying was naturally eager to go and lead the hunt.

“Come Lan Zhan, let’s go together, we can stop over at Lotus Pier for a while, Jin Ling will probably be going too, it would be good to see how that brat is doing.”

To his surprise, Lan Zhan declined, “No, we’re not going.”

Lan Zhan very rarely refused his requests, Wei Ying was so stunned, he stood with his mouth open for a few moments. Jingyi and Sizhui, who’d come to deliver the news were also surprised, they shared a quick glance with each other.

Wei Ying finally found his words.

“Why can’t we go?”

Lan Zhan didn’t say anything, he just shook his head, the look in his pale glass-like eyes were unfathomable.

“If you don’t want to go, I”ll go without you.” He meant to say it in a half-teasing way, turning his body as if to move away but Lan Zhan gripped his elbow tight.

“Don’t go.”

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying exclaimed.

Before he could say anymore, Sizhui cut in.

“I think master Lan Qiren also wants us to go on our own, he said we were relying too much on you and Hanguang-jun and that we would never improve if we didn’t go through the trials and errors ourselves without help.”

“Y-yeah, exactly what Sizhui says. Senior Wei, you should trust us to complete this task, and if, ah if Jin Ling is coming, he will obviously bring Fairy along with him.”

Wei Ying frowned, it was clear the young disciples were trying their best to defuse the situation, so he could only back down.

“Fine, well you two do your best, if you don’t capture the most fierce corpse, don’t come back to call me your senior again!’

“Are you also going to threaten to break our legs?” Jingyi asked.

“Stop being so cheeky, you!” Wei Ying said, giving Jingyi a light cuff on his head, though he swiftly followed it with a gentle pat.

“Well you two go off and prepare now, remember to take alert flares!”

The two young disciples said their polite farewells and left.

With the youngsters gone, Wei Ying turned back to the solemn Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan was still gripping his elbow, but the pressure had eased.

“Is there something I should know Hanguang-jun?”

Lan Zhan only lowered his eyes, Wei Ying’s heart melted at the sight of those lower lashes, framing the eyes that looked like they might cry, or so he imagined.

“Fine, you win, Yiling Patriarch will listen to your command, when have I ever not listened to what you say? Stop sulking.” Wei Ying lightly poked Lan Zhan’s cheek.

“I”m not sulking.” Lan Zhan said quietly.

The next day, Lan Zhan behaved unusually. In their daily routine, by the time Wei Ying woke up, Lan Zhan would already be out practicing with the disciples, but that morning, Lan Zhan was sitting by his side, holding his hand.

“Lan Zhan?” He asked sleepily, stifling a yawn with his free hand.

“Wei Ying.”

“What is it?”

“You were having a bad dream.”

“I was?” Wei Ying couldn’t remember anything, though it was true he had a vague uncomfortable feeling.

Lan Zhan squeezed his hand, and Wei Ying decided to take advantage.

“Maybe I’ll feel better if you hug and kiss me.”

Lan Zhan obeyed without hesitating, sweeping Wei Ying up into his arms and planting soft kisses on his forehead, his eyelids, his cheeks, his nose, his lips. Wei Ying let his lips part and Lan Zhan’s tongue darted in, they clung on as their hot wet tongues circled each other, Wei Ying started feeling aroused, even in his half awake state.

“Lan Zhan,” he said, “Lan-er gege,” he spoke in between the deep kisses, his voice and his moans vibrating into Lan Zhan’s mouth. Wei Ying’s hand was reaching into the folds of the white clothing, feeling the stirring heat underneath.

It didn’t take long for the necessary pieces of clothing to be removed, for Lan Zhan to slick Wei Ying’s entrance with the oils they kept close to hand. They were taking a seated position this time. With Lan Zhan gripping his buttocks and supporting his weight, Wei Ying braced himself against Lan Zhan’s body and gradually lowered himself onto that stiff part of his husband. The first moment of penetration made him gasp and tilt his head back, a heat spreading like wildfire through his body from the core, he felt himself stretching to accommodate Lan Zhan’s girth, he longed to take it all in. Bit by bit, he slipped down around Lan Zhan’s hot and hard cock, breath hitching each time, his slim legs wrapped instinctively around Lan Zhan’s waist. Lan Zhan’s pressed against a part of him inside that caused a jolt of pleasure, his muscles squeezed in reaction, and the jolt became an undulating wave and he squeezed uncontrollably. His moans got louder and Lan Zhan reacted by pushing upwards and moving away the hands that supported him, gravity did its job and Wei Ying found himself stuffed full sooner than expected, his voice caught in his throat, and tears squeezed out of the corner of his eyes.

“So cruel,” he gasped when he found his voice again, his cock leaking pre-cum onto Lan Zhan’s white clothes, no longer pristine.

Wei Ying had his eyes closed for a while, when they fluttered open again, Lan Zhan was staring at him, intently and intensely. Wei Ying felt a blush climbing to the tips of his ears.

“Don’t stare so hard Lan-er Gege, I’ll feel shy.”

Lan Zhan held him tighter by the hips and slammed harder into Wei Ying.

“Ah Lan er- “ Wei Ying cried again, Lan Zhan tilted his hips to the perfect angle where his cock would press again and again against the spot that gave Wei Ying the most pleasure. Wei Ying moans got louder. His body was at the mercy of Lan Zhan, he was already on the brink, when Lan Zhan started stroking his cock, his breathing went to pieces.

“Don’t Lan Zhan, I can’t - hold back - any ah!”

Lan Zhan’s gaze never left him, it bore deep into his soul. Wei Ying wanted to cover his face, but he was barely holding on as Lan Zhan pounded into him, he gripped the muscular shoulders beneath the layers of white silk and soft cotton.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan rocked his hips and gave Wei Ying’s cock a well-timed squeeze, Wei Ying climaxed, an intense pleasure accompanying his release, his body shuddering uncontrollably, his breath coming in short gasps.

Straightaway, he was pushed down onto his back, in a move so fast it almost made him dizzy - Lan Zhan now loomed over him, their bodies still connected at that most intimate place. The lower half of Wei Ying’s body was practically lifted off the bed. Lan Zhan’s hands were holding him by the hip bones, his thumbs made small circles near groin, and who knew that was what would drive him mad. Wei Ying felt sensitive all over, he could hardly bear it, his husband continued to push into him hard, there was a long trail of sensation when he pulled out in a lingering move, setting all the nerves on fire, and then stuffing back in again , a torturous rhythm accompanied by lewd sounds. His chest heaved; he looked up at Lan Zhan’s face, there the faintest sheen of sweat on it, giving his beautiful jade like skin an ethereal glow.

“Have mercy!” He cried, trying wriggle away.

Lan Zhan refused, his grip was like iron, he filled Wei Ying up to the hilt and released inside in juddering spurts. Wei Ying felt a mix of indescribable emotions as he sensed that warm liquid spilling into him. Lan Zhan did not say the words, but his eyes and possessive actions said it all. Mine, you are mine.

“Lan Zhan .. you’re so - mph.” Lan Zhan was kissing him again, fiercely, intensely, their tongues danced and pushed each other as Lan Zhan continued to rock into Wei Ying, bodies so entwined, they could no longer clearly distinguish where one begun and the other ended. Somewhere along the way, they had managed to pull each other’s clothes off. Now, with bare skin touching bare skin, Wei Ying could feel Lan Zhan’s heart thudding against his chest. Wei Ying’s wrapped Lan Zhan in a tight embrace, his hands running over the scars of the whip lashes. He felt emotional and in awe, his lover ever-renewing, he could have everything of this person and still want more, he ached at how ravenous he felt.

He gently pushed Lan Zhan back, creating a space between them so he could speak.

“I want you, I love you,” he declared earnestly.

Lan Zhan bent down and bit him on the neck that was already covered in love marks. “I’m the same.” His cock hardening again inside of Wei Ying, their desires intermingling.

After their second round, Lan Zhan wiped him down with a warm towel, and tended to his sore entrance with a small pot of healing ointment; it was rather pink and tender from the long duration of their love making. Wei Ying played it up.

“Lan er gege, please be gentle with me, be softer with your fingers, gentle, more gentle. I think there’s a part inside that still needs ointment, ng there.. no I think further in, ng ah, gently, slowly, further.. inside .. deeper, I need it, no don’t take it out, ah if you put it back in like that.. I’m I-”

They soon abandoned the illusion of wound tending as Lan Zhan’s long fingers worked inside of Wei Ying, swiftly joined by a second, Wei Ying’s cock begun to stir once more, as he lay on his back with his legs crooked at the knees. Wei Ying was very much enjoying the ministrations, he closed his eyes to concentrate on the sensations, but they flew open again when he felt a hot wet heat engulfing him. Looking down Lan Zhan has already taken his entire length into his mouth, and Wei Ying immediately stiffened.

“Hanguang-jun, you are being extra good to me today, I don’t think I can take anymore, but please don’t stop.”

His slipped his hands into Lan Zhan’s silky black hair, now tugging at the ponytail, now pulling at the headband, being driven to distraction by the moist warmth, surrounding his entire length, the way the tongue flicked continuously over his slit, all whilst the fingers moved deftly inside him. Lan Zhan was going to wring him dry, the balance between pleasure and pain continuously tipping one way and another, until Wei Ying was genuinely begging for mercy.

It was midday now. Wei Ying was wrapped up in the heavy cotton filled bedding, listening to Lan Zhan playing the guqin, a melody that was meant to bring tranquility to the spirits. Wei Ying, exhausted, wondered in an off-handed way, whether Lan Zhan meant to play it for him, or for himself.

He dragged himself away from the bed, still wrapped up in the duvet, and padded bare-footed across the Jingshi to sit cross-legged next to Lan Zhan, leaning against him, rubbing his head against Lan Zhan’s arm and generally being a nuisance, not that Lan Zhan would feel that way.

“Let’s go visit the rabbits later.”

“Mm,” Lan Zhan said, hands steady and precise as they moved over the strings.

Looking at his stoic but handsome face, lit up by the sunlight. Wei Ying was full of marvel, how could anyone believe what that soft mouth had been up to earlier. He closed his eyes and snuggled up against Lan Zhan some more.

The day after that, Lan Zhan disappeared.

Wei Ying woke up alone, and found two sweet buns waiting for him at the table, still warm, along with a folded note in a long envelope. He stuffed a red-bean paste bun into his mouth, as he opened up the letter that was formally addressed to him.

Dear Wei Ying,

I will be away for two days, please wait in Cloud Recesses for me return.

I have instructed the disciples to attend to your comfort.

Respectfully Yours,

Lan Zhan.

Wei Ying chewed, and scowled. The subtext of the second line was that the disciples had been asked to keep an eye on him, and not let him outside of Cloud Recesses. He checked, the tasseled jade gate pass was gone. Lan Zhan’s behaviour was really inexplicable, and despicable. Respectfully? That is no way to be writing to your “dear husband” or treating him!

“Attend to my every need? Pei!” He said out loud. If he really got the disciples to attend to his needs, there would likely be a massacre at Gusu. Though honestly, the young disciples were all precious little chicks to him, and none with whom he would ‘play’ with in that sense. He sighed and finished off the second sweet bun. Maybe speaking to Lan Xichen would give him some clue as to what was bothering Lan Zhan so much that he was willing to leave his poor husband home alone for two days. He was going to make Lan Zhan a pot of the spiciest congee known to men on his return, that would teach him.


Lan Xichen was sitting in the mahogany wood decked veranda that looked out on the pond, the pink peach blossoms were in full bloom, every so often, a head of petals would full into the pond, sending out ripples on the clear water that reflected the blue sky.

From the angle that Wei Ying approached, he could see Lan Xichen’s side profile, his beautiful features outlined by the light. Wei Ying, swallowed, Lan Xichen really looked like his husband, but the once gentle and warm countenance was now often shrouded in an air of melancholy. It made Wei Ying want to give him a hug, it made Wei Ying wish his Lan Zhan was by his side right now, so that he could hold his hand and squeeze it. He took a breath and strolled forward.

“Zewu-jun, good afternoon.”

Lan Xichen, turned his head towards him and smiled.

“Wei-gongzi. Please come join me.”

Wei Ying walked to the white marble stool on the opposite side of the table from Lan Xichen, he smoothed the back of his clothing and sat down. On the square marble table was a jade tea-set, the teapot kept warm by a small candle burning underneath, taking main stage was a board made of cypress wood and a game of go.

Wei Ying eyed it curiously, he wasn’t a strong player, while he understood the rules, he tended to make reckless moves, he was particularly bad at sacrificing pieces for the greater good. Nevertheless, he could recognise that there was a good game in play, though it was not clear who was winning, white or black.

“An interesting set up, who are you playing against?”

Lan Xichen smiled sadly and said nothing.

Wei Ying immediately guessed that this must have been a game he’d been playing with Jin Guangyao, perhaps the last. He wondered if Lan Xichen replayed the game each time from the first step. Were all in the Lan family cursed with memories that were too perfect for their own good?

“Wei gongzi, would you like to join me for some tea?”

“Well, I’d rather a jar of wine, but for Zewu-jun, I’ll make an exception.” Wei Ying said with a wide smile. “Here let me pour for you.”

The tea was fresh like morning dew, with a subtle flower aroma that reminded one of the first light of dawn, they drank it peacefully while admiring the scenery - for a peaceful few moments - before Wei Ying felt compelled to break the silence again. He figured he might as well get straight to the point.

“Lan dage, might you know where Lan Zhan has gone?”

Lan Xichen smiled gently, “Wei gongzi, you really don’t know?”

Wei Ying pulled a face, “Should I know?”

Lan Xichen, smiled again, “Wei gongzi’s ability to let go of things that should be let go of, is admirable.” His eyes looked wistful again.

Wei Ying pondered on that cryptic comment, and drank another cup of tea.

“Lan dage, you should end the game.”

Lan Xichen gave a slight shake of his head, “the person who can finish it with me, is not here anymore.”

Wei Ying impulsively picked up a white counter from the pot near Lan Xichen and settled it elegantly on a spot on the board.

Lan Xichen looked up at him with a start.

“Even if a game seems deadlocked, all it takes is one person to make a move, and it goes forward. I am sure one day, you will be able to finish this game Lan dage. I will take my leave now, thank you for the tea.”

Wei Ying gave him a courteous bow and took his leave.


Wei Ying had figured it out, but even if he had figured it out, there was nothing he could do but wait (very impatiently) for Lan Zhan to come back. His spiritual powers were low in this body and he did not have a sword to fly on.

But that didn’t mean he was going to take it lying down metaphorically, what he was going to do was to take it lying down, literally.

Since the disciples were at his every beck and call, he ordered them to gather one hundred white chrysanthemums for him before Hanguang-jun returned. The junior disciples weren’t particularly happy about it at first, but when Wei Ying said he’d teach whoever brought him the most chrysanthemums a never seen before Yiling Patriarch talisman to use against demons, they all became a whole lot more eager to become flower picking boys.

Meanwhile, Wei Ying went through Lan Zhan’s entire chest of white layers to find the best to wear.

The disciples returned with baskets ladened with flowers, and when they asked him what it was for, he only smiled secretively and refused to say.

Then, predicting the time Lan Zhan’s return, he scattered the flowers all over the bed, not caring when they spilt onto the floor, and filled the incense burner with sticks of sandalwood incense. As it was getting dark, he also lit a few candles. The scent slowly filled the room, he went to lie down on the bed of white flowers in his white robes, clasping his hands over his chest.


He had not intended to fall asleep, but the scent of the flowers and the incense had made him drowsy, and he drifted off without realising.

He woke with a start when he heard the sound of metal clanking onto the floor, but before he could react properly, Lan Zhan had swept him into his arms.

“Wei Ying!”

Wei Ying opened his eyes, to see Lan Zhan’s face, pale and panicked, slowly turn to relief, and then outrage.

“Ridiculous,” he said at once, still clasping Wei Ying into his arms. “What is the meaning of this?”

Wei Ying snorted, “who is the one that is ridiculous? You or me? I had no one to celebrate my death with here, so I had to do it myself.”

Lan Zhan’s soft lips pulled into a tight grimace.

‘“My dear husband,” Wei Ying said, deliberately using the third person, “stuffed all these weird thoughts inside his head, and went off to pay tribute to my scattered remains, on a hill elsewhere, even while my lively and fresh self was here. What could I do?”

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan said again, this time a note of pleading.

“You wanted to mourn me so much, here, I’ve given you a perfect set up. You can go burn some paper money for me. I’ll lie back and wait until you are done.”

“Wei Ying, I’m s-“

Wei Ying quickly slapped a hand over Lan Zhan’s mouth.

“If you say that word, I’m going to leave.”

Lan Zhan immediately gripped him tighter.

“Fine fine I won’t leave, please stop crushing my ribs.”

Lan Zhan finally allowed him to breathe.

Wei Ying gently pulled away and sat back on his calves in a straight back position, as if admonishing Lan Zhan.

“Is this body not good enough for you?”

Lan Zhan gave him a pained look.

Wei Ying reached out and tugged at his forehead ribbon.

“You go every year?”

Lan Zhan gave a small nod.

“To the demon slaughtering cave?”

Another small nod.

Wei Ying sighed.

“Call my name,”

Lan Zhan hesitated at first, before complying.

“Wei Ying,” he said, voice low and mournful.

“Here,” Wei Ying said, “I’m here.”

He took Lan Zhan’s hand and placed it over his chest.

“My heart beats, I’m here. You don’t need to go looking anywhere else, you don’t need to pine for me anymore. I’m here. I’m yours.”

Wei Ying then placed his hand on Lan Zhan’s chest, felt the thudding of his heard against the ribcage.

“And you are mine, right?”

Lan Zhan nodded. “Yes”

Wei Ying nodded too. “Good. Please remember this.” He gave the hand that he was holding a small squeeze.

“I missed you,” he said.

Lan Zhan’s hand moved brushing against the silk and finding the opening, Wei Ying had only tied it loosely, as Lan Zhan’s fingers brushed skin, the air between them subtly changed. Wei Ying guided him further in, until brushed against his nipple.
A small intake of breath, the room was filled with the heady smell of sandalwood and beeswax, Lan Zhan pulled him closer, and undid the side-tie of the Wei Ying’s top. Wei Ying said nothing, but let Lan Zhan slip that piece of clothing off him, his skin glowing warm in the candlelight.

Wei Ying let himself be pushed back down onto the bed, he inhaled the scent of the flowers crushed beneath him. Lan Zhan’s hand were all over him, the hands of a guqin player, brushing over his skin, neck, shoulders, collarbone, over his chest, pausing briefly over those hardening nipples, down over his abdomen, touching the tip of his waistband. Lan Zhan’s fingers were almost reverential in the way they touched him, it made Wei Ying longed for more.

Lan Zhan climbed on top, his legs on either side of Wei Ying’s hips, and he slowly took off his layers of clothing. As he did so, Wei Ying undid the hairpins keeping his crown in place, pulling out all the pieces holding it together until Lan Zhan’s hair spooled down like a river of silken black ink. Wei Ying ran his hand through that silky hair, and gently pulled the tips to his lips to kiss. Lan Zhan slowly revealed his jade white skin.

Lan Zhan started kissing him all over, everywhere that his hands had been touching before, neck, collar bones, chest. At the chest he started biting, drawing a soft moan Wei Ying. He kissed and sucked and licked all the way down to the waistband, there, he paused. Wei Ying had closed his eyes in those moments, but when he opened them again, he saw that Lan Zhan was holding the head of a chrysanthemum flower in his hand.

“Hmm?” Wei Ying said.

With a glint in his eye, Lan Zhan placed the flower in his mouth, holding it by the nipped stem, and slowly he pulled Wei Ying’s trousers down, and slipped them off.
Wei Ying was already more than half hard, his cock was longing for Lan Zhan’s touch. Lan Zhan slide down, and the flower petals gently brushed against the Wei Ying’s most intimate part, brushing down from the tip to the base, and he immediately stiffened some more, pre-cum glistening at the slit.

Since when had Lan Zhan learnt such moves? Where was the man that knew nothing but to shove his big cock in? Wei Ying covered his eyes and almost cried.

Lan Zhan began to manoeuvre his legs, parting them and placing himself in between.

Then Wei Ying felt something brushing against the rim of his opening. Flower - flower petals again. Suddenly he had the image of Lan Zhan stuffing him full of flowers, and he really wasn’t sure he was up for the that. It was time to nip this in the bud.

“Lan Zhan.. Lan Zhan, I don’t want anything but you inside me, only you, you’re the only thing that belongs inside, it only belongs to you.”

Lan Zhan’s hand stopped, and Wei Ying breathed a sigh of relief. This didn’t last long, two hands pressed against his thighs, pushing his slim legs up, and then he felt Lan Zhan’s hot wet tongue, probing and licking his entrance.

“Wait, no, ah!”

Lan Zhan’s tongue was persistent, it pushed passed the rim to his inside, and moved in circles.

“Fuck!” Wei Ying cried, gripping onto the bedsheets as the sensations drove him mad, his back aching from the being lifted so high.

“I can’t” he cried, “this position is not-“

He’d never been flipped so fast, before he knew it, he was on his front, Lan Zhan pulling him up from the waist so that he was on his hands and knees, and then buried himself again into Wei Ying, burying deeper in. Wei Ying was a mix of emotions. It wasn’t like this was the first time Lan Zhan had done this, but each time Wei Ying would still feel embarrassed to have that part of him licked out, and to know that it made his cock so hard. Lan Zhan wrapped his hand around that stiff cock, and Wei Ying started rocking back and forth, trying to gain some friction, the pleasure was torturous, he wanted to come so bad.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, ah, please, I want - put it in me.”

Lan Zhan pulled away from Wei Ying. In one long thrust, he sheathed himself fully inside again. Wei Ying came at once, cum spurting up his abdomen and chest, he was seeing fire and stars behind his eyelids, moaning, almost delirious,

Lan Zhan continued to thrust in and out of him.

“Wei Ying,” he said voice low and deep beside his ears, “Wei Ying.”

And he felt Lan Zhan spilling into him, gripping onto his hips to lock him in place until he finished.

They collapsed in a heap onto the bed, soon laying on their sides, Wei Ying face glistened with sweat, strands of his long hair, stuck to the flushed cheeks. Lan Zhan was still inside him, he could feel it twitching as it softened. Wei Ying loved that sensation, feeling the shifting, softening weight of Lan Zhan’s rod, the way it stretched him out.

“Lan Zhan,” he said, rolling his hips in small movements, knowing full well his husband could feel it. “Can you feel me around you?”

“Mm,’ Lan Zhan replied, placing a kiss on the back of his neck, sending a shiver down Wei Ying’s spine.

“How does it feel?”

“Warm,” Lan Zhan murmured.

“And?” Wei Ying said in a low voice.




The way he said it made Wei Ying squeeze his muscles, and his cock twitch again.

“You like it?”


“Mm, I like it too Lan Zhan, I like you there.. inside me.”

Lan Zhan begin to harden once more.

“I like you, filling me up. Lan er gege, please fill me up -ah.”

Lan Zhan, fully erect again, began moving his shaft.

“Fast or slow?” He asked

“S-slow.” Wei Ying said.

Lan Zhan slowly dragged his cock out, his girth so wide, every nerve inside Wei Ying was rubbed against, and the nerves seemed to send sensations to different parts his bodies, his ankles ached in sympathy, his waist. He felt like weeping.

When Lan Zhan took his cock fully out, Wei Ying whimpered at the loss.

“Lan Zhan,’ he begged.

Lan Zhan pushed it back in again, Wei Ying moaned. He grabbed Lan Zhan’s hand and put those long fingers in his mouth, he mimicked what was happening down below, putting the fingers slowly in and then pulling them out again, all the while sucking and licking, feeling the calluses on the finger pads, the ridges of the knuckles.

Lan Zhan’s control only went so far, with Wei Ying murmuring and slicking his fingers, the hot wet tongue moving erotically, those rolls of the hips, even though he’d wanted to go slow, his body did not listen and a red mist descended. He shoved hard inside Wei Ying, and the way the younger man cried made him want to do it more, he picked up pace, the movement ferocious, and when Wei Ying started to protest and tried to move away, Lan Zhan shifted their positions and pinned him down , pressing Wei Ying fully onto bed, fucking him so hard Wei Ying cock was rubbed raw against the flowers and the bed sheets, and when he came he could not explain the wild satisfaction he gained from pumping all of his seed inside his lover, his soulmate, his Wei Ying.

His breathing wouldn’t calm down, he finally pulled out and Wei Ying turned around, as he was about to embrace Wei Ying, the man slipped down, taking hold of Lan Zhan’s heavy cock, he began suck it and lick it clean, murmuring into it. Lan Zhan reached down to pet Wei Ying’s hair.

The two of them would do this often, pull apart to come together, wanting to taste suck feel all of each other, doing it once was never enough.

Lan Zhan savoured the feel of Wei Ying’s mouth on him, spent enough now that it was comforting, letting Wei Ying taste as much as he want until he was satisfied and moved back up to snuggle into Lan Zhan’s arms, where he soon fell asleep from exhaustion.



When morning came, and Wei Ying awoke again, the room had been tidied up, his body had been wiped down and reclothed, and Lan Zhan was holding his hand.

“Did I have another nightmare?’ Wei Ying asked.

“No,” Lan Zhan said, “I just wanted to hold your hand.”

Wei Ying smiled, bright and dazzling. Lan Zhan never wanted to let go.