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please be naked

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The vision of Jungkook is playing with his sanity.

Standing there with only his upper body on display, toned body caressed by defined muscles and black hair falling all over the place. It’s long enough that it reaches down to his chin and it covers up his eyes when his head is tilted slightly forward just like it is right now. It makes Jimin whine even more. His hands are clenched by his sides grabbing onto the sheets as a way of anchoring himself from the overwhelming arousal already coiling deep in his gut. Jungkook hasn’t even done anything yet and he’s making a mess so far. He’d be lying, though, if he said he wasn’t enjoying the way the black-haired was looking at him, because the younger is smirking at him and there’s a playful look in his dark eyes, one that shows just how much he knows he’s affecting the older boy.

Eyes trained on his, he doesn’t let them waver one bit as he leans down and props himself up on his elbow, face right where Jimin’s own toned stomach is glistening with sweat. At first, all Jimin can do is whine, hoping that for the first time the younger will finally touch him where he desires to the most. But, of course, Jungkook does nothing of the sort.

And really, Jimin should’ve seen it coming because it’s only when he realizes what the other is doing that he stops writhing. The tug on his wrist was barely noticeable at the beginning but now it’s burning like a fire under his skin. Lips parted in curiosity and eyes wide in amazement, he lifts his head and takes in the view of Jungkook kneeled between his legs, torso bare and his piercing eyes on his. There’s movement going on too but Jimin doesn’t acknowledge it until he sees his boyfriend throw his head back and exposing his neck.

And… Oh god. Oh, god. His hair tie is around Jungkook’s fingers… Head thrown back as he runs his fingers through his hair trying to gather it all up properly before stretching the tie between his fingers.

When the younger moves his head back down to look at his boyfriend it’s with his hair pulled back in a bun and a smirk on his face. And that, that serves as an aphrodisiac to Jimin’s desire which is already glowing from head to toe through the entirety of his body. The pink haired’s body arches high into the air, rapid breaths making his chest heave and a high whimper spilling from his plump lips and echoing around the whole room.

Arousal makes his body thrash against the bed and he’d probably be kicking his legs around too if it wasn’t for the black haired’s hands pinning his lower body down by his thighs. Invisible sparks still make his body jolt every now and then as he tries to lift his head up to look at Jungkook again. His hands stay firm where he placed them previously and his brow is arched in a questioning manner. That smirk still plastered on his face as if he was born with it.

“Like it that much, baby?” he asks, tone full of amusement and said with a mocking tilt, as if his reaction hadn’t been a good enough of an answer. “Can’t have my hair in the way for this.” he then says casually and a questioning frown appears on Jimin’s face, but before he can ponder too much on that thought he’s cut off by his own moan as Jungkook had just lowered his head and lightly licked at his hole.

“O-oh, fuck Jungkook, warn a man!”

The only answer he gets is a small chuckle. Other than that the boy completely ignores him as he continues with what he was doing and making the other man squirm in pleasure. Knuckles turning white from how hard he is clenching his fists against the silk sheets underneath his naked body. The feeling of Jungkook against his body is something he would never get tired of. The contact of skin against skin always made his body react on instinct.

Chills run down his body as his boyfriend keeps licking around his hole. Tongue flicking back and forth, teasing the rim but never pushing enough to enter him properly like he wants. The black haired’s nose is pressed firmly against his perineum when he feels him pucker his lips and suck harshly on the sensitive skin eliciting a loud broken moan from Jimin.

“Oh-oh my god, oh my god, Jungkook, Jungkook. Please, please more. Just-” the older babbles. Begging to be given what he so needily wants as his boyfriend isn’t allowing him to feel him completely. Always a tease.

“You know, baby, at first I was disappointed that you didn’t like my hair so much. Then, I found it interesting how you seemed to be so curious about it, especially during our concerts, but now… Now I just find it amusing. If I had known that letting my hair grow and tying it in a bun was going to affect you this much I would’ve done so a lot sooner.” the younger teased. His mouth was still close enough to Jimin’s sensitive hole so that whenever he spoke he could feel his warm breath over it. It seemed weird, but the pink-haired was far too gone to be thinking of anything else that didn’t involve his pleasure at the moment and Jungkook’s hot breath hitting his exposed ass was making him shiver.

See, when Jungkook first told the group he wanted to grow his hair longer no one really said anything. After all, the younger had always been free of doing what he wanted and the boys always supported him in what he did anyways. Nonetheless, as his hair grew with time, some of the other members started to voice out their opinion on it. Most of them not really liking their maknae’s new look, other’s feeling indifferent about it altogether. But the funny thing about the whole situation was that Jimin had been one of the members who had said no to the hairstyle from the very beginning. So for him to be going crazy because of it quite frankly baffled Jungkook a little bit. At first though, because then he decided to tease the other with it.

Through some of their last concerts, Jungkook had not been oblivious by any means of the looks his bandmate and boyfriend would give him. Sneaky glances and not so sneaky staring made it obvious that something was going on with the other boy. Whether it be in the way his eyes lingered on him while he hip thrust during Silver Spoon or the way he held a cocky smile during their Mic Drop performance knowing how much it riled up the younger or even in the way he clung onto him or played with his hair whenever he could on stage. At first, it had seemed weird but then it clicked and the younger obviously took advantage of that newfound information.

Now, as he stands between Jimin’s stretched legs he still wants to take advantage of such information. After an intense moment of silence and a brief second of eye contact Jungkook lowers his head again but this time instead of rimming him like he was doing before, he nuzzles his nose in the space right below his balls. Tongue darting out to lick at them every now and then in a slow yet sensual manner.

“F-fuck Kook. Do something, please… Jus-just stop teasing already.” the pink-haired moaned impatiently.

The other hums but doesn’t say anything else. Jimin, who is looking down at him in desperation, gives a final groan and drops his head back on the bed unbeknownst to Jungkook’s hand coming up and finally gripping his dick in it. The noise Jimin makes is downright sinful. Balancing between a moan, a whimper and a small sigh of relief at finally being touched.

“Tell me, is this what you wanted me to do?” the younger asks. He’s sitting straight again, eyes fixed once again on the pink-haired’s figure. His hand moves down Jimin’s shaft slowly, sometimes too slow to tease the boy even further.

“F-fuck, yes Jungkook, yes.” he says as he lifts his head back up again and sits back on his arms so he can keep looking at his boyfriend. Jimin’s eyes are swimming with this raw and pure lust in them. His pupils are dilated and his eyes are teary from the overwhelming yet ungranted pleasure. “Please, please I-I want more.”

That’s all it takes for Jungkook to remove his hand and dive in again enveloping Jimin’s dick in one go inside his mouth. The older can’t help the moan that leaves his lips. It’s filthy as he squirms on the bed and throws his head back exposing his neck. There’s sweat collecting on his forehead and making his fringe stick to his skin but he couldn’t give a single shit at that moment.

Jungkook’s mouth feels amazing around him. His tongue laps at the vein on his underside as he keeps himself there deep-throating the elder. The younger stays down for so long that after a while one of Jimin’s hand leaves the bed to reach out for Jungkook’s head and grab at his hair to pull him back, but it seems difficult to get a good grip with the bun, so he loses the hair tie and grips onto his locks pulling him back from his cock.

The black-haired is panting when he removes himself, breath ragged as he tries to get air back into his lungs but it doesn’t compare to the way the other is looking at him. His open mouth and the loll of his tongue show just how gone he is from that single action alone and something in the younger’s gut burns at it. The look in his eyes get impossibly darker when he takes in Jimin’s wrecked state and all he can think about then is about how much he wants to wreck the boy laying on top of his bed even further.

He looks utterly beautiful laying against the black silk sheets of his bed. His pink hair sticking to his forehead, his chest rising up and down as he tries to breathe and the way his whole body is covered in a thin sheet of sweat, making him glimmer under the dim lights of the room. He looks other-worldly. It’s a sin really, but Jungkook wouldn’t mind going to hell a thousand times if it means he can have this view of his gorgeous boyfriend every day. Of course he doesn’t miss the chance to voice his thoughts out loud.

“You’re so gorgeous, hyung. I know I tell you this about a hundred times a day but it’s true, you’re gorgeous. Every single part of you.” he says as he stands up at last and lifts one of his legs to rest in between Jimin’s. He then lowers his body and cages his boyfriend between his arms, lips attaching themselves to the sweet spot on his neck right below the little mole he has there and kissing it before sucking and nipping at the skin turning it into an array of beautiful shades of red and blue.

“I’m so enamoured by you, you can’t even imagine. Look so gorgeous like this, all laid out for me, with your sweet moans filling my ears and your skin touching mine. You’re beautiful, Jimin. So beautiful. All mine too.” the younger’s tone is sweet for the raspiness lacing his voice. It makes something burn inside Jimin as he hears the words fall from his mouth.

“Ju-jungkook.” he manages to say in between the deep breaths he has to take as the black-haired keeps ravaging his neck in different colours.

“Mine, right? All mine, no one else’s. Just mine.” voice husky yet full of lust, it brings an even deeper desire to bubble from his gut at his boyfriend’s words.

“Yes, fuck Jungkook, yes. All yours, all yours. No one-ah else’s.” he whines in desperation, words breaking in between pants as the other keeps nipping at his neck and trailing downwards towards his nipples. “Fuck, please Jungkook, just do something. I need you.”

The other boy tsks at the impatience and makes sure to let the other know by biting on his collarbone hard enough to leave a mark but not to hurt him.

“So fucking needy, aren’t you baby? Can’t even go five fucking minutes without begging me to touch you. Are you that desperate?” his words are humiliating but they only make Jimin whine even louder. His breathing once again starts picking up as does his arousal. Eyes only focused on Jungkook’s, he tries to convey what he wants through his eyes as to not beg again. “What, you trying to beg me with your eyes now?” and then he laughs. It’s loud and it should be humiliating but Jimin knows he doesn’t do it out of malice but out of adoration.

“You’re truly adorable, baby.” he says as his laughter dies down and goes to give Jimin a kiss on his forehead before sitting up to finally pull down his pants and let his dick breathe.

He’s been wearing them all this time and it was really starting to get uncomfortable with his straining erection. The jean fabric was annoying anyways as he much rather feel Jimin’s skin against him. Only one layer of fabric separated them now as he eventually kicks the trousers down and tosses them to one corner of the room but Jungkook doesn’t want to take his boxers off yet.

The older whines wantonly at the impatience of the action and then because of the skin to skin contact. Jungkook’s bare thighs feel warm against his own toned ones besides the very fact that they drive him crazy whenever he pins him down onto the mattress with them.

Black locks of hair fall and cover the younger’s face thanks to Jimin having undone his bun before. Jungkook tsks at the thought as he tilts his head back and gathers his hair up again to do another one while he searches for the hair tie from before.

“Wa-wait!” Jimin stutters, hands in the air in a placating manner. The black-haired just turns to look at him and raises an eyebrow asking him to continue. “D-don’t tie it up. Wanna-wanna feel it against my skin, wanna be able to grab it while you fuck me.” the way he talks is shy in comparison to the filthy words coming out of his mouth and something once again stirs up inside the younger’s gut.

“Fuck baby, that’s cute,“ He says while leaning down to plant another kiss on the other’s forehead. “but my hair is in the way. I’ll tie it up now and i’ll just let it loose again when I fuck you, yeah?” Jimin thought about it for a moment before nodding in agreement.

The sight of Jungkook in a bun again leaves his mouth hanging and wide eyes. He really loves his hair loose but damn his hair in a bun works wonders on him as well.

When he’s done tying his hair, he leans down and captures Jimin’s lips with his. The kiss is soft and tender, it serves as a slight loving pause between the two lovers. Soon the kisses start trailing downwards and in a matter of seconds Jungkook is sucking lovebites all over his boyfriend’s neck.

One of Jimin’s hands moves downwards too, tracing with the tips of his fingers his boyfriend’s body until he reaches his underwear and grabs softly at his erection. The contact makes the black-haired gasp against his skin, a pant leaving his mouth and body jerking slightly forward. The older keeps palming at his erection, feeling the outline of his hard dick and the wetness of his underwear.

“Hmm…” Jimin hums hoping to catch the younger’s attention. “What do we have here, huh? Calling me desperate but you’re no better. Leaking already?” he tsks, wanting to rile him up even further. “Your underwear got so wet with just my touch, baby.”

All of a sudden he doesn’t feel the weight of his boyfriend on top of him anymore, instead he finds him holding himself up with his hands and looking down at him darkly. His eyebrows are furrowed but his smile is cocky which means that Jimin has just entered dangerous territory. But of course, Jimin being Jimin, always loved their little game of two.

“What? You gonna stand there and watch me all night? Or are you finally going to fuck me? Well, that is if you can hold it in, of course.” he says and then with complete indifference just closes his eyes and lets his body relax against the soft mattress. The pink-haired smiles to himself in delight knowing that his comment will make his boyfriend finally make a move but what he doesn’t expect is the growl that comes from above him or the hands manhandling him until he’s lying on his stomach.

Jungkook crowds him completely, his body pinning him to the bed with his own and not allowing him to move. His head then is suddenly jerked back as the other boy grabs his hair and pulls him back so that his ear is just where his boyfriend’s mouth is. The smaller would be lying if he said that that assertiveness of dominance didn’t stir up a fire of arousal in his lower belly or make his dick twitch.

“Listen here you little brat. I’ve been patient with you all this time and all you’ve done is be a whiny baby, so from now on you’re gonna be a good boy and take everything I give you without complaining, you hear me.”

Jimin makes a choked sound at that. His breathing is ragged and his dick is twitching so much at how rough Jungkook is being that he thinks he might come untouched soon if he doesn’t control himself. Jungkook releases his hair and just presses harder against his body, the springs on the mattress protesting at the force.

The pressure not only is on his body but on his ass too and the way his boyfriend’s clothed dick rubs against his ass is filthy. It brushes against his sensitive rim slowly but steadily and yet even with that thin layer of clothes separating them he can still feel the head nudge at it every now and then making shivers run down his body.

“F-fuck.” he says with a whine. “Jung-jungkook, puh-please.” he tries but his words slur as his dick can’t take the pressure anymore and combined with the deep arousal curling in his body he comes against the sheets with a loud cry. The waves of pleasure that run through his body makes him see white and without noticing tears start rolling down his cheeks at the sheer intensity of pleasure he’s feeling.

A few minutes go by until Jimin finally comes down from his high and when he does his eyes open in shock. He lies still on the bed noticing how, even though Jungkook’s body is still on top of his, he’s extremely quiet. The pink-haired doesn’t dare say anything in the silence of the room.

“You came?” Jungkook asks in surprise. “That made you- wait, no baby, are you crying?” whatever comment he was going to make vanishes completely as he sees the shiny trail of water against his lover’s cheek. “Oh my god, Jimin are you okay? Did I hurt you? Did I push you too much?” he asks in panic as he lifts himself off the other’s body and cradles it in his arms instead. His fingers wipe away the tears that stain his cheeks before leaning down to pepper his face in kisses.

The elder lets out small giggles at the action. His arms wrap themselves around Jungkook’s neck as the other continues to leave kisses on his nose, cheeks, forehead, eyelids and lips.

“Silly.” Jimin says with a smile. Fondness shines in his eyes as he looks up at the younger. He has a smile on his face but the still present crease on his forehead give away that he’s still worried. “I’m okay. I was just overwhelmed. I didn’t think such thing like what you pulled back there would make me cum so hard.” he said with a foolish yet embarrassed smile on his face.

“Oh, thank god. You worried me there for a second. I know you’ll tell me if anything happens but still.” Jungkook sighed in relief at this. He would never forgive himself if he ever did something to hurt Jimin even if it was unintentionally. “Shall we continue then or are you tired?” he continued with a tender voice.

“Oh no, I’m good.” the pink-haired said with a giggle. “Plus, I’m not leaving this room until I get the loving dicking I deserve.” he added with a mischievous smile.

“Wow,” Jungkook replied with a snort. “and they say romance is dead.”

Clearly, they were wrong.” Jimin says in the most obvious tone following his boyfriend’s little joke.

“Yeah, I don’t think i’ve ever been asked if I wanted to fuck before in such a romantic way.” the black-haired adds on and it makes the smaller boy giggle from where he’s still perched up on the younger’s lap.

The younger kisses him then tuning out the sound of his giggles and replacing it with a gasp. At first the kiss is tender and slow but soon it starts getting heated, desperate to pick up where they left off. As the kisses get even more intense, Jungkook starts leaning forward until Jimin’s back touches the mattress so he can move around and settle eventually between the boy’s legs, his own thighs pulling Jimin’s apart so he can fit comfortably.

“You’re beyond beautiful Jimin-ah. Gorgeous, my gorgeous baby.” the black-haired says separating from the kiss and starting to trail them down his neck instead adding even more bruises to the previous array of blues, reds and purples littering his already sensitive skin.

“Gosh, Jungkook,” Jimin says between gasps. “you’re so fucking embarrassing.”

At that the younger lets out a small laugh because even if his boyfriend’s words were meant to come out shameful all he could feel was fond fond fond.

“Yet you love me.” comes out Jungkook’s reply after a few minutes. By now Jimin’s neck is a damn painting with the amount of lovebites he has and the younger knows the make up stylists will probably give him hell for it the next day but right now he couldn’t care at all.

“I do. I really do.” the pink-haired replies wholeheartedly while making eye contact with Jungkook.

For a moment they stay there looking at each other. A fond look in their eyes and wide smiles splitting their faces in half. It’s adorable, completely adorable how in a matter of seconds they can just change the mood in the room from horny to affectionate while still being completely naked (except for Jungkook’s boxers).

“Then let me show how much I love you.” he whispers back. Shivers run through Jimin’s body. Whether it is because of the words he just said, the meaning behind them or even the anticipation of what is about to happen after the first events of their night.

“Show me.”

With that both boys join their lips in a kiss once again. It’s rushed but at the same time it’s slow. The rush of wanting to feel the other’s love and the slowness of wanting to make the moment last forever.

Jungkook is tender in the way he holds Jimin even when the way he’s pressing him onto the bed is a contradiction. His hands are placed on Jimin’s hips absentmindedly tracing invisible figures over his skin with his thumbs. It’s nice and comforting, it keeps him grounded when the kiss intensifies for the hundreth time that night.

Their cocks are lined together in a way that when Jungkook suddenly starts grinding his hips, the base of his cock touches Jimin’s balls lightly causing him to let out soft gasps.

“Love,” the younger leans back from the kiss to look at his mess of a boyfriend. “how do you want it? Are you feeling soft or are you feeling rough?”

Whenever Jungkook asked this it made Jimin’s heart flutter. It was an already known fact that he always liked it a little rough but whenever the mood was a mix between love and lust he would always ask the question. It was a way of reassuring the need between both lovers. Knowing that one of them was feeling softer one day or rougher another always set the mood because it meant that both would enjoy it equally, knowing that they both wanted the same ‘treatment’.

Jimin pondered the question, his heart was soft due to the younger’s words but the arousal burning in his body wanted it rough. It was overwhelming, the desire of wanting to be fucked roughly against the mattress until he couldn’t feel his legs yet the yearning of wanting his boyfriend’s loving words to be whispered in his ear that made his insides mush with affection. The only thing he knows is that he wants Jungkook everywhere, anywhere and at anytime he can.

He wants him wrapped around him in an embrace, held tightly against his strong chest. He wants him when the pleasure takes over him completely and he’s there to ground him. He wants him when he’s horny in the mornings. When he’s clingy in the mornings. He wants him in bed but he also wants him outside during rainy days. He wants him when the sun is bright and the heat scorching against his skin. He wants him when the birds chirp during spring and when the leaves fall during autumn.

He wants him at all times but particularly right now he wants Jungkook to be deep inside of him.

He wants his cock buried to the hilt and pushing against his prostate. He wants him on top of him and caging him against the bed. He wants to be pinned down and fucked roughly. He wants filthy words to be spoken into his ear. He wants to feel a type of pleasure so devastating he won’t be able to move afterwards. He wants to be used until his love is satiated the way he satiates him. And then, when they come down from their highs he wants to be embraced in his arms again.

Delicate touches to bring him back from the pleasure high. He wants for him to whisper soft little nothings in his ear to keep his heart warm. He wants to keep him by his side and cuddle with him until they both drift to sleep. He wants to cherish him too, kiss him and return all the affection and love in the same caring way as Jungkook always does with him. He wants to boop his nose and leave kisses all over his face. He wants to shower with him and worship his body while they clean themselves. He wants to cook breakfast for him even when his ass is on fire. He wants to watch movies with him. Curl up against and with him. Love him just the way Jungkook loves him.

This is enough for him because in the next moment he’s whispering the words needed for this to become real once again.

“Fuck me. Fuck me rough. I want it hard, make me beg, make me cry. Make me yours.”

The words send the black-haired into a spiral of lust. His eyes darken in a matter of seconds and Jimin can’t deny just how much it turns him on to see his boyfriend like this. All riled up.

“Fuck, Jimin. Gorgeous, are you sure.” he asks against the other’s lips. He’s panting harshly against the other’s mouth, arousal clouding his mind every now and then. He’s delirious with lust and his brain just won’t stop providing him with the image of Jimin pressed against the bed and sobbing from the pleasure.

“I’m completely sure, baby. Go on, wreck me.”

And that’s all he needs for him to crash their lips. Desperation clings onto every action the younger does. Separating from the kiss he turns Jimin around so he’s lying on his front and settles once again on top of him. The elder gasps at the quick movement but doesn’t do anything against it. He needs Jungkook.

“You want this, huh? Want me to be rough? I’ll show you. You’re gonna be begging for my cock by the end of the night and when I finally get inside I’m gonna fuck you good. I’m gonna fuck you so good you’ll be sobbing when i’m done with you. You’re mine.” the act of dominance elicits a cry from Jimin. The slight growl in Jungkook’s voice firing up the lust running through his body and settling in his gut.

His dick twitches against the sheets desperate to be touched and that’s when he realizes that the younger still has his boxers on.

“Jung-jungkook, your-your boxers.” he stutters and the movement from on top of him ceases for a few seconds before picking up the rhythm again.

“What about them?” he asks teasingly.

“Take-take them off please, wanna feel you.” and who is Jungkook to deny his whiny boyfriend such thing. Coming to an abrupt stop he lifts himself off of Jimin and gets up from the bed making use of the moment to reach into their wardrobe and dig out a bottle of lube and some condoms. But before he reaches for them he hesitates and looks behind his back at his boyfriend still lying on the bed.

Grabbing only the bottle of lube he makes his way back to the bed and drapes himself over the other’s body again, mouth just where the pink-haired’s ear is and says, “Condoms or bareback?”

The older lifts his head up just enough to mumble a small ‘bareback’ before dropping back onto the bed again and nuzzling into it.

Jungkook nods slightly against the other’s skin and removes himself to turn his boyfriend around on his back before settling in between his legs. Jimin’s already looking at him in a daze, whether it be because of the accumulating arousal from throughout the night or because of the anticipation of finally being fucked.

With measured steps, the black-haired pulls the cap and squeezes a good amount of the cherry-flavoured lube onto his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it up a little bit. Soon his fingers move downwards and circle at Jimin’s asshole slightly and slowly, a gasp falling out of his lips before turning into a moan of relief. The older, even though he feels frustrated, knows he’s only doing it to tease and Jimin absolutely refuses to beg so early in the night.

“What do you want, baby.” Jungkook asks in a teasing tone, fingers still circling his rim but never going in. The pink-haired looks at him with distaste not liking that his boyfriend is making him beg already. “Aw, don’t pout my love. You’ll get what you want. You just have to be a good boy and ask for it.”

The way Jungkook’s lips curl into an arrogant smirk has the elder scowling and trying to ignore the fire in his lower body that only seems to be getting stronger by the second. After a few seconds, seeing that Jimin doesn’t give in, Jungkook stops his motions and eventually pushes the tip of his finger against the taut muscle but the sensation is short-lived as he only lets him relish the feeling for a few seconds before pulling back. The dancer lets out a loud whine at the loss, the sound bringing a smug smile onto the younger’s lips.

The action repeats itself then. Jungkook prodding at his entrance carefully and Jimin constantly whining at the loss of his fingers whenever he pulls them back every time. It takes a few more minutes of the whole thing repeating itself before Jimin finally breaks and lifts his head up to look at the black-haired with desperation in his eyes.

“Jungkook, Jungkook, please just fuck me already.” he says in annoyance. A pretty pink blush creeps up his cheeks at the embarrassment of having to beg just to get some fingers up his ass but it all goes away once he finally feels the press of Jungkook’s finger inside of him.

The movement is smooth as he slides into the knuckle knowing his boyfriend can take it all without problem. The sigh of relief Jimin lets out comes with parted lips and lidded eyes and Jungkook, who’s watching his every move, sucks in a breath at the sheer heat that builds up in his body watching his boyfriend.

“Hmm…. I must say I’m not completely satisfied with your words but I’ll let it slide since you’ll be begging for my cock anyways throughout the night.” Jungkook replies cockily.

In no time one finger turns into two and from two to three until the pink-haired is a whining mess against the sheets. His body twists as if he was escaping the pleasure that he’s actually chasing given the way he fucks himself onto the three fingers inside of him.

“So fucking desperate.” Jungkook says against his inner thigh where he’s leaving kisses. “Look at you, fucking yourself on my fingers like a little slut.”

“Jung-jungkook, please… feels so good. Mo-more, want more.” he says in between moans. Suddenly the fingers fucking into him pick up the pace and a loud moan pitches from his plump bitten lips. His back arches high above the bed as his climax nears him with every thrust of the other’s fingers inside his puffy hole.

“More? This what you want? To feel my fingers this deep inside of you? To feel the drag of them against your tight walls? Though it doesn’t surprise me,” he starts and when Jimin looks at him in a questioning manner he leans down until his face is hovering just above Jimin’s. His other hand comes up too and with an encouraging smile he pries Jimin’s lips open with his fingers before pushing them in, the fingers in his ass still moving fast enough that they can hear the faint squelching sounds of skin slapping against skin. With a mischievous glint in his eyes he leans down against his neck, warm breaths hitting the previously bruised skin, and whispers, “it doesn’t surprise me because with those short fingers of yours I’d also be desperate to have something up my ass that I will actually feel.”

The words are utterly humiliating. They make him feel small against his boyfriend’s broad body, but even when he knows he should be embarrassed he can’t help but feel the arousal pushing against his skin grow even more at the implication.

“Babe, baby f-fuck I’m-I’m about to come.” he whines against the tattooed fingers still inside his mouth. But again the moment doesn’t last long given that in the next ten seconds Jungkook manages to pull his fingers out of his mouth, hold onto the base of his cock and deny him of his approaching orgasm, making Jimin whine loudly in pleasure and annoyance. A tremble wracks his body at the intensity of the dry orgasm and when his high eventually comes down, with Jungkook still gripping firmly onto his still hard dick, he feels boneless and frustrated.

“Why!” he cries out. “I wanted to come, I want to come.” The smirk Jungkook has on his face is dirty. Lust swimming in dark eyes as he removes his hands from the pink-haired’s body altogether only to settle them back again but on the flushed skin of his thighs and tracing circles with his thumb.

“Impatient little brats don’t get to come, you know?” he says, voice heavy as his hands now brush softly up and down the length of his thighs. “And you’re acting awfully like one.”

JImin doesn’t say anything. Just stays there, leaning against his arms as he watches Jungkook’s every move on him. Then, his hands stop and suddenly the black-haired’s face is close to his, noses touching while his lips brush against the elder’s.

“Maybe I should just teach you a lesson, baby. Show you that whiny little brats who’ve already come once need to beg and ask for permission to come a second time, don’t you think?” he tuts as if the mere thought of having a boyfriend who is already close to coming a third time with just a little rubbing and his fingers was pathetic for him.

Jimin looks at him with wide eyes, the humiliation creeping all over his body makes him feel ashamed, but the way Jungkook suddenly grips his thighs and looks at him with a questioning look in his eyes lets him know that he's silently asking if what he just said was okay, to know that he didn't just cross a line.

The pink-haired's heart swells with affection. Both boys had talked about this a long time ago. When Jimin first expressed his desire for Jungkook to try new stuff with him they agreed on having a safe word. Obviously they would talk about whatever they wanted to try beforehand and if one of them didn't like it while they were doing it they would just stop. But sometimes, when Jungkook felt like his words or actions came out a little too cruel, too harsh, he always made sure to confirm with the elder if what he was doing was okay even when the other didn't hadn't made use of their safeword nor was planning to.

After their little interaction, Jimin looks determinately at Jungkook and nods with his head replying to the question from before.

“What was that? I couldn’t understand because you didn’t use your words.” he says as he pulls on his hair slightly and tilts his head backwards. “Use your words baby, come on.” he continues before dropping his head and leaving small kisses on the pale yet bruised skin underneath.

Jimin gulps before looking at his lover, the kisses leave him lightheaded and his body shivers due to the sensation. “Yes, yes please:” he says in a pleading tone though he doesn’t know what he’s pleading for. His arousal keeps growing and all he wants is for Jungkook to just fucking take him already but the younger is being a bitch about and it’s making Jimin impatient. “Please, please Jungkook-ah. Please, just fuck me already I can’t take it anymore.”

Pleased with the answer, Jungkook starts grinding his hips against Jimin’s. The friction makes both of them groan for their dicks had gone too long without being touched. But even with the little relief Jimin doesn’t stop talking, his tongue even more loose as he craves for the pleasure the other is giving him.

“Jung-ah, Jungkook-ah, please. Need your cock, need you inside me. Want you to fuck me against the bed and fill me up. Make me beg, make me cry do whatever you want but just please just fuck me already!” Jimin cries out in desperation, he’s close again and with the whines he’s letting out Jungkook probably knows since his movements come to a stop.

When their eyes meet the pink-haired can see the darkness in his orbs, the desire in his eyes burning. It sends a shiver down his spine knowing how much his words have affected him. But what truly leaves him breathless is the fierceness in his eyes.

Before Jimin can process what’s happening he’s being manhandled once more onto his hands and knees. His upper body is pushed against the mattress leaving his ass in the air and Jungkook takes the chance to spread his cheeks with his hands and lean down again to suck at his rim. The sharp breath he draws out of Jimin with the motion makes him push harder and in a matter of seconds Jungkook’s tongue is pushing inside as much as possible and licking his walls.

“Yes, fu-fuck Jungkook. Feels so good.” Jimin cries. His hips move backwards to seek more of that pleasure but the younger isn’t having it since he moves his hands from the pink-haired’s ass and holds his waist instead with force as a warning for him to stop moving.

The older fights against it though and keeps thrusting back on Jungkook’s tongue as much as he can and eventually making the latter lift his head and push Jimin further into the bed in annoyance.

“I’m starting to think you really are a slut, you know. Can’t fucking wait, can you? You really can’t fucking wait. You’re so fucking impatient I have to pin you down like this because you can’t obey a simple fucking order.” the words travel through his body and down to his dick where it gives a few twitches and obviously the black-haired would notice since his body shivers involuntarily at the roughness of his words. “All you want is a big fat cock inside you, don’t you? Filling you up until you can’t feel your fucking hole, right?.”

“Puh-please Jungkook, I’m sorry. Please I won’t do it again, I promise. I’ll be a good boy from now on. But please, please just fuck me, I’ll be good, just a hole for you to fuck. Please.” he whines back pleadingly. His voice holds complete desperation and thanks to the light hitting his face Jungkook can see the tears welling up in his eyes from the pleasure, but they also serve as a warning that if he isn’t careful with the way he teases the dancer from now on he might fall into headspace and as much as Jungkook would love to fuck him into headspace, the black-haired knows that if they ever want to do it they always have to discuss it beforehand even if they both like it and have given consent to it from the beginning.

“You’ll be a good boy, huh? Then be a good boy and put those pretty lips of yours to use by sucking me off, yeah?” the response was nowhere near what Jimin actually wanted to hear and it shows with the way he whines loudly in protest against his hands. “Don’t be such a brat, I’ve been pleasuring you all this time, the least you could do is suck me off.” Jungkook tuts as he grabs him from the hair and pulls him up but the older protests even more because that’s really not what he wants. He’s being a whiny brat, selfish at only wanting to feel his own pleasure but he finds himself not caring since the way Jungkook is treating him makes him feel so good.

Jimin loves when his lover goes rough on him, he shows no mercy when fucking the living daylights out of him and it honestly turns him on so much. The way his hips always smack against him so harshly and the words he says into his ear that makes him feel filthy filthy filthy. Riling Jungkook up always awakes this deep carnal desire inside him burn and he loves, loves it so much.

“Slut, fucking slut.” he whispers in his ear once they’re at the same eye level. “Thought you were going to be a good boy, what happened to that?” Jimin doesn’t reply, he doesn’t want to either, curious about what the younger is going to say. It’d be a lie to say the words don’t leave a trickle of arousal flowing through his body. “Been touching you all this time, let you come once already and yet you’re still so desperate for cock you can’t even suck me off for a few minutes.” the pink-haired still doesn’t reply and that riles up the younger even more.

“You’re such a bad boy baby and you know what happens to bad boys when they act like whiny little brats, don’t you?” at that Jimin’s eyes widen from where he’s still being held up. The younger’s big hand is now holding him from the back of his head instead of from his hair as to not hurt his scalp with the pull. Seeing the dancer’s reaction makes his features soften a bit, asking his lover again with his eyes if what he’s doing is okay.

“You know I will use the safeword if I need it Kook, please don’t hold yourself back.” Jimin whispers with a small smile and it’s all it takes for the black-haired to nod before his expression hardens again and pulls him closer to his body.

“You didn’t answer my question, baby.”

“They-they get punished.” Jimin says shyly though inside the excitement builds up as he closes his eyes.

“That’s right baby, they get punished.” suddenly Jungkook’s presence leaves the bed and when Jimin opens his eyes he sees him holding two cockrings in front of him. Jimin’s face physically freezes at the sight of them. Jungkook only uses both cockrings when he wants to punish Jimin badly and feeling frisky at the same time, meaning that when Jungkook finally fucks him he’s going to end up bedridden for a few hours. “Turn around, hands and knees.”

A shiver runs through Jimin’s body then. He’s using a deeper voice, one that makes him want to obey.

Once he’s settled like he’s asked, Jungkook moves to stand behind him. With a tender kiss being pressed into his back he puts the cockring on his own erection before placing it on Jimin’s dick and causing a shaky breath to fall from the dancer’s plump and bitten lips.

Moving gently then, the younger tilts Jimin’s head by the chin and tells him, “Please, if you need the safeword, use it and if you can’t talk for whatever reason pinch my thigh or pull at my pinky finger, okay?”

"Yes, Kook." Jimin said hoping to finally feel Jungkook's dick inside him but the lack of movement has him sighing and looking backwards again in desperation. "I'm fine, I understood, please don't worry. Now would you please just fuck me already I can feel my hole drying up from how fucking long you're taking."

"Oh, don't worry about that." the younger smirked as he held the pink-haired's hips with one hand and reached out for the bottle of lube with other one. "We have a whole bottle of lube here to make you wet and sloppy. After all that's how you like it, right?"

Not even five seconds later, he feels a cold substance falling on his crack and trickling downwards towards his balls and making him let out a hiss at the cold feeling.

"Fucking warn a m-." the older let's out harshly but is soon replaced by a moan as Jungkook's fingers are finally inside him again and spreading the lube all around his rim.

"I'm sorry what was that?" Jungkook says innocently.

After making sure all the lube is spread evenly along his rim, Jungkook's fingers pull out eventually and Jimin sighs in relief knowing that he's finally going to be full but none of that happens because Jungkook wants to keep being a tease and so he presses his chest to the mattress before saying, "What do you want, baby? Tell me."

"What?" Jimin asks scandalized, he's been begging him all fucking night for him to fuck him and yet he still wants him to ask one more time. "Just fuck me Jungkook. I've been begging you all fucking night for this you brat. Don't make me ask you again."

"Then I guess your dildo is gonna be your best friend tonight, babe." he answers cockily, a smirk on his face knowing that that will finally get him to break.

"It's not actually, since I think i'm just going to find myself someone else who's willing to fuck the shit out of me. Because, unlike my fucking boyfriend who's got a whole ass fucking meal in front of him and still fucking refuses to put his dick inside of me, that person will sure as hell be willing to fuck me without making me beg." his expression while he says this is irritated yet at the same time smug since he knows he'll finally get what he wants now without having to beg, but that internal joy along with his smug smile leaves as soon as he sees his boyfriend's face. It's still, eyes focused on him, the smirk from before is completely gone and his jaw is tense. The only thing that lets Jimin know he's potentially fucked up is the tightening of his fingers around his ass. "Jun-jungkook?" He asks the boy hesitantly. "Jungkook I'm-I'm so-" he starts but is cut off by the younger man pouncing on top of him.

"You wanna look for someone else, huh? Why does it not surprise me that you'd want to jump onto the first dick that will give you what you want." He growls into Jimin's ear. "But you know what, I'm the only one who can give you what you want." With that, without warning, he finally guides his dick to the older's hole and pushes balls deep in one go.

It brings a loud moan from Jimin, who's clenching his fists against the soft material of the sheets and a groan from the younger, who's finally feeling some pleasure after such a long time of not being touched.

“You clearly don’t fucking know what ‘warn a man’ means do you?” he hisses out in frustration but the other pays him no heed since as soon as he bottoms out he starts a steady yet slow rhythm to let his lover adjust. Iit soon starts to quicken though with the way Jimin starts moving his hips back to chase the feeling.

"F-fuck Jimin, you feel so good. So fucking tight."

“Ye-yeah? Well, it would feel a whole lot better if you actually fucked me like you mean it.” the other huffed tired of the constant teasing and the amount of time he’s had to wait to finally have his petty’s boyfriend dick inside of him.

Thankfully, Jungkook doesn’t tease him anymore and starts fucking faster into the boy. The sound of their skin slapping against each other when Jungkook pushes his hips against Jimin’s ass echoes loudly across the room along with the harsh breaths falling out of Jimin’s mouth. The black-haired’s hands are tight on his hips, and most probably leaving a few red marks, as he helps him move his hips backwards onto his dick. The way the younger is fucking him is fast and rough but not as much as Jimin knows his boyfriend can go and that makes a new type frustrated arousal to curl around his body.

“Dammit, fuck me harder.” the older hisses. The want of having the stronger boy fuck into him roughly too strong to stand the speed he’s going at.

Jungkook’s hands suddenly leave his hips and come to cage him against the bed. His chest is pressed against his back so closely there’s barely any room between them. Then, Jungkook’s hips start snapping harder into him, his thighs move his further apart so he can fuck into him with much more power and agility. The pink-haired, overwhelmed at the change, buries his face into the mattress trying to suppress his moans at the intensity but the younger is having none of it.

Lifting one of his hands from the mattress, he grabs at pink hair and pulls at his head roughly to lift his face from the bed. A loud gasp leaves his mouth at the treatment yet no other sound falls from his lips and that makes Jungkook frown.

“Why are you holding back your moans?” he asks in a broken voice due to the effort he’s putting on his body. Jimin doesn’t answer. His bottom lip is pulled between his teeth and his face is scrunched up in pleasure. “Answer me.” his tone is authoritative and at any other moment he’d comply to his request but at that moment the older didn’t want to. He looks back at Jungkook briefly before opening his eyes and shaking his head briefly while looking into his.

The other looks at him with a disapproving look in his eyes. He doesn’t like not hearing his boyfriend’s cute little noises. He wants to hear every fucking sound that comes out of his pretty lips.

“Moan for me.” he demands once again. “Moan for me, Jimin. I wanna hear you.” But even with those words the dancer still doesn’t open his mouth. Jungkook lets go of his hair and Jimin’s head rests against his arms. “Am I gonna have to fuck the moans out of you, baby?” he asks tauntingly. The other boy still doesn’t reply, anticipation and lust runs through his veins wilder than ever. He wants to know how much he can push the black-haired’s limits.

Seeing as the older boy isn’t going responding to him at all, it doesn’t take long for Jungkook to change the movement of his hips and snap them harder against his. Jimin notices the frustration on his boyfriend’s actions and smirks to himself, riling his sweet little Jungkook-ie was always fun. But then, Jungkook is pushing his hips down so that his whole body is touching the mattress and with the change of position and the force he’s putting onto his thrusts Jimin can’t help the loud gasp coming out from his mouth.

Soon the force of his thrusts speed up and Jimin, no matter how hard he tries, can’t contain himself anymore. In just a few seconds and one more change of positions, Jungkook manages to find the right angle and then his dick is hitting all the right spots. The whines falling from Jimin’s lips are loud and for a moment he thinks about the other members hearing him but with the way the black-haired suddenly starts pounding into him he can’t bring himself to care.

“That’s right.” Jungkook struggles to say. “That’s right, baby. Scream for me.” And Jimin can’t deny himself any longer, he screams so loud he really thinks that not only the other boys will hear it but the neighbours too. The constant thumping of the headboard against the wall doesn’t make it any better.

“Jung-jungkook fuck I’m-ah fuck, fuck I’m about to come.” Jimin manages to say between breaths. Jungkook’s hips don’t stop. His pounding is relentless and he shows no mercy with the way he’s pinning Jimin down either.

“You-” he starts, his ragged breathing hitting his neck hotly. “you can come but it’s not like it’s gonna stop me.” he breathes against his ear, sending shivers down the other’s spine.

That’s when it hits Jimin. That’s when he remembers the metal hoop surrounding his dick in a suffocating grip. And not only does he have it but Jungkook too. The realisation makes him choke on a gasp, the fire inside his body burning with even more intensity than before.

“You wanna come, baby?” Jungkook asks teasingly. Jimin feels his balls slapping against his ass every time he pushes his dick back in and it’s making him delirious. The squelching sound resonating through the room from where their bodies are connecting in such a sinful way messes with his head too and soon he feels his climax coming closer and closer. “Come for me baby.” he whispers while biting his earlobe. “Make a mess out of yourself, come on.” and that’s all it takes for the pink-haired to let himself cry ready for his orgams to hit him in full force but the feeling all of a sudden disappears. He whines high in frustration when he realizes that Jungkook isn’t fucking him anymore and it then dawns on him that the younger has just denied him from his orgasm even when he gave him the green light to come. Furious and frustrated he turns around to look at his boyfriend before bursting out.

“You ass! You fucking ass! I thought you said I could come.” he protests in a high voice. “Let me come, let me fucking come dammit.”

The younger chuckles at his words, extremely amused at the tiny boy’s actions. For a while he stays there watching as the other whines and punches the mattress in frustration. Something in his heart clenches in fondness as he sees him whine. He’s so in love with the boy he feels like he’s going to burst. After a few more minutes, when he’s sure his orgasm has worn off he pushes the head of his dick back to his entrance and pushes against the ring of muscles slightly.

“Are you ready to go again, baby?”

The older nods his head yes. There’s a whiny pout on his lips at the betrayal and embarrassment he just had to live but it doesn’t matter for long because soon Jungkook’s inside him again and filling him up as he desired.

Immediately he starts with the rough pace again as if their little moment from before hadn’t happened and soon he’s got Jimin whining and writhing against the sheets again. Jungkook doesn’t falter his pace. He’s snapping his hips with the same vigour as before if not more.

Jimin’s cries get louder, the sensitivity in his hole and the slight rubbing of the sheets against his cock makes him thrash wildly against the younger’s body.

“Can’t-can’t, please.” he begs.

“Yes you can.” Jungkook replies. “I’ve seen you take my cock before. You like feeling the oversensitivity, don’t you? You always say you can’t but you take it like a champion anyways. Always take my cock like a good little slut. Even when I try to stop your greedy little hole just sucks me back in. It’s as if it knew that you’re just my little toy for me to breed and fuck however I want.” he scoffs. Jimin can only groan into his arms.

Jungkook’s thrusts though eventually start to falter and Jimin knows that he’s close. Wanting the other boy to just come already, he starts clenching around him and making it harder for the black-haired to keep pounding into him in a steady manner but of course his boyfriend would notice.

“I know what you’re trying to do,” Jungkook spits with a teasing chuckle. As soon as he finishes pronouncing his words Jimin feels his hole being bared all of a sudden and truthfully he lets out a pitiful whine at how absolutely empty he feels. “and it’s not gonna work, my darling.” he finishes. “Turn around.”

Jimin complies moving as quickly as he can into position and when he does he finally sees his lover’s face. His heaving body is covered in a thin sheet of sweat, muscles bulging from the effort, his dick stands red and proud against his stomach and unconsciously he lets out a small moan at the sight of the red tip with pre come oozing at the top that’s probably throbbing inside that damn metal ring’s hold. His smile is smug as he checks the mess he created of the boy and his dark eyes pierce into him like a predator from beneath some loose strands of hair and fuck, Jimin forgot that his hair is still in that damn fucking ponytail and seeing it again makes his dick twitch in the cockring’s hold.

“Like what you see?” Jungkook asks as his boyfriend keeps checking him out and Jimin, who can’t stop thinking about getting his hands on the thick erection, blushes against his own will at being caught so shamelessly looking at Jungkook’s dick. “You can touch, you know.” he then says as if reading Jimin’s mind and the pink-haired just can’t stop himself from leaning forward and grabbing his dick in between his short fingers before giving the tip a kitten lick. The black-haired’s hand immediately fly to his hair and grab onto it as the other keeps sucking at his dick.

Jimin slowly eases himself down, sucking down onto it harshly before coming back up to take a breath. Jungkook’s groans are deep from above him and judging by the way his hold on Jimin’s hair tightens he’s enjoying it. Knowing how much his boyfriend loves deep-throating, shortly the pink-haired is forcing himself down until the tip pokes at the back of his throat and his nose touches the younger’s lower abdomen. The feeling of having his mouth full of cock and his nose touching the other’s skin from how deep he is has him closing his eyes and moaning deeply. He feels the dick in his mouth throb at his actions and Jimin feels proud because fucking hell if he loves it when his mouth is full of Jungkook’s cock. But just as he’s getting comfortable to be able to take him in further he notices the hold on his hair turning softer and before he can protest about it he’s being pulled off of Jungkook’s dick.

When he opens his eyes he’s face to face with his lover. His chest falls up and down rhythmically as he tries to calm himself down. His eyes are a little unfocused and glassy and unknowingly Jimin’s chest blooms with pride at the fact that he can turn his boyfriend into this mess just like he does with him.

“You trying to make up for the blowjob from before.” he sneers at him. “Fucking filthy you are. Did you enjoy having my cock in your mouth? Of course you fucking did, my little slut loves having my big fat dick in his mouth, doesn’t he?.” at this point Jimin can’t take it anymore. The humiliation, the teasing, the roughness, he just can’t take it. The way Jungkook always devours him whole whenever they’re together is absolutely ruinous.

“Yes, yes I love having your fat cock in my mouth. Love it when you ruin me with it, when it leaves my hole gaping for hours, when you make me fucking take it without protest. Fucking love your cock. Jungkook, please.” the way Jimin begs is downright shameful. His eyes are glassy and his hands grab onto his arms, nails scratching at whatever skin he can grab onto. Jungkook looks at him with pure lust, eyes gleaming under the small light provided by the bedside lamp. “Please, Jungkook. Fuck me, gosh, make me fucking take it.”

In a matter of seconds the black-haired’s mouth is on him and giving him a bruising kiss. He holds tightly onto Jimin as he pushes them both down on the bed and spreads his legs once more with his thighs. Hurriedly, he brings his hand down and takes off his cockring. He then grabs the bottle of lube tossed earlier to the side and with one hand coats his dick again with the cold substance. Seeing his boyfriend taking off his cockring, Jimin reaches out to take his off to but Jungkook is faster than him and with a smooth move he pins both his wrists down on top of his head at the same time as he pushes his dick back inside.

Jimin whines at the neglection his dick is feeling although the doesn’t have much time to whine about it since as soon as Jungkook’s inside him he sets a steady and harsh pace.

The feeling of being full once again has the pink-haired arching his back high in the air. The younger pounds into him so forcefully now that whenever he thrusts back in Jimin can feel his body sliding upwards against the sheets. It’s absolutely brutal the way Jungkook fucks into him. Growls coming from deep within his chest as his hips smack repeatedly against his own hips.

“Look at you. Fucking look at you, baby. Taking my cock so fucking well like you were born for it. Taking my cock like a good fucking slut.” he grunts against his lips. Jimin’s arms are now wrapped around Jungkook’s body trying to hold onto whatever he can but the sweat on his back makes it hard for him and he only ends up scratching him with his nails. “Your hole’s so fucking sloppy I bet it could fit another dick in there, don’t you think?” Jimin mewls at the words. His thoughts go haywire at the thought of having something else filling his hole alongside Jungkook’s dick. Just the thought of possibly having a dildo inside of him as his lover fucks him against the bed has him panting and struggling against the other’s hold.

“Jung-jungkook fuck, fuck fuck.” Jimin gasps out trying to form some sort of a sentence.

“That’s right, that’s fucking right come on, say my name.” he growls. Jungkook’s muscles hurt all over, his breathing harsh against the older’s lips as he continues making the effort of pounding into his abused hole.

“Jung-ah, Jungkook-ah.” the dancer tries, he really tries but it’s so hard when the younger is fucking him the way he is. He’s animalistic in the way he moves his hips and Jimin is actually fucking surprised at how he’s keeping up with such brutal pace.

“Come on Jimin-ah, say my fucking name.” he growls again as he starts thrusting harder. “Wanna fucking hear it. Wanna hear you scream.” it’s at that point that Jimin finally gives in fully to the pleasure consuming him and so he screams. He screams the younger’s name like a mantra, he screams it so loud he’s sure by now that not only will the members and the neighbours hear but the whole fucking block of apartments at this point.

“That’s right Jimin-ah, come on.” he says encouragingly and Jungkook by now knows that he’s got Jimin just at the edge of falling into headspace. His eyes are glassy with tears and his face is scrunched up in pleasure. His moans have died out and have left room for small gasps of air and silent writhing. With the dancer being so delirious, he doesn’t even notice the black-haired’s hand moving slowly towards his dick and finally unclasping the cockring. He’s wrapped around so deeply into the arms of his own pleasure that he doesn’t notice the way Jungkook has started stroking him gently either. Jungkook’s hips slow down to a calm beat not wanting to push it any further, pushing out and thrusting back in slowly before continuing by grinding in circles.

“Baby, fuck, I’m close. Are you close?” but Jungkook isn’t met with an answer. Jimin’s head is lolling from side to side, hips moving to escape the pleasure his boyfriend’s hand is giving him yet at the same time seeking it out. He knows he needs to start pulling him out of his trance now or else he will really fall and Jungkook really doesn’t wanna hurt his baby. “Jimin-ah, look at me. Come on baby, focus on me.” he starts, his free arm cushioning the other’s head as he tries to make his eyes centre on him. “Come on baby, look at me. You did so well, so good. My baby, you’re amazing Jimin-ah, always so nice and pliant for me. You did so well, so well, baby. I'm so proud of you.”

Jungkook keeps slowly grinding into the other’s hole as he jerks him off slowly. Jimin’s eyes are finally starting to focus again and slowly he comes back to himself. Tears are streaming down his face but his lips curl into a smile.

“Jungkook,” he says and his voice is absolutely wrecked. “I’m close, I’m so close.” he says in a small voice.

“Me too, baby. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” it doesn’t take long for the two boys to come in each other’s embrace. With Jungkook’s hand pushing him closer and closer to the edge and with Jimin’s ass clenching so tightly against his cock. With a groan Jimin is finally coming, ropes of cum landing on his stomach and chest as he comes down from his high. His clenching hole keeps squeezing Jungkook in and in a matter of seconds he’s filling the pink-haired’s hole to the brim with his cum.

Exhausted, the two boys collapse sideways into each other as they try to come down from their highs.

It’s a few minutes later that Jungkook finally opens his eyes and turns to the side to look at Jimin. The boy looks so peaceful lying there even in his own cum. The younger’s smile is so big. This is the man he loves and even after that intense love-making he is still completely taken by the other.

With gentle hands, he slides his arm under his head and legs before picking him up and taking him to their joined bathroom bridal style. Jimin protests at the way he’s jostled probably only wanting to sleep and Jungkook can’t help but find it adorable.

“Oh don’t whine sweetheart. You’ll regret not cleaning up in the morning.” even in his afterglow stupor Jimin has to agree with his boyfriend and so he lets himself be taken care of. Leaving a peck on his forehead he sits the boy down on their bathroom stool before turning the water on and letting it fill the tub.

It doesn’t take long for both boys to clean themselves (though getting the cum out of Jimin’s ass was a challenge, especially with their drowsiness, but Jungkook managed to get it all out with gentle hands and lots of kisses). During the whole process Jimin kept nodding off to one side or the other and after nearly hitting himself on the faucet for the fourth time, with a small chuckle Jungkook guides Jimin’s head to rest firmly against his chest instead.

He’s gentle as he cleans Jimin’s dick and cum softly from his own body. The sweet orange bath products he’s using leaving a cool and calming aroma behind them. When Jungkook finally turns to clean himself he finds himself struggling with the sponge and Jimin cuddling him at the same time and honestly it just makes him utter mush and completely fond.

Shortly the two boys leave the bathtub and wrap themselves up in towels smelling fresh and clean. They put on their nightwear and dry their hair off a bit with the hairdryer before slipping into bed again (this time with new sheets, Hoseok forbid they sleep in dirty sex sheets). Jimin easily slips in between the younger’s arm once they’re both in and cuddles tightly against his chest. Reaching for the bedside lamp and turning it off they drift into a peaceful slumber easily but not before giving eachother a goodnight kiss on the nose.


The next morning when Jimin and Jungkook enter the kitchen in their pajamas and crazy bed hair they notice the whole room immediately go silent. Suddenly, Jimin feels his body tense up and dread overtaking him. He covers his face with his hands in embarrassment as he sinks into Jungkook’s body for protection knowing the amount of teasing they’re going to receive. His ass still burns from last night and he really doesn’t need the other members roasting him any further.

“So-” Taehyung starts but is cut off by Jungkook giving him a smirk and saying, “Tease all you want, complain all you want but I know that’s only because you’re jealous of the fact that I have a mad stroke game going on.”

With that all the members burst into a chaotic discussion over how that’s so not true and about how Jimin fucking exaggerates about how good he fucks. It’s a mess, all the members turning to each other and talking over each other just to clear it all out and honestly it makes Jimin laugh. Yes he is embarrassed, yes he is mortified but he wouldn’t change it at all because even after last night the attention isn’t on him anymore.

Maybe Jungkook’s cockiness does serve for something after all.